Mummification with Yorkshire Mistress V

  • December 13, 2017

Yorkshire Mistress V – Mummification

Mummification is a speciality of Mine. I love completely immobilising you with mummification, rendering you totally helpless and at My mercy. I can inflict nipple torture on you and CBT, as well as face sitting, smothering, breath control, body worship and sensory deprivation.  Mummification is pretty versatile really!

Yorkshire Mistress V

London Sessions coming soon

  • December 4, 2017

Early in the New Year I will be taking sessions in London regularly. I am looking forward to meeting new slaves, submissives and fetishists.

No Texts Please

  • October 25, 2017

Please do not send me text messages enquiring about sessions, rates, etc. If you want to know anything, ring me.

Also, I do not expect to be asked questions that are clearly answered on my website

Yorkshire Mistress V

Putting my new sub into subspace!

  • October 12, 2017

My new sub Peter arrived on time, with a note in his hand informing me of his likes and dislikes. Once I’d read it, I made him go into the chambers and get undressed. Once he was naked, I attached two pegs to his nipples and tied his cock and balls as tight as I could, then I ordered him to get over my bench. Once I’d strapped him in, the fun began.

I started with the strap, lightly at first, and once I could see he was warming to this I increased the impact. I gave him 30 of the strap and 100 strokes of the cane. I could hear from the tone of voice that he was drifting into subspace. As I changed to the single tail whip he slipped deeply into subspace.

I could hardly him him count as he had my worn knickers in his mouth. I gave him 30 of the single tail , then I moved onto hot wax play.  With my knickers still stuffed in his mouth, I began to drip the hot wax on his nipples. His cries were more a whimper at this point, and I moved onto his testicles and cock, building up more and more wax play; he was totally under my spell.

I slowly knelt and sat on his face, still dripping the wax on his cock for added effect. We then went into the lounge were I made him lie down and relieve himself while I teased him; all in all a fantastic session!

Testimonial from J

  • September 20, 2017

Today was my first visit to Mistress V and I am already planning my next.

This sexy lady clearly thoroughly enjoys dominating helpless slaves and takes great delight in driving them to distraction.

I was treated to some deliciously wicked “tie and tease” then strapped down to her punishment bench, gagged and blindfolded, and soundly beaten.

In between I was locked into cage, commanded to drink Mistress’s “champagne” and made to watch while my tormentress enjoyed a cigarette (something which always turns me on) while being used as an ash tray (which doesn’t). It says a lot for the hold she quickly established over me that I accepted all of this readily.

Teasing, humiliation, punishment, what more could a slave ask, all at the hands of a Mistress I felt from the first few minutes acquaintance that I wanted to please.


Buy me this for a free overnight session

  • September 18, 2017

Buy me the stand-up cage on this page in return for a free overnight session:

Making my slave cum with electrics

  • August 20, 2017

Huddersfield Mistress V – Making My slave cum with electrics

Huddersfield Mistress

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Needle Play

  • August 20, 2017

Huddersfield Mistress V – Needle Play with my newly collared slave

Huddersfield Mistress

Click here to see the video of me enjoying needle play with my newly collared slave p.

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Testimonial from slave p

  • August 14, 2017

I was collared by Mistress V today. In doing so, I knew that the dynamic of our sessions would change forever. No more safewords. No more expressing limits. Mistress V does exactly as she wants to do now, unfettered by my own preferences. That takes a lot of trust, but that high level of trust and the knowledge that I have given myself to Mistress V takes me straight into subspace right at the start of the session and keeps me there throughout the session.

Due to my collaring and enslavement, Mistress V did things during the session that I had previously not requested, but due to the total trust I have in her, I knew I was safe. We did needle play to my cock and nipples, caning and electrics. The electrics made me cum. Awesome!

If you are a true submissive, I strongly recommend that you beg Mistress V to collar you. Then give yourself to her completely during your sessions. Mistress V is one of the few Mistresses who understands the ecstasy of subspace. She thoroughly enjoys everything she does, and feeds off your reactions to what she is doing to you, increasing her Dominance of you and your submission to her, taking you deeper into subspace. Put your trust into Mistress V and submit to her without question. You will soon find that by obeying Mistress V, you will be taken to a place where few submissives ever go.

A very happy slave p

Free overnight session

  • July 23, 2017

Buy me a brand new E-Stim 2B Power Box and I will give you a free overnight session.

The E-Stim B2 must be new and unused.

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