Upside down drinking!

  • January 17, 2021
Strapped and cuffed  into the inversion table I tilt it just enough so my arse is above my subs nose teasing it as I slowly run my pinwheel down it’s shaft making sure it feels every sharp sensation ,Hope your liking the view  down there while I torture your cock !

I own your cock and balls, they are my toys , laughing as I begin to spank it with the strap 
While your down there you can drink my piss with a hard stroke to its nuts 
Drink ! I want to see how well you do at drinking while upside down .
What a total failure ! Unstrapping him I order him .
Over here and on my bench !
I will teach you a very hard lesson on failing my tasks , Swishing my cane in the air the first stroke connects to the bare flesh leaving a lovely welt , Then the next . 10 in total,   as corporal punishment isn’t his favourite activity , I thought the perfect  punishment one he will definitely learn from 
I reward my sub with a foot job making sure he cleans my feet with his tongue once he’d finished . 
Kind aren’t I 😈

A higher plane

  • January 14, 2021

With the inversion table assembled I thought i’d try it out for myself before it is used in a session . It took a while for me to get used it it , I can imagine it’s going to be great fun to incorporate in a session
I really like how sturdy and strong it is good quality too.
Just another piece of equipment to add to my ever growing collection .
Easy access once my slave is strapped in he can drink my piss while upside down
Made to suck my strapon
Foot worship
Pussy worship and bottom worship , The list goes on .

I also have a new custom whip (not for the faint hearted )
Beautifully made with quite a bite

Lots of new hoods and toys for you anal lovers and sissy’s

Maybe you like your mistress to look you in the eye while penetrating you .
My fuck swing is ideal for this .

On all my bondage board on all fours cuffed while my fuck machine pounds you

Just giving you an idea of what your missing in your life

When boris gives us the announcement we’re all longing for book a
session let me take you on a higher plane x

Weaving My Web!

  • January 4, 2021

Using my rope I start to weave my web from the the neck down to his feet . My slave can’t move and that’s just how I like it !
Laying him down onto the medical bench I strap him down to it .
Making sure it’s head was over the edge of the bench
I stand with my legs open straddled with his head in between my thighs I tighten my grip like a vice .
Open your mouth slave
I’m going to tighten my grip so you can’t move you won’t have a choice but to drink my piss
Laughing as I piss into his mouth
Drink it slave .
When he had drunk it all I release him from the bench taking him over to the fuck swing
I place the strapons on the floor .
Look at all my lovely cocks slave . which one shall i start with ?
I start with the smallest size which it takes really well before moving on the bigger ones
After giving it a good pounding I finish him of with the estim
He’s loving the electricity flowing through his cock and it’s not long before he cums .

Sniff My Royal Arse!

  • December 24, 2020

Dressed in my fur coat and boots waiting hands on hips at the top of my stairs.
Ordering my slave to come up .
Looking down on this quivering wreck I order it to crawl to me on hands and knees once your at the top i want you to pull my zipper up from the heel to the very top
Turning around so he can get the zip in his mouth I bend over slightly , enough for it to catch a glimpse of my arse cheeks
Up you get !
I want you over there on the medical bench .Securing him down with straps nice and tight
I begin smothering my slave with my arms then moving down I climb over him making him sniff the fur as i do so
With my leather gloved hand I pinch his nose and cover his mouth
You love the smell of my leather and the feel of my fur don’t you slave ?
Releasing my hands from his face I replace it with a bare bottom
I want your nose as my seat . You can now sniff my royal arse !
Letting a fart out I poop straight into his mouth , Swallow that !
I’m not sure if it was the fart or the fur that got him so excited
5 minutes of rubbing my coat all over him , it was over he’d cum
I made him go home with his dirty soiled undies still on .
See you in the new year x

As good as I thought it would be

  • December 23, 2020

It was as good as I thought it would be. For the first time with any mistress it was great and v made it as special as she could.

After dressing up in my slutty school girl outfit at home I arrived at her door and walked up stairs to find all sorts of goodies. I stripped off my coat and put some lipstick on. And then she got to work. She was very strict with me which is what I wanted and I thought I performed very well for her and she was pleased with me and we are sorting out a 2nd meeting already

My Scat Slave

  • December 21, 2020

My scat slave arrived with the white lace panties that I had instructed him to bring along with him .
Passing me the panties I order it to undress
I put the panties on , Telling it to Get into the box , i’m going to soil these panties heavily with my piss and shit and i’m going to smother you with them once i’ve done it
Lowering myself down to this shit eaters lips I begin to piss all over its face laughing as I tell it to enjoy my showers
My shit is soon to make a presence look at arse in these tight knickers you’ll soon see the shit trying to escape through the lace .
Pushing the shit down into the knickers I smear it with my gloved hand then I lower myself totally over it’s face smothering it with the smelly package inside
Im going to remove these dirty pants and your going to put them on !
Once it had the pants on I order it to shit in them
Doing as it’s instructed it shits itself
Now toilet boy I want you to satisfy yourself and mix the spunk and shit together . Once you’ve done that your free to go
I could tell that by saying he had to wear the soiled knickers home had really turned him on before I knew it he’d ejaculated all over on the inside
Mix it up , your taking it home with you .
And of it went
Looking forward to its next visit .
I wonder what i’ll do with my shit next time .

Fantastic session with My new sub!

  • December 15, 2020

What a fantastic session I have had this morning with a new sub.
We’ve been chatting on watsapp for a while until he had finally found the courage to book a session
We’d agreed to a session this thursday , How ever I was quite surprised when he contacted me this morning to bring it forward .
I was excited to play with this new submissive .

Upon climbing the stairway to heaven or be it hell ! I tell my sub to look at the floor as he isn’t worthy of looking at the goddess in front of him
Clean my boots boy !
Down on his knees licking and polishing my boots with his tongue
Telling him to stop once they were cleaned to perfection
Strip off and sit at my heel once your naked
Cuffing his hands behind his back
Get on your feet boy taking him over to my bench as i’m strapping him down I remind of some of our watsapp conversations
“Can you remember telling me you were the boss?”
Laughing my hand comes crashing down on his arse cheeks
who’s the boss?
He can’t talk as he’s to busy sniffing the poppers I had given him
Crack another slap I carried on with these intense slaps until his arse was bright red before bringing in the strap !
Taking him from the bench to the frame I cuff his hands above his head
Spread your legs bitch boy !
Kicking him straight in the balls ! Who’s the boss! Wriggling I grab him by the balls and pull him closer nipping his nipple with my sharp talons
You do want to please me don’t you slave ?
Swish with the whip .
I love the sound of the whip as it makes contact to the flesh
When I was happy with his efforts I take him down from the frame
Get on the floor , your going to drink my piss ive been saving it for you
Open wide and drink it up ! Spill any and I will start on your balls again

Brilliant Mistress V – a testimonial

  • December 10, 2020

Well, I have been seeing the stunning mistress V for my monthly visited .hood on me and then strap drown on the bench than to warm my pink cheeks up with hand then strap and then broke out cat’o’nails 4 good floggings then canning then nice shag with strap on.b4 I was wrapped up like mummy shake to medical bench 4 tens machine and needs with mistress leaving nice tattoo on my leg b4 she made cum as sat on my face b4 making taste my cum. Brilliant mistress V

A nervous newcomer

  • December 10, 2020

After a short discussion on the phone the booking was made for the following day .
fur fetish
My new client explained that he was quite shy and has never visited a mistress before .
With a tap at the door I let him in .
Physically shaking I tell him to follow me up the stairs, don’t be scared I won’t hurt you .
He’d brought a big bag in with him I had no idea what was in it , putting my fur jacket on I order this quivering wreck on his knees , he then tells me to look in the bag
Opening the bag I was excited to see what was in side .
The most beautiful fur coat I had ever seen
Will you take this mistress it’s a gift
With that the new furs on and my slave is back on his knees at my booted heel
I want you to worship my boots before I allow you to worship this fine exquisite fur
Trying his best to please mistress with his boot licking I order him to lick the hem of the coat
Stand up !
I will allow you to smell it , Inhale the beautiful scent
Walking behind him I smother him with my arms . Smell it , Stroke it ,Lick it.When he finished I notice the hem is wet .

Your going over my knee slave i’m going to spank you for getting my beautiful coat wet with your saliva
Over my knee and giving him a light spanking as it is his first time after all .
After 5 slaps he informs me that he’s cum in his pants
I couldn’t help it mistress , it was the fur the boots your spanking .
Get dressed
Not so nervous now are you slave .
Great session for a first timer
See you next week 😈

Orgasm after orgasm – a testimonial

  • December 10, 2020

After lockdown a session was much needed. As always no pre session chat just that I needed stress relief.

As always mistress knows exactly what I need.. Wrapped in cling film and inside the body bag hooded so I feel nice and enclosed. Just how I like it, vibe to my clit and cig burns on my pussy and I’m lowered into subspace worrying about nothing but having orgasm after orgasm.

Moving onto the whipping bench mistress puts electro pads onto my bum and sets them going.. whilst she busy sorting things out… for herself.. and electro anal probe! In it goes and twisted round in intense pleasure and pain.. until she decides I’ve had enough and wants to fuck me herself.

What followed was the hardest and best fucking of my life. Followed by whipping gently before moving onto being harder and harder.

Can’t wait to be back in the new year for more

A session with My female sub

  • December 7, 2020

Wrapping my female sub in cling wrap 5 layers before she goes into the body bag
I make a hole where her pussy is and zip her up to the middle of her thighs .
Hooded and mummified I wedge the vibrator in between her pussy
Lighting a cigarette I take a pull and lean over her blowing my smoke into the holes in the hood
Inhale my second hand smoke ,covering the nostrils with my fingers
Swallow it !
Moving down to her dripping pussy with my cigarette I press it onto her bare flesh she jolts her cunt forwards , turning the vibrator onto a higher level I burn her pussy again just above her clit , Moaning in ecstasy as she has her first climax
With my thumb I rub her clit . More slave i want more Upping the level
With my double pinwheel I run it across her tits , down her stomach and on to her sore mound
She’s in total sub space , One more organism and i’m going to free you and fuck you over my bench with my electro anal probe

Once she’s free she’s over my bench and strapped down
Sticking some electro pads to each arse cheek I insert the probe , twisting around as slowly as i can so she can feel the intensity of the probe deep inside her , she’s back in her zone , having another organism,I don’t stop i carry on at a faster pace
She’s loving every second
Taking the probe out of her dripping pussy I replace it with my black 6 inch strapon
Grabbing her hair I start to fuck her , Take my cock you filthy slut Take it all
I slap her arse she’s now riding my cock as she should into another orgasim , slowing it down I take out my cock and pick up my cat-o nine tails and lightly whip her pussy before I start on her arse
Beautiful red cheeks
Pushing my cock in her for one final organism I fuck her hard real hard until she’s gushing all over my cock
Was all she could manage to whisper
See you in the new year for more orgasmic adventures 😈

My pain slut

  • December 7, 2020

My pain slut arrived at the agreed time ,once at the top of the stairs I give her a pink and white sissy dress , matching knickers and stockings .
Get those on .It’s been a while since I last saw you .
When she was dressed I allow her to sniff some poppers , enough to relax her arse muscles .
Over that bench !
With plenty of lube I slide my cock in .
Fucking this bitch of mine hard , she’s my property I own her so i can fuck her has hard as I like .
Keeping up to my rhythm 🥁
She’s loving it

Enjoy my cock as much as you can , when i’ve finished fucking you , your staying there on the bench !
Pulling my cock out I reach for my cane


Mild strokes to start with before increasing each stroke gently easing her in to subspace changing from the cane to a hard hand spanking then back to the cane
When she can take no more we move over to the medical bench

More poppers , I want you to lie on your stomach arse in the air
I’m going to make pretty marks on your bum with my needles .
30 in total
Leaving some lovely marks as I take one out , blood trickles down his arse , I do like the pretty patterns it’s making
Turn over time for your nipples to be pierced . Once i’d pierced 3 needles into her nipple I put my fingers underneath them and lift ,this is a favourite of hers as she like to please herself as i pull on them
Once she’s cum I order her to clean herself up
She’ll be back she’s addicted to pain and pleasure

Another fantastic session!

  • December 3, 2020

once my slave was at the top of my stairs,Just one click of my fingers and he’s down on his knees worshipping my high heeled black gloss peep toe shoe , Just enough toe showing to get this dribbling wreck submitting to his queen .

Putting the collar and lease on him I order him to carry on .
Put that tongue of yours to good use slave your going to be using it a lot through your time spent here .
With that i order him to undress .
I lead him over to my fucking bench and cuff his ankles one at each side of the bench .

Standing in between the bench and my slaves face I order him to clean my latex clad arse pushing it right up to his lips . Lick !
Impressed with his licking skills I un-cuff his ankles .
I want you over my bench , time to spread those cheeks . Laughing , Which one first .
I probe his arse with fingers before inserting a slim black strapon , I begin to fuck him , grinding my cock around and around , short sharp thrusts enough to make him move his arse in motion to my cock .
Tell me “do you love my cock sliding deep in side you “ ?
He didn’t need to reply his body told me all i needed to know .

I change my strapon to a larger one my big black rod , making him suck it ! Lube it up slave nice and wet for mistress to pound your arse

Giving him a good hard fucking he couldn’t take it all , you need to do some anal stretching at home before you present yourself to me I want you to take it all for me . You want to become better , become mine

leading him from the bench over to the medical bench I climb onto it on all fours
Get your tongue over here and lick
Pointing my finger at my arse.
Here !
Make a good job of it and I might reward you .
Are you worthy of a reward ?
Putting a condom on his cock I tell him to satisfy himself while i watch
Ejaculating inside it I take it off him and tip. it into his mouth
Licking his lips gratefully .
See you next month 😈

A 2 hour session with My new sub

  • November 30, 2020

Opening my door to my new sub I pull him inside .
“Arms behind your back !”
Cuffing him I take him up the stairs
Sit at my feet slave we’re going to have a little chat .
After our chat I order my slave to strip naked and present himself to me .

Lifting his cock with a gloved hand I laugh at the teeny sized piece of skin in my hand .
What’s this ? i let out a little giggle .
Passing him the gas mask , put it on and get over my bench !
Topping the mask up with poppers .
Breath play .
Inhale slave .
I remind my slave that he can take the mask of when ever he’s had enough .

Warming his arse with a mild spanking before i proceed to cane it .
Stroking and squeezing his cock and balls ,pinching them every now and then .

Un-strapping him from the bench I order him on his knees and suck my cock , I’m going to fuck you all over my chambers starting with you over my bannister . Move it !

Giving him a good fucking over the bannister before I put him in front of the fuck machine .

Line your arse up with this cock pushing it deep inside his arse I turn it on . Low at first . slowing increasing the speed he’s gagging for more .
Moaning and groaning I sit on his back so he can’t move . Take that cock ! every inch of it !

When he could take no more we move over to the medical area .
Needles . One of my favourite activities.
Starting with one in his nipple , moving down to his balls I insert 5 then back up the the nipples 4 in each .

In total sub space ,I attach the e-stim and electro sound , he’s mine now he’ll take anything for his mistress
I take the needles out of his balls and up the level on the sounds writhing around I think he’s going to cum so i take the sound out leaving just the e-stim to work it’s magic increasing the level slowly until he was ready .
I rewarded my slave at the end of the session I did push his limits . Kind aren’t I
Want to be rewarded ?
Call me to book a session

TPE – a Testimonial

  • November 27, 2020

I have been following Mistress V on Twitter for some time. I have read many articles and blogs expressing her views on Female Domination, and supremacy over males.
I felt they were very much inline with my needs to submit to the control of a Dominant women. I has 100% correct as I found in my recent visit to Mistress to serve in a TPE senario.
I locked her front door behind me and accented the stairs to her chambers.she stood statuesque at the top of the stairs ordering me to keep my eyes down and not to they my head raise above her ankle as I greet her feet as I reach the top of the stairs.I was led on my hands and knees head bowed to the bathroom and ordered to strip off in front of her.
Mistress ordered to her feet to worship her knee length leather boots. Mistress was quite clear I was to worship ever inch of the leather, and made sure this task was completed thoroughly and enthusiastically. Mistress then lead me to the bench where I was ordered to worship her pvc pants. Mistress again made sure I lick in long rhythmic strokes feeling her legs bottom and pussy through the very thin pvc. When Mistress was satisfied she put on her cock and ordered my to worship and show her how much I loved cock. Training me to take the maximum length of cock into my mouth. I was trained to kiss the cock and lick the whole shaft from the tip right down to the balls.when she was satisfied in my cock sucking skills she strapped me down to her bench.Mistress pushed her cock deep inside me and started pegging me, enforcing her dominance over me with long hard strokes right up to the hilt.she gave me a good hard pegging, she ordered me to gyrate my hips in tune with hers as she went faster and harder. Just when I was reaching climax she stopped.
I was led over to her bench where my cock was tortured with pin wheel, sounds and electrics. The more the pain increase the more submissive I felt and the more I felt close to Mistress. As the pain grew further I reached out to hold her hand and she allowed me to hold and worship her boots.
Mistress then straddled my head ordering me to worship her pussy through her pvc.
The excitement was too much for my and had the best orgasm I can remember.
Mistress the pulled her pvc pants down revealing her bottom. I could see her bottom above me and could see glimpses of her pussy although to far away to reach. I worshipped her beautiful round bottom. I licked her with anticipation to reach her pussy and arsehole. Mistress stood up and moved away ‘ A little more training for your tongue before it can perform to the correct standard to touch me so intimately!’

Mistress made me wear her worn panties bra and butt plug under. Me clothes as a was released to the outside world!

I cannot wait to continue my training.

One very happy sub!

  • November 26, 2020

Come on up ! I order it to stop half way up the stairs .
Keep your head bowed , eyes to the floor .
You will have know eye contact with me throughout the session do you understand ?

In my leather pants , boots and sheer body , showing just enough cleavage to bring this object to his knees .

I want you to worship my boots before we go any further . I could tell it was eager to please its mistress .
After giving my boots a good cleaning I order it to get undressed .Passing it some of my underwear what i’d been wearing all morning .Reminding it all the time no eye contact .
Get those on! Bright yellow lace panties , with a lace bra .

Coming from the bathroom I order it to crawl over to me while i’m sat on my chair , Sit on the floor and get my heel in your mouth , Attaching it’s collar and lead , I order it to stop ! Turning myself around in the chair so my arse is in his face .
Shine it with your tongue
Making a really good job of it to i must say .
I take him over to the bench and put my strapon on . Sitting on it I order it to sit on the floor once again and continue to use his tongue running it up my legs , Don’t stop until instructed .
Once it’s lips are at the base of my cock I order it to lick the tip and work it’s way down only sucking on my instruction .
It had informed me by email in the morning that it had prepared himself for me .

Taking the butt plug out I slide my cock deep inside . It gasps with enjoyment as I fuck it’s hole . After 15 minutes of deep thrusting I pull my cock out moving around to its mouth pushing it deep into the back of its throat . Clean it !
Once it sucked my cock immaculately clean I take it from the bench over to the electrics .
Take those panties of . Sticking them straight into its mouth I begin to tie its cock and balls .
Lie down !
Get your knees up in to your chest , I insert a butt plug before attaching the e-stim

Turning the dial I wait . Covering its mouth with my hand holding it so he can’t breath until i decide .
I then sit on its face turning the dial until he shudders and explodes .

Once the session was over we have a little chat about how the session went .
One very happy sub has left the building .

My New Boot Licker!

  • November 24, 2020

My new boot licker !

On entering my chambers i order my slave to his knees . Clean my boots slave before i collar and leash you .
I want them so clean i can see my face in them !
Looking down at his pathetic efforts i tell him to stop !

Collaring him i order him to resume his position .
You may now suck my heel , from the very tip of my heels down to my soles then run your tongue up my legs .
Once at the top i want you to unzip the zipper with your teeth !
If it’s not done to my high standards i will whip your arse until it is .
When i was happy with the results i put my strapon on and told him to climb over my bench .
Strapping him down i tell him he’s going to suck my cock before i fuck him .
Coming around to the front of the bench .
Suck it , i want it dripping with your spit so i can slide it inside you .
Enjoying my cock in his mouth i pull it out.
Beg me to fuck you !
Of course the begging begins , please mistress i need your cock inside me . please . please .

Be patient slave i will fuck you but not with this cock i’m wearing .
My black virgin strapons soon on and i’m pounding him , he’s loving it telling me to fuck him harder!!
10 minutes later i’m unstrapping him from the bench and ordering him on his knees mouth open . Suck it clean !

Did you like me fucking you?
Nodding i order him to lie on his back head tilted .
Open your mouth you deserve some light refreshments.
I straddle over him peeing straight into his thirsty mouth .
Drink it all up slave any spills on the floor must be licked clean before i allow you to worship my boots again .

Because of his amazing efforts i allow him a reward , i allow him to cum on my boots making sure he cleans them up when he’s finished .
My boots are now very clean , ready for the next boot licker

An awesome 90 minute session

  • November 19, 2020

After a brief chat on the phone the session is booked and i’m on my way to my chambers .

Once there i prepare for the 90 minute session .
With a knock at the door i call my sub up the stairs.
Dangling the rope and gas mask in his face .
Get changed i’m waiting , And mistress doesn’t like to be kept waiting .

Naked and on his knees , Look at me slave !
Stand with your arms at your side legs apart .
I begin to tie him from the chest down to his cock and balls

Once tied he hobbled to the medical bench lie down!
Shaking a bottle of poppers in his face it’s ,time to get high
Putting the gas mask over his head checking with him that the air is flowing freely through the tubes , He nods
I place the bottle in the opening of one of the tubes and with the other hand i cover the other tube
Inhale slave i’ll let you know when you’ve had enough

When he was totally floating i begin to edge him slowly taking my time as i rub his cock and balls .
Every now and then i would insert a finger into his bottom teasing his anus with each tender poke

I can tell his enjoying this purely by the sounds he was making .
I then move on to the estim .
Attaching the loops to his cock i turn it on at a very low setting and return to giving his arse hole a massage

Taking the gas mask of i replace it with another mask , one which fits snug across the nose and face and apply more poppers

Turning the estim up slightly.
I can feel his muscle relax i insert two fingers and begin to finger fuck his arse .
Getting all excited aren’t you ?
Let’s turn it up some more .Edging him to the brink of exploding, i change tactics and pull my fingers from his arse turning the estim down to low again
Cruel aren’t i ?
With that i up the level sticking my fingers back inside and pound his arse until he can no longer hold it .
I want you to beg me to allow you to cum .
Beg !
He didn’t need telling twice .

A session with my slut

  • November 16, 2020

Cuffing my sluts wrists behind his back i take him up the stairs .
Once at the top i give him his outfit to put on .
Sexy figure hugging lycra dress , red wig , stockings and heels .
Change into those clothes and present yourself to me when dressed .

Laying out all my different sized strapons on the bench .

Are you ready cock sucker ?

Looking timid and a little nervous , i reassure my slut , reminding it that i’m the boss and what i say goes .
Once i’ve got my smallest strapon on i order my bitch onto the fuck swing , cuffing it’s ankles and wrists to the chains ⛓

Don’t worry bitch i’ll be gentle with you 😈 hence the small cock , i’m going to use this one to give your arse a stretch before we move onto the larger ones

Getting into a nice rhythm my sluts now getting comfortable with each thrust .
Your enjoying my cock inside you aren’t you slut !

Taking my cock out i make my bitch lick it , Clean it , suck it , you
greedy hungry cock sucker .
Time to move up to the bigger one now , your arse as greedily taken all of the virgin cock
You’ll soon be stretched enough for the fuck machine .

Pounding my bitches arse , i tell it i own him he’s mine now , i’m going to mould him into the best cock sucker around .

Time for the fuck machine .
I place the bondage board on the floor in front of the machine .
Get over here slut!
On all fours i cuff his ankles and wrists to the board .
Switching it on to quite a high level i go and kneel in front of its mouth
suck my cock
You must be getting quite thirsty i’ll give you some refreshments when i’m ready

I uncuff my slut and take it to the opened toilet box , lie down.
Get your head inside and open your mouth
Peeing into its mouth , swallow it all , or face the consequences swishing a cane in the air , he swallows every bit .
Get yourself cleaned up slave , it’s home time .
Another happy toilet leaves with limits pushed , he will soon be crawling back

Mistress V

Mind Blowing Bondage Session

  • November 12, 2020

My 6th session knock-on mistress v  door mistress opened it order me upstairs get Undressed then crawl to her feet she then made me stand up where she placed the hood on me .then  shrink wrapped up like a mummy . then ordered me to her medical bench were she began Unwrapping a bit for my cock then running pinwheel,  then used hot wax dripping on my bare  balls and cock them pain, then Mistress unwrapped me and  orded me to spanking bench to warm my asrse up with hand and cane then popping my cherry with big strapon after sucking it she can then came behind me shoving it up my rosebud .

Then back medical bench needle time in my nipple and balls and my legs then mistress v use the tens unit  on my balls zapping it . then time drink mistress v golden nectar ordered me lie down locked in toilet box I drank her golden nectar with nice facial still zapping balls with tens unit . thank you mistress v

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