My new sub

  • July 18, 2023

My new sub arrived at the given time , after having our pre-session chat I have lots of ideas . Once it was undressed and in my playroom I tie it’s hans behind it’s back , I then order it to bend over , once it was fully bent over I insert a butt plug and order it over my bench , it did mention it loved pain , hehe not as much as I like to give it . I strap him down to the bench ,spanking his arse cheeks , I think I’ll use my flogger and straps before I start with the dressage whip , I was in my element once I was warmed up , my sub was deep into sub space taking each and every stroke well , before I move onto the cane . It did also mention that it didn’t take to well with the can but I soon convinced him , you don’t have a chioce take it because I’ll make you take it and once I’ve finished with you , you are going to be hooded gagged and forced to smoke before holding a piece of my shit in your mouth while it’s taped up , I’m the one in control do you understand ! With a nod it takes 15 which was pushing its limits but he managed them. It wasn’t long before it was on its knees in front of me whimpering because it knew it was time for the shit test ! Lol Open your mouth wide , popping a piece of poo into its mouth I tape it up and good him , laughing as I tell it , it’s got to hold it there until the end of the session which was 10 mins , I was prodding and poking it’s taped mouth trying to make it swallow some , once I saw it gulp , it started to gag , I remove the tape and order it to the bathroom . As soon as he was back in the room I order it to lay on the floor and finish its self off whilst I peed all over its face . Awesome session for the both of us

Fantastic impact play session

  • February 1, 2023

Fantastic session today with a regular sub of mine . Impact play !
When my sub first came to me he was only into spanking and the strap but as the years have progressed he has since moved onto the more harder implements such as the cane and the bull whip . I ordered a new dressage whip which came last week and was so excited to use it today in our session .
Once naked he was bound to my bench , starting with spanking his cheeks medium to hard as I really needed to warm them as today was all about the impact play .
Bottom warmed I begin to use a small slim black leather strap before moving onto the larger brown leather strap and tawse .
He was deep into subspace at this point which meant he was now ready for the new whip , lightly tapping the skin before pulling my arm back for the hard strokes , the sound it makes as it whistles through the air is fantastic then the crack onto the skin , Wow I loved it as did my sub , telling me yes more mistress more , Stopping every now and then to massage the now very hot cheeks , I was so impressed with his efforts and how much he was now taking for me . I decide to switch it up as I really wanted him to stay in this zone , Next up the cane , 20 strokes of medium to hard before returning back to the whip , I wanted to finish with this 20 strokes of the dressage whip , giving him a good rub down with oil after , his bottom was the perfect picture , rosie red with lots of welts . Happy mistress Happy sub . See you once you’ve healed x

Parts of the session can be seen at https://loverfans.com/yorksmistressv

Total submission – a testimonial

  • November 5, 2022

I was shaking as I opened the door to Mistress dungeon although have done it many times before was still nervous but first time in about 5 years . I entered to find such a beautiful sexy lady standing there , well Mistress soon had me chatting away relaxing me , we talked about 10 mins or so . I was then told to get undress which I did Mistress asked me to get over to the bench and legs apart and chest resting on the top Mistress soon had me secured some spanking soon started on my backside bum could feel it getting warm and hot the cane soon followed ouch it hurt Mistress put a gag on me I had asked for this before hand it’s part of of it I wanted the power exchange to feel submissive to Mistress anyway Mistress decided was time to play with my bum Mistress used plenty of lubricant and Mistress went to work on my bum don’t know how many fingers it hurt to start of with then become enjoyable then came the strap on yes it hurt at first then it became enjoyable after a time I was really feeling submissive but liking this feeling . Mistress decided to undo from this and ordered me over to bondage couch when day ordered Mistress never shouted but always dominant, I was soon bound in place gagged blindfolded ear muffs on to increase my other senses next came some nipple clamps I found them painful but enjoyable Mistress put a electric on my cock wow that was nice followed by some breathe play which I liked anyway my cock was alive I was alive Mistress took the blindfold of and ear muffs as I looked at Mistress wow felt the submission to this Mistress I played with my cock and soon exploded Mistress untied me so ended 1 st visit but we talked for a little while not only this wonderful Mistress has a good personality to chat to out of session so pleased to have found my Mistress xxx

Everything I’d hoped for and more

  • October 19, 2022

It’s fair to say I was a little bit nervous when meeting mistress v for the first time despite having served a few mistress’s before but she very quickly put me at ease. We started with a short chat to guage my likes and limits and it was good to see her enthusiasm for my likes as well.

I started by getting undressed and presenting myself to mistress v and she proceeded to bind my cock and balls with my arms behind my back every now and then giving them a playful slap. She enjoyed trying out a variety of clamps on my nipples as well which brought me closer to sub space.

From there she led me to her caning bench to which I was bound with my ass presented to mistress. She enjoyed pushing my impact play limits working up from her hands to the cane. There were more moments where I felt I might not be able to take it but she always brought me back to sub space at the right moment. After my ass was spanked to its limit, mistress delighted in stretching my hole and fucking me with a variety of toys. She brought me right to the edge of having a sissygasm but kept me holding on.

By this point mistress needed to pee so I was ordered to lie down with my mouth open as she stood over and unleashed her delicious stream into my mouth for which I happily drank every drop.

Next I was chained to her table with her doxy chained against my cock and I was allowed to lick her beautiful ass as she sat on my face. It tasted amazing and I wish she had needed to fart at that moment as I would have inhaled it with pleasure too, hopefully next time. I was in luck though as she needed to pee again and I was only too happy to drink it up once again.

As I had served mistress v well I was fortunate enough to be allowed to then worship her wonderful body. Starting with her feet and working all the way up to her armpits I enjoyed every scent and taste of her gorgeous body.

To finish the session I was once again laid on the table and was this time introduced to e-stim of which I am a complete novice. I was surprised at the feeling and am glad that I had an experienced mistress to guide me through it to make it such and enjoyable experience.

My time with mistress v was everything I had hoped for and more and I certainly hope to return as soon as I can.

Happy slave, happy Mistress

  • October 19, 2022

What a fantastic 3 hour session with a new client today , On his arrival we had a brief chat , he told me his likes and dislikes and was soon in the playroom naked , excited and ready to please his mistress .
Tying his cock with a long piece of red rope I then begin to tie the his balls separating them then bringing the rope under his arse and around each leg making sure my rope sits nicely under his arse cheeks his ready for the butterfly sleeve , I love this method as it really does restrain the arms behind the back . I walk around my slave ,teasing him by lightly pulling and pinching his nipples with the noises coming from his mouth I knew he would love to have my nipple clamps hanging from them , I was right he loved them . I loved watching his face as I pulled each one he would gasp. Leading him over to the spanking bench arms still restrained I didn’t need to strap him down he was going nowhere lol . The spanking begins until his cheeks are glowing before moving onto my bullwhip watching him jump with each stroke amuses me . What are you going to be like when i’m caning you ? Not long before we find out . Using my thin cane I start of lightly as he doesn’t want welts and continue with the light strokes until I order him of the bench , I untie his arms and tighten the cock and ball rope . Now get on the floor and open your mouth , Standing over him I order him wider open your mouth wider !
He drank every drop off without spilling any . Moving over to the bondage board . I chain him down telling him I control when he breaths he was just about to nod and I was using his face as my seat 🤣 Attaching the estim to his cock . He never had electrics before and was so glad he did . I didn’t want him to cum I wanted to keep him completely on the edge . Before it was time for him to worship me making sure he never left a single part of me out .
Happy with his worshipping I increase the level of the estim he was blown away with the orgasim are he had . He was a very happy slave and i’m a very happy mistress . 😈

Fantastic 2 hour CP session

  • September 23, 2022

What a fantastic session , 2 hours of corporal punishment. One of my favourite sessions .
Slave arrived at the agreed time , he has been coming for sessions for over 4 years but this morning he surprised me , asking if I can push his caning limits higher . Of course I say grining get yourself naked and in front of my bench when I call you .
Calling him through to the playroom I order him over the bench , Strapping him down tightly . I start by giving a lengthy hand spanking making sure his arse cheeks are a bright red before I begin with my flogger , taking my time to ensure he feels every stroke , I then begin with the strap my soft brown leather strap ,which leaves some lovely welts . Making sure my slave has a very good warm up before I start with the more serious implements .The cane .
Giving 50 strokes of mild to hard throughout . My slave was deep into subspace a place where he can take more for his mistress a place that makes us both happy , He was well and truly taking more than he’d ever taken in the past , What a treat it was to see all those beautiful stripes so accurately marked across his arse . Happy slave , Happy mistress

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