The journey has started – a testimonial

  • December 11, 2019

My second visit to Mistress extended and expanded on my first visit some weeks ago and surpassed all expectations.

My first visit with Mistress was truly amazing, but as I had thought about it afterwards, I realised what I didn’t want to do was pick activities off a bucket list. As part of our pre-session discussion, we had talked about what being in a Dom/sub relationship was all about, and I had asked Mistress to be my guide and Mentor into this realm. Before we started, I felt this session was going to be something very special, and Mistress certainly made it so. This was the start of what I hope will be a mutually long and fulfilling journey with a highly skilled Mistress.

Mistress demonstrated her rope skills by binding my arms behind my back and to my sides with an elaborate Dragonfly binding using a thick soft cord. With another length of soft cord, my cock was bound and tied under my scrotum and then tied into the Dragonfly harness. Once I was comfortably restricted, Mistress applied a blindfold and earmuffs, depriving me of two primary senses. She then teased and tormented me with a variety of soft and firm floggers – not knowing what was going to touch, where, when, just heightened the sensations. Having seen how my nipples reacted to her touch, Mistress teased them mercilessly, using her fingers and nails before applying clamps and tugging first of all gently then more firmly. Any movement of my arms or torso in reaction to her touch was directly transferred to my crotch, bringing the most sensuous mixture of sensations – the pain on my nipples or wherever a firm flogger was applied, being transmitted directly via the bindings to my cock. Absolutely divine!

Having discussed CP with Mistress, we had decided that as an introduction, I should be spanked. Releasing the bindings, blindfold and earmuffs, Mistress instructed me to bend over her bench, where she strapped my legs and waist down to stop me wriggling away. With a moderate weight clamped to my scrotum, Mistress started gently with a few taps on each cheek, gradually increasing the force and tempo of each strike and changing the pattern of strikes so that I didn’t quite know when, where or how hard the next strike would be. Mistress then applied a number of strokes with a carpet beater, leaving my cheeks tingling. Every strike not only increased the burn on my cheeks, but also sent the ball weight swinging, applying gentle pressure on my cock.

Having taken my anal virginity at our first session, and being still bent over the bench, Mistress decided to expand my limits, lubing me up and using one of her dildos to stretch me out before fvcking me with it – gently at first then more vigorously as I became used to the feeling of it pushing inside me and massaging my prostate. If the bondage was divine, this was truly amazing. Mistress then ‘invited’ me to worship her gorgeous bottom as I lay face down on the bench with her delicious derriere posed in front of me. What else could I do? Absolutely nothing, especially when it wasn’t a chore to accede to my Goddess’s demands.

We then moved into the medical room where I was instructed to lie down whilst Mistress produced her e-stim equipment. I completely lost track of time as I lay there with the gentle sensations passing through my entire body, ministered tenderly by Mistress. As I eventually came out of subspace, my whole body reacted with an incredible explosion, as if every cell had expended all of its energy in one long, coruscating outburst of energy, like a Sun going Super Nova. My back arched off the bench as I strained upwards, reaching for the ceiling before I fell back with my whole body spasming and trembling with the force of it all, and dare I say it, weeping at the intensity of the sensations – the likes of which I have never experienced before. As I lay there slowly coming back to this domain from the ethereal plane my Goddess had led me to, she watched over me, ensuring I had genuinely come back and was not still in that other place.

The journey has started!

My first session (of many) with Mistress V

  • December 5, 2019

I visited Mistress V for the first time. Mistress met me at the door in casual clothes (at my request) looking relaxed and extremely confident, truly a lifestyle Mistress.

I was ordered to undress while she lit a cigarette and sat and made we watch her start to take control of the situation.

She then administered some poppers that made me weak and compliant and she then tied me up with rope slowly teasing me.

We then used another of Mistresses well equipped rooms where she cling filmed wrapped me head to toe, I couldn’t move an inch. My genitals were tied tight and the next hour was a dream with torment face sitting and teasing I have rarely experienced.

While Mistress V made herself a coffee she left me masked and wrapped subdued with poppers and the wonderful aroma of her golden urine.

The whole extended session with Mistress V was a wonderful experience a truly professional Mistress, I really look forward to our next meeting.

A Testimonial – arse worship

  • November 30, 2019

Today was my first visit to see Mistress V. I’d planned it well in advance, but was still thrilled when I arrived and heard mistress’s heels coming slowly down the stairs. Dressed on skintight black jeans and knee high boots, she welcomed me warmly and led me to her chambers.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye she had me stripped and worshipping her strapon, sucking me a slut, before allowing me to worship her arse, sitting on my face. Mistress has a great way of knowing just what you’d want and secretly desire, and so before I knew it mistress was fucking me on her bench! The session ended with me being allowed to worship mistresses arsehole, even rewarding me with some of her divine aroma.

Another Testimonial from My female sub

  • November 28, 2019

My new female sub Was on her way for her second session. I’d whispered in her ear the last time she came that I’d take her virginity, which she mentioned in her last email.

Looking forward to her ringing my bell 😈😈

Once the door bell rang I went down and let her in, reminding her that today is the day she has her cherry popped.

With a tiny grin we went upstairs, I’d already prepared everything that I was going to use in the session, strapon , vibrator, rope, blindfold and leather cuffs.

Tying her with the rope, hands by her side making sure her movement was restricted, I then strapped her to the cross, blindfold on and ear muffs!! Fantastic .

I lightly flogged her big bosoms, concentrating on her nipples, flicking and teasing then moving down to her pussy, I lifted the ear muffs and told her to open her legs, teasing the flogger around her wet cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you” I tell her in her ear, “Your pussy’s mine. I’m going to take you now let’s go through to the bedroom.”

I led her through taking off the muffs.

“Get on the bed and open your legs.”

Using the vibrator on her eager pussy I slid it in a little at a time, not rushing.

Once the vibrator was totally inside her I told her to close her legs and hold it there while I put my strapon on. Plenty of lube and a stiff strapon sliding in and out until I felt it pop her cherry, I began to fuck her now slow and deep then thrust – she was loving every minute of it, and once she’d orgasmed I slowed down the pace building it back up again and again. Once I’d given her the fucking she deserved she turned to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. I know she’ll be back; this is just the beginning of our journey xx

A Testimonial from a Female sub

  • November 27, 2019

After thinking about it forever finally took the plunge and emailed mistress to see if she’d take me as her female sub. Much to my delight she agreed and after many emails back discussing wants, limits etc.. I ended up ringing the doorbell ready to be controlled.

The first time, she started off slow as I wanted to be tied up and flogged. The more time that went on the harder and better it got. Mistress knew I liked my nipples and tits played with so focused on flogging them as I slid into sub space.

Seeing how much my nipples enjoyed it she suggested needle play, something I wasn’t experienced in at all, but I agreed in anticipation of what to expect.

Mistress then tied me down onto her medical bench and slid countless needles through my sensitive nips until I could barely see any nipple left. It felt amazing & talked to me throughout, telling me what she was doing as well as flicking and moving the needles… the sensation I can’t even explain.

Lastly she blindfolded me, pushing me down into my favourite part of subspace where I was able to let go of myself completely as she used her fingernails, pinwheel and the needles to scratch and make my upper body tingle. Before we finished she surprised me with her wand shoved right against my clit.

A first visit to remember.

Another Fantastic Weekend

  • November 25, 2019

What a fantastic weekend I’ve had in two sessions that were both for hardsports but both delivered very differently.

My toilet slave has visited my chambers before and on the last visit we discussed hardsports

Saturday at the agreed time my toilet arrived a little nervous as expected considering how I’d planned for the session to go !

Helping my slvt into her outfit which it brought it’s own , I ordered her over my bench , for a good fvcking , on entering the man puss it was quite tight to begin with I slowly pushed my strapon in further and deeper , telling it that it would soon be time for breakfast, hope you’ve not eaten this morning , looking up at me with dopey eyes his reply No mistress

After giving it the satisfaction it so deeply craved I order it into the bathroom on its knees as I have a gift I want to deliver hehe

Shitting into the bathroom floor I order it to pick up the shit and put it in its mouth , while I get the duck tape 😈 holding it in place with its teeth I apply the tape around his mouth and head , a shit gag!! I want to see how long you can keep that gag in place I’m giving you 5 minutes, cuffing his hands behind his back

You can’t escape it shit breath hold it !!!

After the 5 minutes had lapsed so did he , so proud of himself for doing his task . Next time it’s 10 minutes then he has to eat it ! Kind aren’t I xx

A Testimonial – cruel nun role play

  • November 24, 2019

Huddersfield Mistress


Yet another utterly amazing session with the Elite, A-List Mistress V of Huddersfield.

I asked Mistress V to role play as a strict and severe nun, and I was gobmacked when I saw her in her nun’s uniform. The sexiest nun ever!

After a thorough pre-session chat, I was tied to her spanking bench and warmed up to get me into subspace before receiving a caning. Subspace is a wonderful phenomenon and Mistress V is an expert in getting you into subspace and keeping you there.

After the caning, Mistress V – still in the nun’s uniform – donned her strapon and gave me a long hard fvcking in front of a full length mirror, which she really enjoyed. I loved seeing the obvious delight in her beautiful face in the mirror as she used her strapon on me.

For some time, I have been discussing the possibility of doing enforced Hard Sports with Mistress V. I’d never done it before and never wanted to do it with anyone else, but I wanted Mistress V to have more power and control over me. We knew that I would need to be forced to do it, so Mistress V made me lay on the medical bench, wrapped me firmly from head to toe in cling film and cut an opening to allow my cock and balls to be exposed. I was totally helpless. Mistress V then shit straight into my mouth and burned my balls with a cigarette to force me to consume her scat. Beware! If you request enforced HS, Mistress V will enforce it. There is no escape.

This was a fantastic session, with Total Power Exchange. I got exactly what I asked for.

If you haven’t had a session with Mistress V, you haven’t lived.

My new toilet slave

  • November 10, 2019

Another new toilet slave today. Talk about not having to use my conventional one at home, no need for it when I’ve got hungry potty mouths queing for a taste of my shit daily, anyway back to my hour of filthy smelly fun.

After a brief chat It wasn’t long before my shit eater was in my main room on bended knees waiting 😈😈😈

“Stand up I’m going to tie you up and tease fvck out of you before I make you taste my shit.”

Once tied I concentrated on his nipples cock and balls, stroking, squeezing always having eye contact while telling him what a filthy boy he is.

When his cock was fully erect I rubbed my strapon up and down his now throbbing cock.

“Get on your knees and have a suck before I deliver what you’ve come for”

sucking away, I’m telling him how I’m going to dip my cock in my shit and make him lick and suck it clean, his cock stiffens more and more.

“Stop sucking! I’m going to use your hands as the toilet so clasp them together as if your catching a ball.”

Crouching my bottom above his quivering hands I shit straight into them 😂😂

“Put your hands in your mouth.”

“I can’t do that mistress.”

“Ok let’s try another way shall we!”

I dip my strapon in his shitty hands and rub it over his lips.

“Get used to the smell, you’ll soon want to lick it off your lips.”

“Slowly pushing my shitty cock in his mouth, he accepts it and sucks to my satisfaction, once happy with his efforts I tell him to relieve himself with the rest of my shit in his hands; he rubs it in his hand and wanks himself off!

“Well done potty boy, I’m impressed, when you next visit you will eat all my waste not play with it, understand?

Nodding I order him to the bathroom.

“Clean that shit off you stink!! Hahaha”

A Brilliant Week!

  • November 9, 2019

Well what a week it’s been so far !! Plenty of bum fun and hardsports.

I met a new sub this morning he’d never experienced anal play before but said his desire to be fvcked and sucked we’re getting stronger and stronger, now was the right time to put these fantasies into reality.

He was very embarrassed of his Tiny cock which hadn’t seen any action for a long time, which didn’t surprise me, I’ve never seen anything as tiny in my life.

Humiliating my sub and taunting him about his wife allowing him to watch her get fvcked while he watches.

Slipping my strapon on I order him to crawl over and lick my cock from the base to the tip which he willingly does, “i want real cock mistress, “I’ll get you real cock once you’ve proved that you can actually suck mine first.

After allowing him to fondle and suck, I tell him to get over the bench, I’m going to start with one finger up your eager arse and see if I can stretch you enough to take my cock (smallest one first) we don’t need to rush.

Once my finger’s inserted I see a very different reaction from my sub

Moaning and groaning enjoying. My finger penetrating deep inside him, I allow him to relief himself as he can’t hold it any longer, once he came he fell to his knees thanking me for such an amazing experience, after the session had finished he showered and then we had a little chat about how the session went. He will be back for the real deal very soon 😈😈

A Testimonial – The Interrogation

  • November 4, 2019

I asked Mistress V to conduct an interrogation scenario, and to extract a confession from me then punish me after my admission of guilt.

Mistress V told me to strip and get into her stand-up cage. She then tied my hands outside the cage and asked me if I’d ever masturbated while looking at her photos. Actually, I have, but of course I denied it. Mistress then gagged me, explaining that she didn’t want me to be able to confess too quickly. Her laugh told me that I was about to be properly tortured, but that is what I’d requested.

Mistress V then tortured me with needles, clamps attached to my nipples and balls, with a cigarette on my cock, balls and nipples and by slapping my cock hard. Deep heat was applied to my cock and balls prior to the cigarette torture, which made the latter even more painful.

Mistress V seemed to instinctively know when I could take no more torture, and she then removed the gag and asked if I wanted to confess. She said that if I didn’t confess, there would be another 15 minutes of even more severe torture. I confessed!

My hands were then tied behind my back and I was let upstairs by a collar and lead, strapped to the bench and caned as punishment, firstly for masturbating while looking at Mistress V’s photos, and secondly for denying it.

I was then told to lay on the floor, and Mistress V emptied the contents of her bladder into my mouth, instructing me not to spill any.

Mistress V is an exceptionally intelligent, insightful Mistress, dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction. Our unhurried debrief after the session, over a cup of tea, covered the entire session, leaving no stone unturned.

What an amazing experience! In spite of the severity of the cigarette torture, there were no lasting marks. I can’t wait to go back for another session with Mistress V. A longer session next time.


  • October 26, 2019

Arrived for my two hour session feeling even more nervous than usual. During our previous session Mistress suggested introducing me to anal play. This was something that I had indulged in, and enjoyed, on a few occasions on a solo basis, but had never experienced with another person. It had been my birthday ( a fairly significant one) on the day before our session and I had suggested to Mistress that losing my anal virginity so to speak might be a memorable way to celebrate that milestone.

Soon after arriving I found myself strapped to the whipping bench and on the receiving end of a fairly hard hand spanking. This is a form of impact play which I particularly enjoy. Mistress spanks hard enough to really get my attention and put me in a submissive headspace, whilst the skin on skin contact makes it a more sensual/ intimate experience than when implements are used. Mistress then proceeded to use a variety of paddles, straps and tawses with some force, which soon had me drifting off into subspace. This part of the session ended with 30 cane strokes. I remembered the exact number because I was becoming quite alert and nervous as mistress reminded me several times during the caning that she would soon be taking my anal virginity.

Unsurprisingly I was very nervous when Mistress put the cane down and started to spread lube around my anus. Mistress clearly realised that being penetrated in this way was a really big deal for me and proceeded quite slowly and gently with her fingers, before moving on to a small plug, and finally a slightly larger dildo. As a result of Mistress’ skill and patience this was both an intense mental and also highly pleasurable experience.

For the final part of the session it was off to the medical room where I was soon lying on the bench with a blindfold in place. Mistress then proceeded to use an assortment of needles, electrical devices and a long sound to deliver a mixture of pain and pleasure to my cock and balls. This went on for some time, most of which was spent with me deep in subspace only vaguely aware of what Mistress was doing to me ay any specific point in time. Absolute magic!

As the needles etc. were being removed I started dropping out of subspace. Because the whole session had been particularly intense for me, the return from subspace provoked a noticeable physical reaction. Whilst I was recovering from this Mistress was very patient and attentive to my needs, ensuring that I was fully returned to the vanilla world before she let me leave to drive home.

Each visit to Mistress V seems better than the previous one. This session will certainly be remembered as a very special birthday treat.

Having had my first experience of anal play I can’t wait for our next session, at which time Mistress has promised that I will be on the receiving end of her strapon.

Testimonial from T

  • October 23, 2019

i felt obliged to write this after attending my first session with mistress v.i have admired her sessions on twitter but never replied .
i have been to various mistresses in the past but not at this level.
on the phone we chatted a little about my experience and comfort zones although i knew these would be tested,
when i entered her fabulous play space she put me at ease and briefly discussed the session, not giving too much away.
i changed entered the play space and she entered the room looking amazing.
mistress put me in rope bondage. candle nipple clamps. and burned my cock and balls with cigarettes.
then over the bench for a beating but didnt cane me because a had marks.
next came the strap on..
no rest yet medical room and needles. all very consensual as i knew i was in safe hands.
i was left knowing that a hard caning would come next visit
i know after this amazing session i want to push my limits and please mistress v and hopefully be accepted in her
band of loyal slaves.

Testimonial – first visit to a Mistress

  • October 22, 2019

After years of flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress, yesterday I finally plucked up the courage, seized the opportunity and did it.

I’d been reviewing Mistress V’s website, and after exchanging a few emails Mistress V accepted me in to her control.

I arrived at her dungeon a little early. Trembling with nerves, I knocked on her door and waited. I could hear her heeled feet treading down the stairs, the door opened and she appeared in front of me. Wow. I was invited in and taken upstairs. After a brief chat to discuss my preferences, I was taken in to a room and ordered to strip… Naked.

Mistress V changed in an adjoining room.  I was trembling with excitement and trepidation.  Then I heard Mistress V…. “Get on your hands and knees worm”. I obliged immediately and waited her arrived. Then in she walked in thigh high boots, leather pants and Bra, wow, what a sight.

Mistress fitted me with a lead and collar, then pulled me on all fours into her dungeon. Mistress inspected me and then ordered me to kiss her boots. Mistress could see this exciting me. She ordered me to stand and then she looked me in the face, ordered me to open my mouth, and then she spat. With a wicked smile she ordered me to swallow. Then she produced some rope and bound me so that I was completely in her control. As she pulled the rope firmly around my naked body I could smell her beautiful face and hair, which excited me more. Mistress could see my cock twitch and noticed some pre-cum, she ordered me to ” Take care of it”, so I scooped it up with my finger and put it in my mouth.

To complete my restraint, Mistress then bound my cock and balls into a tight embrace. Mistress turned me to the mirror so that I could see my vulnerable, pathetic self. Then mistress left the room to prepare a drink for me. She then appears with a jug of her finest champagne and a glass. She poured a small amount first, held it to my mouth and ordered me to drink. I gagged as it was my first time, but took it all. Mistress then poured a bigger glass and ordered me to “down it”. Again, she held it to my mouth, tipped the glass, and forced me to take the lot, informing me that any spillage would have to be licked up. I took the lot, swallowed it all down, and successfully completed my first task.

Mistress then led me in to her bathroom where I was ordered to clean her toilet seat and sink with my tongue. Pleased with my work mistress then prepared me for my next task. She removed the ropes, but left my cock restrained. She produced a pair of red silk panties which she ordered me to put on. My look was complete with an apron. Mistress led me back in to the dungeon. She then proceeded to spit at me. She spat on the floor and ordered me to lick it up. She also noticed some pre-cum on the floor and I was ordered to lick that up too. Mistress then produced a mop and some spray and ordered me to clean the whole floor properly.

Once the floor was to Mistresses satisfaction, a mouth gag was applied, and I was ordered to lay on my back. She then lowered her beautiful arse on to my face, delightful!

The final part of my session was something truly to behold. Mistress lay me on her medical bench for some anal play and orgasm denial. She played with my cock whilst teasing my balls with a pin wheel. Sensing my excitement as she strayed towards my arsehole, Mistress donned some gloves and with the aid of some lube, slowly began to tease my hole open, first with her fingers and then a toy. Mistress also teased my cock with her vibrator which was sensational. Sensing that I was about to cum  mistress stopped the stimulation and grabbed my cock tight. “Control it” She ordered. I did, and then the stimulation began again. I was in heaven. Again, Mistress could sense my imminent ejaculation so again she stopped and squeezed my cock hard. I looked up mesmerized in to her eyes. Mistress then, without saying a word, released her grip and my cock erupted.

As a final act of humiliation, I was ordered to lick up my cum… Every last drop.

My first session with a real mistress was complete. And what an experience. Will I be back again? Hell yeah, if Mistress will have me.

What a fantastic week!

  • October 20, 2019

what a fantastic week it’s been . stockholm was awesome my sub flew me over there for two days we had a brilliant time in our session , roleplay . superman came and visited me in the uk in may , so when he asked if i’d go over there i didn’t hesitate .
i stayed in a very spacious apartment , swinging my whip wasn’t a problem lol once i’d captured superman tied him up and had my fun with him we then went for a meal , all in all i was treated like a princess , will i be returning yes definitely
when i got back to the uk , i was soon back in my chambers dealing with naughty bottoms
i’ve met a new sub who came for hardsports needles and strapon play he will be back for more fun very soon and finished my day yesterday with my slut davina she now understands that i own her i decide her fate as and when i see fit , after the caning i gave her yesterday she won’t be flirting anymore
i’m meeting a new slave this afternoon for humiliation and watersports
it’s been a brilliant week and what a way to end it , back in my chambers tomorrow for more fun .. watch this space

The Second Visit

  • October 11, 2019

It’s my Subs second visit to domspace and have I got plans for him ! .
On his arrival we chat briefly as I don’t want to give away to much info as to how the sessions going to be
Once naked on his knees waiting for me to present myself I order him to his feet , I’m going to blindfold you and put you on my cross tightly restrained , I then put the ear muffs on so he can’t hear a thing or see a thing sensual deprivation, I love it !!
Once my subs on the cross I begin to whip him lightly every now again I would flick his nipples with my very sharp nails
Before flogging him again , from the sounds he’s making he’s enjoying every touch of my hand to the kiss of my whip , take that bitch , oh you can’t hear me haha
Keeping him there I plug in my violet wand teasing his cock and balls , slowly moving it up and down on his shaft he’s in ecstasy , as the electric currents flowing through his skin , once I’d finished his punishment when go into the medical room for some wax play , still blindfolded I lead him into the room , lie down .
I light a cigarette and also the candle at the same time , so he thinks it could be cigarette torture the not knowing is exciting for me as it is for my sub ,
I want you to hold this , I put the candle into his hands and he holds it as instructed , while he holds the candle I warm up a wax strip and I begin to wax his pubic area ! Ouch !! then the wax is poured on his freshly waxed body I’m loving every second of watching my sub suffer for his mistress
Going back into the main room , get on all fours Slave you can be my human seat , while I’m sat on you I’m going to finger your very tight arse hole stretching it so my butt plugs fit then your going over my bench to be fvcked with my big black rod .

Jealous so you should be ! Want to be my sub ? Get that session booked Mv

A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

I arrived at Mistress V’s a little early and phoned to let her know i was outside. Mistress responded with some of the most exciting words that a sub can hear: “Come straight upstairs the door is unlocked”. You have an inkling of what’s in store, but are not quite sure and your heart starts to race!

True to her word Mistress was waiting for me upstairs, dressed in overknee boots, leather leggings and a leather bustier – she looked out of this world. I couldn’t believe I was in the same room as someone that looked so stunning. I knew, at that moment, that this would be our best session yet and I was not disappointed. Mistress’s skill is beyond compare, not just the ways that she uses her equipment and toy’s but perhaps, more importantly, her voice and her beautiful eyes and the way she reads your thoughts and desires.

The session was incredible and included a number of things that I’d not tried before. Mistress ability to push boundaries and take you to places you didn’t even know existed is just fabulous. Mistress keeps ticking things off my BDSM bucket list (the ending of the session in particular) and is continually adding things to it.

Mistress V is just magnificent and I can’t wait for my next visit!

A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

Having admired Mistress online for what seems like an eternity I finally took the plunge and booked a 2 hour appointment and boy am I glad I did !! Why on earth did I wait so long ??

Communication in setting up the session was done by email and the process was done very easily . Mistress always answered my emails with just about enough words to answer my questions and I was wondering what I was letting myself in for .

On the day we exchanged a few text messages and before I knew it I was parked up outside her premises feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension . That all changed to feeling relaxed when Mistress opened the door and invited me in . What struck me first was how much more attractive she was than in her photos ( and she looks magnificent in those !! ) and also her pleasant and friendly manner .

We went upstairs and I was offered a drink before we had a sit down to discuss the type of session I was looking for and any content I wished to be included . I had quite a list and Mistress was listened patiently to me read it out and more than once I could see a twinkle in her eyes as she seemed to be relishing being able to provide what I was asking for .I was then told to get undressed and prepare myself in one of her 3 rooms while she got changed and to await her entrance .

Once she arrived into the chamber her mood changed and I was in no doubt who was in control and the following 2 hours were filled with me being put through various ordeals with Mistress fully in charge but at all times I felt safe under her control . I felt completely secure under her command and even though I was put through some painful ordeals ( all from my request list ) I thoroughly enjoyed being her plaything . I certainly ticked off a few things I had wanted to experience that is for sure .

At the end of the session I was delightfully “rewarded” for being a good slave , and what a pleasure that was !!

After the session Mistress made sure I was relaxed and then I was allowed time to take a nice hot shower before being offered a drink and we finished off with another little chat and I was on my way back into the real world feeling drained but completely happy at how things had gone.

To sum up I would say that this lovely , VERY attractive lady , provides an excellent service where the slave is under no illusions as to who is in control but she knows when to be caring at times and there is plenty humour in the right places in her sessions.

All in all she provides a sensational service !!

Thank you Mistress

Busy week!

  • October 3, 2019

Really impressed with how domspace now looks .
Downstairs in my bondage room , I have a vacbed to restrict your movement .
Large dog cage for my puppy’s and also a tall standing cage , lots of rope to tie you with ..
And my cell !
You can have the privilege of an over night session .
once I’ve finished using you as my toy , you’ll then be locked and imprisoned for the night while I sleep soundly upstairs waking you as and when I feel like a pee using you as my overnight toilet to degrade And humiliate you

Been a very busy week so far , having had a couple of sessions on Monday , two new clients , one was a complete anal novice , I soon changed that ! I love it when an alpha male enters my chambers , leaving a sissy slut , the transformation excites me .
Then there was my nurse roleplay session
my patient was due for a full body examination this afternoon , dressed in my cotton nurse uniform and tan tights, shiny black shoes , I was ready for him .
Calling him into my office , take a seat . I need to check your pulse before we go any further with the examination , rolling up his sleeve I check his pulse , asking him if he had any ailments , replying yes I think I have piles nurse , oh you will be getting checked soon enough
Once giving him the once over , I put my rubber gloves on lubing my fingers , pull your trousers and pants down then bend over the bed
Will it hurt nurse ? I will be gentle , sliding one finger in , you’ve not got piles , do you practice anal sex ?
His reaction to the question gave me my answer .
Inserting two fingers now I start fucking his arse , writhing enjoying my fingers inside him , I’m going to fuck you with my strapon you want that don’t you , me deep inside you ?
I grab hold of his hair and fuck him hard while I give him permission to play with his cock , when you come I want you to clean your mess , get dressed and leave , I will give you a prescription for those piles on your way out hehe

A Testimonial

  • September 30, 2019

When I arrived at Mistress’s address this morning, I was filled with a mixture of excitement, some trepidation and disbelief that I had actually taken the step to meet with Mistress. As a complete newbie to the scene, I had been on tenterhooks since first arranging the session. Would it be all that I hoped for, would it be pain or pleasure, would I regret having made the call? Mistress met me at the door with a smile and a friendly greeting. We sat and talked about how I felt, what I was interested in and what I wasn’t interested in. With a gorgeous smile and a twinkle in her eye, she promised that she would take me to the places I wanted to go and beyond, if I were a willing and compliant slave.

We adjourned to one of the three rooms set aside for roleplay. All my initial doubts and uncertainties were rapidly laid to rest. Mistress sensually teased every part of my body, raising me to heights of awareness that I didn’t know existed, with just light touches here and there, punctuated by sharp reminders of my role in the drama unfolding. As my pulse was racing and my head spinning with the sheer pleasure of it all, Mistress decided to stretch my limits by skilful and considerate use of a number of her toys and her undoubted skill, all the time maintaining hypnotic contact with her beautiful eyes, fragrant hair, gorgeous body, but most of all her startling presence and personality.

When the session came to an end, I was physically and mentally trembling (in the best possible way) from the intense and memorable time I spent with Mistress. All my fears and worries had been completely dispelled as I fell under the thrall of my beautiful Mistress. Monday mornings will never be the same again! As I write this I am pondering as to how I can better serve Mistress in the future, and when it will be possible to arrange another session to further explore and learn how to please my Goddess

Hard Sports/Scat Testimonial

  • September 27, 2019

Thank You for today’s session. I came as a hard sports novice with considerable trepidation but also determination to undertake fully my task of eating you shit without waste. You kindly provide a light meal to ease my task and held my jaw so none could escape. After such an unexpectedly pleasant meal I am encouraged to ask for a “full English breakfast”.

The cross dressing and short sissy session that preceded the main event makes me wish to come for more training.

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