My Branded slave

  • April 18, 2021

Strapped down onto my spanking bench I pull a chair up in between my shit muncher’s legs, Sitting down comfortably I begin its branding, I burnt the initial V on its arse cheeks 6 months ago but it looks as though it’s faded. I’ll go over the V and then i’m going to put an M before it, you will be marked by me for life laughing as I press my red hot cigarette on his skin.
This is going to hurt.
Mouth gagged he can’t scream he just accepts it and takes the burning of flesh really well.
When I was happy with the results I move it onto the inversion table attaching the estim to his cock and balls.
without warning I tilt it back. Open your mouth! Spitting into its mouth I tell it about the treats I have in store for it spit now shit later hahaha
You are going to eat every bit of my shit slave I’ll make sure of it!
Once it was secured into the toilet box I tell it to look at me when I’m offering such privileges.Get that mouth open!
Pissing into its mouth I have to laugh because he thinks he’s clever that he’s managed to drink my piss, I remind him my shits going to be a sloppy one.
Open wide releasing my shit into its mouth he tries to spit it out.
I push my shit to the back of his throat and order it to chew both my hands over his mouth I feel his jaw munching on my shit. Swallow! Open let me see you’ve eaten it all, He does as he’s told. “It’s all gone miss”
Good slave get cleaned up then come over to the medical area
Inside the body bag I weave my web with the rope so there’s no escape, leaving his cock and balls visible as I’m going to sew your cock shut them ok going to send you home, You’d like that wouldn’t you 😈😈 sewing his fore skin was a delight, Sending it home sewn was a fantastic feeling for me lol see you next month shit muncher

My New Sissy Foot Fetishist

  • April 14, 2021

Dressed in its sissy pink PVC dress cock locked in chastity my sissy maid was ready to worship my feet.
Sat in my black patent peep toe stiletto shoes I click my fingers. On your knees bitch!
Remove my shoe and lick them clean. Spitting inside the shoe I watch my spit slip down into the arch.Clean it! pushing its head down make a good job and I’ll let you have a treat. While it was cleaning my shoes I was preparing some nail clippings for it to chew on after it had cleaned my feet.
Happy with its shoe cleaning I click my fingers. Get my toes in your mouth pushing them deep inside it’s wet warm mouth ordering it to scrap any pieces of hard skin and chew!
Enjoy it as I’m going to file all the hard skin into your mouth and you are going to eat it! once you’ve eaten it you can have your nail clippings. Get your tongue out!
Flicking the clipping into its mouth chew it I want to hear it crunching open and show me that you’ve eaten it all, opening its mouth I pop in some more. Chew it all that’s a good bitch then I’ll let you release your tiny cock but you must put it back on to go home in. It was in her element crunching on my nails. I’ll save the foot dust for when you next visit 😈😈😈

A Testimonial – a post lockdown session with Mistress V

  • April 13, 2021

Huddersfield Mistress


I celebrated the end of the Covid lockdown with a session with Mistress V.

Mistress has been vaccinated against Covid and also regularly self tests with lateral flow tests, as I do. Her premises are kept spotlessly clean. She therefore provides the safest possible environment and I felt totally safe and secure with Mistress V.

I requested pain and humiliation for the session and Mistress V was very happy to oblige!

The session started with me being strapped to Mistress V’s inverter. I was then turned partially upside down while Mistress V spat her chewed banana into my mouth, instructing me to swallow it, which I gladly did.

We then moved onto watersports, with Mistress V wearing rubber panties with a hose at the bottom, connected to a rubber mask that I was wearing. The pee went down the tube into my mouth. Absolute heaven! What a fantastic experience that as.

Next, I was made to lick Mistress V’s chewed banana off the floor and also lick it off the sole of her shoe. Mistress V is totally irresistible.

I was then attached to the cross and whipped with a single tail whip. I’d requested some severity with the whipping and wow, I certainly received that! It made me bleed in places and that made me very happy indeed.

Last but certainly not least I was attached to the sling and Mistress V took me with her strapon while bringing me to the most powerful climax.

Mistress V is stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent and familiarises herself with your needs to the nth degree, thereby ensuring your complete and enduring satisfaction.

I highly recommend that you experience the maelstrom that is the most amazing Mistress V. I’ve booked my next session already!

My adult baby

  • April 12, 2021

My adult baby boy arrived with 3 cartons of milk, he likes plenty of feeds while I tease him. But I also make it very hard for him.

Sit down boy while mummy gets changed into her thigh high boots with the zipper that goes all the way down the back of my boots to the heel with shiny silver heels. My leather coat on and no knickers.

Bending over in front of my boy I pull the zipper up slowly teasing him, He doesn’t know what to look at first my boots or my arse! The hem of the leather coat showing just enough to get my baby excited.

Walking over to the milk which is set out on the floor I point to it. Over here boy!

I grab him by the back of the neck and push his face into the carton. Look at it boy! You are going to drink these 3 cartons today if you fail I will increase each carton by another 4. Opening the top of the carton I pull back the strip and smell it. Mmm it smells delicious, I push the carton under his nose. Smell. Does it smell fresh? Looking up at me all doey eyed. The only way to find out is to drink it isn’t it boy. Carton pushed up to his lips I slap his face drink it I said. I place one booted foot on his leg and dig my heel in encouraging him to finish it.
Struggling to keep up after the 2nd carton I add another 4.

Your punishment is going to be severe for you my boy You will not be leaving here until I’m happy with what you’ve drunk, Giving him another slap to the face.
Turning around I push my bare arse is in his face Get your nose in between my cheeks I’ve a fart brewing if you can’t finish the other carton you must swallow my farts!
Laughing as he tries to wriggle I let one almighty fart straight into his mouth. Now boy time to play with your tiny cock you will leave your dirty pants on to go home in, maybe that will teach you a lesson. You will get where I want you to be with your feeds I guarantee that boy. You won’t just be smelling and tasting my farts next time. It will be a big brown log hahaha

Second Hand Breakfast!

  • April 10, 2021

Once my slave was naked I hand over a hood, Put it on, you’re going to be wearing this throughout the session. Except when eating your breakfast which has been brewing nicely for you but until I’m ready to deliver it to you I’m going to attach these!! Clamping the nipple clamps with weighted buckets attached to his nipples and with my small leather paddle I begin his nipple torture . Tapping the buckets with the paddle his cock begins to grow. My you do like that don’t you? Releasing the clamps I pinch his nipples with my fingers. Tender aren’t they? laughing as I move my paddle down to his cock and balls.

Get on your knees and worship my boots!

Again applying the strap as and when needed until my boots were sufficiently cleaned.

Stop what you’re doing and spread your knees so my boot can play ball with your balls hahaha

All fun and games before I allow you the privilege of eating my shit. Get over to my bench and get yourself on position for my cat o nine tails .

Flogging his balls, cheeks and cock I taunt him about what’s coming next. I hope you’re ready slave because my shit’s ready. Unstrapping him. The bondage board and toilet box are all ready for him along with my riding crop and electrics. Cuffing him to the bondage board I then attach the e-stim and set it at a low setting to begin with upping the tempo as and when I see fit.

I knew my shit was going to be a huge one, I hadn’t been for days. My sub had also requested I force him to consume it all. 😈 Before I position myself over the toilet box I bring the riding crop down onto his balls then I turn up the e-stim his mouth opens automatically. With my hand over his mouth I push my shit to the back of his throat he’s very lucky as it’s a very stodgy sloppy one. Bringing the crop down onto his balls again he yells opening his mouth again, another load lands straight in his mouth. Swallow that once you’ve eaten it all you can wash it down with my piss and your very own spunk!

He did as he was told and consumed the lot all washed down with his own cream. Licking his lips he thanked me .

See you soon for more delicious desserts 😈😈

A Testimonial from My pin cushion

  • April 3, 2021

Sat in bus station waiting to see Mistress get a text reminding me to bring Mistress V a coffee and left door unlocked . Got to mistress look up the stairs sore a 80’s rock chick all dressed in leather leather jacket and skirt and killer high heels .once i give mistress the coffee. instructed to undress and put the hood on then bend over the beach. We’re she straps me down and had fun warming me up with flogging then inserted to needle into my balls for fun then carried on with flogging then cane came out to warm my checks up. After giving good starting with nice good fucking with strap on then after replaced order on my back with a fuel in my mouth to get reward bring a coffee my special bend of hot dink straight from mistress.

then came needle time onto bench gather tape to bench stop me from wiggle and big strip over my mouth stop me giggle needles in nipples and electro pain with sound end of session more fresh juice and more shocks then kissing mistress furm bum and an extra treat.

Pincushion all 4 mistress v

A Double Orgasm – the sub’s perspective!

  • April 2, 2021

A Double Orgasm – the sub’s perspective!

It had been some time since i last had the opportunity to visit Mistress V and this was to be the continuation of my journey into Her world of Female Dominance and service. My precise recollection of the events of the following hours is somewhat hazy as Mistress set out to stretch my limits in a number of different ways and I was soon drifting through subspace under her control and care.

Mistress took no time in re-establishing our relationship, with me naked on my knees, worshipping Her blue-grey knee-length leather boots, before being given the honour of easing them off Her shapely legs and being instructed to worship Her petite size 5 feet. Taking my time, i paid particular care to each and every delightful digit as i recalled how much Mistress appreciated such attention to detail. i obviously performed adequately as Mistress went to Her cage and retrieved my collar and chain, for so long hanging in Her care. As Mistress fastened it around my neck, a feeling of warmth and completeness suffused my entire body – i was in my rightful place once again, ready, willing and able to serve my Mistress as She desired and directed.

Standing in front of Mistress, a spiked cock ring was swiftly padlocked around my pathetic member and with a little encouragement from Mistress, the spikes soon started to make their presence felt. Mistress knows that i appreciate the feeling of being helpless in Her presence, a feeling i first came to appreciate on my second ever visit. The soft red cord was swiftly bound around me in the intricate Dragonfly binding which Mistress excels at, leaving me encased in an intricate corset binding my hands to my sides and tightening around what had been my dangly bits – by now not so dangly and certainly constricted! Mistress ordered me to shuffle forward as She retrieved a medieval looking pillory from against the wall – you can guess what was soon clamped tightly between the jaws of the device! Now completely immobilised (any attempt to move would have resulted in an unwelcome visit to A&E), Mistress lightly teased my nipples before firmly adorning them with nipple clamps. Tugging on the attached cord, Mistress was soon stretching and teasing those little points of pleasure and pain. Replacing these with clamps with buckets attached, Mistress continued to tease and torment before deciding that there was insufficient weight in them. Adding ball weights into each bucket, my nips were soon heading for the floor, being stretched well beyond their normal extent. Mistress finally relented and tugged the clamps free – now that did nip! Thanking Mistress, I was allowed once again to worship Her tantalising tootsies – more awkwardly this time with my hands still firmly bound to my sides making balancing a bit more difficult – Mistress likes to make things interesting!

Unstrapping me, i was shown how to position myself on Mistress’ inversion table – yet another new addition to Mistress’ impressive range of equipment since my last visit. Somewhat apprehensively, i positioned myself as instructed and was soon reclined at an angle of about 30 degrees head down, but feeling securely strapped in. Mistress offered me Her special champagne, which i was only too happy to accept, having worked up a thirst during our previous activity. Whilst still inverted, i was invited to suck Mistress’ cvck – again a new experience for me. It wasn’t the infamous BBC portrayed in Mistress’ photo galleries, but it was certainly big enough for me. Obviously need to loosen my jaws up in time for our next session!

With no time to recover, i was ordered to get my a*** over the bench, at which point i was firmly strapped down. My concern grew when Mistress shackled my wrists as well – this was new! When first i sessioned with Mistress, physical chastisement was not on my agenda; however, by my second visit Mistress had first introduced me to the experience of spanking. From then on, contact play has been a part of our sessions, but in a controlled and measured sense, with Mistress always respecting my request not to be left with any long-term marks. Today, Mistress had obviously decided to stretch my limits – i had foolishly indicated that i deserved some punishment. Mistress started off with a gentle spanking, gradually increasing the tempo and pressure as my cheeks started to turn pink and i was eased into subspace. There then followed an increasingly intense session, where Mistress worked through a light paddle, the heavy-duty broad leather tawse so elegantly modelled in some of the images, the new red and black striped single tail whip and finishing with the Cat-o-Nine tails. Mistress had not lost Her touch – although many of the blows were fierce and caused me to writhe on Her bench, by the time i left chambers my buttocks showed no obvious signs of the thrashing i’d taken. So for anyone who has contemplated approaching a Professional Dominatrix for chastisement, but is concerned about being marked, i would have no fear about a session with Mistress V (provided you make your limitations clear in Mistress’ pre-session chat). On the other hand, if stripes are your thing …

The treats kept on coming. Still strapped to the bench, Mistress elegantly presented Her delightful, tastefully clothed derriere in front of my face and commanded me to worship. Well, who would refuse such an offer? Moving behind me, Mistress started preparing me for yet another treat today – Her fvcking machine! We’d talked about this some time ago but hadn’t managed to get around to it (so to speak). So many new toys, implements and sensations today! Positioning myself in front of the machine, i was initially propelled almost halfway across the chamber as the power surged on. Fortunately, that was just a calibration issue, swiftly sorted out; soon the machine was rhythmically doing its thing and the initial discomfort rapidly disappeared as i became used to the sensations. Slowly increasing the power, the machine’s rhythm increased as the gentle stroking became a more insistent pounding. By now i was leaning backwards into each stroke until, as capricious as ever, Mistress switched it off and ordered me across to the medical area.

Moving across to the medical table, i was soon lying flat as Mistress produced Her e-stim kit and wired me up. The gentle vibration rose in intensity gradually as Mistress increased the power, By the time i was jerking around like a marionette on strings, we decided that was perhaps a bit too much, and Mistress decreased the power slightly to a mere torment level. Mistress is mischievous – judicious application of a pin wheel increased the prickling sensation in my groin, and then the ‘piece de resistance’ – Mistress produced a sound which She expertly introduced to the play. By now i was so deep in subspace that the crew of the USS Enterprise would have taken 50 years to find me, never mind their 5 year mission! Aware only of the incredible sensations being created by Mistress, i was floating in a void of semi-consciousness, before my entire nervous system gave up the ghost and i convulsed in a series of spasms that seemed to last for ever, being prolonged by Mistress’ expert ministrations. Not just a happy ending – an ecstatic burst of never-ending exuberant release and a first for me.

As ever, throughout every session i’ve had the pleasure to share with Mistress, my introduction to new or enhanced experiences was carefully and safely choreographed by Mistress, with consideration for my capabilities, experience and wishes; firm and stern where the play demands it, but always seeking to make it a pleasurable and mutually enjoyable time. No doubt, however, that if your desire is a strict, demanding mistress, Mistress V is equally capable of delivering that experience. In summary, Mistress V delivers on the content of what Her social media and web-sites promise.

My journey with Mistress V continues …

My new potty mouth

  • March 31, 2021

My new potty mouth arrived a little earlier than we’d agreed which I was pleased about as Id been holding onto my waste all morning. Having a brief chat I order it to strip naked placing an assortment of strapons in its view I tell him to get over my bench and get his arse in the air.

Strapping it down back, thighs and shins secured wrists cuffed, I lube my cock then I shoot some lube up it’s arse needing it nice and slippery, The slippery the better I like to watch my cocks slide into a tight arse.

I begin to fuck its arse telling it how much I love to fuck, grinding my cock in and out he’s loving it, The noise it’s making makes me fuck it harder slowing down now and again to give a hard thrust!

Once I’ve finished with you my fuck machine can take over.

Laughing at it as I insert the cock on the machine into its now very stretched arse.

I’m saving the best for last, I’ve had my breakfast, you will soon be having yours.

While my machine pounds away I prepare the toilet box, Move yourself away from the machine and come over here. It’s breakfast time.

I remind it that it did request enforced hardsports 😈😈 Oh how I love to watch a potty mouth struggle with my shit in its mouth. Covering its mouth over with my foot I bring down my riding crop and crop it’s balls! Swallow it now! Pushing my foot hard down onto its mouth before I deliver another hard stroke of the crop. Have you eaten it?

Looking down at it. Open your mouth so I can see It’s all gone, I reach down and pop another piece into its mouth this time using my hands to cover it.

If you want enforced then that’s what you’ll get remember this as you climb the steps to V heaven. 😈

A Double Orgasm!

  • March 30, 2021

Dressed in boots and leather skirt with a sheer black body. I call my sub over, on your knees and worship my boots when I’m happy with the results I want you to remove the boots and start on my toes with your tongue, He begins sucking and flicking my toes, I tell him to stop and separate each toe individually. Now Suck!!  Make a good job of it slave there’s a reward for good foot lickers hehe

He was enjoying himself, making a meal out of my sweaty feet.

Stand! Get on the inversion table, and accept what’s about to occur. I strap him in and invert him underneath my bottom. Get your greedy mouth open I need to pee. Positioning myself directly over his mouth I let my piss flow, swallowing and gulping like a greedy boy with some fizzy pop lol. Finishing I stand him upright teasing and pinching his nipples

I’m going to put you over my bench warm your arse up with my cat o’ 9 tails whip before I fuck it 😈

Bottom lovely and red I begin to finger his arse, You’ve been dying for this haven’t you? My fuck machines waiting for you. You need some more stretching first taking my time as it’s been such a long wait.

Onto the fuck machine. Never been on here before have you? Today’s your lucky day slave 😈😈

Leaving my machine to do all the work I prepare the electrics and sounds over in the medical area.

Boy oh boy did he enjoy the rhythm of the machine.

We’re finished here now. Pointing over to the electrics. Get over there!!

I allowed my sub 2 orgasms, which he said he’s never done before. Always room for improvement in my presence. He left with a big smile and a spring in his step.

A pleasure packed session

  • March 28, 2021

When you session with Mistress V, she wastes no time at all during the session. Mistress is brilliant at moving through different aspects of the session without losing time in between, ensuring that the whole session is packed with pleasure from start to finish.

I was the guinea pig for Mistress V’s new toy: an open mouth gag. With my mouth held open, Mistress spat into my mouth many times, which I absolutely loved. During this time, I was kept tied to the St Andrews Cross and subjected to CBT with clamps and floggers as well as nipple torture with clamps and Mistress V’s teeth! Yes, Mistress V bites hard!

The gag was then removed and I was made to lay on the floor. Mistress V peed into my mouth through a funnel so none was wasted.

I was then made to kneel on all fours and Mistress V’s fucking machine was used on me, pounding away at my arse while Mistress scratched my back with her sharp heels. Bliss!

Wasting no time, I was then put into the sling and Mistress fucked me with her strapon. Being able to see her face while she fucked me, occasionally spitting into my mouth, was a magnificent experience.

I was then locked into Mistress V’s stand-up cage and my nipples, cock and balls were tortured with clamps and lighted cigarettes.

After the cage, I was firmly strapped onto the CP bench and expertly taken into subspace with impact play starting with gentle floggers, then straps, crops and finally the cane.

Last but not least I was treated to a hands free happy ending using the e-stim. If you haven’t been brought to a climax with electrics, you are missing a fantastic experience.

If you want to experience the perfect, pleasure packed session, you must pay a visit to the whirlwind that is Mistress V. Incredible!

Loverfans temporary 70% discounted price

  • March 28, 2021

I currently have a 70% discount on your first month of membership to My Loverfans account. I am currently in to top 5% of creators on Loverfans, with a vast number of videos and photos, all for just 9 Euros for your first month of membership.

You can watch videos of sessions, caning, whipping, real punishments, needles, hot wax, watersports, strapon etc., from mild to extreme.

80 hard strokes

  • March 25, 2021

My new sub arrived for his punishment, after having a brief chat he was soon ordered to strip .

Leave your undies on I want your bottom to warm up without marking it for now. Get over my bench, strapping him down I remind him he’s here to be punished.

Using my birch I lightly begin the punishment, after 10 mins I pull his pants down to check the canvas, Changing colour slightly to a light pink I pull his pants back up and proceed, My strokes increasing the intensity .

Satisfied with the warm up I pull his pants down, Time for the cane to be introduced, With the pre session chat earlier my sub had said he last took 30 strokes the last time he sessioned, Laughing I tell him 30? Hardly a punishment .

You are going to feel the sting of each and every stroke and you are going to count them . “Can you count past 30? hahaha”

Using my junior dragon cane I swish the cane through the air Crack! 1 mistress

He took 80 strokes in total from very mild to quite intense he will be back to be punished again . 😈😈 well done for your efforts

Stretching the hole!

  • March 24, 2021

My new bumwhore arrived masked and a tad nervous.

Enter cock sucker!

At the top of the stairs I order it to strip down to its panties. Come over here and present yourself to me correctly, Pulling it over my knee I pull down it’s pants and begin to spank it’s arse.
Both cheeks glowing I push it of my knee, grabbing hold of its balls in the palm of my hands I take it over to the fuck bench.

Strapping it down taunting it. “Oh how i’m going to enjoy stretching your hole” I squirt lube inside it’s arse and begin to edge my cock in, slowly taking my time so it feels every ripple of my cock

Mmm enjoy it bitch you’ll soon be ready for my fuck machine

Sniffing into the poppers bottle it’s arse loosens and allows my cock to penetrate deeper.

Tell me to fuck you harder!

Loving my cock pounding you aren’t you?

One last sniff before I strap you to the bondage board and let my machine do the rest, Those last words seemed to get it even hornier, taking my cock out I order it to suck it clean pushing my cock deep down into its throat, Get your arse over there and get your arse in position.

Cuffing it’s wrists and ankles shackled to the board I insert the cock switching it on,on a low setting to begin with haha

It’s not long before I turn the setting up my bitch is now getting the fucking of its life, Standing legs spread I order it to worship my feet.

Suck my toes and I might let you cum 😈😈 He swallowed and left. soon to return 😈😈

Fun with My sissy

  • March 17, 2021

Once my sissy was at the top of the stairs I pass her a sexy pvc body suit with a bright red wig. Get those on. Laughing as I turn on my heel over to the strapons, I take 3 different sized ones and place them on the floor a long side a butt plug.

My sissy dressed and ready in the corner looking all shy I call her over

“Sit down time for your transformation. I want you to concentrate on the selection of toys i’ve put out for you while I make you into my cock sucking tart!”

Looking pretty with her bright red lipstick and glowing cheeks I tell her to pick a cock, She chooses the natural coloured looking cock. 7 inches

“Bring it to the fucking bench and get yourself over it and in position”

Strapping her down I slowly unzip the zipper which goes all the way around the arse And tease her bud with a light tickle, I hope you’re ready for my cock, Moving around to the front of the bench.

I push my cock into its mouth.

Lube it! Going back around to this eager sluts arse I begin to fuck her.

You’re going on my fuck machine once I’ve finished with you and your going to thank me

After her arse was well and truly stretched I unstrap her

“Get on your knees you dirty cock sucker I want to watch you get fucked”

My did she love being pounded by my machine she liked it even more when I dug my sharp booted heel into its arse cheeks fuck my machine slut unable to take anymore I tell her to clean herself up and join me over in the medical area.

Electrics and sounds to finish her off

She will be back, I’m training her to suck real cock. Watch this space x

A Session with my pain slut

  • March 14, 2021

Once my pain slut was dressed fittingly with the maid dress and head band she was ready for a good hand spanking. Strapping her down to my spanking bench, I begin to spank the bitch’s arse until it glows.

It’s been a while hasn’t it slut? Unable to talk as I’d gagged her with the ball gag haha perfect as I don’t like to be interrupted while dishing out a punishment.

Backside nice and red I move onto the strap lightly to start with. She’s been over my bench many times I know how far to push this bitch before I give her the fucking she so eagerly craves

The cane slut! A favourite tool of choice

50 strokes should suit the crime. Peeking Up skirts on the bus!

As it’s been a while since my sluts had the cane I begin with a light warm up before the real strokes descent upon its backside.

Take it slut!

Managing 30 which I thought sufficient I lube my cock finger fucking the bitches man cunt before sticking my strapon inside as deep as it would go.

Your my slut my cock hungry slut, My pain slut I own your arse it’s mine to fuck you as and when I like!

Unstrapping her we move over to the medical area

Attaching the nipple clamps to its nipples I then attach some other clamps to its balls,Pulling them all at the same time, This is what this pain slut loves Nipple torture with cbt.

I begin to pull on its cock until it explodes gasping “thank you mistress “

You certainly needed that pain, I loved dishing it out 😈😈 See you soon slut

I am taking sessions from Monday 8th March

  • March 6, 2021

I am taking sessions again from Monday 8th March.

I have been vaccinated against Covid.

See you soon!

Huddersfield Mistress

The Collaring Ceremony

  • March 1, 2021

Where to start? Such an exciting time with Mistress V from start to finish.

Mistress V did everything I asked for, and did them with the most magnificent skill I’ve ever encountered.

I’d asked for humiliation and degradation as well as some pain and I received them in abundance. I was made to drink lots of pee, straight from the source, and Mistress V spat into my mouth often, instructing me to swallow it.

I licked Mistress V’s sweaty armpits and nibbled away at the hard skin on her feet, the latter of which I’ve never done before. Mistress V is so refreshingly original.

Mistress V then sat on my mouth and farted into my mouth, sitting still and forcing me to breathe it all out through my nose, thereby getting the full smell and taste of it. This is exactly the kind of humiliation and degradation I’d requested.

I was then secured to an inversion table and inverted, with Mistress V torturing my cock and balls while I worshipped her. Again, so refreshingly, excitingly original.

Next was the strapon. I was instructed to sit in the sling and Mistress V took me with her strapon. Being taken like that while being able to look directly at Mistress V’s inimitably beautiful face was an experience I will treasure forever.

I’d asked Mistress V to help me to lose weight by setting me targets and punishing me for failing to meet the targets. A weigh-in showed that I’d failed to meet the target so I was strapped to the bench and whipped with the single tail. Beware: if you request a proper punishment from Mistress V, you will get one! It hurt, but it taught me a lesson. I’ll be hitting the target next time!

At last came the crowning glory of the day: the collaring ceremony. Mistress V had been considering allowing me to become one of her collared slaves for some time, and today was the day my dream came true. The fact that Mistress V took the trouble to buy me a collar, lead and dog tag, plus devise a unique collaring ceremony is something for which I am eternally grateful. Being Mistress V’s collared slave comes with responsibilities. It isn’t just a title. And it is more than an honour. It is also a commitment to help improve Mistress V’s life in some way. My intention is to do that, and I am proud to be Mistress V’s collared slave.

I was then tied to the medical bed and a double pinwheel was used on my cock, balls and nipples. The happy ending was explosive!

If you want to enjoy a session that is honed to perfection, look no further than Mistress V. As she says, once bitten, forever smitten.

My New Human Toilet Trainee

  • March 1, 2021

Head inside the toilet box wrists cuffed, Now to weave my web on the bondage board, Happy with my rope work I attach the estim
Lowering myself down over its hungry mouth my legs either side of its arms
I begin to attach the nipple clamps and flick it’s nipples, turn on the estim it moans More mistress, Turning it up a little more Oh mistress
Open your mouth nice and wide, Do not spill any into the box, If you do I will increase the intensity and laugh while I do so
I lean forward. Pushing down so it can see my shit, Look at it slave smell it.
Turning up the estim.
Back to its nipples I’m not quite ready yet, It doesn’t want to consume, standing above it I move so I’m over his chest
Look up and see what your missing, Pooing all over its chest
I increase the estim it’s loving being covered in my waste as it’s ready to cum I order it to catch it, You will eat your cum and wash it down with more of my piss
Not missing any, As I’m talking to him it cums all over itself.
Clean it up boy it’s a good way to start the day plenty of protein in that spunk, giggling I order it to lick
See you soon for the real meal 🥘

A One-Sided Wrestling Match!

  • February 25, 2021

Cock and balls in the vice tightly screwed down for the journey to the chambers.

I do love my slut, so much so she’s going to be wearing one of my bikinis for our wrestling match.

“Do you like my colour of choice slut?”

“Of course you do, get it on!”

Once in the bikini I use a scissor hold on her and bring her down on her knees then onto her back. Pining her arms down with my shins. Laughing I put a bunch of nettles inside the bikini bottoms, this will make you jolt haha

I then get my riding crop and begin to crop its balls.

I do this until it submits

Once it submits I order it back on its feet

Pulling its arms so it’s tangled in them and jerk it onto the floor again this time I tease it with the doxy all over its red stung balls. This is hilarious

Allowing its little shrimp dick to leak, I then take a few nettle leafs and put them inside its panties

Get dressed time to drop you off.

Off we go, squeezing its balls every now and then

See you soon, for another one sided match 😂😂😂

An intense session with My Female sub

  • February 20, 2021

Strapped onto the inversion table blind folded, ear defenders on and my hair clips that are serrated so have a nasty pinch attached to my bitch’s nipples she likes the pain and sensory deprivation sessions.
Pulling the inversion table down so her heads in between my thighs I turn the doxy on and begin to tease her clit, It’s her first experience of orgasming while upside down and she’s loving it I can get my hands every where they need to be, flicking the clasps on her tits she gasps. I rub her clit harder while teasing her face with my arse. She organisms a little puddle on the floor.
She’ll be cleaning that up with her tongue when we’ve finished but before that I want my bitch on the fucking machine I want her to feel like she’s had a good hard fucking, Cuffing her to the bondage board I line the cock up with her pussy, No need for any lube her pussy was dripping.
A Slow rhythm to start with, I use the riding crop on her arse cheeks telling her to speed it up as I turn the dial a much faster rhythm to which she’s riding has hard as she could, Another organism
Moaning in ecstasy, more bitch I want more
Cropped hard across her backside she has another and another she’s spent.bondage board full of her juice
I want you to clean yourself up and get over my bench
I lightly whip her arse to get her back into subspace every so often I’d rub her pussy,Your loving that aren’t you you filthy bitch
swishing my whip through the air down onto her cheeks ah the sounds she’s making is like music to my ears
Now over to the medical bench for some face sitting
What a reward for your efforts.
Leaving with a massive smile she said I feel fucked!
🤣😈 just how you should feel x

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