I love a good no-limits session

  • July 22, 2021

My shit muncher arrived bringing with him a medical stapler, staple cutter, white latex hood and a pair of vampire gloves once it’s bag was empty, I order it to strip, once naked I pass it the hood put it on I want you over my bench but not until you’ve greeted me in the correct manner. On your knees and worship my feet! On its knees polishing my shoes I pull on the vampire gloves, It’s time for the bench, Get over it!

I start at the nape of its neck and run my gloved hand all the way down it’s back, loving the effect I continue over its buttocks, blood begins to rise to the surface shit muncher loves extreme no limits sessions, all the better for me because I love nothing better than tpe.

Swishing the bull whip in the air I give it a thrashing,

It also brought a large lucozade bottle a quarter full with its own piss, in between the strokes I’d piss in the bottle telling it how he’s going to take it on the train and drink it.

Over to the medical bench now you piece of shit I’m going to decorate your front with my initials once it had laid down I press the first staple into his soft flesh he yelps, be quiet! I continue until I create MV. Still whining I stick a stapler into its lips stapling them shut! it knows who’s boss, no noise coming from it now lol

I soon free its mouth as I want to use it shame to waste my piss in the bottle.Open wide and drink!

Before our session came to an end I locked his cock in chastity locking the key into a device it now has to contact me for the pass code if it needs some relief paying me £100 to be released. Fantastic session, Do you think he’ll last a month before contacting me? I very much doubt it! Kerching

Total Power Exchange – a Testimonial

  • July 20, 2021

The sissy slave arrived for yet another session with the Divine Mistress V. Slave has been visiting the Mistress for over three years and has established such trust in her that all sessions are now ‘no limits’ and the slave is always totally under her control.

On arrival the slave gave Mistress the gifts he had brought her. A white rubber hood, a skin stapler, sterile curved sewing needles, feeding gag and evil vampire gloves.

Ordered to strip down to his stockings and suspenders, put on the rubber hood and get across the punishment bench. As the slave had arrived slightly early Mistress had not had time to change into her Mistress clothes so the slave was treated to the sight of seeing her beautiful body. Whilst on the bench he was given a severe hand spanking then given a very severe flogging with her leather whip.

Mistress decided to put the vampire gloves to use. She then proceeded to destroy his back and backside. Then to the medical bench to do his front. (Had to lie on a towel due to how hot it was ,

Slave had requested that shaving of his pubes could be done during the session. Mistress decided that a waxing would be a lot more painful. By god it was. Mistress took get delight in ripping off large areas at a time, laughing all the time. He was also used as an ashtray and made to eat the cigarette butt.

Time for the stapler. The slave can be quite talkative during a session so Mistress decided it was time to shut him up. Simple – staple his lips shut. Mistress then proceeded to staple her initials MV onto his chest. (Must have used at least 50!)

Slave needed the loo so was told to pee in a bottle.

Back onto the bench for the slave to receive a good fucking with a dildo. The fucking machine was then brought into use. Slave had to take it for as long as it took Mistress to smoke a cigarette.

By mutual consent it was decided to cut the session short due the heat: both slave and Mistress were soaking wet. Time to take the staples out. Two would not come out so they were left in for the slave take them out at home.

Whilst slave dried off Mistress decided to add her golden champagne to the bottle in order for the slave to enjoy his cocktail on the train journey home.

Another fantastic session with an incredible beautiful Mistress. Next session he was told that a piss and shit smoothie would be waiting for him on arrival and he would be force fed it if necessary.

Another incredible session. And yes he did drink the piss cocktail on the train.

Thank you Mistress and see you next month.

My latest Human Toilet

  • July 13, 2021

Upon entering my chambers I stand at the top hand on hips watching this new toilet take his time as he climbed the stairs, Up you come no dithering .
Having had the pre-session chat I order this piece of shit to strip. Walking around it taunting it of how I’m going to force my shit down its throat, Now get on my bondage board and get that disgusting mouth of yours in the toilet box ,closing the lid I laugh as it winces and thanks me
I crouch down down to his face, “Are you ready? My shits ready Open wide!
Looking down at this shitty mess I pick a piece up and run it over it’s lips. shitstick lol
It wasn’t here for consumption so I allowed him to pleasure himself clean himself up and leave, Until he returns again to my diner 😈😈😈

Stretching my limits to perfection

  • July 12, 2021

Arriving at Mistress V’s premises for the first time since before Christmas, I was very much looking forward to our session, but at the same time somewhat more nervous than previous sessions. The nerves were soon forgotten as Mistress had me securely fastened over her punishment bench within minutes of my arrival. I was then subjected to a thorough warm up ready for some serious impact play. A blindfold was then placed on me so that I could not see which implements were being used, but was very much aware that a variety of straps, whips and canes were being used quite vigorously to very good effect. As usual Mistress expertly pushed me to my limits, and stretched those limits a little, for some time, to provide a very intense experience.

Mistress V then moved me over to the medical bench where a mask with breathing hoses was placed over my head. Wearing the mask had the effect of making me feel isolated from my surroundings and forced to focus on whatever Mistress was doing to me. This was a rather strange, but certainly not unpleasant, feeling. Although the mask substantially reduced what could be seen, it was clear that Mistress had a couple of sounds in her hand. After a generous amount of lube had been applied both to the sound and to my cock the thinner one was inserted. This penetrated very easily and mistress quickly moved on to use a thicker one. The sound was then repeatedly slid in and out of my cock producing an unusual but very pleasant physical sensation. Being penetrated in this way by Mistress also has a powerful mental effect (sense of submission/ power exchange?) which adds greatly to the experience.

Mistress then used a vibrator in conjunction with the sound to intensify the sensations. On top of this, Mistress further added to the cocktail of sensations by inserting several needles into one of my nipples. At this point I was drifting off into subspace – absolute magic!

I was then allowed to pleasure myself whilst the needles in my nipple were manipulated in a quite painful way . The resultant mix of sensations, both painful and pleasurable, resulted in a wonderful finale to the session.

Hopefully it will not be long before I will be able to visit for another session and again experience the magic of being under the control of Mistress V.

My pain slut is on a diet

  • July 3, 2021

My pain slut arrived looking a lot slimmer than he was on his last visit, He’s lost a whopping 8lbs in 6 weeks, Threatening him with enforced hardsports has really worked haha
Beginning the session attaching new nipple clamps and a mouth gag, I then order it over the bench for some impact play I do love to use an array of implements the cane and the bullwhip are my favourite however I mainly use my whips cracking them hard against his bare buttocks. Gasping with each stroke.
His pale butt cheeks are now turning a lovely shade of pink, I keep reminding my slave that I’m going to fuck him and have him on the fuck machine, what I didn’t realise was this bitch of mine was gagging for some cock and boy did it’s man pussy get a good seeing to.
15 minutes later he was inside the vacbed I have to say watching him inside and have all the air sucked out was exciting it very much , Walking around my prey lol
I tickle all down the sides of his waist.
From the vacbed he was encased in the body bag before I allow it to drink my golden champagne directly from me, Finishing the session of with needles in the nipples and balls, See you soon pin cushio

My fart is a gift – a testimonial

  • July 1, 2021

The session started with a text telling me don’t forget Mistress V coffee. I entered the dungeon mistress was waiting with a warm smile dressed in skin black PVC leggings with a funky t-shirt on inserted me to undress and slip on my sissy maid dress .mistress came around me with nipple clamps and attached them to my balls and dragged me medical bench instruction to kneel mistress hooked the chain around her shoes and opened her present bag I when looking though my gifts tugging the chain making me wince with the pain she inserts the new ball gag with nipple chains attached on me and dragged to bench to get warmed up with carpet better, prison strap, flogger, cane, and whip my arse was very nice warm-up with strips on it. Then came vac bed my 1st time in the bed sent to subspace during that .then came body bag rap up with gas mask with a blindfold on when blow smoke from her cigarettes into the mask as she slapping my balls same time unstraped me dragged me to spanking bench to be used as mistress fuck toy. Then came bowling time my balls used as pins when mistress rolled steels steal hard into me.

Then came my 2nd new experience getting ridden with fuck machine with mistress sitting on me laughing as machine full pounding my arse sore .after that instructed to go back to medical where mistress me a glass of fresh warm piss when she inserted needles my nipples then started on sack inserting 26 needles in nice pattern lol last not lay on the floor second drink of hot warm piss straight from mistress before used left me with nice fart as thank you present straight into my mouth.


Mistress V is like a box of chocolates

  • June 27, 2021

I arrived to session with mistress v for the third time. . Mistress is certainly like a box of chocolates. You are not sure what you will get.
This time she collared me. Made me step on to her pillory stand. Fastened my cock and balls tightly in it and handcuffed my wrists and chained them to my collar.
My cock got a good beating.and she tawsed my back and bottom.removing me from the pillory i was next fastened on the bench. Strapping hard caning whipping and ball beating came next.lying on the bench she put needles in my nipples and twisted them. The cig torture on my cock and balls came next..
I was truly in subspace now .but skillfully mistress pushed my limits hard but knew when to ease the pain.
Last i went in the t/box for my reward and received my food and drink.she allowed me to come in my hand and made me eat it.. Wow. What a session..
Thank you mistress.

One of the most erotic experiences of my life

  • June 24, 2021

Mistress didn’t waste any time. After a brief discussion, my C&B were tightly bound and i was ordered over the bench. Looking Amazonian in Her short pleated leather skirt and black leather stilettos showing off the shapeliest legs, i was swiftly tied down and after my collar was fitted tightly around my neck, a soft flogger was soon employed on my backside and dangly bits, which were by now not so dangly! Sliding the bench sideways so’s i could look in the mirror, i was impressed by the precision and deftness of the strokes being applied. That wasn’t to last for long.

Producing a soft velvet blindfold, all my senses and being were then focused on the succession of implements applied to my upended rear. The soft flogger, a more severe flogger, a paddle and then the cane; all expertly placed and measured. I’d never been caned before, so this was yet another new experience on my ongoing journey with Mistress V. Mistress likes Her pretty patterns and i did my best to provide the appropriate canvas for Her artistry. i think Mistress probably went easy on me, it being a first time and all, so although the strokes hurt at the time and produced nice welts that are now turning into nice purple bruises, there was no broken skin and no bloody mess to clean up. ‘What a wimp’ you cp afficionados may exclaim, but for me it was a major milestone that Mistress has worked me up to over a period of time and a number of sessions.

When satisfied with Her handiwork, Mistress lubed me up andi was soon experiencing the delights of being stretched by Mistress and Her toys. Again, when i first met Mistress i was an anal virgin, and again, through Her patient tuition, i have progressed to the point where i can accommodate a modest toy without discomfort and enjoy the sensation as Mistress rocks backwards and forwards, pushing the pseudo cock deep inside.

Suitably stretched, i was released from the bindings and the blindfold removed. Standing, i realized that i had little control of my body, with all my muscles trembling as a result of the caning and fvcking. Fortunately, i didn’t have to stand long as, having had a pair of nipple clamps attached, Mistress ordered me down on all 4’s in front of Her fvcking machine. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the trembling – however the rhythmic pounding of the machine did sort that out in short order. After a sustained period of pleasure on the machine, Mistress switched it off and ordered me over to Her swing.

Hoisting myself up into the swing, i eagerly awaited Mistress’ attention. Little did i know that i was about to enjoy one of the most erotic experiences of my life. With Mistress’ cvck in me and thrusting deeply, Mistress leaned over and pinching my nostrils between forefinger and thumb, covered my mouth with the remainder of Her gloved hand. The other hand teased and twisted my nipples (already tender from the clamps) mercilessly, all the while thrusting and laughing. The sensations were incredible. There was no singular point of pleasure – my whole body was quivering with the intensity of the last couple of hours; my buttocks tingling, nipples being stretched and twisted, breathing restricted by Mistress and the insistent pounding as Mistress thrust Her pink cvck deeply inside me. Sensing i had taken enough today (there’s little point in experiencing everything at once – leave something (e.g. the BBC) to look forward to), Mistress withdrew and unshackled my legs, ordering me to kneel on the floor in front of Her chair.

Kneeling was good – i don’t think i could have stood for very long as the trembling knees had started again. Instructing me to worship Her feet, by now slightly damp with perspiration from Her exertions, was a relaxing and strangely sensual experience, as i focused on bathing every square centimetre,in thanks for the effort and exertion Mistress had expended on my behalf. First one foot, then the other, until Mistress told me to stop. i must have performed adequately, as Mistress then blessed me with the opportunity to worship Her delightful derriere. What a climax to yet another fantastic session with Mistress V.

It’s impossible to describe the many ways during a session in which Mistress interacts with one, constantly teasing and heightening the overall experience. Her voice, laugh, attitude constantly changes – soft and sensual, firm and demanding – but always respectful of any boundaries that may have been agreed (although these may be stretched somewhat). Over time , Mistress has encouraged and, through patient training, raised my capabilities to both enjoy and participate more actively in Her sessions. When first i started seeing Mistress,i never dreamed that i would, one day, proudly wear the stripes on my buttocks which are now turning a technicolour hue of yellows, purples and blues, nor that i would ever be fvcked by a beautiful woman. It just shows what a life changing experience meeting Mistress V can really be.

Strapped down after the lockdown

  • June 22, 2021

With all that’s been going on in this past year it was such a relief that I finally get to make an appointment with Mistress. Needless to say, as I approached Mistress’s door, I was really quite nervous.

I slowly walked up those stairs that looked so familiar from Mistress’s pictures and was greeted by an incredible vision – Mistress in crotch high boots and an amazing tight black bodice. WOW!! My eyes nearly popped out of my head! My gaping didn’t last long as Mistress immediately instructed me to get on my knees and worship her boots while she had a relaxing cigarette. I was in heaven, how I’d missed being under Mistress’s control, I couldn’t believe that I once again had the honour of worshipping her divine boots.

On finishing her cigarette, I was instructed to undress and told to follow her, on my knees, to the bench where I knelt as she put on her new leather opera gloves. What an amazing sight that was, seeing her wearing them nearly blew my mind. As the CBT started, I could not believe that I was being touched again by Mistress through that beautifully soft leather. I had real difficulty controlling myself and felt sure that I would explode. Mistress’s touch is just beyond compare. I do not have the words to describe the feelings that were racing through my overloaded brain.

Prior to the session Mistress had instructed me to stretch my man pussy so that she would be able to fuck me with her BBC. Now was the moment of truth, had all that stretching paid off, would I be able to take it? The dildos she was going to use on me were placed on the bench so I could see what I had coming. I was confident that I could take all the small ones, but seeing the BBC up close and personal did make me nervous. Would I disappoint Mistress? Mistress, however, had every confidence that, with some gentle encouragement, I wouldn’t have any problems.

Strapped to the bench Mistress started to work, gradually moving up the sizes and I was taking them all in my stride, then it came to the BBC! Watching her put it on was both fascinating and intimidating. Then she stepped behind me and slowly started to ease it in. With each gentle thrust it got deeper and deeper, but not fully in. It was time for a different approach, time for the swing! Fantastic, ever since Mistress got it I’ve wanted to be suspended, gazing into those beautiful eyes as Mistress pounds into me. I couldn’t believe that it was actually going to happen!

Once in the swing, to add to my excitement, Mistress attached electrodes to my already throbbing cock, this was going to be just amazing. Mistress stepped towards me and slowly inserted the BBC. WOW! Looking into Mistress’s eyes as she entered me was even better than I’d imagined. In no time at all I’d taken the whole length of the BBC and Mistress was giving me the fucking that I’d longed for.

Mistress, I belong to you now and forever. Thank you so much for allowing me to be your slave.

Second visit to Mistress V

  • June 21, 2021

Second visit to mistress v and long overdue donning a maids outfit and a very lifelike top-notch wig (that will cost me on my next visit lol)mistress led me to the spanking bench and begin to warm my bottom up. As the implements and pain started to intensify, mistress announced “i remember now you have quite a high tolerance don’t you” bugger. Caught out lol *thawk!* “mm now I’m getting a reaction *laughs” mistress really ramped it up then and was really enjoying making me dance (as much as the restraints allowed) “I’m going to beat you, then fuck you, she gleefully announced as the thrashing continued” Beating over, mistress starts with a smaller dildo and plays with my ass once I was sufficiently relaxed she fitted her harness and begin to fuck my ass. after a good pegging she left me to relax for a moment, “don’t get to comfortable, I’m not done with fucking that mancunt of yours” I was led to the fucking machine, and had my ass lined up with the dildo. What followed was a long fucking at various speeds and tempos as mistress watched, laughed and commented on how much i was enjoying it, how i needed to be prepped for a real cock “once were done here you will be sucking that dildo clean slut” *gulp* how humiliating… “That’s it clean your own shit up then you can taste mine I can feel it on the way” this was all building to the main event, to serve as mistress full toilet Mistress had me clean and worship her ass which was sweaty and a little dirty (by design) and I enjoyed the privilege of worshipping mistress v’s fantastic ass but alas good things come to an end “get in the box, i need to shit” and shit she did, i manged to eat it this time without been forced which i am very proud of “good girl”, mistress smiled down at me in her toilet box I begin to relax a little till a gloved hand smeared in shit pushs into my mouth”here you missed a bit” *more laughter* for the finale, since I was a good slut, mistress told me I would be allowed to cum on her boots and lick it up. I begin to jerk as her ass comes into view, her VERY dirty ass, as mistress had not wiped and as it descended towards me, I thought guess im going to be toilet paper too, but no mistress had other ideas. At the last moment, her ass moved back, and I found my nose getting wedged deep in her crack and into her asshole as she laughed and got comfortable. All I could taste was shit, all I could smell was shit and mistress was giving me a verbal tirade of degrading comments, about how I was getting her shit forced up my nose and my upcoming slimy clean up job. I didn’t last long and came hard, and ate it all up. Brilliant second session, Mistress V is an amazing woman who genuinely enjoys her craft, and it makes all the difference when in a session with her. Book now you won’t regret it

A Testimonial – already booked to go back!

  • June 21, 2021

Immediately on arrival the slave was instructed to strip down to his sissy stockings and suspenders.

Mistress was on the phone so the slave was told to worship her very expensive Louboutin heels. Never has the slave been able to suck such a rare pair of heels.

When Mistress decided they were clean enough he was dragged by his ear to the whipping bench, Once secured Mistress carried out a very severe flogging, leaving heavy welts and scars on his back and backside. Slave took the punishment well without needing to be gagged. (As he usually is) He isn’t really to anal but Mistress had it was time to change this. First a dildo then Mistress gave him a good fucking with her strap on. Save was made to clean his own shit from the dildo after Mistress had finished.

Once released Mistress fastened the slave into the cock pillory. Whilst in it she tortured his cock and balls.

Mistress secured the slave onto her bench in order to carry out her favourite pastime – needle play.

Mistress inserted numerous needles through his cock and balls Tried to sew his cock shut but the stiches wouldn’t hold. ( Slave instructed to get medical grade needle for the next visit)

Mistress then fed him with her fresh shit.

Told to wank with the needles still in place. Couldn’t come so was told to go home.

Removing the needles himself – just as well he was in a nappy, blood went everywhere.

Am I going to see her again?

Already booked

All sewn up

  • June 20, 2021

Once my human toilet was at the top of the stairs I click my fingers, Strip and heel.

Undressing down to its stockings suspenders and frilly baby satin panties I order it to clean my expensive shoes. Red soles. Lick them clean you filthy toilet. I find this quite amusing and begin to rub my sole all over its face.

Happy with myself I pull it over to the bench by its ears, Over you go I’m going to strap you down and cuff you. Starting with a light flogging before the bull whipping.
The crack of the whip echoes around the playroom it does leave leave a beautiful welt across his back watching it redden pleases me so I carry on until his upper back and arse cheeks are glowing, taunting it as I walk around the bench.

Unstrapping this piece of shit I order it to stand at the bottom end of the bench with legs stretched. Using one of my many toys I lube it and slide it in. It can’t believe it’s gone all the way 😜 Leaving it there I pull on my strapon and begin to fuck it. Take my cock shit eater I do hope you’re hungry 😋 I’ve saved you your breakfast it’ll be piping hot once I have you over my medical bench.

I prepare the bench while it cleans it self up.

Come over here and get on that bench with your mouth wide open, releasing my log straight into its mouth I make it chew, Not all of it though, I thought sewing its cock up was a good enough punishment for not consuming it all then sent it on its way. Fantastic session

Another Perfect Session

  • June 11, 2021

Yet another perfect session with Mistress V. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it really does. As well as providing and enjoying the most accomplished, remarkable sessions, Mistress V is scintillating company. She also has the most beautiful face ever, a perfect figure and legs that seem to go on forever.

The session started with a gentle flogging that rapidly and inexorably guided me into deep subspace, moving onto a paddle followed by the cane. Mistress V is the consummate expert in combining and intermingling pain with pleasure. There’s no-one better and probably no-one as good. Mistress V gets into your head and stays there for the entire session.

We then moved on to rope bondage, CBT, nipple clamps and flogging my back, accompanied by plenty of spit, spat directly into my mouth. I really love Mistress V’s spit. She knows it and gives me plenty of it to drink.

Time to be taken to the medical couch for needle play. My nipples were treated to six needles each.

Next up was watersports delivered via a funnel. Mistress V had deliberately drunk plenty of water so she could give me plenty of her delicious pee to drink. I thought the flow would never stop and I loved every drop.

I was then attached to the sling and Mistress V took me with a large, thick strapon. Being able to look at Mistress V’s stunningly beautiful face while being taken with a strapon is a truly magical experience.

Last but not least I was strapped to the inverter and inverted for more watersports, more spit then the most explosive orgasm.

Mistress V somehow manages to squeeze the maximum amount of sheer pleasure into every session. This is the very pinnacle of BDSM expertise and enjoyment; the most elite experience possible.

You can’t beat a bit of cling film!

  • June 8, 2021

Slave wrapped in cling wrap from the neck down, I begin to weave my web with the rope I bind him tighter there is no escape, I leave a hole in the cling wrap in line with his cock and balls, Pulling them through the hole I attach my bucket weights to his balls. I love cbt I get a great sense of satisfaction as I bring my riding crop down slapping the buckets and down on his cock, laughing at his attempts to keep still without falling over.Ear defenders and blindfold on I allow my slave a sniff of poppers before leading him to my bench.

Cutting him free from the wrap I dress it in a cute maids outfit once dressed I order it into the body bag zipping it inside I then I pull my rope through the loops pulling it hard so the rope is tightening from the feet to the neck.restrictive bondage haha

Leaving it’s head free to use as my seat.

I put my doxy on full and place it between the rope just under its balls.

I can tell my slave loves being in this predicament by the muffled noises it’s making under my arse.

I will deny you the privilege of cumming slave but I will piss in your mouth and you will drink it all up,Open your mouth and swallow!!! Happy with his piss drinking I release him and send him on his way.

A Testimonial

  • June 4, 2021

Standing naked and blindfolded, hands hanging by my side, breathing shallowly as i strain to hear the noises behind me. What is Mistress doing? What is about to happen? Will it be pain, pleasure or that heady amalgam of both that Mistress V specialises in?

The blindfold is removed and Mistress is standing in front of me, Her long shapely legs in high gloss high heeled shoes,Her voluptuous yet trim figure constrained by a black lace up body, revealing a black brocade bra. The pleasure! The pain is the two nipple clamps Mistress swiftly attaches to my nipples, tugging to make sure they are gripping tightly; a hood over my head, ‘Legs apart, slave’, and Mistress produces a multi-tongue flogger from behind Her perfectly formed derriere and starts lightly stroking my cock and balls.

Tightly grabbing hold of my now erect member, Mistress leads me across to the mirror. Re-assuming the position, Mistress continues to flog me from behind, increasing the strength and weight of subsequent blows. Her gloved hand comes over my mouth and pinches my nose, while continuing to flog. Releasing Her hand, i can breathe again, but only for a brief moments as Her hand repeats the previous action multiple times. Turning me round, i look into Mistress’ blue eyes as the flogging continues and the strings attached to the nipple clamps are tugged. My whole body is now joining in the joyful chorus in response to Mistress’ teasings.

Ushering me to Her bench, Mistress straps me down; the clamps on my nipples pressing into the soft padded leather, exerting a constant, inward-pointing pressure in addition to the constriction they engender. Mistress continues with the light flogger – cheeks, upper back of my thighs and not forgetting between my legs. Cheeks now a bright pink, Mistress swaps the flogger for Her blue, single-tail whip and proceeds to lay strokes from different angles and with different weights, until all the nerves are tingling. Laying down the whip, Mistress picks up Her ‘Cat o-nine tails’ and repeats the exercise. By now my whole body is shaking from the intensity of Mistress’ ministrations. i don’t believe it – from my first visit where i said to Mistress ‘I don’t see what people get out of being physically beaten’ to my second visit where i received a gentle smacking, to being flogged and whipped and relishing the prospect – such is the persuasive power of Mistress’ charms and ever so carefully and safely managed stretching of boundaries.

Unstrapping me, but still prone on the bench with the nipple clamps doing their bit, Mistress pronounced it was time for some ass play. A soft, flexible rubber dildo was produced and with minimum of fuss, was pushed to where the sun doesn’t shine. Mistress proceeded to use the toy to gently, then more forcibly, fvck me. Again, something i would never have thought possible a few visits ago. By now i was encouraging Mistress, who only too willingly acquiesced to my urgings. My trust in Mistress grows with every encounter, knowing from experience that while being strict and demanding, nothing is more important than the safe mutual enjoyment of a D/s session.

Suitably loosened and stretched, i was shepherded to Mistress’ swing where after hoisting myself in, Mistress shackled my legs. Mistress removed the nipple clamps and, as i was arcing up at the pain of the release, slid Her pink strap-on between my legs. Mistress responded vigorously to my obvious pleasure, unselfishly not sparing herself as She thrust strongly against me. My pleasure was obvious, both in the delight on my face and in the way in which other parts of my anatomy responded.

As always, every good thing comes to an end and as Mistress unshackled me, i tottered to my feet. Ordering me to lie on the rug, i was treated to a magnum of Mistress’ special vintage Champagne. Having been warned not to spill any at pain of the blue tailed whip once again, i strove to do my best to honour Mistress’ command. However, honesty won the day, and i was back over Mistress bench, feeling the kiss of Her whip once again. ‘Was it deliberate’, you may ask? Not really, it was just one of those things that turns out to have a good ending, which ever way one looks at it.

As Mistress rested from Her exertions, i was ordered to first polish Her shoes and then worship and massage Her feet. Having previously had the privilege of worshipping Mistress petite toes, i slowly and carefully used my tongue and lips to ensure that no square millimetre of skin went unrewarded for such a fine session as Mistress had just bestowed on me.

Without doubt, Mistress V is sensuous, perceptive and imaginative, pushing boundaries in a safe controlled manner, in Her well-equipped chambers. Many more visits will be required from me before my exploration of basic BDSM with Mistress V will be complete, let alone some of the more exotic pleasures that I’ve yet to pluck up the necessary courage to ask Mistress if She will deign to honour me with. From a complete novice, Mistress has guided and encouraged me to explore my feelings and, with Her by my side, i will be forever indebted if She will honour me with Her presence as ido so. Thank You Mistress V.

2 hour Humiliation & Degradation session

  • June 4, 2021

Naked. Trembling at my feet I order this piece of shit to clean my designer 7 inch heels.

Make them shine shit eater they are very expensive they deserve a through cleaning. Hold my heel so I’m comfortable! With his instruction he begins to lick around the edge of my shoe quite quickly,STOP! Take your time enjoy the taste sticking my heel inside his greedy mouth sliding in and out in a sexy erotic motion, Laughing at this wreck I order it to its feet,Putting on its collar and lead. Back on all fours dog, Get your tongue out and lick where I walk!

Walking it around the play space I constantly remind it of why it’s here. To eat my shit of course! Pulling it by the lead I nuzzle it’s face right up to my arse and let out an almighty rip!! Now fucking swallow that. This really amused me I will totally degrade and humiliate you the whole time you are here you mean nothing to me except to please me, You being forced to eat my shit will please me but only if you consume it all, with that a whip his arse, Once I left a couple of stripes across it I order it to stand and go to the toilet get on your knees and clean the toilet pushing it’s head inside I make it lick the inside of the basin happy with its work I order it to clean the toilet seat and lid. Make a good job or you’ll be very sorry with that I give arse a hard slap across both cheeks. Hurry up it’s time to mummify you jumping to it’s feet arms tucked in neatly I Start with the cling wrap I begin to wrap it from the neck down to his ankles. You will be restrained for the rest of the session,You won’t be able to wriggle your way out of it,Now hop over to my bench, I give an evil laugh telling it to sit down and swing it’s legs across. Once in place I cut an opening for the estim to be attached to its cock and balls, This toilet is going to be hooked up while it eats its breakfast, Standing over its open mouth I squat and push my wet warm shit into its mouth, I want to see you chew it shit breath! Chewing and swallowing it all or so it thought 💭 Ive not finished yet I push out another large mouthful, Turning up the e-stim making sure it doesn’t spit any out. I watch it as it struggles. You won’t be leaving here until it’s all gone. Pushing my gloved shitty fingers up it’s nose. Finish it! Which of course it did. Happy mistress Happy toilet

A Testimonial from slave D

  • May 19, 2021
I arrived on time for my morning session with mistress..she could tell i was excited
So we had a chat for a few short while and then i stripped and she put my collar and lead on she walked me over too the bench.. she secured me down tight and started beating my bottom and balls with a crop.. then came a hard caning..
I knew that my meal was coming next..
She led me over and put me in her toilet box..i could feel the electrics being attached to my hard cock..
She said this was to make me eat her shit.
She said open wide slave and filled my mouth . I held it for a while and felt the electrics increase.and my i started eating 
Her waste.. she pissed in my mouth pushed in more shit and put the electrics
I finished my enjoyable meal and then mistress allowed me to cum in my hand and swallow it while she tweaked my nipples..
I was in sub space and needed to lie for a few minutes to reflect on a amazing session with my cruel sadistic but loving mistress.
See you soon. 
Slave D

My sissy slave – a testimonial

  • May 17, 2021

The sissy slave arrived for yet another session with the incredible Mistress V.

He was immediately ordered to strip down to his sissy stockings and suspenders. Mistress was on the phone, so he was instructed to perform prolonged toe sucking of Mistress’s dainty feet. Mistress then decided she was desperate for a pee. Slave was forced to get on the floor and keep his mouth open. Mistress let loose with her pee in such a vast quantity that the slave could not keep up with the flow. The result was that her golden champagne ended up all over his face, head and the floor. Mistress was not happy. The stupid slave was forced to lick the floor clean- just like a dog.

When the floor was cleaned to Mistress’ satisfaction he was ordered to get onto the whipping bench. Once secured, Mistress proceeded to warm his backside up with her hand and then her favourite strap.

Then it was time for a severe caning to take place. Mistress had promised that permanent scars would be left on his backside. Mistress carried out her promise.

Slave had brought Mistress a present of some rolls of industrial cling wrap. The slave was then totally encased and made to shuffle over to the medical bench in order to receive some severe cbt.

Mistress cut holes in the wrap to expose his cock, balls and nipples. Numerous needles were then inserted with Mistress then twisting and turning them to inflict more pain.

Whilst the slave was tied Mistress became desperate for a shit, She went to the bathroom but collected her shit for her slave.

On returning she forced it into the slave’s mouth. covered it with both her hands and made it chew and swallow it.

Mistress then decided to give slave a treat. She brought him to orgasm (the first time in many visits to Mistress!) then collected it and made him swallow it.

The session over, the slave dressed and about to leave when Mistress told the slave that was still a another glass of her cold champagne to drink.

Another fantastic session with a caring Mistress.

Another Human Toilet

  • May 17, 2021

What a fantastic morning spent with my human toilet he’s so brave for eating every morsel.
Once it’s strapped down to my bench I begin to warm his arse cheeks with my cat-o-nine tails before giving him some beautiful welted stripes, Attached to his cock was my stainless steel egg topper!! Every now and then I’d give it a squeeze just to hear his gasps excited me.
Bottom a glowing red I tell my toilet what’s next on my list. You my dear are going to be served a delicious meal And you are not going to leave any not a bit or you will be back over my bench in a flash!
Lie on the rug head in my box. Attaching the e-stim to his cock I turn it on and play with his nipples.In his element laying there with a perfect view above him, Turning up the electrics he moans. “More please mistress “
Get your mouth open I’m about to deliver!
catching it in his mouth I pinch his nipples really hard Chew it!! Having no choice it does as it’s told savouring every bite.
Removing the e-stim I allow it to play with its cock. I want you to come into your hand shit breath and clean yourself up I’ll then wash it down with my piss.
Perfect way to start a Monday morning.
See you next month greedy chops 😈😈

My Human Toilet

  • May 17, 2021

My shit muncher arrived. At the top of the stairs I order it to kneel and worship my feet, Shine my shoes with your pathetic tongue I want to see my face in them.
Once my shoes were nice and shiny I order it to strip, under its clothing it wore black stockings suspenders and a pair of big white frilly knickers. Get them all off! And get over my bench, I’ve not caned you for a while. Over my bench I stuff it’s mouth with a pair of worn tights then using strong tape I tape his mouth shut. Nobody can here your pathetic cryies now that makes me happy.

After 4 hard strokes from cold we move over to the medical area. I begin to cling wrap my bitch making it turn as I pull the wrap tight around it’s pathetic body.
When I’d finished I told it to lie down on the medical bench, inserting a needle straight through the wrap into its nipple it gasps I move down to its cock and insert 5 into the shaft of its ever growing cock.

I’m going to save the best for last shit muncher, You are going to be fed my waste and you are going to chew it up aren’t you? I remove the tape from its mouth removing the tights, I shit into my gloved hand, Open and chew you filthy pig, Covering it’s mouth so none escapes, I piss into a plastic cup, You’ll be needing this drink once you’ve eaten it all hahaha I do love to watch a pig eat my shit . See you next month for more of Mistress V’s delights!

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