Nervous Newcomer – a Testimonial

  • October 3, 2022

As a relative newcomer to the BDSM scene and quite nervous, I was unsure which Mistress to book a session with.  I agonised over choosing a Mistress for a long time. I wasn’t even sure of my own limits but I wanted to session with a Mistress who would push my limits without going over the top. I already know that requires a very high level of intelligence and perception from the Mistress. Then I saw Mistress V’s blog posts about nervous newcomers.

Although Mistress V’s chambers are a 140 mile round trip for me, I decided that a fantastic session is worth travelling for, so I rang Mistress V to book a session. Mistress V has a very friendly demeanour over the phone and that put me at ease.

What a godsend Mistress V is! Her emotional intelligence and empathy are probably peerless. She knows how to press the right buttons and she scrutinises your responses to ensure you experience the maximum pleasure from every aspect of the session. The pre session chat is comprehensive. No stone is unturned in the pursuit of pleasure. I won’t go into the minutiae of the session because your BDSM interests won’t be the same as mine, but I will tell you that Mistress V’s beauty, eroticism, expertise and dedication to her craft create the perfect atmosphere and ecosystem for the perfect session. Depending on your reaction, Mistress V goes from calm to tempestuous to serene to passionate, but is always in control of her emotions and yours. Mistress V is a relentless whirlwind of sensual BDSM.

I showered after the session and Mistress V asked me to let her know when I arrived home safely. A nice touch.

Whether you are a nervous newcomer or highly experienced, you must session with Mistress V. I can’t wait to go back!


A blog for Nervous Newcomers

  • September 30, 2022

Huddersfield Mistress V

Once in a while I write a blog to remind nervous newcomers that there is in fact no reason to be nervous. BDSM and FemDom do not have to involve pain. I enjoy the very sensual side of FemDom.

Before our session takes place, we will have an in-depth discussion about the things you enjoy and what you would like to achieve through our session. Your limits will be respected and our session will evolve based on your reactions during our session.

It is not uncommon for newcomers to BDSM to over-fantasise.  By that, I mean they request things that are extreme, then on the day of the session they realise they won’t be able to take that severe cold caning or do the hard sports they’ve fantasised about. Rather than cancel the session, come and talk to Me and we will tone the session down to something we will both enjoy and appreciate. Nothing is set in stone and I am seriously good at recognising and playing within your limits. You are allowed to change your mind before or during our session. Remember that ultimately this is about our mutual pleasure and satisfaction. With Me, both are guaranteed.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  Don’t waste it.

Mistress V

My sissy trainee

  • September 15, 2021

My cock sucking trainee arrived very nervous, avoiding eye contact I order it to sit, “Tell me slut are you are anal virgin?” replying with a nod. Not for long.Passing my new slut her outfit I order her to strip.

She looks sexy with her long legs encased in some fishnet tights red basque, wig and high heels, finishing her off with bright red lipstick, Perfect now put your shoes on and show me how gracious you can look while walking in them.

Teaching her how to walk like a slut was easy she soon pulled it off, walking around my chambers curtsying every now and then. Lining all my cocks on the floor I tell her to lie on her stomach and crawl to the first cock she’d like to be fucked with, Crawling over to the smallest she begins to suck it without touching it with her hands I then tell her to move onto the next size doing as she’s told she picks the black cock, Suck it slut!!

She’s soon over my bench taking the cock she first picked enjoying every motion taking it deeper and deeper, You’ll be in front of that fuck machine soon begging for it to fuck you.

I unstrap her leading her to the machine, Look at that cock your going to get on your knees and take that cock before I allow you any kind of worship be it shoe foot or arse, I want to watch you being fucked 😈😈 having never experienced any of these delights she was in ecstasy riding it what ever speed I set it to, I was impressed!! Clean yourself up slut it’s time for some cbt fun up you get! I want you over there on that bench pointing to the medical bench, using the bungee ropes I bind her down then attaching the e-stim setting it to throb and my did it’s cock dance until it could hold it no more he was soon cumming, he will soon be cumming again for more training

Intelligent, empathetic Domination at its finest

  • April 29, 2021

For some time I’ve been searching for a highly intelligent and empathetic Mistress who understands my need to be dominated and humiliated without too much pain and also ensuring my health and safety are cared for. Having avidly read through Mistress V’s blogs, testimonials and tweets I realised that she is indeed highly intelligent.

I felt genuinely honoured and privileged to be able to spend time with and session with Mistress V.

Although I’d emailed Mistress V a list of my likes and hard limits we had a very thorough pre session chat. Others have pointed out that Mistress V leaves no stone unturned and that is very true. I was taken aback by her meticulous preparation for our session and filled with absolute confidence before we’d even started.

As soon as the session began, Mistress V stamped her authority by instructing me to open my mouth and swallow the spit that she spat into my mouth. This happened frequently throughout the session and I absolutely loved it.

I was locked into the stand up cage and nipple clamps were used on me. They weren’t too fierce but created exactly the right amount of pain. Nettles were then brushed against my cock and balls. This took me by surprise but it was a lovely surprise, again causing exactly the right amount of pain, made more enjoyable by Mistress V’s smile and peals of laughter.

I was taken out of the cage and made to wear a rubber hood connected via a tube to Mistress V’s rubber knickers. Mistress V peed into the knickers and the pee ran down the tube into my mouth, forcing me to drink it as it came through. I really loved this and hope to experience it again in the future. I have no doubt that mistress V will make it happen because she enjoyed it too.

I was then allowed to worship Mistress V’s beautiful feet and suck her toes while looking at her beautiful face.

During the session, Mistress V farted into my mouth several times,  such an intensely humiliating yet enjoyable experience.

After the foot worship I was instructed to sit in the sling and Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards me wearing a strapon. I thought this would hurt me too much but I was wrong. Mistress used plenty of lube and started gently, ensuring I was always sexually aroused. Mistress f*cked me with the strapon, gently at first, then harder, clearly enjoying herself and occasionally spitting into my mouth while she f*cked me. I have to say that being taken by Mistress V’s strapon was my best ever experience and the session was far and away the best session I’ve ever had.

If you seek a Mistress who takes the time to fully understand you and who takes the care to ensure your total satisfaction, look no further than Mistress V. This is intelligent and empathetic domination at its finest.

A nervous newcomer

  • December 10, 2020

After a short discussion on the phone the booking was made for the following day .
fur fetish
My new client explained that he was quite shy and has never visited a mistress before .
With a tap at the door I let him in .
Physically shaking I tell him to follow me up the stairs, don’t be scared I won’t hurt you .
He’d brought a big bag in with him I had no idea what was in it , putting my fur jacket on I order this quivering wreck on his knees , he then tells me to look in the bag
Opening the bag I was excited to see what was in side .
The most beautiful fur coat I had ever seen
Will you take this mistress it’s a gift
With that the new furs on and my slave is back on his knees at my booted heel
I want you to worship my boots before I allow you to worship this fine exquisite fur
Trying his best to please mistress with his boot licking I order him to lick the hem of the coat
Stand up !
I will allow you to smell it , Inhale the beautiful scent
Walking behind him I smother him with my arms . Smell it , Stroke it ,Lick it.When he finished I notice the hem is wet .

Your going over my knee slave i’m going to spank you for getting my beautiful coat wet with your saliva
Over my knee and giving him a light spanking as it is his first time after all .
After 5 slaps he informs me that he’s cum in his pants
I couldn’t help it mistress , it was the fur the boots your spanking .
Get dressed
Not so nervous now are you slave .
Great session for a first timer
See you next week 😈

A Testimonial from a nervous newcomer

  • June 30, 2020
Went to see mistress as a newbie was nervous knock on the door got a warm welcome sat down and talked about what I wanted to try if I didn’t like something just say she said went next room stripped waited mistress walked. In short skirt nice we did rope play then anal was surprised how much I could take then did a bit of watersport great then my first time with sounds what a feeling  will come again to try other things I was very nervous but once though that door was made to feel safe and friendly she will listen and take her time with you very unrushed will try. Other things out even when she said will let some slaves fuck you would even be willing to do that  just take that first move and you’ll never regret it 

Advice to newcomers from a mature, experienced submissive

  • January 16, 2019

I am not a newcomer to BDSM or to enjoying sessions with professional Mistresses. I’ve been enjoying BDSM for more than 40 years.

I do remember being a newcomer all those years ago though. I remember – with some shame – making an appointment with a Mistress and not showing up because I was too nervous about being tied up by a complete stranger. I remember telling a Mistress all about my fantasies, then on the day of the appointment realising that actually I probably couldn’t take the severe things that I’d asked for. Do you recognise any of this in yourself? Some of you probably will. I am older and wiser now, and if I make an appointment with a Mistress, I always turn up for it. That is because I do a lot of research before visiting a Mistress.

I wish there was a Mistress like Mistress V when I started out in the wonderful world of BDSM. As well as being seriously good at what she does, Mistress V is a very kind lady. Why does that matter? It matters because her innate kindness makes her want you to enjoy every second of the time that you spend with her. And you can tell that she loves what she does.

Mistress V takes immense pride in knowing that by the end of the session, you are fully satisfied. She will talk to you before the session, to get inside your head, something that she is incredibly good at. If on the day of the session, you realise you have asked for more than you can cope with, you can tell her, and she will be happy that you’ve told her. But if you don’t tell her, she will quickly find out for herself and tailor the session accordingly, rather than continue doing things that she knows you aren’t enjoying.

Mistress V will slowly, carefully and sensually take you into the wonderful place that is subspace, so that you enjoy an out of this world experience that few, if any, others can match.

For the last 2 years, I have only sessioned with Mistress V, in spite of the fact that it is almost a 4 hour round trip from where I live to Mistress V’s wonderfully well equipped multi roomed and lovingly assembled chambers.

Mistress V realises that not everyone wants pain, and she loves the sensual side of domination. She can also be very sadistic, for those who enjoy that. But above all, Mistress V is very kind, and it is that kindness and its resultant desire to satisfy your cravings which makes her the best Mistress I have ever met.

Whether you are a newcomer to BDSM or as experienced as I am, you will find no-one better than Mistress V. If you want more confirmation of her expertise, you might want to read her other testimonials

Nervous Newcomers

  • October 3, 2018

It is not uncommon for a newcomer to the wonderful world of BDSM to be so nervous that they cancel a session, or just do not turn up for it. There are several reasons for this. Let us explore them.

You have requested something that might be too severe for you.

This is probably the most common reason why a submissive decides not to attend for a session. Perhaps you have requested Hard Sports, or a severe caning from cold, then on the day of the session, you realise that you might not be able to go through it. If that is the case, still come for the session, and in our pre session chat, tell me that you would rather try something less severe. Do not worry about disappointing Me. I love guiding a newcomer into the realms of D/s.

You are nervous about being tied up by a complete stranger

Well of course you are! But let Me assure you that this is your session. During our pre session chat, we will discuss your interests and your limits. If, during the session, you decide that you have changed your mind about something, you can say so and we will try something different. Our session can evolve to suit your own evolving and discovering needs. Together we will explore your submissive psyche.

You realise that what you’ve requested will mark you and that you can’t be marked

It is possible to have a fantastic session, with as much or as little pain as you want, without being marked, or with marks that will fade within a few hours, even with impact play. I am very sensitive to the needs of clients who do not want to be marked.

So, what will you do?

Good communication is key, hence our pre session chat. Feel free to change your mind about a planned activity on the day or even during your session.

If you simply do not turn up without giving Me a reason, I will consider you to be a timewaster, and I will not accept further bookings from you. In fact if you don’t turn up without letting Me know, I will not even answer your call if you ring Me in the future. Many Mistresses will quite rightly take this attitude. We do not appreciate anyone wasting Our time, and we will not allow anyone to do that more than once. It’s a small world, and you can’t afford to burn too many bridges. Read My blog about timewasters.

If you are nervous about the session, turn up for the session and talk to Me. I am exceptionally good with beginners.

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