Testimonial from M

  • April 18, 2018

First meeting with Mistress V

After some trying, I finally got to make my first visit to Mistress V. After a pleasant drive to Huddersfield, Her premises were easy to find. Her premises are compact, but certainly adequate; I know Mistress is looking to acquire new premises, but at the end of the day, it is Her you are focused on, it is Her presence that is all important, and She certainly does have a presence.
It was a “relaxed” first session. Mistress has a very relaxed and confident approach, friendly and understanding, and certainly very approachable. While She was fairly easy going on me, you certainly get that impression that She could go a lot harder, which gives the situation a nice edge. I`m not going to describe the session, but I will just note two aspects that have a special relevance to me.

The nipple torture was sublime. Standing before Her, while She worked my nipples with fingers and nails, gently and teasing to begin with, harsher to follow, as I began to shake and resting my head on Her shoulder, feeling Her control and gradually drifting into my own special space. Bliss, I could quite happily have endured that all day, and would happily return even just for that !
Secondly, which might surprise some, was being collared and chained to the wall, while Mistress enjoyed a cigarette. That feeling of being captive, at Her disposal, waiting for Her next move; it certainly ticks my boxes! Plus everything else -:)

Obviously I don`t know Mistress very well, but I do get the impression that She has a wide range of skills, and is probably pretty adept at all of them. My own needs are of a more mental submission, giving up control and being used by a Dominant, for Her pleasure, and today’s session certainly took me in that direction.
Thank You for today, hopefully not the last, and hopefully the chance to fall further under Your control.

M x

Testimonial from slave p

  • April 11, 2018

Mistress V secured me to her medical couch and pushed needles into my nipples, cock and balls, using 3 different thicknesses of needles.  Each larger size was more painful then the last, but I was in subspace for the whole time.  I don’t remember how many needles were used but it was quite a few!

I was then instructed to lay on the floor.  A funnel was put into my mouth and Mistress V emptied her bladder into my mouth.  Mistress V’s pee is absolutely delicious.

Mistress then secured me to her whipping bench and flogged me with her bullwhip.  I was allowed to worship her delectable bottom to encourage me to take harder lashes. Mistress V then caned me, exploring and pushing my limits, the canings interspersed with bottom worship, and I was gagged with Mistress’s well worn panties.  I was in heaven!

Mistress V is the best, and the only Mistress I will session with.

Testimonial from sub n

  • April 11, 2018

I’ve served nearly 20 Mistresses over the years and therefore have had nearly 20 first sessions. First sessions are always a bit experimental as Mistress finds Her sub’s limits and chemistry is established – or not! Yesterday was my first session with Mistress V, although i’ve followed Her on twitter for a while and yearned for the chance. Having looked forward to the visit, i have to say Mistress V is wonderful! She is a beautiful Lady and She knows Her craft. I asked Mistress to set the agenda and the limits (except that i could only be lightly marked). However, i also indicated my likes, including human toilet. The appointment was easily made and Mistress was kind and helpful in Her communication, both by email and phone.

When i arrived, Mistress looked stunning in a black corset with tight jeans and some lovely elegant boots. Her jeans showed off Her amazing legs and bum – She says She gets lots of compliments, and rightly so! We started the session by Mistress tying me with rope before applying pegs to my balls and suction cups on my nipples. Her closeness and sensuality were very exciting, and She allowed me to lick her delicious armpits clean. Then it was over the bench for some corporal punishment – various implements used enthusiastically and just starting to push into the painful zone. After allowing me to kiss Her gorgeous bum (clothed!) and lick Her boots clean, Mistress then tied me on my knees in front of Her fucking machine and set it to work as She sat where i could see Her smoking and generally looking stunning.

By now Mistress was ready for the toilet. No need for details, but i assure You the site of Mistress V sitting above me was one of the most beautiful sights i’ve ever seen! It was an honour to receive from Mistress. After cleaning up i was given the amazing privilege of worshipping Mistress’s body – not everywhere: that’s Her choice, of course – before being allowed my own release.

Before, during and after the session Mistress V had a wonderful way of being caring as well as demanding. She judged my limits with great skill. Our first meeting far exceeded my hopes and i aspire to serve Her many more times.

sub n

You are Peerless

  • February 26, 2018

When I session with a Mistress, I like to be hurt and controlled but I need to feel that I am going to be completely safe during and after the session. When you opened the door and greeted me with your warm friendly smile, I was immediately reassured. I felt relaxed, and more so during our pre session chat.

I asked for a session without safewords, and requested that you gauge my limits from my reaction to whatever you were doing to me at that time. It is really hard for a Mistress to get that right, but you nailed it with 100% accuracy.

You bound me securely in a standing position and put me into your penis pillory. Looking into your beautiful piercing blue eyes while you clearly enjoyed inflicting CBT on me sent me drifting into a subspace that became even deeper when you blindfolded me and surprised me with the needles through my nipples.

Still blindfolded, I was secured to your whipping bench. You expertly warmed me up before whipping me harder and harder with your bullwhip. By now I was deeper into subspace than I’ve ever been, but it amazed me when you said: “You are deep in subspace aren’t you slave?” The fact that you knew spoke volumes about your experience and expertise, and that engendered a spirit of trust that I’ve never experienced with anyone else.

You then allowed me to worship your beautiful feet as a reward for completely submitting to you, before securing me to your medical couch and making me climax with your electrics.

Mistress V, you are peerless. I cannot wait to serve you again.

A Testimonial from My Foot Worshipper

  • February 5, 2018

Today was my first meeting / session with Mistress V, it was actually my first ever session with a pro domme. It was arranged round about a month ago, I was nervous to get in touch with her as I wasn’t sure how it all worked & what to expect.

I sent her a email & she replied straight away, she briefly told me what was what & gave me a number to ring. As soon as she answered the phone I immediately felt welcomed & calm, her voice alone put me straight at ease. I had the exact same feeling today when I first met her, she is warm, kind, extremely powerful, one of a kind & very understanding about everything & anything.

I can’t wait to be at her beautiful feet again soon, obeying, worshipping, & serving her in anyway she so pleases. She really truly is the best! Thank You Mistress

Testimonial from R

  • December 15, 2017

WoW and WoW.
I have sessioned with Mistress V before in the Leeds dungeon and had a fantastic session with her. This time I again asked for a punishment beating to include flogging, whipping, strapping and a caning of my back, buttocks and thighs but to also include watersports which i had done once before some years ago.

As a repeat offender i asked that the session be very severe and No mercy to be shown. I am experienced in the heavier type of CP whipping session. This statement was repeated back to me when I was suffering, this is what makes Mistress V one of the very best, very attentive, strict but reads what you write in your emails and takes it on board during session.

I was made to feeI very welcome upon arrival and she said she was glad to see me again and she was pleased when she received my email. The premises were very easy to find and are very discreet and I felt very safe and secure. The premises are warm and inviting bearing in mind it was the coldest day of the year when I visited. After a short chat i was then ordered to strip and taken into the dungeon where I was restrained on the cross and the punishment began. I was flogged all over my back, buttocks and thighs to start with until I had been well warmed up and then progressed to the strap and singletail which left some lovely marks then onto the bullwhip which Mistress really got into. I was heavilly marked from shoulders to backs of my knees with some beautiful welts.

I was then taken down off the cross and fastened over the spanking bench for a very severe caning. Mistress used a variety of canes from her new double cane, right up to the prison cane which does pack a punch. When the caning started I did the usual thing and started counting in my head which never really works very well, then just relaxed and let the pain wash over me. I dont know how many strokes I took but it was alot, Mistress then whispered in my ear and asked me if i could take another 20 strokes, she could have asked any number and i would have said Yes, such is the power of her presence and control over you. I was told to count the next 20 strokes out loud and they were laid on hard. Each stroke you try to wait a short time before counting but end up counting quicker than you intend to. I was then subjected to the final caning with a thinner cane and then the punishment was over.

I had taken a heavy beating, much more severe and much longer than when I visited last time in Leeds, but remember this is her Dungeon now and she sets the rules and the bar. I was left feeling that i had really pleased my Mistress in suffering so much for her and in allowing her to exercise her sadism over me.

I was then ordered to lie down on the floor and the watersports chair was put over me and I had the privilege and honour of drinking Mistresses nectar. I did quite well to start with but the next time i will manage to drink it all and not spill a drop, under fear of receiving a further punishment.

I finished off with being allowed to give her body worship which I totally enjoyed, and a post session chat and after care of my welts.

You will not find another Mistress anywhere who gives so much of themselves in session as Mistress V. Who cares for and guides you through the session and who delivers everything you could ask for and a whole lot more beside.

I am less than 3 days on after the session and as soon as i got home the feelings of wanting to suffer again started, the more experienced subs out there will understand the feeling and know that the mind starts demanding much earlier than the body can deliver. I am sore and bruised, wealed and welted and have a warm glow all over every time i sit down, what a fabulous feeling.

I will be returning many times in the future to see Mistress V and look forward to suffering again at her very skilled hands.

Thank you Mistress V.


Testimonial by s

  • November 22, 2017

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Mistress V at her premises in Huddersfield. I am relatively inexperienced having previously only experienced traditional Corporal Punishment, but had decided I wanted to experience more submissive activities and Mistress V’s website showed that she indulged in everything I was looking for. Contact was easy and very swift, and an appointment was made, but I thought my nerves were going to get the better of me so I asked if I could bring the appointment forward and Mistress was very accommodating. Instructions on finding Mistress V’s premises were very clear, the accommodation was secure and discrete, and Mistress V was very welcoming on my arrival making me feel comfortable and at ease.

As for the session itself, I had told Mistress what I was looking for, which was being restrained, spanked, strapped, and caned, followed by anal play and strap on, water sports, and finally body worship. Mistress adopted a more purposeful approach and I was ordered to strip naked and she secured me to her favourite piece of equipment the spanking bench, I was now completely helpless and Mistress began my punishments with hand, strap and a variety of canes, interspersed with more sensual stroking. I drifted in and out of sub space as she beat me, and whilst respecting my limits she did push me, which I felt was very well done. Once I was at my limit Mistress started the anal play, firstly with her fingers making me ready for a butt plug which she taped in place whilst she continued with more spanking and strapping, OMG this was an unreal feeling, and then came the moment of truth as she offered me her 8″ strap on to suck, making me take it well into my mouth before she removed the plug and applied more lube and I took as much of her strap on as I could, Wow what a feeling! I was then treated to a further 30 strokes of her strap, before releasing me from the bench. Throughout the session Mistress had told me I would be rewarded if I was good, and that she was drinking plenty of water and her bladder was starting to get full, I was now instructed to lie down and Mistress straddled me and treated me to her lovely champagne, after which I was allowed to worship her body from her feet upwards, I had assumed this was the end of the session but Mistress them treated me to a climax with the E Stim machine which I had not expected but was incredible.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Mistress V which was well thought out, and delivered exactly as I had requested but with a few extra touches thrown in for good measure. Mistress was a very nice and caring person out of session showing good levels of introduction and aftercare but exactly as you would want in session, I will certainly be returning when I have recovered sufficiently!

A Testimonial from slave p

  • November 6, 2017

It takes me 2 hours to drive from my home to Mistress V’s place. And 2 hours to drive back. Therefore, a session with Mistress V takes up about half a day. Yet, I only session with Mistress V now because she is such an expert Mistress.

Mistress V works very quickly, to try to cram as much pleasure into a session as possible. During this session, we did caning, needle play, foot worship and body worship.

Mistress V clearly really enjoys every aspect of BDSM, and our sessions get better and better. It is worth sticking to one Mistress and developing a strong bond with Her, and I intend to stick with Mistress V even though every session takes up half a day.

I enjoy our pre and after session chats too, because BDSM sessions are a learning curve for both Mistress and submissive.

Thank you for yet another amazing session Mistress V. I am still on a high

slave p

A Testimonial from Dave

  • October 25, 2017

I went to see Mistress V yesterday for a two hour session for the first time – what an experience.

We started with my cock and balls tied up then Mistress told me to bend over the cage; she said I am going to give you 30 strokes each with two straps but that went to 60 strokes then the single tail whip, 40 strokes. Then the canes, I lost count at 200 strokes.

Then on to electrics; that was great and much more a FAB session with a great Mistress.

I will see Mistress V again.


A Testimonial from S

  • October 20, 2017

A week ago I paid my second visit to Mistress V. The session was for two hours and contained a flogging, caning, anal on the fucking machine, needle play and so so much more.

I can’t recommend Mistress V highly enough. She is beautiful and engaging, polite yet firm, joking but dominant. I was such at ease that I felt happy to try needle play. This is something I hadn’t done before and was always wary about, however such is my confidence in Mistress and my aching to please Mistress that I didn’t have a second thought.

The next visit just cannot arrive soon enough.

Testimonial from a nervous newbie

  • October 5, 2017

Although I’ve fantasized about serving a Mistress for some time, until now I’ve never been able to pluck up the courage to actually go and see one. There were several reasons for my nervousness. I was worried that the Mistress might overdo things and hurt me too much; that she might do things to me that I didn’t want; that she wouldn’t take notice of my preferences. After all, if I am paying my hard earned money for a session, I want to leave feeling satisfied.

Also, when I ring a Mistress for the first time, I am put off if she is cold and abrupt over the phone. I need to feel at least some human connection during the conversation.

Within a few seconds of speaking with Mistress V over the phone, I felt very positive about serving her. She was warm and friendly, and listened intently to my preferences. It was also obvious that she really loves what she does, and I like that. Her method of gauging my pain threshold was reassuring too. I just knew I would be in safe hands with Mistress V.

So, I made up my mind that my first ever session with a professional Mistress would be with Mistress V.

Mistress V is in a nice area with easy parking. As expected, Mistress V was very warm and welcoming when I arrived, making me feel at ease. My nerves just evaporated, even more so as we chatted about what was to happen during the session. I was really happy that Mistress V remembered my preferences and my hard limits. That was very reassuring.

During the session, we did everything that I’d asked for. It was an amazing experience. I always wondered what subspace felt like. Now I know, and I’m looking forward to my next session with Mistress V.

Testimonial from slave p

  • October 2, 2017

Yorkshire Mistress


I’ve had several sessions with Mistress V now, and enjoyed them so much that I decided to go for a 2 hour session.

Mistress V is one of the few Mistresses who can take me deep into subspace, and the thought of spending 2 hours there was too much to resist.

We started with some foot worship, which I love.

After securing me to her whipping bench, Mistress V gently eased me into subspace then took me with her Strapon, all the while talking to me, encouraging me to take it for her.

I was then flogged with a flogger to warm me up for a caning.  I can take quite a caning when I’m in subspace.

We then had a long session of needle play, with more needles used on my cock and balls than I’ve ever had before, yet there was not a single bruise, such is Mistress V’s expertise.  During the needle play, Mistress V draped her worn panties and stockings over my nose so I could enjoy her heavenly aroma while she pushed needles into me.

Finally, Mistress V made me cum with electrics on my cock – awesome!

This is expert domination and BDSM at its pinnacle.  The very best available anywhere.  24 hours later, I am still on a high.

I am really looking forward to going back soon.

Thank you for such a wonderful session Mistress V

Testimonial from Steve

  • September 25, 2017

I can’t recommend Mistress V highly enough. From the very first contact she is friendly and welcoming and very knowledgable about BDSM.

Beautiful, sadistic, she is the definition of what a dominatrix should be. Book a session you won’t regret it.


Testimonial from J

  • September 20, 2017

Today was my first visit to Mistress V and I am already planning my next.

This sexy lady clearly thoroughly enjoys dominating helpless slaves and takes great delight in driving them to distraction.

I was treated to some deliciously wicked “tie and tease” then strapped down to her punishment bench, gagged and blindfolded, and soundly beaten.

In between I was locked into cage, commanded to drink Mistress’s “champagne” and made to watch while my tormentress enjoyed a cigarette (something which always turns me on) while being used as an ash tray (which doesn’t). It says a lot for the hold she quickly established over me that I accepted all of this readily.

Teasing, humiliation, punishment, what more could a slave ask, all at the hands of a Mistress I felt from the first few minutes acquaintance that I wanted to please.


A Testimonial

  • September 6, 2017

Very easy to contact and meet, discreet, was into hearing my likes and dislikes.

Absolutely georgous body and face, exactly what i was after.

I will definitely be meeting Mistress V again 😎

Testimonial from slave paul

  • August 2, 2017

For my First experience in the BDSM world i found Mistress V very understanding of my needs and catered exceptionally well. She slowly built me up from a light spanking to some of her heavier hitting equipment. She then used her nipple clamps on me, which i could tell she enjoyed using. Coupled with beautiful figure and lovely outfit i was left very excited. Mistress then moved on to using her pin wheels and Urethral probes on her comfortable lounger, which turned out to be very pleasurable. Mistress seemed very Skilled with these tools. I then had the pleasure off worshipping here beautiful body, which sadly came had to come to an end. I had an amazing time, and left me wanting much more time with Mistress V. She no doubt has some very interesting plans for me when i am collared in our next session. That which i am looking forward to very much.

Overall Happiness of the first session 10/10

I hope i have written this in the correct context, i was unsure what you will be doing with the review. i also forgot the names of some of the equipment you used.

Slave Paul

Testimonial from slave p – electrics!

  • July 23, 2017

Wow, what a session!

Needle Play in both nipples, foot worship, body worship then tied to the St Andrews Cross and brought to a climax with electrics!


Testimonial from slave p

  • July 1, 2017

Mistress V listened intently when I spoke about my session interests and hard limits.  It is not an exaggeration to say that she did everything I asked, exactly how I asked for it to be done. I enjoyed the fact that Mistress V enjoyed the session too. She really loves what she does and appreciates the company of her submissive clients.

If you see a nipple on her Twitter feed with 4 needles in it, that nipple is probably mine!

I had a fantastic session with Mistress V and highly recommend her.

Thank you Mistress V


Testimonial from Tony

  • June 18, 2017

It was at the most recent party, held in “A Leeds Chamber”, that I became acquainted with Mistress V … These legendary gatherings always seem to be about like-minds socialising, as well as serious play … This particular evening was like most others, a pleasant mix of old friends and new acquaintances, with some great play for most ….

Mistress V and I certainly “hit it off”, and I was treated to a delicious flogging ….. Yes, a great night … So great, I was hungry for more … In less than two weeks I was yet again, down at the heels of this lady, being treated most kindly, no harsh words or humiliation …. A tender, caring experience, with thought and care for my well-being, absolutely paramount throughout my whole time under her control …

I know this may seem odd to some, but, I was firmly under Mistress V’s control without any insults, or barking of orders …. Looking back, I don’t think either of us stopped smiling during our time together ..!! I look forward to returning ….. Tony

A Testimonial from joe

  • February 1, 2017

Just finished having my 2nd visit with mistress v , of Huddersfield , with a big box of matches she burned each and everyone of my pubic hairs , teasing to burn my cock,moving up to my chest hair , she teased me by bring the hot match as close to my nipple as possible without burning it, . She looked alluring in a tight fitted white blouse and black skirt, she is a very attractive lady and she superb in what she does ,.. I can highly recommend a visit joe

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