I’ll be back soon! A testimonial

  • May 20, 2024

I saw mistress Monday afternoon for 2hours of complete bondage.
I was met by friendly mistress showing me where to get ready before I had to crawl out to meet her.
First I was wrapped from head to toe in cling film completely unable to move before I was strapped down on the bench.
Restrained and gagged mistress started with hand spanking then onto the flogger. Enjoying my moans I think.
Next came the dildo into my ass opening me up before a good pounding.
Next I was moved to the bondage board stretched out tied down with rope wrapped in film completely helpless so good.
Mistress made me drink her Champaign before starting on my cock.
Sounding and electrics had me moaning and struggling with ecstasy.
Pushing me to take more sounds and loving every second.
Then milking me with electrics while some breath play to finish me off.
One amazing time. I’ll be back soon

Quenching my thirst – a testimonial

  • May 2, 2024

Kneeling before MistressV, my collar was fastened around my neck; peace and serenity ensued as i relished being home and in my happy place. How long would this calmness exist – ‘not long’ i expected and such was the case.

With cock and balls tightly bound with black cord, gentle fondling of my nipples by Mistress became more forceful squeezing and tugging, until they protruded far enough for Mistress to fasten a particularly sharp toothed clamp on each of them. Gasping and shuddering, Mistress’ calm voice helped me control the spasms running through my body. Temporary relief only as by tugging and twisting the clamps, the shudders re-commenced with the effects of the nipple torture on the lower parts of my anatomy being quite astounding.

Finally relenting, Mistress removed the clamps, the ensuing massage sending even more tremors down my spine as i was led to Mistress’ bench. Assuming the position, i was quickly strapped down as Mistress started spanking my exposed cheeks, gently at first but with increasing strength and vigour until the colour satisfied Mistress. The session continued with Mistress wielding first a flogger and then a paddle, raising my temperature and sensitising my posterior as i drifted off into subspace. A brief pause in the proceedings as Mistress exulted that i was to experience Her new Prison strap; Mistress may have exulted – my ass didn’t! It felt like the stinging of a cane but across a wide area and accompanied by a dull, deep thud as each stroke drove me further into subspace, trembling as each stroke landed with precision, trying to relax and take it for my Mistress.

Eventually Mistress ceased and i relaxed as i heard Her heels clacking across the floor of Her well-appointed dungeon. Misplaced relief – Mistress returned and swiftly clipped half a dozen clothes pegs on my ball sack. Ok i thought, i can stand this! What i didn’t expect was Mistress to produce her blue single tail whip and start tinkling the pegs with it – and here i thought pegging was something else! It didn’t matter whether Mistress hit the pegs or missed – my crown jewels caught the force of the whip regardless.

Tiring of this game, Mistress finally relented and released me before ordering me to stagger on wobbly legs to Her medical bench. Then ensued a prolonged session of estim with sounds and pin-wheel cock and ball torture. Mistress is a magician with these instruments, keeping me on the edge with the different sensations for an age. My already tender nipples were teased with the pin wheel, the combined sensation with the estim having me struggling to maintain my composure. Mistress soon fixed that – two needles crossing in each nipple soon had me forgetting what was happening at the other end of the couch! As i became more used to the feeling, Mistress gently manipulated the needles while continuing with the estim, bringing me back to the boil until, with more vigorous tweaking, calming things down again.

This prolonged part of the session eventually ended with Mistress deciding i was becoming dehydrated and generously providing what felt like a magnum of Grand Cru champagne, urging me not to spill any, which i managed to achieve with a great deal of effort.

Having quenched my thirst, Mistress rewarded me with the opportunity to worship her beautiful feet and legs, starting with each individual toe and slowly working up her shapely calves with my tongue and lips. Mistress had made sure that i knew my place, however – the needles still pierced my nipples and every movement of my arms and chest resulted in tingles running throughout my torso, an experience i was glad to accept for the honour of worshipping my Mistress.

And so ended a long session in the sparkling company of Mistress V – content in the knowledge that i once again had had the pleasure of Her scintillating company, sensuous laughter and had experienced Her skill at playing my body like a fine musical instrument.

An amazing wonderful mix of pleasure and pain

  • May 2, 2024

For a long time now I have harbored some fantasies that despite always being on my mind were never going to happen in my safe & ordered world..until today when Mistress V made it all a wonderful reality & then some.All of my little kinks such as watersports & full body worship became a glorious reality today & lots more besides. We had a chat first about my boundaries first & after that everything was fair game but never did i feel uncomfortable or distressed just an amazing wonderful mix of pleasure & pain which left me feeling incredible.

Thank you Mistress V

The WOW Factor! A Testimonial

  • February 12, 2024

I monitored mistress v for 4 months. Then I plucked up courage to go and visit. WOW as soon as I open the door stunning in leather. After a pre session chat on experience and thing. It’s was time to be her play thing was told to strip and crawl to her and kiss her leather boots. Then told to stand and I was tied in bonage bits and bobs aswell. Then onto bench were I was blindfold so could not see as 4 needles put threw nipples and my tied up cock tease for a while all in preparation for electric and rod to down my penis. All done skillful and laughing smiling face. When mistress had finish enjoying herself told to get on whipping bench were she start to punish my bum and tease it before finally delivering 50 stokes of the cane. Then back to kneel at bench with electrics and needles still attach mistress then laid on the bench and I was order to lick her boots clean as she whip my back then to lick her sweate armpits then to kiss her bum. When mistress was done she took of rope and electrics before taking out needles. Thought I finish but I was told to open my mouth and got to taste mistress spit. Finish. When both dress normally chat again about session are happiness and future session. Everything was amazing Mistress V stunning and a honor to serve. Yes I will be back to serve and obey her every command it a joy to be a slave in your expert hands thank you slave T

My first session with Mistress V

  • February 4, 2024

My first session with Mistress V and i certainly wasnt disappointed. Luckily for me, she is located a mere 8 miles from my home which is ideal.
Mistress was very welcoming with a short chat to find out what i wanted from the 2 hour session i had opted for. My kink is right restrictive bondage and soon i was strapped down to the whipping bench completely trussed up and helpless. More bondage followed with a bit of electrics and stimulation play. Mistress loved testing out what my boundaries are.
Her rope work is second to none and her years of experience show through with how good her bondage techniques are.
Loved my first session and will definitely be back for more

Mistress V is truly back! – a testimonial

  • July 28, 2023

My first visit to Mistress V since Her unfortunate accident. i had been concerned that Mistress should be fully recovered and didn’t want to jeopardise Her convalescence from the horrible injury. Having been fortunate enough to have sessioned with Mistress only a week before the accident, it seemed only considerate to ensure Mistress felt fully recovered before arranging to see Her once again.

In our pre-session chat Mistress assured me that She was well on the way to recovery and that i should relax and enjoy our session together, as that was Her intention.

And so, standing naked in front of Mistress in Her short black, low-cut slinky dress, the session started with Mistress securely binding my hands to my sides with a soft red rope, making sure the crown jewels were stretched out and upwards, before tightly binding them with another soft black cord. Placing a black hood over my head, Mistress applied a ‘gentle’ pair of nipple clamps. Mistress then started using Her doxy to stimulate nipples and crown jewels before removing the clamps and ordering me over to Her bench. Assuming the position (muscle memory is sometimes a wonderful thing), Mistress proceeded to redden my rump, starting with a hand-spanking before running through a range of Her toys – paddle, flogger, single-tail whip, broad belt and concluding with 25 strokes of Her new horse whip. On our last session, Mistress had left me with a fine set of stripes but relented this time due to the long interval since we last met.

Muscle memory was working overtime by now, throbbing with the effects of the horse whip, which Mistress assuaged somewhat with some gentle anal play. Eventually, it was time to move over to the medical bench where i was instructed to lie back and relax, Mistress with that mischievous grin and glint in Her eyes that said this was going to be anything but relaxing. Correct!! Mistress then produced those spiky nipple clamps that I’ve found hard to accept in the past. Mistress was determined i was going to wear them for Her and so i did, in a cold sweat as the points dug into my flesh and then harder as Mistress tugged on the chain joining them, producing at the same time a multi- wheeled pin wheel which was applied to the jewels, saying ‘this’ll take your mind off the nipple clamps’. How perceptive – i didn’t know whether i was in ecstasy or agony. By now i was trembling as the adrenaline and endorphins were coursing through my body, trembling with the triple points of sensation. Mistress relented and removed the clamps before massaging the nipples to restore the feeling – that was even more invigorating than the clamps themselves!

Ordered onto the floor, Mistress placed a funnel in my mouth and pronounced that i was to be the grateful recipient of Her Grand Cru and that i was not to waste any of it. This was a difficult task as my hands were still tightly strapped to my side and so it was through clenched teeth that i received Her blessing without spilling a drop.

Back onto the medical bench and Mistress lashed my feet to the bottom of the table, leaving me free to wriggle my upper body but not able to flail about. Producing a blindfold, Mistress cut me off from the outside world and i knew something was about to happen. It did, a needle through each of my already oversensitive nipples had me writhing and trembling; without my ankles being bound i think i’d have been up and out without bothering to collect my clothes on the way!

Mistress was kind enough to take my mind off the needles by attaching the loops of an estim unit around the jewels and gradually increasing the power to an exacting but pleasantly stimulating level. As Mistress went to remove the loops, Mistress had one last parting grin as the knob on the unit was cranked up, having me thrashing about for a few seconds of pure unadulterated terror as Mistress flashed Her eyes, grinned and switched the unit off.

What can i say! A superb session planned and orchestrated by Mistress, pressing all my buttons and without any sense of Her injury impacting on the quality of Her work. The scintillating, witty, mischievous Force of Nature that is Mistress V is truly back!!!

A mind blowing 2 hours

  • July 13, 2023

What a mind blowing two hours!

Being relatively new to sessioning, I met Mistress V having explored some aspects of femdom but with many activities that I wanted to try, for example watersports, anal play and being a human ashtray, being excited at the prospect of them but anxious of the reality. Mistress V, kindly but firmly, took the time to explore my fantasies and quite literally made them come true- two hours later, I’d been spat on, humiliated, fucked, drank Mistress’s champagne, swallowed her ash and, to conclude, been made to eat my own cum.

Liberating, incredibly sensual and truly exciting.

Holding my hand – a testimonial

  • July 13, 2023

I arrived at the given address earlier than expected so had time to ponder what I was going to happen I needn’t have worried mistress rang me and informed me where to go 30 seconds later I was at her door we had a bit of a discussion about my experiences likes and dislikes first impression was mistress was very beautiful without trying I was told to go get fucking ready mistress will call you when SHE’S ready and then come back on your hands and knees when called I crawled to her she had changed and looked magnificent (and imposing) she put a collar on me spat in my mouth tied up my cock and balls the told me in no uncertain terms that she was going to fuck me and fuck me she did and was clearly aware of my limitations but pushed me as far as possible mistress then told me I would be drinking from her and not to spill a drop or there would be consequences I don’t wish to show off but I totally took the full stream and licked up every last droplet then I was ordered by mistress to lick her arse nice and deep the next half hour is a bit of a blur so I won’t bore you trying to remember all that I can remember with great clarity is I asked mistress if she would hold my hand (I really don’t know where that came from) but she did and all I can say is I had the most earth shattering climax Ever mistress said in all her years she never saw so much cum which made me really quite proud of myself if you’ve never been to a mistress or if you’re looking for the best then you’re searching is over look no further mistress v is here to cater for ALL YOUR NEEDS

Rubber Fun – a Testimonial

  • July 4, 2023

I arrived at Yorkshire Mistress V premises and was blown away with the reception and the session was did not disappoint being forced to boot lick and bodyworship mistresses rubber, then tied to the lay down bench and teased. Looking up at her with mistress V in command. Let’s say I had a happy ending. I would recommend Mistress V as a genuine mistress in Yorkshire.

Dual Session – a Testimonial

  • April 12, 2023

knock on Mistress V’s door open the door dressed in jeans and a teeshirt and her arm in a sling walked in and was introduced to mistress lady Elizabeth who helps Mistress out when her arm gets better. to strip and slip on my sissy dress and wing and heels. Lady Elizabeth lock my dress and hands together and Mistress V made me walk around the dungeon floor and curtsy in front of her Lady Elizabeth’s mistress got whipped out and whipped my arse as waking around .
they instructed me to bend over where Mistress V lifted my dress and slipped nickers down Lady E strapped me to the bench as Mistress V pull out a carrot shape whisk and walked in front of me giggling saying you know where this going then walk back of me then told lady E to grab my pink cock gag and slip in me and strap it nice and tight b4 mistress V slip the carrot whisk up my cherry hole and then took photos and video slipping it in and out. Mistress V notice my branding looked faded so she ask Lady Elizabeth would like to rebrand me so took fresh sharp needles and redid the branding on my arse check .then came canning and strap time .once related was wrapped like a mummy and blindfolded me and ripped plastic rap to expose my nipples and cock and balls V used her good hand to slip needles though my nipples and lady E also help then more needles in my cock and balls then came V favourite thing to with needles a crown of thorns though my tip of cock then tens machine nice shocking time then mistress V went and got a nice fresh glass of amber nectar and lady E help me to drink it all up.
Then unwrapped and told to fuck the machine and wait for mistress V to sip the cock up my cherry hole and set it off as she sat on my back and paddled my arse checks b4 cranking the machine up higher after good fucking back on the bench for more arse punishment mistress V and LADY E took turns canning my arse until it was red and with strips.
Brilliant session with MISTRESS V and LADY Elizabeth can’t wait till next month

Pin cushion

Enforced hard sports with Mistress V – a testimonial

  • February 13, 2023

I arrived on time and called Mistress V and was ordered to get up the stairs and to knock on the door, I was welcomed in and the red toilet box was out ready for myself, mistress told me to get undressed as my breakfast was nearly ready, in no time my head was in the toilet box and my legs were bound and I was handcuffed, I was trapped, an estim was applied for only one reason to make sure I ate everything, the beautiful sight of mistresses derriere came down and sat on my face, ordered to open my mouth which I did obediently, mistress v shit straight in my mouth and told to chew as the estim was increased I chewed and swallowed then it was time for a drink, again mistress sat down and her champagne was delivered and drank down, I thought it was over but I wasn’t that lucky, my second course was ready and my mouth was full again, mistress ordered to chew, estim again was turned up and my nipples twisted until I’d eaten everything, eventually I was released and my next task was to clean mistress v’s gorgeous arse , I licked it clean while told to wank my cock, I came in my hand and as her toilet I licked it up and swallowed it as ordered xx as a reward mistress allowed me the pleasure of licking her beautiful pussy for a minute, I’ll definitely be back for breakfast again

Glass dildo up the rosebud – a testimonial

  • February 11, 2023

arrived at mistress V’s dungeon meet her outside with a big smile and handed mistress her coffee. walk into the dungeon pre-chat and showed off my new sissy dress and shoes and wing. mistress got ready and I got dressed full of new underwear and a lockable sissy p.v.c dress and slipped on my bubble gum pink shoes. mistress ordered me to walk around the floor and then ordered me onto the bench strap me down and handcuffed my hands together in the front bench lifted my dress and warmed my arse up by whipping and flogging. before slipping a glass dildo up my rosebud then came the cold hard steel hook slip up me and keep yanking it until I screamed. then untied me and made to crawl across the floor to worship mistress thigh black boots inc heels then insulted to get on the medical bench and tied me down unzip the dress slipped some nice long needles into my nipples then slipped the tens machine around my cock started zapping turning it up as well using the vibrator on needles in my nipple and twisting then mistress V got my piss glass cup and give a fresh glass of warm flavour coffee piss made drink all up then lick the table clean of her piss then crawl to the spanking bench and lick mistress V arse clean of her piss and sweet .

thank you

Mistress V

sissy humiliation – a testimonial

  • January 3, 2023

Mistress V sent the list to bring in before my next session, on the list was plastic adult plastic nappy and a pack of adult diapers and candles .so day came bag was back full of stuff inc my pink sissy dress and underwear, went to the coffee shop got mistress V coffee meet mistress outside. walk to the dungeon and have a friendly catch-up about life. Told strip and put on on nappy and plastic pants then mistress walk around my back cuffing my hands together then stuck 3 long needles into my nipples and rapping me up with tinsel and hanging xmas decks off the needles and lit the lit candles into my mouth and holding them as she whips my back with blue handle whip .after the whipping instructed to but my sissy dress inc underwear still got 6 needles in my nips then on my back mouth open to receive my 1st new year eve drink from V n bend over bench 2 round of whipping and fogging in my dress.
My dress was pulled up plastic pants and nappy pulled down then came banging in the new year with mistress V giving my cherry hole new year seeing to. Then on to the medical bench where lock-in and sounds and tens were used zapping my bits mistress pissed her blue lace panties and shoved them into my mouth then the gaffer taped it shut and told me to suck every drop of fresh piss out then as tuned up tens then mistress said she had Christmas gift mistress took the nappy and filled with fresh new eve wine and told me I got we were it until home and sent mistress a photo just make sure I would get cheat she tape 5 times around my wast make sure it says in place until home .mistress told me to get dressed and then knee to finish off the fresh wine and clean the bottle as well.
Mistress drop me off at the train station but the train was cancelled again walk to the bus station got my bus home still sat in piss nappy under the bus home 3 buses later got home sent mistress V a photo and then told that could remove it.

Thanks, Mistress V
See you soon for more twist fun
Sissy pin cushion

A highly addictive Mistress – a Testimonial

  • December 30, 2022

I like to be made to do hard sports, but only with a Mistress who genuinely enjoys it and isn’t only doing it for the money. For a while now I’ve been seeking a hardsports aficionado; someone who loves doing it. I spent a while looking at Mistress V’s tweets and the blogs and pages of her website and Eureka! On several occasions, Mistress V has said that of all the things she does, hard sports is her favourite. Furthermore, she has no difficulty enforcing it if that is what the client requests.

So I made an appointment with Mistress V, asking for enforced hard sports and being her human toilet paper, with punishment for failing to clean Mistress perfectly.

The stunningly beautiful Mistress V was ready for me when I arrived. After a thorough and very professional pre-session discussion, I was tied VERY thoroughly and securely to a body board with my head under Mistress’s toilet chair. Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards the toilet chair, having collected a variety of painful looking implements to use on me to make me consume her waste, should enforcement be necessary. Indeed, enforcement was very necessary. Mistress V had already made it crystal clear that because I had asked for enforced hard sports, once I was tied into place there would be no going back. It probably took half an hour, using a combination of ‘encouragement’ and severe pain, for me to consume it all. It was then washed down with what i thought would be a never ending stream of Mistress’s pee. Mistress laughed as I quickly guzzled it down.

The next part was for me to use my tongue to clean Mistress V; to be her human toilet paper. It had already been made clear to me that if I wanted to be her living toilet paper, the consequences of not cleaning her properly would be severe. I decided to take the risk and I thought I’d done a good job, but after I’d finished my cleaning task, Mistress checked herself with toilet paper and found I’d missed a bit.

I was told to clean myself up then tied to the spanking bench and given a flogging to warm me up then a severe caning. Well I’d been warned and I will make sure to do a better job next time!

What a fantastic session! Mistress V has everything. She is searingly beautiful, an expert Mistress and highly intelligent; a perfect combination for a perfect session.

If you want hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress for you. And if you don’t want hard sports – something mild perhaps – Mistress V is still the Mistress for you.

Those of you who have not had a session with Mistress V do not know what you are missing. Beware though! Mistress V is highly addictive. I guarantee you’ll never want to session with anyone else.

slave p

Humiliation & Degradation – a Testimonial

  • December 12, 2022

I came to visit Mistress V with an idea of what she was going to do with me, so I was quite nervous. I have a kink for wearing nappies so she demanded I arrive wearing one under my clothes, which was so humiliating. I was really worried I would someone would notice as I was walking to the session.
Mistress V, gorgeous as ever, made me strip and informed me she had taken a shit on plate several minutes ago. She then told me she was going to put me in tight bondage.
Picking up the plate of shit she made me unfasten my nappy and shoved some of the shit into the back with force, so it stuck to me. I then fastened my nappy up again,then she wrapped very strong tape around the nappy under it was so tight and I knew I’d have a problem taking it off, before she picked up some black plastic wrap she started wrapping it around my body, tighter and tighter. She guided me to her bondage bench where I lay down. She then tightly strapped me down with both ropes and chains until I literally couldn’t move. Then she wrapped the plastic around my head just leaving my nose and mouth free. I started to panic.
“Open your toilet mouth”. I open and she pushed the remaining shit in my mouth, and it was a lot. She then quickly taped up my mouth so I couldn’t spit it out. “The tape is not coming off your mouth until the chew and swallow the shit”. Oh god, now I started to wriggle and realised I couldn’t move or speak. She added more layers of tape to make it even worse.
10 minutes later I managed to chew a swallow a lot of her divine waste and she eventually free’d my mouth, said I’d done a very good job. I was being unstrapped and cut free.
Just when I thought the session had ended Mistress made me lie on the floor and put a funnel in my mouth, before making me swallow her gorgeous piss.
She then, as a final humiliation, sent me home wearing my nappy containing her shit. I had to cut myself out of it.
This is best session I’ve ever had. Each time with Mistress V is even better than the last.

Farts for Christmas – a Testimonial

  • December 4, 2022

the session started with a hug and handed mistress v her venti coffee after a nice catch-up. I was ordered to strip and slip into my pink sissy dress as my mistress was getting ready I was then insured to lie on the floor open up to receive fresh piss then time ordered to lie on the medical bench to receive an enema mistress made me take a full bottle before a ran into the bathroom in my heels, next was back on the floor second round of fresh piss extra this time mistress sat my face and dropped three sink farts into my open mouth as mistress punched and twisted my ball sack hard then ordered me over the bench to get good shag with mistress strap on .then mistress said its time to get rebranded again since fist on as now faded mistress strapped me down with staps nice tight and preceded to carved her initials into my pink flesh arse with an extra long sharp needle then came whipping and spaning sore arse . was released and retied upright and gagged with gaffer tape front of the dress was pulled down and slipped four needles into each nipple then zap me with a shock kife before making sucking my blood from her glove. after removing the needles made round three of hot fresh pee on my back then used to worship the bum before the second round sink farts into my face…

thanks, mistress V

A Testimonial from slave Esmeralda

  • December 4, 2022

I arrived in the car park awaiting to see Mistress. To my delight a message get up here now of course I almost run up the stairs to be greeted by Mistress get undress slave then get over the bench , you been naughty 4lb gained that’s 2 strokes A lb of everything I have Mistress said as I was secured a gag was fitted and then Mistress counted every stroke I believe was 4 or 5 items as subspace took over me .as Mistress released me now remember slave everything you put in your mouth is it worth the strokes of 2 per lb now on your knees worship my nylons feet I was hooded but my mouth went to work on Mistress lovely feet massage them as I went to work on them . Next I was told to go over to the medical bench once secured I couldn’t move a inch blindfold fold on Mistress used electric on my cuck I couldn’t See what Mistress done but wow was in fantasy land it was bliss believe me Mistress done some breath control with Mistress clothed hand wow what a sensation I was in heaven Esmeralda belongs to Mistress V as I com thank you Mistress xxx

Owned by Mistress V – a testimonial

  • November 19, 2022

I could not believe my eyes Mistress in a black shiny dress wow should all Mistress curves wow . I walked in and we had a chat about guess what lol . I was asked to get undress which I did Mistress came into the room with pvc rap and it was not long before my arms were bound to my sides unable to move where Mistress guided with on to the bench once I was laying down Mistress wrapped my feet and legs but my cuck was showing to attention though the wrap exposed to the air then Mistress got some tape around my feet legs torso I wasent going anywhere well then came a cuck ring which opened and shut which yes it hurt a bit then came a long bit of metal which Mistress expertly went inside my cuck wow strange bit painful but then came the pleasure wow next came the spiked wheel running up and down my cuck that was painful in which said enough and was cut out of the wrap god was I hot in there . Over the spanking bench slave punishment time I could not see what Mistress was useing but it hurt and I cried out right said Mistress and Mistress peeded in front of me and then Mistress took her knickers of into the mouth slave stop you crying out and the punishment continued on my backside . Not sure what Mistress used but it hurt right said Mistress enough time to feel my cuck Mistress massaged my bum with lube then came Mistress cuck in it went I was told it was a small 1 ok I am not sure with that Mistress untied me and told me to lay down on the bondage bench and was handcuffed and then Mistress used electric on my cuck Mistress kept turning it up and down waves of enjoyment believe me . Mistress has renamed me it is Esmeralda Mistress V wimp and yes I am a wimp . We had a chat afterwards and Mistress has a pleasant personality out of session but in it so dominant but never once shouting can’t wait until next session Esmeralda xxx

A strenuous rogering

  • November 15, 2022

Mistress answered the door wearing a short, black halter top dress that displayed Her fabulous figure to full advantage.

After our pre-session chat, the details of which excited me greatly as it covered several of my interests, i was instructed to prepare and present myself to Mistress in the main playroom. Mistress produced a new set of wrist, neck and ankle restraints that i hadn’t experienced before and soon my ankles and wrists were shackled together with a chain linking the two sets, restricting my freedom of movement. To complete the ensemble Mistress produced a soft black cord which was used to tightly bind my cvck and scrotum. The feeling of tight constraint was quite delicious.

Now totally immobile, Mistress teased and twisted my nipples before fixing nipple clamps to them. Then as they began to bite, Mistress diverted my attention by running a pin wheel up and down my shaft and across my head, producing an instantaneous response despite the bindings. Some gentle teasing was followed up by much more robust contact with Mistress’ ‘slave’ paddle. Mistress then produced a set of ball weights which were attached to my ball sack with a long-handled clamp, before being asked to swing them.

Satisfied with my reaction i was instructed to assume the position and hobbled over to Mistress’ bench, where i was swiftly secured with the shackling around my feet coupledwith the normal calf and thigh straps giving a feeling of total immobility. A sound spanking from Mistress’ fair hand was followed by precision strokes with a satisfying crack as Mistress elegantly placed the tip of Her single tail whip across my pinkly glowing backside.

Still strapped down, and drifting nicely in subspace, Mistress applied plenty lube before starting to slowly stretch my man-pussy before slowly inserting Her cvck until it was fully inserted. It had been a while, but with Mistress usual care and attention to safety there was no pain – only an increasing sense of pleasure as the pace was slowly picked up until Mistress was giving me a strenuous rogering; introducing a vibrator into the mix really increased the pleasure factor. However, as Mistress would contend, there can be no pleasure without pain. The balance of pain/pleasure switched in an instant as Mistress withdrew Her cvck and started flexing Her cane with the smile that says, ‘Now here’s the pain’. I’m not a fan of the cane and Mistress knows it but i do like to give something in a session as well as receive – so i contribute my ass as a canvas for Mistress to be able to paint stripes on with Her cane. In the past, I’ve managed 30 strokes of a lightweight cane, but today was 12 strokes of what felt like a more substantial wand. The soothing hand in between each stroke was blissful but trepidation for the next stroke only increased my feeling of dread and pure unadulterated hatred of the bamboo plant. At that point Mistress stood back and admired the stripes so accurately placed across the flesh, all nicely spaced and evenly distributed.

My next, much more pleasurable task was to struggle down to my knees and role onto my back in preparation for a long refreshing drink of Mistress’ finest vintage. Not a drop was wasted.

All too soon, my visit to Mistress V came to an end. i still haven’t reached the point where i think the experience has plateaued – in fact each session generates a desire to go further and harder to please Mistress. Complete novice or seasoned slave, Mistress V will take you as far as you feel able to go plus maybe that little bit further than you thought you could manage. Mistress V is a totally Professional Dominatrix – put your fears aside as you enter Her chamber but do be prepared for some surprises which will only enhance your experience of this totally amazing, attractive Mistress.

Total submission – a testimonial

  • November 5, 2022

I was shaking as I opened the door to Mistress dungeon although have done it many times before was still nervous but first time in about 5 years . I entered to find such a beautiful sexy lady standing there , well Mistress soon had me chatting away relaxing me , we talked about 10 mins or so . I was then told to get undress which I did Mistress asked me to get over to the bench and legs apart and chest resting on the top Mistress soon had me secured some spanking soon started on my backside bum could feel it getting warm and hot the cane soon followed ouch it hurt Mistress put a gag on me I had asked for this before hand it’s part of of it I wanted the power exchange to feel submissive to Mistress anyway Mistress decided was time to play with my bum Mistress used plenty of lubricant and Mistress went to work on my bum don’t know how many fingers it hurt to start of with then become enjoyable then came the strap on yes it hurt at first then it became enjoyable after a time I was really feeling submissive but liking this feeling . Mistress decided to undo from this and ordered me over to bondage couch when day ordered Mistress never shouted but always dominant, I was soon bound in place gagged blindfolded ear muffs on to increase my other senses next came some nipple clamps I found them painful but enjoyable Mistress put a electric on my cock wow that was nice followed by some breathe play which I liked anyway my cock was alive I was alive Mistress took the blindfold of and ear muffs as I looked at Mistress wow felt the submission to this Mistress I played with my cock and soon exploded Mistress untied me so ended 1 st visit but we talked for a little while not only this wonderful Mistress has a good personality to chat to out of session so pleased to have found my Mistress xxx

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