Quenching my thirst – a testimonial

  • May 2, 2024

Kneeling before MistressV, my collar was fastened around my neck; peace and serenity ensued as i relished being home and in my happy place. How long would this calmness exist – ‘not long’ i expected and such was the case.

With cock and balls tightly bound with black cord, gentle fondling of my nipples by Mistress became more forceful squeezing and tugging, until they protruded far enough for Mistress to fasten a particularly sharp toothed clamp on each of them. Gasping and shuddering, Mistress’ calm voice helped me control the spasms running through my body. Temporary relief only as by tugging and twisting the clamps, the shudders re-commenced with the effects of the nipple torture on the lower parts of my anatomy being quite astounding.

Finally relenting, Mistress removed the clamps, the ensuing massage sending even more tremors down my spine as i was led to Mistress’ bench. Assuming the position, i was quickly strapped down as Mistress started spanking my exposed cheeks, gently at first but with increasing strength and vigour until the colour satisfied Mistress. The session continued with Mistress wielding first a flogger and then a paddle, raising my temperature and sensitising my posterior as i drifted off into subspace. A brief pause in the proceedings as Mistress exulted that i was to experience Her new Prison strap; Mistress may have exulted – my ass didn’t! It felt like the stinging of a cane but across a wide area and accompanied by a dull, deep thud as each stroke drove me further into subspace, trembling as each stroke landed with precision, trying to relax and take it for my Mistress.

Eventually Mistress ceased and i relaxed as i heard Her heels clacking across the floor of Her well-appointed dungeon. Misplaced relief – Mistress returned and swiftly clipped half a dozen clothes pegs on my ball sack. Ok i thought, i can stand this! What i didn’t expect was Mistress to produce her blue single tail whip and start tinkling the pegs with it – and here i thought pegging was something else! It didn’t matter whether Mistress hit the pegs or missed – my crown jewels caught the force of the whip regardless.

Tiring of this game, Mistress finally relented and released me before ordering me to stagger on wobbly legs to Her medical bench. Then ensued a prolonged session of estim with sounds and pin-wheel cock and ball torture. Mistress is a magician with these instruments, keeping me on the edge with the different sensations for an age. My already tender nipples were teased with the pin wheel, the combined sensation with the estim having me struggling to maintain my composure. Mistress soon fixed that – two needles crossing in each nipple soon had me forgetting what was happening at the other end of the couch! As i became more used to the feeling, Mistress gently manipulated the needles while continuing with the estim, bringing me back to the boil until, with more vigorous tweaking, calming things down again.

This prolonged part of the session eventually ended with Mistress deciding i was becoming dehydrated and generously providing what felt like a magnum of Grand Cru champagne, urging me not to spill any, which i managed to achieve with a great deal of effort.

Having quenched my thirst, Mistress rewarded me with the opportunity to worship her beautiful feet and legs, starting with each individual toe and slowly working up her shapely calves with my tongue and lips. Mistress had made sure that i knew my place, however – the needles still pierced my nipples and every movement of my arms and chest resulted in tingles running throughout my torso, an experience i was glad to accept for the honour of worshipping my Mistress.

And so ended a long session in the sparkling company of Mistress V – content in the knowledge that i once again had had the pleasure of Her scintillating company, sensuous laughter and had experienced Her skill at playing my body like a fine musical instrument.

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