Needle Play

Pink Cock Sucking Lips

  • February 20, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session spent with my pain slut Davina.

On her arrival we had a brief chat she tells me she has 3 bottles of poppers and wants to be forced to get high (intoxicated) I love the thought of getting her high with the gas mask on. Once the chatting is offer I pass her some fishnet stockings a red and black thong, finishing it off with a black and white maids outfit with red wig. Going through my make up bag I find a nice shaded pink lipstick, applying it thickly I tell her to smack her lips together and pout! “look at your cock sucking lips slut. She goes up to the mirror she loves the way she looks, transformed into my slut, my property, I own this bitches arse.

I attach nipple clamps to her nipples pulling them now and then, laughing at her wincing face, take it slut! Like your going to take all my cocks that i’ve set out for you, pointing at the fuck bench I order her over it, strapping her down, I pull the dress over her bottom and begin to spank it not to hard to start with I like to gradually increase the intensity before moving onto my whips, she doesn’t normally like the whip but today she seems to be taking a lot more than usual. I finish her punishment of with a good caning before I move her to the medical bench.

She loves needle play especially in the nipples I insert two in each nipple then attaching nipple clamps over the top of the needles this drives her wild and she begs for my estim, once attached I increase the level of the estim and play with her tortured nipples it’s not long before she’s exploding, I make her clean up the mess and send her on her way. Threatening her with a crown of thorns on her next visit 😈😈😈

Fantastic session with enforced hard sports included

  • January 1, 2022

Hard Sports Mistress

I’ve had many sessions with Mistress V. On several occasions I’ve discussed the idea of enforced hard sports with her and I asked her to spring it on me when I least expected it, and not to be allowed to back out. Scary stuff, for me anyway. Today was the day!

The session started with impact play, using a flogger to get me into subspace, something Mistress V excels at. Moving into the cane then the sjambok. Impact play with Mistress V is a wonderful experience. I used to hate caning but with Mistress V, I love it.

Then I was treated to foot worship and bottom worship. Mistress V has the most delectable derrière.

We then moved onto needle play, with needles being pushed through my nipples and into my cock. Being able to look at Mistress V’s exquisitely beautiful face while she sticks pins into me is one of life’s best possible experiences. By prior arrangement, Mistress V also scratched her initials onto my chest with a needle. Such an honour!

I’d booked a 2 hour session, and the 2 hours was up, so when Mistress V released me from the medical bench I assumed the session was over. Nope! Mistress ordered me to lay on the bodyboard next to the toilet box. I was scared. I knew what was going to happen but when Mistress V gives me an order, I’m totally powerless to resist. I was VERY firmly attached to the bodyboard with rope then Mistress V used me as her toilet, using a lighted cigarette on my balls to make me consume. It was a very difficult experience but I’d requested it. Bear in mind that if you ask Mistress V for enforced hard sports, it will be enforced! In fairness, she does make that crystal clear to you in advance. I now realise that being able to consume anything that has been inside Mistress V is an honour and a privilege. I feel genuinely owned now and I love it.

It will be obvious to you that with Mistress V, there’s no clock watching. You get what you pay for and more. You get a positively life enhancing experience. There’s no-one like her.

Needle Play Mistress

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