Body Worship

My very new client

  • May 2, 2024

Had a really good session with a new client today , when I say new he’s completely new to the world of BDSM , never has he visited a professional Mistress .

On his arrival we have a brief chat before showing him to the bathroom , once back in the play room I start the session . 
Get on your back with your fucking mouth open , before I could blink he’s in position mouth open tongue out , my he was eager he absolutely drunk the lot without spilling any , I was impressed ! 
Ordering him over the bench I strap him down tight ! Spanking his bottom until it was a rosey red , then I begin with the tawse mild to start with before moving onto my straps , to say he’s never visited a Dom before shocked me his pain levels were quite high , I think even he was shocked as to how much he could take .
Moving the medical room pointing at the bench “get on it “!  attaching my cock loops around his cock I turn it on . 
Wow the noises he was making were very loud placing my hands over his mouth his cock gets stiffer , he’s absolutely loving all the different levels , inserting a very slim sound down his cock he really starts to get into it so ,so much so I thought he was going to orgasim , switching the e-stim off , pointing down at the floor , get in position slave it’s time for your reward , you may kiss my body and worship it , soon in position starting at the soles of my feet , it distracts him from getting hard . Focus on me slave i’ll allow you to relieve yourself once you have finished . Brilliant session , hope to see you soon 

An amazing wonderful mix of pleasure and pain

  • May 2, 2024

For a long time now I have harbored some fantasies that despite always being on my mind were never going to happen in my safe & ordered world..until today when Mistress V made it all a wonderful reality & then some.All of my little kinks such as watersports & full body worship became a glorious reality today & lots more besides. We had a chat first about my boundaries first & after that everything was fair game but never did i feel uncomfortable or distressed just an amazing wonderful mix of pleasure & pain which left me feeling incredible.

Thank you Mistress V

My new body worship slave

  • February 15, 2023

My new slave arrived at the time given , excitement written all over his face . Can’t say I was surprised as I stood there stockings high heels and a leather look dress revealing my beautiful cleavage . Get yourself undressed boy , I have work for you to do . Today is all about me! you will worship my body from head to toe , slowly and I mean slowly kissing and caressing my legs working your way up but let me make it quite clear slave if your lips wander anywhere they shouldn’t you’ll be punished! hehe

Get behind me and begin your worship , once at my bottom I want to hear your lips smacking against my soft skin both cheeks need the same attention, Get to it !!

Running his tongue up the centre of my calf as if it were a seam , his tongue and lips are soon all over my bottom making each lick last until the next . Now slave I want your attention on my outer leg ! before I allow you to rim my sweaty arse , his licking rhythm speeding up . Slow down slave , I like the feel of your tongue as it’s runs over my flesh .Satisfied with my leg worship I order him to now lick my arsehole . One very happy slave , he’s already booked himself another appointment for the following week 😈

Enforced hard sports with Mistress V – a testimonial

  • February 13, 2023

I arrived on time and called Mistress V and was ordered to get up the stairs and to knock on the door, I was welcomed in and the red toilet box was out ready for myself, mistress told me to get undressed as my breakfast was nearly ready, in no time my head was in the toilet box and my legs were bound and I was handcuffed, I was trapped, an estim was applied for only one reason to make sure I ate everything, the beautiful sight of mistresses derriere came down and sat on my face, ordered to open my mouth which I did obediently, mistress v shit straight in my mouth and told to chew as the estim was increased I chewed and swallowed then it was time for a drink, again mistress sat down and her champagne was delivered and drank down, I thought it was over but I wasn’t that lucky, my second course was ready and my mouth was full again, mistress ordered to chew, estim again was turned up and my nipples twisted until I’d eaten everything, eventually I was released and my next task was to clean mistress v’s gorgeous arse , I licked it clean while told to wank my cock, I came in my hand and as her toilet I licked it up and swallowed it as ordered xx as a reward mistress allowed me the pleasure of licking her beautiful pussy for a minute, I’ll definitely be back for breakfast again

A highly addictive Mistress – a Testimonial

  • December 30, 2022

I like to be made to do hard sports, but only with a Mistress who genuinely enjoys it and isn’t only doing it for the money. For a while now I’ve been seeking a hardsports aficionado; someone who loves doing it. I spent a while looking at Mistress V’s tweets and the blogs and pages of her website and Eureka! On several occasions, Mistress V has said that of all the things she does, hard sports is her favourite. Furthermore, she has no difficulty enforcing it if that is what the client requests.

So I made an appointment with Mistress V, asking for enforced hard sports and being her human toilet paper, with punishment for failing to clean Mistress perfectly.

The stunningly beautiful Mistress V was ready for me when I arrived. After a thorough and very professional pre-session discussion, I was tied VERY thoroughly and securely to a body board with my head under Mistress’s toilet chair. Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards the toilet chair, having collected a variety of painful looking implements to use on me to make me consume her waste, should enforcement be necessary. Indeed, enforcement was very necessary. Mistress V had already made it crystal clear that because I had asked for enforced hard sports, once I was tied into place there would be no going back. It probably took half an hour, using a combination of ‘encouragement’ and severe pain, for me to consume it all. It was then washed down with what i thought would be a never ending stream of Mistress’s pee. Mistress laughed as I quickly guzzled it down.

The next part was for me to use my tongue to clean Mistress V; to be her human toilet paper. It had already been made clear to me that if I wanted to be her living toilet paper, the consequences of not cleaning her properly would be severe. I decided to take the risk and I thought I’d done a good job, but after I’d finished my cleaning task, Mistress checked herself with toilet paper and found I’d missed a bit.

I was told to clean myself up then tied to the spanking bench and given a flogging to warm me up then a severe caning. Well I’d been warned and I will make sure to do a better job next time!

What a fantastic session! Mistress V has everything. She is searingly beautiful, an expert Mistress and highly intelligent; a perfect combination for a perfect session.

If you want hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress for you. And if you don’t want hard sports – something mild perhaps – Mistress V is still the Mistress for you.

Those of you who have not had a session with Mistress V do not know what you are missing. Beware though! Mistress V is highly addictive. I guarantee you’ll never want to session with anyone else.

slave p

Everything I’d hoped for and more

  • October 19, 2022

It’s fair to say I was a little bit nervous when meeting mistress v for the first time despite having served a few mistress’s before but she very quickly put me at ease. We started with a short chat to guage my likes and limits and it was good to see her enthusiasm for my likes as well.

I started by getting undressed and presenting myself to mistress v and she proceeded to bind my cock and balls with my arms behind my back every now and then giving them a playful slap. She enjoyed trying out a variety of clamps on my nipples as well which brought me closer to sub space.

From there she led me to her caning bench to which I was bound with my ass presented to mistress. She enjoyed pushing my impact play limits working up from her hands to the cane. There were more moments where I felt I might not be able to take it but she always brought me back to sub space at the right moment. After my ass was spanked to its limit, mistress delighted in stretching my hole and fucking me with a variety of toys. She brought me right to the edge of having a sissygasm but kept me holding on.

By this point mistress needed to pee so I was ordered to lie down with my mouth open as she stood over and unleashed her delicious stream into my mouth for which I happily drank every drop.

Next I was chained to her table with her doxy chained against my cock and I was allowed to lick her beautiful ass as she sat on my face. It tasted amazing and I wish she had needed to fart at that moment as I would have inhaled it with pleasure too, hopefully next time. I was in luck though as she needed to pee again and I was only too happy to drink it up once again.

As I had served mistress v well I was fortunate enough to be allowed to then worship her wonderful body. Starting with her feet and working all the way up to her armpits I enjoyed every scent and taste of her gorgeous body.

To finish the session I was once again laid on the table and was this time introduced to e-stim of which I am a complete novice. I was surprised at the feeling and am glad that I had an experienced mistress to guide me through it to make it such and enjoyable experience.

My time with mistress v was everything I had hoped for and more and I certainly hope to return as soon as I can.

Happy slave, happy Mistress

  • October 19, 2022

What a fantastic 3 hour session with a new client today , On his arrival we had a brief chat , he told me his likes and dislikes and was soon in the playroom naked , excited and ready to please his mistress .
Tying his cock with a long piece of red rope I then begin to tie the his balls separating them then bringing the rope under his arse and around each leg making sure my rope sits nicely under his arse cheeks his ready for the butterfly sleeve , I love this method as it really does restrain the arms behind the back . I walk around my slave ,teasing him by lightly pulling and pinching his nipples with the noises coming from his mouth I knew he would love to have my nipple clamps hanging from them , I was right he loved them . I loved watching his face as I pulled each one he would gasp. Leading him over to the spanking bench arms still restrained I didn’t need to strap him down he was going nowhere lol . The spanking begins until his cheeks are glowing before moving onto my bullwhip watching him jump with each stroke amuses me . What are you going to be like when i’m caning you ? Not long before we find out . Using my thin cane I start of lightly as he doesn’t want welts and continue with the light strokes until I order him of the bench , I untie his arms and tighten the cock and ball rope . Now get on the floor and open your mouth , Standing over him I order him wider open your mouth wider !
He drank every drop off without spilling any . Moving over to the bondage board . I chain him down telling him I control when he breaths he was just about to nod and I was using his face as my seat 🤣 Attaching the estim to his cock . He never had electrics before and was so glad he did . I didn’t want him to cum I wanted to keep him completely on the edge . Before it was time for him to worship me making sure he never left a single part of me out .
Happy with his worshipping I increase the level of the estim he was blown away with the orgasim are he had . He was a very happy slave and i’m a very happy mistress . 😈

Fantastic session with my new sub!

  • March 18, 2022

Fantastic session today with a new sub, it was his first time to ever meet a dominatrix, asking him of his likes and dislikes during our presession chat watching him relax a little, I order him to strip. Once your naked slave i’d like you over there 👉 pointing to my fucking bench.

I strap him down, leaning in his ear I whisper “don’t worry i’ll take good care of you” and lightly slap his bottom, cheeks a light pink I begin to flog his cheeks until they were quite red before I move onto my bull whip, I love the sound it makes on contact, my sub jumps at first but soon he’s in subspace keeping him there I increase the intensity. Every now and then i’d stand in front of the bench and rub my pvc clad bottom all over his face ordering him to shine me up! unstrapping him I begin to weave my web around his torso, pinching his nipples before attaching the nipple clamps, I blindfold him now whispering it’s time to fuck you up, I can’t help but laugh at his pathetic reply. leading him over to the medical bench, I remove the blindfold only so he can see the estim and sounds, once laid down I replace the blindfold and begin with the electrics and sounding, catching his cum in my gloved hand I order him to open his mouth, pouring every drop down his throat, He’ll will be back for more waste down his throat next time it will be my Scat!!

One of the most erotic experiences of my life

  • June 24, 2021

Mistress didn’t waste any time. After a brief discussion, my C&B were tightly bound and i was ordered over the bench. Looking Amazonian in Her short pleated leather skirt and black leather stilettos showing off the shapeliest legs, i was swiftly tied down and after my collar was fitted tightly around my neck, a soft flogger was soon employed on my backside and dangly bits, which were by now not so dangly! Sliding the bench sideways so’s i could look in the mirror, i was impressed by the precision and deftness of the strokes being applied. That wasn’t to last for long.

Producing a soft velvet blindfold, all my senses and being were then focused on the succession of implements applied to my upended rear. The soft flogger, a more severe flogger, a paddle and then the cane; all expertly placed and measured. I’d never been caned before, so this was yet another new experience on my ongoing journey with Mistress V. Mistress likes Her pretty patterns and i did my best to provide the appropriate canvas for Her artistry. i think Mistress probably went easy on me, it being a first time and all, so although the strokes hurt at the time and produced nice welts that are now turning into nice purple bruises, there was no broken skin and no bloody mess to clean up. ‘What a wimp’ you cp afficionados may exclaim, but for me it was a major milestone that Mistress has worked me up to over a period of time and a number of sessions.

When satisfied with Her handiwork, Mistress lubed me up andi was soon experiencing the delights of being stretched by Mistress and Her toys. Again, when i first met Mistress i was an anal virgin, and again, through Her patient tuition, i have progressed to the point where i can accommodate a modest toy without discomfort and enjoy the sensation as Mistress rocks backwards and forwards, pushing the pseudo cock deep inside.

Suitably stretched, i was released from the bindings and the blindfold removed. Standing, i realized that i had little control of my body, with all my muscles trembling as a result of the caning and fvcking. Fortunately, i didn’t have to stand long as, having had a pair of nipple clamps attached, Mistress ordered me down on all 4’s in front of Her fvcking machine. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the trembling – however the rhythmic pounding of the machine did sort that out in short order. After a sustained period of pleasure on the machine, Mistress switched it off and ordered me over to Her swing.

Hoisting myself up into the swing, i eagerly awaited Mistress’ attention. Little did i know that i was about to enjoy one of the most erotic experiences of my life. With Mistress’ cvck in me and thrusting deeply, Mistress leaned over and pinching my nostrils between forefinger and thumb, covered my mouth with the remainder of Her gloved hand. The other hand teased and twisted my nipples (already tender from the clamps) mercilessly, all the while thrusting and laughing. The sensations were incredible. There was no singular point of pleasure – my whole body was quivering with the intensity of the last couple of hours; my buttocks tingling, nipples being stretched and twisted, breathing restricted by Mistress and the insistent pounding as Mistress thrust Her pink cvck deeply inside me. Sensing i had taken enough today (there’s little point in experiencing everything at once – leave something (e.g. the BBC) to look forward to), Mistress withdrew and unshackled my legs, ordering me to kneel on the floor in front of Her chair.

Kneeling was good – i don’t think i could have stood for very long as the trembling knees had started again. Instructing me to worship Her feet, by now slightly damp with perspiration from Her exertions, was a relaxing and strangely sensual experience, as i focused on bathing every square centimetre,in thanks for the effort and exertion Mistress had expended on my behalf. First one foot, then the other, until Mistress told me to stop. i must have performed adequately, as Mistress then blessed me with the opportunity to worship Her delightful derriere. What a climax to yet another fantastic session with Mistress V.

It’s impossible to describe the many ways during a session in which Mistress interacts with one, constantly teasing and heightening the overall experience. Her voice, laugh, attitude constantly changes – soft and sensual, firm and demanding – but always respectful of any boundaries that may have been agreed (although these may be stretched somewhat). Over time , Mistress has encouraged and, through patient training, raised my capabilities to both enjoy and participate more actively in Her sessions. When first i started seeing Mistress,i never dreamed that i would, one day, proudly wear the stripes on my buttocks which are now turning a technicolour hue of yellows, purples and blues, nor that i would ever be fvcked by a beautiful woman. It just shows what a life changing experience meeting Mistress V can really be.

Intelligent, empathetic Domination at its finest

  • April 29, 2021

For some time I’ve been searching for a highly intelligent and empathetic Mistress who understands my need to be dominated and humiliated without too much pain and also ensuring my health and safety are cared for. Having avidly read through Mistress V’s blogs, testimonials and tweets I realised that she is indeed highly intelligent.

I felt genuinely honoured and privileged to be able to spend time with and session with Mistress V.

Although I’d emailed Mistress V a list of my likes and hard limits we had a very thorough pre session chat. Others have pointed out that Mistress V leaves no stone unturned and that is very true. I was taken aback by her meticulous preparation for our session and filled with absolute confidence before we’d even started.

As soon as the session began, Mistress V stamped her authority by instructing me to open my mouth and swallow the spit that she spat into my mouth. This happened frequently throughout the session and I absolutely loved it.

I was locked into the stand up cage and nipple clamps were used on me. They weren’t too fierce but created exactly the right amount of pain. Nettles were then brushed against my cock and balls. This took me by surprise but it was a lovely surprise, again causing exactly the right amount of pain, made more enjoyable by Mistress V’s smile and peals of laughter.

I was taken out of the cage and made to wear a rubber hood connected via a tube to Mistress V’s rubber knickers. Mistress V peed into the knickers and the pee ran down the tube into my mouth, forcing me to drink it as it came through. I really loved this and hope to experience it again in the future. I have no doubt that mistress V will make it happen because she enjoyed it too.

I was then allowed to worship Mistress V’s beautiful feet and suck her toes while looking at her beautiful face.

During the session, Mistress V farted into my mouth several times,  such an intensely humiliating yet enjoyable experience.

After the foot worship I was instructed to sit in the sling and Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards me wearing a strapon. I thought this would hurt me too much but I was wrong. Mistress used plenty of lube and started gently, ensuring I was always sexually aroused. Mistress f*cked me with the strapon, gently at first, then harder, clearly enjoying herself and occasionally spitting into my mouth while she f*cked me. I have to say that being taken by Mistress V’s strapon was my best ever experience and the session was far and away the best session I’ve ever had.

If you seek a Mistress who takes the time to fully understand you and who takes the care to ensure your total satisfaction, look no further than Mistress V. This is intelligent and empathetic domination at its finest.

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