Hard Sports

My new human toilet

  • February 18, 2024

Fantastic session this morning with a new human toilet .
It has tried hardsports before but not to the extent of my shits worth lol . After a brief chat , I order him to change while I set up the bondage board and toilet box ready to cuff him down once he was ready . You need to be a bit quicker shit face i’ve held my shit in for you all fuckin morning now get on my bondage board and get your fucking head in the box !! Because id been holding it in for so long I was ready for exploding and my did I , splattering straight down onto his face it goes everywhere , crouching down with my gloved hands I begin to smear it all over his face , its response was its VIle , I couldn’t help but laugh , what on earth did you think it was going to taste like shit breath , laughing more I tell it , it has to stay in that shitty state until I say other wise , I then order it to turn over onto alls fours pushing its butt pmug deep into its arse while it played with its cock , exploding into its hand I order it to eat , clean your hands you filthy shit eating pig , clean it and then go and clean yourself off , you fucking stink , passing him the toiletries. once he was showered and ready for catch up , he said it was absolutely amazing to share some of my waste , he will be back

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