My second session with the gorgeous Mistress V

  • July 9, 2024

After my first ever session with the gorgeous Mistress V I had no hesitation in begging Mistress V for a second session.

Deciding I needed to hand over my mind, body and soul for longer I booked a 2 hour session and it exceeded all expectations.

Ordered to arrive locked in chastity cage I immediately handed over my key and was not allowed to unlock till near the end is the session.

Tied up and ordered over Mistress Vs bench I was slapped and paddled for a while before Amal hook was inserted and tied in place making my movement even more restricted, a new feeling which was amazing.

I was then instructed to move to another room where I was placed on a swing with my ankles strapped high offering myself to Mistress V.

WOW what an experience I will never forget.

Eventually I was allowed to uncage and relieve myself and of course instructed to swallow anything I produced which Immediately did as soon as Mistress instructed.

Once again I can truly say what an amazing woman Mistress V is and she has me hanging on her every word, she has truly found my submissive side and brought it out more than I ever knew was possible.

I look forward to another session if allowed and of course would do anything the beautiful Mistress V instructed me too.

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