A Fantastic Impact Play Session

  • June 26, 2024

It was my clients first time having a session with myself . He arrived on time with a tap at the door I welcomed him in .

Sit down there, pointing to the sofa , let’s talk about your likes and dislikes . I find a pre-session chat always helps break the ice especially when we’ve not met before . plesentries over . I order him to strip , his session was all about impact play , one of my favourites !

In you come opening the gate I lead him into the play space , you need to get over that bench hands hanging at the side of it so I can cuff you , move it !
once I strapped him down I gave him a long hard spanking warming his cheeks before I begin with the straps .

Cheeks as red as a rose I use my prison strap sets of 5 he took 20 very well I then moved onto the flogger lightly flogging him he was now in subspace taking him deeper into submission , back to the strap before I use my cat o nine tails , i’m enjoying every second of it , and so was he begging me for more he wanted slight marks so I couldn’t go as vicious as i’d have liked but it was a very good session with a happy ending

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