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My very new client

  • May 2, 2024

Had a really good session with a new client today , when I say new he’s completely new to the world of BDSM , never has he visited a professional Mistress .

On his arrival we have a brief chat before showing him to the bathroom , once back in the play room I start the session . 
Get on your back with your fucking mouth open , before I could blink he’s in position mouth open tongue out , my he was eager he absolutely drunk the lot without spilling any , I was impressed ! 
Ordering him over the bench I strap him down tight ! Spanking his bottom until it was a rosey red , then I begin with the tawse mild to start with before moving onto my straps , to say he’s never visited a Dom before shocked me his pain levels were quite high , I think even he was shocked as to how much he could take .
Moving the medical room pointing at the bench “get on it “!  attaching my cock loops around his cock I turn it on . 
Wow the noises he was making were very loud placing my hands over his mouth his cock gets stiffer , he’s absolutely loving all the different levels , inserting a very slim sound down his cock he really starts to get into it so ,so much so I thought he was going to orgasim , switching the e-stim off , pointing down at the floor , get in position slave it’s time for your reward , you may kiss my body and worship it , soon in position starting at the soles of my feet , it distracts him from getting hard . Focus on me slave i’ll allow you to relieve yourself once you have finished . Brilliant session , hope to see you soon 

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