My new human toilet

  • February 18, 2024

Fantastic session this morning with a new human toilet .
It has tried hardsports before but not to the extent of my shits worth lol . After a brief chat , I order him to change while I set up the bondage board and toilet box ready to cuff him down once he was ready . You need to be a bit quicker shit face i’ve held my shit in for you all fuckin morning now get on my bondage board and get your fucking head in the box !! Because id been holding it in for so long I was ready for exploding and my did I , splattering straight down onto his face it goes everywhere , crouching down with my gloved hands I begin to smear it all over his face , its response was its VIle , I couldn’t help but laugh , what on earth did you think it was going to taste like shit breath , laughing more I tell it , it has to stay in that shitty state until I say other wise , I then order it to turn over onto alls fours pushing its butt pmug deep into its arse while it played with its cock , exploding into its hand I order it to eat , clean your hands you filthy shit eating pig , clean it and then go and clean yourself off , you fucking stink , passing him the toiletries. once he was showered and ready for catch up , he said it was absolutely amazing to share some of my waste , he will be back

The WOW Factor! A Testimonial

  • February 12, 2024

I monitored mistress v for 4 months. Then I plucked up courage to go and visit. WOW as soon as I open the door stunning in leather. After a pre session chat on experience and thing. It’s was time to be her play thing was told to strip and crawl to her and kiss her leather boots. Then told to stand and I was tied in bonage bits and bobs aswell. Then onto bench were I was blindfold so could not see as 4 needles put threw nipples and my tied up cock tease for a while all in preparation for electric and rod to down my penis. All done skillful and laughing smiling face. When mistress had finish enjoying herself told to get on whipping bench were she start to punish my bum and tease it before finally delivering 50 stokes of the cane. Then back to kneel at bench with electrics and needles still attach mistress then laid on the bench and I was order to lick her boots clean as she whip my back then to lick her sweate armpits then to kiss her bum. When mistress was done she took of rope and electrics before taking out needles. Thought I finish but I was told to open my mouth and got to taste mistress spit. Finish. When both dress normally chat again about session are happiness and future session. Everything was amazing Mistress V stunning and a honor to serve. Yes I will be back to serve and obey her every command it a joy to be a slave in your expert hands thank you slave T

My first session with Mistress V

  • February 4, 2024

My first session with Mistress V and i certainly wasnt disappointed. Luckily for me, she is located a mere 8 miles from my home which is ideal.
Mistress was very welcoming with a short chat to find out what i wanted from the 2 hour session i had opted for. My kink is right restrictive bondage and soon i was strapped down to the whipping bench completely trussed up and helpless. More bondage followed with a bit of electrics and stimulation play. Mistress loved testing out what my boundaries are.
Her rope work is second to none and her years of experience show through with how good her bondage techniques are.
Loved my first session and will definitely be back for more

A Fantastic Session!

  • August 16, 2023

My new sub arrived at the agreed time , he had been to see me a couple of days before , mentioning things he’d like to try , I was really looking forward to this mornings meet with lots of ideas racing around my Brian .

Once he was naked I begin with the bandages starting at the top of his head and working my way down his body once he was covered I then begin with the cling wrap making sure it was pulled right for added effect . Finishing of with him chained to the bondage board .

Shifting into a clear plastic bag , I blindfold my sub before putting the bag over his head smearing the contents all over him , pushing a tiny bit of my waste 💩 into his mouth , I leave him like this for about 10 minutes before removing it . Once it was removed I piss straight into his mouth to wash it down , he loved it so much he’s now booked in for this Friday . I can’t wait to push his limits further fantastic session had by all x

Mistress V is truly back! – a testimonial

  • July 28, 2023

My first visit to Mistress V since Her unfortunate accident. i had been concerned that Mistress should be fully recovered and didn’t want to jeopardise Her convalescence from the horrible injury. Having been fortunate enough to have sessioned with Mistress only a week before the accident, it seemed only considerate to ensure Mistress felt fully recovered before arranging to see Her once again.

In our pre-session chat Mistress assured me that She was well on the way to recovery and that i should relax and enjoy our session together, as that was Her intention.

And so, standing naked in front of Mistress in Her short black, low-cut slinky dress, the session started with Mistress securely binding my hands to my sides with a soft red rope, making sure the crown jewels were stretched out and upwards, before tightly binding them with another soft black cord. Placing a black hood over my head, Mistress applied a ‘gentle’ pair of nipple clamps. Mistress then started using Her doxy to stimulate nipples and crown jewels before removing the clamps and ordering me over to Her bench. Assuming the position (muscle memory is sometimes a wonderful thing), Mistress proceeded to redden my rump, starting with a hand-spanking before running through a range of Her toys – paddle, flogger, single-tail whip, broad belt and concluding with 25 strokes of Her new horse whip. On our last session, Mistress had left me with a fine set of stripes but relented this time due to the long interval since we last met.

Muscle memory was working overtime by now, throbbing with the effects of the horse whip, which Mistress assuaged somewhat with some gentle anal play. Eventually, it was time to move over to the medical bench where i was instructed to lie back and relax, Mistress with that mischievous grin and glint in Her eyes that said this was going to be anything but relaxing. Correct!! Mistress then produced those spiky nipple clamps that I’ve found hard to accept in the past. Mistress was determined i was going to wear them for Her and so i did, in a cold sweat as the points dug into my flesh and then harder as Mistress tugged on the chain joining them, producing at the same time a multi- wheeled pin wheel which was applied to the jewels, saying ‘this’ll take your mind off the nipple clamps’. How perceptive – i didn’t know whether i was in ecstasy or agony. By now i was trembling as the adrenaline and endorphins were coursing through my body, trembling with the triple points of sensation. Mistress relented and removed the clamps before massaging the nipples to restore the feeling – that was even more invigorating than the clamps themselves!

Ordered onto the floor, Mistress placed a funnel in my mouth and pronounced that i was to be the grateful recipient of Her Grand Cru and that i was not to waste any of it. This was a difficult task as my hands were still tightly strapped to my side and so it was through clenched teeth that i received Her blessing without spilling a drop.

Back onto the medical bench and Mistress lashed my feet to the bottom of the table, leaving me free to wriggle my upper body but not able to flail about. Producing a blindfold, Mistress cut me off from the outside world and i knew something was about to happen. It did, a needle through each of my already oversensitive nipples had me writhing and trembling; without my ankles being bound i think i’d have been up and out without bothering to collect my clothes on the way!

Mistress was kind enough to take my mind off the needles by attaching the loops of an estim unit around the jewels and gradually increasing the power to an exacting but pleasantly stimulating level. As Mistress went to remove the loops, Mistress had one last parting grin as the knob on the unit was cranked up, having me thrashing about for a few seconds of pure unadulterated terror as Mistress flashed Her eyes, grinned and switched the unit off.

What can i say! A superb session planned and orchestrated by Mistress, pressing all my buttons and without any sense of Her injury impacting on the quality of Her work. The scintillating, witty, mischievous Force of Nature that is Mistress V is truly back!!!

My new sub

  • July 18, 2023

My new sub arrived at the given time , after having our pre-session chat I have lots of ideas . Once it was undressed and in my playroom I tie it’s hans behind it’s back , I then order it to bend over , once it was fully bent over I insert a butt plug and order it over my bench , it did mention it loved pain , hehe not as much as I like to give it . I strap him down to the bench ,spanking his arse cheeks , I think I’ll use my flogger and straps before I start with the dressage whip , I was in my element once I was warmed up , my sub was deep into sub space taking each and every stroke well , before I move onto the cane . It did also mention that it didn’t take to well with the can but I soon convinced him , you don’t have a chioce take it because I’ll make you take it and once I’ve finished with you , you are going to be hooded gagged and forced to smoke before holding a piece of my shit in your mouth while it’s taped up , I’m the one in control do you understand ! With a nod it takes 15 which was pushing its limits but he managed them. It wasn’t long before it was on its knees in front of me whimpering because it knew it was time for the shit test ! Lol Open your mouth wide , popping a piece of poo into its mouth I tape it up and good him , laughing as I tell it , it’s got to hold it there until the end of the session which was 10 mins , I was prodding and poking it’s taped mouth trying to make it swallow some , once I saw it gulp , it started to gag , I remove the tape and order it to the bathroom . As soon as he was back in the room I order it to lay on the floor and finish its self off whilst I peed all over its face . Awesome session for the both of us

My new fur fetish slave

  • July 13, 2023

My new fur fetish slave arrived , after having my usual pre-session chat , it’s now time for you to get undressed and ready to worship my fur of you go .
Returning looking sheepish , I look him in the eye and order him to get on his knees telling him how pathetic he is , come and stand in front of me with your legs spread ! I tie his cock and balls very tight , he gasps as I pull he closer , open your mouth spitting into his mouth I light a cigarette, you are going to be my human ash tray open your mouth wide , laughing as I flick into his mouth I order him to roll the ash around his teeth , showing me what’s left he swallows with a bit more spit , I then order him on the floor I pass him a funnel “Hold it” I’d been holding my pee in for the last half an hour I was desperate to go and he was desperate to drink , I couldn’t believe how long I pissed for but this pathetic mess beneath me was lapping up every drop . Once I’d finished using his mouth as my toilet I tell him to get over my bench , once strapped down I show him some of my small toys . I’m going to start with these and work your way up , starting with the smallest my sub was taking more than I thought he would , I move on to the next size not so small with a wide gerth, taking it well I stop ! Get on the floor but before you do I want you sat on my cock , that’s when I attach the estim laughing I tell let’s see how you do with this on he hasn’t had electro play before which made even more exciting .
Once he’s positioned on the dildo I throw my fur jacket over his head and turn the estim on wow did he love it , bouncing up and down as I increase the level of intensity. He was in his element removing my jacket I tell him to put it on with a blonde wig and high heels I use his tongue to clean the bench using it as a rag get it clean you worthless piece of shit , inspecting it until I’m happy with the results . I think you deserve a reward for your efforts , lay down on the bench , passing him a condom I tell to put it and wank yourself into it , he cums , I remove the condom ordering him to open his mouth , which he does and swallows every drop . Another fantastic session

A mind blowing 2 hours

  • July 13, 2023

What a mind blowing two hours!

Being relatively new to sessioning, I met Mistress V having explored some aspects of femdom but with many activities that I wanted to try, for example watersports, anal play and being a human ashtray, being excited at the prospect of them but anxious of the reality. Mistress V, kindly but firmly, took the time to explore my fantasies and quite literally made them come true- two hours later, I’d been spat on, humiliated, fucked, drank Mistress’s champagne, swallowed her ash and, to conclude, been made to eat my own cum.

Liberating, incredibly sensual and truly exciting.

Holding my hand – a testimonial

  • July 13, 2023

I arrived at the given address earlier than expected so had time to ponder what I was going to happen I needn’t have worried mistress rang me and informed me where to go 30 seconds later I was at her door we had a bit of a discussion about my experiences likes and dislikes first impression was mistress was very beautiful without trying I was told to go get fucking ready mistress will call you when SHE’S ready and then come back on your hands and knees when called I crawled to her she had changed and looked magnificent (and imposing) she put a collar on me spat in my mouth tied up my cock and balls the told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to fuck me and fuck me she did and was clearly aware of my limitations but pushed me as far as possible mistress then told me I would be drinking from her and not to spill a drop or there would be consequences I don’t wish to show off but I totally took the full stream and licked up every last droplet then I was ordered by mistress to lick her arse nice and deep the next half hour is a bit of a blur so I won’t bore you trying to remember all that I can remember with great clarity is I asked mistress if she would hold my hand (I really don’t know where that came from) but she did and all I can say is I had the most earth shattering climax Ever mistress said in all her years she never saw so much cum which made me really quite proud of myself if you’ve never been to a mistress or if you’re looking for the best then you’re searching is over look no further mistress v is here to cater for ALL YOUR NEEDS

Fantastic session with my new sub

  • July 13, 2023

My new sub arrived on time , opening the door I could tell he was quite nervous but once we started chatting I could tell his nerves were disappearing. Ordering it to get changed and present himself on all fours naked .

Once I was dressed and ready I order it through , come on you piece of shit I’m waiting , collar and leash in hand it’s soon collared and ordered over my bench , strapped down I begin to fingers it’s hole , it told me it had ,had 3 fingers up his arse before , I laugh out loud replying , if you can take 3 finger’s you can take this ,waving my dildo in its face . Suck it before I fuck you with it , it was soon sucking and licking my cock .

Pulling my cock from its mouth I go behind the it , inserting my very well lubed cock , I start of real slow and increase my thrusting as I go deeper , it’s moaning adds to the thrill . You like that don’t you . It mutters “yes miss’ time to move a size then . It wasn’t long before it could take no more , happy with its efforts I unstrap it and order it to lay down on the floor mouth open , standing above it I begin to pee lowering myself so it doesn’t spill a drop , I was very impressed .Now clean me up !

I then order it over to my bench attaching the estim to its cock , it had never experienced electrics before but certainly loves them now . Fantastic session

Rubber Fun – a Testimonial

  • July 4, 2023

I arrived at Yorkshire Mistress V premises and was blown away with the reception and the session was did not disappoint being forced to boot lick and bodyworship mistresses rubber, then tied to the lay down bench and teased. Looking up at her with mistress V in command. Let’s say I had a happy ending. I would recommend Mistress V as a genuine mistress in Yorkshire.

Fantastic day!

  • June 21, 2023

What a fantastic day had with my slaves and subs some regulars and a newbie .

My newbie has never had experience with a Dominatrix before but said he has had some experience at home . I remind it that it’s experience today will be nothing like his bedroom antics lol .
Ordering it to the bathroom to get changed and present itself to me in my main room the play room .

All I could say was Wow when it entered into the room . Standing at least 6”5 in high thigh boots . Tight black pvc skirt and bodice . On your knees slut ! You need a wig to go with your perfect choice of outfit . It replies “I’ve never worn a wig before “ Really ? Well today you will be experiencing lots of things you’ve never experienced before , with that I point to my bench and order it over , strapping it down .

I begin to warm this bitches bottom with a spa long before moving onto the strap tawse finishing of with a 10 strokes lightly applied with my horse whip . I I unstrap him from the bench , back on your knees , with a little giggle I attach the nipple clamps the ones I know will cause the most pain haha because it’s taken them so well I attach some weights to it’s cock cage , you can now worship my arse I bend over allowing it to kiss my panties clad bottom all over . Finishing the session with a few more lashes before sending him on his way . He will be back !

Birthday Bash Session

  • June 11, 2023

Meet Mistress V outside with her coffee she asks did I bring her a shopping list I said yes so walk to the fun house had pre-catch up b4 ordering to empty my shopping bag she has my treats and 2 fresh creams. cakes candles and tens cock shocker then instruct to slip into my sissy dress without underwear when mistress got ready then mistress slip in my pink cock gag locked in place then point to the bench. i bend over and strap myself in nice and tired and started by clamping tens clamps to my balls then crack it up to stinging mode then started to warm my arse checks to nice rose red with paddle and strap before moving onto the blue handle whip and flogger and finishing off with red handle whip and wooden paddle extra hard to remember who’s in charge and untied me and shrink wrap me up exposing my nipples and cock/balls order to lye down on bench and slip on nipple and cock and ball tens clamps mistress then crank pain up more to test my pain then mistress V but candles in cake and light it and had n out then the mistress took candles out and walked behind me giggling and smashed the cake into my face and twisted around my face to make sure as coved in cake looking mess then the mistress lowed the headrest down to let me taste my birthday coffee pee drink straight my mouth from Mistress V then washing cake off my face with rest of the pee then cranked the ten machine up my 2 more notches and made my messy chested into birthday cake by putting needles and lighted candles into my nipples and cock make me blow them out as a birthday wish. Then Mistress V put one of my sissy nappies on filling it with fresh pee and then making me put it on and cloth tape to my waist and making me put on my plastic pink nappy and cloth tapping as well making walk home. I had to sent mistress a photo when home before I was allowed to remove it.

Dual Session – a Testimonial

  • April 12, 2023

knock on Mistress V’s door open the door dressed in jeans and a teeshirt and her arm in a sling walked in and was introduced to mistress lady Elizabeth who helps Mistress out when her arm gets better. to strip and slip on my sissy dress and wing and heels. Lady Elizabeth lock my dress and hands together and Mistress V made me walk around the dungeon floor and curtsy in front of her Lady Elizabeth’s mistress got whipped out and whipped my arse as waking around .
they instructed me to bend over where Mistress V lifted my dress and slipped nickers down Lady E strapped me to the bench as Mistress V pull out a carrot shape whisk and walked in front of me giggling saying you know where this going then walk back of me then told lady E to grab my pink cock gag and slip in me and strap it nice and tight b4 mistress V slip the carrot whisk up my cherry hole and then took photos and video slipping it in and out. Mistress V notice my branding looked faded so she ask Lady Elizabeth would like to rebrand me so took fresh sharp needles and redid the branding on my arse check .then came canning and strap time .once related was wrapped like a mummy and blindfolded me and ripped plastic rap to expose my nipples and cock and balls V used her good hand to slip needles though my nipples and lady E also help then more needles in my cock and balls then came V favourite thing to with needles a crown of thorns though my tip of cock then tens machine nice shocking time then mistress V went and got a nice fresh glass of amber nectar and lady E help me to drink it all up.
Then unwrapped and told to fuck the machine and wait for mistress V to sip the cock up my cherry hole and set it off as she sat on my back and paddled my arse checks b4 cranking the machine up higher after good fucking back on the bench for more arse punishment mistress V and LADY E took turns canning my arse until it was red and with strips.
Brilliant session with MISTRESS V and LADY Elizabeth can’t wait till next month

Pin cushion

A fantastic session of humiliation and anal play

  • April 8, 2023

My sub arrived at the agreed time. I always know what he likes; he likes me to humiliate him. As soon as I open the door, I order him on all fours to crawl to the other room to get changed. Wriggling across the floor like a worm, I humiliated him by calling him all kind of names before I ordered him across the bench for a very hard spanking.

Once I’d finished spanking him I stuck my fingers up his arse, something he craves so much. 3 fingers in and before I know it he’s playing with his pathetic little cock, exploding everywhere.

He’ll be back. He always comes back, for more humiliation and anal play

Broken arm – but taking amazing sessions!

  • April 5, 2023

Although My arm is in plaster due to breaking it in 2 places, I am taking sessions.  My (adult) niece is assisting Me during this time, helping Me to get dressed and with activities that are not extreme.  I am still doing extreme activities as and when required.  Nothing has changed negatively in terms of My ability and desire to share a first class session with you. For example, I can – when required – cane hard and accurately using My other arm.

Book a session with Me in the knowledge that we will have the most wonderful session.

Wakefield Mistress V


Fantastic session with sissy Danni

  • March 4, 2023

My sissy arrived at the time given , she always arrives with a full wardrobe for herself and lots of new bdsm gadgets. Today she brought some metal stocks a long with her , you can extend it in length ankles cuffed , wrists cuffed and collar also attached to the frame , once my bitch was in the right position all adjustments made it was time for the cock to go inside her arse , spreading her cheeks apart I order her to push her arse hole onto the cock. Telling her I don’t want to see any of the cock because I want it all inside you , she does has she’s told moaning and groaning as the cock slides deep inside her , now this is what I call predicament bondage there was no escaping the cock she just had to take it . She was definitely going nowhere . Having her in this position really amused me , so I decided she should turn around once released and suck the cock clean , something she’s never done before .

Once you’ve cleaned it I want you on your back I want you to deep throat that cock , as she laid down I noticed her pink silky panties were very damp with lots of pre-cum inside them , pulling them off I stick them straight into her mouth and order to suck the juice from them I then concentrate on her caged cock and balls with my small strap I lightly tap on the cage getting a little harder every now and then .

Happy with her , I take the panties from her mouth and point over to my fucking bench , get over that bench cock sucker , time to fill your hole again . She certainly enjoyed herself as my cock slid in and out of its hole , stretching it with each thrust . Fucking her for a good while before I order her over to the bondage board . Chaining her down so her heads free over the bench . Open your mouth I’m going to fuck you it ! spitting into her mouth before my cock slides in . Fantastic session doing what I love . see you next month Danni xx

My new body worship slave

  • February 15, 2023

My new slave arrived at the time given , excitement written all over his face . Can’t say I was surprised as I stood there stockings high heels and a leather look dress revealing my beautiful cleavage . Get yourself undressed boy , I have work for you to do . Today is all about me! you will worship my body from head to toe , slowly and I mean slowly kissing and caressing my legs working your way up but let me make it quite clear slave if your lips wander anywhere they shouldn’t you’ll be punished! hehe

Get behind me and begin your worship , once at my bottom I want to hear your lips smacking against my soft skin both cheeks need the same attention, Get to it !!

Running his tongue up the centre of my calf as if it were a seam , his tongue and lips are soon all over my bottom making each lick last until the next . Now slave I want your attention on my outer leg ! before I allow you to rim my sweaty arse , his licking rhythm speeding up . Slow down slave , I like the feel of your tongue as it’s runs over my flesh .Satisfied with my leg worship I order him to now lick my arsehole . One very happy slave , he’s already booked himself another appointment for the following week 😈

Enforced hard sports with Mistress V – a testimonial

  • February 13, 2023

I arrived on time and called Mistress V and was ordered to get up the stairs and to knock on the door, I was welcomed in and the red toilet box was out ready for myself, mistress told me to get undressed as my breakfast was nearly ready, in no time my head was in the toilet box and my legs were bound and I was handcuffed, I was trapped, an estim was applied for only one reason to make sure I ate everything, the beautiful sight of mistresses derriere came down and sat on my face, ordered to open my mouth which I did obediently, mistress v shit straight in my mouth and told to chew as the estim was increased I chewed and swallowed then it was time for a drink, again mistress sat down and her champagne was delivered and drank down, I thought it was over but I wasn’t that lucky, my second course was ready and my mouth was full again, mistress ordered to chew, estim again was turned up and my nipples twisted until I’d eaten everything, eventually I was released and my next task was to clean mistress v’s gorgeous arse , I licked it clean while told to wank my cock, I came in my hand and as her toilet I licked it up and swallowed it as ordered xx as a reward mistress allowed me the pleasure of licking her beautiful pussy for a minute, I’ll definitely be back for breakfast again

My sissy pin

  • February 13, 2023

My session today was with my sub pin cushion but after this mornings antics I have now renamed her as my sissy pin . As time as gone on we have tried lots of different things in a session but after the last time we met sissy pin did say it would order a baby powder pink pvc locked dress Padlocks all down the front even the cuffs had the lock and keys it exceeded my expectations by going the whole lot , stockings wig shoes the outfit was fantastic , now time to dress her.

Having the dress custom made it was easy to zip once that was done there was nothing much else to do except trim the ends of her wig so it was all the length , she was ready . Not practicing in her new pink high heels as she struggles to curtsy in them however she managed to do the cat walk a couple of time before she was over my bench taking my flogger warming up my sissy’s arse before I give it a good filling with my glass dildo , I left the dildo in for a little while just to stretch my sissy’s hole , I want it to take the anal hook , I love nothing more than putting my finger through the hoop at the top and pulling on it hehe after the fun with the hook it was over to the medical bench for some needle play before finishing of the session. with watersports , always a good session with my sissy pin 📌

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