Fart Fetish

Farts for Christmas – a Testimonial

  • December 4, 2022

the session started with a hug and handed mistress v her venti coffee after a nice catch-up. I was ordered to strip and slip into my pink sissy dress as my mistress was getting ready I was then insured to lie on the floor open up to receive fresh piss then time ordered to lie on the medical bench to receive an enema mistress made me take a full bottle before a ran into the bathroom in my heels, next was back on the floor second round of fresh piss extra this time mistress sat my face and dropped three sink farts into my open mouth as mistress punched and twisted my ball sack hard then ordered me over the bench to get good shag with mistress strap on .then mistress said its time to get rebranded again since fist on as now faded mistress strapped me down with staps nice tight and preceded to carved her initials into my pink flesh arse with an extra long sharp needle then came whipping and spaning sore arse . was released and retied upright and gagged with gaffer tape front of the dress was pulled down and slipped four needles into each nipple then zap me with a shock kife before making sucking my blood from her glove. after removing the needles made round three of hot fresh pee on my back then used to worship the bum before the second round sink farts into my face…

thanks, mistress V

Intelligent, empathetic Domination at its finest

  • April 29, 2021

For some time I’ve been searching for a highly intelligent and empathetic Mistress who understands my need to be dominated and humiliated without too much pain and also ensuring my health and safety are cared for. Having avidly read through Mistress V’s blogs, testimonials and tweets I realised that she is indeed highly intelligent.

I felt genuinely honoured and privileged to be able to spend time with and session with Mistress V.

Although I’d emailed Mistress V a list of my likes and hard limits we had a very thorough pre session chat. Others have pointed out that Mistress V leaves no stone unturned and that is very true. I was taken aback by her meticulous preparation for our session and filled with absolute confidence before we’d even started.

As soon as the session began, Mistress V stamped her authority by instructing me to open my mouth and swallow the spit that she spat into my mouth. This happened frequently throughout the session and I absolutely loved it.

I was locked into the stand up cage and nipple clamps were used on me. They weren’t too fierce but created exactly the right amount of pain. Nettles were then brushed against my cock and balls. This took me by surprise but it was a lovely surprise, again causing exactly the right amount of pain, made more enjoyable by Mistress V’s smile and peals of laughter.

I was taken out of the cage and made to wear a rubber hood connected via a tube to Mistress V’s rubber knickers. Mistress V peed into the knickers and the pee ran down the tube into my mouth, forcing me to drink it as it came through. I really loved this and hope to experience it again in the future. I have no doubt that mistress V will make it happen because she enjoyed it too.

I was then allowed to worship Mistress V’s beautiful feet and suck her toes while looking at her beautiful face.

During the session, Mistress V farted into my mouth several times,  such an intensely humiliating yet enjoyable experience.

After the foot worship I was instructed to sit in the sling and Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards me wearing a strapon. I thought this would hurt me too much but I was wrong. Mistress used plenty of lube and started gently, ensuring I was always sexually aroused. Mistress f*cked me with the strapon, gently at first, then harder, clearly enjoying herself and occasionally spitting into my mouth while she f*cked me. I have to say that being taken by Mistress V’s strapon was my best ever experience and the session was far and away the best session I’ve ever had.

If you seek a Mistress who takes the time to fully understand you and who takes the care to ensure your total satisfaction, look no further than Mistress V. This is intelligent and empathetic domination at its finest.

My adult baby

  • April 12, 2021

My adult baby boy arrived with 3 cartons of milk, he likes plenty of feeds while I tease him. But I also make it very hard for him.

Sit down boy while mummy gets changed into her thigh high boots with the zipper that goes all the way down the back of my boots to the heel with shiny silver heels. My leather coat on and no knickers.

Bending over in front of my boy I pull the zipper up slowly teasing him, He doesn’t know what to look at first my boots or my arse! The hem of the leather coat showing just enough to get my baby excited.

Walking over to the milk which is set out on the floor I point to it. Over here boy!

I grab him by the back of the neck and push his face into the carton. Look at it boy! You are going to drink these 3 cartons today if you fail I will increase each carton by another 4. Opening the top of the carton I pull back the strip and smell it. Mmm it smells delicious, I push the carton under his nose. Smell. Does it smell fresh? Looking up at me all doey eyed. The only way to find out is to drink it isn’t it boy. Carton pushed up to his lips I slap his face drink it I said. I place one booted foot on his leg and dig my heel in encouraging him to finish it.
Struggling to keep up after the 2nd carton I add another 4.

Your punishment is going to be severe for you my boy You will not be leaving here until I’m happy with what you’ve drunk, Giving him another slap to the face.
Turning around I push my bare arse is in his face Get your nose in between my cheeks I’ve a fart brewing if you can’t finish the other carton you must swallow my farts!
Laughing as he tries to wriggle I let one almighty fart straight into his mouth. Now boy time to play with your tiny cock you will leave your dirty pants on to go home in, maybe that will teach you a lesson. You will get where I want you to be with your feeds I guarantee that boy. You won’t just be smelling and tasting my farts next time. It will be a big brown log hahaha

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