2nd Session with Wakefield Mistress V

  • July 3, 2022

Knock on mistress door with coffee in hand. the door opened and the queen of Wakefield, stood there looking like sun kissed goddess with a golden tan. had are friendly catch-up and give her mistress she presents new rubber sounds. Enema bag .then mistress stood up good she leads to my outfit for the session so got the dressed in PVC maid dress black stockings and blonde wig and my pink heels order to knee In front of sexy dressed mistress how was dress in her blue nurse uniform order me to worship her feet the clean her shoes with my tongue and suck the heels down to the shaft. Then instructed to open my mouth and the mistress flicked her cig ash into my mouth and made to swallow it then had to walk around the dungeon and curtsey in front of the mistress if screw-up will get punished. well, I fell over so punishment came next strap to bench my dresses pulled up of my arse and cane and paddle, strap and weights attached to balls with heavy weights in bucks then mistress whipped my bum till glowing red then slipped her fingers up my cherry hole and give me good check up.
Next came the medical bench hooded and gagged and cuffed bench dress lifted to access to my cock and balls mistress v slip front of the dress open to get access to my nipples she slips four needles each of nipples then time 4 cock time mistress tests her new rubber sounds in my shaft up and down as zapping my balls with tens machine (mistress v film it and it’s only fans account )
Next came vac bed got undressed and slid into the vac bed mistress slip my cock out hole and sucked the air out like a stake in a supermarket mistress punishment my cock and dug her talons nails into my cock as lay trapped in the vac bed. Once released give golden nectar to rehydrate my dry ash mouth.
Thank you mistress V see you next month

My 2nd session with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • June 30, 2022
Had the pleasure of my second session with Mistress V at her new Wakefield chambers. This was a 3 hour session so there was plenty of nervous excitement as I am still a bit of a newbie! The new chambers were amazing and yet again a chat with mistress before the session helped relieve any nerves. Then the session began! I was ordered to strip then crawl on my knees and I knew from there I was in for a treat! I was placed face down on a bench with my hole exposed as I told mistress I wanted to explore anal play and take a strapon and that’s just what happened! Opening me up with her fingers first she used what’s called the beginners cock on me to get me warmed up. Then it was on to the fucking machine to train my arsehole even more. I stayed still on my knees and took it all as mistress instructed. Then on to my favourite part, edging!! I had already been edged numerous times at this point but I was put on the bench and edged over and over as she smothered me with her leather gloves. Then as I have a fetish for latex I was put in the vac bed and edged some more!! Over and over! Then back on the bench till I couldn’t take no more as mistress milked every last bit of cum out of me!! All I can say is amazing!!

Mistress farted in my face – a testimonial

  • June 3, 2022

well, it was my first visit to Yorkshire’s new premises knocked on the door Mistress V opened the door. Mistress showed me
around her new dungeon inc a fully working bathroom with a shower. then instructed to get my PVC maid dress on and wait till she called me to enter the room where was instructed to put my pink heels on and walk around the room then do a curtsey in front of Mistress who was dressed in stunning red PVC dress then ReWalk around again the. then was bent over the bench strapped down hands lock down the side my dress lifted up my around arse. then warmed up by hand then whipped the 5 strokes of the cane nice red stripes on checks then mistress slipped coupe weighted bucks to my balls the slipped strap on giving good roasting.

then released me then slipped into a steel cage where I was lock-in and billfold and sound headphones and gagged by Mistress tights then my hands were cuffed behind my back Mistress attached nipple clamps and tugged then dripped candle wax then she lifted the front dress, whipped my balls, and dripped wax on them. uncuffed and unlocked walked to ball crusher strapped in then whipped with bull Whipp then Mistress sat here chair did target practice on trapped cock and balls. Then released made on my back mouth open waiting to drink fresh warm juice. then clawed to the medical room where I was cuffed to the medical bench Mistress slipped long sound my down my shaft and moved up and down and wigged it ten attached e-stim to my balls and started zapping me slowing moving up and up then ran her pinwheel over my nipples and sack. next more c&b forced was ordered on the floor Mistress sat on my face with my legs trapping my arms down slapping and punching my balls and twisted my cock then icing on the Mistress farted in my face to remember her before my next visit.

pin cushion

Highly recommended! A testimonial

  • June 1, 2022

Ariving in the car a hour earlier then the booking, i sent a email to Mistress letting her know i am early. Her reply was to tell me to wait.
I am new to the bdsm scene, and she knows that. Knowing im a bag off nerves, and my mind running wild. It was the longest hour off my life. Thinking about what was to come.

At ariving at the door at the exact time as planned, the door opened and was told to go through. I wasnt even allowed to look at mistress. She entered the room and told me to sit down. We had a chat about limits and experiences. Calming my nerves. At this point i was shaking with nerves. Mistress noticed.

After the chat, i got instructed to go get undressed and crawl to her feet. Made to worship them. Worship my goddess. Then the bondage happend. Tied in her web off rope. And sesory play. Unable to see or hear.

Soon tied in her toilet box and left. Mistress returned a good while later and told me to open my mouth. She pissed into a funnel, held by my teeth. Still unable to move. And left me to drink it all. Every drop. She walked away.

Again, left with my own thoughts. She returned, with somthing in her hand. A peice off her shit. It was forced into my mouth. And i was made to lie with it in my mouth. Lips closed. Her shit melting and dripping down my throat. Delicious. Never done this before. But wow. Been left in place, unable to have a say, a choice, nothing.

What a session. Mistress kept me at ease all the way through. Making sure im ok. Very understanding about me been a novice. Very excited about my next session. If your new to the scene, i HIGHLY recomend!!!!

Slave M xxxx

First Wakefield session – a testimonial

  • May 17, 2022

Today i was honoured to be the first slave of MistressV to session at the new Wakefield Chambers. Situated within easy reach of the city centre and with ample parking nearby, the premises were easily found following Mistress’ directions. As the first guest, and Mistress having only recently acquired the premises, i half-expected that the session would be limited in scope, but not so. Mistress still has some finishing touches to apply to complete the dungeon experience but the Chambers are comfortable with a spacious punishment room, separate medical room and a generous bathroom with shower. There’s also central heating – a boon for those cold and frosty mornings when previously it was impossible to tell whether one was in subspace shock or just bloody freezing. Muscle memory tells me that it was mostly subspace shock!

Mistress wasted no time in baptizing the Chamber. Blindfolded, the sensual tie (with soft red rope) and tease,quickly turned into some mean CBT involving a flogger, an egg topper and Mistress’ nails. Some gentle nipple caressing soon transformed into serious torture as Mistress tweaked and twisted what is for me a very sensitive and responsive part of my anatomy.

Strapped over the bench, a light flogging ensued, but my cheeks weren’t turning pink enough for Mistress, so the flogger was replaced with a barrage of well-placed smacks from Mistress’ fair hands, which quickly rebalanced the colour palette. The flogger returned, only to be replaced by the red single tail. i can vouch for the spaciousness of the Chamber as Mistress was able to swing with full force and no interruption to Her fluid movement. Next came the ‘Cat o’ Nine tails’ – definitely a deeper thunk and broader coverage than the red single, feeling more like a single broad tawse. Speaking of which, the next accessory employed was precisely that, a three tongued tawse that was incisive and sharp in its feel. Next i heard the swish as Mistress warmed up a cane and i really don’t like the cane; telling Mistress so,Mistress said ‘fine, if you don’t like it, we won’t do it’. Having told Mistress i wanted to push some boundaries today, i now felt like a real wimp and said ‘OK, let’s try 10’. After the 10, i said ‘let’s try another 10’. Then Mistress asked if i wanted to make it 30 – how do you say ‘no’ to your Domme? So 30 it was, but i was really counting those last 10! By now i had the old familiar trembles but with a welcome glow on – a much more comfortable feeling than in the old Chambers.

Standing again, Mistress unbound me, substituting the overall binding for one around my cvck and balls, ensuring that the tension was maintained. Waiting for Mistress to come from behind, the gasps as bucket nipple clamps were applied was audible! A search for a hood ensued but couldn’t be immediately found amongst Mistress’ toyboxes waiting to be unpacked, so one of Mistress worn nylons was employed whilst i cleaned Mistress’ shoes and feet, buckets dangling and clanking as they swung backwards and forwards with my movements. Rubber hood or nylon gently perfumed with Mistress’ scent. I know which I would prefer.

Removing the nipple clamps, it was back over the bench, this time for some fun with Mistress’ doxy and several different cvcks. i once harboured the ambition of being able to deal with Mistress’ BBC, but experience and my physical characteristics have caused me to re-evaluate that lofty ambition. Suffice to say, that in my case, size isn’t everything and an enjoyable experience was had as Mistress pounded and drilled me with a number of toys, including a knobbly one that misled you into thinking you’d taken it all, only for there to be further, larger knobs to accommodate.

Standing again, Mistress blindfolded me ‘for my own good’ was the words used. Wondering what was meant i heard a rustle and gasped as nipple clamps were applied, first to the right and then to the left. Removing the blindfold, i saw that instead of clamps, Mistress had lanced my nipples with needles – just as well i couldn’t see otherwise I’d have been on the floor. Gentle twisting and turning had me gasping as the very tender flesh was stretched from the inside.

My next task was to make myself comfortable on the floor in the toilet box while Mistress found a funnel for me to hold in my mouth. It’s the first time I’ve drunk Champagne through a filter funnel before, but it didn’t detract from the fine bouquet and had the advantage of not missing a drop.

Removing the needles, i was next positioned on the bench where the c&b binding was removed and replaced with e-stim loops. Power applied, my bruised and battered old man was swiftly dancing to the tune of the pulses, encouraged by Mistress judicious use of a pin wheel which only seemed to concentrate the pins and needle effect. This was further heightened when Mistress replaced the pin wheel with a long steel sound. Sliding it in and out acted as a conduit through which the pulses raced through the entire length, rather than being focussed on the loops. A shorter, knobbly sound was substituted for the long thin one and Mistress drove me wild as the implement was moved in and out. Turning away from me, i was honoured to be told to give Mistress a shoulder rub – as my thanks for all those strokes laid on me earlier. There’s nothing quite like giving a beautiful woman a shoulder massage while one’s cvck throbs as an e-stim unit pulses away!

All too soon our long session was coming to an end. Mistress had one last request to make. i stood patiently as Mistress unrolled a condom over my erect member and then urged me to make use of the condom to collect the explosive climax to yet another exhilarating session. Why is it that time seems to fly in the presence of a powerful beautiful Dominatrix?

So, going back to the first paragraph, you can see that despite having just opened the Chambers, there is absolutely no reduction in the care, dedication to satisfaction and overall experience that Mistress continues to deliver. Thank You Mistress, for giving me the honour of allowing me to serve You and to be the first to grace Your new Chambers

An unusual place to keep chocolate eggs

  • February 17, 2022

getting a text of mistress V don’t forget my coffee and bring a box of cream eggs as well .arrival at the dungeon waling up the stairs seeing 80’s rock chick mistress v black PVC trousers and the boss tee-shirt killer red and black high heel shoes I give mistress the coffee and the cream eggs ordered to strip and worship her feet and shoes when mistress finished her cig then once finished ordered to lie over the bench to warm my cheeks up. mistress strap me down nice and tight then mistress placed to blue clamps to by ball sack then started on spanking my arse with her and then lifted my head to show off her new cat’0’nines Whip then walk around the back and started to whip my arse and back softer the up the level to stinging on cheeks then the deadly giggle behind me .then heard the snap of gloves the heels walking behind me the cold gel finger up my arse mistress say going stretch my hole ready for cream egg to shoved up. mistress slipped a dildo up me the fucked me then came the cream egg mistress lube the egg and slipped up the bum checks then started to whip my arse with long tile then untied me to squat over the toilet box bowel to pop out the egg expect it was stuck up there I could not pop it out even when mistress pumped more lube up my bum to pop it except its well stuck up there even standing over the heater so mistress slipped 2nd egg up bum just made pop it out and eat it.

then instructed to the medical bench were strapped to bench for pain with sounds and the tens machine with more nipple pain as mistress giggling her head off thinking I still got egg stuck bum.
once released off the bench told back spanking bench. were mistress slipped a finger up me to feal the egg no sign of it so instructed to lie on the floor open my mouth to drink fresh hot drink straight from mistress then once drank up mistress tied rope around my balls and cock then flogged them with the whip then granted worship the arse of mistress v

the egg came back just as got to the train station lol

A Vivacious and Talented Dominatrix – a Testimonial

  • February 15, 2022

After a brief, pleasant chat during which Mistress outlined Her plans for the session and sought my agreement on what my limits and how far i might be prepared to allow Mistress to stretch them, i was told to strip and kneel before Mistress. A collar was snugly fitted around my neck, offering me a close-up encounter with Mistress’ magnificent cleavage. Collar and lead fixed in place, i was led off to Mistress black leather bench, to which i was swiftly fastened.

No sooner was i strapped down than Mistress started spanking my buttocks, with increasing fervour and pace as i started to slip into sub-space as the endorphins and adrenalin started to build, adding to my excitement. After a prolonged period, Mistress swapped to a soft flogger and i felt able to lift my head and watch as Mistress lithely and elegantly continued to tenderise my buttocks. The soft flogger was replaced by a new, stiffer leather flogger that gave resounding ‘Thwacks’ as it was brought to bear. Pausing only to swap the flogger for a bullwhip, Mistress continued to play merry hell with my exposed flesh. The sharp crack of the whip (especially on the backhand) resulting in a stinging impact on my buttocks, was only eased when Mistress directed Her lashes between my thighs. Did i say ‘eases’ (LOL). When Mistress finally stopped, i started to relax only to be confronted in the mirror with a stern looking Mistress flexing a thin cane. i hate the cane, but as Mistress adores making pretty patterns, my sacrifice to Mistress is offering my flesh as Her canvas. Ten strokes and a few days later, the patterns have now faded. Mistress has always been careful with me to ensure that any marks are largely invisible to casual view and quickly fade, in line with my wishes and our pre-session chat.

Before long, Mistress was back with some lube, two sizes of dildo and Her doxy, all of which were fully utilised in a prolonged session of truly enjoyable anal play, culminating in a vigorous fvcking by Mistress.

By now it was time for me show my thanks for Mistress’ exertions by worshipping my Divine Goddess. As Mistress relaxed, one shapely, latex clad leg was offered to me to worship, commencing with Her left foot before being encouraged to worship Her calf. Swapping legs, the worship continued with Her left foot and leg, before eventually Mistress paused my efforts, stood up and with Her back to me, bent over and ordered me to continue further up Her latex clad legs to Her pert derriere.

Seemingly satisfied with my meagre efforts (or perhaps not), Mistress produce some ropes and soon i was bound from neck to lower navel, and then bound to Mistress board. Now totally immobile, i was totally at Mistress mercy, and with pin wheel and nipple clamps, Mistress proceeded to tease the sensitive parts of my anatomy to their limit, surprising even me with my positive physical reaction to Mistress’ encouragements. Perhaps it’s the smile, the cruel laugh or the dichotomy between the instruments hard, unyielding nature and Mistress’ tender caresses that enliven me so much? Who knows, but it is an experience to be relished. Whilst i was tied in position, Mistress had need of a comfort break and, not wanting to spoil the mood, availed Herself of the most opportune receptacle to receive Her precious liqueur. Fortunately, Mistress has very good spatial awareness and very little was spilled. Seemingly exhausted by Her efforts, Mistress just plumped Herself on the nearest cushion, with little regard for the restriction in airflow that ensued. What a marvellous way that would be to go – smothered by one’s Mistress’s delectable derriere.

Still bound, Mistress instructed me to walk (it was more like a Penguin waddle) over to the swing. Heaving myself up withsome assistance from Mistress (it’s hard to gain lift when one’s hands are by one’s side and lower than the point of optimum hoist), i was soon in that semi-recumbent position which exposes every part of one’s anatomy to Mistress’ reach. More lube and enjoyable play before Mistress got down to the serious business with Her strap-on. According to Mistress, we managed one size larger than previous – who knows, the BBC may one day be within my capability (LOL). Having seen that i was comfortable with the strap-on size, i was subject to a vigorous pounding, swinging in opposite rhythm to Mistress’ thrusts to maximise the depth and sensation, looking up at Her rapt expression as i was ravished and pummelled by Her Member.

Still shackled, but weak with the reaction to serious effort and Mistress’ care and attention throughout the session, i was in no position to refuse the request Mistress whispered in my ear. Agreeing, somewhat bemusedly, as Mistress unfastened the bindings, i stood patiently as Mistress unrolled a condom over my erect member and then standing before me and bending over, instructed me to worship Her derriere whilst making use of the condom to collect the explosive climax to yet another exhilarating session with Mistress. i always try to please Mistress and hopefully was successful. My last sight of my tribute was it dangling over the stairwell as i left Her Chamber – a sprig of mistletoe waiting for a suitor.

As I headed off, I reflected on the careful preparation, attention to one’s whims and foibles and the sheer energy Mistress expends to make every session a unique and memorable experience. To be in the presence of such an attractive, vivacious and talented Dominatrix is a life affirming experience. It is an honour to be permitted to serve You, Mistress – Thank You.

The storm before the calm – a testimonial

  • February 5, 2022

Arrived very nervous but had a long chat with Mistress. Once strapped I was strapped and spread and my arse was soon tingling from a good whipping. I then had my bum penetrated by fingers and dildo which never stopped . Use of poppers chilled me and I took more cock. My highlight was being pissed on,drank loads and washed in golden rain ,lovely. Then was given e-stim to my tiny cock and left with dildo up my arse whilst mistress sat on my face . Also got to clean mistress arse and toilet seat with my tongue .
Spat on and made to lick off loads.

Totally humiliated and under control of mistress, great session. I’m sure I’m being prepared for real cock.

Can’t recommend highly enough

I foresee further stretching in my future – a testimonial

  • February 3, 2022

I had booked a two hour session with Mistress for mid morning. It was my first time visiting Mistress V though I am not inexperienced in such matters.
I was greeted at the door by a cheeky smile and a glint in her eyes, that made me feel excited and slightly nervous at the same time. The first order of the day was to have a chat to make sure that Mistress knew what I was looking for and to give her some sort of wicked ideas. I think my suggestions were standard submissive fare and so within a few minutes I found myself naked at her feet, worshipping her toes whilst being told that I would be sucking on bigger things than her big toe shortly.

Then it was over to her spanking bench to be strapped down, blindfolded and then have my ass generally abused, from spanking, flogging and then some more intimate anal play. She thinks I have a tight hole and that it needed stretched. This seemed to last for ever and all I could do was moan and gasp as she did various things to me. I still don’t know what they were.

I was then made to suck on another cock that she pushed into my mouth and told me to imagine being spit-roasted like a little bitch… It wasn’t hard to imagine any of that.

She then took pity on me and decided to abuse some other parts of my body. Some rope-work followed to bind me tight and then my nipples were abused by weighted clamps and then by her nails. Mistress asked me at one point how I felt. “Fine” was taken as a challenge to up the ante.

Then into another position to offer some intimate body worship to Mistress. This was absolutely heavenly and I was amazed at how intimate it became. Mistress seemed happy with my efforts and allowed me to cum all over her foot. Obviously I had to clean it all up with my tongue.

It was a brilliant session. I know it is cliched, but Mistress does look incredible in the flesh and was warm and considerate, whilst always being totally in charge. It was so easy to drop into a submissive state and I can see why she is so popular.

I foresee further stretching in my future.

A Fantastic Session with Mistress V

  • January 30, 2022

Had a fantastic session with Mistress V last week.
Plenty of on street parking nearby and no problem for Mistress that I was a bit early. She invited me up for a chat before she got changed.

Good chat about my likes and you could tell that Mistress was into the ideas and I was already feeling quite turned on in her spacious well equipped play space.
Mistress made me undress and go and wait on my knees in front of a large mirror, while she got changed.
Within a short time she is stood in front of me in exactly the type of outfit requested – high heels, black latex pants, and a lovely figure hugging red latex top with her gorgeous boobs bursting out.

On with a poppers filled gas mask and I’m drifting into heaven.

Straight into it and my cock and balls are expertly bondaged and she is now after my nipples with a range of instruments while biting, grabbing and scratching and slapping.
I am then bent over her bench, and she lubes me up before building up to a crescendo of amazing pegging.
I’m well away now and she moves onto some lovely impact play.
She asked if I could be marked and let out a very contented sexual moan when I said yes.
Her expert and accurate whacks with the cane left me with some delicious welts.

Finally onto the mat on my back with her sat on my face, alternating between my cock and nipples, and before long I am exploding.
An amazing hour of fun and looking forward to the next.

The Subspace Time Continuum – a Testimonial

  • January 16, 2022

Mistress V greeted me from the top of the stairs with a welcoming smile, clad in black latex leggings and red body. After our little pre-session tete-a-tete, putting me at ease and increasing my anticipation of what i knew would be a fantastic session, Mistress instructed me to remove my clothing and then kneel before Her.
Having disrobed, i turned around to find Mistress brandishing a super-sized roll of clingfile. Spinning round, i was soon cocooned entirely from head to toe except for CaB. The reason for that soon became obvious as Mistress produced sounds and a pin wheel which were rapidly deployed on my exposed sensitive bits, teasing and tormenting with the skill and finesse that is a hallmark of Mistress’ ministrations.

Mistress produced a blindfold which was fixed firmly around my head. As Mistress’ fingers wormed down the inside of the clingfilm cocoon from my neck to my left nipple and ripped a hole in the film, i suspected i was about to be the recipient of some nipple torture. i didn’t have long to wait, trembling in my plastic case. The tell-tale gentle wiping of my nipple with a sterile wipe signalled the arrival of a needle – right through my nipple. That certainly caused me to suck my breath in. Not content with that, 4 more needles went into my cvck before Mistress re-introduced the sound.

Manipulating the needles and sound, alternating between pain and pleasure, Mistress soon had me propelled into subspace.

Cutting me out of the cocoon, Mistress ordered me across to Her bench. Strapped down, Mistress proceeded to use one of Her floggers, at first gently then more forcefully, increasing the sensitivity of my buttocks before progressing to one of my favourites – the Sjambok. As Mistress flicks it across the flesh, it makes a fantastic clean crack, irrespective of whether the touch is light or severe. Just when one thinks there’s a rhythm building up, Mistress changes the strength – expecting a severe kiss, then the light tap causes one to jump. Vice versa for being lulled into expecting a light tap. When first i started seeing Mistress, impact play wasn’t on my list but it now forms a significant part of our sessions. Mistress is an expert with all forms of implement: if you want the experience but no long-lasting marks, Mistress can deliver!

Suitably relaxed, Mistress proceeded to take advantage of my supine position. First a long, thin lube’d dildo was used to expand the passage before i was treated to an athletic pounding from Mistress.

By now I’d worked up a thirst – the clingfilm has a dehydrating effect – and i gratefully accepted the vintage champagne Mistress offered. Mistress is most generous in Her offering and it would have been rude to spill any.

Thirst quenched, Mistress indicated i should hoist myself into Her swing. Suitably positioned, ankles shackled above my head, it wasn’t long before i was once again experiencing the delights of Mistress’ grinding and energetic thrusting. To feel the rhythmic pounding of Mistress against and inside one is a sensation that transcends any other experience – firm, varying in speed and intensity, Mistress is adept at sensing and responding to every expression and nuance of one’s body, reacting instinctively as one’s body thrills to the increasingly urgent sensations of pleasure wafting through it.

And so another fantastic session with Mistress V came to an all too sudden end. Mistress not only takes one into the realms of subspace but also introduces one to time travel – time seems to fly as one succumbs to Her charm and expertise. For Mistress V, domination is not just a vocation, it is Her life’s passion. The physical and emotional energy Mistress expends to make each and every session a unique and memorable experience is truly exceptional. It is an honour to be permitted to serve You, Mistress – Thank You.

There IS gain without pain – a gentle session – a testimonial

  • January 15, 2022

I wanted a session whereby I feel the Mistress is in full control, but I don’t enjoy too much pain.  So more geared towards tie and tease and humiliation.  Nevertheless I wanted to feel powerless and that Mistress had total control.  That’s a tough ask for any Mistress so I scoured the Internet to find a truly elite Mistress.  I did notice from Mistress V’s blogs and testimonials that a lot of her clients enjoy more severe stuff, but her sessions page does say that she enjoys milder stuff too so I tentatively and nervously rang her to discuss it.  As soon as I heard Mistress V’s warm, friendly, welcoming voice, I became very relaxed.  I knew I’d rung the Mistress who is exactly right for me.

Mistress V has jaw dropping beauty and had a really friendly and jovial demeanour during the discussion we had before our session. That discussion was heartening and relaxing; Mistress V went through everything with me to ensure she hadn’t missed anything from our phone conversation. She is incredibly professional. She told me that she would get me into subspace, which is something I’d never experienced with other Mistresses. I couldn’t wait for the session to start.

After our conversation, within seconds I was naked and on my knees kissing Mistress V’s dainty, perfectly manicured feet and legs. Wow! Mistress V certainly knows how to take charge! Mistress V then put me over her knee and gave me a hand spanking that left my bottom tingling.  The spanking started very gently and worked up.  I began to realise just how special that feeling of subspace is.  Amazing!

I was then tied very securely to the spanking bench and my backside was flogged with a multi stranded flogger, again gently but working up.  To my amazement I found myself enjoying every stroke of the flogger. Mistress V told me she was so proud of me taking the flogger that she was going to allow me to worship her perfect bottom.  Wow, what a privilege. I was in heaven.

I was then put into the stand up cage and secured to its bars, so I was once again completely helpless. Mistress V attached electrics to my cock and set it to pulse.  It didn’t hurt but it was a fantastic sensation that really turned me on. While I was so visibly aroused, Mistress V tweaked my nipples with her fingernails, observing me carefully to ensure I was never in too much pain. As I rapidly ascended into subspace, I felt pegs being attached to my balls. Not too painful but enough to know that Mistress V is in charge!

I was removed from the cage and put into the smother box. Mistress V sat herself comfortably onto my face and allowed me to savour her beautiful aroma while increasing the intensity of the electrics on my cock until I reached the most explosive climax I’ve ever had. Mistress V laughed excitedly as I came. I enjoyed the fact that she was enjoying my pleasure.

Mistress V insisted on having an after-session discussion to ask me how it went and made suggestions in case I want another session.  Damn right I want another session! With Mistress V, I’m going to be able to take – and enjoy – more pain than I ever thought I would want.  Really looking forward to our next session.  The next session will be longer.

Mistress V, thank you – you’re incredible xx

A Tribute to my Mistress and Owner

  • January 10, 2022

I see photos of beautiful women every day. And when I see beautiful actresses and models on TV I always compare them with you. And honestly, none of them come close. And it isn’t only your face. It’s all of you from head to toe.

And you have more than physical beauty, though that alone makes you the most beautiful woman in the world. You have the most wonderful personality I’ve ever encountered too.

Your combination of unmatchable, breathtaking physical beauty and wonderfully effervescent personality are a joy to behold. I’ve met lots of people and you, my dearest Mistress are the most amazing person I’ve ever met in my entire life, and that’s the truth. I worship You xxxx

A Fantastic Session – a Testimonial

  • January 6, 2022

I arrived nervously to see mistress V, who quickly settled my nerves in a conversation about the day, discussing my interests and limits for the day as well as making me feel very settled in her space.

I was then tasked to undress and head to the bench to be strapped down so mistress could go to work on my bottom with her crop and flogger. She built up the force and of this over time and expertly didn’t leave a single mark as for asked at the start.

We next moved onto pegging over the bench and in her swing. Building up the depth, width and size of what was inside me. The swing was especially good for this, enabling mistress to use bigger toys on me and going much deeper in me. It was also fantastic to see mistress so close and between my legs as she rode me in the swing.

We moved on to use sounds, the e stim and a pin wheel to tease my cock and balls, building up the size of the sounds as the current on the e stim was built up

I was treat to a golden shower from mistress too

The session was fantastic, my early nerves were quickly settled and I enjoyed a really good two hours with mistress.

I’d also asked for no marks in the session and left without a single mark or bruise anywhere to be seen. Thank you

Fantastic session with enforced hard sports included

  • January 1, 2022

Hard Sports Mistress

I’ve had many sessions with Mistress V. On several occasions I’ve discussed the idea of enforced hard sports with her and I asked her to spring it on me when I least expected it, and not to be allowed to back out. Scary stuff, for me anyway. Today was the day!

The session started with impact play, using a flogger to get me into subspace, something Mistress V excels at. Moving into the cane then the sjambok. Impact play with Mistress V is a wonderful experience. I used to hate caning but with Mistress V, I love it.

Then I was treated to foot worship and bottom worship. Mistress V has the most delectable derrière.

We then moved onto needle play, with needles being pushed through my nipples and into my cock. Being able to look at Mistress V’s exquisitely beautiful face while she sticks pins into me is one of life’s best possible experiences. By prior arrangement, Mistress V also scratched her initials onto my chest with a needle. Such an honour!

I’d booked a 2 hour session, and the 2 hours was up, so when Mistress V released me from the medical bench I assumed the session was over. Nope! Mistress ordered me to lay on the bodyboard next to the toilet box. I was scared. I knew what was going to happen but when Mistress V gives me an order, I’m totally powerless to resist. I was VERY firmly attached to the bodyboard with rope then Mistress V used me as her toilet, using a lighted cigarette on my balls to make me consume. It was a very difficult experience but I’d requested it. Bear in mind that if you ask Mistress V for enforced hard sports, it will be enforced! In fairness, she does make that crystal clear to you in advance. I now realise that being able to consume anything that has been inside Mistress V is an honour and a privilege. I feel genuinely owned now and I love it.

It will be obvious to you that with Mistress V, there’s no clock watching. You get what you pay for and more. You get a positively life enhancing experience. There’s no-one like her.

Needle Play Mistress

A life enhancing metaphysical experience – a testimonial

  • November 23, 2021

It was blindfolded immediately. When the blindfold was removed, Mistress appeared in a sheer top, black leather bustier, slinky black leggings and black 5-inch Louboutin stilettos. On its knees, collar fixed around its neck and one of Mistress’ new toys fastened to its left nipple – a slow burn thrill.

Mistress performed some intricate ropework, trussing hands to side and providing support for CandB. Strapped to the bench,Mistress started with a soft flogger across cheeks and CandB; then progressed to a stiffer flogger and paddle as its cheeks became rosy pink and tender. Trussing cocky in a black binding, Mistress proceed to explore how flexible and what different angles (including 180 degrees) its old man could be manoeuvred into.

Suitably chastened, it was introduced to Mistress’ BBC – being instructed to provide oral lubrication for same and encouraged to tickle its tonsils without gagging. Mistress indicated that not only was its mouth to be filled by BBC, but to get there some stretching would be required. So saying Mistress proceeded to do so with a slightly more modest member. It accommodated this with relish and enjoyed the feel as Mistress thrust against it repeatedly, using the BBC to prod and push the smaller version more firmly into place. Removing little brother, Mistress attempted to penetrate with BBC; alas and alack, its slinky hips simply couldn’t spread apart wide enough, despite Mistress’ best efforts and alternative positions and techniques – perhaps the next time?

Whilst Mistress relaxed with a cigarette after her exertions, it was busily employed polishing the aforementioned shoes, both sides and soles before cleaning the heels using the same technique as employed on the BBC. Having completed the outside, it was helped on the internal cleaning with a generous donation of Mistress’ saliva, a much-appreciated gesture. Comfort break over, it was strapped onto the inversion table. By now Mistress’ slow burn thrill had sensitised its nipple and a prolonged period of nipple torture and CBT ensued, culminating in a flogging of nipples and CandB. Mistress helped assuage the shakes and thirst wracking its sorry carcass by providing a refreshing champagne cocktail, which it consumed with relish. Mistress really does provide a vintage cru.

Suitably refreshed, Mistress removed the binding and hood and ushered it to the Medical bench. Mistress asked it if it was comfortable. Replying ‘Yes’, it received one of Mistress knowing smiles and giggles before Mistress produced e-stim, sounds and nipple clamps. Mistress is an expert with all the above and it was soon writhing in that sublime state of subspace, where pain and pleasure merge into one, with a sensory overload of sensation as all its erogenous zones were pushed to maximum sensitivity. The response of its anatomy to the stimulation was immediately obvious, and Mistress delighted in teasing and prolonging the agony/ecstasy. Eventually removing the medical nipple clamp, Mistress massaged the by now, squashed and flattened nipple, producing even greater waves of sensation as the blood rushed in to restore the normal form.

And so ended another fine session with Mistress V. Mistress is highly perceptive and responds immediately to verbal and non-verbal reactions while in session, resulting in an ever-changing dynamic which encourages feedback and participation, making each session unique and highly memorable. A session with Mistress V is a life enhancing metaphysical experience, which will remain with you long after the physical sensations have faded.

A beautiful, cruel, sadistic Mistress

  • October 25, 2021

The slave arrived and he was told to immediately strip and to put on the clothes that Mistress gave him. Namely a sissy black dress, stockings and a 14 strap suspender belt, stiletto high heels.and a wig.

Mistress than dragged him by the ear to the whipping bench and securely fastened him down. She then proceeded to give him a sissy makeover Full makeup, with lipstick and eye shadow.

Mistress looked absolutely gorgeous.

Then it was time for a lengthy fucking with Mistress using her strap on. When she had fucked him to her satisfaction the slave had to suck and clean all his shit from the dildo.

The slave was gagged using a used (and dirty) pair of Mistress’s panties. To ensure he didn’t spit them out – numerous layers of duct tape were wound around his head.

Time for some serious punishment. Mistress proceeded with a strict hand spanking until it had reached the bright colour red that Mistress wanted, then came a prolonged paddling finishing off with a strict caning, ( One of Mistress’s favourite pastimes. ) Slave was crying from the pain that Mistress had inflicted.

Then released he was secured to the medical bench to suffer severe CBT and nipple torture. Many needles were put through his cock and balls. Mistress then decided to use her sewing skills to completely close his foreskin. (Slave would later be sent home with his cock still sewn shut!)

Time to try out the new slave toilet. An open mouth gag was fastened into the slave’s mouth to guarantee that he could not avoid drinking her piss or eating her shit.

Slave was then made to clean the floor with his tongue to clean up all the missed piss and shit.

One last final humiliation was to have to clean her dirty butt hole with his mouth.

The end of another fantastic session with a beautiful, cruel and sadistic Mistress.

Mistress then informed me that next time he wouldn’t be sucking a shit covered dildo but another slaves shitty cock that he had just fucked me with!!

Another fantastic session with Mistress V

  • October 20, 2021

Mistress V greeted sub warmly at the top of the stairs. Without wasting any time, sub was butt naked, on its knees, with a collar fastened around its neck and clamps hanging from its nipples.

Using the lead attached to the collar, Mistress led it to her black leather bench, Her softly scented hair brushing againstits nostrils as she swayed sensuously across the floor. Assuming the position, sub was swiftly strapped down. As soon as sub was secured, Mistress started to tease and torment its C and B with a vibro – gentle vibration increasing in intensity, interspersed with gasps as Mistress used Her fingernails to pinch and rake its tender flesh.

Laying the vibro down, Mistress started gently flogging, increasing in intensity as sub started to respond to the increasing heat and tension. With its cheeks gently glowing, Mistress started to lube it before a sliding a long, thin flexible cvck straight in. Being fvcked with a long cvck by Mistress V is an experience sub would heartily recommend to anyone. Using the vibro again with the cvck still in, Mistress soon had it floating in a sea of pleasure. Instructing sub to hold it in, Mistress disappeared for a moment, only to re-appear with a long, knobbed metal hook.

With a little assistance from Mistress, the knobbly end was inserted. The momentary discomfort swiftly disappeared as the hook settled in place and was firmly gripped between its cheeks. Gentle manipulation followed, ensuring a snug fit. With the hook firmly in place, Mistress resumed her flogging before concluding with a period of prolonged spanking. Withits cheeks smarting, Mistress started to hoist sub using the hook to lift it off the bench – but as sub was strapped down, it only increased the tension as sub wriggled to obey Mistress. Each pull on the hook only served to remind sub of the stainless steel firmly ensconced.

Finally releasing sub from the bench, Mistress threaded its lead through the hook as sub knelt on the floor in front of Her booted feet. Taking up the slack, Mistress led sub around Her Chambers before coming to a halt in front of Her chair. Mistress sat down and still tightly holding its lead, ordered it to worship her boot, tugging it upwards as sub moved up from her feet, past her calf to her knee. First one leather clad leg, then the other, back and forward until, hooking one of Her heels through the end of the hook and resting a leg along its back, used Her lithe legs as a lever to continue exerting pressure on the hook. There was no escaping the reality of the situation – sub was firmly hooked on Mistress V!

Moving across to the medical area of Mistress’ Chamber, its C and B were swiftly connected to Her e-stim loops. As the power increased, the metal in the hook still in place started to respond to the current flowing around its cvck. Soon the entire bottom end of its torso was alive with sensation, the setting just short of the excruciatingly painful. Ushering sub closer, Mistress started to manipulate the clamps still attached to its nipples. Throughout the session, the tension had been slowly increasing, until, with a sharp tug, Mistress removed them. That was when it really kicked in as sub gasped before those strong fingers were teasing, tugging, stretching subs by now highly sensitised buds. There’s nothing quite like looking Mistress straight in the eyes as one is used as Her plaything – Mistress has the most expressive face and eyes, reacting to the sensations being created by Her manipulations.

Down on its knees once more, Mistress eased the hook out, but left the e-stim attached. Slipping a blind fold over its eyes, Mistress re-commenced teasing and tormenting its nipples before once again attaching the clamps and tugging on the cords, tightening the grip of those little teeth. Suddenly Mistress clamped a gloved hand across its mouth, pinching its nose and restricting its breathing while continuing to tweak and twist. Gasping for breath, Mistress tugged the nipple clamps off and attached them to its scrotum and continued to tease and torment, with the e-stim pulsating away. Removing the blindfold, Mistress ordered sub down on its knees again to finish off cleaning Her boots for the conclusion of another fantastic session with Mistress V.

Every session is different but with one consistent thread running through – Mistress V’s total professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring that every activity has the right balance of trial, endurance and enjoyment, depending on one’s own personal preferences and capabilities.

Already booked again for next month – a testimonial

  • October 2, 2021

When the slave arrived at the agreed time of 10:30 he was greeted by stunningly beautiful Mistress. She said calmly: ‘You’re late – you were supposed to be here at 10:00. That is going to cost you a stroke of the cane for every minute you are late’.

Slave was allowed no explanation as to why he was late. ( He genuinely believed he was due at 10:30 – but Mistress is always right )

Slave always brings something new for Mistress – this time a leather hood with attached hand mitts.

Then stripped down to his sissy stockings and suspenders a prolonged tongue worship of Mistress’s exotic high heels then each of her dainty, elegantly painted toes was performed.

Slave was then made to kneel whilst Mistress secured the mitts on him.

Made to stand, Mistress took great delight in using the cock cutter on him. Slave was writhing in beautiful pain as Mistress was laughing. Grabbing him by his ear she dragged him to the whipping bench. Once secured it was time for some very serious CP. So to ensure the slave did not annoy the neighbours his mouth was very tightly sealed with duct tape.

Then the pain began. A prolonged hand spanking, then when Mistress decided his ass was a nice shade of pink then began the paddling to turn his ass a fiery red. When it was red enough to Mistress’s satisfaction the caning commenced. By the time Mistress finished the slave was deep into subspace.

Once released he was dragged over to the medical bench to suffer some CBT.

His balls were tied, many needles through his cock and balls, nipples and finally Mistress sewing his cock shut – wonderful!

Now for the final humiliation – slave made to lie on the floor, mouth wide open the the glorious site of Mistress’s beautiful asshole descending onto his mouth. The asshole opened and the shit went directly into his mouth. Mistress assisted the slave by covering his mouth with her gloved hand so he was forced to chew and swallow her shit. Slave was then made to clean everything up with his tongue – the floor, Mistress’s asshole and the bathroom before he was allowed to dress to leave.

But wait – Mistress remembered than during the session she used a bottle every time she wanted a piss. Slave was made to drink it all in one go.

Another fantastic session with a truly cruel and sadistic Mistress

slave shit muncher

PS already booked for next month

Enforced Hard Sports – a testimonial

  • September 21, 2021

I have wondered as a Sub what the reality of a Hard Sports Session would be over the fantasy of the ultimate submission. Plucked up courage & put myself into the very capable hands of Mistress V. A great session ensued with a Hard Sports climax. How did it go? Well I’m not wondering any longer. A word of caution though. If you go for enforced HS to increase the intensity don’t forget that once strapped down the option to wimp out has been lost. Wow! P

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