Probably the safest place to be – testimonial

  • May 22, 2020

Like many people, I’ve found the Covid-19 lockdown period frustrating due to it being impossible (and of course too risky) to have a session with a Mistress anywhere in the UK. Recently, I’ve noticed that a few Mistresses have started tentatively taking sessions again, but I’ve resisted having a session due to the risks. Then I read the Covid-19 precautions set out by Mistress V. Wow! At last, a Mistress who understands the epidemiology and biology of viral transmission so well that in my opinion, catching the virus at her place or passing it on to her is virtually impossible. She has an entire page of her website dedicated to the precautions she takes.

I booked a session with Mistress V, and during the booking process she reiterated her Covid-19 precautions and stated that she will only session with someone who accepts them in their entirety. That gave me a lot of confidence. As a matter of fact, I have to say that I felt safer at Mistress V’s chambers than I’ve felt anywhere else since the virus burst onto the scene. This meant I could enjoy the session unencumbered by thoughts of viral transmission.

Initially, I wasn’t sure how I would react to us both wearing a mask during the session, because for me, being able to see the Mistress’s face during the session is important. In fact, the masks didn’t detract from my enjoyment at all. Mistress V has the most beautiful eyes, and has the most perfect figure, dressed immaculately and is incredibly sexy and sensual. The masks actually helped, due to the feeling of safety and the air of mystery they engendered.

The session itself was magnificent, delivered by a Mistress who clearly loves what she does and who puts her all into ensuring you enjoy every second of the session. Mistress V is clearly highly intelligent, insightful and perceptive. She probes deeply into your mind, excising and understanding every last bit of your submissive psyche, leaving no stone unturned.

If you want the best possible session, with no risk of catching or transmitting Covid-19, Mistress V is the gold standard to which everyone else should aspire to. Mistress V’s dungeon is probably the safest place to be right now.

A Wonderful Mistress

  • May 19, 2020

This was my 5th session with this wonderful woman: domme mistress, yes and able to give acute pain, but a shelter in a critical and often unfriendly world.
At my last session in February my lady introduced me to real cock and ball needle play. I recall, that she put 25 or more in , including 2 into the penis h head: no pain and a sense of pride. This session we were going to progress towards sewing my weeny ( these days) cocklet into my ball sac, But, I had not got and surgical needles, thread and scalpel ( to cut the sewn knots). So next time.

But I progressed through a number of new(to me) games: violet wand around tits, bum, arsehole, inner thighs and cock and balls. I was not expecting it and the shocks were a shock and painful for a micro second. They seem to leave no marks so I recommend them to any slave who cannot carry incriminating evidence back home.

I had started with a new spiked cock restraint, the spikes on the inside so that they pressed painfully and meaningfully into my cock flesh. I loved the pain. I got excited but the restraint limited the ability to provide evidence.

My lady also twisted, pulled and generally caused enjoyable and painful pleasure.

I love NCBT.

I worshipped my lady’s legs, arse and cunt mound but with her knickers and my mask that didn’t drive up the pleasure level.

Then time for punishment. 7 instruments, 1 Tawse, several paddles, different sizes and weights, several canes and of course hand spanking. I am a squealer and I voiced my pleasure and pains at the treatment. I think that my lady did 7 sets each of 15 strokes. Some were pretty heavy and I yelped but, I could have taken more and could have left with a satisfyingly scarred, whealed bum, but it is just glowing red. So, my lady, more strokes. And harder. MARK ME.
AND SO ON TO ARSE EXERCISES. I have my own pyramid dildo/plug . It goes to a 9.5 cm diameter at the bottom !!! Wow, I am at the 3rd from last biggest circle and I love sitting on it the riding it soft, hard, for a good 15 minutes. No fissures . Take time. Lots of lube and care; my arse was trained to bigger than ever before. I aim at double fist and elbow deep or more.

Then the finale. Scat snack. Lie back, open mouth, arse hole pouts and twinkles then opens: a 2.5″ softish but nicely shaped turd followed by 3 or 4 more, but smaller. They tasted creamy and sweet. My lady had eaten sweetly stewed apple and sponge with creamy custard. The best scat I have tasted, chewed and swallowed in my erotic journey.

I left carrying, not wearing, a cock chastity cage and lock which I will try. If I can manage it I will put it on, lock it and post the keys back to my lady. The idea thrills me.

I drove home wearing my lady undies under tracky bottoms and a pully, with a clean pair of size 8 ( oooh, tight) knickers that ride deep into my arse crack. I am alway aware that I wear these very provocative knickers. They keep my cocklet clit tight in place and provoke my arsehole into twinking and letting out a little greasy liquid to let me know that I need to be fucked.

When the lockdown is over I shall be at several swinger clubs on gays bi and a TV, TS sessions ready to be fucked by as many as can do me in a couple of hours,

I love being a slut whore and my lady has brought me to this peak of eroticism.

A Testimonial

  • May 12, 2020

This was my first visit to MISS V and I was both excited and very frightened parking was easy off street

I had given MISS V a letter as part of my fantasy role play she fully understood my fantasy and did I suffer over 150 strokes of various instruments of pain I was chained to her whipping bench and after a hand spanking warm up paddles, straps, crops, whips she administered well over 150 strokes my bottom red raw from her punishment sadly she was going to give me 100 of the cane I did try but even without a safe word (I trusted her) I only manged about 10 she, as a good professional dominatrix knew when to slow down and stop

MISS V then placed my micro penis in a spiked frame and tightened it till I begged for mercy she ignored me she then used a crop on my micro penis while still in spiked frame MISS V proceeded to video my micro penis, as well as being severally chastised and humiliated I was asked if I wanted a happy ending but as a good submissive I refused.

MISS V was so happy with me she will allow me to visit at least once per month it is such an honour to become one of her submissive for once in my life I feel wanted …

thank you so much MISS V

A Testimonial

  • March 14, 2020

normal friendly greeting, we sat and chatted for a brief time before I was told me to undress and enter the Chamber’s main activities room. This is painted overall grey, with red drapes over the windows, casting an subdued red light. Various tools of Mistress’ trade adorn the walls, ledges and benches in the room, promising who knows what terrors and delights in Her highly skilful and capable hands. The spotlessly clean laminate floor makes no sound as you enter, naked and ready to receive Mistress’ blessing. For me, this was a very special day, as Mistress honoured me by presenting a collar and tag proclaiming that I was now owned by Mistress. As previously, I had left the nature of my punishment to Mistress to decide; when such a beautiful, talented and ingenious Domme adopts you, why would one be specific?

To start, Mistress had me standing and then shackled me to the floor, placing a blindfold around my eyes and earmuffs on my ears; sensorarily deprived, I could only stand there, not knowing what was happening as Mistress, having on previous occasions bound me with soft rope, surprised me this time by binding my arms to my chest and waist with what I subsequently discovered was chains – a totally different feel. Left standing while Mistress left to change, I could only try to compose myself for what might come next. ‘Next’ was an ominous click-clacking on the floor as Mistress re-entered,Her heels slowly and menacingly approaching me from behind. Lifting my blindfold briefly, Mistress revealed herself to be dressed in a tight, black, shiny body that accentuated Her gorgeous figure, fishnet tights and black, high-heeled leather boots – every man’s vision of a Dominatrix gloriously deified in my Goddess. Down came the blindfold again, leaving only that gorgeous vision imprinted in the back of my retinas.

A sudden tightness between my legs was accentuated by a feeling of weight and a growing, aching pain caused by I knew not what. The body chains were linked together by more chain, and suddenly, my by now rigid, member was being jerked around mercilessly, the pressure and ache growing all the time from what I subsequently discovered was a spiked, metal collar padlocked around it. Continuing to taunt me with the chain and the sense of Her intoxicating physical presence moving around me, with a slow click-clack of Her heels on the hard floor, Mistress started to first tease my nipples, something we had discovered in previous sessions I was particularly partial to. The teasing swiftly intensified into twisting and pulling with Her strong, pink nailed fingers digging into my flesh, before substituting a pair of nipple clamps, which She used to mercilessly stretch and twist my little buds before pulling them off sharply, leaving me gasping. As Mistress removed the chains and blindfold, I could only stand there quaking and trembling from the intensity of the encounter.

But there’s said to be no rest for the wicked, so I must have been a very bad slave, as Mistress strapped me to Her bench and re-applied the blindfold and earmuffs, before the dull clack of Mistress’s departing heels, followed by a resounding silence left me there, helplessly tied down, trembling, trying to recover my composure, whilst at the same time considering what might happen when Mistress returned.

Mistress returned, having pulled a soft black leather skirt around Her magnificent waist and derrier, allowing me a peek before darkness once again descended. Her soft hands started caressing me before the caress started to change, first into soft smacks, then firmer and firmer as a tingle started to spread across my buttocks. Changing to a multi tailed flogger, Mistress alternated between soft caresses and firm strokes, each firmer stroke becoming harder and stronger, surpassing the level reached in previous sessions, as they become more and more stinging, reaching deeper and deeper into the muscle. Eventually, Mistress decided I had received sufficient chastisement, and removing the blindfold, left me strapped to the bench while She went to prepare the Medical Room for the next stage of our little foray into my unknown.

Finally released and with the blindfold removed, I made my way to the Medical Room, where, lying on the couch with Mistress sitting beside me, we discussed my previous experience at Her hands with electrics. Producing Her Sound set, Mistress skilfully set about preparing me for the intra-urethral electric probe – a 20cm long, flexible, nobbly sound that acts as one contact of a battery powered circuit, and generates a mild electrical stimulus – at least that’s what it does when inserted, but, when switched on before insertion, delivers a sharp shock to the most sensitive part of your anatomy. Unfortunately for me, Mistress in setting the apparatus up, had accidentally left it switched on (at least I think it was ‘accidental’) – I yelped! Watching Mistress manipulate the device was fascinating and the sensation quite indescribable, as I slowly slid back into subspace. Mistress had applied additional pads around my abdomen attached to a separate control box, which produced a different set of electrical sensations. Between the two, the sensation was unbelievable, stimulating the entire area. Just to liven things up Mistress occasionally increased the power, which produced a real shock causing me to yell and violently jerk, before the power was decreased and I sank back into a happy state. After two or three cycles of blissful sensation followed by sharp shocks, Mistress eased off the power and I slowly came back to reality.

So finished another fantastic session with Mistress. Each session has been different and skilfully managed, building on previous experiences, exploring and challenging my limits, becoming more intense as I gain in experience and my trust in Mistress V grows. Mistress V ’s incomparable repertoire and skill in listening to what is not being said, reading body language and responding to visual and auditory signals is almost supernatural. Coupled with Her personal charm, stunning appearance and pure magnetism, a visit to Mistress V is a life enhancing experience. If you are contemplating visiting a ProDomme, I believe you would not be disappointed with Mistress V.

My journey with Mistress V continues, enhanced by Her strength, emboldened by Her presence, enriched by Her intelligence and comforted by the knowledge of Her presence in my life. ‘Kneel Before Me’, ‘Be Better, Be Mine’ are Mistress’s Mantras … I have knelt before Mistress and I have become Hers.

A Life Enhancing Experience

  • February 24, 2020

Every session with Mistress V is perfect, yet each session is somehow better than the last. I awoke with a beaming smile on my face today; absolutely glowing with a warm feeling inside as a result of a session with Mistress V yesterday. I’m still smiling now.

The session took place in Mistress V’s medical room. Mistress told me that she was going to wax my chest and my groin area. I’d never experienced this before and I knew it was going to hurt but looking at Mistress V’s inimitably beautiful face as she tightened the straps securing me to the medical couch relaxed me. I wanted to suffer for her. And suffer I did, yet it was incredibly enjoyable and satisfying, especially as Mistress V laughed as she tore off the wax with my hairs stuck to it.

In between tearing off the strips, Mistress V smothered me with her latex clad bottom, at times rendering me unable to breathe, yet always feeling safe. She would also spit into my mouth in between tearing off the wax and she also peed directly into my mouth. And that’s one of the wonderful things about Mistress V’s sessions. They are exciting; eventful; variable. Yet harmonised and thoughtful.

The next session I have with Mistress V will be completely different to yesterday’s session. It will take place in a different room, with different equipment. And the session will be even better than the last one. Regular sessions with Mistress V are an unbeatably wonderful work in progress; a journey of mutual discovery, trust and understanding. And more pleasure than you can imagine.

Mistress V’s mantra of ‘become better. Become Mine’ is an unavoidable truth. The memories of a session with Mistress V last forever. A session with Mistress V is a life enhancing experience. So much so that, having experienced the exhilarating spontaneity and potency of Mistress V, you never want to session with anyone else. Because Mistress V dominates with the highest level of emotional intelligence that I’ve ever experienced.

You can see the full session videos on https://onlyfans.com/yorksmistressv

A Testimonial From My Leather Fetishist

  • February 20, 2020

I arrived at the chambers of Mistress V, 15 minutes late. Upon my arrival Mistress opened the door, my heart racing as I could hear the sound of her leather high heeled boots coming down the stairs.

“Go up the stairs!” She ordered in her strict tone. “Go and strip and put on these leather pants bitch” she commanded. I obeyed mistress and changed into my black leather jockstrap.

“Now bring me my tribute in your mouth, and crawl on all fours to me” Mistress then ordered me to kiss her boots and suck her gloves. Her presence is so alluring and she looked fantastic in her leather.

After much teasing and tormenting, I was taken to the edge of my senses, struggling not to explode, such was my desire and temptation for her leather. I will leave the details to your imagination.

Suffice to say the mistress is an expert in the dark arts, and as one who enjoys delve into such realms, I was taken to another dimension.

Sexy, alluring, fun, Mistress V is all of these. I will certainly be begging for more.

The journey with Yorkshire Mistress V continues

  • February 15, 2020

My journey with Mistress V continued today – each session takes me further into Her world in an exciting, fun-filled exploration of our psyches. I’m a submissive at the Sensuous Sadism end of her spectrum, so my tale reflects that small part of her undoubtedly wide repertoire. Without doubt, Mistress lives up to her promises on her daily twitter feed, @yorksmistressv. Sensuous, sadistic, teasing, strict, unpredictable, skillful and talented – a real tour de force of BDSM that will leave the senses reeling and every nerve and sinew twitching at Her touch – be it soft, sensual and calming, or hard, sharp and pain-inducing. To surrender totally to Mistress is to open a whole new world of experiences and sensations.

Mistress had me stand with my hands loosely by my side. Looping a long length of soft, black rope around my neck, She proceeded to tie a series of looping knots, which had the effect of totally binding my upper torso including cock and scrotum. Any movement of my arms or body simply tugged and tightened on my genitals (so I obviously wriggled a bit!). Manoeuvering into position against Her St. Andrew’s cross, a quick fastening and I was totally immobile. Mistress then proceeded to tease my nipples before attaching a clamp on each. Blindfolding and ear-muffing me, I was left in darkness with a tightness in my groin and a growing sensation in my nipples as the weight of the clamps slowly dragged them outwards and down, as Mistress went to change.

When the clacking of heels announced Mistress’s re-entry into the room, I didn’t know what to expect. When the blindfold was removed, what I saw was a gorgeous vision of Dominant Womanhood, in a red, latex dress with the zip up the front. My pleasure at the vision was enhanced as she sinuously moved towards me, the tightly clinging dress moving in total synchronicity with her walk. Attaching both nipple clamps to a carabiner hook at the end of a line fixed through a pulley on the roof, Mistress started to pull on the end of the line, causing the clamps to rise towards the ceiling (and my nipples with them). Holding me in that position, Mistress ensured other parts of my anatomy weren’t neglected, by teasing and slapping. Continuing the tugging, Mistress me on tiptoe, before taking pity on me and letting the rope slacken, only to attach the clamps to my cock and scrotum and repeat the tugging procedure.

Mistress left the room for a moment, returning with a lit candle. I guessed (correctly) what was about to happen, and the hot wax was dribbled delicately, first down over my nipples and then my throbbing shaft. To be honest, it wasn’t as hot or painful as I had expected, being more of a stinging sensation than a burn. Allowing it to harden, Mistress then used her sharp, multi-coloured nails to peel it off my skin, creating a top-side cast of my member.

Releasing the bindings, Mistress ordered me to prostrate myself on her bench, where she swiftly and deftly rebound my genitals with a thin white cord, separating my cock from my scrotum in the process. Mistress then proceeded to spank me, increasing tempo and strength as she turned my buttocks from their normal insipid, whitish shade to a lovely pink. Swapping her hand for a soft flogger she continued to strike my backside, alternating hard and soft to no predictable pattern, and allowing herself to swat my genitals every so often – sometimes soft, sometimes hard. By now, I was tingling all over – something the strap being wielded by a teacher at school never achieved! As I seemed to be enjoying it too much (I was), Mistress swapped out the flogger for her Cat o’ Nine Tails. Now this was a much more fearsome looking implement than the flogger, and so it transpired. I lost track of the number of strokes I received, but each felt to be carefully positioned to maximise the spread across the entire area of my buttocks, so as not to leave lasting marks. By now, totally out of it, I commented that I had never really appreciated what pleasure people could derive from being tormented with implements such as canes or whips, but I could now start to appreciate their perspective. Me and my big mouth!! Mistress showed me her leather Sjambok and told me how much she enjoyed using it, both for the pretty pattern it made, but also for the degree of control she had over it. Well, we had to try a few strokes, didn’t we! What a session! Remember what I said at the start about Mistress’s spectrum – well I think I’ve moved along it a bit now!

Taking a short break, I was ordered back into the playroom and over the bench, where Mistress proceeded to strap on a large pink dildo. After extensive lubing and some attempts at penetration, it was obvious I still wasn’t stretched enough to accommodate Mistress. Swapping her strap-on for a large blue dildo, she proceeded to give me the first real fvcking I’ve ever experienced. My previous sessions with Mistress were never as robust, and I was soon groaning, moaning and trembling as she thrust that large object in and out. Promising that the next time I’d be able to accommodate Her fully, I was released from the bench and ordered back into the Medical Room, to lie on the bench.

By now I was trembling all-over, being barely able to control my body as I lay shivering on the couch, waiting for Mistress to reappear. She did so, brandishing her little black case with Sounds and eplay kit. Having been sounded by Mistress in a previous session, I knew the care She took with these 9 inch pieces of steel, and so could relax and enjoy the sensations as the narrow shaft of steel slowly slid down under it’s own weight, until only the last inch was protruding. Massaging me with the rod, Mistress then moved straight on to the thickest example in her kit. Again, we sat chatting and laughing as the rod slid slowly down, Mistress monitoring it’s progress by feeling the bulge as it proceeded, until finally arresting its movement with only one end showing and the other end being somewhere south of my scrotum! Removing the sound, Mistress then connected her flexible sound to the e-play control and started feeding that into the space recently vacated. Turning up the power resulted in a stinging sensation which Mistress skilfully controlled, keeping the sensations on the edge of being bearable – torment, not torture. Withdrawing the sound with the power still on produced a real reaction from me, as the tip was drawn up through my glans – now that really did nip! So much so, that an involuntary reaction saw me brush my hand against Mistress’s leg, completing a circuit and giving Mistress who was still holding the sound a sharp shock too! We laughed as Mistress jumped.

After such a fantastic session, there was only one way to celebrate and Mistress treated me to a Champagne shower, where I was encouraged to drink as much of the fine vintage as I could manage. Unfortunately, I did miss a few drops so will be looking to improve my performance the next time I visit – it’s too precious a commodity to go to waste!

So, thank you Mistress, for another fantastic session. Trusting in You and willingly submitting to You resulted in wonderful new experiences for me; variations on CBT and nipple play, hot wax play, greater intensity and length of spanking and flogging, experiencing your Cat o’ Nine Tails and Sjambok, prolonged sounding and electrifying e-play and a Champagne toast. How I have advanced under Your expert guidance. ‘Become Better, Become Mine’ you say – I couldn’t agree more. Under Your Dominion, I will strive to become even better. Until the next time …

My first session with Mistress V

  • January 22, 2020

On Monday morning I made my first visit to Mistress V and indeed what was my first ever session with a professional domme (although I have had some previous experience of BDSM). I came across Mistress V’s website a while back and decided to take the plunge. Initially I sent an email explaining my interests and Mistress quickly sent a reply asking me to call and make an appointment.

With me being something of a novice, I was a inevitably a little nervous as I arrived outside her chambers. However once I entered, Mistress quickly put me at ease and we had a quick chat about what I was looking for in the session, which was mainly CP, spanking, caning and so on. I then mentioned that I also liked some CBT and a glint appeared in her eye and her mouth developed a devilish smile…

Mistress showed me to a room to strip off, and then she instructed me to go and get over her bench while she continued to get ready. I placed myself on the bench and it placed me in a good position to contemplate the vast array of implements, restraints, and other devices (some of which I couldn’t imagine the purpose of, which may be a good thing!)

After a minute or so, mistress had got changed and entered. She quickly secured me to the bench, and started by giving me a spanking to warm me up. Next, tied my balls nice and tight, giving me a few gentle taps to ensure I knew who was in control. She then explained that she would continue the warm up with one of her straps. She interspersed the strapping of my ever reddening bottom with the occasional gentle swat to the balls, something that extracted a sharp intake of breath “that got your attention didn’t it slave?” and then “now ,I’ve forgotten something” Mistress left the room briefly and when she came back I soon felt a sharp prickling sensation on my balls. Not sure what exactly she was doing at first, I soon guessed that it was a pinwheel running over my tightly tied scrotum and then over the head of my cock.

After that Mistress resumed warming me up with the strap. Once she was satisfied, she showed a picture of my nice red cheeks, and also the pinwheel being worked up and down my balls. “I think you are ready for your caning now, I’d like you to count each stroke and thank me afterwards. I then got a first set of 10 strokes, which were carefully varied in intensity. After the first 10 she immediately asked “ready for the next set of 10?” I got the feeling that saying no wasn’t the expected answer! After the third set, I was beginning to wonder how many she had planned! Fortunately it turned out to be “just” another 20 more.

I wasn’t finished yet, as Mistress attached some rather sharp little clips to my scrotum and cock and gave me a very light and gentle flogging over my sore cheeks. I was then allowed to worship her absolutely wonderful bottom. Now there are quite a lot of photos of Mistress V on her website but I can honestly say that none of them quite do justice to her beautiful bum!

After the session had finished we had a nice chat and she explained that because it was my first session she had been careful, but felt I could take more. The session was a great experience and I will definitely be returning for another session soon!

A Testimonial – The journey – part 2

  • January 18, 2020

My journey with Mistress commenced with me being ordered to polish her long, black, high-heeled stiletto boots. Having done so to Mistress’s satisfaction, i was instructed to prostrate myself on Her bench. With both knees on the step and my head over the end, Mistress strapped me in tightly, then placed a blindfold over my eyes and muffs over my ears. Here i was again, back in sensory deprivation! Mistress’s voice was barely audible, but the soothing tones were re-assuring. Having discussed introducing an element of pain into the session, i expected another, perhaps more severe, spanking to that experienced in my previous session. What i didn’t expect, but certainly appreciated, was Mistress slipping some lube followed by a plug into my backside, with a strict command ‘Hold it!’, clearly audible. After a brief pause, i felt Mistress’s soft fingers fondle my cock and balls, followed by a sharp tug as She tightened the ligature deftly placed around them. My sharp draw of breath was softened by the sensations that rapidly increased as tape was used to secure the plug in place. A few pushes from Mistress and i was groaning softly, cut-off by the sharp application of a leather flogger, as Mistress started using my buttocks as a drum, the beat starting off softly and increasing in strength and tempo. Slowing the pace but increasing the intensity and alternately caressing me with her hands the stinging became more pronounced with a tingling spreading to the tips of my toes and my scalp as my entire nervous system started to respond to the application of the strap. i started to drift as the adrenaline and endorphins kicked in and, having thought i had reached my limit, found that not only was i accepting the strap, but actively seeking it out. Mistress was so attuned to my state that at the very point where i started to think i had reached my absolute limit, the strapping stopped and Mistress soothed my, by now, scarlet buttocks.

Unstrapping me and removing the blindfold and earmuffs, Mistress ordered me to lie down on her floor board. As i did so, i had forgotten about the plug, until a fresh wave of sensations pulsed through me as i settled down. Mistress tied me to the board with soft rope, then used another to hold my genitals in position, before straddling me and commanding me to worship her. i didn’t really have much option (as if anyone would refuse a Goddess) and after a heavenly period of time which seemed to last for eternity due to the euphoric state i was still in, Mistress swiftly untied me.

Ordering me into the medical room, i was strapped to the bench, still with the plug, ligature and tape in place. Again, I’d forgotten about the plug, which added a frisson of excitement as i lay down! Producing a small black pouch and an e-stim attachment, Mistress announced with a wicked gleam in Her eye and a gorgeous smile, that i was about to be sounded. Seeing the smallest sound in the toolkit, my queasiness at the prospect of having a length of metal inserted into where the sun has never been, rapidly turned to alarm. But Fear only exists to be conquered, and with my trust in Mistress total, i took a deep breath as, with a small drop of lube on the end of the stainless steel rod, Mistress started the delicate process with total concentration and care for my feeling. The sensation was terrific – never have i felt so focussed on a specific part of my body. Producing a pair of scissors, Mistress grinned mischievously then cut the tape still around the base of my cock and we both laughed as the sound slowly slid deeper into me under it’s own weight. Honestly I’ve never felt so relieved – what i had feared 5 minutes previously was turning out to be not only an exhilarating, but also a highly amusing and enlightening experience. Replacing the slim still rod with the flexible, nobbly estim attachment, Mistress started increasing the estim power – the feeling was incredible, the sensations reaching all the way down through my pelvic region. Mistress then produced the largest sound from Her pouch and, pointing out that there was a narrow end and a thick end, explained that She would use the narrow end to stretch me and then try for the wider end. With a big smile across Her gorgeous face and a wide grin and laugh, Mistress proceeded to insert the thick end! How Mistress and i laughed – the dead pan delivery and contradictory action was so perfect, as was the feeling of the thick steel rod penetrating me!

If you have got as far as this, you will have deduced that my Mistress is beautiful, vivacious, intelligent, demanding, perceptive, alluring, highly skilled, totally professional and has a wicked, bubbly sense of humour that manifests itself in the most interesting situations.

My journey with Mistress continues … what will the next episode bring? I’ll find out shortly!

My meeting with Mistress Victoria

  • January 15, 2020

I had contacted Mistress Victoria having seen her website and finding her combination of beauty yet commend very exciting.

I arrived and she opened the door at that point I realised that the photos did not o her justice her legs were incredible and her body exciting, so much so that I couldn’t stop looking.

We chatted where she dealt with my obvious nerves and she got to know me better, she decided that I could fulfil my long held desire to embrace my sissy side. She picked out clothes that could only be described as slutty and set about applying my makeup. Her makeup skills were fantastic I could see my face change reflecting the sissy inside me. As she applied the make up she teased me by accidentally coming into contact with her body and allowing me to stare at her stunning body.

Once made up I changed and joined her in hr play room she took photos and then made me copy her to learn to move as a sissy should. Once I was trained she asked me to select a cock for her to use on me. She put on the strap on and made me start to fellate it, to prove I could accept it in my arse occasionally she would allow me to taste her beautiful spit.

Once I had proved tit she made me mount her bench presenting my sissy arse and she lubed me up then entered me, the feeling was divine combined with her telling me what a slut I was meant I was in heaven. She fucked me for what seemed like days her cock filling me so much. Once she had had her fun I was unbound and told to get undressed and go to the bathroom. She entered having drunk water and when I was in position she allowed me to savour her piss. She filled me up and I felt so special having had the chance to taste her.

After I got washed and dried I entered a third room and Mistress allowed to worship her boots then feet then legs.Mistress Victoria has gorgeous legs and fantastic feet and I felt so lucky. Mistress Victoria is so beautiful, commanding and caring. She finished by allowing me to stroke myself and to eat my own cum whilst I look at her.

I had a fantastic time, one that I will repeat soon providing she allows me to. I cannot stop thinking of Mistress Victoria and i recall her legs, breasts, face, eyes, hands and voice.

She is amazing, perfect in beauty and control.

A Testimonial

  • January 1, 2020

After looking on the internet for a mistress who is local. I came across Mistress V. I rang her her and made an appointment for my first ever session with her. 

When i first arrived she sat me down and i explained bout my medical and anal play fantasies and how nervous i was she then quickly put me at ease before i told her bout my fear of needles. 

Then she taped me up with shrink wrap exposing my cock and balls and nipples. When i couldn’t move she slowly inserted 20 needles in my balls. At first i was expecting a lot of pain but it wasn’t as bad as i thought. Then she put 2 in my nipples which hurt a bit then she stopped. After that she introduced me to a strapon followed by the fuck machine. Then she let me come lol. If u are thinking bout it defo see Mistress V. She is understanding bout ur limits. Defo going bk in New Year.

The Thinking Man’s Dominatrix – a Testimonial

  • December 26, 2019

Having read Mistress V’s highly intelligent tweets, fascinating blogs and many of the testimonials on her website, I just had to book a session with Mistress V. After all, everything about her tweets and her website suggests she is a top UK Mistress, as well as being extremely beautiful.

Mistress V’s beauty is breathtaking. Don’t take my word for it. She is, as she says, beautifully cruel. As soon as I saw her, I knew I wanted to suffer for her more than I’ve ever suffered before, and indeed I did.

Mistress V is highly observant, analytical and insightful. She left no stone unturned in her pursuit of the knowledge that would create the perfect session for me.

When the session started, I got into subspace very quickly. Others have remarked on the ease with which Mistress V gets you into subspace and it is true. Not a second of the session is wasted. I was given a caning that is the longest and most enjoyable caning I’ve ever received, then we moved onto trampling and CBT with her sharp heels, and the most amazing breath control using a clear plastic bag. I was genuinely scared yet totally safe. The session included spitting, face slapping and verbal humiliation, all of which I had requested.

I love the fact that no time was wasted. Every second was taken up with the pain / humiliation / pleasure scenarios that I had asked for.

Mistress V has the highest level of emotional intelligence I have ever encountered. Read her tweets and her blogs, and take note of them, for Mistress V is definitely the thinking man’s Dominatrix.

The journey has started – a testimonial

  • December 11, 2019

My second visit to Mistress extended and expanded on my first visit some weeks ago and surpassed all expectations.

My first visit with Mistress was truly amazing, but as I had thought about it afterwards, I realised what I didn’t want to do was pick activities off a bucket list. As part of our pre-session discussion, we had talked about what being in a Dom/sub relationship was all about, and I had asked Mistress to be my guide and Mentor into this realm. Before we started, I felt this session was going to be something very special, and Mistress certainly made it so. This was the start of what I hope will be a mutually long and fulfilling journey with a highly skilled Mistress.

Mistress demonstrated her rope skills by binding my arms behind my back and to my sides with an elaborate Dragonfly binding using a thick soft cord. With another length of soft cord, my cock was bound and tied under my scrotum and then tied into the Dragonfly harness. Once I was comfortably restricted, Mistress applied a blindfold and earmuffs, depriving me of two primary senses. She then teased and tormented me with a variety of soft and firm floggers – not knowing what was going to touch, where, when, just heightened the sensations. Having seen how my nipples reacted to her touch, Mistress teased them mercilessly, using her fingers and nails before applying clamps and tugging first of all gently then more firmly. Any movement of my arms or torso in reaction to her touch was directly transferred to my crotch, bringing the most sensuous mixture of sensations – the pain on my nipples or wherever a firm flogger was applied, being transmitted directly via the bindings to my cock. Absolutely divine!

Having discussed CP with Mistress, we had decided that as an introduction, I should be spanked. Releasing the bindings, blindfold and earmuffs, Mistress instructed me to bend over her bench, where she strapped my legs and waist down to stop me wriggling away. With a moderate weight clamped to my scrotum, Mistress started gently with a few taps on each cheek, gradually increasing the force and tempo of each strike and changing the pattern of strikes so that I didn’t quite know when, where or how hard the next strike would be. Mistress then applied a number of strokes with a carpet beater, leaving my cheeks tingling. Every strike not only increased the burn on my cheeks, but also sent the ball weight swinging, applying gentle pressure on my cock.

Having taken my anal virginity at our first session, and being still bent over the bench, Mistress decided to expand my limits, lubing me up and using one of her dildos to stretch me out before fvcking me with it – gently at first then more vigorously as I became used to the feeling of it pushing inside me and massaging my prostate. If the bondage was divine, this was truly amazing. Mistress then ‘invited’ me to worship her gorgeous bottom as I lay face down on the bench with her delicious derriere posed in front of me. What else could I do? Absolutely nothing, especially when it wasn’t a chore to accede to my Goddess’s demands.

We then moved into the medical room where I was instructed to lie down whilst Mistress produced her e-stim equipment. I completely lost track of time as I lay there with the gentle sensations passing through my entire body, ministered tenderly by Mistress. As I eventually came out of subspace, my whole body reacted with an incredible explosion, as if every cell had expended all of its energy in one long, coruscating outburst of energy, like a Sun going Super Nova. My back arched off the bench as I strained upwards, reaching for the ceiling before I fell back with my whole body spasming and trembling with the force of it all, and dare I say it, weeping at the intensity of the sensations – the likes of which I have never experienced before. As I lay there slowly coming back to this domain from the ethereal plane my Goddess had led me to, she watched over me, ensuring I had genuinely come back and was not still in that other place.

The journey has started!

My first session (of many) with Mistress V

  • December 5, 2019

I visited Mistress V for the first time. Mistress met me at the door in casual clothes (at my request) looking relaxed and extremely confident, truly a lifestyle Mistress.

I was ordered to undress while she lit a cigarette and sat and made we watch her start to take control of the situation.

She then administered some poppers that made me weak and compliant and she then tied me up with rope slowly teasing me.

We then used another of Mistresses well equipped rooms where she cling filmed wrapped me head to toe, I couldn’t move an inch. My genitals were tied tight and the next hour was a dream with torment face sitting and teasing I have rarely experienced.

While Mistress V made herself a coffee she left me masked and wrapped subdued with poppers and the wonderful aroma of her golden urine.

The whole extended session with Mistress V was a wonderful experience a truly professional Mistress, I really look forward to our next meeting.

A Testimonial – arse worship

  • November 30, 2019

Today was my first visit to see Mistress V. I’d planned it well in advance, but was still thrilled when I arrived and heard mistress’s heels coming slowly down the stairs. Dressed on skintight black jeans and knee high boots, she welcomed me warmly and led me to her chambers.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye she had me stripped and worshipping her strapon, sucking me a slut, before allowing me to worship her arse, sitting on my face. Mistress has a great way of knowing just what you’d want and secretly desire, and so before I knew it mistress was fucking me on her bench! The session ended with me being allowed to worship mistresses arsehole, even rewarding me with some of her divine aroma.

Another Testimonial from My female sub

  • November 28, 2019

My new female sub Was on her way for her second session. I’d whispered in her ear the last time she came that I’d take her virginity, which she mentioned in her last email.

Looking forward to her ringing my bell 😈😈

Once the door bell rang I went down and let her in, reminding her that today is the day she has her cherry popped.

With a tiny grin we went upstairs, I’d already prepared everything that I was going to use in the session, strapon , vibrator, rope, blindfold and leather cuffs.

Tying her with the rope, hands by her side making sure her movement was restricted, I then strapped her to the cross, blindfold on and ear muffs!! Fantastic .

I lightly flogged her big bosoms, concentrating on her nipples, flicking and teasing then moving down to her pussy, I lifted the ear muffs and told her to open her legs, teasing the flogger around her wet cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you” I tell her in her ear, “Your pussy’s mine. I’m going to take you now let’s go through to the bedroom.”

I led her through taking off the muffs.

“Get on the bed and open your legs.”

Using the vibrator on her eager pussy I slid it in a little at a time, not rushing.

Once the vibrator was totally inside her I told her to close her legs and hold it there while I put my strapon on. Plenty of lube and a stiff strapon sliding in and out until I felt it pop her cherry, I began to fuck her now slow and deep then thrust – she was loving every minute of it, and once she’d orgasmed I slowed down the pace building it back up again and again. Once I’d given her the fucking she deserved she turned to me and gave me the biggest hug ever. I know she’ll be back; this is just the beginning of our journey xx

A Testimonial from a Female sub

  • November 27, 2019

After thinking about it forever finally took the plunge and emailed mistress to see if she’d take me as her female sub. Much to my delight she agreed and after many emails back discussing wants, limits etc.. I ended up ringing the doorbell ready to be controlled.

The first time, she started off slow as I wanted to be tied up and flogged. The more time that went on the harder and better it got. Mistress knew I liked my nipples and tits played with so focused on flogging them as I slid into sub space.

Seeing how much my nipples enjoyed it she suggested needle play, something I wasn’t experienced in at all, but I agreed in anticipation of what to expect.

Mistress then tied me down onto her medical bench and slid countless needles through my sensitive nips until I could barely see any nipple left. It felt amazing & talked to me throughout, telling me what she was doing as well as flicking and moving the needles… the sensation I can’t even explain.

Lastly she blindfolded me, pushing me down into my favourite part of subspace where I was able to let go of myself completely as she used her fingernails, pinwheel and the needles to scratch and make my upper body tingle. Before we finished she surprised me with her wand shoved right against my clit.

A first visit to remember.

A Testimonial – cruel nun role play

  • November 24, 2019

Huddersfield Mistress


Yet another utterly amazing session with the Elite, A-List Mistress V of Huddersfield.

I asked Mistress V to role play as a strict and severe nun, and I was gobmacked when I saw her in her nun’s uniform. The sexiest nun ever!

After a thorough pre-session chat, I was tied to her spanking bench and warmed up to get me into subspace before receiving a caning. Subspace is a wonderful phenomenon and Mistress V is an expert in getting you into subspace and keeping you there.

After the caning, Mistress V – still in the nun’s uniform – donned her strapon and gave me a long hard fvcking in front of a full length mirror, which she really enjoyed. I loved seeing the obvious delight in her beautiful face in the mirror as she used her strapon on me.

For some time, I have been discussing the possibility of doing enforced Hard Sports with Mistress V. I’d never done it before and never wanted to do it with anyone else, but I wanted Mistress V to have more power and control over me. We knew that I would need to be forced to do it, so Mistress V made me lay on the medical bench, wrapped me firmly from head to toe in cling film and cut an opening to allow my cock and balls to be exposed. I was totally helpless. Mistress V then shit straight into my mouth and burned my balls with a cigarette to force me to consume her scat. Beware! If you request enforced HS, Mistress V will enforce it. There is no escape.

This was a fantastic session, with Total Power Exchange. I got exactly what I asked for.

If you haven’t had a session with Mistress V, you haven’t lived.

A Testimonial – The Interrogation

  • November 4, 2019

I asked Mistress V to conduct an interrogation scenario, and to extract a confession from me then punish me after my admission of guilt.

Mistress V told me to strip and get into her stand-up cage. She then tied my hands outside the cage and asked me if I’d ever masturbated while looking at her photos. Actually, I have, but of course I denied it. Mistress then gagged me, explaining that she didn’t want me to be able to confess too quickly. Her laugh told me that I was about to be properly tortured, but that is what I’d requested.

Mistress V then tortured me with needles, clamps attached to my nipples and balls, with a cigarette on my cock, balls and nipples and by slapping my cock hard. Deep heat was applied to my cock and balls prior to the cigarette torture, which made the latter even more painful.

Mistress V seemed to instinctively know when I could take no more torture, and she then removed the gag and asked if I wanted to confess. She said that if I didn’t confess, there would be another 15 minutes of even more severe torture. I confessed!

My hands were then tied behind my back and I was let upstairs by a collar and lead, strapped to the bench and caned as punishment, firstly for masturbating while looking at Mistress V’s photos, and secondly for denying it.

I was then told to lay on the floor, and Mistress V emptied the contents of her bladder into my mouth, instructing me not to spill any.

Mistress V is an exceptionally intelligent, insightful Mistress, dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction. Our unhurried debrief after the session, over a cup of tea, covered the entire session, leaving no stone unturned.

What an amazing experience! In spite of the severity of the cigarette torture, there were no lasting marks. I can’t wait to go back for another session with Mistress V. A longer session next time.


  • October 26, 2019

Arrived for my two hour session feeling even more nervous than usual. During our previous session Mistress suggested introducing me to anal play. This was something that I had indulged in, and enjoyed, on a few occasions on a solo basis, but had never experienced with another person. It had been my birthday ( a fairly significant one) on the day before our session and I had suggested to Mistress that losing my anal virginity so to speak might be a memorable way to celebrate that milestone.

Soon after arriving I found myself strapped to the whipping bench and on the receiving end of a fairly hard hand spanking. This is a form of impact play which I particularly enjoy. Mistress spanks hard enough to really get my attention and put me in a submissive headspace, whilst the skin on skin contact makes it a more sensual/ intimate experience than when implements are used. Mistress then proceeded to use a variety of paddles, straps and tawses with some force, which soon had me drifting off into subspace. This part of the session ended with 30 cane strokes. I remembered the exact number because I was becoming quite alert and nervous as mistress reminded me several times during the caning that she would soon be taking my anal virginity.

Unsurprisingly I was very nervous when Mistress put the cane down and started to spread lube around my anus. Mistress clearly realised that being penetrated in this way was a really big deal for me and proceeded quite slowly and gently with her fingers, before moving on to a small plug, and finally a slightly larger dildo. As a result of Mistress’ skill and patience this was both an intense mental and also highly pleasurable experience.

For the final part of the session it was off to the medical room where I was soon lying on the bench with a blindfold in place. Mistress then proceeded to use an assortment of needles, electrical devices and a long sound to deliver a mixture of pain and pleasure to my cock and balls. This went on for some time, most of which was spent with me deep in subspace only vaguely aware of what Mistress was doing to me ay any specific point in time. Absolute magic!

As the needles etc. were being removed I started dropping out of subspace. Because the whole session had been particularly intense for me, the return from subspace provoked a noticeable physical reaction. Whilst I was recovering from this Mistress was very patient and attentive to my needs, ensuring that I was fully returned to the vanilla world before she let me leave to drive home.

Each visit to Mistress V seems better than the previous one. This session will certainly be remembered as a very special birthday treat.

Having had my first experience of anal play I can’t wait for our next session, at which time Mistress has promised that I will be on the receiving end of her strapon.

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