My kaviar Eating slave

  • July 5, 2018

My Swedish kaviar eating Slave!!

I couldn’t wait to meet My new toilet. On arrival he told me he’d like Me to spoon feed him My waste. I immediately obliged, as I couldn’t think of any better way to spend My morning.

Collared, I led him into the playroom. I sat him down

“Put your arms behind your back!”

With that, I tied him with My rope as tight as I could, a plate underneath My bottom containing My poo.

“Open your fucking mouth!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The first spoon did take a while to get down but once he swallowed the first bit I was already scooping his second spoonful.

“Open Shit breath!!”

I allowed him some of My nectar to wash and swill it down with.


Looking at the plate with anticipation he did as instructed.

“I want more Mistress.”

Unknown to him I’m already pushing another one out! Straight onto the plate, his seconds are ready!!

“Have a little rest you pathetic boy.”

I gave him 5 minutes rest as I didn’t want him to get too comfortable.

“You know this lot needs eating up don’t you!! Now feed the rest to yourself as you’re making Me want to vomit!!”

Spoon in hand he did as he was told, with a little persuasion from my lit cigarette which was now touching his balls!

“I’ll get you a bigger spoon; the one you’re using can’t get enough shit on it. A Dessert spoon will do the lot in one go, now get your mouth wide open and get it in!”

Taking over, I grabbed the spoon from him and start pushing it all in his mouth.

“Swallow it!!”

With My cigarette, I burned his nipples, which worked a treat as the next time I looked at him he’d eaten every bit. No point in enforced hard sports if you’re not being forced!!

My (VERY) Cruel Girlfriend Experience

  • July 5, 2018

Peter asked for My Cruel Girlfriend Experience. Since Cruelty is My middle name, I was happy to oblige! I can be at once romantic and cruel.

I sat next to peter and lightly gently rubbed his crotch while we looked longingly into each others’ eyes. My hot lips slowly moved towards his. He was desperate to kiss Me. As our lips were about to meet, he opened his mouth slightly in excited anticipation. I squeezed his balls hard! He whimpered and tried to release My grip on his balls.

“Get your fucking hands away. Now strip off!”

He obediently removed his clothes and I stripped until I was just wearing stilettos and panties. I sat on My throne and beckoned him to come over to Me. I held out My hand, palm upwards.

“Legs apart! Put your balls into My hand!”

He was trembling as he lowered his balls into My hand. I smiled at him.

“You’d love to kiss My nipple wouldn’t you?”

“Oh yes please.”

“Well you can kiss My nipple for 10 seconds if I squeeze your balls for one minute.”

Before he had chance to answer, I squeezed his balls hard, digging My sharp nails into them. He writhed in pain.

“You want to kiss My nipple don’t you? You want to suffer for Me don’t you? Come on darling, take it for Me.”

After exactly one minute, I released My grip and pulled his head onto My nipple.

“Kiss, don’t suck!” I commanded sternly.

After his ten seconds of kissing My nipple, I instructed him to stand and turn around. I bound his wrists together and instructed him to face Me.

“You’d love to kiss My other nipple for ten seconds wouldn’t you darling?”

I looked down at My outstretched hand and said: “Balls!”

He meekly and obediently lowered his already aching balls into My hand. I looked into his eyes, waited for a few seconds, then I squeezed Hard, digging My especially sharpened talons into his flesh. His knees buckled.

“Stand up straight! Legs apart!”

After a minute of hard squeezing, I pulled his trembling lips towards My other nipple and allowed him to gratefully kiss it for ten seconds.

“You’d love to suck them wouldn’t you?”

Of course he would, but I could see he was nervous to say so, wondering how much he would have to suffer for the privilege of sucking My nipples. I attached My most severe nipple clamps to his nipples and twisted them cruelly.

“Go on, suck them” I commanded, while pulling at his nipple clamps.

I allowed him to worship My nipples for a few minutes while inflicting pain on his own, then I instructed him to stand and walk over to a ring that was attached to the wall. I attached the nipple clamps chain to the ring.

“The only way to remove those clamps is to do it yourself by walking backwards until they come off!”

He started to walk backwards, but the pain became too intense for him to continue and he came to a standstill.

I moved towards him until our lips were almost touching.

“Kiss Me. Properly.”

Our lips touched gently. Our tongues intertwined. I stroked his throbbing cock. Then, when I knew he was deep into subspace, I pushed him backwards until the nipple clamps came off. Oh that heady combination: the pain/pleasure dichotomy. The deepest subspace that only a skilled Dominatrix can take you into.

I took the clamps and held them open. He willingly pushed his nipples into them. He needed more now. We kissed. I pushed until those clamps came off. Again. And again. And again.

I told him to kneel then I turned around so My derrière was close to his face.

“You’d love to lick My arse wouldn’t you?”

“Yes please Goddess.”

“Well you must take 50 strokes of My crop first, then be fucked by My fucking machine. Get over My whipping bench!”

I attached securely him to the bench and whipped him, gently at first in order to coax him deeper into subspace, then much harder, turning his arse red and blue. I was loving this!

I released him then instructed him to get down on all fours and backed him up to My fucking machine. After lubing his arse well, I started the machine and gradually increased its speed and depth. He started to gasp.

“Lick My arse!”

I’m sure the irony of licking My arse while having his own fucked wasn’t lost on him!

“You’d love to worship My pussy wouldn’t you?”

“That is my wildest dream Goddess.”

“You must take 50 severe strokes of My favourite dragon cane then.”

“Anything Goddess”

I love administering the cane. It’s My favourite. I strapped him to My punishment bench and brought My pussy up to his face and allowed him to take in My scent.

“Count! And say Thank You Goddess after every stroke!”

I flexed My cane lovingly then: thwack!

“One. Thank You Goddess.”

“Two. Thank You Goddess.”

I caned him relentlessly, covering his arse in welts and bruises, stopping occasionally to let him sniff Me and encouraging him to take more. I gagged him with My well worn panties.

Finally, I released him. I laid back on the bed and allowed him his reward. And Mine.

Yes My Cruel Girlfriend Experience is painful. But I’m so, so worth it. See you later darling.


Session with a Female sub

  • June 13, 2018

Well the day has arrived for my new sub (female) to come and have some strapon fun., as well as some mild CP. She rang bang on the appointment time to tell me the cab had dropped her off, I gave her the directions and before I knew it I could hear her footsteps coming down the stairs to My chambers.

“Come in Slut!!”

Once inside we discussed her likes and dislikes, I told her to make sure she leaves all her inhibitions at the doorstep!! I then ordered her to strip down to panties and stockings. Giggling slightly, she did as she was told!

“On the floor bitch and greet Me at My feet!!”

Giving her the once over I could tell she was willing to take and do whatever the fuck I wanted.

“Get on My bench and let Me strap you down you filthy cock loving whore!!”

“Yes mistress’”


“Count bitch!”

After a mild spanking, I then her to My strap, which she took very well. Arse in the air, she was begging Me to fuck her up the arse, I used my smallest dildo on her at first. She soon got into the rhythm, slowly moving back and forth, all the while I was telling her how she would soon be restrained and put on the fucking machine.

“I’ve never been on a fuck machine before Mistress”

“There’s always a first time for everything My dear Slut!!”

After fucking her with my strapon, I ordered her to get onto all fours so I could guide my big black cock inside her; now we’ll stretched arse. Chaining her to My fucking machine, she told Me how excited she was to be here and can’t wait for the machine to do its work, and as soon as I turn it on she’s moaning and groaning!

“Shut up and take that big black cock, otherwise I’ll cane your backside”. I decided to cane her while she was getting her just desserts hehe what a sight to see! After 20 mins she said she was thirsty.

“Haha, let me unchain you, lie under My toilet and drink My champagne”.

Mouth wide open, she did as she was told, drinking every drop that I delivered. Finishing off, I made her lick My beautiful arse, which she informed me was like a peach. She had a Mistress before but had never been made to drink her piss. Result!! I will always push limits because it gives Me great satisfaction.

New sub!

  • May 26, 2018

New sub! Steve sat and told me his likes and dislikes before we started the session. My mind flowing with ideas, I said abruptly:

“Strip to your underpants. I’ll ring for you to come when I’m ready”.

I rang the bell, collar and chain in hand. Steve entered wide eyed!

“On the floor wimp!! Worship My feet!!”

“Yes mistress.

As he was smelling, licking and feeling My stockinged heels, I pushed my toes into his mouth!

“Suck those Bitch! Look at me whore!”

I tell him how I’m going to introduce him to My strapon.

“I’m still a virgin Mistress”, he said, as I spat straight into his face.

“Well you won’t be for much longer, lol I’m gonna stretch that arse wide and break you in!! Get on your feet and get over that bench”.

Once he was over the bench, I strapped him in and attached the collar and chain. I know at this point he is seriously worried. All lubed up, I fingered his hole. It was tight! I can certainly tell he’s never had anything up there before. With more lube and a gentle poking he managed to relax, I then decide it’s time to move it up a gear. I chose my silicone virgin dildo and pushed it straight in, and oh how he loved it!

“After all that fucking you must be hungry?” I said as I opened a tin of cat food.

“Yes Mistress.”

I put the hood on him as I don’t want to look at his face while he was eating.

“Open wide!!”

The first spoonful didn’t go down to well so I obviously give him another, washed down with my very own champagne.

At the end of the session I allowed him to relieve himself.

He will be back, and when he does I’m going to introduce him another of his likes.

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Mistress V

Voyeur Special

  • May 17, 2018

20th June 2018

At a fully equipped play space in a rural Leeds location

Come and watch Me punish My sub HARD!

40 – 60 minutes of strap, cane, flogger and more.

£100 each – limited spaces so book now!

My New Boot Licking Slave

  • May 17, 2018

So today’s the day for My new boot slave to come and serve Me! 11am slot for one and a half hours of boot licking fun!!

As I make My way to My chambers, My head is buzzing with images of him on his knees begging to worship My soft leather boots.

“LICK My sole boy !! And don’t miss any!!”

Holding My foot with both hands he began kissing and caressing My boots telling Me how wonderful Myl egs felt in them.

“Get on your feet and follow Me!!”

Without hesitation he was on his feet; by his ear, I dragged him to the chain and collar, attaching the collar around his neck. I made him resume position, back on his knees chained to the wall. I demanded that he started again.

“This time I want to see your saliva covering the whole of My sole , spitting all over it. Fucking clean it up!!”

He began licking when I remembered there was some mud on the back lane.

“Stop!! They’re not dirty enough. Stay there, I won’t be long”.

Making sure My boots were really dirty, I went back in


He was trying his hardest not to throw up, which is when I decided to give him a hard spanking. His boot licking skills weren’t to My expectations and once his bottom was warmed up I finished with 6 of the best as a pleasant reminder of his 1st visit and sent him on his way…

Hard Sports – what’s the attraction?

  • May 13, 2018

Hard Sports – Scat – what’s the attraction?

Many subs have told Me that they believe Hard Sports to be the ultimate in humiliation and degradation. I don’t agree with that assertion. Is doing Hard Sports with Me in private more humiliating than being made to walk around your neighbourhood in broad daylight wearing nothing more than pink high heels and frilly panties? Probably not.

Although Hard Sports can indeed be humiliating and degrading, the attraction is somewhat more complex than that. The main attraction is one of separation; the difference in status between the giver and the receiver. I am superior to you. Eating My Kaviar is a tacit acceptance (by both of us) of My absolute superiority over you.

Enforced Hard Sports

Some subs find the idea of being subjected to Hard Sports to be objectionable. Repulsive even, yet they want to be forced to do it. Why? Because it is a formidable form of TPE (Total Power Exchange). It absolutely reinforces the gap in status between us, and is a strong exhibitor of who is in charge. I am!

Understand this though: if you have requested Enforced Hard Sports, I WILL enforce it. From the moment you are firmly secured into place, there will be no going back. Should it be necessary, I will subject you to the most agonising torture to make it happen. No amount of begging, pleading or screaming will help. I am the only person who will hear your anguished screams, and I enjoy them! I am sexually sadistic, and therefore turned on by your pain, degradation and subjugation. Be careful what you wish for! Enforced Hard Sports means exactly that.

Huddersfield Mistress V – Intelligent Domination

Mummification with Yorkshire Mistress V

  • December 13, 2017

Yorkshire Mistress V – Mummification

Mummification is a speciality of Mine. I love completely immobilising you with mummification, rendering you totally helpless and at My mercy. I can inflict nipple torture on you and CBT, as well as face sitting, smothering, breath control, body worship and sensory deprivation.  Mummification is pretty versatile really!

Yorkshire Mistress V

London Sessions coming soon

  • December 4, 2017

Early in the New Year I will be taking sessions in London regularly. I am looking forward to meeting new slaves, submissives and fetishists.

No Texts Please

  • October 25, 2017

Please do not send me text messages enquiring about sessions, rates, etc. If you want to know anything, ring me.

Also, I do not expect to be asked questions that are clearly answered on my website

Yorkshire Mistress V