A Testimonial – The Interrogation

  • November 4, 2019

I asked Mistress V to conduct an interrogation scenario, and to extract a confession from me then punish me after my admission of guilt.

Mistress V told me to strip and get into her stand-up cage. She then tied my hands outside the cage and asked me if I’d ever masturbated while looking at her photos. Actually, I have, but of course I denied it. Mistress then gagged me, explaining that she didn’t want me to be able to confess too quickly. Her laugh told me that I was about to be properly tortured, but that is what I’d requested.

Mistress V then tortured me with needles, clamps attached to my nipples and balls, with a cigarette on my cock, balls and nipples and by slapping my cock hard. Deep heat was applied to my cock and balls prior to the cigarette torture, which made the latter even more painful.

Mistress V seemed to instinctively know when I could take no more torture, and she then removed the gag and asked if I wanted to confess. She said that if I didn’t confess, there would be another 15 minutes of even more severe torture. I confessed!

My hands were then tied behind my back and I was let upstairs by a collar and lead, strapped to the bench and caned as punishment, firstly for masturbating while looking at Mistress V’s photos, and secondly for denying it.

I was then told to lay on the floor, and Mistress V emptied the contents of her bladder into my mouth, instructing me not to spill any.

Mistress V is an exceptionally intelligent, insightful Mistress, dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction. Our unhurried debrief after the session, over a cup of tea, covered the entire session, leaving no stone unturned.

What an amazing experience! In spite of the severity of the cigarette torture, there were no lasting marks. I can’t wait to go back for another session with Mistress V. A longer session next time.


  • October 26, 2019

Arrived for my two hour session feeling even more nervous than usual. During our previous session Mistress suggested introducing me to anal play. This was something that I had indulged in, and enjoyed, on a few occasions on a solo basis, but had never experienced with another person. It had been my birthday ( a fairly significant one) on the day before our session and I had suggested to Mistress that losing my anal virginity so to speak might be a memorable way to celebrate that milestone.

Soon after arriving I found myself strapped to the whipping bench and on the receiving end of a fairly hard hand spanking. This is a form of impact play which I particularly enjoy. Mistress spanks hard enough to really get my attention and put me in a submissive headspace, whilst the skin on skin contact makes it a more sensual/ intimate experience than when implements are used. Mistress then proceeded to use a variety of paddles, straps and tawses with some force, which soon had me drifting off into subspace. This part of the session ended with 30 cane strokes. I remembered the exact number because I was becoming quite alert and nervous as mistress reminded me several times during the caning that she would soon be taking my anal virginity.

Unsurprisingly I was very nervous when Mistress put the cane down and started to spread lube around my anus. Mistress clearly realised that being penetrated in this way was a really big deal for me and proceeded quite slowly and gently with her fingers, before moving on to a small plug, and finally a slightly larger dildo. As a result of Mistress’ skill and patience this was both an intense mental and also highly pleasurable experience.

For the final part of the session it was off to the medical room where I was soon lying on the bench with a blindfold in place. Mistress then proceeded to use an assortment of needles, electrical devices and a long sound to deliver a mixture of pain and pleasure to my cock and balls. This went on for some time, most of which was spent with me deep in subspace only vaguely aware of what Mistress was doing to me ay any specific point in time. Absolute magic!

As the needles etc. were being removed I started dropping out of subspace. Because the whole session had been particularly intense for me, the return from subspace provoked a noticeable physical reaction. Whilst I was recovering from this Mistress was very patient and attentive to my needs, ensuring that I was fully returned to the vanilla world before she let me leave to drive home.

Each visit to Mistress V seems better than the previous one. This session will certainly be remembered as a very special birthday treat.

Having had my first experience of anal play I can’t wait for our next session, at which time Mistress has promised that I will be on the receiving end of her strapon.

Testimonial from T

  • October 23, 2019

i felt obliged to write this after attending my first session with mistress v.i have admired her sessions on twitter but never replied .
i have been to various mistresses in the past but not at this level.
on the phone we chatted a little about my experience and comfort zones although i knew these would be tested,
when i entered her fabulous play space she put me at ease and briefly discussed the session, not giving too much away.
i changed entered the play space and she entered the room looking amazing.
mistress put me in rope bondage. candle nipple clamps. and burned my cock and balls with cigarettes.
then over the bench for a beating but didnt cane me because a had marks.
next came the strap on..
no rest yet medical room and needles. all very consensual as i knew i was in safe hands.
i was left knowing that a hard caning would come next visit
i know after this amazing session i want to push my limits and please mistress v and hopefully be accepted in her
band of loyal slaves.

Testimonial – first visit to a Mistress

  • October 22, 2019

After years of flirting with the idea of visiting a Mistress, yesterday I finally plucked up the courage, seized the opportunity and did it.

I’d been reviewing Mistress V’s website, and after exchanging a few emails Mistress V accepted me in to her control.

I arrived at her dungeon a little early. Trembling with nerves, I knocked on her door and waited. I could hear her heeled feet treading down the stairs, the door opened and she appeared in front of me. Wow. I was invited in and taken upstairs. After a brief chat to discuss my preferences, I was taken in to a room and ordered to strip… Naked.

Mistress V changed in an adjoining room.  I was trembling with excitement and trepidation.  Then I heard Mistress V…. “Get on your hands and knees worm”. I obliged immediately and waited her arrived. Then in she walked in thigh high boots, leather pants and Bra, wow, what a sight.

Mistress fitted me with a lead and collar, then pulled me on all fours into her dungeon. Mistress inspected me and then ordered me to kiss her boots. Mistress could see this exciting me. She ordered me to stand and then she looked me in the face, ordered me to open my mouth, and then she spat. With a wicked smile she ordered me to swallow. Then she produced some rope and bound me so that I was completely in her control. As she pulled the rope firmly around my naked body I could smell her beautiful face and hair, which excited me more. Mistress could see my cock twitch and noticed some pre-cum, she ordered me to ” Take care of it”, so I scooped it up with my finger and put it in my mouth.

To complete my restraint, Mistress then bound my cock and balls into a tight embrace. Mistress turned me to the mirror so that I could see my vulnerable, pathetic self. Then mistress left the room to prepare a drink for me. She then appears with a jug of her finest champagne and a glass. She poured a small amount first, held it to my mouth and ordered me to drink. I gagged as it was my first time, but took it all. Mistress then poured a bigger glass and ordered me to “down it”. Again, she held it to my mouth, tipped the glass, and forced me to take the lot, informing me that any spillage would have to be licked up. I took the lot, swallowed it all down, and successfully completed my first task.

Mistress then led me in to her bathroom where I was ordered to clean her toilet seat and sink with my tongue. Pleased with my work mistress then prepared me for my next task. She removed the ropes, but left my cock restrained. She produced a pair of red silk panties which she ordered me to put on. My look was complete with an apron. Mistress led me back in to the dungeon. She then proceeded to spit at me. She spat on the floor and ordered me to lick it up. She also noticed some pre-cum on the floor and I was ordered to lick that up too. Mistress then produced a mop and some spray and ordered me to clean the whole floor properly.

Once the floor was to Mistresses satisfaction, a mouth gag was applied, and I was ordered to lay on my back. She then lowered her beautiful arse on to my face, delightful!

The final part of my session was something truly to behold. Mistress lay me on her medical bench for some anal play and orgasm denial. She played with my cock whilst teasing my balls with a pin wheel. Sensing my excitement as she strayed towards my arsehole, Mistress donned some gloves and with the aid of some lube, slowly began to tease my hole open, first with her fingers and then a toy. Mistress also teased my cock with her vibrator which was sensational. Sensing that I was about to cum  mistress stopped the stimulation and grabbed my cock tight. “Control it” She ordered. I did, and then the stimulation began again. I was in heaven. Again, Mistress could sense my imminent ejaculation so again she stopped and squeezed my cock hard. I looked up mesmerized in to her eyes. Mistress then, without saying a word, released her grip and my cock erupted.

As a final act of humiliation, I was ordered to lick up my cum… Every last drop.

My first session with a real mistress was complete. And what an experience. Will I be back again? Hell yeah, if Mistress will have me.

A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

I arrived at Mistress V’s a little early and phoned to let her know i was outside. Mistress responded with some of the most exciting words that a sub can hear: “Come straight upstairs the door is unlocked”. You have an inkling of what’s in store, but are not quite sure and your heart starts to race!

True to her word Mistress was waiting for me upstairs, dressed in overknee boots, leather leggings and a leather bustier – she looked out of this world. I couldn’t believe I was in the same room as someone that looked so stunning. I knew, at that moment, that this would be our best session yet and I was not disappointed. Mistress’s skill is beyond compare, not just the ways that she uses her equipment and toy’s but perhaps, more importantly, her voice and her beautiful eyes and the way she reads your thoughts and desires.

The session was incredible and included a number of things that I’d not tried before. Mistress ability to push boundaries and take you to places you didn’t even know existed is just fabulous. Mistress keeps ticking things off my BDSM bucket list (the ending of the session in particular) and is continually adding things to it.

Mistress V is just magnificent and I can’t wait for my next visit!

A Testimonial

  • October 5, 2019

Having admired Mistress online for what seems like an eternity I finally took the plunge and booked a 2 hour appointment and boy am I glad I did !! Why on earth did I wait so long ??

Communication in setting up the session was done by email and the process was done very easily . Mistress always answered my emails with just about enough words to answer my questions and I was wondering what I was letting myself in for .

On the day we exchanged a few text messages and before I knew it I was parked up outside her premises feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension . That all changed to feeling relaxed when Mistress opened the door and invited me in . What struck me first was how much more attractive she was than in her photos ( and she looks magnificent in those !! ) and also her pleasant and friendly manner .

We went upstairs and I was offered a drink before we had a sit down to discuss the type of session I was looking for and any content I wished to be included . I had quite a list and Mistress was listened patiently to me read it out and more than once I could see a twinkle in her eyes as she seemed to be relishing being able to provide what I was asking for .I was then told to get undressed and prepare myself in one of her 3 rooms while she got changed and to await her entrance .

Once she arrived into the chamber her mood changed and I was in no doubt who was in control and the following 2 hours were filled with me being put through various ordeals with Mistress fully in charge but at all times I felt safe under her control . I felt completely secure under her command and even though I was put through some painful ordeals ( all from my request list ) I thoroughly enjoyed being her plaything . I certainly ticked off a few things I had wanted to experience that is for sure .

At the end of the session I was delightfully “rewarded” for being a good slave , and what a pleasure that was !!

After the session Mistress made sure I was relaxed and then I was allowed time to take a nice hot shower before being offered a drink and we finished off with another little chat and I was on my way back into the real world feeling drained but completely happy at how things had gone.

To sum up I would say that this lovely , VERY attractive lady , provides an excellent service where the slave is under no illusions as to who is in control but she knows when to be caring at times and there is plenty humour in the right places in her sessions.

All in all she provides a sensational service !!

Thank you Mistress

A Testimonial

  • September 30, 2019

When I arrived at Mistress’s address this morning, I was filled with a mixture of excitement, some trepidation and disbelief that I had actually taken the step to meet with Mistress. As a complete newbie to the scene, I had been on tenterhooks since first arranging the session. Would it be all that I hoped for, would it be pain or pleasure, would I regret having made the call? Mistress met me at the door with a smile and a friendly greeting. We sat and talked about how I felt, what I was interested in and what I wasn’t interested in. With a gorgeous smile and a twinkle in her eye, she promised that she would take me to the places I wanted to go and beyond, if I were a willing and compliant slave.

We adjourned to one of the three rooms set aside for roleplay. All my initial doubts and uncertainties were rapidly laid to rest. Mistress sensually teased every part of my body, raising me to heights of awareness that I didn’t know existed, with just light touches here and there, punctuated by sharp reminders of my role in the drama unfolding. As my pulse was racing and my head spinning with the sheer pleasure of it all, Mistress decided to stretch my limits by skilful and considerate use of a number of her toys and her undoubted skill, all the time maintaining hypnotic contact with her beautiful eyes, fragrant hair, gorgeous body, but most of all her startling presence and personality.

When the session came to an end, I was physically and mentally trembling (in the best possible way) from the intense and memorable time I spent with Mistress. All my fears and worries had been completely dispelled as I fell under the thrall of my beautiful Mistress. Monday mornings will never be the same again! As I write this I am pondering as to how I can better serve Mistress in the future, and when it will be possible to arrange another session to further explore and learn how to please my Goddess

Hard Sports/Scat Testimonial

  • September 27, 2019

Thank You for today’s session. I came as a hard sports novice with considerable trepidation but also determination to undertake fully my task of eating you shit without waste. You kindly provide a light meal to ease my task and held my jaw so none could escape. After such an unexpectedly pleasant meal I am encouraged to ask for a “full English breakfast”.

The cross dressing and short sissy session that preceded the main event makes me wish to come for more training.

A Testimonial from S

  • September 8, 2019

I was lucky enough to visit Mistress V a few days ago for my 6th session with this incredible Mistress. To say that I was excited was a vast understatement, as our relationship has grown so have the intensity of the sessions. Mistress knows what I like and how to push my boundaries.

After getting undressed Mistress allowed me to help her into the new catsuit that I’d bought for her. Dressing your Mistress for a session is a pleasure that should not be missed, my anticipation of things to come was growing. Once Mistress was dressed, I had the honour of polishing her. She looked incredible before I started and when I’d finished, well I do not have the words to describe her magnificence.

After my last session Mistress had instructed me to get some anal plugs to stretch myself so that she would be able to use more of her toys on me. Mistress appreciated my efforts and was able to start fucking me quicker and harder than she has in the past. Being able to watch Mistress fuck me while strapped to her bench is an incredible feeling, thank heavens for those full-length mirrors.

I do really enjoy electro CBT and after being released from the bench I was instructed to enter the medical room and lie on the bed. Mistress then produced an electro sounding device and my eyes bulged. I couldn’t believe how far Mistress inserted it into me. The combination of electrics and sounding was out of this world!

Mistress attached a spiked cock ring and led me downstairs to her new torture chamber, it looks incredible. I was quickly locked in a cage with the cock ring still attached while Mistress teased my nipples and cock without once dropping eye contact. Her eyes are just bewitching and that continuous stare was just hypnotic.

Finally, Mistress put on her stunning thigh high leather boots and allowed me to worship them. Once I had done so to her satisfaction I was allowed to cum on then and, obviously, lick them thoroughly clean.

Mistress V is simply amazing, each session is just getting better and better! I can’t wait for my next visit again.

A Testimonial from B

  • August 27, 2019

In my humble opinion, as a submissive very humble, Mistress V is extraordinary. I’ve visited Her several times now and each session has built on the last to push my limits and take me into a deeper, more intense sub space than I could have imagined.

I relished every moment as She ordered me over Her whipping bench and fastened the restraints tightly. I was completely at Her mercy. Dressed in Her erotically charged black silk nuns costume, She selected an array of straps, floggers and tawses that I was to be punished with. And as She read my sentence to me I quickly slipped into a state of fear, submission and obedience that had my blood pulsing and my heart pounding. I felt intoxicated by an exquisite cocktail of terror and worship. How beautiful She looked. Her curves encased in black silk. I just wanted to kneel at Her feet, and kiss and worship Her bottom cheeks for the rest of eternity.

But the sentence of suffering had to be administered first, and She made me take so much! I really didn’t believe I could go that far and that deeply. But I did, and I felt I went way beyond my concept of sub space into state of submissive, masochistic, obedient ecstasy.

This feeling is still with me days afterwards.

I just read back my words and they seem woefully inadequate. Can I ever describe such feelings and emotions?

All I know is I long to return to the exquisite Mistress V, kneel obediently at Her feet, and humbly beg for more.

My first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations

  • August 19, 2019

To say my first visit to Mistress V exceeded my expectations would be a gross understatement. On arrival we had a very relaxed discussion of what I hoped to get out of our meeting and I hurriedly stripped off on her instructions eager for our session to begin. This lady knows what she is doing and does it with a wicked sense of humour and skill. She quickly cuffed me and tied up my cock and balls leaving me feeling wonderfully vulnerable. She then added some nipple clamps and weights which she quickly noticed was something that particularly excites me (more about this later) She lit her first cigarette which again she noticed had a throbbing effect on my cock and soon had me offering my mouth for use as her ash tray. Before her second cigarette she strapped an o ring gag on me to hold my mouth open. Now when she flicked ash into my mouth I was unable to swallow until she finished her cigarette and I had a mouth full of ash. This I was ordered to swallow when the gag was removed. I was then ordered to follow her into the toilet where she peed all over the seat for me to clean up but not before she smoked a third cigarette and sprinkled the ash into her pee. She was very demanding that I lick up every drop which I did greedily. At this point I thought the session was coming to an end but she led me into another room and had me lay on my back on a bench. I mentioned earlier how she had noticed the effect of the clamps on my nipples and having removed them she replaced them with some scissor clamps. As she twisted and pulled on them I could see the delight in her eyes and I couldn’t stop myself begging her to hurt me more. At that moment the pain was so exquisite I wanted to take it all to please her. The fire in her eyes got brighter as she then used her nails on my already tender nipples – heaven! Before I left we had a relaxed chat about future sessions which I know will involve a lot more pain for me which is what I want so that I can please her.

Mistress V is a very accomplished practitioner of the art of domination. Did I mention she looks stunningly sexy and is a very sensual smoker. This lady will take control of your mind and body and leave you with a huge smile on your face.

Testimonial from Danni

  • August 19, 2019

I have been looking for a suitable Mistress for a while who would indulge my fantasies of feminization and at some point in the future some form of force bi session. and after a lot of searching I came across Mistress V.

I booked a two hour session and was incredibly nervous when I arrived but Mistress put me at my ease and soon had me dressed in my schoolgirl outfit, suitably made up as a slut and prepared to be trained. I was taken further into the Mistress / sissy world than I had previously by being restrained made to suck Mistresses strap on and also introduced to anal play through fingers and butt plugs etc. Mistress also made me be a better sissy by making me walk like a girl before making me taste my pre cum and then using her electrical toys on me.
Mistress gave me everything I could have hoped for and has promised a full on force bi session in future which I will definitely be taking her up on.


  • July 16, 2019

Imagine yourself in Mistress V’s playroom with your wrists ‘cuffed behind your back and tight rope around your body (including your cock and balls). Mistress is prowling around you wearing a stunning black leather dress that had you almost salivating when you followed her up the stairs earlier. You can’t see her now though, nor can you see what she is doing, because the tight hood she has just pulled over your head is a very effective blindfold.

That was my privilege this morning. What came next was sensation play at its very best. Pleasure, followed by pain, then a mixture of the two. The pleasure was exquisite and intense, the pain, while not severe, certainly got my attention! A vibrator, floggers and Mistress’s cruel fingers were definitely involved, what else I still don’t know. The timing of each torment was perfectly judged, I was on edge the whole time.

Eventually, by now tied down on my back on a punishment bench, I was allowed to see but it meant pleasure and pain again. The pleasure was watching Mistress smoking a cigarette (which always excites me), the pain was cigarette torture on my balls.

All too soon it was time to return to the vanilla world, but Mistress had one final treat in store, a moment’s face sitting. A perfect end to a memorable session.

A Longer Meeting with Mistress V

  • July 5, 2019

At last, after a long delay, a second longer visit to Mistress V. I`d had a short visit some time ago when Mistress was in Her old premises. True, the old premises were a bit confined, but then again, I was there to serve a Mistress! Nevertheless, the new premises are a significant step-up. Easy to find, with off-road parking, and if you arrive early then skip up the road and park in the Wickes car park; you could even pop in to buy something, rope, sink plunger, let your imagination wander -:). Anyway, in the side door, up the “Stairway to Heaven” and into Mistress` domain. Mistress has done a great job; one room is a Sissy Room, one room a Medical Room, and one room a general bondage/CP-type room, plus kitchen and bathroom, so a fair bit of space really. I enjoyed two of the rooms, and actually used all three! Lots of “articles” about, shoes, photo`s and similar; it is Mistress` Domain! An added bonus is the large garden, essentially not overlooked; I spent a short time in the garden sucking Mistress` feet (better than gardening).
So, what did we get up to? Well, you`re going to have to use your imagination, but that`s not really important, is it ! I`ve been visiting Mistresses for a good 15 years or so, and I don`t need to state the obvious, it`s the Mistress who counts! Mistress V is a stable individual, good sense of humour, chatty with a smile, listens to you, watches you, responds to you and responds with you. She is comfortable to be with, easy to respect and importantly genuinely able to trust. If you are looking for a Mistress, a new Mistress, or you are just beginning, then Mistress V could be your ideal choice, a Mistress to bond with, to trust and to be led by. She will listen to you, She`ll push you, and you`ll be drawn into Her wonderful world. To discover your submission you need to take a journey; who will you take that journey with?
After my meeting today I shall certainly sleep well, and I`ve just had a look at my/Her marks, very nice, always good to have a momentum, thank You Mistress !

Testimonial from Peter

  • June 24, 2019

Arrived for two hour session to find Mistress V looking fabulous as usual.

After a quick chat I soon found myself attached to the spanking bench. Mistress proceeded to give me quite a hard hand spanking on my buttocks and upper thighs, which in itself was very enjoyable. As she was doing this she explained that she was giving me a particularly thorough warm up in order that she would be able to deliver some hard punishment without leaving any lasting marks. Being told this gave me both feelings of anticipation and slight apprehension. If the warm up was anything to go by , the more serious punishment would certainly be severe. Indeed it was, but of course I enjoyed every minute of it. To finish this part of the session Mistress gave me 30-40 hard cane strokes. On this occasion every stroke was sufficiently hard to challenge my limits, and at several points I only seemed able to continue with encouragement from Mistress.

After some quite intense nipple torture – a favourite session activity of mine – we moved into the medical room. Here a rubber mask was placed over my head. This restricted my breathing somewhat and severely reduced my field of vision. Next it was onto the bench where I was restrained with a belt and, whilst I could not really see what was going on, the sound of needles being taken from packets was unmistakable. Time to take a deep breath whilst anxiously wondering where the needles were going!

Mistress then proceeded to place the needles just under my skin in a row down the side of my abdomen. The first few felt quite intense as they were inserted but by the time the last few were being put in place the process had become quite enjoyable.

Next Mistress announced her intention to repeat the process, but on the other side with longer thicker gauge needles. I was concerned that this might prove to be too intense for me, and indeed the first few were very challenging. However as further needles were added I found myself falling more and more deeply into subspace. At my request Mistress removed the mask from my head before continuing to add more needles. By this stage all I could do was giggle and sigh loudly with pleasure. When Mistress finally stopped adding needles all I could say was ‘It feels like I am floating in a sea of endorphins’.

Overall this was an amazing experience.

Not long ago I though needle play looked quite scary. However I was keen to try it, and Mistress V gave me a gentle introduction. It still looks scary to me, but it is also become absolutely irresistible. It helps tremendously that Mistress v is such an enthusiastic and experienced practitioner of this type of play.

If the idea of taking the ‘express train’ to subspace appeals to you, I suggest you visit Mistress V for some needle play. When you do, please remind her to restock with needles for my next visit!

A Testimonial

  • June 23, 2019

It was a long-awaited visit that I was very much looking forward to.

I ascended the stair to Mistress’ lair. In a previous communication I mentioned nettles, silly me ha ha. After a brief chat I was taken into the main playroom and strapped to Mistress’s whipping bench. The deal was that after being punished with a leather strap, then a thinner one it was followed by a number of cane strokes I would be allowed to worship Mistress’s body. However after tenderising my behind the nettles were brought out to play. It was quite obvious that Mistress was enjoying herself. My bottom , cock and balls were on fire.

Next I was taken into another room whereupon Mistress laid on her table and allowed me to give her the worship that she deserved. Such fun, I was in heaven…..

Mistress then laid her pink body bag out and told me to wriggle into it. It was zipped up and then ropes were used to tightly restrain me. A gas mask was put on me with a bottle of Mistresses champagne connected to one side and another tube to provide me with some aroma. A terrific experience I can tell you. I was drifting off into subspace, mm yes. ☺️

After Mistress had had her fun with me she tied my cock and balls tightly and said that I must go home like that. Much later I asked permission to remove the binding. As I did so I could still feel the nettle stings.

Another wonderful session with Mistress V. I am already planning my next visit. 😍😍😘

A Testimonial from a grateful slave

  • June 13, 2019

I found Mistress V to be a breath of fresh air in the world of professional domination, even to the extent of enjoying things with her that I could never enjoy with anyone else. Take strap on for example. Before I met Mistress V, I never enjoyed anal play or strap on. It was a pain in the backside, and to me, not a nice pain. When Mistress V did strap on with me, we faced a large mirror so we could see each other. Being able to see Mistress’s beautiful face and look into each others’ eyes transformed this particular strap on play into one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It was an incredible experience. So much so that I can’t wait for another strap on session with Mistress V.

I love humiliation and degradation, and bearing this in mind, Mistress V told me to fetch a sandwich from her fridge. I noticed it was a very high quality sandwich, as befits a superior Goddess. Mistress V chewed the sandwich then spat the chewed food onto a plate and made me eat it. She spat some onto the floor and made me eat that too. Eating food containing Mistress V’s saliva was a great honour for me and I would love to do that again.

Mistress then peed into a dog bowl and made me drink it (another great honour for me) then told me to lay on the floor while she peed into my mouth through her panties.

We then moved from the dungeon into the medical room where I was strapped down and Mistress stuffed her pee soaked panties into my mouth. My nipples were tortured with needles then Mistress attached her e-stim electrics to my cock and balls and sat her beautiful bottom onto my face to stop me breathing. This was an awesome experience. Mistress had total control of my breathing, yet I felt safe and relaxed while the electrics did their work.

As I said earlier, Mistress V is a breath of fresh air. She is everything you ever wanted in a Mistress and more. I’ve booked my next session already.

A Testimonial

  • June 12, 2019

Arriving at Mistress V’s chambers I was very apprehensive as it was to be my first scat eating session.

On arrival I was greeted at by Mistress at her glorious best. She was dressed in skimpy panties, stockings and a bra. The first thing she did was to order me to get undressed from my sissy clothes and to get into the toilet box as she was desperate for a shit.

Within seconds huge logs appeared which I was forced to eat – washed down with some of her golden nectar. Surprisingly I managed to keep it down. (I know I will back for more! ) It tasted sublime.

Mistress V took me into the medical room and fastened me into the body bag which was fastened with straps to the bench.

I was forced to wear a doubled tubed gas mask in order that I would be forced to breathe though the bubbler bottle which was filled with Mistress’s piss. At the same time Mistress soaked a cotton bud in poppers so I no choice to float into never never land.

When strapped down to the medical bench Mistress commenced to administer severe needle torture to my cock and balls. I have forgotten how many needles were put in my cock and balls – but it was over sixty. Needles were also put through my nipples – by god they hurt!

At the end of the session I was dressed waiting to go when Mistress reminded me that I had not drunk the contents of the bubbler bottle – cold piss.

Will I go back?

Already booked.

Slave Shiteater

A Testimonial from LM

  • June 12, 2019

Recently had 2nd very fulfilling (!) session with my lady, MLV, (work it out). When she opened the door her eyes popped: didn’t recognise the tart in a short black velvet dress, short cropped black hair with a wild red streak, black stockings and little ankle boots 2″ heel. Then recognition, smiles, kisses, tea and talk. I was fully made up so after tea straight to the dungeon, which I LOVE, so mysterious and so many devices to titillate imagination. MLV told me to remove my black lace knickers, she tied up my clitty cock in a chrome chain, told me to hitch up my dress, gave a welcome hard hand spank to warm me and took up a whip. I needed the popper mask so on it went and I went into a hazy heaven made for sensual sluts about to be beaten and fucked.

MLV did both. First the beating: whip, paddle, flogger and canes. I don’t recall how many strokes but my bum was well striped and red. One stripe is still in place 10 days later and 4 from my 1st (late March) session are still prominent. So I carry 5 stripes in pride.

Then straight to the arsehole. Goodie. I chose a small glass butt plug to open and relax the gate to heaven. My arse quickly needed something fatter and longer , which MLV put straight in to the end. then a fat black 8″ circumference butt plug which really opened the arsehole and enabled me to start puckering for a rosebud, although it didn’t quite make one. Then a 10″ long 7″ circ dildo which went in easily so that its balls pressured my rim. In and out: right out to help pull the innèr tube to develop a rosebud. The arse was staying nicely open and gave easy access to MLVs right fist and wrist. I love deep arse play so SO MUCH.

Pity we had to stop but MLV was ready to serve breakfast, so strip naked, onto the ready spread towel, MLV crouched over my head, puckering her arse and cunt holes, a few splashes of piss and then maybe 3- 4 firm/soft turds slid gently from her arse into my mouth and part over my face. I chewed away and tasted her chicken dinner of the night before. In training myself as a scatty sissy I have learned to taste the difference between chicken, beef, lamb and between carrots, potato and, so on. I ate the lot and realised that I could have eaten much more. What a scat sissy slut. I washed it down with a long hot stream of mild peeped. A couple of poo plops had landed on the towel. I ate them as MLV told me.

No cum. My cock really is a big clitty now and as such it is perfect for wayward husbands to practice on and if it turns them hard they can then shoot their loads into my hungry arse or mouth.

MLV told me that I am her greediest scat slut, an arsehole cumm bucket and had to receive several more stripes, I was still very high on poppers so was pleased to be beaten again. I love the mix of anticipation, the blow, the sear of pain, the ebb of the pain as poppers mop it up and make me crave for the next stroke or, as I now know, the next turd form a pouting arse rim. I know, too, that I could take several fucks in 1 session., MLV said she reckons I could take 10 , one after the other, no rubber please as I like the spunk.

MLV and I are to work towards a fist to elbow, pèrhaps beyond.

I wonder whether MLV would like to have me available to her slaves for them to use in everyway. I would like that.

A Testimonial from My Swedish sub – role playing Superman

  • May 28, 2019

Me getting captured by Mistress V

I was finally in Huddersfield to meet Mistress V and I felt so welcome from my first step into her lair. She’s so warm and personal that every bit of me being nervous went away. We had an agreement that I would dress like Superman and capture her. When I had captured her and was planning to go away with her to prison she took out her Kryptonite neckless and put on her Super Mistress boots in her chamber and surprised me. My powers got blocked and instead of me capturing her she captured me. Mistress V puts boots they blocking my superpowers on me and I’m completely in her hands.

She made me lick her Super Mistress boots and worship her beauty. After this she pus me in a body bag and she put needles in my nipples and cock. It was amazing and after this she put electrics on my clock and I felt so good and started to shiver with pleasure. When this was over she tied me up and whipped me so it felt like massage for my back and butt. She made me worship her marvellous breasts and body and more boot licking and more whipping in her whipping bench. Mistress V felt my boundaries and stretched them just to my limits she puts her dildo in me and I’m fucked by her.

She takes me to the electric bench again and my cock and balls are tied up. Giving me electrics and order me to massage my nipples I start to orgasm like a woman. I can’t come because my balls are tied up and the balls divided so I can just let go in the orgasms. It feels like I’m orgasming so time and room floats together. It’s so marvellous and good. After a lot of orgasms for me she unties my cook and balls and order me to use my hand to come while she treats my nipples. After a while I’m coming in a very very big ejaculation orgasm. I feel so good and relaxed when the body endorphins goes out in me.

I recommend everyone that wants a sensation in their life’s to visit the astonishing Mistress V.


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