The Session of your life

  • October 17, 2017

Yorkshire MistressWhat do you really want from a session? Are you there to please the Mistress, or do you want to satisfy your own needs? Or maybe both?

Let us be totally honest with each other here: when you pay out your hard earned money for a session with a professional Mistress, you expect to leave totally satisfied. And you know what: I agree with you.

Have you ever had a session and not left feeling fully satisfied? Ever had the disappointment of not going into subspace, or had your subspace interrupted just as you were getting into it? That will never happen with me. Why? Communication! Before the session, you and I are going to talk about what you would like to experience in session. I am going to ask you about those triggers – some of which may be unique to you – that will ease your journey into subspace. Which words and phrases can I utter that will activate your triggers? Which of my actions will activate them?

Maybe you’ve never heard of subspace? You are soon to find out what it is! Just tell me what I can say and do that will transform a good session into the best session of your life.

Ever heard of Domspace? Most people haven’t. Well Domspace is what I as a Domme experience when I am really enjoying a session to the max. When you are in subspace and I am in Domspace at the same time, that makes for a truly awesome, unforgettable session for both of us.

Communicate with me and complete satisfaction is guaranteed. For both of us.

Huddersfield, Yorkshire Mistress V