Wrestling Session

  • April 28, 2018

My wrestling Slave arrived this morning, script in hand .. with how he’d like to beat me in today’s match, with me submitting!! Not a chance! Get undressed and show me these new moves!!

Once undressed he came into the playroom, Round one! Before he could blink I tripped him over, as soon as he hit the floor I was on top of him suffocating him with my bottom sat on his face, didn’t take long for his 1st submission. Get up!!

I then got him in a head lock, he can’t move now hehe, kneeing him in the balls.. 2nd submission.

Moving him now onto the penis pillory, once his cock is secured I blindfold him. Without warning I pour hot wax over his tiny pathetic cock which takes him to his 3rd submission, so much for beating me hey!
I now have to get him to submit with electrics for the final match! Lie down!! Attaching the cock loops around one ball and his cock I’m getting excited as I love electrics I didn’t wait to build him up I turned the power on to max, penis gagging him to stop his whimpering.

Safe to say I won the match as I usually do, and as a reward I sent him home in a pair of my pissy knickers. He’ll be back because in his tiny mind he thinks that one day he’s going to beat me… Never!!

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