A Testimonial – a post lockdown session with Mistress V

  • April 13, 2021

Huddersfield Mistress


I celebrated the end of the Covid lockdown with a session with Mistress V.

Mistress has been vaccinated against Covid and also regularly self tests with lateral flow tests, as I do. Her premises are kept spotlessly clean. She therefore provides the safest possible environment and I felt totally safe and secure with Mistress V.

I requested pain and humiliation for the session and Mistress V was very happy to oblige!

The session started with me being strapped to Mistress V’s inverter. I was then turned partially upside down while Mistress V spat her chewed banana into my mouth, instructing me to swallow it, which I gladly did.

We then moved onto watersports, with Mistress V wearing rubber panties with a hose at the bottom, connected to a rubber mask that I was wearing. The pee went down the tube into my mouth. Absolute heaven! What a fantastic experience that as.

Next, I was made to lick Mistress V’s chewed banana off the floor and also lick it off the sole of her shoe. Mistress V is totally irresistible.

I was then attached to the cross and whipped with a single tail whip. I’d requested some severity with the whipping and wow, I certainly received that! It made me bleed in places and that made me very happy indeed.

Last but certainly not least I was attached to the sling and Mistress V took me with her strapon while bringing me to the most powerful climax.

Mistress V is stunningly beautiful, highly intelligent and familiarises herself with your needs to the nth degree, thereby ensuring your complete and enduring satisfaction.

I highly recommend that you experience the maelstrom that is the most amazing Mistress V. I’ve booked my next session already!

A Testimonial from My pin cushion

  • April 3, 2021

Sat in bus station waiting to see Mistress get a text reminding me to bring Mistress V a coffee and left door unlocked . Got to mistress look up the stairs sore a 80’s rock chick all dressed in leather leather jacket and skirt and killer high heels .once i give mistress the coffee. instructed to undress and put the hood on then bend over the beach. We’re she straps me down and had fun warming me up with flogging then inserted to needle into my balls for fun then carried on with flogging then cane came out to warm my checks up. After giving good starting with nice good fucking with strap on then after replaced order on my back with a fuel in my mouth to get reward bring a coffee my special bend of hot dink straight from mistress.

then came needle time onto bench gather tape to bench stop me from wiggle and big strip over my mouth stop me giggle needles in nipples and electro pain with sound end of session more fresh juice and more shocks then kissing mistress furm bum and an extra treat.

Pincushion all 4 mistress v

A Double Orgasm – the sub’s perspective!

  • April 2, 2021

A Double Orgasm – the sub’s perspective!

It had been some time since i last had the opportunity to visit Mistress V and this was to be the continuation of my journey into Her world of Female Dominance and service. My precise recollection of the events of the following hours is somewhat hazy as Mistress set out to stretch my limits in a number of different ways and I was soon drifting through subspace under her control and care.

Mistress took no time in re-establishing our relationship, with me naked on my knees, worshipping Her blue-grey knee-length leather boots, before being given the honour of easing them off Her shapely legs and being instructed to worship Her petite size 5 feet. Taking my time, i paid particular care to each and every delightful digit as i recalled how much Mistress appreciated such attention to detail. i obviously performed adequately as Mistress went to Her cage and retrieved my collar and chain, for so long hanging in Her care. As Mistress fastened it around my neck, a feeling of warmth and completeness suffused my entire body – i was in my rightful place once again, ready, willing and able to serve my Mistress as She desired and directed.

Standing in front of Mistress, a spiked cock ring was swiftly padlocked around my pathetic member and with a little encouragement from Mistress, the spikes soon started to make their presence felt. Mistress knows that i appreciate the feeling of being helpless in Her presence, a feeling i first came to appreciate on my second ever visit. The soft red cord was swiftly bound around me in the intricate Dragonfly binding which Mistress excels at, leaving me encased in an intricate corset binding my hands to my sides and tightening around what had been my dangly bits – by now not so dangly and certainly constricted! Mistress ordered me to shuffle forward as She retrieved a medieval looking pillory from against the wall – you can guess what was soon clamped tightly between the jaws of the device! Now completely immobilised (any attempt to move would have resulted in an unwelcome visit to A&E), Mistress lightly teased my nipples before firmly adorning them with nipple clamps. Tugging on the attached cord, Mistress was soon stretching and teasing those little points of pleasure and pain. Replacing these with clamps with buckets attached, Mistress continued to tease and torment before deciding that there was insufficient weight in them. Adding ball weights into each bucket, my nips were soon heading for the floor, being stretched well beyond their normal extent. Mistress finally relented and tugged the clamps free – now that did nip! Thanking Mistress, I was allowed once again to worship Her tantalising tootsies – more awkwardly this time with my hands still firmly bound to my sides making balancing a bit more difficult – Mistress likes to make things interesting!

Unstrapping me, i was shown how to position myself on Mistress’ inversion table – yet another new addition to Mistress’ impressive range of equipment since my last visit. Somewhat apprehensively, i positioned myself as instructed and was soon reclined at an angle of about 30 degrees head down, but feeling securely strapped in. Mistress offered me Her special champagne, which i was only too happy to accept, having worked up a thirst during our previous activity. Whilst still inverted, i was invited to suck Mistress’ cvck – again a new experience for me. It wasn’t the infamous BBC portrayed in Mistress’ photo galleries, but it was certainly big enough for me. Obviously need to loosen my jaws up in time for our next session!

With no time to recover, i was ordered to get my a*** over the bench, at which point i was firmly strapped down. My concern grew when Mistress shackled my wrists as well – this was new! When first i sessioned with Mistress, physical chastisement was not on my agenda; however, by my second visit Mistress had first introduced me to the experience of spanking. From then on, contact play has been a part of our sessions, but in a controlled and measured sense, with Mistress always respecting my request not to be left with any long-term marks. Today, Mistress had obviously decided to stretch my limits – i had foolishly indicated that i deserved some punishment. Mistress started off with a gentle spanking, gradually increasing the tempo and pressure as my cheeks started to turn pink and i was eased into subspace. There then followed an increasingly intense session, where Mistress worked through a light paddle, the heavy-duty broad leather tawse so elegantly modelled in some of the images, the new red and black striped single tail whip and finishing with the Cat-o-Nine tails. Mistress had not lost Her touch – although many of the blows were fierce and caused me to writhe on Her bench, by the time i left chambers my buttocks showed no obvious signs of the thrashing i’d taken. So for anyone who has contemplated approaching a Professional Dominatrix for chastisement, but is concerned about being marked, i would have no fear about a session with Mistress V (provided you make your limitations clear in Mistress’ pre-session chat). On the other hand, if stripes are your thing …

The treats kept on coming. Still strapped to the bench, Mistress elegantly presented Her delightful, tastefully clothed derriere in front of my face and commanded me to worship. Well, who would refuse such an offer? Moving behind me, Mistress started preparing me for yet another treat today – Her fvcking machine! We’d talked about this some time ago but hadn’t managed to get around to it (so to speak). So many new toys, implements and sensations today! Positioning myself in front of the machine, i was initially propelled almost halfway across the chamber as the power surged on. Fortunately, that was just a calibration issue, swiftly sorted out; soon the machine was rhythmically doing its thing and the initial discomfort rapidly disappeared as i became used to the sensations. Slowly increasing the power, the machine’s rhythm increased as the gentle stroking became a more insistent pounding. By now i was leaning backwards into each stroke until, as capricious as ever, Mistress switched it off and ordered me across to the medical area.

Moving across to the medical table, i was soon lying flat as Mistress produced Her e-stim kit and wired me up. The gentle vibration rose in intensity gradually as Mistress increased the power, By the time i was jerking around like a marionette on strings, we decided that was perhaps a bit too much, and Mistress decreased the power slightly to a mere torment level. Mistress is mischievous – judicious application of a pin wheel increased the prickling sensation in my groin, and then the ‘piece de resistance’ – Mistress produced a sound which She expertly introduced to the play. By now i was so deep in subspace that the crew of the USS Enterprise would have taken 50 years to find me, never mind their 5 year mission! Aware only of the incredible sensations being created by Mistress, i was floating in a void of semi-consciousness, before my entire nervous system gave up the ghost and i convulsed in a series of spasms that seemed to last for ever, being prolonged by Mistress’ expert ministrations. Not just a happy ending – an ecstatic burst of never-ending exuberant release and a first for me.

As ever, throughout every session i’ve had the pleasure to share with Mistress, my introduction to new or enhanced experiences was carefully and safely choreographed by Mistress, with consideration for my capabilities, experience and wishes; firm and stern where the play demands it, but always seeking to make it a pleasurable and mutually enjoyable time. No doubt, however, that if your desire is a strict, demanding mistress, Mistress V is equally capable of delivering that experience. In summary, Mistress V delivers on the content of what Her social media and web-sites promise.

My journey with Mistress V continues …

A pleasure packed session

  • March 28, 2021

When you session with Mistress V, she wastes no time at all during the session. Mistress is brilliant at moving through different aspects of the session without losing time in between, ensuring that the whole session is packed with pleasure from start to finish.

I was the guinea pig for Mistress V’s new toy: an open mouth gag. With my mouth held open, Mistress spat into my mouth many times, which I absolutely loved. During this time, I was kept tied to the St Andrews Cross and subjected to CBT with clamps and floggers as well as nipple torture with clamps and Mistress V’s teeth! Yes, Mistress V bites hard!

The gag was then removed and I was made to lay on the floor. Mistress V peed into my mouth through a funnel so none was wasted.

I was then made to kneel on all fours and Mistress V’s fucking machine was used on me, pounding away at my arse while Mistress scratched my back with her sharp heels. Bliss!

Wasting no time, I was then put into the sling and Mistress fucked me with her strapon. Being able to see her face while she fucked me, occasionally spitting into my mouth, was a magnificent experience.

I was then locked into Mistress V’s stand-up cage and my nipples, cock and balls were tortured with clamps and lighted cigarettes.

After the cage, I was firmly strapped onto the CP bench and expertly taken into subspace with impact play starting with gentle floggers, then straps, crops and finally the cane.

Last but not least I was treated to a hands free happy ending using the e-stim. If you haven’t been brought to a climax with electrics, you are missing a fantastic experience.

If you want to experience the perfect, pleasure packed session, you must pay a visit to the whirlwind that is Mistress V. Incredible!

The Collaring Ceremony

  • March 1, 2021

Where to start? Such an exciting time with Mistress V from start to finish.

Mistress V did everything I asked for, and did them with the most magnificent skill I’ve ever encountered.

I’d asked for humiliation and degradation as well as some pain and I received them in abundance. I was made to drink lots of pee, straight from the source, and Mistress V spat into my mouth often, instructing me to swallow it.

I licked Mistress V’s sweaty armpits and nibbled away at the hard skin on her feet, the latter of which I’ve never done before. Mistress V is so refreshingly original.

Mistress V then sat on my mouth and farted into my mouth, sitting still and forcing me to breathe it all out through my nose, thereby getting the full smell and taste of it. This is exactly the kind of humiliation and degradation I’d requested.

I was then secured to an inversion table and inverted, with Mistress V torturing my cock and balls while I worshipped her. Again, so refreshingly, excitingly original.

Next was the strapon. I was instructed to sit in the sling and Mistress V took me with her strapon. Being taken like that while being able to look directly at Mistress V’s inimitably beautiful face was an experience I will treasure forever.

I’d asked Mistress V to help me to lose weight by setting me targets and punishing me for failing to meet the targets. A weigh-in showed that I’d failed to meet the target so I was strapped to the bench and whipped with the single tail. Beware: if you request a proper punishment from Mistress V, you will get one! It hurt, but it taught me a lesson. I’ll be hitting the target next time!

At last came the crowning glory of the day: the collaring ceremony. Mistress V had been considering allowing me to become one of her collared slaves for some time, and today was the day my dream came true. The fact that Mistress V took the trouble to buy me a collar, lead and dog tag, plus devise a unique collaring ceremony is something for which I am eternally grateful. Being Mistress V’s collared slave comes with responsibilities. It isn’t just a title. And it is more than an honour. It is also a commitment to help improve Mistress V’s life in some way. My intention is to do that, and I am proud to be Mistress V’s collared slave.

I was then tied to the medical bed and a double pinwheel was used on my cock, balls and nipples. The happy ending was explosive!

If you want to enjoy a session that is honed to perfection, look no further than Mistress V. As she says, once bitten, forever smitten.

Another Wonderful Session

  • February 15, 2021

Mistress V has the most striking beauty I’ve ever seen. She has perfect beauty, from head to toe. Nobody else comes close.

The session started with impact play. I was securely strapped to the bench. What made it so special and enjoyable was seeing Mistress V in the mirror while she was flogging me. She started with a light flogger, teasing me with her sensuality, easing me into subspace before moving on to a perfectly administered riding crop then various canes then finally the single tail whip. I normally find that caning is too severe for me, but with Mistress V I can take anything and really enjoy it. I’ve yet to meet a Mistress who is as good as Mistress V is. The combination of pain/pleasure/sensuality is second to none.

After the impact play, Mistress V used her fucking machine on me, gradually increasing the speed while I worshiped her beautiful feet. What a fantastic experience that was. Because Mistress V lubed me up well with her gloved hand before using the machine, I felt no pain; just overwhelming pleasure.

I love water sports and Mistress V took full advantage of that, peeing into my mouth 3 times during the session, deliberately drinking plenty of water to give me as much pee as possible. You don’t encounter that kind of dedication to give you the best possible session very often but Mistress V does it every time.

Mistress V is by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And the best Mistress.

Thank you for another wonderful session Mistress V. Looking forward to the next one already

The most attentive Mistress I’ve ever met

  • February 5, 2021

When I emailed Mistress V about a session I mentioned that I love humiliation and in particular sweaty (smelly) foot worship. I also mentioned CBT, light CP, water sports and that I would like to be initiated into anal play.

We sat and chatted before the session began. Mistress V remembered everything I’d mentioned and our chat allowed us to expand on things and clarify them so we could have a perfect session. Very professional and dedicated to giving me the perfect session, which it was.

We started with foot worship. Mistress V had kindly worn her running trainers with no socks all morning, giving her feet a really lovely strong natural scent. Mistress ordered me to nibble at the hard skin on her feet. Never in my life has a Mistress told me to do that so it was both unique and physically and emotionally delicious. Mistress V was incredibly thoughtful and attentive to my desires.

I was then attached to her inversion table and partially inverted. Clamps were used on my cock and balls. What an amazing sensation, being almost upside down being subjected to CBT while looking up Mistress V’s skirt. Heaven!

I was then secured to the bench and given a light spanking followed by a light whipping while looking at the beautiful Mistress V in the mirror. The intensity of the strokes was absolutely perfect and I was left with a glowing bottom.

I was then told to lay on the medical bench and Mistress V came right up and peed straight into my mouth – ecstasy!

Mistress knew I wasn’t ready for her strapon so she delighted me by using a variety of dildos and a butt plug on me. She instructed me to buy some butt plugs to train myself in readiness for her strapon. Needless to say I ordered them as soon as I got home!

A fabulous session from start to finish by the most attentive, observant and conscientious mistress I’ve ever met.

A Testimonial – My cocklette sissy

  • February 2, 2021

Well hello all you kinksters, fetishists, who get off with pain, cane, drilled arses, sucked, fucked holes, needles, sewn cunts and cocks, piss and shit, especially when every atom is swallowed.

This is my report on my recent visit to the only mistress goddess worth seeing in the NW of England. I don’t go to London now so speak only for those UP NORTH.

I was 1 hour late!!! But My Lady was there for me, dressed in black lace and looking the most beautiful I have ever seen her. I could take her anywhere and be proud whether as her man or slave for the night.


She took each nipple, pulled, twisted, bit it, and again but harder. AAAAAH the pain. Wonderful. My cocklette surprisingly swelled almost up. She noticed, held and wanked it softly. I dreamed that she would get it rocklike and force me to fuck her, but NO.

Push this butt plug into your arsecunt and get over there. The plug was lightly lubed and was in within 15 seconds. I love to have a tightly stuffed cunt. For me it is a dual purpose hole now, strictly a shit-cunt, and I like it filled with something either coming in or going out.

I was walked around with the plug secure. Then BEND OVER TAKE IT OUT AND FIST OR FINGER FUCK YOURSELF. I did and for the next 30minutes (really 5)m got 3, 4 fingers well in, pulling the rim to get a bigger gape, thumb in briefly, but arm too short for a solo fisting.

Mistress V’s shit is what I go most for. She has brought me from a newbie ‘scatling’ to an eager chewer, melt it down and swallow slut, pig,… whatever foul name you could put on me.

I was then tied to the caning bench; I should say now that I am hooked on deep popper sniffs and was moved from bottle to poppers gas mask. I was spanked, gently which surprised me, then given strap on deep throat and arse cunt thorough deep pounding.

Next I was led to my Lady’s swinging chair. I was thrilled and expectant but I am short and have less agility after hip and leg surgery. I could not get into it. By now I was in deep space with poppers, repeatedly telling my Lady that I am a slut, need to be fucked, drink piss, eat spunk and shit, be beaten . She put me on her medical bed and expertly filled my cock with a No. 12, sound, and was wanking me so beautifully. Needles then scat supper were to follow but we had been at it for 2 hours, so had to smile, pack up, kiss and wish for a filthier session next time. FOR ME THAT WILL BE SOON BECAUSE I LOVE HER AND LOVE BEING RULED BY HER .

Anyone, G or B, M or F wanting to get into this flame red paradise MUST check her site and get there. She is brilliant, beautiful, knows exactly where you are at and where going FROM THE FIRST SESSION.



Hard sports at last!

  • February 1, 2021

Being into humiliation and degradation, I’ve always wanted to be subjected to enforced hard sports. Before this session, I’d never actually done hard sports. I was nervous about my ability to go through with it and also the health implications. Since getting to know Mistress V (having had several sessions with her) I noticed how clean and health conscious she is, so I plucked up the courage to ask her to do enforced hard sports and not to allow me to back out. Mistress V loves hard sports, especially enforced, so she readily agreed.

A lot of Mistresses charge extra for hard sports but Mistress V doesn’t, which is good of her.

On arrival, Mistress V sensed I was nervous and she ordered me to immediately strip off before tying me very securely to her body board. No going back now! Mistress V then laid out some tools to torture me with should I refuse to swallow her divine waste, including cigarettes, nipple clamps, electrics and more. Mistress made it clear she would use them if necessary. In the event though, she was really understanding, using her beauty and erotic stimulation to keep me very turned on while she fed me. What followed was the most wonderfully humiliating, intimately erotic experience ever. Mistress V’s expertise made it easier and infinitely more pleasurable than I thought it would be.

If you want to try hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress to do it for. Don’t be nervous. Look forward to it. She will pitch it at exactly the level you need. Amazing really.

As good as I thought it would be

  • December 23, 2020

It was as good as I thought it would be. For the first time with any mistress it was great and v made it as special as she could.

After dressing up in my slutty school girl outfit at home I arrived at her door and walked up stairs to find all sorts of goodies. I stripped off my coat and put some lipstick on. And then she got to work. She was very strict with me which is what I wanted and I thought I performed very well for her and she was pleased with me and we are sorting out a 2nd meeting already

Brilliant Mistress V – a testimonial

  • December 10, 2020

Well, I have been seeing the stunning mistress V for my monthly visited .hood on me and then strap drown on the bench than to warm my pink cheeks up with hand then strap and then broke out cat’o’nails 4 good floggings then canning then nice shag with strap on.b4 I was wrapped up like mummy shake to medical bench 4 tens machine and needs with mistress leaving nice tattoo on my leg b4 she made cum as sat on my face b4 making taste my cum. Brilliant mistress V

Orgasm after orgasm – a testimonial

  • December 10, 2020

After lockdown a session was much needed. As always no pre session chat just that I needed stress relief.

As always mistress knows exactly what I need.. Wrapped in cling film and inside the body bag hooded so I feel nice and enclosed. Just how I like it, vibe to my clit and cig burns on my pussy and I’m lowered into subspace worrying about nothing but having orgasm after orgasm.

Moving onto the whipping bench mistress puts electro pads onto my bum and sets them going.. whilst she busy sorting things out… for herself.. and electro anal probe! In it goes and twisted round in intense pleasure and pain.. until she decides I’ve had enough and wants to fuck me herself.

What followed was the hardest and best fucking of my life. Followed by whipping gently before moving onto being harder and harder.

Can’t wait to be back in the new year for more

TPE – a Testimonial

  • November 27, 2020

I have been following Mistress V on Twitter for some time. I have read many articles and blogs expressing her views on Female Domination, and supremacy over males.
I felt they were very much inline with my needs to submit to the control of a Dominant women. I has 100% correct as I found in my recent visit to Mistress to serve in a TPE senario.
I locked her front door behind me and accented the stairs to her chambers.she stood statuesque at the top of the stairs ordering me to keep my eyes down and not to they my head raise above her ankle as I greet her feet as I reach the top of the stairs.I was led on my hands and knees head bowed to the bathroom and ordered to strip off in front of her.
Mistress ordered to her feet to worship her knee length leather boots. Mistress was quite clear I was to worship ever inch of the leather, and made sure this task was completed thoroughly and enthusiastically. Mistress then lead me to the bench where I was ordered to worship her pvc pants. Mistress again made sure I lick in long rhythmic strokes feeling her legs bottom and pussy through the very thin pvc. When Mistress was satisfied she put on her cock and ordered my to worship and show her how much I loved cock. Training me to take the maximum length of cock into my mouth. I was trained to kiss the cock and lick the whole shaft from the tip right down to the balls.when she was satisfied in my cock sucking skills she strapped me down to her bench.Mistress pushed her cock deep inside me and started pegging me, enforcing her dominance over me with long hard strokes right up to the hilt.she gave me a good hard pegging, she ordered me to gyrate my hips in tune with hers as she went faster and harder. Just when I was reaching climax she stopped.
I was led over to her bench where my cock was tortured with pin wheel, sounds and electrics. The more the pain increase the more submissive I felt and the more I felt close to Mistress. As the pain grew further I reached out to hold her hand and she allowed me to hold and worship her boots.
Mistress then straddled my head ordering me to worship her pussy through her pvc.
The excitement was too much for my and had the best orgasm I can remember.
Mistress the pulled her pvc pants down revealing her bottom. I could see her bottom above me and could see glimpses of her pussy although to far away to reach. I worshipped her beautiful round bottom. I licked her with anticipation to reach her pussy and arsehole. Mistress stood up and moved away ‘ A little more training for your tongue before it can perform to the correct standard to touch me so intimately!’

Mistress made me wear her worn panties bra and butt plug under. Me clothes as a was released to the outside world!

I cannot wait to continue my training.

Mind Blowing Bondage Session

  • November 12, 2020

My 6th session knock-on mistress v  door mistress opened it order me upstairs get Undressed then crawl to her feet she then made me stand up where she placed the hood on me .then  shrink wrapped up like a mummy . then ordered me to her medical bench were she began Unwrapping a bit for my cock then running pinwheel,  then used hot wax dripping on my bare  balls and cock them pain, then Mistress unwrapped me and  orded me to spanking bench to warm my asrse up with hand and cane then popping my cherry with big strapon after sucking it she can then came behind me shoving it up my rosebud .

Then back medical bench needle time in my nipple and balls and my legs then mistress v use the tens unit  on my balls zapping it . then time drink mistress v golden nectar ordered me lie down locked in toilet box I drank her golden nectar with nice facial still zapping balls with tens unit . thank you mistress v

A Testimonial

  • November 3, 2020

first time at mistress v superb new premises. very private location. i arrived and after a brief chat was told to strip

mistress fastened my collar and lead and led me on all fours around the well equipped room until we arrived at the

caning bench . then secured me too it.. i had asked to be given a strapping and caning.

first some light straps and floggers, she also flogged my balls then onto the canes..mistress knew i was entering the zone

and stopped for a short while. took out a strapon and fucked me several times..

next out came the large singapore cane..mistress started caning me and upped the intensity which by now i was willing

to except…i thanked mistress for the caning and she released me and led me over to the toilet box.

in i went and received my breakfast gratefully.

i got cleaned up led to the medical bench for nipple torture and electrics. i was allowed to come into a condom while

mistress gave me nipple torture, it was amazing. .i was not expecting mistress too take off the condom put it in my mouth and sqeeze out every drop of cum..

all these events happened but throughout the session she was talking and guiding me skillfully and i always felt relaxed..

it was a great session and i will be back soon..

Subspace Princess’s two hours of bliss

  • October 29, 2020

Arrived and got ready as usual. Chatting as usual mistress ties me to her bondage board upon her medical bench, shoulders to knees as she knows I’m partial to a lot of tight bondage. Head back, eyes closed as usual enjoying letting her do her magic leaving what she wants to do up to her…

First was nipple clamps screwed tightly on each nipple before a vibrator got tied between my legs, tip right against my clit. Squirming I orgasmed and orgasmed whilst not being able to move away from the vibe. Holding her hands over my face telling me to hold my breath for her I orgasmed again and fell into subspace.

This is where I’ve lost count of what happened for a while as I was in subspace heaven. Both nipples were released and big needles pushed through both whist she replaced the vibe with an electronic dildo that she hand fucked me with her electro probe it shocked inside my pussy, whist she left it in there she applied her tens machine all around my pussy and clit and had her fun with me sending me deeper and deeper with more and more orgasms until I squirted all over board.

Over to the bench next, strapped down… ‘I’m going to fuck you’ blindfolded and muffed, she slid her strap into me hard and fast relentlessly until I came again.. & she decided it was time for a bigger one now.

Not being able to hear, not fully understanding what was about to happen.. she slid the next strap on into me whilst using deep heat on my clit, & on the strap.. as it started burning, fucking me harder and deeper.. she slipped a gloved finger covering in my bum & massaged some deep heat in there as I came from the over stimulation of the entire session whilst it burned in the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt.

Coming down she thought I deserved a few stripes to go home with. 6 canes cold to the bottom. Sore I came around and eventually came back to life unfortunately.

I’m the subspace princess cause she’s the fucking queen! 👑 one of the most interesting and original sessions we’ve had yet!

A 4 Hour Session – a Testimonial

  • October 24, 2020

I booked a 4 hour session thinking i could take anything my Mistress could deal out. How wrong i was.

I was lead to the bondage bench, tied down, legs wide apart. Mistress smiled at me as she began to destroy my cock and balls. I soon became aware, that me asking for them to be severely punished was the right (and wrong) thing to do. Needles, scratching, flogging, caning, they didn’t look the same as they did 40 minutes ago.

Mistress can be gentle but also merciless. 🙂

Once my cock and balls had been taught a lesson, it was my buttocks turn. I was ordered to mount the caning chair, strapped down and this is where i broke. It all started so well, light taps with a soft whip, then Mistress swapped to something a little firmer. Before i knew it, Mistress had a cane in her hand and she was determined i was going to be hurt. After a few well aimed strokes, this is where I couldn’t take it anymore. Mistress laughed at me as i cried in pain. Mistress rubbed her hand over my buttocks, “Not that tough now are you” she giggled.

The Electro E-stim was my favourite though. Tied around my cock and balls, while I’m strapped to the bench, it tingled at first. As the power was increased so was the sensation. After a few minutes of it slowly being turn up, my penis and testicles were alive with sensation. I was so, so damn horny by now. Thats when i blurted it out, “Hurt me please Mistress” i shouted, my penis and testicles buzzing with delight. The pain I felt through my genitals for the next 5 seconds is something i will never ever forget.

I can’t wait to return… 🙂

90 minutes with Mistress V – a Testimonial

  • October 19, 2020

Discussing with Mistress V what may happen over the next 90 min, I explain my desire to give up control, some idea of my limits and the fine line between pleasure and pain. I do not claim to have a high pain threshold and Mistress clearly enjoys some of the more severe aspects but she smiles knowingly, it is clear that she understands me better than myself. I feel in safe hands.

Undressed, I crawl towards her. Bound to the wall I am blindfolded and ear muffs placed. Deaf and blind I am only vaguely aware of Mistress moving around me. Sensual touch intertwines with sharper toys. The uncertainty of what next and where next concentrates the anticipation. Mistress treads the fine line perfectly, stretching my limits but seeming to know exactly where they are. The delightful crackle of a violet wand pushes me further.

A moments relief to be untied, but quickly placed on a bench and restrained for a variety of whips and canes. This time I can hear Mistress’s taunts, and encouragements, urging me to take a little more, stretching my limits again.

A break from the pain/pleasure. Lying on the floor with Mistress astride me I am treated to her piss. A perfect mix of excitement/humiliation.

Off to her medical room and placed on her couch. I am not restrained physically, but her instruction is enough to ensure I am not going anywhere. A mixture of more sharp toys and face sitting, then something new.

“Has anyone used sounds on you?” “No” “ OK, lets try” “Errr.. OK?”

Mistress is clearly skilled in this and with great delicacy the first sound disappears into my cock. It is an unusual sensation and I worry that it will disappear entirely, but am rapidly reassured that I am still in safe hands. Over the next few mins progressively larger sounds stretch me – almost painfully, but not quite. Mistress’s skill in treading my fine line is perfect again.

With the end of our time approaching Mistress announces that she has one more little treat for me. Some noises out of my sight and she is back to sit across my face, holding me down. Quickly my nipple is held and a sharp pain- a needle through my nipple! My cry is muffled by her arse and any struggling contained by her weight.
This should not have come as a surprise to me – we had discussed it 90 mins ago as something that we could try- but with everything else that has happened it had escaped my mind. This hurt – no mistake, yet there is also satisfaction and pride in overcoming this – for Mistress.

A final chat before returning to the real world. Mistress is delightful, approachable understanding and I would suspect entirely unshockable.
I can only hope to spend more time with her in the future when we can push my limits a little further.
Thank you Mistress

First session with Mistress V

  • October 14, 2020

What can I say? I am a true submissive and from the very first moment in my session I felt totally controlled and overwhelmed. Mistress V has a sensitivity and full understand of being a true Dominant. I was asked to strip naked and kneel in front of her. She then slowly applied clamps to my nipples and made me worship her wonderful booted legs and body. To keep me subdued she applied poppers and then wrapped me in plastic and tormented me, not releasing me till she was happy I will continue to comply with her demands for adoration. Mistress V is amazing and I hope that my training will continue soon very soon I cant wait to visit her again

A Testimonial from My new sub

  • October 6, 2020

My first visit to Mistress V – A New players experience

My very first experience in to Bondage did not begin with Mistress V. I have been a secret submissive fantasists for a few years and this past few months I decided to act on my Kinks. I went to see another mistress before I had even found Mistress V and the experience left me unfulfilled.

I first Contacted Mistress V via the website i outlined my desires as a submissive and my need to serve. Mistress was quick to respond and before I knew it we had a session Booked.

( The day of our session arrives ) I call Mistress V to confirm my attendance and she supplied me with the address and instructions. I walked through the door 8 Minutes early and a euphonious voice flows down the Stairs ( lock the door and come up ). I remember thinking that’s it I’m now in Mistress V’s world. I walked up stairs and as I reached the top Mistress V was stood there with a warm welcoming smile. She handed me a face mask ( For social Distancing reasons ) and invited me to come kneel at her feet to discuss my kinks, experiences and what it was I wanted to gain from our time together. At this point I remember thinking to myself how beautiful Mistresses eyes were peaking out from behind her mask and how I wanted to impress her with my obedience and willingness to hand myself over for her pleasure.

After our chat mistress ordered me over to the changing room and told me to strip naked I did this without a second thought I folded my clothes and presented my naked body to mistress. In a firm Voice Mistress told me to stand under the A frame legs speed wide exposing my my genitalia. Mistress cuffed my ankles to the Board and shackled my hands behind my back eyes coved and ear defenders on . At this point i had no control and my sole purpose was being a play thing for Mistress V’s enjoyment. I remember everything that was done to me while I was shackled to the Frame ( but that’s for me ) I will say that Mistress V has the most seductive look in her eyes as she has her way with you.

After Mistress had done with my exposed body she untied me and ordered me over to her pegging Bench. I was tied down and before I know it I was no longer an anal virgin. Mistress seemed to take pride in fucking my ass as she firmly thrust her dildo inside me again and again.

After the pegging I was locked inside a tall slim cage with my balls literally in a vice. I could see mistress V was having so much fun as I was locked up unable to move as she played with me. The pride I felt as Mistress Recorded me was unreal.

I was then ordered inside the bondage bag zipped inside Mistress placed a gas mask over my head and added poppers ( my first experience with them ). I was a very lucky boy because mistress wanted to use my face as a stool unable to move mistress placed her perfect arse on my face. Mistress then decided my cock needed some more work and she added Electricity to it. ( this is a must for anyone ). Having electricity pulsing through your cock with a sharp unexpected jolt at Mistress V’s desecration is the best feeling ever.

With our session coming to an end I can safely say it was exactly what I was looking for in a first time experience as soon as I was bound and vulnerable I fell in to the fabled sub space and didn’t want it to end. I can’t stop thinking about it even know as I write this I am thinking when can I return to see Mistress V knowing full well the limits will be pushed even further. After all My pain is Mistress V’s pleasure !.

Thank you for the most amazing time mistress I hope my words have managed to do justice to your skill wisdom and Beauty.

Your new Sub S.

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