2 fantastic sessions

  • April 3, 2024

2 fantastic sessions today , my first being a full sissy makeover, i’ve had a previous session with her but today I wanted to push her limits .

Finishing off her make up I start on her strawberry blonde shoulder length hair (No wig needed ) , dressed in pink satin maids outfit once her pig tails were done I add a pretty white ribbon .

Looking so good I order her to do a catwalk show for me before ordering her over my fuck bench .

When she was last here she didn’t really open up properly but today I made sure she got a proper fucking using 3 different sized strap-ons she was in her element pushing her man cunt deeper on my cocks as I fuck her good and hard . Once she could take no more we move over to the medical bench for some sounds and the estim .

She can certainly take a lot more cock than previously thought, all in all a fantastic session , she will be back for more

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