Anal Play

My new fur fetish slave

  • July 13, 2023

My new fur fetish slave arrived , after having my usual pre-session chat , it’s now time for you to get undressed and ready to worship my fur of you go .
Returning looking sheepish , I look him in the eye and order him to get on his knees telling him how pathetic he is , come and stand in front of me with your legs spread ! I tie his cock and balls very tight , he gasps as I pull he closer , open your mouth spitting into his mouth I light a cigarette, you are going to be my human ash tray open your mouth wide , laughing as I flick into his mouth I order him to roll the ash around his teeth , showing me what’s left he swallows with a bit more spit , I then order him on the floor I pass him a funnel “Hold it” I’d been holding my pee in for the last half an hour I was desperate to go and he was desperate to drink , I couldn’t believe how long I pissed for but this pathetic mess beneath me was lapping up every drop . Once I’d finished using his mouth as my toilet I tell him to get over my bench , once strapped down I show him some of my small toys . I’m going to start with these and work your way up , starting with the smallest my sub was taking more than I thought he would , I move on to the next size not so small with a wide gerth, taking it well I stop ! Get on the floor but before you do I want you sat on my cock , that’s when I attach the estim laughing I tell let’s see how you do with this on he hasn’t had electro play before which made even more exciting .
Once he’s positioned on the dildo I throw my fur jacket over his head and turn the estim on wow did he love it , bouncing up and down as I increase the level of intensity. He was in his element removing my jacket I tell him to put it on with a blonde wig and high heels I use his tongue to clean the bench using it as a rag get it clean you worthless piece of shit , inspecting it until I’m happy with the results . I think you deserve a reward for your efforts , lay down on the bench , passing him a condom I tell to put it and wank yourself into it , he cums , I remove the condom ordering him to open his mouth , which he does and swallows every drop . Another fantastic session

Fantastic session with my new sub

  • July 13, 2023

My new sub arrived on time , opening the door I could tell he was quite nervous but once we started chatting I could tell his nerves were disappearing. Ordering it to get changed and present himself on all fours naked .

Once I was dressed and ready I order it through , come on you piece of shit I’m waiting , collar and leash in hand it’s soon collared and ordered over my bench , strapped down I begin to fingers it’s hole , it told me it had ,had 3 fingers up his arse before , I laugh out loud replying , if you can take 3 finger’s you can take this ,waving my dildo in its face . Suck it before I fuck you with it , it was soon sucking and licking my cock .

Pulling my cock from its mouth I go behind the it , inserting my very well lubed cock , I start of real slow and increase my thrusting as I go deeper , it’s moaning adds to the thrill . You like that don’t you . It mutters “yes miss’ time to move a size then . It wasn’t long before it could take no more , happy with its efforts I unstrap it and order it to lay down on the floor mouth open , standing above it I begin to pee lowering myself so it doesn’t spill a drop , I was very impressed .Now clean me up !

I then order it over to my bench attaching the estim to its cock , it had never experienced electrics before but certainly loves them now . Fantastic session

A fantastic session of humiliation and anal play

  • April 8, 2023

My sub arrived at the agreed time. I always know what he likes; he likes me to humiliate him. As soon as I open the door, I order him on all fours to crawl to the other room to get changed. Wriggling across the floor like a worm, I humiliated him by calling him all kind of names before I ordered him across the bench for a very hard spanking.

Once I’d finished spanking him I stuck my fingers up his arse, something he craves so much. 3 fingers in and before I know it he’s playing with his pathetic little cock, exploding everywhere.

He’ll be back. He always comes back, for more humiliation and anal play

Fantastic session with sissy Danni

  • March 4, 2023

My sissy arrived at the time given , she always arrives with a full wardrobe for herself and lots of new bdsm gadgets. Today she brought some metal stocks a long with her , you can extend it in length ankles cuffed , wrists cuffed and collar also attached to the frame , once my bitch was in the right position all adjustments made it was time for the cock to go inside her arse , spreading her cheeks apart I order her to push her arse hole onto the cock. Telling her I don’t want to see any of the cock because I want it all inside you , she does has she’s told moaning and groaning as the cock slides deep inside her , now this is what I call predicament bondage there was no escaping the cock she just had to take it . She was definitely going nowhere . Having her in this position really amused me , so I decided she should turn around once released and suck the cock clean , something she’s never done before .

Once you’ve cleaned it I want you on your back I want you to deep throat that cock , as she laid down I noticed her pink silky panties were very damp with lots of pre-cum inside them , pulling them off I stick them straight into her mouth and order to suck the juice from them I then concentrate on her caged cock and balls with my small strap I lightly tap on the cage getting a little harder every now and then .

Happy with her , I take the panties from her mouth and point over to my fucking bench , get over that bench cock sucker , time to fill your hole again . She certainly enjoyed herself as my cock slid in and out of its hole , stretching it with each thrust . Fucking her for a good while before I order her over to the bondage board . Chaining her down so her heads free over the bench . Open your mouth I’m going to fuck you it ! spitting into her mouth before my cock slides in . Fantastic session doing what I love . see you next month Danni xx

A strenuous rogering

  • November 15, 2022

Mistress answered the door wearing a short, black halter top dress that displayed Her fabulous figure to full advantage.

After our pre-session chat, the details of which excited me greatly as it covered several of my interests, i was instructed to prepare and present myself to Mistress in the main playroom. Mistress produced a new set of wrist, neck and ankle restraints that i hadn’t experienced before and soon my ankles and wrists were shackled together with a chain linking the two sets, restricting my freedom of movement. To complete the ensemble Mistress produced a soft black cord which was used to tightly bind my cvck and scrotum. The feeling of tight constraint was quite delicious.

Now totally immobile, Mistress teased and twisted my nipples before fixing nipple clamps to them. Then as they began to bite, Mistress diverted my attention by running a pin wheel up and down my shaft and across my head, producing an instantaneous response despite the bindings. Some gentle teasing was followed up by much more robust contact with Mistress’ ‘slave’ paddle. Mistress then produced a set of ball weights which were attached to my ball sack with a long-handled clamp, before being asked to swing them.

Satisfied with my reaction i was instructed to assume the position and hobbled over to Mistress’ bench, where i was swiftly secured with the shackling around my feet coupledwith the normal calf and thigh straps giving a feeling of total immobility. A sound spanking from Mistress’ fair hand was followed by precision strokes with a satisfying crack as Mistress elegantly placed the tip of Her single tail whip across my pinkly glowing backside.

Still strapped down, and drifting nicely in subspace, Mistress applied plenty lube before starting to slowly stretch my man-pussy before slowly inserting Her cvck until it was fully inserted. It had been a while, but with Mistress usual care and attention to safety there was no pain – only an increasing sense of pleasure as the pace was slowly picked up until Mistress was giving me a strenuous rogering; introducing a vibrator into the mix really increased the pleasure factor. However, as Mistress would contend, there can be no pleasure without pain. The balance of pain/pleasure switched in an instant as Mistress withdrew Her cvck and started flexing Her cane with the smile that says, ‘Now here’s the pain’. I’m not a fan of the cane and Mistress knows it but i do like to give something in a session as well as receive – so i contribute my ass as a canvas for Mistress to be able to paint stripes on with Her cane. In the past, I’ve managed 30 strokes of a lightweight cane, but today was 12 strokes of what felt like a more substantial wand. The soothing hand in between each stroke was blissful but trepidation for the next stroke only increased my feeling of dread and pure unadulterated hatred of the bamboo plant. At that point Mistress stood back and admired the stripes so accurately placed across the flesh, all nicely spaced and evenly distributed.

My next, much more pleasurable task was to struggle down to my knees and role onto my back in preparation for a long refreshing drink of Mistress’ finest vintage. Not a drop was wasted.

All too soon, my visit to Mistress V came to an end. i still haven’t reached the point where i think the experience has plateaued – in fact each session generates a desire to go further and harder to please Mistress. Complete novice or seasoned slave, Mistress V will take you as far as you feel able to go plus maybe that little bit further than you thought you could manage. Mistress V is a totally Professional Dominatrix – put your fears aside as you enter Her chamber but do be prepared for some surprises which will only enhance your experience of this totally amazing, attractive Mistress.

Everything I’d hoped for and more

  • October 19, 2022

It’s fair to say I was a little bit nervous when meeting mistress v for the first time despite having served a few mistress’s before but she very quickly put me at ease. We started with a short chat to guage my likes and limits and it was good to see her enthusiasm for my likes as well.

I started by getting undressed and presenting myself to mistress v and she proceeded to bind my cock and balls with my arms behind my back every now and then giving them a playful slap. She enjoyed trying out a variety of clamps on my nipples as well which brought me closer to sub space.

From there she led me to her caning bench to which I was bound with my ass presented to mistress. She enjoyed pushing my impact play limits working up from her hands to the cane. There were more moments where I felt I might not be able to take it but she always brought me back to sub space at the right moment. After my ass was spanked to its limit, mistress delighted in stretching my hole and fucking me with a variety of toys. She brought me right to the edge of having a sissygasm but kept me holding on.

By this point mistress needed to pee so I was ordered to lie down with my mouth open as she stood over and unleashed her delicious stream into my mouth for which I happily drank every drop.

Next I was chained to her table with her doxy chained against my cock and I was allowed to lick her beautiful ass as she sat on my face. It tasted amazing and I wish she had needed to fart at that moment as I would have inhaled it with pleasure too, hopefully next time. I was in luck though as she needed to pee again and I was only too happy to drink it up once again.

As I had served mistress v well I was fortunate enough to be allowed to then worship her wonderful body. Starting with her feet and working all the way up to her armpits I enjoyed every scent and taste of her gorgeous body.

To finish the session I was once again laid on the table and was this time introduced to e-stim of which I am a complete novice. I was surprised at the feeling and am glad that I had an experienced mistress to guide me through it to make it such and enjoyable experience.

My time with mistress v was everything I had hoped for and more and I certainly hope to return as soon as I can.

My new cock sucker!

  • August 18, 2022

What a fantastic session , My new cock sucker arrived at the time given , very excited and eager to get started . After a brief chat before the session begun , I knew exactly what this bitch wanted and more importantly needed . Giving her an outfit to wear she immediately got undressed .
Once in her panties stockings wig and dress all she needed now was the shoes on and she was ready .
On your knees and crawl over here slut ! My cock needs a good sucking . Mouth wide open she crawls to me , get my cock in your mouth now and suck ! Sucking and licking , I was plotting what I was going to do next . Get on your feet , I’m going to name you Tina the cock slut , smiling from ear to ear I order her over my bench , she did mention that she likes to be tightly restrained. Perfect ! Let me spread your arse cheers Tina it’s time to slip my cock in , with a very wet lubed gloved hand I insert my fingers then my cock pushing it deeper inside her . releasing her from the bench I order into the medical room . She stops at the fuck machines cock and begins sucking it , wow you really are eager to suck cocks aren’t you ? with a nod she carries on . Laughing at her I tell her to stop ! Get your backside over here now you filthy slut , ive got something else for you to suck! pointing at my heels . These heels are slim enough to insert into your big hole aren’t they ? I laugh out loud as I push the toe of my boot up its arse then removing it and ordering her to clean my boots she does as she is asked cleaning every part of each boots . For such an entertaining session I reward her , you may worship my arse after such good efforts , on your knees slave and lick ! Tina will soon be back for more sissy training

2 hour session with my human toilet

  • May 9, 2022

What a fantastic two hour session spent with my toilet slvt 😈
I arrived at potty mouth house at the agreed time , it’s been a toilet slave of mine for a couple of years so I know exactly what it’s likes and dislikes are . Calling it once I arrived , I saw the door slightly ajar, stepping out of the car I see my toilet slvt hovering in the porch , pushing the door open there she’s stood in her stockings nipple clamps and thong finished of with a pair of shiny black pumps . It’s eager to get started towels and bin liners laid out all over the floor, this bitch really did want everything I had saved for her today , pulling the nipple clamps I order it onto the floor ,standing over her I begin to let me piss flow , wriggling beneath me it begs for my poo lots of it 💩💩 I was shocked when I looked at this now completely covered turd that’s exactly what it looked like , stepping away from it , suck on that piece of poo as if it were an ice-lolly it does has it’s told , while it’s covered in my waste I push the dildo deep into its gaping hole fvcking it hard and fierce once it could take no more I order it to freshen its self up and come back into the study where I will be waiting with my cane , I finished the session of with a good ball whipping and 5 strokes of my thin cane , we then had breakfast with english tea and a very good chat , I was then back on the rd home smiling like a cheshire cat knowing i’ve made this toilet slave happy

My sissy daisy’s second session with Me

  • April 9, 2022

Daisy my sissy slut arrived for her second session , she was full of excitement as I gave her , her outfit to put on , she was already wearing stockings under her clothing when she arrived , daisy loved to be fucked with my big black strapon but she can only take it all when she’s in the swing . Once her ankles are cuffed she’s all mine plenty of lube and my cocks inside her fucking her hard and fast she loves it moaning for more .

From the swing we go to the fucking bench she had told me in the week to whip her harder , strapping her down I begin with the bull whip swish swashy marks all over her bottom lovely patterns she will be proud to wear .

I then order her to the medical area for sounds and the estim but not until Ive used her mouth as my potty , to say it’s her 2nd time she was even more willing to push her limits for me .
I allow her to relieve herself then she was made to clean her mess up , my did she make a mess . see you soon my cock sucking arse fucking whore 😈😈😈

A session with My new sissy daisy

  • April 2, 2022

My new sissy daisy arrived, she looked a little nervous to start with but as the conversation flowed she soon relaxed and began to tell me a little bit about her likes and dislikes, she tells me she’s been looking for a Dominatrix locally for 12 years.

After our chat I point at the outfit that I had laid out for her, put those on, shoes wig leopard print panties and a black figure hugging camisole.” How do you feel now slut all done up “? Because she’s never walked on high heels before I tell her to walk around the studio, once she gets back to me she has to do a curtsy if she toppled over she will get a good spanking, doing as she’s told she walks around trying to be as elegant as possible 🤣.

Patting the fucking bench with my hand I order her over it, spanking her before I flog and whip her she absolutely loves the flogging begging for more. I like a nice red bottom to look at as I fuck it, it pleases mistress.

Moving onto my toys, strapon on I go around to the front and order her to open her mouth, pushing my cock into her eager mouth she sucks and licks every inch, “I can’t wait to fuck you daisy, I want to stretch that hole of yours so you can take my monster black cock “ Moving her from the bench over to the fuck machine, she enjoys being fucked hard and fast while she’s on all fours I put my black monster on making sure the straps are tight I want to give this slut the fuck of her life. Up you get ! Time to go on the swing, slapping her face with my cock as she gets up 🤣
Inside the swing ankles cuffed she’s ready. My cock has no problem sliding in her dark hole, liking cbt I attach my estim and begin to give her a good hard fucking, she absolutely loved her time spend with me and has already made arrangements for her next session 😈😈

Brilliant 2 hour session with My new sub

  • March 29, 2022

Brilliant 2 hour session with a new sub today,once inside the building I order him up, walking around in my high heels to the staircase opening we meet, Hello slave pointing to the rug, over there on your knees while we have our little chat 😈 once the chat was over I order him to strip, pushing my latex shiner in his hand, polish my dress everywhere pushing my bottom out, especially here

👉 spraying every part of the dress he sets to work rubbing it everywhere, I turn around to face him, don’t forget my front!

All shiny I now point at my shoes i’d like the same treatment on my shoes, get on your knees and lick them. Happy with the results it’s over to the fucking bench strapping him down I begin his arse stretching until I say he’s ready for a cock.

Using 2 different sized dildos and my doxy teasing his balls.

I unstrap my sub and begin to tie my wicked web of rope around my victim, then gagging him I start to tease and edge his cock, making him lie on the medical bench I sit on his face with my latex clad bottom and rub it all over his face before I carry on with more edging, telling my sub I own his cock and arse, I control when you can and can’t cum laughing as I go back to more edging he wishes he could cum right now but he has to control himself if he wants to please me.

We swap places and it’s now my turn as I lay down on my back I order my sub to lick my dress and worship my beautiful body while encased in latex, asking who is in control he answers, “you’re in control mistress ‘

I finish off the session with a very harsh edging one that’s explosive to say the least 😈😈😈

Fantastic session today!

  • January 25, 2022

Fantastic session today with a new sub, pre-session chat over and straight into session.

Strip off and get on your knees and face the mirror, my sub wanted lots of poppers throughout the session, pouring some onto a cotton wool ball I place it inside the gas mask, you’ll need this, handing over the mask he does as instructed.

I begin to tie his cock and balls very tight with a long leather lace making sure I separate his balls, tapping the tip of his cock with my hand, I then attach some new plastic nipple clamps onto his nipples, moaning I tell him to stand up straight, twisting and turning the clamps for my amusement.

Moving onto the anal play I begin by using my fingers before using two different sized dildos, my sub did mention that he would like to push his limits with the cane, using my thin whippy cane I give him 20 strokes, back to the nipple torture before allowing my sub to worship my beautiful derrière

A Session with My Sissy

  • January 6, 2022

My sissy davina arrived for her 2 hour session. I love it when she comes, always with a big bag full of outfits, I get to choose what I’d like her to wear.

Once sissy was dressed in a black and purple waist clincher, black stockings and black thong, finished off with a shoulder length blonde wig and high heels, she looks the perfect sissy! getting her to pose and show off her slender long legs, loving the attention, I slap her bottom, today sweetie your in for a treat, I’m going to fuck you on my swing then your going to get on all fours in front of my fuck machine, tapping the swing with the palm of my hand, “come over here and hop on! She’s soon in a good position for my cocks to be able to slide inside her with out any awkward moving around, so now she’s in ankle cuffs legs spread wide I begin to fuck her nice and slow to start with before building up a rhythm of short sharp thrusts, take it slut!! “she’s moaning in ecstasy, more mistress more “ taking my cock out I replace it with a long slender dildo fuck yourself with that! I’m going to set up the machine.

From the swing to the fuck machine she’s on all fours loving every second of it, slide your pussy onto my cock slut, doing so I set my machine at a medium pace until she can take no more, come on slut I want you on your back now with your mouth wide open, I want you to catch my pee, pee flowing she’s gulping the lot, once my bladder was empty it was over to the bench for some impact play before sending her home with a spring in her step

Fantastic day at the office!

  • December 20, 2021

Fantastic day at the office with lots of bum fun. My first of 3 clients for today arrived with a bag full of various sized butt plugs, as well as large plugs shaped cones he wanted me to stretch his hole as much as I possibly could, once naked and over my bench I begin with a well lubed hand to insert a finger one at a time stretching them out once inside, taunting him, how much can you take for mistress? sliding a dildo in he pushes his butt out for me to push it deeper, lubing up the smaller sized cone I remove the dildo and insert the cone I’m amazed at how much he can take, wow!!
Are you ready for the larger one ?” Yes mistress please fill my hole “ You don’t have to ask twice slave, preparing the larger cone I order him to sit on it I want to watch you fuck that cone id tied his balls previously with a leather lace his balls were a lovely shade of purple wank your cock at the same time, it wasn’t long before he was exploring into his hand, clean it up slave and I’ll see. you in the new year

Double slave forced bi session

  • November 29, 2021

Slave has been seeing Mistress V for over three years he trusts her so much that he is now ‘ a no limits slave ‘. He never knows what Mistress devious mind has come up for the session.

Slave has already been christened ‘ muncher ‘ by Mistress for reasons that will become clear.

The session

Shortly after I arrived another slave came up the stairs – this was a double slave, forced bi session.

The new sissy, Davina had brought sissy clothes with him . We were both made to put them on her a school girls outfit : me a pink fishnet body stocking.

Time for the action –

Sissies ordered to embrace each other and to begin french kissing and at the same time begin caressing each others cock and balls. After a short while it was time for some serious cock sucking.

Mistress then sat us both down on the bench, put wigs on us both and proceeded to give us a full makeup special. Both were made to fondle each others cocks.

We both made made to lean over the bench so that Mistress could inflict some very severe CP with the cane.

When Mistress decided we had suffered enough it was time for more cock sucking. Davina was then fastened to the fucking bench as by now Mistress had put on a huge strap on. Whilst she was being fucked she has to suck my cock until I came in her mouth.

I was then secured in Mistress’s new toilet box and forced drink her golden champagne and eat her gorgeous shit. ( Hence the name ‘ muncher ‘ )

Session over.

slave muncher

Another fantastic session with Mistress V

  • October 20, 2021

Mistress V greeted sub warmly at the top of the stairs. Without wasting any time, sub was butt naked, on its knees, with a collar fastened around its neck and clamps hanging from its nipples.

Using the lead attached to the collar, Mistress led it to her black leather bench, Her softly scented hair brushing againstits nostrils as she swayed sensuously across the floor. Assuming the position, sub was swiftly strapped down. As soon as sub was secured, Mistress started to tease and torment its C and B with a vibro – gentle vibration increasing in intensity, interspersed with gasps as Mistress used Her fingernails to pinch and rake its tender flesh.

Laying the vibro down, Mistress started gently flogging, increasing in intensity as sub started to respond to the increasing heat and tension. With its cheeks gently glowing, Mistress started to lube it before a sliding a long, thin flexible cvck straight in. Being fvcked with a long cvck by Mistress V is an experience sub would heartily recommend to anyone. Using the vibro again with the cvck still in, Mistress soon had it floating in a sea of pleasure. Instructing sub to hold it in, Mistress disappeared for a moment, only to re-appear with a long, knobbed metal hook.

With a little assistance from Mistress, the knobbly end was inserted. The momentary discomfort swiftly disappeared as the hook settled in place and was firmly gripped between its cheeks. Gentle manipulation followed, ensuring a snug fit. With the hook firmly in place, Mistress resumed her flogging before concluding with a period of prolonged spanking. Withits cheeks smarting, Mistress started to hoist sub using the hook to lift it off the bench – but as sub was strapped down, it only increased the tension as sub wriggled to obey Mistress. Each pull on the hook only served to remind sub of the stainless steel firmly ensconced.

Finally releasing sub from the bench, Mistress threaded its lead through the hook as sub knelt on the floor in front of Her booted feet. Taking up the slack, Mistress led sub around Her Chambers before coming to a halt in front of Her chair. Mistress sat down and still tightly holding its lead, ordered it to worship her boot, tugging it upwards as sub moved up from her feet, past her calf to her knee. First one leather clad leg, then the other, back and forward until, hooking one of Her heels through the end of the hook and resting a leg along its back, used Her lithe legs as a lever to continue exerting pressure on the hook. There was no escaping the reality of the situation – sub was firmly hooked on Mistress V!

Moving across to the medical area of Mistress’ Chamber, its C and B were swiftly connected to Her e-stim loops. As the power increased, the metal in the hook still in place started to respond to the current flowing around its cvck. Soon the entire bottom end of its torso was alive with sensation, the setting just short of the excruciatingly painful. Ushering sub closer, Mistress started to manipulate the clamps still attached to its nipples. Throughout the session, the tension had been slowly increasing, until, with a sharp tug, Mistress removed them. That was when it really kicked in as sub gasped before those strong fingers were teasing, tugging, stretching subs by now highly sensitised buds. There’s nothing quite like looking Mistress straight in the eyes as one is used as Her plaything – Mistress has the most expressive face and eyes, reacting to the sensations being created by Her manipulations.

Down on its knees once more, Mistress eased the hook out, but left the e-stim attached. Slipping a blind fold over its eyes, Mistress re-commenced teasing and tormenting its nipples before once again attaching the clamps and tugging on the cords, tightening the grip of those little teeth. Suddenly Mistress clamped a gloved hand across its mouth, pinching its nose and restricting its breathing while continuing to tweak and twist. Gasping for breath, Mistress tugged the nipple clamps off and attached them to its scrotum and continued to tease and torment, with the e-stim pulsating away. Removing the blindfold, Mistress ordered sub down on its knees again to finish off cleaning Her boots for the conclusion of another fantastic session with Mistress V.

Every session is different but with one consistent thread running through – Mistress V’s total professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring that every activity has the right balance of trial, endurance and enjoyment, depending on one’s own personal preferences and capabilities.

It’s only good for chastity

  • September 22, 2021

With my bitch boys arrival we have our pre-session chat ordering it to strip before I give it a through examination all over its pathetic naked body.

What is that? teeny tiny thing you call a cock, laughing as I get my tweezers using them to pinch its piece of skin lifting it to get a better view, what are you meant to do with that? Showing my bitch the chastity cage I unlock it, Get your pathetic cock in there it deserves to be locked away until I decide to release it 😈 it’s of no use to anybody, I couldn’t help but giggle as I locked the padlock then placing the key inside my bra I order it to its knees lick my shoes before I put you over my knee you better make them shine ✨ licking every inch of my shoes I tease it’s caged cock with my vibrator get over my bench bitch-boy, once strapped down I carry on with the vibrator, moaning like a bitch I threaten it with my black strapon, control your cock bitch-boy if you cum I’m going to whip you I love to whip a bitch into shape haha.

Using my flogger I lightly flog its arse before moving onto the whip, you need something else to concentrate on bitch, swish swish my whip comes down crack lovely red markings begin to appear before releasing it I stroke its balls then squeezing them tight I tell it to get on the floor, uncaging it’s tiny cock I order it to relieve itself, It didn’t take long before it was exploding into its hand as I stood over its face pantieless 😈😈 Clean yourself up bitch-boy 😈

My sissy trainee

  • September 15, 2021

My cock sucking trainee arrived very nervous, avoiding eye contact I order it to sit, “Tell me slut are you are anal virgin?” replying with a nod. Not for long.Passing my new slut her outfit I order her to strip.

She looks sexy with her long legs encased in some fishnet tights red basque, wig and high heels, finishing her off with bright red lipstick, Perfect now put your shoes on and show me how gracious you can look while walking in them.

Teaching her how to walk like a slut was easy she soon pulled it off, walking around my chambers curtsying every now and then. Lining all my cocks on the floor I tell her to lie on her stomach and crawl to the first cock she’d like to be fucked with, Crawling over to the smallest she begins to suck it without touching it with her hands I then tell her to move onto the next size doing as she’s told she picks the black cock, Suck it slut!!

She’s soon over my bench taking the cock she first picked enjoying every motion taking it deeper and deeper, You’ll be in front of that fuck machine soon begging for it to fuck you.

I unstrap her leading her to the machine, Look at that cock your going to get on your knees and take that cock before I allow you any kind of worship be it shoe foot or arse, I want to watch you being fucked 😈😈 having never experienced any of these delights she was in ecstasy riding it what ever speed I set it to, I was impressed!! Clean yourself up slut it’s time for some cbt fun up you get! I want you over there on that bench pointing to the medical bench, using the bungee ropes I bind her down then attaching the e-stim setting it to throb and my did it’s cock dance until it could hold it no more he was soon cumming, he will soon be cumming again for more training

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