A session with My sissy sub

  • April 21, 2021

Handing my sissy sub it’s outfit I order it to strip naked, once dressed I put it’s leather hood on, Ordering it to open its mouth for the ball gag. I unzip the zipper on its body suit leaving its cock and balls exposed,attaching the bucket clamps to its balls

On your knees bitch and worship my boots, Rubbing my stiletto heels up and down its shaft occasionally tapping the buckets with my heels, I’m going to fuck you soon I have 3 different sized strapons I wonder which to fuck you with first!

Crawl over to my bench and wait your next instruction

Picking up the smallest strapon I lube it up telling my slut how deep i’m going to fuck it, Once I’m inside my bitches arse I begin to grind my hips deeper and deeper inside this bitches hole,when I’ve finished with you over this bench your going on my fuck machine and I’m going to enjoy watching my machine pound your arse then your going on my swing I want to look at you deep in your eyes while I swing fuck you. 😈

Yes please mistress fuck me on your swing 

Oh I can’t wait! Pulling my cock out I unstrap it and order it over to the swing. Get on it!

Sliding my cock in and out of my bitches arse. Beg me to fuck you harder, it does as it’s told and begs

I think it’s time for some boot worship follow me. Sit on the floor I rub it’s tiny cock with my boots. I’m going to make you fuck my boots and then you’re going to clean them up as though they’ve never been worn. He soon released his waste cleaned up and sent on its way 😈😈

Session with My new sissy

  • August 17, 2020

Had a fantastic session with a new sissy this afternoon.
Once It was dressed I locked its tiny sissy cock into the chastity device.
Time for me to tie you up before I punish you, I start the rope bondage making it turn as I weave my web around its torso, Are you feeling helpless slut?
while you are here you are mine.
Get over the bench.
I secure it with the straps before I proceed with a light spanking before I move on to my new tawse, thanking me after each stroke,that’s a good slut, impressed with its efforts I move around the front of the bench and pull its hair as I Instruct it to worship my PVC clad arse, lick it slut.
I’m going to take your arse and give you the fucking you deserve. I use several toys on this eager slut finishing it off with my strapon. Take my cock bitch all of it, I’m going to make you ride my fuck machine once your nicely stretched.

on all fours now In front of the fuck machine I line up the cock and start the machine. How does that feel whore?
standing in front of it while my machine pounds its arse I tease it wiggling my bottom in front of its face.

I want you in the medical room on the bench face In the air, I’ll unlock your cock once I’m smothering you with my arse.
rubbing my tight pvc bottom all over Its face I tell it to finish its self off.

My sissy – hard sports, forced bi and much more!

  • August 4, 2020

My filthy slut arrived in full slut attire for her breakfast today, and my what fun we had.

She brought along with her some new needles for me to try, nice long thick ones. I will put this box in the medical room until it’s needed. Time to warm your cheeks with some spanking before I use my new whip!

Once over the bench I strap her down, she does like to wriggle and be quite verbal at times, I soon sort that out!

Your cheeks are glowing slut, swishing through the air down came my whip.

When I was happy with the results I move on to my favourite implement, the cane, giving it 10 or more hard strokes, letting her no who’s the boss!

My surprise was soon ringing the bell 🛎

Letting it in I send it upstairs mask on.

I have a new outfit for you to wear it’s on the bed, get it on and join us

The outfit it was wearing had a zip that goes underneath the crouch making it easy to get its cock out for sucking.

Stand in front of it and get your cock out, this greedy whore wants your cock in her mouth!

When the two whores had finished I made one stay in the tall standing cage, while the other went into the medical room for some needleplay

Using the new needles just 3 in the nipple and one in its balls

I’m needing the toilet now potty breath get in the bathroom and lie down, I don’t need to tell you again you know what’s coming next!!!

The filthy slut ate every single bit.

Do you wish you were as greedy as her? 😈😈

A morning with sissy candy

  • March 12, 2019

What an amazing day I’ve had!!

Candy arrived this morning at 9.20, I knew she would be feeling a bit nervous today as we had planned to go to the tattooists for her tattoo of my initials on the back of her neck just below the collar line, so it’s nice and discreet if need be.

Before we set off we had our little chat over a cup of tea, she said she felt nervous.  I reassured her, explaining it would only take 5 mins.

Parking my car opposite the shop, candy looked at me and said oh mistress what am I doing; laughing, I said you’re going to have my mark on you, stop being a wimp and get your sissy arse in there now!!

With us getting there bang on opening time we were the 1st in, lucky for candy hehe.

We told the man behind the counter what she wanted, showing us some images of different styles of writing we made a joint decision on the design, to which the man said come this way, I knew they knew I was his mistress lol.

While candy was sat having the tattoo done the door to the room was open. I did ask if I could go in and video but they don’t allow it. So I sat directly opposite the door. I could see candy. Then the buzzing of the tattoo gun began!!!

Toes curling and eyes screwed, candy had what she wanted!! She wanted to be owned and what better way to do so.

The man called me into the room once he’d finished asking if I liked it, yes I’m impressed thank you, taking a pic he showed candy. Her eyes lit up!!! Wow

“Pay the man and let’s go.”

Back at the chambers, candy got changed, I then transformed her into my sissy cock sucking slut; wig, make up and stockings with a bright red slutty mini skirt.

“On your knees and open wide!! I want to see if you’ve been practicing sucking.”

Sliding my stiff cock in her mouth I told her not to rush and to suck it slowly.

She surprised me with how much she could actually get in her mouth deep throating!! Every inch of it

“I’m going to train you to be the best sissy at deep throat; they’ll be queuing up to have their cocks sucked by you!! Mmmm.”

“Really mistress?”

“Of course they will now get back to it.”

She must have had jaw ache by the time I told her to stop lol.

“Up bitch, get on that bench and spread those cheeks!!!”

I fucked her deep and hard.

“Oh mistress that’s lovely, my clitty is twitching drip drip”

“Control yourself bitch!!”

After I’ve fucked you I’m going to lock your sissy clitty up and I’m keeping the key!!!”

“Mmm yes mistress”

I locked her clitty up in the chastity device.

“I want to see you do the slut drop now to see if you really have been practicing.”

Putting some music on, she swang her hips, strutting her stuff twirling and curtsying. Slut drop!! Wow she is learning. A little more practice and you’ll have cracked it!!

Finishing of the session with a big hug, I was proud of you today candy, see you again very soon.. cock sucker!!!

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