Turning My sissy into My slave

  • May 4, 2019

After having regular sessions with my sissy for the passed 8 months I decided it was time to make her my property!!

The past 8 months have been fantastic, but I now feel it’s time to explore more with her, she’s come a long way from when she first visited me. Taking my toys and canes, dressing up, needles plus many more, but now we need to move forward!


The day has arrived for my sissy to take the plunge and have a tattoo, I have chosen the design and what should be written and where it should go. On her arrival, we discussed my ideas which she agreed to, so once we had our coffee off we went. I know the tattooist as she does my own so I was confident that my slut would be too. On our way there we were chatting, and I noticed she was a bit nervous, but once I’d talked her through it she became relaxed.

After 20 minutes it was over she’d been in and had it done!! Wow I was impressed!! Let’s get back to the chambers bitch you’re now mine!!!

Once in the chambers I had another inspection of the tattoo. Perfect!

“Right bitch, go and get changed, I’ve some new toys I want to try on you!!”

Soon she was dressed and back in front of me.

“Get your filthy slutty arse over my bench, arse in the air!!”

I used a selection of toys before I even let her see the new black rod!!

Once I had the rod on I moved around to the front of the bench so she could see it before I made her suck it.

“Like that black cock don’t you slut

“”es mistress”

Turning.on the vibrator I slowly inserted my rod into this bitches arse, gradually as it is 11 inches long with a wide girth, as she was moaning I pushed in further

“Oh mistress it’s massive!”

“Mmm just how you like it slut!!”

While I was giving her a good fucking, my sadistic side kicked in..

“That’s enough fucking, time for some needles!!!”

She knows what to expect; she can see the glint in my eyes.

“Go in there and prepare yourself, make sure I have access to your nipples, cock and balls”

Needleplay I find very therapeutic, concentration is needed for those sensitive areas!! 10 needles in the balls 25 in his cock and eight in each nipple well done, but let’s see how it feels when I attach the estim!! Cruel maybe but limits need to be pushed. Hehe

I’ve got plans for you sweetie, I’m going to invite you for breakfast on your next visit make sure you arrive with an empty stomach hahaha you will need to bring me my coffee, which as you know acts as a laxative for me!

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination until my sissy’s next visit.

Becoming My Collared Slave

  • December 27, 2018

I sometimes get requests to become My collared slave. If you are considering this, please note the following rules that apply to anyone wanting to be collared by Me:

1. I must have known you for at least 12 months.

2. You must have sessioned with Me at least once every 2 months over a 12 month period.

3. You must have some use to Me other than having sessions with Me. You must genuinely want to serve and please Me in as many ways as you can. Examples are: promoting Me on Twitter, and to do that you have to make a concerted effort to gain thousands of followers. Paying for premium adverts on Mistress directories to advertise My websites. Buying BDSM related items for Me to help My business grow. I am not a findom and I make no financial demands of My slaves, but I do require that you go the extra mile to show your devotion to Me.

4. To remain as My collared slave, you must continue to pay for sessions at least once every 2 months.

Tales of an owned slave

  • August 25, 2018

It is an honour to have become the personal slave and property of Mistress V. As a lifestyle slave and submissive it is a yearning and dream to be taken under Her control and to be permitted to serve in such a capacity.

Of course this comes with a requirement for service servitude pain discipline and control. This has become so clear already. To be in Her presence Her power and beauty is obvious. Her skills and ideas for use of slaves is always imaginative but controlled. Her mind and intelligence offers great opportunity to take a slave to any space and level sought and demanded.

This is the first of my occasional musings as Her slave and property as instructed by Mistress. It will attempt to offer its thoughts and description of its life as owned property and everyday life in service and session as occasion demands.

Next note following planned visit to Pedestal!!

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