Body Worship

Body Worship with Mistress V – a testimonial

  • November 14, 2017

Very few Mistresses allow full body worship.  Mistress V does, as long as you are spotlessly clean, freshly showered and totally respectful at all times.  I had the extreme honour of being smothered by Mistress V’s unclothed bottom and being made to rim her for some time, while she tortured me with CBT to make my tongue work harder.  Mistress V also did CBT and nipple torture while I worshipped her pussy for her (and my) pleasure.

We alternated between spanking, caning, water sports and body worship.  If you aren’t into pain, the session can be painless, but I like pain as part of a session, and the more pain I took for Mistress V, the more body worship I was allowed.

The combination of domination, submission, pain, humiliation and full body worship is absolute heaven, and there are very few other places in the UK where you can experience this level of ecstasy.

I travel a very long way to visit Mistress V (several hours) and the session makes it completely worthwhile.

Mistress V  is an expert Mistress, and whether or not you like body worship in a session, I highly recommend her.

Body Worship

  • October 9, 2016



Body Worship

I allow suitable submissives to worship my body but this is entirely at my discretion.

To be considered suitable to worship my body, you must be spotlessly clean all over, and be totally submissive and deferential towards me.

Do not come here expecting to worship my body. Come here with the intention of grovelling for it

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Mistress V of Huddersfield