The Second Visit

  • October 11, 2019

It’s my Subs second visit to domspace and have I got plans for him ! .
On his arrival we chat briefly as I don’t want to give away to much info as to how the sessions going to be
Once naked on his knees waiting for me to present myself I order him to his feet , I’m going to blindfold you and put you on my cross tightly restrained , I then put the ear muffs on so he can’t hear a thing or see a thing sensual deprivation, I love it !!
Once my subs on the cross I begin to whip him lightly every now again I would flick his nipples with my very sharp nails
Before flogging him again , from the sounds he’s making he’s enjoying every touch of my hand to the kiss of my whip , take that bitch , oh you can’t hear me haha
Keeping him there I plug in my violet wand teasing his cock and balls , slowly moving it up and down on his shaft he’s in ecstasy , as the electric currents flowing through his skin , once I’d finished his punishment when go into the medical room for some wax play , still blindfolded I lead him into the room , lie down .
I light a cigarette and also the candle at the same time , so he thinks it could be cigarette torture the not knowing is exciting for me as it is for my sub ,
I want you to hold this , I put the candle into his hands and he holds it as instructed , while he holds the candle I warm up a wax strip and I begin to wax his pubic area ! Ouch !! then the wax is poured on his freshly waxed body I’m loving every second of watching my sub suffer for his mistress
Going back into the main room , get on all fours Slave you can be my human seat , while I’m sat on you I’m going to finger your very tight arse hole stretching it so my butt plugs fit then your going over my bench to be fvcked with my big black rod .

Jealous so you should be ! Want to be my sub ? Get that session booked Mv

A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

I arrived at Mistress V’s a little early and phoned to let her know i was outside. Mistress responded with some of the most exciting words that a sub can hear: “Come straight upstairs the door is unlocked”. You have an inkling of what’s in store, but are not quite sure and your heart starts to race!

True to her word Mistress was waiting for me upstairs, dressed in overknee boots, leather leggings and a leather bustier – she looked out of this world. I couldn’t believe I was in the same room as someone that looked so stunning. I knew, at that moment, that this would be our best session yet and I was not disappointed. Mistress’s skill is beyond compare, not just the ways that she uses her equipment and toy’s but perhaps, more importantly, her voice and her beautiful eyes and the way she reads your thoughts and desires.

The session was incredible and included a number of things that I’d not tried before. Mistress ability to push boundaries and take you to places you didn’t even know existed is just fabulous. Mistress keeps ticking things off my BDSM bucket list (the ending of the session in particular) and is continually adding things to it.

Mistress V is just magnificent and I can’t wait for my next visit!

A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

Having admired Mistress online for what seems like an eternity I finally took the plunge and booked a 2 hour appointment and boy am I glad I did !! Why on earth did I wait so long ??

Communication in setting up the session was done by email and the process was done very easily . Mistress always answered my emails with just about enough words to answer my questions and I was wondering what I was letting myself in for .

On the day we exchanged a few text messages and before I knew it I was parked up outside her premises feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension . That all changed to feeling relaxed when Mistress opened the door and invited me in . What struck me first was how much more attractive she was than in her photos ( and she looks magnificent in those !! ) and also her pleasant and friendly manner .

We went upstairs and I was offered a drink before we had a sit down to discuss the type of session I was looking for and any content I wished to be included . I had quite a list and Mistress was listened patiently to me read it out and more than once I could see a twinkle in her eyes as she seemed to be relishing being able to provide what I was asking for .I was then told to get undressed and prepare myself in one of her 3 rooms while she got changed and to await her entrance .

Once she arrived into the chamber her mood changed and I was in no doubt who was in control and the following 2 hours were filled with me being put through various ordeals with Mistress fully in charge but at all times I felt safe under her control . I felt completely secure under her command and even though I was put through some painful ordeals ( all from my request list ) I thoroughly enjoyed being her plaything . I certainly ticked off a few things I had wanted to experience that is for sure .

At the end of the session I was delightfully “rewarded” for being a good slave , and what a pleasure that was !!

After the session Mistress made sure I was relaxed and then I was allowed time to take a nice hot shower before being offered a drink and we finished off with another little chat and I was on my way back into the real world feeling drained but completely happy at how things had gone.

To sum up I would say that this lovely , VERY attractive lady , provides an excellent service where the slave is under no illusions as to who is in control but she knows when to be caring at times and there is plenty humour in the right places in her sessions.

All in all she provides a sensational service !!

Thank you Mistress

Busy week!

  • October 3, 2019

Really impressed with how domspace now looks .
Downstairs in my bondage room , I have a vacbed to restrict your movement .
Large dog cage for my puppy’s and also a tall standing cage , lots of rope to tie you with ..
And my cell !
You can have the privilege of an over night session .
once I’ve finished using you as my toy , you’ll then be locked and imprisoned for the night while I sleep soundly upstairs waking you as and when I feel like a pee using you as my overnight toilet to degrade And humiliate you

Been a very busy week so far , having had a couple of sessions on Monday , two new clients , one was a complete anal novice , I soon changed that ! I love it when an alpha male enters my chambers , leaving a sissy slut , the transformation excites me .
Then there was my nurse roleplay session
my patient was due for a full body examination this afternoon , dressed in my cotton nurse uniform and tan tights, shiny black shoes , I was ready for him .
Calling him into my office , take a seat . I need to check your pulse before we go any further with the examination , rolling up his sleeve I check his pulse , asking him if he had any ailments , replying yes I think I have piles nurse , oh you will be getting checked soon enough
Once giving him the once over , I put my rubber gloves on lubing my fingers , pull your trousers and pants down then bend over the bed
Will it hurt nurse ? I will be gentle , sliding one finger in , you’ve not got piles , do you practice anal sex ?
His reaction to the question gave me my answer .
Inserting two fingers now I start fucking his arse , writhing enjoying my fingers inside him , I’m going to fuck you with my strapon you want that don’t you , me deep inside you ?
I grab hold of his hair and fuck him hard while I give him permission to play with his cock , when you come I want you to clean your mess , get dressed and leave , I will give you a prescription for those piles on your way out hehe

A Testimonial

  • September 30, 2019

When I arrived at Mistress’s address this morning, I was filled with a mixture of excitement, some trepidation and disbelief that I had actually taken the step to meet with Mistress. As a complete newbie to the scene, I had been on tenterhooks since first arranging the session. Would it be all that I hoped for, would it be pain or pleasure, would I regret having made the call? Mistress met me at the door with a smile and a friendly greeting. We sat and talked about how I felt, what I was interested in and what I wasn’t interested in. With a gorgeous smile and a twinkle in her eye, she promised that she would take me to the places I wanted to go and beyond, if I were a willing and compliant slave.

We adjourned to one of the three rooms set aside for roleplay. All my initial doubts and uncertainties were rapidly laid to rest. Mistress sensually teased every part of my body, raising me to heights of awareness that I didn’t know existed, with just light touches here and there, punctuated by sharp reminders of my role in the drama unfolding. As my pulse was racing and my head spinning with the sheer pleasure of it all, Mistress decided to stretch my limits by skilful and considerate use of a number of her toys and her undoubted skill, all the time maintaining hypnotic contact with her beautiful eyes, fragrant hair, gorgeous body, but most of all her startling presence and personality.

When the session came to an end, I was physically and mentally trembling (in the best possible way) from the intense and memorable time I spent with Mistress. All my fears and worries had been completely dispelled as I fell under the thrall of my beautiful Mistress. Monday mornings will never be the same again! As I write this I am pondering as to how I can better serve Mistress in the future, and when it will be possible to arrange another session to further explore and learn how to please my Goddess

Hard Sports/Scat Testimonial

  • September 27, 2019

Thank You for today’s session. I came as a hard sports novice with considerable trepidation but also determination to undertake fully my task of eating you shit without waste. You kindly provide a light meal to ease my task and held my jaw so none could escape. After such an unexpectedly pleasant meal I am encouraged to ask for a “full English breakfast”.

The cross dressing and short sissy session that preceded the main event makes me wish to come for more training.

Another awesome session!

  • September 22, 2019

Oh my what a day! It’s been fantastic.
My Slave arrived, certainly dressed for the occasion full body corset, padded tights and a nappy
You’re going to enjoy suffering for me today aren’t you Slave?
“Yes mistress” what are you going to do to me mistress? Well my dear first things first, my anal hook is going up your arse then I’m going to attach the dog collar and lead to it, once I pull on it the hook will go deeper inside your hole, and once it’s snuggly in place I’m going to whip you because I’m nice like that 😂
After giving him what he deserves I take of the bench and onto the medical bed for some extreme needle play, I love to watch my needles going all the way through your japs eye 2, 3, four, hehe
Oh mistress you really love inflicting pain on me don’t you?
Of course I do my dear, inserting a couple into the nipple laughing at him while I do it
We’re going downstairs soon and you’re going in the dog cage until I decide to let you out!! That could mean anytime I want! You’re mine to do as I please..

Fantastic Roleplay Session!

  • September 20, 2019

What a fantastic roleplay session I’ve had this morning. Perfect weather for it too.
I’d spoken to my new sub in the week requesting some outdoor fun.
On his arrival I opened the door, there he stood beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks as he’d just popped to the diy store not to far from the chambers to pick up two pieces of wood when I say pieces of wood I should change it to planks.
Over his shoulder he had a little backpack. Wonder what’s in that lol, I soon found out!
Our roleplay scenario was a crucifix carrying Slave, something similar to what you will have seen on an old movie
Getting back to the session.
My Slave was sent to me by order of some elders who’d decided his fate, to be flogged on my cross before being dressed in a white robe, and a real crown of thorns placed on his head and taken outside in the garden, I flog him, as he carries the hand made cross around on his shoulder, after giving him 20 lashes I tell him to put the cross on the floor and lie on it, I’m going to nail you to the cross and then let the people who have gathered here decide what’s next for you!
They have decided I take you down from your cross and give you another 20 lashes on my cross inside, go and assume your position, back inside I strap him to the cross for a final flogging this time I concentrate on his chest, cock and balls lightly flicking the flogger over him,once he’d suffered enough for me I gave him the pleasure of giving himself a hand job, kind of me I know 😈😈

Sessions in Stockholm 15th October 2019

  • September 15, 2019

I will be taking sessions in My apartment in the Falköping area of Stockholm on October 15th 2019. See My Sessions page for details of My BDSM and Fetish interests.

A non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. I am 100% reliable.

Contact Me to make a booking

3 brilliant sessions today!

  • September 13, 2019

I had a new client first thing a strapon novice, plenty of anal play and cock sucking going on finishing of with water sports I do love a good pee drinker, my pee is at its most potent first thing in a morning, kind aren’t I?

No sooner had my Slave left when I received another call, you free mistress for a corporal punishment session? Of course I am you know I love to give a good caning, putting the phone down I tidy the dungeon and prepare for my next appointment

The door bell rings! Opening the door i realise I haven’t seen this Slave for a very long time at least two years ago, remembering he can take a hard caning pleases me, upstairs boy and get your breaches down then get over my bench I’m going to start your punishment with a harsh spanking before I use my straps preparing him for the cane
Slowly easing him in to subspace, once there he can take more for me now a whopping 80 strokes using 5 different canes in sets of ten,I’m very impressed with my Slave, you’ve got some lovely welts boy I do love to watch them rise above the skin on impact
“Something to remember you by mistress”
Oh you’ll definitely have a long lasting memory with those sore cheeks!!
I find it very therapeutic giving a naughty boy what he deserves, he will be back over my bench once he’s made a full recovery

My next victim!
rope bondage, with water sports and farting fetish brilliant, I love farting it comes natural to me I’m always full of wind 💨 why waste it when you can have a willing slave behind you on bended knees nose buried in my arse waiting to catch it,taste it,smell it!!
Tied and bound you can’t escape it!

A Testimonial from S

  • September 8, 2019

I was lucky enough to visit Mistress V a few days ago for my 6th session with this incredible Mistress. To say that I was excited was a vast understatement, as our relationship has grown so have the intensity of the sessions. Mistress knows what I like and how to push my boundaries.

After getting undressed Mistress allowed me to help her into the new catsuit that I’d bought for her. Dressing your Mistress for a session is a pleasure that should not be missed, my anticipation of things to come was growing. Once Mistress was dressed, I had the honour of polishing her. She looked incredible before I started and when I’d finished, well I do not have the words to describe her magnificence.

After my last session Mistress had instructed me to get some anal plugs to stretch myself so that she would be able to use more of her toys on me. Mistress appreciated my efforts and was able to start fucking me quicker and harder than she has in the past. Being able to watch Mistress fuck me while strapped to her bench is an incredible feeling, thank heavens for those full-length mirrors.

I do really enjoy electro CBT and after being released from the bench I was instructed to enter the medical room and lie on the bed. Mistress then produced an electro sounding device and my eyes bulged. I couldn’t believe how far Mistress inserted it into me. The combination of electrics and sounding was out of this world!

Mistress attached a spiked cock ring and led me downstairs to her new torture chamber, it looks incredible. I was quickly locked in a cage with the cock ring still attached while Mistress teased my nipples and cock without once dropping eye contact. Her eyes are just bewitching and that continuous stare was just hypnotic.

Finally, Mistress put on her stunning thigh high leather boots and allowed me to worship them. Once I had done so to her satisfaction I was allowed to cum on then and, obviously, lick them thoroughly clean.

Mistress V is simply amazing, each session is just getting better and better! I can’t wait for my next visit again.

A brilliant start to the week!

  • September 3, 2019

What a brilliant start to the week, my first appointment rang out of the blue 8am I’d not long been up, hardsports. My toilet wants to consume my shit today for his breakfast. An hour later and I’m sat on my toilet box with potty mouth all snug inside, legs and wrists cuffed, you will not struggle once my shit goes in your mouth, you will eat every bit that comes out of me,lowering myself so my arse hole is directly over his mouth I do the deed, looking down at this piece of shit, he’s struggling! Time for me to assist you, with that I cover his mouth and nose. Chew! After what seemed an eternity he finally swallowed the last piece, well done shit breath, go and clean yourself up.Once you’ve showered I’m going to abuse your arse with my FIST 👊…

My second client (newbie) not to bdsm.he’s played before so has some,experience, a very nervous sub may I add, after a brief chat he starts to relax. (Head mistress ) roleplay corporal punishment one of my favourite activities

I start with a hand spanking before moving on to my canes, after warming him up I move on to the strap light to medium strokes until his arse is glowing a nice bright red
He can take a good thrashing this one using 3 different canes I give 80 strokes in sets of 10 medium, as he dosnt want any blood or long lasting marks. Once I’m happy with the results I then take him in the medical room breathplay electrics (estim), starting with the estim he’s never experienced it before! Once I attach the estim I set it to pulse, I like this setting for a first timer you can start it of light and intensify it after a few minutes watching my sub need to be tied up boy if you carry on like that,or shall I take you back in my main room and put your arse over my bench again!! Thought not, if you want the privilege of worshipping my body you will take it for me, he soon sees sense and complies, I don’t want the estim to make him come so I take it of before I allow him to worship my body (fully clothed) as he dosnt deserve me naked. After his pathetic attempt I order him to relieve himself and leave. He will be back..
so my Monday as been a fun filled day of bdsm.
Taking sessions all week from 10am after I’ve been swimming

A Fantastic 2 Hour Session!

  • August 28, 2019

Fantastic two hour session yesterday (Tuesday) I’ve not seen this sub for quite some time,, at the old premises, so he’s in for a pleasant surprise when he arrives at Domspace

Wearing sexy black lingerie and black pvc thigh high boots, I open the door. Up you go!

We chat briefly about likes and dislikes I then tell him to get ready

I’m going to have fun with you today, but not until you show my beautiful booted legs some attention
Sitting on my throne, I collar and lease my dog, then attaching wrist cuffs with hands behind his back I order my dog to lick!!
Suck my heel, deeper I want to see you deep throat it! impress your mistress, you are privileged to be at my feet, enjoy the taste of my boots, spitting on them, “clean it “
Teasing his balls with my other boot, his cocks swelling with every movement. On your feet! Lets go downstairs, leading him down he’s curious as to what’s in the room .
“Oh mistress I love it down here “ opening the cage door I order him in
I attach the lead to the cage and tie his cock and balls tight!!
Teasing his balls with my sharp talons before using my riding crop on them, I do love torturing balls 😈 they are now the perfect colour (purple)
Pulling up a seat I settle down to more cock and ball torture, now with my very sharp heels, placing his cock in between my heel I rub hard, always keeping eye contact
How do you feel to be caged and abused? Your cock likes my sharp heels scratching your shaft it’s twitching with excitement, like my cock will be once it’s in your mouth, when I release you I’m going to turn you into my cock sucking maid
Back upstairs i get the PVC maids outfit and help him into it, “I’m a filthy cock sucking slut aren’t i mistress “?
You are indeed, your my cock sucker now, open your mouth and suck on my cock like you did with my heel. Deep throat!! Other wise I’ll make you gag on it hehehe disappointed mistress.
You’re going over my bench as your cock sucking skills are pathetic, pulling my cock from the sluts mouth. Get on that bench, you’ll receive a flogging and thank me for it before you try again. And if your still shit at it maybe the electrics will encourage you, with a wicked smile and glint in my eye I turn on my heel and get my soft leather flogger…

A Testimonial from B

  • August 27, 2019

In my humble opinion, as a submissive very humble, Mistress V is extraordinary. I’ve visited Her several times now and each session has built on the last to push my limits and take me into a deeper, more intense sub space than I could have imagined.

I relished every moment as She ordered me over Her whipping bench and fastened the restraints tightly. I was completely at Her mercy. Dressed in Her erotically charged black silk nuns costume, She selected an array of straps, floggers and tawses that I was to be punished with. And as She read my sentence to me I quickly slipped into a state of fear, submission and obedience that had my blood pulsing and my heart pounding. I felt intoxicated by an exquisite cocktail of terror and worship. How beautiful She looked. Her curves encased in black silk. I just wanted to kneel at Her feet, and kiss and worship Her bottom cheeks for the rest of eternity.

But the sentence of suffering had to be administered first, and She made me take so much! I really didn’t believe I could go that far and that deeply. But I did, and I felt I went way beyond my concept of sub space into state of submissive, masochistic, obedient ecstasy.

This feeling is still with me days afterwards.

I just read back my words and they seem woefully inadequate. Can I ever describe such feelings and emotions?

All I know is I long to return to the exquisite Mistress V, kneel obediently at Her feet, and humbly beg for more.

My new toilet slave

  • August 22, 2019

Hearing the door knock at the scheduled time my new toilet Slave has arrived, opening it there it stood head bowed bag in hand, I was intrigued to see what was inside, up you go potty mouth, once your upstairs I want to see what’s in the bag!!

It’s full of hoods miss, leather plastic pvc, empty it! Finding one suitable I pass it, in there and put it on pointing to the main room.

Still going through the bag I find a clear plastic hood with a zip at the back, hmm 🤔 this would be good filled with shit

I enter the room rope in hand, he’s facing away from me. I’m going to tie you nice and tight shit breath, i don’t want no wriggling while I deliver my waste!

Attaching clamps with weights to his balls, I then put his rubber inflatable hood on, I love it when a Slave can’t see what’s coming next, I flick his cock with my flogger lightly first just to test the reflex lol

Administering poppers as and when I wanted, I’m the boss after all

Moving onto the nipples pegs to start with, before the heavier ones, prowling around him as if he were my prey

I’ve found a clear hood in your bag, when I’m ready I’m going to take a shit in it before I make you wear it, potty mouth,

No need for the toilet box today. Untying him I remove the hood and clamps

I then attach leather cuffs and open mouth gag

Shitting into the plastic hood I also add a cotton wool ball soaked in poppers, to kind arnt i lol

Blindfolding him before I apply the hood Zipping him in there’s no escape from my shit now, laughing I rub the hood watching the shit smear all over his face and head, unzipping the hood I put my hand in, your going to eat some! Shaking his head. I shove it in his mouth chew it potty boy!!

Removing the hood once it was consumed, well done Slave, you’ve impressed me with your efforts today I will reward you with a glass of piss!! Now that’s fair

My first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations

  • August 19, 2019

To say my first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. On arrival we had a very relaxed discussion of what I hoped to get out of our meeting and I hurriedly stripped off on her instructions eager for our session to begin. This lady knows what she is doing and does it with a wicked sense of humour and skill. She quickly cuffed me and tied up my cock and balls leaving me feeling wonderfully vulnerable. She then added some nipple clamps and weights which she quickly noticed was something that particularly excites me (more about this later) She lit her first cigarette which again she noticed had a throbbing effect on my cock and soon had me offering my mouth for use as her ash tray. Before her second cigarette she strapped an o ring gag on me to hold my mouth open. Now when she flicked ash into my mouth I was unable to swallow until she finished her cigarette and I had a mouth full of ash. This I was ordered to swallow when the gag was removed. I was then ordered to follow her into the toilet where she peed all over the seat for me to clean up but not before she smoked a third cigarette and sprinkled the ash into her pee. She was very demanding that I lick up every drop which I did greedily. At this point I thought the session was coming to an end but she led me into another room and had me lay on my back on a bench. I mentioned earlier how she had noticed the effect of the clamps on my nipples and having removed them she replaced them with some scissor clamps. As she twisted and pulled on them I could see the delight in her eyes and I couldn’t stop myself begging her to hurt me more. At that moment the pain was so exquisite I wanted to take it all to please her. The fire in her eyes got brighter as she then used her nails on my already tender nipples – heaven! Before I left we had a relaxed chat about future sessions which I know will involve a lot more pain for me which is what I want so that I can please her.

Mistress V is a very accomplished practitioner of the art of domination. Did I mention she looks stunningly sexy and is a very sensual smoker. This lady will take control of your mind and body and leave you with a huge smile on your face.

Testimonial from Danni

  • August 19, 2019

I have been looking for a suitable Mistress for a while who would indulge my fantasies of feminization and at some point in the future some form of force bi session. and after a lot of searching I came across Mistress V.

I booked a two hour session and was incredibly nervous when I arrived but Mistress put me at my ease and soon had me dressed in my schoolgirl outfit, suitably made up as a slut and prepared to be trained. I was taken further into the Mistress / sissy world than I had previously by being restrained made to suck Mistresses strap on and also introduced to anal play through fingers and butt plugs etc. Mistress also made me be a better sissy by making me walk like a girl before making me taste my pre cum and then using her electrical toys on me.
Mistress gave me everything I could have hoped for and has promised a full on force bi session in future which I will definitely be taking her up on.

A Fantastic 3 Hour Session!

  • August 18, 2019

Arriving a little earlier than expected the door bell rang. A quick glance in the mirror to check myself over before I let him in, he’s a new sub and sounded very nervous on the phone requesting total power exchange with lots of CBT, letting him in I smelled his nerves, come in Slave! 😈😈😈

“Get undressed and crawl to my feet once you’re ready Slave”

Once he was at my heel giving my shoes lots of tongue action I stopped him and passed him an apron

“Get up and put this on! I’d like a nice hot cup of coffee.”

Nodding, he did as he was told and made me my coffee.

“I’ve got a small device to attach to that piece of skin between your legs once I’ve finished this coffee so get back down on the floor where you belong and worship my feet!”

In the medical room I attached my e-stim CBT board and took him into the main room.

“Now stand with your legs spread.” I then put the ankle spreader on. “Arms above your head, I’m going to cuff you! Let’s see if you’re ticklish.”

Running my sharp talons down his back and sides h was wriggling and giggling.

“I’ll stop that wriggling Slave!”

I put his cock and balls in the penis pillory screwing it down tight.

“”hat’ll stop you wanting to move heheh!”

I then hooded him and placed a gag in his mouth, getting back to tickle torturing.

“You love my nails all over your skin don’t you? How about if I pinch these nipples nice and hard?! He was moaning for more so I increased the intensity.

“Open your mouth and taste my spit, swallow it”

Time to be introduced to the strap! Uncuffing him and releasing him from the pens pillory he climbed onto the bench; lightly spanking him, warming his arse cheeks gradually before using any implements, my slaps now getting harder, small strap first easing him slowly into subspace he’s able to take more now. Before I used the cane, very impressed with his efforts, we then went downstairs for some bondage play, light rope bondage and the vac bed.

I ordered my slave into the cage, once he was inside, legs spread, I tied his ankles and wrists to the cage moving down to his cock. I tied him tight and then tied it the cage; he was unable to move, perfect!!

Lighting a cigarette, I said “Open your mouth.” Flicking the ash in I closed his mouth and ordered him to swallow, then I concentrated on his tight balls, stubbing the cig into his cock and balls.

“Time for the gag to go back in your mouth! Once I’ve finished with your balls you’re going in the vacbed; your movement will be restricted so I can do cruel things to your pathetic cock!”

Kind aren’t I? Want to experience what this slave just has, you know what to do!! Book a session!

Another awesome week!

  • August 16, 2019

What a fantastic week so far!! Been busy with roleplay, bondag,e boot worship, caging, scat and sissification, thank you to my old and new slaves that have graced Domspace so far this week.

My new slut arrived, quite nervous as she’d never been to a dominatrix before even though she’s had a full make over, but not with a Dom, she wanted to go that step further and experience some slut training. That pleases mistress as I must say I do like to see the transformation once make up, wig and lips are done. After spending a while on Dani’s make up chatting she told me she’s got a bag of clothes false boobs bra wig and a corset, and today’s outfit was going to be a slutty prefect, get yourself changed dani!!

Once she was in her school uniform she looked the part for a bike shed slut!!

“Go in the room dani I’m going to fuck your face with my smaller strap on nice and slow until you get used it, you look like you’re good for sucking dick, pity it’s not a real one isn’t it? something that can be arranged in the near future.” 😈😈

In the room she stood in school skirt, white blouse, black tights with white knee high socks and bright red cock sucking lips.

“On your knees bitch! Suck my cock deep to the back of your throat if you listen to my instruction you won’t gag!! Now suck. A little bird tells me you’ve been fvcking the boys behind the sheds and letting them smoke, is this true?”

Taking my cock from her mouth she admits to this trying to make up some excuse as to why she was on her knees

“Show me how you suck the boys cocks dani.”

Slowly moving her head up and down my shaft she started sucking.

“Liking the taste of my cock are you cock sucker?”

Pulling her hair as she sucked, “This is turning you on isn’t it you dirty bitch, I want you on all fours with your arse cheeks spread wide so I can slide my cock inside your arse.”

Once inside, she was moaning: “You’re gonna make me cum mistress!!”

With that I pulled out my cock and moved to her face.

“Mouth open you filthy slut and lick my cock clean no sucking just licking!! Mustn’t get to excited just yet! I want to tie you up and take you down stairs, caging you while I tease you with what you don’t have (real tits). Let’s make our way down there now!”

Once dani was caged, I moved towards the cage, watching my slut wonder what was coming next, putting my hand inside her bra, twisting her nipples. This too was exciting her.

“Like that do you whore?”

I squeezed harder, I then got a butt plug and put it in her mouth, ordering her to suck it.

“When we’ve finished in here we’re going back upstairs I’ve not finished fvcking you yet!” 😈😈😈😈

Dani is no longer an anal virgin and has already emailed to say he will be returning, hopefully he might get his wish and taste some real cock!! We will see…

Amazing start to a fun filled week!

  • August 12, 2019

Well what amazing day to start the week!

My slave arrived at the agreed time, he’d walked down to the chambers from the town centre, as it was his second visit to see me he knew the directions.

We discussed likes and dislikes, and once we’d gotten over the formalities I told him to get ready.

While my slave undressed I prepared my final touches: boots on time to play!!

“Crawl here Slave on all fours and kiss my beautiful boots before I collar you and take you downstairs!”

Once my boots were sufficiently licked I collared him.

“Stay on all fours!! Always keep at my heel Slave. Never try and go before me, you are beneath me, always remember your place!!”

Putting a leather hood with a zipper on is fantastic; just open and close as and when you want to let your Slave speak.

Opening the cage door, the slave’s eyes widened. Attaching the chain from the collar to the bars above his head I cuffed him, and on closing the door I looked down. He was loving the attention, rubbing his pathetic cock on my soft leather boots; not much suffering as yet!!! I spat straight at his mouth and made him swallow it.

“Let me get my nipple clamps on your tiny nipples and give them a stretch.” 😈😈

Attaching some little weights to his balls I pulled at the nipples and clanked the weights.

“Once I’ve let you out of the cage I’m taking you up the stairs to clean my bathroom with your tongue, I’m going to use your mouth as my dirty bathroom cloth and mop.

Chaining him to the towel rail, he set to work with his dribbling tongue, after 10 minutes of cleaning the toilet and sink, I had an inspection.

“Not good enough!!”

I spread my legs and pissed on the floor, pulling him down to his knees.

“Clean every drop of my piss up!! enjoy!!”

I put my foot on his head and pushed his face flat down in my puddle.

“If you’re a good slave I’ll put you in my vac bed, all snug while I torture your cock and nipples. Then Im going to tie you to my cross for more torture with my very sharp talons. I will cup your balls in the palm of my hand then gently squeeze my nails into a ball until you’re on your tip toes in total Mistress V heaven.”

Fantasies become reality in domspace.

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