2nd Session with Wakefield Mistress V

  • July 3, 2022

Knock on mistress door with coffee in hand. the door opened and the queen of Wakefield, stood there looking like sun kissed goddess with a golden tan. had are friendly catch-up and give her mistress she presents new rubber sounds. Enema bag .then mistress stood up good she leads to my outfit for the session so got the dressed in PVC maid dress black stockings and blonde wig and my pink heels order to knee In front of sexy dressed mistress how was dress in her blue nurse uniform order me to worship her feet the clean her shoes with my tongue and suck the heels down to the shaft. Then instructed to open my mouth and the mistress flicked her cig ash into my mouth and made to swallow it then had to walk around the dungeon and curtsey in front of the mistress if screw-up will get punished. well, I fell over so punishment came next strap to bench my dresses pulled up of my arse and cane and paddle, strap and weights attached to balls with heavy weights in bucks then mistress whipped my bum till glowing red then slipped her fingers up my cherry hole and give me good check up.
Next came the medical bench hooded and gagged and cuffed bench dress lifted to access to my cock and balls mistress v slip front of the dress open to get access to my nipples she slips four needles each of nipples then time 4 cock time mistress tests her new rubber sounds in my shaft up and down as zapping my balls with tens machine (mistress v film it and it’s only fans account )
Next came vac bed got undressed and slid into the vac bed mistress slip my cock out hole and sucked the air out like a stake in a supermarket mistress punishment my cock and dug her talons nails into my cock as lay trapped in the vac bed. Once released give golden nectar to rehydrate my dry ash mouth.
Thank you mistress V see you next month

My 2nd session with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • June 30, 2022
Had the pleasure of my second session with Mistress V at her new Wakefield chambers. This was a 3 hour session so there was plenty of nervous excitement as I am still a bit of a newbie! The new chambers were amazing and yet again a chat with mistress before the session helped relieve any nerves. Then the session began! I was ordered to strip then crawl on my knees and I knew from there I was in for a treat! I was placed face down on a bench with my hole exposed as I told mistress I wanted to explore anal play and take a strapon and that’s just what happened! Opening me up with her fingers first she used what’s called the beginners cock on me to get me warmed up. Then it was on to the fucking machine to train my arsehole even more. I stayed still on my knees and took it all as mistress instructed. Then on to my favourite part, edging!! I had already been edged numerous times at this point but I was put on the bench and edged over and over as she smothered me with her leather gloves. Then as I have a fetish for latex I was put in the vac bed and edged some more!! Over and over! Then back on the bench till I couldn’t take no more as mistress milked every last bit of cum out of me!! All I can say is amazing!!

My new human toilet

  • June 29, 2022

I do love it when a new human toilet arrives , they always look so frightened trembling almost . Stood in the door way I order him in , having a brief chat I order it to get undressed and present himself to me on all fours , doing as it’s told he’s soon on his feet , stand still and look at me , I love to make eye contact with my soon to be toilet , he said he’s eaten poo before , I do like that . I hope your going to be a good toilet pig and eat it all up , it will soon be time to show me how good you are won’t it ?
Tying him before I tease and taunt him explaining that my poo comes in many different consistencies from day to day , let’s hope it’s a firm one so I can see it between your teeth hehe after some nipple play and scratching he’s soon under my throne mouth wide open eager to prove himself to me , I begin to pee telling it to keep up with my flow , nearly finishing I tell it to stop drinking it’s time to chew a nice smelly turd 💩, look up at me potty mouth looking up I bend down and poop straight into its hungry mouth , Don’t swallow it just yet , I want you to place it between your teeth once you’ve done that I want you to roll it around in your mouth making it into a little ball then show me again , opening its mouth I spit straight into it right to the back of its throat , swirl it in your mouth again , now open I need a pee you can have a drink before the next turd is about to arrive , I can’t believe how calm my toilet is , he’s loving every minute of it pooping another turd the last one , make sure you savour the last one slave , I laughed as I said my truffles are a bit like fruit pastels once you pop you just can’t stop lol , he will definitely be back for more delicious delights 😈

Fantastic 3 hour session

  • June 28, 2022

What a fantastic 3 hour session spent with my sub .
It arrived at the agreed time , calling me once it had parked its car in the car park, “i’m here mistress” giving it its next instruction , it wasn’t long before it was knocking on my door .
After a brief chat I ordered it to go to the bathroom and strip completely naked . Crawling back into the play room . On your feet ! once it was stood with arms tightly by its side I begin to weave my web , making sure
I left its man pussy hole exposed .
I’m going to finger your hole once you are strapped down on my bench , there is no escape ,lubing a couple of fingers , I slide them slowly in and out , speeding up my rhythm , telling it constantly what was coming next , On with my small black strapon I like to use this first before moving on to bigger ones , next it was on all fours in front of my fuck machine , moaning with each thrust it loves its hole being stretched and poked .
After lots of anal I order it to the medical bench for some edging , I know this is its favourite , boy did I love bringing it to the edge time and again also using my sounds on it for the first time , it’s reaction to the sounds was “that’s amazing “ I had a little giggle at it , face bright red I clasping my leathered gloved hand over its mouth , stop talking ! Carrying on with the edging . I straddle the bottom half of its legs sitting on them so it can’t move , hand over mouth I begin to pull on its cock , it wants to come , it’s not time for an organism slave , no it’s time to go into the vacbed ! where you will be edged even more .
Inside the vacbed I tease its cock some more with my gloved hands , then attaching the estim I switch it on .
I don’t need to ask if it’s ok in there , its cock giving me all I need to know by it’s dancing movements . Not long before it’s exploding everywhere , ive never seen so much sperm it was all over the place , a bit like my slaves legs when I unzipped the vacbed and it crawled out 🤣 fantastic session , see you soon IT 😈

Fantastic 2 hour session!

  • June 22, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session today , my slave arrived at the agreed time . Opening the door he was very excited the smile on his face said it all , I started the session with some shoe worship making my shoe licker concentrate on the soles and heels before sliding it of my feet and ordering it to clean my sweaty feet clean , tugging on its lead if he missed any . Threatening it with my whip and cane , he knows i’m serious and tries his hardest to please me , I notice a small dry patch and order it onto its feet and over my bench . Strapping it down back , thighs and shins . I’m gonna to punish you slave i’m not happy with your shoddy work , starting with the flogger until it’s cheeks were a light pink , then moving onto my bull whip , from light to medium strokes , his cheeks reddening after each swish in the air , slowing it down I begin to massage his arse cheeks , let’s give you a little rub before I get my canes out . Haha I see his face going slightly red as I pass the mirror , pulling the cane from its stand I swish it in a very menacing way across the air . After your thrashing slave , I want to see more of your foot worship I will make your tongue start at the very tip of my toes and you will suck each one individually . Count after each stroke and thank me , he does has it’s told taking 20 in total before he was ordered onto his knees to start all over again
. finishing of the session with lots of breath play and cbt . Happy slave , Happy mistress 😈

Mistress farted in my face – a testimonial

  • June 3, 2022

well, it was my first visit to Yorkshire’s new premises knocked on the door Mistress V opened the door. Mistress showed me
around her new dungeon inc a fully working bathroom with a shower. then instructed to get my PVC maid dress on and wait till she called me to enter the room where was instructed to put my pink heels on and walk around the room then do a curtsey in front of Mistress who was dressed in stunning red PVC dress then ReWalk around again the. then was bent over the bench strapped down hands lock down the side my dress lifted up my around arse. then warmed up by hand then whipped the 5 strokes of the cane nice red stripes on checks then mistress slipped coupe weighted bucks to my balls the slipped strap on giving good roasting.

then released me then slipped into a steel cage where I was lock-in and billfold and sound headphones and gagged by Mistress tights then my hands were cuffed behind my back Mistress attached nipple clamps and tugged then dripped candle wax then she lifted the front dress, whipped my balls, and dripped wax on them. uncuffed and unlocked walked to ball crusher strapped in then whipped with bull Whipp then Mistress sat here chair did target practice on trapped cock and balls. Then released made on my back mouth open waiting to drink fresh warm juice. then clawed to the medical room where I was cuffed to the medical bench Mistress slipped long sound my down my shaft and moved up and down and wigged it ten attached e-stim to my balls and started zapping me slowing moving up and up then ran her pinwheel over my nipples and sack. next more c&b forced was ordered on the floor Mistress sat on my face with my legs trapping my arms down slapping and punching my balls and twisted my cock then icing on the Mistress farted in my face to remember her before my next visit.

pin cushion

Highly recommended! A testimonial

  • June 1, 2022

Ariving in the car a hour earlier then the booking, i sent a email to Mistress letting her know i am early. Her reply was to tell me to wait.
I am new to the bdsm scene, and she knows that. Knowing im a bag off nerves, and my mind running wild. It was the longest hour off my life. Thinking about what was to come.

At ariving at the door at the exact time as planned, the door opened and was told to go through. I wasnt even allowed to look at mistress. She entered the room and told me to sit down. We had a chat about limits and experiences. Calming my nerves. At this point i was shaking with nerves. Mistress noticed.

After the chat, i got instructed to go get undressed and crawl to her feet. Made to worship them. Worship my goddess. Then the bondage happend. Tied in her web off rope. And sesory play. Unable to see or hear.

Soon tied in her toilet box and left. Mistress returned a good while later and told me to open my mouth. She pissed into a funnel, held by my teeth. Still unable to move. And left me to drink it all. Every drop. She walked away.

Again, left with my own thoughts. She returned, with somthing in her hand. A peice off her shit. It was forced into my mouth. And i was made to lie with it in my mouth. Lips closed. Her shit melting and dripping down my throat. Delicious. Never done this before. But wow. Been left in place, unable to have a say, a choice, nothing.

What a session. Mistress kept me at ease all the way through. Making sure im ok. Very understanding about me been a novice. Very excited about my next session. If your new to the scene, i HIGHLY recomend!!!!

Slave M xxxx

Not the usual toilet

  • May 30, 2022

What a fantastic morning with another new toilet slave , not the usual toilet he didn’t want to consume  my waste or have it spread over its body , he wanted to hold it in his mouth , I was so looking forward to this session .

Arriving a little early it sent a text asking if it was ok to call for the session , my rely , no you can wait until 10.30 as agreed ,  chuckling as I tapped send , I knew he was sat in his car waiting my reply .

The phone rang bang on 10.30 , giving the directions he was soon knocking on the door . Enter !

Ordering it to get changed and crawl on all fours to my feet , sitting down I slide my foot out of my shoe , tapping it on the lips with my stocking feet , Worship! 
Once I was happy with its efforts I made it stand , picking up my rope I swing it casually ,time to get tied up you piece of shit   weaving my web around its body ,i then add the blindfold then the ear defenders were on , using my pin wheel I roll it up and down his cock and under his balls , wincing a little , I replace the pin wheel with my shall nails scratching it as I teased its nipples , telling it what I was going to do next , pulling my latex dress above my bottom I order it to get its nose in between my arse cheeks and sniff ! 
Time to go in the box , once his head was inside so close the lid and remind it what’s expected from it , I want you to hold my turd in your mouth and time you , pooing into my gloved hand , I pop it into its mouth , hold it with your teeth while I go and clean myself up , I was im the bathroom for a good 15 mins before I went back to look down at this piece of shit on my floor , open your mouth I want to see if you’ve swallowed any , obediently it opened its mouth , I was shocked to see it exactly how it was when I first put it there , I began to tickle it hoping it might just swallow just a bit , No he made sure it stayed right where it was . 
Wasn’t long before we were chatting about the session when he suggested coming back for a lengthier session . Happy toilet Happy mistress . See you soon 

2 new slaves

  • May 18, 2022
What a brilliant day i’ve sessioned with 2 new slaves my first slave came from London for a refreshing drink to delicious desserts . 

My toilet arrived at the given time , not nervous or apprehensive he was  excited ! very excited , after a brief chat I hand over his outfit which it quickly gets dressed into . Once dressed I order it onto its back , open your mouth I have your drink ready ,controlling the flow of my pee it pours down its throat as if it were being poured from a jug , lap it up ! Get on your feet and get over my bench strapping it down tightly , I don’t want you wriggling as I begin to slap his arse cheeks , I stuffed a pair of panties in its mouth , suck on those , i’m
going to lube my cock , I want it to slide in your man pussy effortlessly, I always start with the smallest dildo and work my way up to the larger sizes hole permitting lol , giving my toilet a good seeing to with 3 dildos in total , it’s so grateful to have my pee and my cocks , now time for the grand finale scat , it tells me it’s eaten scat but mostly likes to massage my waste over its tiny none existing shrimp dick  and balls , mouth open ready for my first turd , it falls into its mouth with a plop ,looking down at my toilet it waits for my next instruction , swirl it around your mouth then rub it into your shrimp , do it well and I might have another turd for you, rubbing my waste all over I spit on it to make it softer , i’m ready for turd  number 2 mamm.Squatting over its mouth I release the second turd , repeat what you did with the first load !  relieve yourself and clean yourself up you piece of shit 😈  one happy human toilet left the building , back to florida you go , if your ever back in the uk , you know where I am 😈😈

First Wakefield session – a testimonial

  • May 17, 2022

Today i was honoured to be the first slave of MistressV to session at the new Wakefield Chambers. Situated within easy reach of the city centre and with ample parking nearby, the premises were easily found following Mistress’ directions. As the first guest, and Mistress having only recently acquired the premises, i half-expected that the session would be limited in scope, but not so. Mistress still has some finishing touches to apply to complete the dungeon experience but the Chambers are comfortable with a spacious punishment room, separate medical room and a generous bathroom with shower. There’s also central heating – a boon for those cold and frosty mornings when previously it was impossible to tell whether one was in subspace shock or just bloody freezing. Muscle memory tells me that it was mostly subspace shock!

Mistress wasted no time in baptizing the Chamber. Blindfolded, the sensual tie (with soft red rope) and tease,quickly turned into some mean CBT involving a flogger, an egg topper and Mistress’ nails. Some gentle nipple caressing soon transformed into serious torture as Mistress tweaked and twisted what is for me a very sensitive and responsive part of my anatomy.

Strapped over the bench, a light flogging ensued, but my cheeks weren’t turning pink enough for Mistress, so the flogger was replaced with a barrage of well-placed smacks from Mistress’ fair hands, which quickly rebalanced the colour palette. The flogger returned, only to be replaced by the red single tail. i can vouch for the spaciousness of the Chamber as Mistress was able to swing with full force and no interruption to Her fluid movement. Next came the ‘Cat o’ Nine tails’ – definitely a deeper thunk and broader coverage than the red single, feeling more like a single broad tawse. Speaking of which, the next accessory employed was precisely that, a three tongued tawse that was incisive and sharp in its feel. Next i heard the swish as Mistress warmed up a cane and i really don’t like the cane; telling Mistress so,Mistress said ‘fine, if you don’t like it, we won’t do it’. Having told Mistress i wanted to push some boundaries today, i now felt like a real wimp and said ‘OK, let’s try 10’. After the 10, i said ‘let’s try another 10’. Then Mistress asked if i wanted to make it 30 – how do you say ‘no’ to your Domme? So 30 it was, but i was really counting those last 10! By now i had the old familiar trembles but with a welcome glow on – a much more comfortable feeling than in the old Chambers.

Standing again, Mistress unbound me, substituting the overall binding for one around my cvck and balls, ensuring that the tension was maintained. Waiting for Mistress to come from behind, the gasps as bucket nipple clamps were applied was audible! A search for a hood ensued but couldn’t be immediately found amongst Mistress’ toyboxes waiting to be unpacked, so one of Mistress worn nylons was employed whilst i cleaned Mistress’ shoes and feet, buckets dangling and clanking as they swung backwards and forwards with my movements. Rubber hood or nylon gently perfumed with Mistress’ scent. I know which I would prefer.

Removing the nipple clamps, it was back over the bench, this time for some fun with Mistress’ doxy and several different cvcks. i once harboured the ambition of being able to deal with Mistress’ BBC, but experience and my physical characteristics have caused me to re-evaluate that lofty ambition. Suffice to say, that in my case, size isn’t everything and an enjoyable experience was had as Mistress pounded and drilled me with a number of toys, including a knobbly one that misled you into thinking you’d taken it all, only for there to be further, larger knobs to accommodate.

Standing again, Mistress blindfolded me ‘for my own good’ was the words used. Wondering what was meant i heard a rustle and gasped as nipple clamps were applied, first to the right and then to the left. Removing the blindfold, i saw that instead of clamps, Mistress had lanced my nipples with needles – just as well i couldn’t see otherwise I’d have been on the floor. Gentle twisting and turning had me gasping as the very tender flesh was stretched from the inside.

My next task was to make myself comfortable on the floor in the toilet box while Mistress found a funnel for me to hold in my mouth. It’s the first time I’ve drunk Champagne through a filter funnel before, but it didn’t detract from the fine bouquet and had the advantage of not missing a drop.

Removing the needles, i was next positioned on the bench where the c&b binding was removed and replaced with e-stim loops. Power applied, my bruised and battered old man was swiftly dancing to the tune of the pulses, encouraged by Mistress judicious use of a pin wheel which only seemed to concentrate the pins and needle effect. This was further heightened when Mistress replaced the pin wheel with a long steel sound. Sliding it in and out acted as a conduit through which the pulses raced through the entire length, rather than being focussed on the loops. A shorter, knobbly sound was substituted for the long thin one and Mistress drove me wild as the implement was moved in and out. Turning away from me, i was honoured to be told to give Mistress a shoulder rub – as my thanks for all those strokes laid on me earlier. There’s nothing quite like giving a beautiful woman a shoulder massage while one’s cvck throbs as an e-stim unit pulses away!

All too soon our long session was coming to an end. Mistress had one last request to make. i stood patiently as Mistress unrolled a condom over my erect member and then urged me to make use of the condom to collect the explosive climax to yet another exhilarating session. Why is it that time seems to fly in the presence of a powerful beautiful Dominatrix?

So, going back to the first paragraph, you can see that despite having just opened the Chambers, there is absolutely no reduction in the care, dedication to satisfaction and overall experience that Mistress continues to deliver. Thank You Mistress, for giving me the honour of allowing me to serve You and to be the first to grace Your new Chambers

2 hour session with my human toilet

  • May 9, 2022

What a fantastic two hour session spent with my toilet slvt 😈
I arrived at potty mouth house at the agreed time , it’s been a toilet slave of mine for a couple of years so I know exactly what it’s likes and dislikes are . Calling it once I arrived , I saw the door slightly ajar, stepping out of the car I see my toilet slvt hovering in the porch , pushing the door open there she’s stood in her stockings nipple clamps and thong finished of with a pair of shiny black pumps . It’s eager to get started towels and bin liners laid out all over the floor, this bitch really did want everything I had saved for her today , pulling the nipple clamps I order it onto the floor ,standing over her I begin to let me piss flow , wriggling beneath me it begs for my poo lots of it 💩💩 I was shocked when I looked at this now completely covered turd that’s exactly what it looked like , stepping away from it , suck on that piece of poo as if it were an ice-lolly it does has it’s told , while it’s covered in my waste I push the dildo deep into its gaping hole fvcking it hard and fierce once it could take no more I order it to freshen its self up and come back into the study where I will be waiting with my cane , I finished the session of with a good ball whipping and 5 strokes of my thin cane , we then had breakfast with english tea and a very good chat , I was then back on the rd home smiling like a cheshire cat knowing i’ve made this toilet slave happy

My latest human toilet

  • May 1, 2022

My new toilet slave arrived looking very nervous. Pointing to my chair I order it to sit at my heel while we have a little chat , I find having a chat before a session soon relaxes a slave  getting them ready for what’s about to occur 😈 I hand over it’s outfit once it’s dressed it’s ready for me . First things first shit face , I want you to lie down on your back with your mouth wide open I need to feed you some of my hard skin from my heel using my foot file I begin to scrub hard watching all of the dry skin as it falls into its mouth , swallow it bitch ive got a lot more for you to take we’ve only just begun hehe

Happy with my smooth feet I slip one into his mouth , suck it ! sloppy wet tongue all over my toes heels and soles it’s absolutely enjoying what’s in its mouth .

Spitting  is one of its favourites  lots of it along with snot .  Enjoy it slave you wanting to be fed with my waste and that’s exactly what your going to get , on your feet ! It’s time to go on the bondage board , strapping and tiring him down I cuff his wrists to the toilet box closing the lid I remind him that’s he’s here for breakfast , looking down at this shit eater I order it to open its dirty potty mouth again , doing as it’s told I push once and my shit is out falling down into its mouth , chew it slave I won’t be happy until it’s all gone , placing my gloved hands over its mouth it begins to chew , is it hard to chew ? it looks like your struggling down there , Open your mouth you need a drink to loosen it then it’ll be easier to swallow , nodding My piss is soon flowing . Once i’d finished he soon ate it all up . clean yourself up shit eater your breath stinks haha 

I am moving to Wakefield!

  • April 16, 2022

I am moving to Wakefield on 1st May 2022 and will be taking sessions from Wakefield from that date.

My last session in Wakefield will be on 29th April 2022.

My Wakefield premises are better than my Wakefield premises and have shower facilities.

Role play session with new client

  • April 15, 2022

Brilliant session this morning , one of my favourites roleplay . Having exchanged emails my new client explains his fantasties likes and dislikes , once he arrived I order him to lock the door behind him .

Standing at the top of the stairs in a black tight see through dress and high heels I have my rope in one hand and my wrist cuffs in the other.
Up here boy now! when he reaches the top step I grab him by the collar of his shirt dragging him into position in front of me , I begin to tie him with my rope from the neck down to his waist ,I then cuff his wrists and sit him down in a chair , blindfold on . Running my fingers through his chest I unfasten each button teasing his nipples pulling and pinching . When all the buttons are undone I use my sharp heels and press them hard against his skin , watching him wince makes me giggle , taking the shoe of I wiggle my toes under his nose , You want to suck what’s coming next don’t you slave , with a nod my toes go straight in his mouth pushing my foot deeper and deeper into his mouth , let me see if I can get my whole foot in shall we hehe , I could t believe how much he got in , moving him from the chair removing the blindfold I point over to the rug on the floor , Get on it and kneel for your mistress .
Still tied and cuffed I help him down onto his back , I’m going to use your face as my chair and play with your nipples , he loves being my piece of furniture , he can be a table next time and have a taste of breakfast 😈😈

My new potty mouth

  • April 13, 2022

After speaking with my new potty mouth the day before the session I knew exactly what he wanted before he arrived , I like that when they know exactly what they’ve wished for is going to finally happen . Excited and nervous has he was when entering the chambers soon settled after our little chat , I always like to know my toilet boys and I are always on the same page that way there is No going back !

He hadn’t only just come for breakfast he also wanted to taste my sweaty size 5 feet before I delivered my waste . 

Ordering it down on its knees I stick my foot under his nose ,Sniff my sweaty toes shit eater . Doing as instructed he gets to work on my feet big spopering lick at first , shuffling my foot in further I tell it to get rid of all its saliva and start again , not happy with his work I tell it what’s going to happen next if he doesn’t do an excellent job  , licking and sucking every inch of my toes and toes nippling the skin on my heel , i’m still not happy , I stop and tell it to kneel up with his hands placed together and hold them out at arms length , I then blindfold him and shit into his hands he try’s to pull away and for that I pushed my shit into his mouth and made him hold it there until I was satisfied , He knows who’s boss he knew that from the minute he got on his knees 😈😈

My sissy daisy’s second session with Me

  • April 9, 2022

Daisy my sissy slut arrived for her second session , she was full of excitement as I gave her , her outfit to put on , she was already wearing stockings under her clothing when she arrived , daisy loved to be fucked with my big black strapon but she can only take it all when she’s in the swing . Once her ankles are cuffed she’s all mine plenty of lube and my cocks inside her fucking her hard and fast she loves it moaning for more .

From the swing we go to the fucking bench she had told me in the week to whip her harder , strapping her down I begin with the bull whip swish swashy marks all over her bottom lovely patterns she will be proud to wear .

I then order her to the medical area for sounds and the estim but not until Ive used her mouth as my potty , to say it’s her 2nd time she was even more willing to push her limits for me .
I allow her to relieve herself then she was made to clean her mess up , my did she make a mess . see you soon my cock sucking arse fucking whore 😈😈😈

Latex Catsuit for sale

  • April 6, 2022

I am selling My latex catsuit, suitable for sizes 8-10 UK. It originally cost £400.  I will accept £150 for it. The catsuit is in excellent condition. Contact Me for details. Photos below:


A session with My new sissy daisy

  • April 2, 2022

My new sissy daisy arrived, she looked a little nervous to start with but as the conversation flowed she soon relaxed and began to tell me a little bit about her likes and dislikes, she tells me she’s been looking for a Dominatrix locally for 12 years.

After our chat I point at the outfit that I had laid out for her, put those on, shoes wig leopard print panties and a black figure hugging camisole.” How do you feel now slut all done up “? Because she’s never walked on high heels before I tell her to walk around the studio, once she gets back to me she has to do a curtsy if she toppled over she will get a good spanking, doing as she’s told she walks around trying to be as elegant as possible 🤣.

Patting the fucking bench with my hand I order her over it, spanking her before I flog and whip her she absolutely loves the flogging begging for more. I like a nice red bottom to look at as I fuck it, it pleases mistress.

Moving onto my toys, strapon on I go around to the front and order her to open her mouth, pushing my cock into her eager mouth she sucks and licks every inch, “I can’t wait to fuck you daisy, I want to stretch that hole of yours so you can take my monster black cock “ Moving her from the bench over to the fuck machine, she enjoys being fucked hard and fast while she’s on all fours I put my black monster on making sure the straps are tight I want to give this slut the fuck of her life. Up you get ! Time to go on the swing, slapping her face with my cock as she gets up 🤣
Inside the swing ankles cuffed she’s ready. My cock has no problem sliding in her dark hole, liking cbt I attach my estim and begin to give her a good hard fucking, she absolutely loved her time spend with me and has already made arrangements for her next session 😈😈

Brilliant 2 hour session with My new sub

  • March 29, 2022

Brilliant 2 hour session with a new sub today,once inside the building I order him up, walking around in my high heels to the staircase opening we meet, Hello slave pointing to the rug, over there on your knees while we have our little chat 😈 once the chat was over I order him to strip, pushing my latex shiner in his hand, polish my dress everywhere pushing my bottom out, especially here

👉 spraying every part of the dress he sets to work rubbing it everywhere, I turn around to face him, don’t forget my front!

All shiny I now point at my shoes i’d like the same treatment on my shoes, get on your knees and lick them. Happy with the results it’s over to the fucking bench strapping him down I begin his arse stretching until I say he’s ready for a cock.

Using 2 different sized dildos and my doxy teasing his balls.

I unstrap my sub and begin to tie my wicked web of rope around my victim, then gagging him I start to tease and edge his cock, making him lie on the medical bench I sit on his face with my latex clad bottom and rub it all over his face before I carry on with more edging, telling my sub I own his cock and arse, I control when you can and can’t cum laughing as I go back to more edging he wishes he could cum right now but he has to control himself if he wants to please me.

We swap places and it’s now my turn as I lay down on my back I order my sub to lick my dress and worship my beautiful body while encased in latex, asking who is in control he answers, “you’re in control mistress ‘

I finish off the session with a very harsh edging one that’s explosive to say the least 😈😈😈

My new Female sub

  • March 24, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session spent with my new fem-sub, arriving at the agreed time, she was very nervous as we had our pre-session chat but during the conversation I could see she was beginning to relax.

Time to strip for mistress I want you totally naked! once she was fully stripped I order her over my spanking bench, strapping her down, cuffing her wrists she was ready and eager for what to come next. Lightly flogging her bottom and pussy she moans with pleasure increasing the intensity of each stroke then back down to milder strokes I can tell just by her body language that she’d like more of this so I introduce my bull whip nothing to harsh just enough so I get the same response as the flogging, teasing her pussy now and again she whispers “fuck me mistress”

I insert a smallish dildo first and begin slowly fucking her with her moans excite me, she did mention my anal hook in our chat so while I’m fucking her I insert the anal hook, accepting it as I slide inside her dark hole, her pleasure is increasing moaning a lot louder now, pulling my strapon on. It’s time to be fucked you are my fuck toy for the whole session I’ll fuck you with each and everyone of my cocks, spitting down on my cock, fucking her hard she climaxes all over my cock I see it glistening as I pump her hole. Teasing her of what else I have in mind for her, my fuck machine is waiting for you but first I’m going to tie you up I want to torture your nipples, twisting her nipple as I speak,

Using my finger tips at first before I use the nipple suction cups, she’s never experienced anything like this before, but I can tell she’s up for more, untying her now I order her on all fours in front of my fuck machine, this machine(pointing at the f machine) is going to give you a fucking like no other, I turn it on at a low setting before turning up full speed, Begging for more and more, once she can take no more I lie on my medical bench. Come over here and worship my beautiful body, she crawls over and begins to worship my feet, instructing her to work her way up to my arm pits, Lick them clean bitch! finishing her off with one final orgasm she is broken. I am really looking forward to seeing her again to push her limits further, see you soon x

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