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  • April 6, 2020

What a busy Sunday I’ve had on WhatsApp and phone calls.

My first call was a hard sports video call, positioning my camera in the bathroom and get ready to make the call. I squat waiting for my poo to push down before releasing it onto some tissue I’d placed on the floor, telling my new toilet slave how I’m going to tie him with rope so tight he can’t move, placing his head into my toilet box I feed him.

Pausing for drinks of my fine nectar, I can tell this is arousing my toilet on the other end of the call, you may now relieve yourself, once you’ve eaten all my poo and clean yourself up shit breath!!

My next caller, trampling slave.

Lie down on the floor slave I’m going to use you as my human carpet starting with my highest sharpest heels, face down !

Scraping my heel all over your body laughing while I do so, leaving my mark on you pleases mistress, when I’m satisfied you’re going to turn over, I’ll take my shoes off and give you some sensual bare feet cock and ball teasing, when you cum you can lick it all off my perfect size 5 feet

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Phone and Webcam sessions

  • March 20, 2020

I provide very enjoyable phone and webcam sessions for anyone who is unable to visit Me in person. I will satisfy your craving for pain, humiliation and fetish from a distance, using very inventive, innovative means.

My phone and webcam sessions are unique. Our synergy will be inspiring and and dynamic, depending on our disposition and the intimate connection that emanates from the mind’s powerful energy.

The cost is £1.50 a minute. Minimum chat length is 20 minutes. The full session length is payable in advance.

Contact me by email initially, to set up our webcam or phone chat session. We will then arrange a set time and I will advise you of the payment method.

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