Smoking Fetish Session

  • March 19, 2019

So today was my 3 hour smoking fetish session

My human ashtray arrived a little earlier than planned.

“Not a problem ash boy more cigarette butts for you to swallow”!!

I carefully chose where to put my restraints as I needed access to his balls hehe. Restraining his ankles first, moving my way up his leg to his knees, nice and secure!! Attaching the collar and lead around his neck, with the lead then being attached to my whipping bench.

I sat down on the bench facing my ashtray. I lit a cigarette and puffed on it lightly so the end burned down enough for the ash to grow.

“Open your mouth boy!!”

Flicking it directly into his mouth, I put my hand under his chin.

“Close your mouth and swallow.”


“Open again!”

I Spat straight to the back of his throat. I did this until my cigarette was down to the butt.

“I’m going to put the rest of my cig in your mouth and I want you to chew it, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes mistress”


I placed the lit cig butt on his tongue 👅

“Chew it and swallow!”

Removing the restraints and lead, we moved into the medical room

“Get on the bed!”

More restraints to his arms chest and legs, I got my new gas mask, which has a long rubber tube attached. Lighting another cigarette I blew the smoke down the tube straight into his mouth.

“You love my second hand smoke don’t you ashtray boy? I’m not going to make you chew this one boy. I’m going to torture your balls!!! Hahaha”

Listening to the sound of my cigarette sizzling on contact with his ball sack pleased me, and making sure I covered every bit of skin, I kept on stubbing my cig until it went out.

“Open and swallow!!!”

I want to leave my mark on you, the letter V which I’m going to burn into your skin.” His eyes lit up!! I started the procedure.

“You are my toy while your here to do as I please.”

I burned my V into his chest, close to his heart so he will always remember his time with me!!

I love a cigarette fetishist! See my smoking fetish website

A morning with sissy candy

  • March 12, 2019

What an amazing day I’ve had!!

Candy arrived this morning at 9.20, I knew she would be feeling a bit nervous today as we had planned to go to the tattooists for her tattoo of my initials on the back of her neck just below the collar line, so it’s nice and discreet if need be.

Before we set off we had our little chat over a cup of tea, she said she felt nervous.  I reassured her, explaining it would only take 5 mins.

Parking my car opposite the shop, candy looked at me and said oh mistress what am I doing; laughing, I said you’re going to have my mark on you, stop being a wimp and get your sissy arse in there now!!

With us getting there bang on opening time we were the 1st in, lucky for candy hehe.

We told the man behind the counter what she wanted, showing us some images of different styles of writing we made a joint decision on the design, to which the man said come this way, I knew they knew I was his mistress lol.

While candy was sat having the tattoo done the door to the room was open. I did ask if I could go in and video but they don’t allow it. So I sat directly opposite the door. I could see candy. Then the buzzing of the tattoo gun began!!!

Toes curling and eyes screwed, candy had what she wanted!! She wanted to be owned and what better way to do so.

The man called me into the room once he’d finished asking if I liked it, yes I’m impressed thank you, taking a pic he showed candy. Her eyes lit up!!! Wow

“Pay the man and let’s go.”

Back at the chambers, candy got changed, I then transformed her into my sissy cock sucking slut; wig, make up and stockings with a bright red slutty mini skirt.

“On your knees and open wide!! I want to see if you’ve been practicing sucking.”

Sliding my stiff cock in her mouth I told her not to rush and to suck it slowly.

She surprised me with how much she could actually get in her mouth deep throating!! Every inch of it

“I’m going to train you to be the best sissy at deep throat; they’ll be queuing up to have their cocks sucked by you!! Mmmm.”

“Really mistress?”

“Of course they will now get back to it.”

She must have had jaw ache by the time I told her to stop lol.

“Up bitch, get on that bench and spread those cheeks!!!”

I fucked her deep and hard.

“Oh mistress that’s lovely, my clitty is twitching drip drip”

“Control yourself bitch!!”

After I’ve fucked you I’m going to lock your sissy clitty up and I’m keeping the key!!!”

“Mmm yes mistress”

I locked her clitty up in the chastity device.

“I want to see you do the slut drop now to see if you really have been practicing.”

Putting some music on, she swang her hips, strutting her stuff twirling and curtsying. Slut drop!! Wow she is learning. A little more practice and you’ll have cracked it!!

Finishing of the session with a big hug, I was proud of you today candy, see you again very soon.. cock sucker!!!

My New Boot Licker!

  • March 3, 2019

My new boot licker, Sam, arrived at the agreed time. On his arrival we had a very brief chat as we had already been communicating through email. I knew what he wanted! I was dressed in leather skirt PVC thigh high boots black leather bodice. I could see he was impressed, the bulge in his pants was a dead give away!

“Get yourself undressed!”

While he was undressing I sat on my throne waiting, I rang my bell and ordered him in.

“On your knees and lick my shiny boots, every inch of them needs cleaning with your perverted tongue.”

He started on my heel, slowly sucking and licking, working his way up my boots.

“I want you to unzip my boots, not with your hands but with your mouth!”

I laughed as he struggled to get the zipper in his mouth. “Remember no hands!”

I filled my mouth with saliva, releasing it onto my boots. “Clean it!! All of it!!”

As he looked at me, I gave him a slap!! “Don’t look at me, clean my boots, I have more boots for you to clean but not until these ones are gleaming!”

Once I was happy with his work I change boots

“My leather boots are filthy, this time I’m going to sit on your chest while you suck these. I want to be close so I can check you’re doing your job correctly”

Satisfied with his work, I told him to go and lie on the medical bed. “I have a new piece of equipment and you my dear are going to try it out.”

My new CBT board arrived the day before so I was quite excited to use it. Clamping his cock and balls nice and tight I used my violet wand. He hadn’t the experienced this before and he loved it.

“Have you ever tried sounds?”

“No Mistress, once I’ve had enough of this, is that’s what’s coming next?”

Inserting my thinnest sound, I was quite shocked as once it was inserted, his cock sucked it right down. At this point Sam was laughing as he couldn’t believe how easily his cock accepted this cold piece of stainless steel.

“Let’s move onto the e-stim.” Once the e-stim was attached to his cock, I sat on his face, wow what a difference!! He did very well with the electrics, hardly surprieing since my arse was spread across his face!

Taking him back into the main playroom, I ordered him to lie on his back

“We’re going to finish this session with me on your face, I want to watch you play with yourself.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Playing with his cock I teased him with my arse.

“Let me know when you’re ready to cum, I want it on my boots”

Releasing himself all over my boots, I ordered him to clean it up!

Want me sat on your face? Call me to book

4 Hour Session with sissy slut candy

  • February 21, 2019

Meeting my new sissy slut candy for the first time. Four hours of pure cock sucking sluttery.

She arrived at the agreed time 10am, with her little bag of goodies and looking quite nervous. After a short discussion, candy was in her bag showing me all her sissy clothing; a choice of panties, a couple of mini skirts, stockings make up and wig. I was in my element, I love transforming the sissy into a slut..

“First we have to make you up. I will explain how to apply your make up as I put it on you, starting with the foundation.”

I applied it with a brush, making sure the whole face and neck were covered evenly, once this was applied I moved onto her eye make up and candy told me she likes heavy dark eyes, to which I used the darkest colours, blending into the skin.

Long thick eye lashes applied, you could see the transformation already and I hadn’t even started on the blusher or lipstick. Rosy red cheeks and a bright red lipstick and she was ready for her wig. Blonde pony tails with pretty red ribbons; she was loving new make over

I chose a tartan skirt with some white over the knee socks with a white shirt and tie! Perfect for the school girl slut look, finished off with her own patent black leather shoes.

“All ready slut! Let’s go into the main room, I want to teach you how to walk elegantly.”

I placed a small board on my head and walked, demonstrating that the board mustn’t move, keeping the head straight while walking!

“Now it’s your turn candy, swing your hips as you walk, I want you to be the perfect sissy slut.”

After a few attempts she was getting better

“Have you heard of the slut drop candy?”

“No mistress”

“I’ll show you and you copy”

She was trying her best to do it perfectly, but it was her first attempt lol.

Once she’d had her moment dancing and pouting, I taught her to curtsy. She was a bit clumsy.

“You need to make notes candy, you need to concentrate on your hips when walking, swing them like the cock sucking slut you long to be. Get on your knees candy I want to see how you suck on my stiff cock.”

“I’ve been practicing mistress”

“Let’s see shall we!!”

“Bright red lips around my cock, staring up at me as you suck deeper and deeper, I will train you to be the best cock sucking whore around and then I’ll whore you out!!”

This bitch was greedy; she didn’t want it out of her mouth!

“Get sucking harder bitch. I’m going to pop your cherry today, you will leave here no longer a virgin!”

Stopping, she looked up at me.

“Get your filthy sissy clitty over that bench. I’m going to stretch your arse with my fingers before I stick my cock up there”

“Oh mistress”

Stretched, I slid my cock into her!

“I’m tingling all over mistress, I’ve never been fucked before”

“I told you you’d leave here today with your cherry popped”

“Oh my mistress what have you done to me?”

“Stop talking and take my cock! Once I’ve finished fucking you I’m going to give you a good strapping”

“Yes mistress”

20 of the strap!

Walking round to my slut I stuck my cock back into her mouth

“Suck!! You are a good bitch aren’t you ?!”

I tokk her off the bench and into the sissy room. I made her sit down on the biggest dildo I have. The perfect ending to a perfect session.

See you soon candy xx for more cock sucking fun xx

My sissy slut davina!

  • February 13, 2019

I’ve had a couple of sessions with my sissy who I named davina, she just loves me to dress her up in high heels and stockings, wigs, false eye lashes; the full make over.

She knows once her wig is on it’s time to spread her legs wide over my bench, I usually start by inserting my fingers (gloved of course) with plenty of lube, stretching her arse as I want this bitch on all fours begging to be fvcked by my fvck machine as she’s not tried it yet 😈

Using lots of different dildos and vibrating butt plugs her arse is starting to open wider! So much so my hand is nearly inside this bitch’s arse.

I instructed her to move from the bench to the floor.

“Get on all fours cock sucker!! Time to be fvcked HARD!! ”

She was in her element as I swapped cocks over to the biggest one, which is probably 10 inches, deep inside her now well stretched arse; she was begging “faster faster” and after 20 or so minutes of being hammered by this wonderful machine I told her to get back over the bench, Swish swish with my whippiest cane.

“Ready to take your punishment?

“Yes Mistress”

“You will thank me after each stroke.”

“Yes mistress.”

After 50 strokes and a lot of whimpering I told her we will be moving into the medical room

I used needles and lots of them, as davina wanted to push her limits with needle play.  Crown of thorns is a favourite of mine; davina has never had this in her previous sessions. I blindfolded her as I wanted to see her expression on her face once I removed it, I started with the nipples first 25 in each, moving down to his large bellend I started to insert my needles. I used another 50 around his cock end. Taking off the blindfold was the best, davina’s face was a picture; she could not believe the amount of needles in her bellend, and my favourite is taking them out nice and slowly of course hehe!! She will be back begging for more!! She always does.

A Testimonial from My toilet slave

  • February 7, 2019

I arrived at mistress V’s play space early in the morning, nice and quiet with a drive to park in. easy enough to find though my sat nav would say otherwise!

on meeting mistress for the first time i was slightly nervous, what do i say how do i act? hi im here to eat your shit! didnt seem the best introduction so a hello sufficed lol

Mistress was very friendly and put me at ease very quickly, we chatted and she even made me a smashing cuppa (nice one mistress)

once she had manged to relax me i was quickly stripped and dressed in a nice dress wig heels and stockings once i had finished posing and strutting my slutty stuff much to mistress amusement i was made to kneel and suck her favourite strapon on, Mistress was very verbal and it was clear she was enjoying the influence she was having on me as i became more and more submissive and slutty.

Her cock wet she decided i was in need of a spanking and not having played with me before i was impressed by her technique
All her strokes hit the mark, her accuracy allowed me to relax and really get into the play, Mistress is a very accomplished CP player and i look forward to doing a serious CP session with her at some point (i have done some heavy Cp play in past but mistress wasnt aware of this at the time)

during a brief break in my beating my head was lifted and I found my nose buried into mistress V’s fantastic behind, she wriggled her divine arse onto my nose as i lost myself in the erotic moment hoping i was pleasing her, mistress jarred me back from such thoughts with a trumping fart that had no were to go but up my nose “spanked and farted on it dosent get much more humiliating than this girl” she taunted me …. a slight giggle (mistress has a fantastic laugh!) “well”, she continues 2that is untill i need to shit, its on the move now are you hungry?” (more laughter.)

To think i was wondering if i was pleasing her? ha no im just a toilet, an object to her…

during all the laughter spankings and fun i had almost forgot the main reason i was here, and mistress was ready to deliver, “get in the box slut i need to shit and your going to eat it all”

Face up trapped in her toilet box i watched mistress light a fag “i like a smoke while i take a shit” she smiled down at me, nerves were starting to get to me now and i was truly starting to worry on following through with this but my desire to serve prevailed, With no more small talk Mistress dropped her knickers and lowered her ass to my face blocking out all light my world was now just her asshole.

Gently i probed and licked at her rosebud I think mistress enjoyed this and asked if i could feel my breakfast coming.

A slight fart and i felt her anus open , i opened my mouth… this is it i thought im about to become a true human toilet to a goddess! mistress raised her ass up as the shit came,  Mistress re-adjusted herself so it went right into her toilet, my mouth.

the moment was the most erotic thing in my life, however mistress had a lot to give, more than i could hold and the shit soon started,  i struggled but felt a burning to my balls from mistress ciggarette. “chew my shit toilet!” she demanded and caught in the moment i did just that, Mistress was kind enough to piss in my mouth to help the shit down which it did.

Afterwards was as if nothing had happend no shame, guilt, self loathing mistress allowed me plenty of time to clean up, and made me another fantastic cuppa 😊we chatted for a good time before i hit the road.

Mistress is a very friendly and open lady, highly skilled and genuinely enjoys what she does, this makes such a difference and i am so glad i choose to share this moment with her.

Since i failed to eat all her shit much to my shame, ive been informed next time i wont be leaving till its all consumed and she has ways… should i go back? (who am i kidding of course i will be going back!)

My Latest Human Toilet!

  • February 6, 2019

On his arrival I could sense my new sub was a little nervous; he had travelled a long way to meet me for breakfast!

“Would you like a cup of tea to settle those nerves before we proceed?”

“Yes please mistress, I need something to warm me up”

“Oh I’ll warm you up make no mistake about that!!”

Once he’d finished his beverage I told him to undress, and remembering in his email that he liked to cross dress, I picked a nice black figure hugging slut dress, black wig and red stockings with some lovely 4 inch white shoes.

After applying bright red lipstick, this slut was ready to suck my hard cock!

“On your knees bitch and suck!!”

Laughing as she got down on her knees, I named my new slut michala.

“Suck it slowly I want you to get it all in! Gradually, no need to rush”

My cock wet with her mouth, she looked up at me.

“I love your cock Mistress”

Red lipstick was smudged all over her face.

“Get over that bench you dirty little cock sucking whore!!”

Pulling her red panties down I used the paddle to start the punishment. I love to see red bottoms!

“You will take this paddle and my strap today bitch for being the whore you are, and once I’ve thrashed you I will be shitting straight into your mouth!!”

“Yes Mistress”

She took her punishment very well, and after unstrapping her from the bench I told her to get back to doing what she does best!! Sucking my dick!!

“The toilet box is out, lie down and get your head in”

I lowered myself down onto the box .

Shitting straight into his mouth, he tried to wriggle until I put my lit cigarette onto his balls; pissing into his mouth, looking down at this pathetic bitch swallowing my waste, washing my shit down.

He finished his breakfast, not all of it I might add but he tried his best when encouraged hahaha!!

Advice to newcomers from a mature, experienced submissive

  • January 16, 2019

I am not a newcomer to BDSM or to enjoying sessions with professional Mistresses. I’ve been enjoying BDSM for more than 40 years.

I do remember being a newcomer all those years ago though. I remember – with some shame – making an appointment with a Mistress and not showing up because I was too nervous about being tied up by a complete stranger. I remember telling a Mistress all about my fantasies, then on the day of the appointment realising that actually I probably couldn’t take the severe things that I’d asked for. Do you recognise any of this in yourself? Some of you probably will. I am older and wiser now, and if I make an appointment with a Mistress, I always turn up for it. That is because I do a lot of research before visiting a Mistress.

I wish there was a Mistress like Mistress V when I started out in the wonderful world of BDSM. As well as being seriously good at what she does, Mistress V is a very kind lady. Why does that matter? It matters because her innate kindness makes her want you to enjoy every second of the time that you spend with her. And you can tell that she loves what she does.

Mistress V takes immense pride in knowing that by the end of the session, you are fully satisfied. She will talk to you before the session, to get inside your head, something that she is incredibly good at. If on the day of the session, you realise you have asked for more than you can cope with, you can tell her, and she will be happy that you’ve told her. But if you don’t tell her, she will quickly find out for herself and tailor the session accordingly, rather than continue doing things that she knows you aren’t enjoying.

Mistress V will slowly, carefully and sensually take you into the wonderful place that is subspace, so that you enjoy an out of this world experience that few, if any, others can match.

For the last 2 years, I have only sessioned with Mistress V, in spite of the fact that it is almost a 4 hour round trip from where I live to Mistress V’s wonderfully well equipped multi roomed and lovingly assembled chambers.

Mistress V realises that not everyone wants pain, and she loves the sensual side of domination. She can also be very sadistic, for those who enjoy that. But above all, Mistress V is very kind, and it is that kindness and its resultant desire to satisfy your cravings which makes her the best Mistress I have ever met.

Whether you are a newcomer to BDSM or as experienced as I am, you will find no-one better than Mistress V. If you want more confirmation of her expertise, you might want to read her other testimonials

Happy Days!

  • January 10, 2019

What a fantastic couple of days I’ve had. A mixture of old and new clients all week as well as a couple of novices.

My first session yesterday morning (weds) was at 9.30 with a newbie hard sports slave! Before my slave was due to arrive I had a strong black coffee – the perfect laxative, and it wasn’t long before I could feel its effect.

I had another 20 mins to wait. I didn’t think I could last that long as the urge to go was getting more and more intense lol. Squeezing my bum cheeks together I held on.

He was soon ringing the doorbell. I opened the door and ordered him upstairs.

At this point I was ready to explode! No time for chit chat he wants my shit and boy is he going to get it haha!

“Get stripped off and lie on the plastic sheet. I’ve been holding on to his package for too long now so you need to be quick!!”

He was on the floor mouth wide open and as I  stood above him I parted my bum cheeks wide.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Mistress”

Even if he wanted to back out he couldn’t as it was out!

“I hope you’re not going to just twirl it around in your mouth!! You need to swallow it!! All of it!!!”

He did as instructed. I then lowered my bum down onto his tongue.

“Now clean it!!!”

Perfect Wednesday morning. Breakfast was definitely served hot!!

A novice client

  • January 5, 2019

Friday morning and my new slave arrived; opening the the door I saw a very nervous young man.

“Come in and go upstairs.”

I offered him a drink, we then sat and have a little chat. He told me he was a novice and had never been to see a Mistress before. Brilliant I do love a novice!

After he’d finished his drink, I told him to undress in the main play room, and on entering the room he shyly looked in my direction.

“Look at the floor boy not me, unless I instruct you otherwise!!”

During our chat he did mention he’d like to try sounds, but not until we’ve played in my favourite room.

I stood in front of him looking straight at his face, telling him he’s my new virgin and I will pop his cherry before he leaves here today.

I used a shoe lace and tied his cock and balls, pulling it nice and tight on the tip of his cock, which at this point was hard as rock, and once tied, I gave it a hard slap!

With him being a novice I had to be cautious as I didn’t know his limits. I then proceeded to tie him with rope, arms bound behind his back.

“Open your mouth!”

The taste of my spit made his cock even harder.Slap!!!!

Moving onto his nipples lightly squeezing them,adding pegs and pinching them together with my fingers made my newbie stand on his tip toes.

“Are you a ballerina!! Hahaha!”

Untying him I put him on my Cross, then ightly flogged his bottom and the back of his legs.

We then moved into the medical room for the sounds. Laying on the medical bed I straddled across him, sitting my arse over his nose and mouth. I inserted the thinnest sound first. Wriggling my arse all over his face while I masturbated him with hand and sound. He was in subspace heaven breathing in the sweet scent of my pussy.

Wish you were him? Call me to book and it could be your face I’m sitting on