Hard Sports

My new toilet slave

  • August 22, 2019

Hearing the door knock at the scheduled time my new toilet Slave has arrived, opening it there it stood head bowed bag in hand, I was intrigued to see what was inside, up you go potty mouth, once your upstairs I want to see what’s in the bag!!

It’s full of hoods miss, leather plastic pvc, empty it! Finding one suitable I pass it, in there and put it on pointing to the main room.

Still going through the bag I find a clear plastic hood with a zip at the back, hmm 🤔 this would be good filled with shit

I enter the room rope in hand, he’s facing away from me. I’m going to tie you nice and tight shit breath, i don’t want no wriggling while I deliver my waste!

Attaching clamps with weights to his balls, I then put his rubber inflatable hood on, I love it when a Slave can’t see what’s coming next, I flick his cock with my flogger lightly first just to test the reflex lol

Administering poppers as and when I wanted, I’m the boss after all

Moving onto the nipples pegs to start with, before the heavier ones, prowling around him as if he were my prey

I’ve found a clear hood in your bag, when I’m ready I’m going to take a shit in it before I make you wear it, potty mouth,

No need for the toilet box today. Untying him I remove the hood and clamps

I then attach leather cuffs and open mouth gag

Shitting into the plastic hood I also add a cotton wool ball soaked in poppers, to kind arnt i lol

Blindfolding him before I apply the hood Zipping him in there’s no escape from my shit now, laughing I rub the hood watching the shit smear all over his face and head, unzipping the hood I put my hand in, your going to eat some! Shaking his head. I shove it in his mouth chew it potty boy!!

Removing the hood once it was consumed, well done Slave, you’ve impressed me with your efforts today I will reward you with a glass of piss!! Now that’s fair

A Toilet slave

  • July 10, 2019

After a good swim this morning I made my way to Domspace as my toilet Slave was on his way, he also informed me it was his birthday!!

“Fantastic!! Do not have any breakfast; my shit can be your birthday cake.”

On his arrival I opened the door.

“Get up those stairs, potty mouth!”

I picked up a coffee on my way, to ensure he got his dessert (coffee is a laxative for me). Drinking my coffee we had a little chat.

“Can you whip me first mistress?”

“I’d love to. Finish your cigarette and get undressed.”

“I’m ready mistress.”

“Over my bench then, I’ll start with the softer whip and if I think you can take it harder I’ll use my other whip, it has a nasty sting in its tail, be warned!”

Once I’d given him a sufficient thrashing I ordered him to get his head in the toilet box.

“Are you hungry birthday boy?”

“Yes mistress I want to eat more of your beautiful shit this time as I only managed a tiny bit before.”

“I have plenty for you shit breath.”

I straddled the toilet box.

“Open your mouth and catch it!”

Looking down at this pathetic shit eater my shit landed straight into his mouth, and placing my gloved hand over his mouth he had no choice but to chew and swallow his cake.

“Can I have some water please?”

“Yes you may wash it down and then get ready for the next load, I’ll light a cigarette just in case you need a little encouragement.”

It’s fair to say he got more than he expected without me having to torture his balls; he wants me to feed him with a spoon for his next visit, of course I don’t mind how it’s administered as long as it’s eaten 💩💩💩

Is it your birthday and you want something different? Call me

A Fantastic Hard Sports Session!

  • June 12, 2019

Weds the 12th June and my new toilet slave was due to arrive at any minute. When I say new, he’s been once before but didn’t manage to eat my shit, very disappointing!! But today there is NO getting out of it!

I haven’t had a shit for a few days and my stomach was telling me I needed to go! Finishing off my coffee, the door bell rang, opening the door, there stood the pathetic shit eater.

“There will be no messing about today shit breath, you will consume every bit of my waste today !! I hope you haven’t eaten ? Hahaha get undressed , stockings panties everything !! And get your potty mouth in that toilet box, call me once you’re ready!”

“I’m ready mistress”

I straddled the toilet box and opened my bowels.

“Eat it you dirty shit eating cunt!”

Yes I do have a dirty mouth 😂 but this thing beneath me is a dirty shitty shit eater!

“You weren’t expecting that much were you?”

“I wasn’t expecting it as soon as I got in mistress.”

“Well that’s where you made the mistake; before you had time to bottle it. Not this time, now go and have a shower, it’s time for some breath play and needle play.”

Once showered and smelling better than he did 10 mins ago.

“Go and get in the the body bag, I want access to your cock and balls and your nipples, plenty of needles for you, but before that I want you to inhale my piss, let’s put your mask on.”

Piss in one end of the mask and poppers in the other, what a beautiful aroma! Leaving him inhaling the sweet smell of my piss, I got my needles ready.

“Time to start on the nipples!!

“Ouch that hurt”

“It’s not going to tickle is it?” I laughed, as I stuck a needle into his balls!! I lost count after 60.

“It’s time to get some anal training done! Get your arse cheeks spread!”

He took a good fucking, he’ll be back next month to try the black rod and the vac bed; can’t wait!

A Testimonial from My toilet slave

  • February 7, 2019

I arrived at mistress V’s play space early in the morning, nice and quiet with a drive to park in. easy enough to find though my sat nav would say otherwise!

on meeting mistress for the first time i was slightly nervous, what do i say how do i act? hi im here to eat your shit! didnt seem the best introduction so a hello sufficed lol

Mistress was very friendly and put me at ease very quickly, we chatted and she even made me a smashing cuppa (nice one mistress)

once she had manged to relax me i was quickly stripped and dressed in a nice dress wig heels and stockings once i had finished posing and strutting my slutty stuff much to mistress amusement i was made to kneel and suck her favourite strapon on, Mistress was very verbal and it was clear she was enjoying the influence she was having on me as i became more and more submissive and slutty.

Her cock wet she decided i was in need of a spanking and not having played with me before i was impressed by her technique
All her strokes hit the mark, her accuracy allowed me to relax and really get into the play, Mistress is a very accomplished CP player and i look forward to doing a serious CP session with her at some point (i have done some heavy Cp play in past but mistress wasnt aware of this at the time)

during a brief break in my beating my head was lifted and I found my nose buried into mistress V’s fantastic behind, she wriggled her divine arse onto my nose as i lost myself in the erotic moment hoping i was pleasing her, mistress jarred me back from such thoughts with a trumping fart that had no were to go but up my nose “spanked and farted on it dosent get much more humiliating than this girl” she taunted me …. a slight giggle (mistress has a fantastic laugh!) “well”, she continues 2that is untill i need to shit, its on the move now are you hungry?” (more laughter.)

To think i was wondering if i was pleasing her? ha no im just a toilet, an object to her…

during all the laughter spankings and fun i had almost forgot the main reason i was here, and mistress was ready to deliver, “get in the box slut i need to shit and your going to eat it all”

Face up trapped in her toilet box i watched mistress light a fag “i like a smoke while i take a shit” she smiled down at me, nerves were starting to get to me now and i was truly starting to worry on following through with this but my desire to serve prevailed, With no more small talk Mistress dropped her knickers and lowered her ass to my face blocking out all light my world was now just her asshole.

Gently i probed and licked at her rosebud I think mistress enjoyed this and asked if i could feel my breakfast coming.

A slight fart and i felt her anus open , i opened my mouth… this is it i thought im about to become a true human toilet to a goddess! mistress raised her ass up as the shit came,  Mistress re-adjusted herself so it went right into her toilet, my mouth.

the moment was the most erotic thing in my life, however mistress had a lot to give, more than i could hold and the shit soon started,  i struggled but felt a burning to my balls from mistress ciggarette. “chew my shit toilet!” she demanded and caught in the moment i did just that, Mistress was kind enough to piss in my mouth to help the shit down which it did.

Afterwards was as if nothing had happend no shame, guilt, self loathing mistress allowed me plenty of time to clean up, and made me another fantastic cuppa 😊we chatted for a good time before i hit the road.

Mistress is a very friendly and open lady, highly skilled and genuinely enjoys what she does, this makes such a difference and i am so glad i choose to share this moment with her.

Since i failed to eat all her shit much to my shame, ive been informed next time i wont be leaving till its all consumed and she has ways… should i go back? (who am i kidding of course i will be going back!)

My Latest Human Toilet!

  • February 6, 2019

On his arrival I could sense my new sub was a little nervous; he had travelled a long way to meet me for breakfast!

“Would you like a cup of tea to settle those nerves before we proceed?”

“Yes please mistress, I need something to warm me up”

“Oh I’ll warm you up make no mistake about that!!”

Once he’d finished his beverage I told him to undress, and remembering in his email that he liked to cross dress, I picked a nice black figure hugging slut dress, black wig and red stockings with some lovely 4 inch white shoes.

After applying bright red lipstick, this slut was ready to suck my hard cock!

“On your knees bitch and suck!!”

Laughing as she got down on her knees, I named my new slut michala.

“Suck it slowly I want you to get it all in! Gradually, no need to rush”

My cock wet with her mouth, she looked up at me.

“I love your cock Mistress”

Red lipstick was smudged all over her face.

“Get over that bench you dirty little cock sucking whore!!”

Pulling her red panties down I used the paddle to start the punishment. I love to see red bottoms!

“You will take this paddle and my strap today bitch for being the whore you are, and once I’ve thrashed you I will be shitting straight into your mouth!!”

“Yes Mistress”

She took her punishment very well, and after unstrapping her from the bench I told her to get back to doing what she does best!! Sucking my dick!!

“The toilet box is out, lie down and get your head in”

I lowered myself down onto the box .

Shitting straight into his mouth, he tried to wriggle until I put my lit cigarette onto his balls; pissing into his mouth, looking down at this pathetic bitch swallowing my waste, washing my shit down.

He finished his breakfast, not all of it I might add but he tried his best when encouraged hahaha!!

Happy Days!

  • January 10, 2019

What a fantastic couple of days I’ve had. A mixture of old and new clients all week as well as a couple of novices.

My first session yesterday morning (weds) was at 9.30 with a newbie hard sports slave! Before my slave was due to arrive I had a strong black coffee – the perfect laxative, and it wasn’t long before I could feel its effect.

I had another 20 mins to wait. I didn’t think I could last that long as the urge to go was getting more and more intense lol. Squeezing my bum cheeks together I held on.

He was soon ringing the doorbell. I opened the door and ordered him upstairs.

At this point I was ready to explode! No time for chit chat he wants my shit and boy is he going to get it haha!

“Get stripped off and lie on the plastic sheet. I’ve been holding on to his package for too long now so you need to be quick!!”

He was on the floor mouth wide open and as I  stood above him I parted my bum cheeks wide.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes Mistress”

Even if he wanted to back out he couldn’t as it was out!

“I hope you’re not going to just twirl it around in your mouth!! You need to swallow it!! All of it!!!”

He did as instructed. I then lowered my bum down onto his tongue.

“Now clean it!!!”

Perfect Wednesday morning. Breakfast was definitely served hot!!

My slave’s first time scat session – as it happened!

  • November 18, 2018

The morning has arrived for my Slave to eat my waste and clean my dirty arse !!I ate plenty of spicy food the night before just to add a bit of flavour.

On his arrival I opened the door to see my Slave literally trembling.

“Calm down slave.  Nothing has happened yet!!”

“Yes Mistress”

Laying my bondage board on the floor I got my rope; he’s going to need to be tied down securely as he will only wriggle and try avoid eating my waste!!

“Lay on the board.”

Once he was tied and shackled I stood over him.

“You’re going to eat all of it and I’m going to feed you. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

Spreading my arse cheeks, I dropped it straight onto his stomach. Squatting down over his mouth I demand he cleans my arse.

“Lick my arse clean, toilet, then suck the rest of it out.”

I put my hand under his jaw and clamped it around his mouth so he had no choice but to lick it clean.

Lighting a cigarette I then got on my knees and fed it to him with a spoon a little at a time, every now and then torturing his balls with my cigarette.

I think he enjoyed his Sunday lunch, he’ll be back in a couple of weeks to do it all again!

Lucky Slave!!!

My slave’s first time scat session tomorrow

  • November 17, 2018

Looking forward to Sunday as it’s my slave’s first ever time for scat!!  He’s as nervous as hell which I guess is normal for all you shit lovers!

I’ll be kind and introduce him to it slowly, by slowly I mean a little at a time on his body at first.

I have many ways of making a Slave consume my waste obviously I’m not going to tell you all my secrets, but I will be doing a blog about the entire session tomorrow evening, look on my website and have a good read!!

You could be next !!

Overnight Session

  • August 4, 2018

Friday evening and my new sub is due to arrive in 30 minutes. He wants to be caged and left for the night with enforced hardsports. My favourite!!

There was a knock at the door.


In came a small man with a small voice.

“Good evening Mistress”.

Looking him up and down I instructed him to undress. Once naked I instructed him to get on all fours and crawl to me like the dog that he is. On his hands and knees he crawled into the playroom.

“Stand up!!”

Collaring him, I then put him in cuffs.

“You will not be leaving here tonight.”

Pointing at the cage I demanded that he crawled in. Once in the cage I gagged him.

“I will bring you your breakfast in the morning and it won’t be a full English”.

Looking nervous, I give him one of My devious grins.

“It’s ok, no one will hear your whimpers.”

I turned on My heels and switched out the light.

“Ihope it’s dark enough for you Dog!!”

Leaving, I locked the door behind me. I know he’s scared, as I would be if I had to stay in there, but it’s not me, so off I went. I had to have some supper as I did’t want to disappoint my guest in the morning with a small breakfast. I decide on an Indian – vindaloo – nice and hot!

The following morning, I had breakfast, all the while thinking of the dog in the cellar and how hungry he’s going to be. Driving round to My chambers, My stomach was making weird noises! I couldn’t wait to get inside to release him as I was bursting to go to the toilet at this point. I opened the door.

“Hello dog breath, it’s breakfast time. Out you come.

I tied him up and removed the gag. Once restraint and on the floor I stood over his head

“Open your mouth dog! Breakfast is served!”

Safe to say, he was starving hahah!!

My kaviar Eating slave

  • July 5, 2018

My Swedish kaviar eating Slave!!

I couldn’t wait to meet My new toilet. On arrival he told me he’d like Me to spoon feed him My waste. I immediately obliged, as I couldn’t think of any better way to spend My morning.

Collared, I led him into the playroom. I sat him down

“Put your arms behind your back!”

With that, I tied him with My rope as tight as I could, a plate underneath My bottom containing My poo.

“Open your fucking mouth!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The first spoon did take a while to get down but once he swallowed the first bit I was already scooping his second spoonful.

“Open Shit breath!!”

I allowed him some of My nectar to wash and swill it down with.


Looking at the plate with anticipation he did as instructed.

“I want more Mistress.”

Unknown to him I’m already pushing another one out! Straight onto the plate, his seconds are ready!!

“Have a little rest you pathetic boy.”

I gave him 5 minutes rest as I didn’t want him to get too comfortable.

“You know this lot needs eating up don’t you!! Now feed the rest to yourself as you’re making Me want to vomit!!”

Spoon in hand he did as he was told, with a little persuasion from my lit cigarette which was now touching his balls!

“I’ll get you a bigger spoon; the one you’re using can’t get enough shit on it. A Dessert spoon will do the lot in one go, now get your mouth wide open and get it in!”

Taking over, I grabbed the spoon from him and start pushing it all in his mouth.

“Swallow it!!”

With My cigarette, I burned his nipples, which worked a treat as the next time I looked at him he’d eaten every bit. No point in enforced hard sports if you’re not being forced!!

Hard Sports – what’s the attraction?

  • May 13, 2018

Hard Sports – Scat – what’s the attraction?

Many subs have told Me that they believe Hard Sports to be the ultimate in humiliation and degradation. I don’t agree with that assertion. Is doing Hard Sports with Me in private more humiliating than being made to walk around your neighbourhood in broad daylight wearing nothing more than pink high heels and frilly panties? Probably not.

Although Hard Sports can indeed be humiliating and degrading, the attraction is somewhat more complex than that. The main attraction is one of separation; the difference in status between the giver and the receiver. I am superior to you. Eating My Kaviar is a tacit acceptance (by both of us) of My absolute superiority over you.

Enforced Hard Sports

Some subs find the idea of being subjected to Hard Sports to be objectionable. Repulsive even, yet they want to be forced to do it. Why? Because it is a formidable form of TPE (Total Power Exchange). It absolutely reinforces the gap in status between us, and is a strong exhibitor of who is in charge. I am!

Understand this though: if you have requested Enforced Hard Sports, I WILL enforce it. From the moment you are firmly secured into place, there will be no going back. Should it be necessary, I will subject you to the most agonising torture to make it happen. No amount of begging, pleading or screaming will help. I am the only person who will hear your anguished screams, and I enjoy them! I am sexually sadistic, and therefore turned on by your pain, degradation and subjugation. Be careful what you wish for! Enforced Hard Sports means exactly that.

Huddersfield Mistress V – Intelligent Domination

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