Broken arm – but taking amazing sessions!

  • April 5, 2023

Although My arm is in plaster due to breaking it in 2 places, I am taking sessions.  My (adult) niece is assisting Me during this time, helping Me to get dressed and with activities that are not extreme.  I am still doing extreme activities as and when required.  Nothing has changed negatively in terms of My ability and desire to share a first class session with you. For example, I can – when required – cane hard and accurately using My other arm.

Book a session with Me in the knowledge that we will have the most wonderful session.

Huddersfield Mistress V


New outfits, new photos!

  • August 31, 2022

Having purchased some new outfits – catsuit, dress, corset and stockings – I am having a photo shoot soon. Watch this space!

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Huddersfield Mistress V

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I am moving to Huddersfield!

  • April 16, 2022

I am moving to Huddersfield on 1st May 2022 and will be taking sessions from Huddersfield from that date.

My last session in Huddersfield will be on 29th April 2022.

My Huddersfield premises are better than my Huddersfield premises and have shower facilities.

Latex Catsuit for sale

  • April 6, 2022

I am selling My latex catsuit, suitable for sizes 8-10 UK. It originally cost £400.  I will accept £150 for it. The catsuit is in excellent condition. Contact Me for details. Photos below:


Your new Huddersfield Mistress

  • February 12, 2022

Huddersfield Mistress

I am moving to Huddersfield on March 1st this year (2022). I will be taking sessions in Huddersfield from March 2nd. I have secured very large premises in Huddersfield that are perfect for My – and your – needs.

I am still taking sessions in Huddersfield until February 28th 2022.

Huddersfield here I come!

Your Huddersfield Mistress V

Fantastic session today!

  • January 25, 2022

Fantastic session today with a new sub, pre-session chat over and straight into session.

Strip off and get on your knees and face the mirror, my sub wanted lots of poppers throughout the session, pouring some onto a cotton wool ball I place it inside the gas mask, you’ll need this, handing over the mask he does as instructed.

I begin to tie his cock and balls very tight with a long leather lace making sure I separate his balls, tapping the tip of his cock with my hand, I then attach some new plastic nipple clamps onto his nipples, moaning I tell him to stand up straight, twisting and turning the clamps for my amusement.

Moving onto the anal play I begin by using my fingers before using two different sized dildos, my sub did mention that he would like to push his limits with the cane, using my thin whippy cane I give him 20 strokes, back to the nipple torture before allowing my sub to worship my beautiful derrière

male or TV needed for forced bi session – Friday 5th Nov 2021

  • November 3, 2021

This Friday – 5th Nov 2021 at 11am – I require a male or a TV to participate in a forced bi session. You will be sucking My male sub’s cock and fvcking him.

To reduce the likelihood of timewasters, there is a £50 fee payable in advance.

Contact Me for details. The £50 fee must be paid at the time of booking.

Fantastic Webcam and Phone Domination Sessions!

  • April 6, 2020

What a busy Sunday I’ve had on WhatsApp and phone calls.

My first call was a hard sports video call, positioning my camera in the bathroom and get ready to make the call. I squat waiting for my poo to push down before releasing it onto some tissue I’d placed on the floor, telling my new toilet slave how I’m going to tie him with rope so tight he can’t move, placing his head into my toilet box I feed him.

Pausing for drinks of my fine nectar, I can tell this is arousing my toilet on the other end of the call, you may now relieve yourself, once you’ve eaten all my poo and clean yourself up shit breath!!

My next caller, trampling slave.

Lie down on the floor slave I’m going to use you as my human carpet starting with my highest sharpest heels, face down !

Scraping my heel all over your body laughing while I do so, leaving my mark on you pleases mistress, when I’m satisfied you’re going to turn over, I’ll take my shoes off and give you some sensual bare feet cock and ball teasing, when you cum you can lick it all off my perfect size 5 feet

Want to have a chat with mistress or even a video call? Skype? Have a look on my website for the details

Phone and Webcam sessions

  • March 20, 2020

I provide very enjoyable phone and webcam sessions for anyone who is unable to visit Me in person. I will satisfy your craving for pain, humiliation and fetish from a distance, using very inventive, innovative means.

My phone and webcam sessions are unique. Our synergy will be inspiring and and dynamic, depending on our disposition and the intimate connection that emanates from the mind’s powerful energy.

The cost is £1.50 a minute. Minimum chat length is 20 minutes. The full session length is payable in advance.

Contact me by email initially, to set up our webcam or phone chat session. We will then arrange a set time and I will advise you of the payment method.

Become better. Become Mine

My toilet slave

  • March 11, 2020

My Toilet boy arrived on time for his second visit, his first visit didn’t go to plan so it was down to me to make sure this session never leaves his memory.

“Up you go potty boy, once you’re changed go and kneel at the toilet box.”

Entering the room, I told him to stand up.

“Look at me slave, today I’m going to give you a face mask, homemade with my own shit! But before I must amuse myself with your cock and nipples for a while.”

Attaching the nipple clamps and then the new spiked cock ring, I sat myself on my spanking bench and teased my slave, the nipple clamps were attached to my bench so while I teased it with my gorgeous panties I slowly pushed back on the bench which then pulled on the clamps, slave on tiptoes, cock swelling as the spikes dug deep into its flesh

Removing the clamps I ordered my slave to worship my arse before it delivers your package, I have to say his efforts were shit lol.

“Go and get yourself acquainted with the toilet box once you’re in I will cuff you to it, also cuffing his ankles to the chain leg spreader, I do love it when my plans come together.

Slave’s wish wasn’t to eat my shit but to have it smeared on him.

“Time for your face mask, one you won’t be forgetting!”

Lowering myself I released my waste, it fell off his face into the bowl. I then straddled his chest hoping I my clean the rest of my waste on his body, picking up a piece I began to cover the whole of his face so only his eyes and teeth were visible

“You can stay there for 10 minutes while I go and clean myself up, once I’m done I will release your wrist cuffs and give you the privilege of masturbating yourself.”

He finished himself off, had a shower and ready for planning his next visit 💩💩💩


  • February 25, 2020


I now offer Waxing in sessions. I can wax any area of your body using My high quality waxing kit. Painful, but so intimate and enjoyable!

Book a session by clicking here.

See Me waxing more intimate areas by clicking here

Excited for 2020!

  • January 6, 2020

Goodbye 2019, I can only say what a fantastic year it was, I’ve met some lovely new clients, some have been consistent with their servitude and returned throughout the year
Which has been a fantastic journey with each one of my slaves. Your desire to please your mistress has never gone unnoticed.

The new year will be filled with new ideas and adventures, making use of the gardens for sissy coffee mornings in the spring. Pony play, puppy training and much more
New outfits for all you cross dressers, make up and wigs

I’m very excited for 2020!! I’m ready for you. Are you ready for me? 😂

Bumwhores !! My strapons are lubed and ready to fuck your arses.

I have a new shjambok whip for all you pain sluts.

New outfits for myself to tease the life out of you while you are securely bound with my rope, restrained and locked in my cell, until I decide to let you out!! Oh, the possibilities 2020 as to offer!!

What are you waiting for! make that first step! Make that call, journey with me into my world of BDSM

Another Fantastic Weekend

  • November 25, 2019

What a fantastic weekend I’ve had in two sessions that were both for hardsports but both delivered very differently.

My toilet slave has visited my chambers before and on the last visit we discussed hardsports

Saturday at the agreed time my toilet arrived a little nervous as expected considering how I’d planned for the session to go !

Helping my slvt into her outfit which it brought it’s own , I ordered her over my bench , for a good fvcking , on entering the man puss it was quite tight to begin with I slowly pushed my strapon in further and deeper , telling it that it would soon be time for breakfast, hope you’ve not eaten this morning , looking up at me with dopey eyes his reply No mistress

After giving it the satisfaction it so deeply craved I order it into the bathroom on its knees as I have a gift I want to deliver hehe

Shitting into the bathroom floor I order it to pick up the shit and put it in its mouth , while I get the duck tape 😈 holding it in place with its teeth I apply the tape around his mouth and head , a shit gag!! I want to see how long you can keep that gag in place I’m giving you 5 minutes, cuffing his hands behind his back

You can’t escape it shit breath hold it !!!

After the 5 minutes had lapsed so did he , so proud of himself for doing his task . Next time it’s 10 minutes then he has to eat it ! Kind aren’t I xx

My new toilet slave

  • November 10, 2019

Another new toilet slave today. Talk about not having to use my conventional one at home, no need for it when I’ve got hungry potty mouths queing for a taste of my shit daily, anyway back to my hour of filthy smelly fun.

After a brief chat It wasn’t long before my shit eater was in my main room on bended knees waiting 😈😈😈

“Stand up I’m going to tie you up and tease fvck out of you before I make you taste my shit.”

Once tied I concentrated on his nipples cock and balls, stroking, squeezing always having eye contact while telling him what a filthy boy he is.

When his cock was fully erect I rubbed my strapon up and down his now throbbing cock.

“Get on your knees and have a suck before I deliver what you’ve come for”

sucking away, I’m telling him how I’m going to dip my cock in my shit and make him lick and suck it clean, his cock stiffens more and more.

“Stop sucking! I’m going to use your hands as the toilet so clasp them together as if your catching a ball.”

Crouching my bottom above his quivering hands I shit straight into them 😂😂

“Put your hands in your mouth.”

“I can’t do that mistress.”

“Ok let’s try another way shall we!”

I dip my strapon in his shitty hands and rub it over his lips.

“Get used to the smell, you’ll soon want to lick it off your lips.”

“Slowly pushing my shitty cock in his mouth, he accepts it and sucks to my satisfaction, once happy with his efforts I tell him to relieve himself with the rest of my shit in his hands; he rubs it in his hand and wanks himself off!

“Well done potty boy, I’m impressed, when you next visit you will eat all my waste not play with it, understand?

Nodding I order him to the bathroom.

“Clean that shit off you stink!! Hahaha”

A Brilliant Week!

  • November 9, 2019

Well what a week it’s been so far !! Plenty of bum fun and hardsports.

I met a new sub this morning he’d never experienced anal play before but said his desire to be fvcked and sucked we’re getting stronger and stronger, now was the right time to put these fantasies into reality.

He was very embarrassed of his Tiny cock which hadn’t seen any action for a long time, which didn’t surprise me, I’ve never seen anything as tiny in my life.

Humiliating my sub and taunting him about his wife allowing him to watch her get fvcked while he watches.

Slipping my strapon on I order him to crawl over and lick my cock from the base to the tip which he willingly does, “i want real cock mistress, “I’ll get you real cock once you’ve proved that you can actually suck mine first.

After allowing him to fondle and suck, I tell him to get over the bench, I’m going to start with one finger up your eager arse and see if I can stretch you enough to take my cock (smallest one first) we don’t need to rush.

Once my finger’s inserted I see a very different reaction from my sub

Moaning and groaning enjoying. My finger penetrating deep inside him, I allow him to relief himself as he can’t hold it any longer, once he came he fell to his knees thanking me for such an amazing experience, after the session had finished he showered and then we had a little chat about how the session went. He will be back for the real deal very soon 😈😈

What a fantastic week!

  • October 20, 2019

what a fantastic week it’s been . stockholm was awesome my sub flew me over there for two days we had a brilliant time in our session , roleplay . superman came and visited me in the uk in may , so when he asked if i’d go over there i didn’t hesitate .
i stayed in a very spacious apartment , swinging my whip wasn’t a problem lol once i’d captured superman tied him up and had my fun with him we then went for a meal , all in all i was treated like a princess , will i be returning yes definitely
when i got back to the uk , i was soon back in my chambers dealing with naughty bottoms
i’ve met a new sub who came for hardsports needles and strapon play he will be back for more fun very soon and finished my day yesterday with my slut davina she now understands that i own her i decide her fate as and when i see fit , after the caning i gave her yesterday she won’t be flirting anymore
i’m meeting a new slave this afternoon for humiliation and watersports
it’s been a brilliant week and what a way to end it , back in my chambers tomorrow for more fun .. watch this space

Busy week!

  • October 3, 2019

Really impressed with how domspace now looks .
Downstairs in my bondage room , I have a vacbed to restrict your movement .
Large dog cage for my puppy’s and also a tall standing cage , lots of rope to tie you with ..
And my cell !
You can have the privilege of an over night session .
once I’ve finished using you as my toy , you’ll then be locked and imprisoned for the night while I sleep soundly upstairs waking you as and when I feel like a pee using you as my overnight toilet to degrade And humiliate you

Been a very busy week so far , having had a couple of sessions on Monday , two new clients , one was a complete anal novice , I soon changed that ! I love it when an alpha male enters my chambers , leaving a sissy slut , the transformation excites me .
Then there was my nurse roleplay session
my patient was due for a full body examination this afternoon , dressed in my cotton nurse uniform and tan tights, shiny black shoes , I was ready for him .
Calling him into my office , take a seat . I need to check your pulse before we go any further with the examination , rolling up his sleeve I check his pulse , asking him if he had any ailments , replying yes I think I have piles nurse , oh you will be getting checked soon enough
Once giving him the once over , I put my rubber gloves on lubing my fingers , pull your trousers and pants down then bend over the bed
Will it hurt nurse ? I will be gentle , sliding one finger in , you’ve not got piles , do you practice anal sex ?
His reaction to the question gave me my answer .
Inserting two fingers now I start fucking his arse , writhing enjoying my fingers inside him , I’m going to fuck you with my strapon you want that don’t you , me deep inside you ?
I grab hold of his hair and fuck him hard while I give him permission to play with his cock , when you come I want you to clean your mess , get dressed and leave , I will give you a prescription for those piles on your way out hehe

3 brilliant sessions today!

  • September 13, 2019

I had a new client first thing a strapon novice, plenty of anal play and cock sucking going on finishing of with water sports I do love a good pee drinker, my pee is at its most potent first thing in a morning, kind aren’t I?

No sooner had my Slave left when I received another call, you free mistress for a corporal punishment session? Of course I am you know I love to give a good caning, putting the phone down I tidy the dungeon and prepare for my next appointment

The door bell rings! Opening the door i realise I haven’t seen this Slave for a very long time at least two years ago, remembering he can take a hard caning pleases me, upstairs boy and get your breaches down then get over my bench I’m going to start your punishment with a harsh spanking before I use my straps preparing him for the cane
Slowly easing him in to subspace, once there he can take more for me now a whopping 80 strokes using 5 different canes in sets of ten,I’m very impressed with my Slave, you’ve got some lovely welts boy I do love to watch them rise above the skin on impact
“Something to remember you by mistress”
Oh you’ll definitely have a long lasting memory with those sore cheeks!!
I find it very therapeutic giving a naughty boy what he deserves, he will be back over my bench once he’s made a full recovery

My next victim!
rope bondage, with water sports and farting fetish brilliant, I love farting it comes natural to me I’m always full of wind 💨 why waste it when you can have a willing slave behind you on bended knees nose buried in my arse waiting to catch it,taste it,smell it!!
Tied and bound you can’t escape it!

Another awesome week!

  • August 16, 2019

What a fantastic week so far!! Been busy with roleplay, bondag,e boot worship, caging, scat and sissification, thank you to my old and new slaves that have graced Domspace so far this week.

My new slut arrived, quite nervous as she’d never been to a dominatrix before even though she’s had a full make over, but not with a Dom, she wanted to go that step further and experience some slut training. That pleases mistress as I must say I do like to see the transformation once make up, wig and lips are done. After spending a while on Dani’s make up chatting she told me she’s got a bag of clothes false boobs bra wig and a corset, and today’s outfit was going to be a slutty prefect, get yourself changed dani!!

Once she was in her school uniform she looked the part for a bike shed slut!!

“Go in the room dani I’m going to fuck your face with my smaller strap on nice and slow until you get used it, you look like you’re good for sucking dick, pity it’s not a real one isn’t it? something that can be arranged in the near future.” 😈😈

In the room she stood in school skirt, white blouse, black tights with white knee high socks and bright red cock sucking lips.

“On your knees bitch! Suck my cock deep to the back of your throat if you listen to my instruction you won’t gag!! Now suck. A little bird tells me you’ve been fvcking the boys behind the sheds and letting them smoke, is this true?”

Taking my cock from her mouth she admits to this trying to make up some excuse as to why she was on her knees

“Show me how you suck the boys cocks dani.”

Slowly moving her head up and down my shaft she started sucking.

“Liking the taste of my cock are you cock sucker?”

Pulling her hair as she sucked, “This is turning you on isn’t it you dirty bitch, I want you on all fours with your arse cheeks spread wide so I can slide my cock inside your arse.”

Once inside, she was moaning: “You’re gonna make me cum mistress!!”

With that I pulled out my cock and moved to her face.

“Mouth open you filthy slut and lick my cock clean no sucking just licking!! Mustn’t get to excited just yet! I want to tie you up and take you down stairs, caging you while I tease you with what you don’t have (real tits). Let’s make our way down there now!”

Once dani was caged, I moved towards the cage, watching my slut wonder what was coming next, putting my hand inside her bra, twisting her nipples. This too was exciting her.

“Like that do you whore?”

I squeezed harder, I then got a butt plug and put it in her mouth, ordering her to suck it.

“When we’ve finished in here we’re going back upstairs I’ve not finished fvcking you yet!” 😈😈😈😈

Dani is no longer an anal virgin and has already emailed to say he will be returning, hopefully he might get his wish and taste some real cock!! We will see…

Exciting Times!

  • August 6, 2019

Yorkshire Mistress


After a relaxing holiday in Italy, I’m now back in my chambers working on the bondage room downstairs. Everything bondage, from rope, cuffs, to being encased in my latex vac bed. Or strapped and restrained to my bondage board which will be fixed to the wall and can also be used on the floor.

I’ve also got a new floor standing cage for those who like confinement .

At the back of the room there is going to be a cell, once the gate is ready and chains are drilled in that should be ready in a couple of weeks, but the bondage room is now ready to play in.

My Slaves have been busy spoiling me while I’ve been away, such a treat to come back to gifts and flowers; you know how to look after your Mistress! Beautiful shoes also, which sound perfect as they click on the floor.

Imagine being in the cage tied and bound with rope while being locked in no escape! I’m standing in front of you, you can see my nipples through the sheer material hard and pert. I walk closer, your swelling between your legs, when slap!!! I bring you back to reality!!

Look at me Slave ……… wish you were in my cage? Call and book for the experience you’ll always remember x

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