2 fantastic sessions

  • April 3, 2024

2 fantastic sessions today , my first being a full sissy makeover, i’ve had a previous session with her but today I wanted to push her limits .

Finishing off her make up I start on her strawberry blonde shoulder length hair (No wig needed ) , dressed in pink satin maids outfit once her pig tails were done I add a pretty white ribbon .

Looking so good I order her to do a catwalk show for me before ordering her over my fuck bench .

When she was last here she didn’t really open up properly but today I made sure she got a proper fucking using 3 different sized strap-ons she was in her element pushing her man cunt deeper on my cocks as I fuck her good and hard . Once she could take no more we move over to the medical bench for some sounds and the estim .

She can certainly take a lot more cock than previously thought, all in all a fantastic session , she will be back for more

My sissy pin

  • February 13, 2023

My session today was with my sub pin cushion but after this mornings antics I have now renamed her as my sissy pin . As time as gone on we have tried lots of different things in a session but after the last time we met sissy pin did say it would order a baby powder pink pvc locked dress Padlocks all down the front even the cuffs had the lock and keys it exceeded my expectations by going the whole lot , stockings wig shoes the outfit was fantastic , now time to dress her.

Having the dress custom made it was easy to zip once that was done there was nothing much else to do except trim the ends of her wig so it was all the length , she was ready . Not practicing in her new pink high heels as she struggles to curtsy in them however she managed to do the cat walk a couple of time before she was over my bench taking my flogger warming up my sissy’s arse before I give it a good filling with my glass dildo , I left the dildo in for a little while just to stretch my sissy’s hole , I want it to take the anal hook , I love nothing more than putting my finger through the hoop at the top and pulling on it hehe after the fun with the hook it was over to the medical bench for some needle play before finishing of the session. with watersports , always a good session with my sissy pin 📌

Glass dildo up the rosebud – a testimonial

  • February 11, 2023

arrived at mistress V’s dungeon meet her outside with a big smile and handed mistress her coffee. walk into the dungeon pre-chat and showed off my new sissy dress and shoes and wing. mistress got ready and I got dressed full of new underwear and a lockable sissy p.v.c dress and slipped on my bubble gum pink shoes. mistress ordered me to walk around the floor and then ordered me onto the bench strap me down and handcuffed my hands together in the front bench lifted my dress and warmed my arse up by whipping and flogging. before slipping a glass dildo up my rosebud then came the cold hard steel hook slip up me and keep yanking it until I screamed. then untied me and made to crawl across the floor to worship mistress thigh black boots inc heels then insulted to get on the medical bench and tied me down unzip the dress slipped some nice long needles into my nipples then slipped the tens machine around my cock started zapping turning it up as well using the vibrator on needles in my nipple and twisting then mistress V got my piss glass cup and give a fresh glass of warm flavour coffee piss made drink all up then lick the table clean of her piss then crawl to the spanking bench and lick mistress V arse clean of her piss and sweet .

thank you

Mistress V

sissy humiliation – a testimonial

  • January 3, 2023

Mistress V sent the list to bring in before my next session, on the list was plastic adult plastic nappy and a pack of adult diapers and candles .so day came bag was back full of stuff inc my pink sissy dress and underwear, went to the coffee shop got mistress V coffee meet mistress outside. walk to the dungeon and have a friendly catch-up about life. Told strip and put on on nappy and plastic pants then mistress walk around my back cuffing my hands together then stuck 3 long needles into my nipples and rapping me up with tinsel and hanging xmas decks off the needles and lit the lit candles into my mouth and holding them as she whips my back with blue handle whip .after the whipping instructed to but my sissy dress inc underwear still got 6 needles in my nips then on my back mouth open to receive my 1st new year eve drink from V n bend over bench 2 round of whipping and fogging in my dress.
My dress was pulled up plastic pants and nappy pulled down then came banging in the new year with mistress V giving my cherry hole new year seeing to. Then on to the medical bench where lock-in and sounds and tens were used zapping my bits mistress pissed her blue lace panties and shoved them into my mouth then the gaffer taped it shut and told me to suck every drop of fresh piss out then as tuned up tens then mistress said she had Christmas gift mistress took the nappy and filled with fresh new eve wine and told me I got we were it until home and sent mistress a photo just make sure I would get cheat she tape 5 times around my wast make sure it says in place until home .mistress told me to get dressed and then knee to finish off the fresh wine and clean the bottle as well.
Mistress drop me off at the train station but the train was cancelled again walk to the bus station got my bus home still sat in piss nappy under the bus home 3 buses later got home sent mistress V a photo and then told that could remove it.

Thanks, Mistress V
See you soon for more twist fun
Sissy pin cushion

Joining Mistress V’s Hard Sports club

  • November 3, 2022

Today I joined mistress V club of toilet subs .session started with morning coffee and catch up then .inserted to strip Place my head in the bowel when mistress stood over my head and insulted to open my mouth to receive big fat chocolate log into my mouth. Mistress instructed hold the log in my mouth when a rained gallon of fresh golden nectar then mistress reached in and smeared the log all my face and hair and eat chunk of it to show respect. Then got fresh up made but on my sissy slut outfit .Mistress V then shackled my hand’s and legs to together then slipped collar and then put heavy chain all the way all hoops and lock them with leg spreader them blindfolded me then but my sissy hood on .made me walk around dungeon as MV sat giggling as bumping into bondage bench and cage.then bend over then bench still locked up my dress slipped up and knickers slipped down my pink arese ready to get roasted with a paddle and blue whip and slut strap.

Once I was released from bench I crawled to my mistress medical bench to worship her toes and feet then told to climb on the bench mistress cuffed my hands and legs to the medical bench then mistress came over my head and taped my mouth shut with four big strips of dunk tape then are blindfold me and my sissy hood and extra fun but noise cancelling ear defenders as well my dress pulled up and knickers pulled down started to punishment on my cock and balls with a heavy strap Then mistress slip a very long sound down my eye and used vibrator to made slid sound dance down my cock then came sounds clamped my ball sack and around my cock mistress then removed the tape and offered me some fresh spit then retaped my mouth shut as she zap my sack and cock. Then mistress tilled to headboard down removed my blindfold hood and tape then mistress stood above and let me drink her nutty flavour golden amber with nice drink.

Thank you
Mistress V

Bull required

  • October 5, 2022

I need a youngish (aged 21 – 30) bull to fvck my sissy slave on the 2nd November 2022. There will be no charge but nothing else is on offer, so it is a question of fvck My sissy and go. My sissy will be tied and blindfolded. Condoms and lube will be supplied.

Time to be decided later.

Contact Me to book in.

My new cock sucker!

  • August 18, 2022

What a fantastic session , My new cock sucker arrived at the time given , very excited and eager to get started . After a brief chat before the session begun , I knew exactly what this bitch wanted and more importantly needed . Giving her an outfit to wear she immediately got undressed .
Once in her panties stockings wig and dress all she needed now was the shoes on and she was ready .
On your knees and crawl over here slut ! My cock needs a good sucking . Mouth wide open she crawls to me , get my cock in your mouth now and suck ! Sucking and licking , I was plotting what I was going to do next . Get on your feet , I’m going to name you Tina the cock slut , smiling from ear to ear I order her over my bench , she did mention that she likes to be tightly restrained. Perfect ! Let me spread your arse cheers Tina it’s time to slip my cock in , with a very wet lubed gloved hand I insert my fingers then my cock pushing it deeper inside her . releasing her from the bench I order into the medical room . She stops at the fuck machines cock and begins sucking it , wow you really are eager to suck cocks aren’t you ? with a nod she carries on . Laughing at her I tell her to stop ! Get your backside over here now you filthy slut , ive got something else for you to suck! pointing at my heels . These heels are slim enough to insert into your big hole aren’t they ? I laugh out loud as I push the toe of my boot up its arse then removing it and ordering her to clean my boots she does as she is asked cleaning every part of each boots . For such an entertaining session I reward her , you may worship my arse after such good efforts , on your knees slave and lick ! Tina will soon be back for more sissy training

When Andrea meet Danni

  • August 7, 2022

What a fantastic day I had with my two sluts , never have they met before which makes it even more exciting .
Andrea all ready and locked in my tall standing cage , gagged and blindfolded I didn’t want her to see Danni not until I was ready .
Danni called me from the bathroom to help her into her straight jacket dress , my she did look hot with hood and high heels , andrea is going to love sticking her cock in dannis mouth . Leading danni into the playroom she’s now blindfolded neither of them need to see one another just yet . What an atmosphere in the playroom , both very excited for what’s next . removing andrea’s blindfold I release her form the cage . Doesn’t Danni look magnificent? She agrees with a nod .
Are you ready to suck cock danni ? She’s more than ready , I position her so that she’s able to be comfortable while sucking andrea of . Sliding her cock into the mouth piece her cock fits perfect , with a slap on the arse I order danni to suck , They are both loving it she’s never had a real cock in her mouth before but I can tell she’s loving every second , leaving them to enjoy the moment I prepare my strapon for dannis treat a good hard fucking but not while andrea is still here , I order her to get dressed and leave , she has served her purpose lol . Time to spread dannis arse open wide . Absolutely fantastic session , Danni I know we can go further with your need to take real cock . See you soon x

Full Throttle Thrusts!

  • July 21, 2022

My bitch andrea arrived at the given time excited and eager to please , once we had sat down for a chat she showed me what she had in her bag , 2 different sized strapons one was brown slim gerthe and around 9-10 inches long the other was totally different, fat in width long and heavy .
After getting changed into a pair of sexy leopard print panties and stockings I order her into my playroom , stood over her looking down I order her to worship my feet while I lube the brown cock , stopping her in the middle of licking my soles , get over my bench my cock is ready to fill your hole ,strapping her down tightly . I begin with my fingers sliding them in and out making her hole moist , sliding my cock in she gasps , pushing it in further and deeper , moaning for more , I give her more and fuck her hard before I order her of the bench , unstrapping her I order her to get on all fours in line with the cock and my machine , inserting the tip of the cock I tell her to push her bottom down into the cock , turning up the dial a little until she’s comfortable for the full throttle thrusts that are about to begin .
Once she can take no more of my fuck machine I point to the medical bench , i’m going to give her arse a rest for now , ive got the rest of your body to punish yet giggling as I reach for the needles , she was to busy watching her cock dance with the estim cock loops to notice what was to come next , inserting a needle through her nipple she jolts , settle down bitch you can take more for me and you will and when I have finished you can thank me for the privilege, once both nipples were pierced I order back in the playroom and back over the bench , it’s time for big bertha with plenty of lube I push the cock deep deeper and deeper with each thrust she likes it to be rough , fucking her hard and fast , I pull the cock out of her gaping hole and insert my fist , she’s loving the control I have over here , she wanted boundaries pushed and I throughly enjoyed pushing them further than she’d been pushed before .
Finishing her off with a spanking she was spent . What an amazing session , I love. a sub who likes me to have full control see you soon andrea x

2 hours with sissy daisy

  • July 9, 2022
Fantastic 2 hours spent with my sissy daisy today , i’d bought her a dress in the week for the session so I was looking forward to dressing her up in it .

Opening the door there she stood big smile with gifts in hand . 
Locking the door behind me , I hand over the dress and order her to get changed , put the dress on , come back and kneel at my feet .
She did as I ordered , sitting at my feet , I lift my shoe , pushing it to her mouth Clean it ! once you’ve done that I want you to suck on my heel . While she’s having a good suck  I decide to attach a pair of round nipple clamps , you know the ones with the screw that goes through the centre of the ring clasping on tightly to the nipple ? yes those ones , she likes pain does daisy so I screw them really tight lol winching out loud I laugh louder , come on now daisy , you do want to please me don’t you ? Yes mistress , feeling sadistic I now put my heel in between the nipple and the clamp, twisting and turning , her cock obviously likes what i’m doing to her nipple as it’s getting harder and harder , now get on your feet and get your arse over my bench , today after ive fucked  you im going to give your arse a good fisting , pointing to the enema bag but first you need a good clear out , inserting the tube I begin to squeeze the warm water up his arse , clench those cheeks together daisy , when all the warm waters inside you I want you to hold it in until you can no longer hold it . It wasn’t long before he was begging to go to the loo , of you go dirty girl , once you come back in my playroom I want you back over the bench , I pull on my long latex gloves and lube up my hand , calling her in , come on now get over the bench . 
One finger then 2 then 3 , slowly pushing my hand deeper into its hole . when I finished I showed daisy just how far my hand had gone in , she was very happy with herself. She stills needs a lot more training as I never managed to get it passed my wrist . I’d like to get it down to my elbow , so would daisy , practice makes perfect 😈

A session with My new sissy daisy

  • April 2, 2022

My new sissy daisy arrived, she looked a little nervous to start with but as the conversation flowed she soon relaxed and began to tell me a little bit about her likes and dislikes, she tells me she’s been looking for a Dominatrix locally for 12 years.

After our chat I point at the outfit that I had laid out for her, put those on, shoes wig leopard print panties and a black figure hugging camisole.” How do you feel now slut all done up “? Because she’s never walked on high heels before I tell her to walk around the studio, once she gets back to me she has to do a curtsy if she toppled over she will get a good spanking, doing as she’s told she walks around trying to be as elegant as possible 🤣.

Patting the fucking bench with my hand I order her over it, spanking her before I flog and whip her she absolutely loves the flogging begging for more. I like a nice red bottom to look at as I fuck it, it pleases mistress.

Moving onto my toys, strapon on I go around to the front and order her to open her mouth, pushing my cock into her eager mouth she sucks and licks every inch, “I can’t wait to fuck you daisy, I want to stretch that hole of yours so you can take my monster black cock “ Moving her from the bench over to the fuck machine, she enjoys being fucked hard and fast while she’s on all fours I put my black monster on making sure the straps are tight I want to give this slut the fuck of her life. Up you get ! Time to go on the swing, slapping her face with my cock as she gets up 🤣
Inside the swing ankles cuffed she’s ready. My cock has no problem sliding in her dark hole, liking cbt I attach my estim and begin to give her a good hard fucking, she absolutely loved her time spend with me and has already made arrangements for her next session 😈😈

A Session with My Sissy

  • January 6, 2022

My sissy davina arrived for her 2 hour session. I love it when she comes, always with a big bag full of outfits, I get to choose what I’d like her to wear.

Once sissy was dressed in a black and purple waist clincher, black stockings and black thong, finished off with a shoulder length blonde wig and high heels, she looks the perfect sissy! getting her to pose and show off her slender long legs, loving the attention, I slap her bottom, today sweetie your in for a treat, I’m going to fuck you on my swing then your going to get on all fours in front of my fuck machine, tapping the swing with the palm of my hand, “come over here and hop on! She’s soon in a good position for my cocks to be able to slide inside her with out any awkward moving around, so now she’s in ankle cuffs legs spread wide I begin to fuck her nice and slow to start with before building up a rhythm of short sharp thrusts, take it slut!! “she’s moaning in ecstasy, more mistress more “ taking my cock out I replace it with a long slender dildo fuck yourself with that! I’m going to set up the machine.

From the swing to the fuck machine she’s on all fours loving every second of it, slide your pussy onto my cock slut, doing so I set my machine at a medium pace until she can take no more, come on slut I want you on your back now with your mouth wide open, I want you to catch my pee, pee flowing she’s gulping the lot, once my bladder was empty it was over to the bench for some impact play before sending her home with a spring in her step

Wiggle that bottom sissy!

  • December 17, 2021

Once my sissy was dressed and ready I call her to kneel in front of me, fixing her wig and lipstick I tap my cock on her lips, open your mouth i’m going to fill it with this shoving it inside suck it !! I want to make sure you can give it a good seeing to before I introduce you to the real thing, with plenty of other cock suckers waiting there turn you’d like that wouldn’t you ? She nods with excitement. Now stand on your feet, wiggle that bottom for me then i want you over my bench that arse of yours is begging to be fucked, strapon on I tease this bitches hole with a finger then two before sliding my cock inside, she gasps as I begin to thrust her she keeps in rhythm with my hips squeezing her balls as I go deeper and harder,take my cock, I own your sissy hole,it’s mine to use for my entertainment. she can take no more, I allow her a little pleasure with the estim she loves it. Session finished she’s not booked in next month to meet muncher, can’t wait !!

My New Sissy

  • December 11, 2021

My new sissy/ crosser dresser arrived a little earlier than planned it was a good job I had everything ready for my bitch.

Once naked she gets dressed into a black figure hugging dress (her own) black tights finishing it off with a long black and red wig which had soft waves running through it, once the wig was on I could tell how sexy she was going to look after I’d done her make up, applying the mascara evenly on both eyes I give them a couple of coats with the mascara brush they now look fuller and longer, then her eyebrows were brushed and eyebrow pencil applied, “wow once your lips are done you’re going to look beautiful candy. Seductive ruby red lips, perfect for cock suckers.”

Time for the chastity device to be fitted and shes ready to go over my bench, pulling her dress over her bottom and pulling her tights down I insert a small cock inside her man pussy making sure my strapon harness was tightly strapped around me I began to fuck my bitch.

Her bottom was very hairy, stopping fucking her I cover her arse cheeks in hair remover cream, “your hairy arse is ruining my view I like to see my cock while fucking you”, 5 minutes later and cheeks were hair free smooth as a baby’s bottom, now I can carry on. Riding her long and hard telling her I’m going to remove all hair from her except the hair on her head laughing I carry on with my strapon.

Fucked and tired I unstrap her from my bench, strip off I meant what I said, time to remove the hair.

Hairless I unlock the chastity device allowing her to fondle with her tiny cock if you cum you will be made to clean it up, catch it in your hand. Clean yourself up bitch, wrap up before you leave you’re bound to feel the cold more now 😂

Double slave forced bi session

  • November 29, 2021

Slave has been seeing Mistress V for over three years he trusts her so much that he is now ‘ a no limits slave ‘. He never knows what Mistress devious mind has come up for the session.

Slave has already been christened ‘ muncher ‘ by Mistress for reasons that will become clear.

The session

Shortly after I arrived another slave came up the stairs – this was a double slave, forced bi session.

The new sissy, Davina had brought sissy clothes with him . We were both made to put them on her a school girls outfit : me a pink fishnet body stocking.

Time for the action –

Sissies ordered to embrace each other and to begin french kissing and at the same time begin caressing each others cock and balls. After a short while it was time for some serious cock sucking.

Mistress then sat us both down on the bench, put wigs on us both and proceeded to give us a full makeup special. Both were made to fondle each others cocks.

We both made made to lean over the bench so that Mistress could inflict some very severe CP with the cane.

When Mistress decided we had suffered enough it was time for more cock sucking. Davina was then fastened to the fucking bench as by now Mistress had put on a huge strap on. Whilst she was being fucked she has to suck my cock until I came in her mouth.

I was then secured in Mistress’s new toilet box and forced drink her golden champagne and eat her gorgeous shit. ( Hence the name ‘ muncher ‘ )

Session over.

slave muncher

It’s only good for chastity

  • September 22, 2021

With my bitch boys arrival we have our pre-session chat ordering it to strip before I give it a through examination all over its pathetic naked body.

What is that? teeny tiny thing you call a cock, laughing as I get my tweezers using them to pinch its piece of skin lifting it to get a better view, what are you meant to do with that? Showing my bitch the chastity cage I unlock it, Get your pathetic cock in there it deserves to be locked away until I decide to release it 😈 it’s of no use to anybody, I couldn’t help but giggle as I locked the padlock then placing the key inside my bra I order it to its knees lick my shoes before I put you over my knee you better make them shine ✨ licking every inch of my shoes I tease it’s caged cock with my vibrator get over my bench bitch-boy, once strapped down I carry on with the vibrator, moaning like a bitch I threaten it with my black strapon, control your cock bitch-boy if you cum I’m going to whip you I love to whip a bitch into shape haha.

Using my flogger I lightly flog its arse before moving onto the whip, you need something else to concentrate on bitch, swish swish my whip comes down crack lovely red markings begin to appear before releasing it I stroke its balls then squeezing them tight I tell it to get on the floor, uncaging it’s tiny cock I order it to relieve itself, It didn’t take long before it was exploding into its hand as I stood over its face pantieless 😈😈 Clean yourself up bitch-boy 😈

My sissy trainee

  • September 15, 2021

My cock sucking trainee arrived very nervous, avoiding eye contact I order it to sit, “Tell me slut are you are anal virgin?” replying with a nod. Not for long.Passing my new slut her outfit I order her to strip.

She looks sexy with her long legs encased in some fishnet tights red basque, wig and high heels, finishing her off with bright red lipstick, Perfect now put your shoes on and show me how gracious you can look while walking in them.

Teaching her how to walk like a slut was easy she soon pulled it off, walking around my chambers curtsying every now and then. Lining all my cocks on the floor I tell her to lie on her stomach and crawl to the first cock she’d like to be fucked with, Crawling over to the smallest she begins to suck it without touching it with her hands I then tell her to move onto the next size doing as she’s told she picks the black cock, Suck it slut!!

She’s soon over my bench taking the cock she first picked enjoying every motion taking it deeper and deeper, You’ll be in front of that fuck machine soon begging for it to fuck you.

I unstrap her leading her to the machine, Look at that cock your going to get on your knees and take that cock before I allow you any kind of worship be it shoe foot or arse, I want to watch you being fucked 😈😈 having never experienced any of these delights she was in ecstasy riding it what ever speed I set it to, I was impressed!! Clean yourself up slut it’s time for some cbt fun up you get! I want you over there on that bench pointing to the medical bench, using the bungee ropes I bind her down then attaching the e-stim setting it to throb and my did it’s cock dance until it could hold it no more he was soon cumming, he will soon be cumming again for more training

A Testimonial from Sissy Suzy

  • September 15, 2021

This was my first time with a Mistress.

Mistress V was amazing, easing my fears and introducing me to being a sissy. She dressed me in lingerie then started me on cocksucking and anal then I had the marvelous experience of worshiping her beautiful body. It was a great experience and I will be going again.

Sissy Suzy

My new sissy

  • September 3, 2021

My new sissy arrived full of excitement for her two hour session,after our chat I tell her to change into the outfit that she had brought a long with her, red fishnet body stocking red waist clincher red high heels finishing it off with red gloves she looked perfect for cock sucking. I tease her telling her how she could make me lots of money in the red light district, she seems to like the thought of it, but first I want to test your sucking skills, putting on my biggest strapon I tell her to crawl over to me and suck my cock!! she’s soon on her knees cock in mouth.

It’s been a while she whispers haha keep sucking its rude to speak with your mouth full 😂 She loved having me fuck her mouth, soon she was over the fucking bench strapped down tightly,I tell her if her mouth can take that big black cock so can her arse, giggling she raises her arse in the air begging me to slide my cock inside her, nice and slow to begin with building a rhythm together she’s in her glory as I pound her until she can take no more, Your arse needs a rest so put it back in your mouth until I tell you to stop! sucking and licking, I was very impressed with her efforts, I then order her over to the medical bench time for some cock torture attaching the estim around her cock she’s never had electrics before and absolutely loves it, nearing the end of the session I let her have a reward for her efforts she could to worship my body from head to toe before finishing herself off. Another fantastic session

My sissy slave

  • August 27, 2021

Once my sissy slut arrived we have a little chat before I give it it’s outfit sissy dress and pink shoes with pink wig she looks perfect for fucking I order her over my bench strapping it down tightly
Gagging for it aren’t you slut? I put my vampire gloves on and caress its arse cheeks before grabbing its balls and twisting them I have to laugh at its wriggling your going nowhere slut!
Your going to take my cock before I make you gag on it. Sliding my cock inside its tight arse I begin to fuck it. You love my cocks don’t you that’s why you keep coming back for them, taking my cock out of its arse I unstrap it and order it on his knees suck my cock slut!

Happy with its cock sucking its back over the bench for a good flogging before going into the vac bed restricting its movement even more so, I pull it’s tied cock and balls through the hole leaving it exposed for my pleasure cbt with my riding crop, from the vac bed and onto my bondage board for a refreshing drink of my pee before I begin its nipple torture with needles and my estim to finish it off

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