A Testimonial – new experiences

  • August 9, 2020

knock on the door what to expect strip i took my clothes off kneel in the main chamber now then got fitted into a cock cage my first time feels funny but will try it again tied down misstress fucks me with different size dildos then unties me takes me to the medical room and try s a big black dildo but i couldn”t take it sorry next move to the bathroom where i get to drink mistress piss nice move again a very busy two hour slot ten i take sounds what a funny feeling as a treat mistress sits on my face lovely then she puts to bands on my cock and it pulses hen as a treat i got to worship mistress pussy while the pulses get more and more what a great session can”t wait for the next one maybe try weights on my tiny little cock i would recomend any one to could and give it a try and any males i will suck your cock and let you fuck me if that is what it takes so go and see mistress v you will not be disappointed i wasn”t and will now willing try anything she would like me to do with my tiny cock and mucky asrehole roll on my next session maybe a sub to join in can”t wait

His second visit to Me

  • August 9, 2020

Second visit today with my bum whore.

Once through the door it was ordered upstairs. Face mask on slave now let’s have a chat.

Once we’d had our pre session chat I locked it up, cock encased in the steel cage ready and more than willing to take what was waiting for it once over the bench.

I stick 2 fingers inside it’s arse, wow your more than ready for the bigger sized strapons , Ill just slip one on, lube it up and get to work on stretching that arse of yours.

The positioning on the bench was awkward for it to get the full benefit of my pounding.

Get off the bench I want you in the medical room at the end of the medical bench with your arse in the air!

Now that was the perfect angle. Spread those cheeks whore I want to go deeper; so deep you can taste it.

After giving its arse a good seeing to, my whore was thirsty, it had never drunk pee before. I was very impressed with its efforts to which I gave it a reward, sitting on its face. Wriggling my sweaty arse all over it.

Medical room for some sounds whore it’s time to stretch your cock!

Using the various size sounds, my whore loved watching them slide in and out of its little peep hole 😂

I find it amazing that a pathetic cock can take so much, it was loving every second of it getting harder and harder.

I’ll sort that cock out for you, attaching the estim cock hoops I turn it on. Wow mistress it feels amazing, is it throbbing? yes mistress.

Sitting on its face I give my whore another reward. Turning the power up on the estim, just enough for his cock to dance. I ride its face, its cock is now ready for exploding but instead of letting it I make it get on its knees and kneel in front of me, time to worship Mistress properly, come closer slave. Let’s leave the rest to your imagination.

It has already got its next session booked for October

Wish you were my bum whore? You know what to do

A Testimonial – bizarre & delicious extremes

  • August 5, 2020

Hi again, you lovers of kink, sex, extremes, depravity, especially devotees of the alluring, talented and commanding Lady V.Stocking, she to whom I am in service for pain, humiliation, and full toilet slavery.

I visited again only 9 days after the last session; dressed in a black pvc look thigh stockings, black high waist skater skirt , black pvc corset, black wig, dark eyes and bright red lips and black low heel court shoes. No mention of knickers as I wore none.

My cocklette and empty balls were safely held in a heavy, stainless steel cage which none of my tiny lace slut knickers can contain. Anyway, no knickers is best for a cock, spunk and mancunt bitch whore as I am.

My lady liked my outfit. No time for pleasantries: straight into nipple tease and twist then to the bum-up bench, legs apart, cocklette and woeful sack in cage all hanging ready to catch the tail of a whip as it curls down my crack, anxious as it is for pain, a pegging and a real cock fuck if a stray sissy were to pass by.( You know: the crack of the whip)

My lady knew that I wanted the stripes of this session to last, red with black bruises, for 6 or more weeks. Hand spank, red cheeks, warmed up, whip, to up the game, then pain. A stray sissy rang, was admitted and came in with a thick long cock sticking out of her black pvc sissy maid body. SUCK IT, said Lady V. And I did , head, undershaft, licking the tender bits under the rim of the head, trying to tongue fuck her pee hole but NO, it would not open.

I could tell that the slut was a novice.A good 15minutes of deep that, head & mouth fucking, twisting the shaft. Nothing but increasing limpness. Glancing at her face under its long haired wig, I saw that she was well poppered, far out in her filthy thoughts so that her cock was not in the physical game.

My lady pegged me to thrill me and open up my cunt to give easy access to the handsome but wilting cock, bareback, so that once the head was in, the cock would follow and swell. Sadly NO. It collapsed into a floppy wrung dishcloth.

Back to sucking. A good cock to suck, tease and hold, 8″ I guess, hit the back of my throat but no hot sticky squirt of thick white slime to wash around my mouth then swallow.

I had taken the final hard strokes. My lady said the marks were deep and would last. So to the medical room; on back, skirt up, legs apart, cunt open to anyone or thing, (but no more given- I was missing the fuck already and still am 9 hours later). Out came the sewing kit. I closed my eyes and subbed away with a lot of help from my friend, the powder snowman. Later I found 2 long thick and heavy needles decorated my right nipple, leaving my left free for me to rub, squeeze…. also My Lady had sewn my sack over my cocklette , at least partly, as the needle was a fish hook type – not the easiest. When I landed I was told that I had a short row of stitches and a few needles into my sackette and bell. It had felt delightful, sinful, extreme, slightly painful, to make me grimace, but liking it and wanting always another stitch, another needle.

Time flies so I was sent to the toilet where I was to replace the porcelain model. My
Lady needed a good shit. Dutifully and delighted I opened my mouth and received a continuous turd that must have been 8 or more “. It broke into 3 pieces, 1 little shittle followed. My Lady squashed the sections onto and into my mouth, filling and stuffing my cheeks. She left me with instructions to eat/ swallow it all. It took some time. I have learned now that best is to work on a small piece, work it into a paste with saliva and suck/swallow the paste: repeat until all gone. I don’t like the taste of shit but I love doing the filthy deed and would like to be fucked and spunked on by a stream of bi sluts as I work through the task.

I would love to prostitute my cocklette, cunt, mouth fists and fingers to all My Lady’s followers.

All those who yearn for these bizarre and delicious extremes should consult with My Lady. If you like the idea you might even meet and use me.

Licks, spit, shit, spunk and all good wishes


My sissy – hard sports, forced bi and much more!

  • August 4, 2020

My filthy slut arrived in full slut attire for her breakfast today, and my what fun we had.

She brought along with her some new needles for me to try, nice long thick ones. I will put this box in the medical room until it’s needed. Time to warm your cheeks with some spanking before I use my new whip!

Once over the bench I strap her down, she does like to wriggle and be quite verbal at times, I soon sort that out!

Your cheeks are glowing slut, swishing through the air down came my whip.

When I was happy with the results I move on to my favourite implement, the cane, giving it 10 or more hard strokes, letting her no who’s the boss!

My surprise was soon ringing the bell 🛎

Letting it in I send it upstairs mask on.

I have a new outfit for you to wear it’s on the bed, get it on and join us

The outfit it was wearing had a zip that goes underneath the crouch making it easy to get its cock out for sucking.

Stand in front of it and get your cock out, this greedy whore wants your cock in her mouth!

When the two whores had finished I made one stay in the tall standing cage, while the other went into the medical room for some needleplay

Using the new needles just 3 in the nipple and one in its balls

I’m needing the toilet now potty breath get in the bathroom and lie down, I don’t need to tell you again you know what’s coming next!!!

The filthy slut ate every single bit.

Do you wish you were as greedy as her? 😈😈

A Testimonial – much needed discipline

  • July 31, 2020

As someone who needs regular discipline, the covid lockdown has been disastrous for me so I was delighted to learn Mistress V had managed to create a Covid safe environment and was available for sessions again. I contacted her by e-mail and agreed a date and then called her, the day before the session, to confirm.

On arrival, I was greeted at the door by Mistress V wearing a facemask which was unusual but focused my attention on her beautiful eyes. After handing me a mask and instructing me to put it on, she let me into the building and directed me upstairs. There the discussion about my prolonged lack of discipline left me in no doubt that I needed and was in for severe punishment. Mistress V knows my disciplinary needs better than me so only wanted to know of any issues I had. Having none and with punishment never discussed until I am in the punishment room, I was directed to the undressing room and then into the bathroom to complete my preparation.

On my return, Mistress V was waiting, wearing a black rubber dress that clung tightly to her amazing figure! Still masked, I was led into the room where the punishment bench was prepared and waiting. Mistress V ordered me onto it and after strapping me down tightly changed into high platform shoes that she said “raised her to the right height for hitting the target!”.

Knowing I was to be severely punished, there were no surprises. Starting with a hard hand-spanking, a whole range of implements, from a heavy thuddy rubber flogger through to a variety of wooden and leather implements, rained down heavily on both my cheeks. This lady may be petite but she has a powerful swing and delivers from both sides. Mistress V showed me each implement, before putting it to use explaining her reason for choosing it and its unique pain-giving qualities. Every so often she stopped to take a photograph on my phone so that I could see the ever-reddening glow gradually spread across every part of both cheeks.

A couple of times I struggled and wondered whether I could cope but the professional that she is, Mistress V knew I could and would cope and that all I needed was a little help and encouragement. This is one of many unique qualities that I particularly like in Mistress V. Unlike many disciplinarians, who will ease off or even stop the punishment in these situations, Mistress V continues with the punishment as intended but works and helps her submissive through it. I particularly like this because being ‘let off lightly, would leave me seriously demoralised and with a profound sense of failure. Advised that my punishment was about to end with a severe hard strapping from her favourite strap, I braced myself and was right to do so because Mistress V and her favourite strap is a formidable team!

Released from the bench and instructed to inspect my buttocks in the tall mirror I was then I led to another room where Mistress V sat in a chair and had me kneel before her to massage her feet. I have not experienced this before in a discipline session but having had many glimpses of her feet during the punishment and seeing how her toes must have been crushed into her shoes, it was reasonable that I should be expected to administer the after-care and so with gratitude and pleasure I stretched each of her toes gently and massaged her feet.

Finally dressed but not allowed to remove the mask until I was outside the building, I left feeling understandably sore but delighted that the black cloud, Whish had been hanging over me for weeks, had finally lifted. Thank you Mistress V.

Mistress V is a true professional and an expert in her field. I simply cannot recommend too highly. I need her to be hard with me but she is so experienced, caring, understanding and trustworthy that she caters for needs of everyone from novice to serious player. Her dungeon is one the best equipped I have seen, well maintained and spotlessly clean. She is a genuinely lovely person out of scene so take the leap and make the call. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Instead and like me, you will return time and time again. My next session is already in her diary!

Enforced Hard Sports

  • July 27, 2020

My human toilet arrived early this morning after travelling for 4 hours to have breakfast, served directly from myself.

We discussed how he’d like the session to go, as we chatted it soon became quite clear that this potty mouth wanted me to force him to eat it.

I do love a new toilet boy, makes it more fun when they’re new to it.

Once toilet was stripped I told it to go and kneel in the playroom head bowed and wait!

Telling him you will taste my shit today, you will also clean my arse after I’ve finished, no chickening out!

Tying my toilet up I tease it, bending over so it can just see my arse, you want to lick it don’t you slave?

You’ll not get the pleasure of that until you’ve had a taste. Grouching over its face, I fart 💨 taste that shit breath!

After quite a few loud ripply farts I can feel my toilet’s breakfast working its way down.

Open wide! And catch it with your teeth!

Once it had landed perfectly into its mouth, I sat on its chest and held its mouth shut 🤐.

You are going to keep that held in your mouth for the next 10 minutes, don’t worry I’ll help you 😈

10 minutes later I stood up above it, spreading my arse cheeks. there’s another truffle on its way, Open!

You look thirsty! This time I get right down so my pussy is an inch away from his dry mouth, I relieve its thirst, swallowing all my pee, good toilet.

Now clean my arse!!

Scat / Hard Sports videos can be seen on My account

Double Sissy Session

  • July 26, 2020

Just finished an amazing double sissy session, both have sessioned with me on several occasions.

Organising this session wasn’t hard as they both wanted the same thing, to feel a real cock in their mouths and sissy cunts.

I’d asked paula to come an hour after I’d started my session.

I want to give my sissy a really good seeing too before she arrived, lots of sucking on my strapon preparing my slut for what’s about to occur.

strapping my slut down to the bench, I lube the anal hook and insert it, then attaching my pulley I pull on it , sluts moaning encouraging me to pull harder.

I’m going to stretch your sissy hole for my slut to slip her cock inside you and you are going to except it, I’m in control now, I say who sucks and who fucks, while your here I’m the boss!!

I hear the car pull onto the drive.

paula’s arrived, I’m going to take you from the bench and put you in the cage until she’s dressed and ready.

Once inside the cage I tease and torment my slut. Running my hands across my breasts, rub your clit slut! I want that cock of yours hard!

paula then enters the room.

Releasing my slut form the cage. Get on your knees paula and suck! It wasn’t long before my slut was exploding into paula’s mouth.

Your turn now, return the favour lol.

Into the sissy room and get on the bed.

My oh my they were having fun.

Suck paula’s balls.

paula you wank your cock and when you’re ready, give my slut a facial.

No chance of that; paula grabbed my slut’s head and filled her mouth spunk exploding everywhere.

Carry on sucking those balls bitch!

You are both my whores to do with as I please, now clean up your mess sluts!!

Looking forward to when we can do this again, it won’t be long before they’re back 😈😈😈

First visit to Mistress V

  • July 22, 2020

Upon arrival of my first ever visit to Mistress V i was greeted with a warm welcome. Mistress V then told me to sit on the floor and explain what made me want to be her slave. After this she then ordered me to strip and go into her playroom and kneel with my head on the floor and ass up and await further instructions. She then came into the room and put a hood on my head before making me worship her beautiful feet and legs. After this she made me remove the hood before tying me up. Including my cock and balls. Once tied she began to whip me and play with my nipples. After that she ordered me into another room and untied my cock and balls but replaced the rope with a electrical device sending sharp pulses through my cock and balls. After this she took my anal virginity by fingering my arse. After this she sat on my face, making me sniff her beautiful arse and started to tease me, before finally letting me release and then make me clean up my mess. Mistress V is a beautiful professional mistress and i loved the session. Will definitely be making a return hopefully in the not too distant future.

Safe and Sound

  • July 22, 2020

Like many subs and fetishists, when the Covid-19 lockdown eased, I was very keen to have a good session. I was nervous about catching the Covid-19 virus though, so I scoured the Internet to see which Mistresses were obviously taking it seriously while also providing quality sessions.  Mistress V’s Covid-19 precautions stood out like a beacon, so although I live nearly 70 miles away, I decided to take the plunge and go for a session. Perfect choice! Mistress V’s Domspace chambers were spotlessly clean, and everything was ready for us to enjoy a session in complete safety.

I had been concerned that Mistress V’s Covid-19 precautions might dampen the enjoyment of the session somewhat, but in fact it was quite the opposite; that feeling of being safe engendered a feeling of trust that actually improved the session.

I won’t say exactly what happened during the session because your interests won’t necessarily be the same as mine, but I experienced the whole gamut of pain, humiliation and degradation that I had asked for, in absolute safety.

Mistress V doesn’t simply give you a session in return for money. This isn’t a transaction. Neither is it the simple infliction of pain and humiliation that I’ve experienced elsewhere. Mistress V gets inside your head. And you get inside her head. It’s a fantastic spiritual and physical collaboration par excellence.

There is nobody like Mistress V. Book a session, but beware: you will never want to session with anyone else. I still have a spring in my step.

6 Orgasms in 90 minutes!

  • July 22, 2020

Walked in, straight to the vacbed again! This time, after it sucked me in, mistress immediately began sensually caressing my entire body. Follow by some more breath play, hand around my neck or over my mouth.. she even sat on my face.. at least I think she did since I couldn’t see, 2 vibrators & 3 orgasms later I was ordered upstairs to where she roped me securely onto her bench, sat up, hands and arms behind my back & legs secured to the knee rests.. blindfold and ear muffs on.

Over the next hour she played with my nipples, biting, scratching, nipping, clamping, pin wheeling my nipples! Flogged, scratches K spanked my back, arms, thighs.

Not happy enough with my bondage she applied a breast harness around my arms and around my tits… & carries on playing with the already sensitive buds before grabbing her vibrator again and making me come twice more.
To finish the session off, she shoved the cum covered vibrator in my mouth & pin wheeled my thighs, down to my pussy & eventually my clit. Asking for one more orgasms before she set me free…

I said last time was one of my favourite sessions.. well this one definitely became my favourite. 6 orgasms in 90 minutes… do I need to say more.

A Fantastic Session with Mistress V

  • July 19, 2020

on arrival at the chambers ,slave was stunned by how gorgeous she looked. Bright red PVC dress and red stiletto shoes. He was ordered to his knees and to crawl after Mistress upstairs. He was then ordered to strip down to his stockings and suspenders and to begin a lengthy worship of Mistress’s shoes paying particular attention to the six inch heels. Mistress took great delight in resting her feet on his head and scratching his back with the heels.

Then to the punishment bench. Once slave was securely fastened a firm hand spanking followed by a hard paddling. When the slave’s backside was red enough to Mistress’s satisfaction it was time for the cane. Slave had requested 20 strokes but after three he was begging for mercy. But no, Mistress decided he must take another two. She promised that they would be light ones – but they weren’t, they were full force.

While still secured it was time for the branding. I thought that Mistress would use one of the brands that I had previously bought her – but no she decided to use her lit cigarette.

She burnt her initial V into his backside – then went over it again to make sure that it was a permanent brand. Slave marked for life.

Then back onto the medical bench for needle torture.

Mistress really enjoys inserting needles in slaves nipples, cock and balls. Laughing all the time whilst he was in agony. Mistress tried to fasten his nipple to his arm. It didn’t work but we both had a good laugh at the attempt.

Then it was time for what he dreaded. The slave couldn’t get into the toilet box due to a bad back. But Mistress was not to be defeated. A towel was placed on the floor with a pillow supporting his back. Then Mistress’s gorgeous bottom descended onto the slave’s mouth. Within seconds her backside opened and the shit went into his mouth.

He managed to eat and swallow some but couldn’t take it all. ( Mistress later said that next time he would be forced eat it all! ) Then the crazy part, Mistress was sat on the loo finishing her crap whilst the slave stood next to her with a handful of shit and shit in his mouth.

Another fantastic session – with a wonderful Mistress. Am I going back? Of course, giving Mistress no requests giving her free reign to inflict whatever she wants on the slave.

Total Power Exchange

  • July 18, 2020

My slave made a request when booking his session, that I have total control from the minute he comes through the door
power exchange, I just love it!!
On his arrival after the covid precautions I ordered my slave down on his knees to worship my boots, while his doing so, I remind him of his requests
so today you want to eat my shit, slave?
I do miss but I’m very nervous about it.
well I can guarantee you this slave, by the time I’ve done with you, you’ll do anything I ask and more
in its frilly panties, suspenders and stockings I order my pain slut over my bench!
let me warm that blank canvas for you.
using various implements I proceed to warm my sluts cheeks before introducing the cane!
my sluts not really into the cane, so I remind it again of who is in CONTROL! certainly not it!!
squealing like a bitch I give 5 hard strokes, I love to watch the welts rise to the surface of the skin, it does excite me 😈
another request from it, was to be branded,!
lighting a cigarette 🚬 I start to burn the letter v on to its arse cheek, going over it repeatedly so it blisters as I like to leave my mark 😈 one it’s going to have for a long time I think 😂
moving from the bench we go into the medical room for some needleplay
using 26 needles I made a pretty design across its nipple and chest, allowing it to drink some pee in between, such a kind mistress
reminding it that it’s now time to taste my shit!!
oh mistress I’m not too sure I want to do this
shut up slave!!
placing my self over its mouth, OPEN
it moves its head, you’re not getting away with it I pick it up and pop it straight into its mouth and shut it with a clasped gloved hand
it didn’t like the taste, but made a very good effort
well done shit breath for your amazing efforts
see you very soon to finish of where we left off 😈😈

Testimonial from my new sissy

  • July 16, 2020

Omg what cruel mistress with twisted mind in fun and pain

My 1st time visiting mistress v. mistress ask me to go upstairs and undertake her cv19 rules what mistress as in place. once ready made me wear black dress and gold high heels the ender her 1st playroom she sat on her spanking bench attached nipple clamps and the spike cock ring then told bend over and get 1st good old spanking the canning with welts to show then she slipped her strap on ride to town and back .then to medical room for needles to nipples and Elec to my cock shocking me to hell and back all the time Mistress was laughing with my pain . brilliant mistress 100% going rebook for my 2nd session

A Testimonial from My female sub

  • July 14, 2020

Mistress let me in, told me to get ready, vac bed first.. she knows it’s one of my favourites! ‘I’m going to clean it whilst you’re in.’ Rushing to get in she zips it up & turns it on. My  whole body felt cool hands run all over my body, heaven!! Twists to my nipples, soft caresses & strokes.. even teasing my wet pussy with her fingers, then slap, slap, slap.. harder in intensity before I cum not once but twice as she squeezes my neck, a fucking wonderful surprise  that I’m keen to explore more.

Coming down from orgasm she unzips me, upstairs on your knees whilst she readies herself. Up, arms behind your back. Roping my arms into a dragon sleeve. Arms throughly encased.. get in the cage. Before she locks it, a new gas mask comes over my head. Yay! Being sensory deprived in any way, gagged, blindfolded, deafened.. this all helps me get deep into subspace & she knows it. ‘Click’ I hear a slight rattle of chains before feeling them draped across my chest. Bliss! Not knowing what was coming next.. She made me wait before she played with my nipples, constantly, scratching, clamping, teasing.

On the edge of cumming again she notices & tells me to spread my legs wide open & she smashes her vibe hard against my clit straight away, 60 seconds later.. I feel the cum rush down my leg, not satisfied, she carries on before I squirt, breathless she takes me out of the cage & bondage & straps me down to her bench giving me some light to hard impact play along with sensual stroking & scratching. Fuck, I start bucking, humping the bench, noticing she gets her leather gloves on, smashing her hand into my cheeks before using them to squeeze my nose & cover my mouth. Fuck. I came again.

5 orgasms, breath play, bondage, sensory deprivation, sensuality, nipple play… I want to go back already for more.

Fantastic session with My female sub

  • July 13, 2020

had a fantastic two hour session with my female sub
she loves bondage, so best place for her is in my vacbed, fully restricted and encased in rubber
once she’d settled in I applied some latex shine into my hands and slowly massaged it into her body
all the while she’s inside moaning, it was obviously turning my slut on 😈😈
teasing her with each grasp of her very voluptuous breasts she gasps!!
with my other hand I rub her swollen pussy sliding a finger in now and then to get her juices flowing
are you coming for your mistress?
by the sounds coming from inside the vacbed she certainly was, she certainly knows how to squirt!!
moving my hands up to her neck I grip it tight!
then down to her very wet pussy, slapping it softly before I increase each one to a stinging slap! ahhh
back to her breasts and her very large nipples, twisting and pulling

ahh more mistress she begs

time for some rope play up the stairs girl and wait on bended knees.

upstairs I tie her arms behind her back into the dragon sleeve minimal movement, opening the tall standing cage, get in side.. she loves sensory deprivation you can put my new mask on before I start with the chains
chaining her inside the cage
more nipple torture, using a clamp I grip it onto her nipple and twist and pull
another organism all over the cage floor, you’ll enjoy cleaning that up once I’ve put you over my bench!
spanking her lightly before moving into the riding crop I crop her pussy in between her buttocks and the inside of her thighs
finishing her of one more time with a vibrator.
she leaves with eyes bright and rosy red cheeks, see you soon slut!

Beyond my wildest dreams – a Testimonial

  • July 7, 2020

This was my first visit to Mistress V since the start of the Coronavirus crisis, having been in the fortunate position of having had the pleasure of Mistress’s company the week before it all hit the fan. I was keen to continue my journey of exploration through BDSM with Mistress V as my guide and mentor. As soon as it became probable that indoor meetings with appropriate social distancing was acceptable, I arranged to renew my relationship, accepting that it might be different given Mistress’s strict Covid-19 precautions. As such, I was filled with a certain degree of apprehension when I rang the bell. Why did I worry! Mistress opened the door with a wide smile and greeting, stood back and sprinted up the stairs to stand at the top like the welcoming angel she is, with a broad grin and proffering a surgical mask. Following her up the steps, I donned the mask and after a couple of minutes exchanging pleasantries, I was directed to store my clothes, shower and re-present myself in the dungeon wearing nothing but my mask while Mistress changed.

Mistress entered, resplendent in a tight black latex mini dress and black six-inch heels. ‘Slave, we’re going to stretch your limits today’, she huskily and sensually intoned in my ear as my collar was put back in its rightful place after nearly 4 months of absence. Quiver!!!!! Gulp!!!!! ‘Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress’. And that set the scene for the most incredible couple of hours.

Mistress produced a long length of partially knotted soft red rope and proceeded to swiftly and skilfully truss me like a Turkey, hands and arms to sides, with C and B separated for the inevitable CBT I knew would be forthcoming. A joyous start to proceedings!! Ushered into Mistress’s vertical cage, my legs were bound to the bars on the side, forcing me forward onto the bars and exposing all my sensitive bits to my Lady’s tender ministrations. Nipple clamps with little pails were attached and jangled to get the sensations going, while strong fingers, riding crop and a vibro were applied lower down. Swapping the clamps for screw down clamps, the torment continued enhanced by flicks to the clamps from Her fingers and crop, growing in intensity until I started shaking as Mistress skilfully started to guide me into subspace.

Unfastening the ropes binding my legs, Mistress swiftly ordered me to her bench, still bound in the soft red rope, where I prostrated myself for Her pleasure (and mine to be honest!). Legs strapped in, the gentle hand smacking commenced, growing in intensity and cadence as I revelled in the feel of Mistress’s touch on my buttocks, with the occasional swat of my C and B to keep them interested in the proceedings. Mistress then produced her new paddle (the one with ‘SLAVE’ embossed in it) and proceeded to increase the tempo and intensity of the caresses. By now, the world was floating and my buttocks stinging. Mistress sashayed in front of me and peering over the top of my mask, I could see she was wielding her new riding crop. I knew what was about to happen. We’d never gone more than a few taps with something stronger than the paddle before, but we certainly did with the crop. It is indescribable – the sharp thwack, the immediate hot sharp sting, then an increasing sense of tenderness and heat, coupled with a swimming of the senses. I found I was thanking Mistress after each stroke – exhilaration and pain all merged together.

Mistress then decided it was time for some anal play and soon I was enjoying the feel of Mistress as she prepared me for receiving a long black dick (no, not the 12”, this time), which Mistress slowly and gently eased into my man pussy. As I became used to the length and girth of Her dick, Mistress started to work it back and forwards, making sure it was liberally lubed to ensure the smooth backward and forwards movement. Producing the vibro again, massage was applied to my C and B as Mistress thrust backwards and forwards. I had to call a halt to the vibro as the sensations building, (even in subspace) were becoming too overpowering for me to be able to control. Eventually, trembling and shaking, Mistress relented and unstrapping me from the bench, untied the binding while I stood, shaking and trembling in front of this Goddess. With genuine care and compassion, Mistress asked if I was okay. I could only dumbly nod ‘Yes Mistress’ as the sensations continued to pound through my body.

‘Now, Slave, into the medic room and lie on the bench’. Mistress was once again back in control and I moved with alacrity to obey her, clothed in nothing but my mask and willing my body to respond to her command. Ensuring I was comfortable on the bench, Mistress informed me we were about to play with needles. ‘Oh S***’ was my immediate thought, but at the same time filled with a perverse thrill at the thought of giving my body to Mistress as a pin cushion. Mistress suggested a blindfold, to which I gratefully acceded – the thought and sight of a needle normally makes my knees fold. With my eyes bound, but all else free, Mistress carried on a normal conversation, her hand caressing my legs, abdomen and chest until there was a sudden hot pain in my right nipple as she drove a needle through the skin at its base. Did I yelp – you bet I did! This continued for a few minutes until I ended up with a needle in each nipple, and half a dozen or so strategically placed around my C and B. Mistress gently teased and tweaked all of them, noting that my now erect member seemed to enjoy the sensation. Still blindfolded, I had to agree that the sensation was quite incredible. A growing tension was spreading down into the base of my groin which was unexpected, given the size of the needles. Telling me to take my blindfold off, Mistress directed my attention to the needles in my nipples, then at the base of my C and B: the tension was immediately obvious – with characteristic sadistic mischievery, Mistress had taken the opportunity of my blindfold and relative motionless to insert an 8 inch steel sound into my throbbing member. Toying with that for a few minutes, Mistress produced the thickest in her set and proceeded to encourage me to absorb the whole length, which after some gentle persuasion on Mistress’s part I was able to do. Incredible sensations all the way from tip to base.

Removing the needles and sound, Mistress next produced her new e-stim kit. With the hoops tightened around my shaft, Mistress played with the power until a constant throbbing was pulsing through me. The power was adjusted until it was just below the threshold of real pain, but certainly more than a gentle stroke. At this point, Mistress decided that I’d done enough breathing, and holding her hand over my mask covered nose and mouth, started to engage in breath play, while simultaneously varying the strength and rhythm of the estim. Telling me to tap the bench when I could go no longer, we continued in this scenario for what seemed like an eternity; between the distraction of the estim and Mistress’s voice I was just starting to see stars when the pressure was released and I could once again look into those beautiful blue-gray eyes. Mistress had timed it to perfection, such is her awareness of her techniques and care for her co-conspirators – I was just about to succumb and tap the bench.

Sitting down again beside me, Mistress placed one of her shapely, well-toned legs on my chest and ordered me worship her feet. What a pleasure to caress and pamper those sexy size 5’s with turquoise nail polish while Mistress used the estim to encourage me to greater efforts. Mistress proffered her other foot, and while caressing the original foot and leg with one hand, my mouth was employed to provide an alternative means of massage for the newly raised leg and foot.

Mistress seemed pleased with my efforts, as, leading me back to the playroom, still with the estim leads attached, I was offered a champagne refreshment. How could I refuse such an offer? Positioning my head in the appropriate position in the box and with the estim still pulsing away, Mistress bestowed me with what must have amounted to a goblet of her golden nectar. On previous occasions, I confess to having spilt some, but on this occasion, I was able to enjoy nearly every drop of the pure, distilled, sweet tasting liquid. Thank You Mistress.

Moving back into the medic room, Mistress told me it was my time to start doing some work and that I should massage her shoulders and back to work out the knots she had developed by being so kind to me earlier. What a pleasure that was, to stand over Mistress, gently kneading and massaging coconut lotion into that beautiful back, stroking and stretching the toned muscles that lay under the fine, delicate skin, and hear Mistress moan and sigh gently with the effect I was having and the pleasure I was bringing to her.

And so, my tale ends here.

Was I worried about visiting Mistress from a safety perspective? Absolutely not! Having read and understood the precautions Mistress had been proposing, I was delighted and heartened to find that they were being followed to the utmost practicality; face mask, showers, clothes storage and towel disposal all as described on the website. As I left, Mistress was busy cleaning the playroom and sterilising the toys we had used in the session.

Was I worried that the session would be a bit flat given the apparent restrictions? Yes. Was it? Absolutely not! The structure and play was orchestrated by Mistress in such a way that the mask had virtually no effect what so ever on the experience.

How was the session? We hadn’t discussed it beforehand, nor as we met at the top of the stairs. I have always deferred to Mistress, as my Mentor and Guide. Did the session meet expectations?

No – it surpassed even my wildest dreams!!

Mistress said she would stretch my limits and she certainly did! More intense and varied impact play,enhanced anal play with needle-play and breath-play both added to the session for the first time, along with the exhilarating pleasure of Mistress’s company truly elevated this to a transcendental experience. From end to end, the session was brilliantly choreographed, taking account of my previous experiences and comments passed in response to Mistress’s brilliant daily aphorisms. The planning and execution was absolutely brilliant, as was Mistress’s attention to detail and concern for my well being throughout.

Mistress V is truly a highly skilled, talented and totally professional Dominatrix. First timers need not be afraid – my first visit was only nine months ago when I tentatively entered Mistress’s Chambers – my next visit is in the diary. Follow my journey with Mistress V in her blogs.

Thank You, Mistress. Stay Safe and Stay Well. I am Honoured and Humbled to be Your sub.

A Fantastic Session

  • July 3, 2020

had a fantastic session this morning with a sub I’ve not seen for over a year, I do love when they revisit.
locking his cock into his cage, you are going to wear this throughout the session you are mine now slave, putting the keys inside my bra, I tell him to get over the bench
strapping him down, I lightly scratch his back moving down his body to his balls, cupping his tight balls in my hand I twist them! this is what balls are made for slave, abusing!!
i then thrust my hips against his arse as if I were fucking him, oh yes mistress
moving around to the front of the bench I put his head in between my thighs and proceed to spanking him, not hard but enough for the colour to rush to his cheeks
you like your head between my legs don’t you slave?
teasing him with my movements, I go back behind him, gloves on and lube applied
i going to tickle your butt hole slave, he seems to like this! inserting one finger I penetrate his anus.
wish it was a real cock don’t you.? yes mistress, another time slave.
using the pinwheel on his balls, lightly at first 😈
unstrapping him from the bench I put him in the toilet box
I’m going to sit on my toilet while I watch you relieve yourself, then you must clean yourself up!! didn’t take him long before he was exposing
hardly surprising with the view above him.

Triple Domination!

  • July 1, 2020

time for my greedy cock sucking slut to arrive, upon opening the door, there it’s stood all glammed up, blonde wig white summer dress stockings and high heels
get your slutty arse up them stairs, i’ve got a couple of surprises for you!!
once it applied more red lipstick she was ready!
come in here you filthy cock sucker!
i’m going to put you in the cage while i prepare for your surprise!
i hear the gate slam, here’s a light beverage for you to drink while i let your surprise in, lovely refreshing piss!
once it’s drunk, i go downstairs and let my female sub in
Are you ready?
my f sub joins us in the playroom
over the bench you go! i’m going to warm your cheeks with a good hard hand spanking, my slut over there can watch!
once her cheeks were glowing i released this hungry eager slut out
get between her legs and kiss her arse after each stroke of the strap, if it’s not to my liking you’ll suffer
nestling it’s greedy head in between her thighs he begins to kiss her glowing cheeks, i then make it lick her pussy, which she seems to be enjoying, to much lol
slow down bitch it’s not a race, with that i give my slut a very hard stroke with the strap not once but several times
now get up and sort yourself out!
taking my f sub from the bench, i order my slut to lie down
my sub is going to sit on your face
you aren’t going to do anything except smell her anus, nice deep sniffs
once i’m satisfied my sub can get dressed, you can get back in the cage and wait!!!

once my sub had left, my second surprise was now on his way
today you are going to meet paula tall leggy brunette
who also likes to suck cock
my god once paula arrived my slut was so excited, cock cock mistress i want cock!
all in good time slut!
paula enter…

My first time seeing a Mistress

  • June 30, 2020

My very first time seeing a Mistress , I was looking on the internet and click onto Mistress V internet page and thought perfect Mistress for me so I emailed and booked a session. Was very nervous but Excited too when entering to meet Mistress V she smiled and said come in go upstairs to have pre chat about session then I got told to get Undressed and crawl on my hands and knees and then Mistress V came in said on my feet so did what was asked and got my cock and balls tired up and both hands Chuffed behind my back and told to Spread and the Crop and paddles on my cock and balls and a spiking wheels on them too . Mistress V said I’m off to get my cigarettes she came back smoking and sat down in a chair and told me to come closer my cock got a bit too excited and Drooled all over Mistress V foot got told to lick the cum off Mistress V foot so i did and then got some smoke blow in my face also cigarette torture on my balls i could feel the heat off the cigarette Ouch . Then got some nipple torture and weights put on my balls and more paddles on my cock and balls ,next was over the Bench I was chuffed and strapped now with arse sticking up ready for some paddles then the cane sets of 10 i did 3 sets so 30 in total Ouch it did Sting a bit . Then got told to go in another room and lay down on bench really for sounding and metal rod was down my cock Shaft then Electric Metal rod down my shaft Certainly feel the Electric . Then Mistress said you’ve being a good boy deserve a treat Mistress V milking me off then told me to finish it off Mistress V was smoking another cigarette blowing the smoke in my face cigarette torture on my balls too Mistress V Sat on my face and said finish it and Grabbed my balls and said finish it and I did . I will be back for second session Mistress V was fantastic.

A Testimonial from a nervous newcomer

  • June 30, 2020
Went to see mistress as a newbie was nervous knock on the door got a warm welcome sat down and talked about what I wanted to try if I didn’t like something just say she said went next room stripped waited mistress walked. In short skirt nice we did rope play then anal was surprised how much I could take then did a bit of watersport great then my first time with sounds what a feeling  will come again to try other things I was very nervous but once though that door was made to feel safe and friendly she will listen and take her time with you very unrushed will try. Other things out even when she said will let some slaves fuck you would even be willing to do that  just take that first move and you’ll never regret it 
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