Hard Sports

My Branded slave

  • April 18, 2021

Strapped down onto my spanking bench I pull a chair up in between my shit muncher’s legs, Sitting down comfortably I begin its branding, I burnt the initial V on its arse cheeks 6 months ago but it looks as though it’s faded. I’ll go over the V and then i’m going to put an M before it, you will be marked by me for life laughing as I press my red hot cigarette on his skin.
This is going to hurt.
Mouth gagged he can’t scream he just accepts it and takes the burning of flesh really well.
When I was happy with the results I move it onto the inversion table attaching the estim to his cock and balls.
without warning I tilt it back. Open your mouth! Spitting into its mouth I tell it about the treats I have in store for it spit now shit later hahaha
You are going to eat every bit of my shit slave I’ll make sure of it!
Once it was secured into the toilet box I tell it to look at me when I’m offering such privileges.Get that mouth open!
Pissing into its mouth I have to laugh because he thinks he’s clever that he’s managed to drink my piss, I remind him my shits going to be a sloppy one.
Open wide releasing my shit into its mouth he tries to spit it out.
I push my shit to the back of his throat and order it to chew both my hands over his mouth I feel his jaw munching on my shit. Swallow! Open let me see you’ve eaten it all, He does as he’s told. “It’s all gone miss”
Good slave get cleaned up then come over to the medical area
Inside the body bag I weave my web with the rope so there’s no escape, leaving his cock and balls visible as I’m going to sew your cock shut them ok going to send you home, You’d like that wouldn’t you 😈😈 sewing his fore skin was a delight, Sending it home sewn was a fantastic feeling for me lol see you next month shit muncher

Second Hand Breakfast!

  • April 10, 2021

Once my slave was naked I hand over a hood, Put it on, you’re going to be wearing this throughout the session. Except when eating your breakfast which has been brewing nicely for you but until I’m ready to deliver it to you I’m going to attach these!! Clamping the nipple clamps with weighted buckets attached to his nipples and with my small leather paddle I begin his nipple torture . Tapping the buckets with the paddle his cock begins to grow. My you do like that don’t you? Releasing the clamps I pinch his nipples with my fingers. Tender aren’t they? laughing as I move my paddle down to his cock and balls.

Get on your knees and worship my boots!

Again applying the strap as and when needed until my boots were sufficiently cleaned.

Stop what you’re doing and spread your knees so my boot can play ball with your balls hahaha

All fun and games before I allow you the privilege of eating my shit. Get over to my bench and get yourself on position for my cat o nine tails .

Flogging his balls, cheeks and cock I taunt him about what’s coming next. I hope you’re ready slave because my shit’s ready. Unstrapping him. The bondage board and toilet box are all ready for him along with my riding crop and electrics. Cuffing him to the bondage board I then attach the e-stim and set it at a low setting to begin with upping the tempo as and when I see fit.

I knew my shit was going to be a huge one, I hadn’t been for days. My sub had also requested I force him to consume it all. 😈 Before I position myself over the toilet box I bring the riding crop down onto his balls then I turn up the e-stim his mouth opens automatically. With my hand over his mouth I push my shit to the back of his throat he’s very lucky as it’s a very stodgy sloppy one. Bringing the crop down onto his balls again he yells opening his mouth again, another load lands straight in his mouth. Swallow that once you’ve eaten it all you can wash it down with my piss and your very own spunk!

He did as he was told and consumed the lot all washed down with his own cream. Licking his lips he thanked me .

See you soon for more delicious desserts 😈😈

My new potty mouth

  • March 31, 2021

My new potty mouth arrived a little earlier than we’d agreed which I was pleased about as Id been holding onto my waste all morning. Having a brief chat I order it to strip naked placing an assortment of strapons in its view I tell him to get over my bench and get his arse in the air.

Strapping it down back, thighs and shins secured wrists cuffed, I lube my cock then I shoot some lube up it’s arse needing it nice and slippery, The slippery the better I like to watch my cocks slide into a tight arse.

I begin to fuck its arse telling it how much I love to fuck, grinding my cock in and out he’s loving it, The noise it’s making makes me fuck it harder slowing down now and again to give a hard thrust!

Once I’ve finished with you my fuck machine can take over.

Laughing at it as I insert the cock on the machine into its now very stretched arse.

I’m saving the best for last, I’ve had my breakfast, you will soon be having yours.

While my machine pounds away I prepare the toilet box, Move yourself away from the machine and come over here. It’s breakfast time.

I remind it that it did request enforced hardsports 😈😈 Oh how I love to watch a potty mouth struggle with my shit in its mouth. Covering its mouth over with my foot I bring down my riding crop and crop it’s balls! Swallow it now! Pushing my foot hard down onto its mouth before I deliver another hard stroke of the crop. Have you eaten it?

Looking down at it. Open your mouth so I can see It’s all gone, I reach down and pop another piece into its mouth this time using my hands to cover it.

If you want enforced then that’s what you’ll get remember this as you climb the steps to V heaven. 😈

My New Human Toilet Trainee

  • March 1, 2021

Head inside the toilet box wrists cuffed, Now to weave my web on the bondage board, Happy with my rope work I attach the estim
Lowering myself down over its hungry mouth my legs either side of its arms
I begin to attach the nipple clamps and flick it’s nipples, turn on the estim it moans More mistress, Turning it up a little more Oh mistress
Open your mouth nice and wide, Do not spill any into the box, If you do I will increase the intensity and laugh while I do so
I lean forward. Pushing down so it can see my shit, Look at it slave smell it.
Turning up the estim.
Back to its nipples I’m not quite ready yet, It doesn’t want to consume, standing above it I move so I’m over his chest
Look up and see what your missing, Pooing all over its chest
I increase the estim it’s loving being covered in my waste as it’s ready to cum I order it to catch it, You will eat your cum and wash it down with more of my piss
Not missing any, As I’m talking to him it cums all over itself.
Clean it up boy it’s a good way to start the day plenty of protein in that spunk, giggling I order it to lick
See you soon for the real meal 🥘

My Toilet slave

  • February 20, 2021

My Toilet boy arrived on time. with a nice fresh bunch of nettles. 😈
“I picked these nettles on my way here mistress they are for you”
Why thank you, I’ll be having plenty of fun with these 😈
Get yourself undressed.
Once he was naked I strap him on to the inversion table blindfolded, I tie his balls tight
Turning him upside down head between my thighs like a vice
Smell my arse slave enjoy the sweet scent
Using the nettles I rub them all over his balls he can’t move it’s impossible with my tight grip
Laughing I stand it upright and move to the front taking the blindfold off, I continue with the nettles on his balls
After 20 minutes I release him.
Get on the floor, and open your mouth as wide as you can
Straddled over his head I crouch down arse directly over his mouth.
I don’t want you to swallow or chew I want you to hold it between your teeth, for now.
Moving down his body now till I’m stood over his cock, I have more shit for you slave with that I shit all over his cock and order him to massage his sore cock and balls with it.
I want to watch you mix your spunk with my shit you filthy shitty potty.
Wow what a mess as he’s rubbing my soft shit all over himself enjoying every second of it
Do not chew that little piece! Keep it between your teeth!
Once he’d cum I allow it to finish off what he had in his mouth.
Kind aren’t I to save the best till last 😈😈

My New Toilet

  • February 17, 2021
I love a willing toilet, eager to please his mistress. 

With my new toilet boy laid out on the floor head inside the toilet box hands cuffed to the sides .
Easing myself down to its mouth in my tight fitting jeans I order it to snuzzle it’s nose deep into my arse . 
Inhale the sweet aroma toilet boy it will soon be time for breakfast .
With that I stand legs either side of it ,I place my gloved hands over it’s nose and mouth , pinching it’s nose making sure he can’t breathe. Laughing as I do so .
I’m going to have fun with you boy ! Open your filthy mouth and catch my spit 
Watching my spit being swallowed was a great turn on for me especially when I know my toilet boys enjoying it .Plenty more of that , As I open the water bottle I take a mouthful swilling it around in my mouth as it looks up at me I order it again open wide . 
Drink ! 
I take off my jeans with just my panties on I sit on his face rubbing my arse all over it . 
I’m ready to serve you your breakfast . 
Stick your tongue up my arse and taste it ! 
Suck it out and eat it all , Which it does not leaving anything to waste . I like that . 
He will soon be back for more delicious delights 

A Testimonial – My cocklette sissy

  • February 2, 2021

Well hello all you kinksters, fetishists, who get off with pain, cane, drilled arses, sucked, fucked holes, needles, sewn cunts and cocks, piss and shit, especially when every atom is swallowed.

This is my report on my recent visit to the only mistress goddess worth seeing in the NW of England. I don’t go to London now so speak only for those UP NORTH.

I was 1 hour late!!! But My Lady was there for me, dressed in black lace and looking the most beautiful I have ever seen her. I could take her anywhere and be proud whether as her man or slave for the night.


She took each nipple, pulled, twisted, bit it, and again but harder. AAAAAH the pain. Wonderful. My cocklette surprisingly swelled almost up. She noticed, held and wanked it softly. I dreamed that she would get it rocklike and force me to fuck her, but NO.

Push this butt plug into your arsecunt and get over there. The plug was lightly lubed and was in within 15 seconds. I love to have a tightly stuffed cunt. For me it is a dual purpose hole now, strictly a shit-cunt, and I like it filled with something either coming in or going out.

I was walked around with the plug secure. Then BEND OVER TAKE IT OUT AND FIST OR FINGER FUCK YOURSELF. I did and for the next 30minutes (really 5)m got 3, 4 fingers well in, pulling the rim to get a bigger gape, thumb in briefly, but arm too short for a solo fisting.

Mistress V’s shit is what I go most for. She has brought me from a newbie ‘scatling’ to an eager chewer, melt it down and swallow slut, pig,… whatever foul name you could put on me.

I was then tied to the caning bench; I should say now that I am hooked on deep popper sniffs and was moved from bottle to poppers gas mask. I was spanked, gently which surprised me, then given strap on deep throat and arse cunt thorough deep pounding.

Next I was led to my Lady’s swinging chair. I was thrilled and expectant but I am short and have less agility after hip and leg surgery. I could not get into it. By now I was in deep space with poppers, repeatedly telling my Lady that I am a slut, need to be fucked, drink piss, eat spunk and shit, be beaten . She put me on her medical bed and expertly filled my cock with a No. 12, sound, and was wanking me so beautifully. Needles then scat supper were to follow but we had been at it for 2 hours, so had to smile, pack up, kiss and wish for a filthier session next time. FOR ME THAT WILL BE SOON BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND LOVE BEING RULED BY HER .

Anyone, G or B, M or F wanting to get into this flame red paradise MUST check her site and get there. She is brilliant, beautiful, knows exactly where you are at and where going FROM THE FIRST SESSION.



Hard sports at last!

  • February 1, 2021

Being into humiliation and degradation, I’ve always wanted to be subjected to enforced hard sports. Before this session, I’d never actually done hard sports. I was nervous about my ability to go through with it and also the health implications. Since getting to know Mistress V (having had several sessions with her) I noticed how clean and health conscious she is, so I plucked up the courage to ask her to do enforced hard sports and not to allow me to back out. Mistress V loves hard sports, especially enforced, so she readily agreed.

A lot of Mistresses charge extra for hard sports but Mistress V doesn’t, which is good of her.

On arrival, Mistress V sensed I was nervous and she ordered me to immediately strip off before tying me very securely to her body board. No going back now! Mistress V then laid out some tools to torture me with should I refuse to swallow her divine waste, including cigarettes, nipple clamps, electrics and more. Mistress made it clear she would use them if necessary. In the event though, she was really understanding, using her beauty and erotic stimulation to keep me very turned on while she fed me. What followed was the most wonderfully humiliating, intimately erotic experience ever. Mistress V’s expertise made it easier and infinitely more pleasurable than I thought it would be.

If you want to try hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress to do it for. Don’t be nervous. Look forward to it. She will pitch it at exactly the level you need. Amazing really.

My Scat Slave

  • December 21, 2020

My scat slave arrived with the white lace panties that I had instructed him to bring along with him .
Passing me the panties I order it to undress
I put the panties on , Telling it to Get into the box , i’m going to soil these panties heavily with my piss and shit and i’m going to smother you with them once i’ve done it
Lowering myself down to this shit eaters lips I begin to piss all over its face laughing as I tell it to enjoy my showers
My shit is soon to make a presence look at arse in these tight knickers you’ll soon see the shit trying to escape through the lace .
Pushing the shit down into the knickers I smear it with my gloved hand then I lower myself totally over it’s face smothering it with the smelly package inside
Im going to remove these dirty pants and your going to put them on !
Once it had the pants on I order it to shit in them
Doing as it’s instructed it shits itself
Now toilet boy I want you to satisfy yourself and mix the spunk and shit together . Once you’ve done that your free to go
I could tell that by saying he had to wear the soiled knickers home had really turned him on before I knew it he’d ejaculated all over on the inside
Mix it up , your taking it home with you .
And of it went
Looking forward to its next visit .
I wonder what i’ll do with my shit next time .

My new toilet boy

  • November 11, 2020

My new toilet boy .

Dressed in his own slutty outfit with stockings and dark brown wig he informs me of his previous toilet experiences..

“I love to drink champagne, in fact you can use my mouth for just about anything mistress “

Before you get such a privilege i want you to suck my stiff cock , you need bright red lips for this as i love to watch my sluts lips slide up and down on my cock , Lipstick glistening from your mouths saliva
now suck it !

I would stop him every now and then , making him run his tongue up and down my shaft .

Pushing my cock into his mouth .
Deeper slut , right to the back of your throat .
Gag on it .

While he’s enjoying sucking me off i have a cigarette.
Blowing my smoke down into his face .
Stop sucking and look at me !
Open your mouth !
Flicking my ash into his hungry mouth until it was down to the butt

You must get used to eating nasty things slave , i’m not going to put my butt in the ashtray , Your going to eat it !
With the cigarette still glowing i pop it into his mouth .
Chew it and swallow .

This is preparing you for your next task ,
opening the lid of the toilet box i order him in .

I don’t know what’s going to come 1st slave my piss or my shit , but you are going to swallow which ever comes first .

It was the shit out first .
I look into the toilet box it missed his mouth as he’d closed it .
I crouch down and grab a piece and force it into his mouth . Chew !!
Back over the box legs straddled .
Your mouth wash is on its way .
Not missing his mouth he opens wide , shit stuck to his teeth welcoming the warmth and wetness of my piss .
Rinse your mouth with that lot , there’s more to come for you to drink .
When he’d drunk all of it i allow him to bring himself off once he’d cum i made him clean himself up .
Laughing at the end of the session as he’d never had to eat a cigarette before or eat shit .
When you visit my chambers there will always be a first time of some sort , but enough to keep coming back ..
See you soon shitty mouth 😈

My Toilet slave

  • November 9, 2020

Placing my bondage board on the floor with my toilet box at the top end of the board ropes and chains ready .
My toilet slave is due to arrive any minute , he likes to dress in panties and stockings while he has his breakfast , however today is going to be a little bit different 😈

The door knocks !
It’s open , get your arse up here !
Getting undressed i tell him what’s going to happen this morning.

Once he’s got his stockings and panties on i order him to lie down onto the board and get his head in the box , closing the lid i laugh at him , i’m going to cuff you to the toilet and smother you with my arse but before that i need to tie you down tight!

I walk around him as he’s bound unable to move .
Taunting him .
“I’m going to smear my shit all over your body , every part of it is going to be covered in my shit .

Looking down into the box his eyes are closed .
Open those eyes i want you to watch !

Lowering myself down over its face i fart 💨 straight into his mouth , “inhale it slave , savour the sweet smell of my waste “
Are you ready to be smeared haha

Starting with his face around his mouth up his nose , forehead and ears , he looked like a massive turd 💩
once i’d finished decorating him , i tell him i’m not going to release him he can stay there until he shits himself !
Leaving him there i go and clean myself up .

All fresh i spray some perfume , ah it smells gorgeous in my bathroom
wish i could say the same about you !

checking his panties he’d shit himself .
Wow you dirty filthy boy your disgusting you can go home in those panties but not until i say so , until then you can stay in that shitty mess your in .
Which is going to be a very long time .

Walking around him heels clicking i go down the stairs as if i’m leaving .
And sit and have a cigarette.
10 minutes later i go back up and release him
Get yourself cleaned up ! Except . Your nostrils , leave those how they are .
shall we say a treat from me hahahaha

Fantastic Session with My human toilet

  • October 13, 2020
Fantastic session with my human toilet this morning .

Having met this shit eater before there was no need for a presession chat .
Get your self undressed slave then present yourself to me .
emerging from the bathroom naked , On your knees slave and crawl over here .
Get your collar on .
I’m going to parade you around my playroom before i have my wicked way with you .
After i’d walked him around i stop at my bench , over you go shit eater 
Strapping him down tightly , You’ll not be able to wriggle around this time slave !
Your  going to except your spanking and thank me for it . 
Once his cheeks were a light pink , i surprise my slave with the vibrator massaging deep into  his cock and balls .
His little cock dribbling i begin to massage his butt hole with gloved fingers , when we’re you last fucked ? 
A while ago mistress .
Today’s your lucky day birthday boy , i have been eating lots since you booked your session , saving my shit just for you .
Before you have the honour and privilege i’m going to fuck your arse slowly so you can feel every ripple of my cock deep inside you then you can clean it with your filthy potty mouth .
The noises coming from this horny fucks mouth .
Your breakfast has brewed up nicely .
Taking it from the bench i open the toilet box, in you go .
Cuffed and inside , i piss straight into its mouth , crouching down a little more i deliver its breakfast it doesn’t land on target , i pick it up quite a firm shit so i make him bite it . Chew !
My hands over its mouth so it can’t spit any out , Swallow !
Have another bite , it wimpers  i can’t eat anymore . 
Open your mouth and bite it ! 
Once again i cover its mouth , now fucking swallow it !  
Happy with its efforts , Go and clean yourself up then get on the medical bench .
Electro play to finish the session off .. See you soon shit breath !

3 hours of total power exchange

  • September 20, 2020

3 whole hours of total power exchange.
My slave arrived at the time agreed, with his usual gifts in hand, poppers and leather bondage trousers.
Dressing it up in a silky white and pink sissy dress, it was ready now to take what ever I decide.
Over the bench for a light spanking before we begin the needleplay, lots of poppers in between each needle inserted.
I do love needleplay I find it quite therapeutic, not sure my slave finds it that way lol
once I was happy with my art work, I surprise my slave as I cover its face with gloved hands, I decide when you breath slave.
He’d never had sounds before today, I was impressed with how well he did with them I used 3 different sized sounds starting with the thinnest, working my way up, his hole opened up nicely and took all 3.
I was saving the best for last!
I’m going to turn you into my toilet, my potty, you will eat my shit today, there will be No getting out of it.
Once it was in position lied on the floor, mouth wide open.
I kindly give it some champagne drink it all up before your breakfast.
My bottom in position directly over it’s mouth.
Before he could move it was out and in his mouth, I quickly clasped its mouth shut.
Eat it potty mouth every bit, more pee helped him swallow it all, another limit pushed.
Want your limits pushing like my slaves?
You know what to do..

A Testimonial from potty mouth

  • September 20, 2020

The slave had previously sessioned with the Divine Mistress and had complete trust in her so had requested that this one was ‘no limits’ one. Mistress was free to do whatever she desired.

The slave arrived already wearing stockings, suspenders and a nappy. (The reason for the nappy will become clear later)

Mistress greeted the slave at her new premises, dressed in casual clothes. Once inside the slave immediately got to his knees to worship her shoes.

He was then led upstairs into ‘The chamber’. Once there he was told to strip down to his stockings and his frilly panties. He was instructed to get a sissy dress that was hanging up and put it on.

Mistress then secured the sissy to the whipping bench and gagged him with a penis gag smeared with her shit.

With the slave watching, Mistress then changed into ‘her Mistress clothes’.

Slave was privileged to see the wonderful site of Mistress’s naked body, as she put on bra, suspenders, stockings and flimsy see through panties. A pair of ultra-high platform shoes completed her outfit.

Once she was dressed, his bottom was then given a severe hand spanking. When his bottom was a nice shade of red Mistress lowered his panties and proceeded to administer a prolonged strapping with one of her favourite straps. By the time Mistress stopped, the slave was crying from the agony he was in. To complete his punishment Mistress delivered six very hard cane strokes, that will take weeks to disappear. (Probably until the next session!)

The slave was then released from the whipping bench then made to get on the medical table and be fastened down with leather straps. A tubed gas mask was put on so the slave would be made to inhale Mistress’s exhaled smoke and some poppers. Now it was time for one of Mistress’s beloved pastimes – needle play. Numerous long needles were inserted through both nipples with Mistress playing with them to inflict more pain. Mistress decided his cock needed a crown of thorns and also some through his shaft and balls. When the needles were removed he bled like a stuffed pig. The nipples stopped bleeding quite easily but his cock would not – hence the reason for the nappy!

Now was the time for his most dreaded humiliation. To be Mistress’s full toilet slave. Instructed to open his mouth, Mistress used an open mouth gag to keep it ready for his fresh breakfast that was to come. Lying on the floor slave now had the gorgeous sight of her beautiful arse hole descending on to his face. It opened and the shit fell straight into his mouth. Slave struggled to chew but Mistress put her hand over his mouth to force him to swallow. He was helped by the addition of her pungent champagne.

Another wonderful session with a gorgeous Mistress, but now I can’t wait for the next visit – already booked. The next session will entail me getting tattooed with her name on his chest and his new name POTTY MOUTH. (He already has V branded on his backside)

slave – potty mouth

My sissy – hard sports, forced bi and much more!

  • August 4, 2020

My filthy slut arrived in full slut attire for her breakfast today, and my what fun we had.

She brought along with her some new needles for me to try, nice long thick ones. I will put this box in the medical room until it’s needed. Time to warm your cheeks with some spanking before I use my new whip!

Once over the bench I strap her down, she does like to wriggle and be quite verbal at times, I soon sort that out!

Your cheeks are glowing slut, swishing through the air down came my whip.

When I was happy with the results I move on to my favourite implement, the cane, giving it 10 or more hard strokes, letting her no who’s the boss!

My surprise was soon ringing the bell 🛎

Letting it in I send it upstairs mask on.

I have a new outfit for you to wear it’s on the bed, get it on and join us

The outfit it was wearing had a zip that goes underneath the crouch making it easy to get its cock out for sucking.

Stand in front of it and get your cock out, this greedy whore wants your cock in her mouth!

When the two whores had finished I made one stay in the tall standing cage, while the other went into the medical room for some needleplay

Using the new needles just 3 in the nipple and one in its balls

I’m needing the toilet now potty breath get in the bathroom and lie down, I don’t need to tell you again you know what’s coming next!!!

The filthy slut ate every single bit.

Do you wish you were as greedy as her? 😈😈

Enforced Hard Sports

  • July 27, 2020

My human toilet arrived early this morning after travelling for 4 hours to have breakfast, served directly from myself.

We discussed how he’d like the session to go, as we chatted it soon became quite clear that this potty mouth wanted me to force him to eat it.

I do love a new toilet boy, makes it more fun when they’re new to it.

Once toilet was stripped I told it to go and kneel in the playroom head bowed and wait!

Telling him you will taste my shit today, you will also clean my arse after I’ve finished, no chickening out!

Tying my toilet up I tease it, bending over so it can just see my arse, you want to lick it don’t you slave?

You’ll not get the pleasure of that until you’ve had a taste. Grouching over its face, I fart 💨 taste that shit breath!

After quite a few loud ripply farts I can feel my toilet’s breakfast working its way down.

Open wide! And catch it with your teeth!

Once it had landed perfectly into its mouth, I sat on its chest and held its mouth shut 🤐.

You are going to keep that held in your mouth for the next 10 minutes, don’t worry I’ll help you 😈

10 minutes later I stood up above it, spreading my arse cheeks. there’s another truffle on its way, Open!

You look thirsty! This time I get right down so my pussy is an inch away from his dry mouth, I relieve its thirst, swallowing all my pee, good toilet.

Now clean my arse!!

Scat / Hard Sports videos can be seen on My https://loverfans.com/yorksmistressv account

A Fantastic Session with Mistress V

  • July 19, 2020

on arrival at the chambers ,slave was stunned by how gorgeous she looked. Bright red PVC dress and red stiletto shoes. He was ordered to his knees and to crawl after Mistress upstairs. He was then ordered to strip down to his stockings and suspenders and to begin a lengthy worship of Mistress’s shoes paying particular attention to the six inch heels. Mistress took great delight in resting her feet on his head and scratching his back with the heels.

Then to the punishment bench. Once slave was securely fastened a firm hand spanking followed by a hard paddling. When the slave’s backside was red enough to Mistress’s satisfaction it was time for the cane. Slave had requested 20 strokes but after three he was begging for mercy. But no, Mistress decided he must take another two. She promised that they would be light ones – but they weren’t, they were full force.

While still secured it was time for the branding. I thought that Mistress would use one of the brands that I had previously bought her – but no she decided to use her lit cigarette.

She burnt her initial V into his backside – then went over it again to make sure that it was a permanent brand. Slave marked for life.

Then back onto the medical bench for needle torture.

Mistress really enjoys inserting needles in slaves nipples, cock and balls. Laughing all the time whilst he was in agony. Mistress tried to fasten his nipple to his arm. It didn’t work but we both had a good laugh at the attempt.

Then it was time for what he dreaded. The slave couldn’t get into the toilet box due to a bad back. But Mistress was not to be defeated. A towel was placed on the floor with a pillow supporting his back. Then Mistress’s gorgeous bottom descended onto the slave’s mouth. Within seconds her backside opened and the shit went into his mouth.

He managed to eat and swallow some but couldn’t take it all. ( Mistress later said that next time he would be forced eat it all! ) Then the crazy part, Mistress was sat on the loo finishing her crap whilst the slave stood next to her with a handful of shit and shit in his mouth.

Another fantastic session – with a wonderful Mistress. Am I going back? Of course, giving Mistress no requests giving her free reign to inflict whatever she wants on the slave.

Total Power Exchange

  • July 18, 2020

My slave made a request when booking his session, that I have total control from the minute he comes through the door
power exchange, I just love it!!
On his arrival after the covid precautions I ordered my slave down on his knees to worship my boots, while his doing so, I remind him of his requests
so today you want to eat my shit, slave?
I do miss but I’m very nervous about it.
well I can guarantee you this slave, by the time I’ve done with you, you’ll do anything I ask and more
in its frilly panties, suspenders and stockings I order my pain slut over my bench!
let me warm that blank canvas for you.
using various implements I proceed to warm my sluts cheeks before introducing the cane!
my sluts not really into the cane, so I remind it again of who is in CONTROL! certainly not it!!
squealing like a bitch I give 5 hard strokes, I love to watch the welts rise to the surface of the skin, it does excite me 😈
another request from it, was to be branded,!
lighting a cigarette 🚬 I start to burn the letter v on to its arse cheek, going over it repeatedly so it blisters as I like to leave my mark 😈 one it’s going to have for a long time I think 😂
moving from the bench we go into the medical room for some needleplay
using 26 needles I made a pretty design across its nipple and chest, allowing it to drink some pee in between, such a kind mistress
reminding it that it’s now time to taste my shit!!
oh mistress I’m not too sure I want to do this
shut up slave!!
placing my self over its mouth, OPEN
it moves its head, you’re not getting away with it I pick it up and pop it straight into its mouth and shut it with a clasped gloved hand
it didn’t like the taste, but made a very good effort
well done shit breath for your amazing efforts
see you very soon to finish of where we left off 😈😈

Testimonial from a Human Toilet

  • June 22, 2020

Mistress V’s dungeon is ideally located in a detached house with off-street parking.

She looks as wonderful as seen on Her website gallery, and is friendly, intelligent and welcoming.

I consider myself to be an experienced toilet, but on this occasion She managed to push me beyond my comfort zone. I left wondering if I wanted to do ‘this’ any more, but in less than 24 hours I was craving Her again.

Thank You Mistress V for taking me to a new extreme.

Enforced Hard Sports

  • June 14, 2020

Toilet boy arrived this morning, early morning breakfast with light beverage
We had a discussion previous to the session, how my toilet wanted to push its limits with the Scat play
Usually having my shit smeared all over his body, today he wanted to be forced to eat it
Remembering the last time it tried, it wasn’t successful, it wasn’t tied tight enough, well today he’s not getting a choice, enforced consumption is a privilege, one I will bestow upon my shit eater today
I’m going to use ropes today potty mouth and my bondage board, you’ll not be able to move your body, if you move your head in the toilet box I will simply pick it up and make you eat it ,
Tying its wrists and thumbs before it lies on the bondage board
Securely bound, I ask it to try and move, I can’t miss 😂😂 I love it when my plans come together
Head in box
I walk around him while I smoke a cigarette, telling it
There’s no escape now,
I might start with your beverage, but we will see what comes first
Crouching over its face, I feel a piss coming, open potty mouth
Swallow my piss
Moving it’s head in the box the piss is spilling over its face
Are you ready for breakfast shitty mouth? Open wide breakfast shall be served
Looking down into the box
Your moving your head again,
Pushing my bottom further down over its mouth, I lean forward and squeeze its nipples as I’m doing this it opens its mouth, another piece of shit lands on its lips open,
He’s refusing, I can’t miss, I can’t
I’ll have to encourage you lighting a cigarette I lightly touch his nipple with it and with the other hand I get a piece of shit albeit the tiniest piece and push it into this shit eaters mouth ,, Eat it ,, Swallow it, It’s only the size of a Malteser
Placing my hand over its mouth he swallows it
Now I want you to shit yourself

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