Good time had

  • March 21, 2019

At 10-00am sharp, I rung the door bell which was soon answered by an attractive woman, it was Mistress Victoria.

Stepping in to the small hall way, I was told to put my bag down and put my hands be hind my back. Wrists cuffed, I was told to climb the stairs which I did with nervousness and trepidation. What have I let myself in for?

Having not met Mistress Victoria before, we sat in the medical room for a few moments discussing my previous experience. My wrists were then released and I was to undress, fold my clothes and put them on the chair. I was then to put on the clothes which I had in my bag.

Soon, I was dressed in suspenders, fishnet stockings, knickers, wig and bra. Checking that my stocking seams were straight, I inserted my large false boobs in to the bra.

Nervously I stepped in to the dungeon where Mistress Victoria was waiting. My wrists and ankles were cuffed and with a pulley and cord, my hands were soon almost touching the ceiling.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to admire this gorgeous woman. Her eyes were stunning and those gorgeous smiling lips could certainly turn in to a sinister smile and her laughter was superbly sinister as well.

Mistress Victoria wasted no time in gripping my cock and balls with her talon like nails and which was soon caressing, tickling and scratching my other body parts.

I commented to Mistress Victoria, about her sultry beauty and gorgeous half naked breasts which she teased me with. I soon paid the price, be cause my eyes were blind folded and a gag in my mouth.

Once released, I was to kneel and bend over a bench. My knickers were pulled down and my legs and back secured with leather straps.

Mistress Victoria proceeded to smack my back side, use paddles and light whips with various degrees of pain and all the while mocking me with insults such as worse less, useless slut, no good to anyone or anything. At times I had to recite these comments and thank Mistress Victoria even with a dildo in my mouth.

Punishment over, I soon had various dildos up my arse which was wonderful.

Mistress Victoria and I then went to the medical room where I was soon bra-less and then strapped to the couch and suffered 12 needles (6 in each nipple), blissful, surreal agony.

Mistress Victoria then started with some electrics to my cock and balls. Blissfullllll.

Needles, removed, it was back to the dungeon. A gas mask was fitted over my face, and I was deprived of air several times but only for a few seconds.

Mistress Victoria decided it was time that I had a shower, a golden shower.

Laying on a towel on the floor, I had a lovely view up Mistress Victoria’s legs to her bum hole and piss hole which soon sent a huge torrent of hot piss on to my chest. Wow amber nectar.

Mistress Victoria clamped two pieces of wood together with my cock and balls sandwiched in between.

I then had to twist and pull the clamp device between my legs and then I was to walk a round the dungeon four times. The only way I could do this was to walk like a chimpanzee.

Through out the whole session, I admired Mistress Victoria’s gorgeous beauty, wicked sinister smile and that sinister laughter was sheer blissfulness and divine.

What a wonderful two and a half hours. Thank you, Mistress Victoria, for a wonderful session. See you again soon.

Ashtray boy and my first visit to Mistress V

  • March 20, 2019

How to begin?  I guess the best way would be by saying thank you Mistress for a mind blowing 3hrs.

I booked in advance and asked Mistress for an extended session of human ashtray and cigarette torture and my word did i get what i ask for, i didn’t want Mistress chain smoking to satisfy my fetish for being an ashtray so i decided to ask for 3 hrs thinking it would give Mistress plenty of time to smoke at Her leisure while leaving me between cigarettes in some bondage and quiet reflection of my position in the universe. How wrong was i!! Mistress has an appetite for sadism and i truly believe the break between cigarettes just kinda got in the way of Her fun! Iv never felt so protected but yet so helpless in the same space, Mistress is beautiful but what doesn’t come across in her gallery or website is a wicked smile, i have never been in the company of a woman whose smile makes you want to submit your soul to the devil….

I’m seeing Mistress weekly from now on, it took only 1 kiss of Her cigarette to realise i was born to serve this amazing woman in absolutely any way She desires, so thank You Mistress and see You next week xx

Your ashtray boy

Testimonial by candy

  • February 22, 2019

Arriving nervously outside Mistress V’s premises for my four hour session. I received a text message ordering me to: “get your slutty arse up here’. How could i refuse? My Sissy Clitty twitched in excitement and trepidation. My heart was racing and up the stairs I went.

Mistress V was waiting and ordered me to kiss her boots and then we introduced ourselves. Immediately I felt a profound affinity with her and liked her immensely. I think we clicked!

Mistress V led me into the Sissy room and told me to strip naked and lay out my Sissy gear on the bed. Mistress chose the School Girl look, tartan mini skirt, white shirt, school tie, white panties, white knee length socks, my blond bob tail Sissy wig and black patent schoolgirl shoes and instructed me to get dressed!

Then Mistress V asked me how I would like to be made up. I replied dark eyes and deep red lipstick so I look like a schoolgirl slut whore!

Wow! The transformation from a straight heterosexual male to a Sissy Slut was amazing!

Then Mistress gave me lessons on how to walk like a slut and curtsey! I was very wobbly and realised being transformed from male to she-male Sissy Slut was going to take practice and commitment.

Then Mistress said ‘so you want to be a cock sucker then suck on my dick. Omg it was so thick and filled my cock hungry slutty mouth which made me drip and have little Sissy cummies in my panties. Despite my tiny clitty being well and truly caged and locked up I couldn’t stop sucking on it and just couldn’t get enough! OMG I was in heaven!

Then Mistress V ordered me onto her bench and strapped me firmly down Now am going to fuck your slutty arse with my dick. She finger fucked me to start and I cried out OMG Mistress am dripping little Sissy Cummies! And then she slid her large strap on up me until it all went in! Then Mistress gave me a really hard fucking, and my whole body, from my fingers to my toes was an erogenous zone! My God I was in heaven as I dripped more and more pre-cum juices into my clean white panties! Every stroke up my Sissy Ass gave me incredible multi-sissy orgasms as I begged for more!

Then Mistress followed up with a thorough good spanking and paddling, hard enough to show me what it’s going to be like to be her Pain Slut! Followed by another good hard fucking!
Am dripping just writing this!

I came to the realisation that all my future sissy-cummies will be just that. Little ‘Sissy Cummies’ Never achieving a full orgasm. Keeping me constantly eager to serve my Mistress and hungry and desperate for more and more cock! Hence, becoming entirely dependent on Mistress V’s generosity when she decides to rarely milk me, fuck me or whore me out! All such privileges to be well and truly earned of course!

What a great place for a Sissy Slut like me to be!

Candy x

A Testimonial from a new client

  • January 19, 2019

I discovered Mistress V’s website some time ago however it took a while for me to arrange a session. Once I sent an email to Mistress V she responded very quickly and we arranged a session. Mistress V was very helpful on the day providing directions to her dungeon which was easy to find and not far from the centre.

Mistress took control of me almost immediately when I entered her dungeon which was quite surprising and powerful introduction making me know immediately that for the next 2 hours I was her slave.

Our session began with Mistress fitting me with a collar and leash which she led me around the dungeon on for much of the session. I was then ordered to worship and clean Mistress’ boots which was a theme that the session was based around. Later, Mistress V changed boots and ordered me to clean these as well. I also received a good deal of CBT and nipple torture which Mistress V gauged well and I am looking forward to being pushed further.

The vac-bed experience is very strange, while I was secured by the tight rubber, I lost myself in the tight restricting enclosure. This, accompanied by the CBT was overwhelming and led me to drift into subspace. Once freed, it took me a moment to come around, everything seemed brighter and calmer.

The atmosphere Mistress V creates in session is very relaxing in a sense, the music she used during the session created the perfect environment and allowed me to focus on not tensing up too much (which I often have an issue with) while Mistress explored anal play with me.

Towards the end of the session, Mistress rewarded me with both with her golden nectar to drink and the opportunity to use her new pussy toy which created a fantastic climax to an overwhelmingly enjoyable session.

Mistress V was very attentive to my physical and verbal responses in session, getting inside my mind which allowed everything to flow well. I am eager to visit mistress V again as I would love to have my boundaries pushed and explore my kinks.

Once again, thank you Mistress V, it was an amazing session.

My new slave

  • January 18, 2019

Friday’s 2 o’clock appointment was due to arrive for two hours of total power exchange.

On his arrival, I was at the top of the stairs when I heard the door bell ring.


Once inside I told him to lock the door behind him.

He looked up at me, eyes fixed on my dog lead and collar.

“Get up here and get on your knees.”

Once on his knees the collar and lead were attached, I told him to look at me, spitting directly into his face.

“Get on your feet and go and get undressed, and once your undressed go into the main playroom.”

He entered the playroom sheepishly. Trying to control his erection I ordered him on the floor and lick my boots. He did as he was told and obeyed instantly.

“Lick my sole and suck my heel.” I spat on my boot, tugging at the lead.

“Clean it!” He soon moved from my heel to my spit, lapping it up like the dog he now was! Changing feet, he repeated his licking action on my other boot. Inspecting it, I notice he’d missed a bit, so I pull hard on his lead and give his face a hard slap!

“Start again! When you’ve finished I’m going to tie you up and torture your nipples!”

I started off by lightly pinching his nipples, warming them up for my nipple weight clamps. I reached for them, playfully rolling them in my hands so they make a clanking sound “I’m going to be putting these on your nipples and swinging them hahaha”

He struggled with the clamps on his nipples so I change them for pegs, putting the clamps onto his balls instead, swinging them so they banged hard on contact. I enjoyed the pain it caused, watching his face wincing.

After  clanking the weighted balls together for a while, I removed them, and knowing his balls were now very tender, I gently squeezed them. “My, your eyes are watering! Time for you to get dressed! I’ve put a black faux leather dress and stockings out for you, get them on, I’m going to change my boots!”

Changing into my black PVC thigh length boots my slave was by now dressed as my slut! “Over the bench bitch I’m going to stretch that arse of yours nice and wide! Before I fuck you!”

Gloves on, I lubed my hands, probing his well lubed fuck hole, slowly at first, pushing my fingers deeper and deeper stretching as I pushed. He was now groaning!! This bitch was actually having an anal orgasm.

“Enjoying that aren’t you bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Having finished his orgasm, I ordered him off the bench and back onto the floor

“Clean these boots now before I get the vacbed and estim.”

He’d never been in a vacbed before and said the experience was amazing.

After I eventually let him out of the vacbed I told him I had a reward for him.

“I’ve got a new toy I’d like you try out for me, it’s a pulsating pussy, I think you deserve to have an happy ending.”

No need to carry on as I’m sure you all have very good imaginations; he practiced safe sex and wore a condom which he filled, which was then poured down his throat.

All in all a fantastic two hour session.


Mistress V

Advice to newcomers from a mature, experienced submissive

  • January 16, 2019

I am not a newcomer to BDSM or to enjoying sessions with professional Mistresses. I’ve been enjoying BDSM for more than 40 years.

I do remember being a newcomer all those years ago though. I remember – with some shame – making an appointment with a Mistress and not showing up because I was too nervous about being tied up by a complete stranger. I remember telling a Mistress all about my fantasies, then on the day of the appointment realising that actually I probably couldn’t take the severe things that I’d asked for. Do you recognise any of this in yourself? Some of you probably will. I am older and wiser now, and if I make an appointment with a Mistress, I always turn up for it. That is because I do a lot of research before visiting a Mistress.

I wish there was a Mistress like Mistress V when I started out in the wonderful world of BDSM. As well as being seriously good at what she does, Mistress V is a very kind lady. Why does that matter? It matters because her innate kindness makes her want you to enjoy every second of the time that you spend with her. And you can tell that she loves what she does.

Mistress V takes immense pride in knowing that by the end of the session, you are fully satisfied. She will talk to you before the session, to get inside your head, something that she is incredibly good at. If on the day of the session, you realise you have asked for more than you can cope with, you can tell her, and she will be happy that you’ve told her. But if you don’t tell her, she will quickly find out for herself and tailor the session accordingly, rather than continue doing things that she knows you aren’t enjoying.

Mistress V will slowly, carefully and sensually take you into the wonderful place that is subspace, so that you enjoy an out of this world experience that few, if any, others can match.

For the last 2 years, I have only sessioned with Mistress V, in spite of the fact that it is almost a 4 hour round trip from where I live to Mistress V’s wonderfully well equipped multi roomed and lovingly assembled chambers.

Mistress V realises that not everyone wants pain, and she loves the sensual side of domination. She can also be very sadistic, for those who enjoy that. But above all, Mistress V is very kind, and it is that kindness and its resultant desire to satisfy your cravings which makes her the best Mistress I have ever met.

Whether you are a newcomer to BDSM or as experienced as I am, you will find no-one better than Mistress V. If you want more confirmation of her expertise, you might want to read her other testimonials

First Visit – WOW!

  • January 10, 2019

Tuesday morning & I visited Mistress V for the first time, it was several years since I last visited a Domme – & it felt to me just like my first time – I was nervous.

She welcomed me to her discreet property & lead me upstairs, showing me the various rooms she uses, then took me to one room & we chatted openly about what I wanted (CBT, tie & tease), & the nervous feelings disappeared, she put me totally at my ease.

She is very beautiful & sexy & made me feel very comfortable.

She left the room, telling me to get ready (naked) & to enter her dungeon, on all fours, once she rang the bell.

I trembled with excitement awaiting the bell!!

Ring, ring & off I crawled into her room, where she sat upon her throne, & ordered me to worship her boots.

Eventually I was ordered to stand & she inspected me …..thoroughly & gently……….then thwack, as her hand slapped my cock, I jumped & she laughed.

She continued teasing my body & my cock with her hands sending me to the edge, only to be brought back with another slap.

Mistress continued the exquisite torment with a whip & then a feather……….

Then I was placed in a penis pillory – it was very clear that mistress knew how to torture, tease & torment a man – my cock squashed & in pain yet remained rock hard.

All the time mistress was clearly enjoying everything she did, her eyes demanded & held my gaze.

With great relief mistress released me from the pillory & marched me to another room, leading me by my cock, & ordered me to lay on a bench.

She bent over me & whispered, so sweetly, “now time for some E-Stim” & attached 2 rings around my cock.

“tell me when you feel it” I was ordered & eventually a shock went through my cock, no words were needed to tell Mistress that I felt it, as the twitching of my cock told her all she needed to know.

The sensations were literally electric – & I swear my cock has never been so hard or swollen – all the time Mistress smiled sweetly at me, as she made my cock dance & my body tense & jump – I couldn’t have asked her to stop if I had wanted, my cock was totally in Mistress V’s control & I was simply her plaything.

Eventually Mistress allowed me release & I was in mistress heaven.

Looking forward to my next session already.

Slave P

A Testimonial after a wonderful session for both of us

  • January 5, 2019

Every aspect of receiving CP from Mistress V is completely intoxicating. She decides when the strap will be administered, and the summons arrives. My emotions are a mix of excitement and apprehension as I arrive at her door.

We greet each other and she kisses me on both cheeks A moment of tenderness before the ordeal to come. After a few minutes of catch-up conversation, the mood changes. Her tone becomes firmer and quietly commanding and I’m ordered to change into the delicate white, silky, frilly lingerie that affirms me as her obedient submissive sissy who must be regularly leathered with the strap. Duly dressed, I’m ordered over the punishment bench and Mistress takes great care in fastening all the restraints tightly, ensuring there can be no squirming or wriggling during my ordeal. As a natural submissive I love this moment. Knowing my white, milky bottom is obediently presented, just waiting for Mistress to inflict her patterns of pain. In a few moments my frilly knickers will be taken down, and I’ll be ordered to beg for every cruel stroke of the strap and she will decide how much and how long I will suffer.

I’m not a stoic sissy who receives pain bravely without flinching. I cry, sob and beg for mercy. But at Mistress’s premises, no one can hear you scream. Howl and plead as much as you like, the walls aren’t interested. She has decided I will take 100 strokes from her array of straps ad hawses and that’s the way it must be. In the midst of my suffering, bottom on fire, sobbing, begging for mercy but receiving none, I’m touched by a moment of clarity that this is the real me. A very submissive obedient sissy who must submit to and be punished by this exquisite, extraordinary, beautiful woman who completely understands me on the deepest level.

Next morning my bottom still feels like an electric fire with a broken off switch. But I’m still immersed in sub space and I know I’ll be summoned to Mistress V again in a short time. No escape. No excuses. Report obediently to her for my sentence of pain ,obedience and humiliation to be administered. I fear it, I crave it. She totally controls it. And, for me, that’s the best mind-fuck ever.

Testimonial from p

  • December 3, 2018

Having had several sessions with Mistress V previously, I decided to book a long session, and because I have total trust in Mistress V, I asked her to ignore my limits and to do whatever she wanted with me. What followed was the most wonderful 4 hours imaginable.

You just have to experience Mistress V’s vacbed. Unlike some I’ve been in, it has a genital access port that enables the use of CBT while you are helplessly constrained inside the vacbed. Needless to say, Mistress V made full use of the genital access port!

Mistress also used her new remote shock collar on my balls. Wow that hurts, and Mistress laughed every time she pressed the button, which was often!

We did many mutually enjoyable activities during that 4 hours, and I left with a smile on my face that is still here a day later. There is a lot to be said for sticking with one expert Mistress and in my vast experience, nobody else is better than Mistress V.

Testimonial from James

  • December 3, 2018

It has been a while since I’ve been to see a Dominatrix but after viewing Mistress V’s extremely well detailed and thought out website, I knew that I had to try and book in a session with her.

After several short emails briefly mentioning a few of my likes and dislikes along with the time of meeting and the location, the session was soon booked and the day soon arrived.

Due to the unfortunate rail strikes on Saturdays, it was a little less simple than expected in order to make my way into Huddersfield. However, after taking two buses which after a short journey took me to Huddersfield Bus Station, I soon realised just how conveniently located Mistress V’s premises are.

As her address is listed on Manchester Road, Mistress V’s premises are extremely easy to reach from either Huddersfield Bus Station or just across the road where the Leisure Centre is situated. It takes less than 10 minutes in order to arrive on the road in which Mistress V’s house is and for people commuting, it’s more or less a straight road downwards from the Leisure Centre and a short walk.

Once I had arrived, I knew I had made the right decision in booking to see Mistress V. Welcomed straight into her chambers, I was soon instructed to get changed and wait for Mistress to change also.

Admittedly, the first 5 minutes of the session were tense and nervy due to my initial nervous nature when first meeting a Dominatrix, but those worries and concerns completely floated away once Mistress V had my on my knees and at her feet, gazing up at her wonderful leather and latex outfit and equally as mesmerizing eyes as she asked me to confirm my main fetishes and limits before the session began.

As others have alluded to, I won’t reveal what happened for the next 2 hours (you should book and find out for yourself!). I will say however, that it has been once of the most exhilarating, unpredictable and satisfying sessions I have had with a Dominatrix so far and I’m eager to make another visit sometime soon.

Book in a session with Mistress V today – you won’t regret it!


A Testimonial

  • December 3, 2018

I made the decision to VISIT mistress V from her dynamic and seductive tweets on twitter
I finally made the easy trip to Huddersfield.
After a few emails and messages i was pushing the bell on Mistress V premises. Parking was easy and safe.
Mistress answered the door and i was blown away by her presence. She commanded me up the stairs and told me to strip . Once stripped i just melted into her sheer power and dominance.
The session was amazing. My limits pushed beyond any were i had been before.
I was totally captivated and already planning my next visit to see Mistress V.
She is a lady that is at complete ease taking you on a journey into the world of BDSM

Testimonial from Slave Ian

  • November 5, 2018

2nd of November 2018.

I am sat on the train from Manchester to Huddersfield, my mind is working overtime. What exactly did I say that I was wanting from this session, “test my pain limits”, “four hours” have I lost my senses. My hands are damp and my stomach is churning from a mixture of nerves and anticipation. Finally the train pulls into the station and I board a taxi that delivers me to the agreed location, one quick phone call, a short walk and I am finely face to face with Mistress V.

The first thing that strikes me is her Eyes, Steely/Icy Blue, you could drown in those eyes, and most probably will if you stare into them too long. She immediately notices my nervousness and does her best to put me at ease engaging me in conversation. I hang up my coat and enter her play room were we discuss both our expectations.

She catches my gaze with those eyes, “Right then, lets get on with it”.

What follows is the most intense, exciting and exhilarating four hours of my life. Thank you, I loved it !!!

Mistress V is highly skilled. She continues to assess your reactions throughout the session, encouraging you to endure more than you ever thought you were able. Nipple Clamps, Crocodile Clips, Straps, Canes, Bullwhip, other Whips, Needles and other implements, all were expertly applied, testing my pain levels as requested but never exceeding what I could manage.

It is now over 72 hours since I saw Mistress V and I still proudly admire the effects of her work on my body. Will I return ?, without a doubt.

I expressed an interest in Enforced Hard Sports and Mistress V (Eyes Again) seems to think I should give it a go, who am I to argue with Mistress V ?.

Slave Ian


  • October 5, 2018

My second appointment. Mistress Victoria is an explorer and conquerer of minds and desires. She seeks out the location of your fantasies, stakes Her claim and exerts control. In a few short weeks this slave has been trained to crave the strap as much as fear it.. The conflicting emotions of longing and dread firing simultaneously as She tightens the restraints then selects the instrument of atonement. And all this enriched with Her smouldering eroticism. Her curvaceous figure encased in a tight black satin dress, the touch of Her finger nails as she ensures the surrendered flesh is displayed to Her satisfaction.

Time to extract the tears, in sets of six… First the strap, but the merciless tawse is waiting…

And afterwards, the cruel certainty that there will be a next time. Because She decides when!

A Testimonial in Poetry

  • October 4, 2018

She is a blond beauty from afar,

And one that slaves will adore,

Yet behind that smile is a door,

That open a world of much more.

Inner desires are deep inside,

Passion ablaze to lead your way,

Hold this thought in your head.

To find that key where life is now

And live in lands emotions to enjoy.

Pain and pleasure go hand-in-hand,

Her desire will leave you addicted,

And send your emotions to levels,

Never know to you or imagined before.

Testimonial from My sub at Pedestal

  • October 3, 2018

An amazing visit to London and trip with Mistress to ClubPedestal. Mistress looked beautiful in Her new black dress and red shoes purchased specially for the occasion. As soon as we arrived She was subject to much worship and immediate attention as She should from slaves in the Club. It was immediately ordered to follow Her around the facility to view the wonderful goings on resulting in many admiring glances at Her.

Whenever She sat i was ordered to worship and be Her human ashtray. This also attracted slaves begging to attend Her. A few were lucky in kissing Her wonderful feet and hands.

Mistress was clearly in Her element. Born to dominate own and be served. Her natural dominant predisposition was so clear and wonderful to see. Clearly I am not the only one captivated by Her!! Pictures on Pedestal website soon!

A Testimonial from a sub I met at Pedestal

  • September 29, 2018

Hello – do you and Pip remember chatting to Jerry, who lives in the Midlands and has met Mistress Athena? You addressed me about the canes I was carrying about and made a very welcome offer of play. Thank you very much for caning me – I didn’t do as well for play at Ped this time as I have in the past and might have felt a bit of a Billy No-mates without your input (I exaggerate a bit – got caned by 4 women in total, and that’s a lot more than most people manage in a lifetime – but then they don’t want to, do they?). As well as accurate caning you were good at saying the magical words “bend over”, and that’s valuable to me. It’s the details…

Anyway, that’s what I planned to say. I do come up your way sometimes as I said – perhaps you could inform me when you’re doing interesting stuff if you think of me in future. Devotion in (near) Birmingham is quite a good femdom event, thrice yearly and with a loyal crowd – perhaps you’d like to come to that one day. Trample Temptress from Pedestal is one of the organisers of it.

I will contact Athena and see if by any chance shse remembers me. I agree that she’s extremely nice.

Testimonial from whipped

  • September 11, 2018

It was 2017 when my head first got turned by the sensational @yorksmistressv. Mistress V is an accomplished exponent of a vast array of activities that comprise our wonderful world of BDSM. Having visited her premises numerous times, Mistress V never failed to deliver the sort of experience that the younger Amazon Gift Card Dommes, could only ever dream of aspiring to.

Visit Mistress V for a sensational session of Corporal Punishment, Flogging, Whipping, Strapping, Belts, Tawses, Canes and Plimsolls.

Maybe needles and medical play is your thing, or perhaps you fancy a session of watersports or something harder. Electrics and wax are also available for the more discerning gentleman, as well as caging, humiliation and general servitude. Whatever your poison, Mistress V has a chalice for it.

Also coming soon, Double Domme (FF) and Double Dom/me (FM), so you can truly feel the wrath of supremacy.

Mistress V will turn those repressed dreams of yours into a vivid glowing reality. Her subtle combination of beautifully sensual, sadistic dominance will have you begging on your knees for more. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, Mistress V will sense your needs and deliver a session you’ll never forget. Be prepared to come back for more. I DID, and now I’m her owned submissive.


A Testimonial

  • August 22, 2018

It was my first visit to a Disciplinarian. A title Mistress Victoria uses, along with Dominatrix. Yet the word Disciplinarian is more evocative for me, as it conjures memories of school discipline from a time when the strap and cane were commonplace.

Whether it was luck, chance, or destiny that led me to Mistress Victoria, I’m not sure. I knocked on Her door and stepped into Her world. And within a few moments I knew I had made the right decision. She mesmerised me with eyes that seemed to look deep into my psyche. My instincts told me She was naturally in control. And the “me” of work, anxiety, stress and tedious normality melted away as my stream of consciousness sentences sketched out what being disciplined meant to me.

I imagine everyone who has receives corporal punishment has a unique and nuanced experience. Mistress Victoria listened and understood.

At this point a great leap of faith was necessary on my part. I knew deep down I wanted to surrender all control. She had to have all the power, and I none. No safe words, just total acceptance of Her strict will, manifested through Her favourite leather punishment straps. I submissively and obediently presented myself over Her whipping bench and She ensured all the restraints were securely fastened. No squirming, no escape. The cocktail of hopelessness, submission and obedient acceptance was flowing through me, and it was intoxicating.

The next forty minutes were completely exhilarating, Literally, a sensory roller coaster where my emotions and endorphins bounced off the walls of subspace; My first ever experience of this phenomena and it was extraordinary.

I won’t reveal too much detail, but as an absolute beginner, I found Mistress Victoria to be a consummate artist in administering the strap. As a newbie I hadn’t a clue what my limits were. Modest at best, I assumed. But She built up the levels expertly. Then so teasingly and cleverly played with the edges. Mercifully easing off just at the right moment, then suddenly coming on strong to take me to the limits of torment and trepidation. Emotionally it was a complete head f**k, which was exactly what I wanted. Afterwards, in conversation I learned I’d taken much more than I thought I could. Necessary, of course, to get exactly the right emotions flowing.

Later, as we parted She fixed me with Her gaze. I knew I would soon return to obediently submit to Her again. Her strap, Her whipping bench, Her rules. Her strict control. I didn’t need to say a word. She already knew.

Testimonial from slave andrea

  • August 2, 2018

I thought I leaned towards being a sissy and being gay…until I was honoured with a session with Mistress V yesterday. Let me say at the outset that this Lady is addictive. If you don’t want a life of subservience and total obedience then don’t go to Her. She is a drug, once entrapped in Her embrace you are hooked for life as am I. She made me realise that I’m Bi.

I have been to various Mistresses in my life and looking for the ultimate I contacted Mistress V. Expecting much of the same sweetness. I presented myself at her dungeon. I had informed Her of my likes and dislikes. I was dressed in red lingerie with silk bows. Mistress collared me and attached me to a hanging chain. I was blind folded and awaited my fate. My nipples were clamped and pulled forward while the intense pain pleasure of needles being inserted into them was exquisite, one, two, three and then four in each. The blindfold was removed and the evil smirk on Mistress’ face sent shiver down my spine. I was then strapped to her caning stool and given 10 strokes, each one harder than the last until the final one. All the while Mistress humiliated me, calling me names and assuring me that I was a worthless cunt. The dildo was shoved up my ass and worked with vigour. I was instructed to hold it in with my ass cheeks (something I was unable to do). The needles played upon the leather of the stool as I was face down making my nipples hard.

Mistress then turned me over, legs apart. I could smell the lit candles before I felt the hot wax. The 5 candles were poured over my tormented nipples cauterizing the small amount of blood that oozed from them and with a laugh Mistress began the serious stuff. Hot wax over my limp cock. I was made to hold my foreskin open whilst She poured the wax onto my ‘helmet’. Not content with the bell end being drowned in wax Mistress then proceeded to completely encase my arsehole, cock and balls in a blanket of hot wax. The few hairs that remained from my pathetic attempt at shaving my groin were burned and singed away by the candle flames that Mistress held nearer and nearer to my nether regions. I moved from this earth to sub space as my wriggling to avoid the pain subsided and I was content to let Her do as She wished. My eyes were closed as the flames tormented my cock and balls. I moaned in a higher state. The wax was allowed to cool then Mistress took great delight in peeling it away leaving what was left of my ‘manhood’ red and sore. I was removed from the stool and laid under the toilet chair. Mistress stripped and placed Her gorgeous pussy and ass over my face. ‘Don’t you dare spill a drop of my piss, open wide slut’. Mistress began to piss in my mouth, I was ordered to drink which I did greedily. I was then honoured by Mistress allowing me to clean her derriere which I also did with glee. At this point I was in raptures I had never known. Being placed on a bench my cock was attached to Mistress’ E-stim electrics and turned on, higher and higher and higher until it was too painful to bear. I danced like a dervish for Her amusement. I was allowed to worship Mistress’ gorgeous body but what occurred after will remain a secret, a gentleman never tells. Mistress V is without doubt the best, the sexiest the most horny woman it has ever been my good luck to come across. Will I return………I am already looking forward and anticipating the new agonies that await this slave of Mistress V

A Testimonial

  • July 25, 2018

I am a novice compared with most of the other individuals posting here but I hope I might offer some encouragement anyone who is tempted to take the plunge but nervous about it. We are all different and I can only tell it as I have found it myself.

I spent years trying to image what it would be like to be stripped, whipped and caned. I finally plucked up the courage after I retired. The punishment itself can be extremely painful but if the idea appeals to you then the anticipation is fantastic and the caning is merely something to be endured. (You will devise techniques to help you cope with the pain if you need to.) I enjoy constucting scenarios which require me to be punished, setting them out in an email and then acting them out during the session. I visited my first Mistress upwards of twenty times. She was a really lovely lady but quite a pussycat compared to Victoria, whom I have now visited twice.

On the first occasion Mistress warmed me up very thoroughly and then gave me several sets of 20 shots with the cane and finished off with a hairbrush. She is clearly a very experienced professional with great technical skills (lovely parallel lines from the cane) and she reads your body language well. I was never really distressed and could have taken more of the hairbrush when she finished.

My second visit was as a headmaster receiving ‘therapy’ from a doctor following an ‘incident’ with one of the schoolgirls. I was made to strip to my underpants and have both hands caned; then a surprisingly gentle application of a strap to my genitals; then to the bench! Pants down, strapped down, warmed up (extremely thoroughly) and only then told that I was going to receive 200 strokes with the cane. I knew that was not possible but Mistress demonstrated that the impossible merely takes a little longer and hurts a little more. I was literally shaking by the time it was over. It was just incredibly, awfully painful. She is a real sadist and delights in pushing you as far as you can go; my backside is a real mess. (Somewhere in the ether there is a photograph but I don’t know where!) The strange thing is, a day later, I just cannot wait to have it done again; the thought of the Mistress inflicting almost unendurable pain is now a really erotic turn-on for me.

Bear in mind that what the Mistress did with me is what she thought was right for me. She may be gentler or more severe with you but whatever she does will be right for you. In my opinion you really need to do at least two sessions so as to benefit properly from the recovery and anticipation cycle. By then you will either be hooked for the long term or know that it is not really for you. The only other thought I would offer is to talk it over with your spouse before you do it. You then have a clear conscience and you can enjoy the markings rather than worrying about them!

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