Hard Sports

My new human toilet

  • February 18, 2024

Fantastic session this morning with a new human toilet .
It has tried hardsports before but not to the extent of my shits worth lol . After a brief chat , I order him to change while I set up the bondage board and toilet box ready to cuff him down once he was ready . You need to be a bit quicker shit face i’ve held my shit in for you all fuckin morning now get on my bondage board and get your fucking head in the box !! Because id been holding it in for so long I was ready for exploding and my did I , splattering straight down onto his face it goes everywhere , crouching down with my gloved hands I begin to smear it all over his face , its response was its VIle , I couldn’t help but laugh , what on earth did you think it was going to taste like shit breath , laughing more I tell it , it has to stay in that shitty state until I say other wise , I then order it to turn over onto alls fours pushing its butt pmug deep into its arse while it played with its cock , exploding into its hand I order it to eat , clean your hands you filthy shit eating pig , clean it and then go and clean yourself off , you fucking stink , passing him the toiletries. once he was showered and ready for catch up , he said it was absolutely amazing to share some of my waste , he will be back

A Fantastic Session!

  • August 16, 2023

My new sub arrived at the agreed time , he had been to see me a couple of days before , mentioning things he’d like to try , I was really looking forward to this mornings meet with lots of ideas racing around my Brian .

Once he was naked I begin with the bandages starting at the top of his head and working my way down his body once he was covered I then begin with the cling wrap making sure it was pulled right for added effect . Finishing of with him chained to the bondage board .

Shifting into a clear plastic bag , I blindfold my sub before putting the bag over his head smearing the contents all over him , pushing a tiny bit of my waste 💩 into his mouth , I leave him like this for about 10 minutes before removing it . Once it was removed I piss straight into his mouth to wash it down , he loved it so much he’s now booked in for this Friday . I can’t wait to push his limits further fantastic session had by all x

My new sub

  • July 18, 2023

My new sub arrived at the given time , after having our pre-session chat I have lots of ideas . Once it was undressed and in my playroom I tie it’s hans behind it’s back , I then order it to bend over , once it was fully bent over I insert a butt plug and order it over my bench , it did mention it loved pain , hehe not as much as I like to give it . I strap him down to the bench ,spanking his arse cheeks , I think I’ll use my flogger and straps before I start with the dressage whip , I was in my element once I was warmed up , my sub was deep into sub space taking each and every stroke well , before I move onto the cane . It did also mention that it didn’t take to well with the can but I soon convinced him , you don’t have a chioce take it because I’ll make you take it and once I’ve finished with you , you are going to be hooded gagged and forced to smoke before holding a piece of my shit in your mouth while it’s taped up , I’m the one in control do you understand ! With a nod it takes 15 which was pushing its limits but he managed them. It wasn’t long before it was on its knees in front of me whimpering because it knew it was time for the shit test ! Lol Open your mouth wide , popping a piece of poo into its mouth I tape it up and good him , laughing as I tell it , it’s got to hold it there until the end of the session which was 10 mins , I was prodding and poking it’s taped mouth trying to make it swallow some , once I saw it gulp , it started to gag , I remove the tape and order it to the bathroom . As soon as he was back in the room I order it to lay on the floor and finish its self off whilst I peed all over its face . Awesome session for the both of us

Enforced hard sports with Mistress V – a testimonial

  • February 13, 2023

I arrived on time and called Mistress V and was ordered to get up the stairs and to knock on the door, I was welcomed in and the red toilet box was out ready for myself, mistress told me to get undressed as my breakfast was nearly ready, in no time my head was in the toilet box and my legs were bound and I was handcuffed, I was trapped, an estim was applied for only one reason to make sure I ate everything, the beautiful sight of mistresses derriere came down and sat on my face, ordered to open my mouth which I did obediently, mistress v shit straight in my mouth and told to chew as the estim was increased I chewed and swallowed then it was time for a drink, again mistress sat down and her champagne was delivered and drank down, I thought it was over but I wasn’t that lucky, my second course was ready and my mouth was full again, mistress ordered to chew, estim again was turned up and my nipples twisted until I’d eaten everything, eventually I was released and my next task was to clean mistress v’s gorgeous arse , I licked it clean while told to wank my cock, I came in my hand and as her toilet I licked it up and swallowed it as ordered xx as a reward mistress allowed me the pleasure of licking her beautiful pussy for a minute, I’ll definitely be back for breakfast again

My potty mouth toilet slave

  • February 11, 2023

My potty mouth toilet slave arrived on the agreed time , he has been before but only once . On its first visit it managed to have its lips spread with my 💩 but today he wanted it’s limits pushing to full consumption. He was extremely nervous as you can imagine. Attaching the estim , I set it to a pulse setting not to high but just enough for him to feel it . Once he was tied and cuffed I was ready to deliver its delicious delights.
I begin to pee first telling him , refreshments first before the main course lol .
I’m now ready to push my turd 💩 out . Open wide potty mouth , one last push and it landed on its mouth , bending down I turn up the estim . Now chew ! I won’t be happy until it’s all gone , with that I squeeze it’s nipple as hard as I possibly can , before I know it it’s eaten it all , Untying it I order it on its knees to clean my arse hole using its tongue for my tissue , while he’s doing this I tell him it’s time to play with its pathetic cock which it does before cumming , he shoots its load into its hand , Lick it up potty mouth , that’s what your mouths for . What a session

A highly addictive Mistress – a Testimonial

  • December 30, 2022

I like to be made to do hard sports, but only with a Mistress who genuinely enjoys it and isn’t only doing it for the money. For a while now I’ve been seeking a hardsports aficionado; someone who loves doing it. I spent a while looking at Mistress V’s tweets and the blogs and pages of her website and Eureka! On several occasions, Mistress V has said that of all the things she does, hard sports is her favourite. Furthermore, she has no difficulty enforcing it if that is what the client requests.

So I made an appointment with Mistress V, asking for enforced hard sports and being her human toilet paper, with punishment for failing to clean Mistress perfectly.

The stunningly beautiful Mistress V was ready for me when I arrived. After a thorough and very professional pre-session discussion, I was tied VERY thoroughly and securely to a body board with my head under Mistress’s toilet chair. Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards the toilet chair, having collected a variety of painful looking implements to use on me to make me consume her waste, should enforcement be necessary. Indeed, enforcement was very necessary. Mistress V had already made it crystal clear that because I had asked for enforced hard sports, once I was tied into place there would be no going back. It probably took half an hour, using a combination of ‘encouragement’ and severe pain, for me to consume it all. It was then washed down with what i thought would be a never ending stream of Mistress’s pee. Mistress laughed as I quickly guzzled it down.

The next part was for me to use my tongue to clean Mistress V; to be her human toilet paper. It had already been made clear to me that if I wanted to be her living toilet paper, the consequences of not cleaning her properly would be severe. I decided to take the risk and I thought I’d done a good job, but after I’d finished my cleaning task, Mistress checked herself with toilet paper and found I’d missed a bit.

I was told to clean myself up then tied to the spanking bench and given a flogging to warm me up then a severe caning. Well I’d been warned and I will make sure to do a better job next time!

What a fantastic session! Mistress V has everything. She is searingly beautiful, an expert Mistress and highly intelligent; a perfect combination for a perfect session.

If you want hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress for you. And if you don’t want hard sports – something mild perhaps – Mistress V is still the Mistress for you.

Those of you who have not had a session with Mistress V do not know what you are missing. Beware though! Mistress V is highly addictive. I guarantee you’ll never want to session with anyone else.

slave p

My Latest Hard Sports Client

  • December 29, 2022

Of all the things that I do, hard sports is my favourite and I love welcoming a new hard sports slave into my chambers. It makes me feel good that people are honoured to eat my poo. My latest human toilet arrived; slightly nervous but I like that!

During our pre session chat it transpired that my new poo eater had experience but hadn’t done it for a while. He also expressed an interest in painful trampling. I told him he’d better be hungry because I’d eaten a big breakfast in readiness for him! Thankfully, he was indeed hungry and he gleefully swallowed my waste, washed down with copious amounts of my pee. I then made him lick my shitty arse clean. I’d already told him he would be punished if he didn’t completely clean me up. When he’d finished cleaning me with his tongue I wiped myself with toilet paper.  Oh dear! He hadn’t done a perfect job of cleaning me!

“Over my punishment bench!”

Having tied him securely to the bench I gave him 50 very hard strokes of the sjambok. If you are going to clean me after hard sports, I require absolute perfection, otherwise the punishment is real.

I untied him and made him lie on the floor face down, trampling his back, legs and arse with my sharpest heels while I sat next to him on a chair , leaving heel indentations and scratches all over him. Then I made him lie face up and I trampled his chest, belly, cock and balls, once again marking him as he had requested.

A fantastic session; he has booked to come back in 2 weeks!

Huddersfield Mistress V

Humiliation & Degradation – a Testimonial

  • December 12, 2022

I came to visit Mistress V with an idea of what she was going to do with me, so I was quite nervous. I have a kink for wearing nappies so she demanded I arrive wearing one under my clothes, which was so humiliating. I was really worried I would someone would notice as I was walking to the session.
Mistress V, gorgeous as ever, made me strip and informed me she had taken a shit on plate several minutes ago. She then told me she was going to put me in tight bondage.
Picking up the plate of shit she made me unfasten my nappy and shoved some of the shit into the back with force, so it stuck to me. I then fastened my nappy up again,then she wrapped very strong tape around the nappy under it was so tight and I knew I’d have a problem taking it off, before she picked up some black plastic wrap she started wrapping it around my body, tighter and tighter. She guided me to her bondage bench where I lay down. She then tightly strapped me down with both ropes and chains until I literally couldn’t move. Then she wrapped the plastic around my head just leaving my nose and mouth free. I started to panic.
“Open your toilet mouth”. I open and she pushed the remaining shit in my mouth, and it was a lot. She then quickly taped up my mouth so I couldn’t spit it out. “The tape is not coming off your mouth until the chew and swallow the shit”. Oh god, now I started to wriggle and realised I couldn’t move or speak. She added more layers of tape to make it even worse.
10 minutes later I managed to chew a swallow a lot of her divine waste and she eventually free’d my mouth, said I’d done a very good job. I was being unstrapped and cut free.
Just when I thought the session had ended Mistress made me lie on the floor and put a funnel in my mouth, before making me swallow her gorgeous piss.
She then, as a final humiliation, sent me home wearing my nappy containing her shit. I had to cut myself out of it.
This is best session I’ve ever had. Each time with Mistress V is even better than the last.

No limits sessions – a testimonial

  • November 30, 2022

I’ve been visiting Mistress V for quite a few years. I have got complete trust in her so all the sessions are ‘no limits’.

However, this time my nerves were getting the better of me travelling on the train to Huddersfield as she had told me in advance that I was going to become one of her full toilet slaves.

As usual Mistress was waiting for me at the train station. She then gave me a bottle of her special drink – a piss and shit smoothie and made me drink it all before I was allowed to get in the car.

On arriving at her chambers I gave her my gifts, two industrial sized rolls of cling wrap, a bag of sterile needles and a pair of waddle pants (look them up on the net!)

So the session started. I was made to strip and then Mistress completely encased me very tightly in cling wrap. She had to help me to move to the armchair in the backroom as I couldn’t walk so could only flop into the chair.

Mistress decided I was to become her ashtray and forced smoking slave. She exhaled into my mouth and made me chew and swallow the butt. An ashtray was taped to my chin and I was forced to smoke two cigarettes then lick the ashtray clean and eat my own butts, they were still lit so I had to extinguish them with my saliva.

Needles were inserted though my nipples.

Mistress disappeared into the bathroom and proceeded to prepare my lunch – fresh shit on the plate then fed it me and made sure I consumed it all. Mistress very kindly produced a glass of her golden champagne to help wash it down.

Then slide onto the floor. Mistress had received a new pair of stilettos that day so I had to worship the heels.

The end of another brilliant session with a dominant caring Mistress who then cut me out of my cocoon. Removing the needles I bled a little which dripped onto the floor and was made to lick the floor clean of all the blood

shit Muncher

Joining Mistress V’s Hard Sports club

  • November 3, 2022

Today I joined mistress V club of toilet subs .session started with morning coffee and catch up then .inserted to strip Place my head in the bowel when mistress stood over my head and insulted to open my mouth to receive big fat chocolate log into my mouth. Mistress instructed hold the log in my mouth when a rained gallon of fresh golden nectar then mistress reached in and smeared the log all my face and hair and eat chunk of it to show respect. Then got fresh up made but on my sissy slut outfit .Mistress V then shackled my hand’s and legs to together then slipped collar and then put heavy chain all the way all hoops and lock them with leg spreader them blindfolded me then but my sissy hood on .made me walk around dungeon as MV sat giggling as bumping into bondage bench and cage.then bend over then bench still locked up my dress slipped up and knickers slipped down my pink arese ready to get roasted with a paddle and blue whip and slut strap.

Once I was released from bench I crawled to my mistress medical bench to worship her toes and feet then told to climb on the bench mistress cuffed my hands and legs to the medical bench then mistress came over my head and taped my mouth shut with four big strips of dunk tape then are blindfold me and my sissy hood and extra fun but noise cancelling ear defenders as well my dress pulled up and knickers pulled down started to punishment on my cock and balls with a heavy strap Then mistress slip a very long sound down my eye and used vibrator to made slid sound dance down my cock then came sounds clamped my ball sack and around my cock mistress then removed the tape and offered me some fresh spit then retaped my mouth shut as she zap my sack and cock. Then mistress tilled to headboard down removed my blindfold hood and tape then mistress stood above and let me drink her nutty flavour golden amber with nice drink.

Thank you
Mistress V

potty mouth nic

  • October 17, 2022

Iam a very experienced slave , but there was one aspect of BDSM i had not experienced which was hard sports.

I decided to visit MISTRES V to experience this i had read her testimonials and knew that she has an amazing reputation in the BDSM community/

i have now visited her 3 times for hard sports sessions , on my first visit i tasted shit for the first time ever , using her skill and expertise i was able to swallow a little/

The second visit i managed a little more.

The third visit i asked her to if possible if she could have a large load ready for me.

On arriving on my third visit MISTRESS was waiting dressed in latex her BEAUTIFUL LEGS in sheer NYLON , and high heels.
She orderd me to place myself under her PVC clear toilet , throne.
Open your mouth potty mouth she ordered , i eagerly obeyed, she then shit directly in to my mouth, lots of waste , which she ordered me to eat,

Thanks to MISTRES V s training i was able to do this i ate the lot , plus lots of pis and waste which she orderd me to drink from the toilet bowl.

MISTRESS V is a stunning MISTRESS a superb figure and beautiful face , i want to serve her more, and eat more of her waste , it is all i think about/

Mistress V filmed my sess and i am proud to be on her scat book clips site , i urge you all to join this site so many extreme scat clips with real slaves like me.

Iam now a human toilet for MISTRESS V.

I cant wait to visit MISTRESS V again.

potty mouth nic

My regular human toilet

  • October 6, 2022

My human toilet arrived eagerly wanting to consume my waste . Once he’d undressed I order him through . Lie on the floor on your back , Ive been saving my waste for you , ive got at least 3 days loads ready to deliver directly into your disgusting potty mouth . Open its ready ! Once my poop 💩 was out he caught it in his hands and began to devour it , sucking and chewing every bit , it was very impressive to witness this hungry pile of shit on the floor forcing my 💩 down it’s throat . Playing with it as if it were putty , smearing and covering it self from the head down with what shit there was left . Ordering it shower before we move on to the bull whip and the cane , it did say it wanted his stripes to last at least a week so it could show of at club quest in leeds , it was very happy with the end result . Not as happy as me obviously .

My new sub from Spain

  • October 4, 2022

Having spoken briefly over the phone with times and dates the session was about to take place .
When my sub arrived at the time given we sat down and had a pre-session chat , I wanted to know about his likes and dislikes , not many dislikes which was great to hear I love Tpe total power exchange , I gave him a safe word as i’d never sessioned with him before . He flew over from spain especially for the session. Pre-session chat over it was now time for the fun to begin . 😈
Showing him to the bathroom I order him to strip naked and present himself to me in the main playroom , upon entering the room it says it has a bunch of nettles . will you use these it says “ lol I replied pass them here’s I know exactly where they are going . I begin to tie the nettles in between the rope tightly wrapping it around its cock and balls , Stinging are they ? laughing as I tighten the rope . Get your arse over that bench , you are mine now for the next 3 hours and i’m going to do what the fuck I like . And you are going to thank me for it . Strapping him down to the bench I spank each cheek until they are a rosy red .
Using my small strap I use different levels of intensity from medium to hard continuously telling it , once ive finished with you , you will be doing things you’ve only ever dreamed of , laughing as the bull whip makes contact reddening its cheeks to a now very crimson red , swishing the whip through the air then the sound of the crack really excites me . Once he could take no more I move onto the cane , I want to push its limits , taking my time with each stroke Light to Medium Hard and very Hard wow he was definitely submissive taking each stroke in his stride . Happy with the end result I unstrap it and point over to the medical bench , go and lay down on the bench . I tie him down on the board then I use some chains to make sure he can’t wriggle , I wanted to surprise him , he really had no clue what was coming next .
Straddling him I tell him to open its mouth , ive got gifts from above , laughing I 💩 straight into its mouth telling it to hold it there doing so I piss slowly into its mouth . Chew and swallow . Wow was I really seeing this novice at hardsports eating my shit ! Of course it was I never expected anything else , he did mention that he’d never done it . One of the bucket list . Once my sun was cleaned up it was time for some needle play finished of with the estim . It was a brilliant session I thoroughly enjoyed it . So did my sub . Already booking for his next session 😈😈

Poo Latte for My human toilet slave

  • September 9, 2022

Picking my toilet slave up this morning from the train station was a delight ,watching it’s face as I pulled in , Opening the door I order it into the passenger seat . It didn’t have a clue what I had planned for it today .
Once in my chambers door locked , I order it to strip . Now slave what do I have planned for you , laughing I finish my coffee which i’d bought on the way to pick it up . With this empty cup i’m going to fill it with piss and shit and i’m going to make a shitty latte . Never had one of those before have you ? It’s not ready yet I need to punish you first , I want you over my bench and take my whip , you know why i’m going to punish you harshly don’t you ? Yes mistress I do . With that I begin with my bull whip lashing it’s arse cheeks leaving beautiful red marks all over it , until he could take no more , from the bench it was ordered over to the medical bench for some needle play , it should be used to my sadistic art starting with the nipples before moving down to his cock , completely closing his foreskin with needles , I then stick a lit cigarette up it’s nose , tapping its mouth shut so he has no choice but to inhale the smoke through its nostril , I know it’s extreme but it’s what it wants , No limit session .
After nostril smoking I remove the tape and cigarette. What was coming next was the grand final , it’s shitty latte , mixing my piss and shit it was ready for this potty mouth to drink it , estim attached to its cock and balls I order it Drink it now ! it gags at first until I turn the power up , swallowing the drink straight down I was very impressed . Showing me the remainder that was at the bottom of the cup , Not much shit left really but , I did send it home with the cup , I wanted this toilet to remember its session all the way home . Ordering it to fill it on the train with its own piss and drink it . Great session muncher

See a video of My poo latte here

Fantastic Hardsports Session

  • September 7, 2022

Fantastic hardsports session this morning with a new toilet slave ,it came all the way down from scotland to taste my waste , just a little this time but it has promised to take more when it comes to visit again for a real enforced session , I explained the procedures as he looked at me in sheer admiration . Would you like to be a regular shit eater ? it nods .
Get yourself naked now !
It doesn’t like enclosed spaces so laying out a plastic sheet I order it to lay down with its face up . I then tie its hands behind its head . I straddle across this toilet and squat pushing every bit of shit out of me ,all over its chest then standing over its mouth I drop a little turt onto its mouth , then I go back to the pile of shit on its chest smearing it all over its chest , stomach and nose . I tell it , I don’t mind the smell of my own shit , I get great pleasure in shitting and pissing all over my toilet slaves . He soon found that out didn’t he by booking a session 💩

My slave’s brown lippy!

  • August 29, 2022

Once my new slave was inside the dungeon we sat and had a chat about his likes and dislikes . Once this was over I ordered my slave to go and undress and crawl back into the playroom .
Come on boy look at my shoes they are in need of a deep clean with your tongue . During our chat before the session he did say he was willing try anything lol . Does he know what he’s letting himself in for haha Once I was completely satisfied with the shoe worship I order him over my spanking bench , I strap him down tight before giving him a light spanking warm up to begin with always watching his body language, intensifying the slaps so his cheeks were glowing , he points to the canes in the corner , Oh you’d like to try the cane 🦯 would you ? with that I pull my slim whippy cane out and tap it on his bottom , sticking his arse out more as I tap , You like the feel of the cane don’t you slave , he nods . I’m in my glory he can take quite a lot to say he’s never had the cane before , I then move onto my flogger lightly flicking it over his sore cheeks , He also told me he wanted to try anal , being as ive not seen him before I slip on my virgin cock , with lots of lube I slide it in , moving his hips with me as I slowly fuck his arse .
You’ll soon be under my bottom slave my bladder is full . Moving him onto the bondage board , using my rope I weave my web from the ankles to the chest telling him to try and move . He can’t which makes me laugh , time for your drink slave , open your mouth wide it’s about to pour .
Teasing him “I say I need a shit “ would you like to taste my shit ? I’ll have a go was his reply .
One little push and it was out , it had missed his mouth and gone into the bowl at the side of his head ,looking down I could tell the size of it scared him lol I break a small stodgy piece and rub it over his lips ordering him to keep his lips shut ! Needing another pee I stand over him Open ! piss flowing into his mouth he has no choice to swallow he also licks his lips not a bit of shit left on them by the time i’d finished weeing lol . He thought the session had finished at the point until I ordered him to relieve himself into hand I wanted to watch him swallow every bit , which he did of course . He’s already looking at dates for his next session . Fantastic for a complete novice 😈

My first time with Mistress V

  • August 28, 2022

I arrived on time and got the directions to mistress V’s lair, mistress v let me in smiling as I think back now she knew what was going to happen in session already, we sat and had a friendly chat before I went to the bathroom to get undressed, I was ordered to crawl back in with the tribute in my mouth, looking at mistress V is an incredible site, ss she had a cigarette I was told to lick her high heels and suck on the heel lick it was a cock, after this I was told to get on the bench and was spanked,whipped, flogged and fucked hard with two of mistress v’s strap ons, I was left tied down for a while and ordered to suck on the cock that has been up my arse as mistress prepared the bondage board and toilet seat for my final task and my first experience in hardsports, what a beautiful site it was looking up at mistress V’s gorgeous pussy and arse, until reality hit me as her shit came down on my face, mistress kindly picked some up and used it as lipstick on me, I opened my mouth and chewed on some as I wanted to please mistress, she is so generous she gave me a drink of her lovely champagne to make the caviar go down nicely xx thanks mistress V you are amazing xx

My human toilet slave

  • July 31, 2022

My human toilet didn’t know how much i’d prepared the night before for its scat session this morning . With a knock at the door Inlet in in , all smiles and eager to please , straight down onto its knees yh worship my feet before I order it to the bathroom to get changed .

Returning back into the play room .I had already set the scene before it’s arrival , see through throne toilet bowl and cuffs attached to the legs of my throne   , get your fucking head in there now , cuffing it’s wrists it was ready , walking around this shit loving toilet , I sit on my throne and order it to open wide , wow I was impressed with the load that had just landed into its greedy mouth , chew it greedy guts , looking down at it , it’s mouth full.  I said chew before I pee into it .filling it’s mouth so it was over flowing it couldn’t eat and drink at the same time , I wasn’t bothered as i’d already got a plan for all the waste . Once it had eaten it’s main course I order it to get the bowl and drink all the shitty pee up then it had to lock the bowl clean , I was very happy at its efforts , so I rewarded it with a nylon bottom worship before it was ordered to clean it self up . See you soon greedy guts

Toilet Training with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • July 4, 2022

I arrived for my very first session with the gorgeous and intelligent Mistress V. I was nervous but after we sat for a little while and I admitted I wanted to be trained as a toilet, but also admitted that I love being humiliated by wearing nappies. As soon as I revealed this information I was told to get changed in the bathroom and immediately wear a diaper/nappy I had brought with me.
I was put into tight rope bondage (tight bondage I love) and forced to worship her beautiful arse, my tongue enjoying the amazing taste. Then she had me lie down where she preceded to tower over me before releasing a torrent of her gorgeous golden nectar into my wide open mouth. I couldn’t keep up but swallowed all that I possibly could. Next she put on her black gloves and proceeded to shit near me, which rolled into a ball and shoved into my mouth before instructing me to chew and swallow. She then shoved the rest of her wonderful poo into the back of my nappy which she started to rub, to make as much of mess in there as possible. I was in heaven. Next she undid my nappy and pissed all over it, including my cock, before fastening it back up.
I was asked to worship her gorgeous arsehole, licking it clean, and sucking her wonderful gloves she’d been wearing before she informed me she was sending me home frustrated, in a used nappy, and I wasn’t allowed to wash out my mouth. And then, as an added task, she informed me she wanted a video of me taking off the nappy and shoving it into my face. Very cruel but I loved every second.
The best domme I’ve ever sessioned with. Thank you.

My new human toilet

  • June 29, 2022

I do love it when a new human toilet arrives , they always look so frightened trembling almost . Stood in the door way I order him in , having a brief chat I order it to get undressed and present himself to me on all fours , doing as it’s told he’s soon on his feet , stand still and look at me , I love to make eye contact with my soon to be toilet , he said he’s eaten poo before , I do like that . I hope your going to be a good toilet pig and eat it all up , it will soon be time to show me how good you are won’t it ?
Tying him before I tease and taunt him explaining that my poo comes in many different consistencies from day to day , let’s hope it’s a firm one so I can see it between your teeth hehe after some nipple play and scratching he’s soon under my throne mouth wide open eager to prove himself to me , I begin to pee telling it to keep up with my flow , nearly finishing I tell it to stop drinking it’s time to chew a nice smelly turd 💩, look up at me potty mouth looking up I bend down and poop straight into its hungry mouth , Don’t swallow it just yet , I want you to place it between your teeth once you’ve done that I want you to roll it around in your mouth making it into a little ball then show me again , opening its mouth I spit straight into it right to the back of its throat , swirl it in your mouth again , now open I need a pee you can have a drink before the next turd is about to arrive , I can’t believe how calm my toilet is , he’s loving every minute of it pooping another turd the last one , make sure you savour the last one slave , I laughed as I said my truffles are a bit like fruit pastels once you pop you just can’t stop lol , he will definitely be back for more delicious delights 😈

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