Role Play

2 hour pet play session

  • January 5, 2023

I was looking forward to my session this morning , 2 hours of pet play , I was just getting some doggy toys ready
when the phone pinged , “i’m here mistress” . Texting straight back my doggy with panting at the door , letting him inside my chambers he was looking very excited indeed . Once he was naked I gave my doggy whistle a blow and he was soon at my feet , tribute in its mouth, looking all doey eyed . I pat him on his head , “such a sweet pet “ Now fetch your ball ! I throw it to the other side of the room and he’s soon back with it in his mouth . Good boy . Attaching its collar and lead I give my dog a walk , pulling on the lead every time it tries to get ahead of me ,. After teaching it to beg sit and lay down I was happy with its puppy training , I now wanted to test other limits , using my rope I begin to weave my web , once it was all tied I apply some nipple clamps with fish weights flicking them every now and then . Opening my tall standing cage I put my dog inside and lock the gate , ordering it to bow it’s head while I take a pee in a bowl on the floor .You must be a thirsty doggie after all your puppy training ? It welps twice for yes , I laugh as I open the cage , get down on the floor and drink your pee , it struggles a bit with its doggy hood so I make it drink with a straw . Once all the pee was drunk , I untie it and point over to the bondage board , get your arse over there 👉 doing as it was told I was again weaving a web with it on the bondage board , it did tell me he could handle its feet being tickled , my reply “I will soon change that ! “ cuffing it’s ankles together making sure there was minimal movement , starting on the soles lightly tickling , it tries to struggle but it’s impossible , be a good doggy and let me have fun with your feet . My nails are quite sharp as I slowly run my fingers down the centre , it can’t stand it anymore , so I now concentrate on his cock and balls , running my pin wheel all over its exposed flesh , it excites my puppy . Sitting on its face I repeatedly run the pinwheel over its balls it’s not long before it explodes from the sensations wow you certainly liked that didn’t you ? Going back to being a shy little puppy I ask it if it’s had fun with its training , relying with 2 welps I pat it on the head and send him home , see you soon

Role play session with new client

  • April 15, 2022

Brilliant session this morning , one of my favourites roleplay . Having exchanged emails my new client explains his fantasties likes and dislikes , once he arrived I order him to lock the door behind him .

Standing at the top of the stairs in a black tight see through dress and high heels I have my rope in one hand and my wrist cuffs in the other.
Up here boy now! when he reaches the top step I grab him by the collar of his shirt dragging him into position in front of me , I begin to tie him with my rope from the neck down to his waist ,I then cuff his wrists and sit him down in a chair , blindfold on . Running my fingers through his chest I unfasten each button teasing his nipples pulling and pinching . When all the buttons are undone I use my sharp heels and press them hard against his skin , watching him wince makes me giggle , taking the shoe of I wiggle my toes under his nose , You want to suck what’s coming next don’t you slave , with a nod my toes go straight in his mouth pushing my foot deeper and deeper into his mouth , let me see if I can get my whole foot in shall we hehe , I could t believe how much he got in , moving him from the chair removing the blindfold I point over to the rug on the floor , Get on it and kneel for your mistress .
Still tied and cuffed I help him down onto his back , I’m going to use your face as my chair and play with your nipples , he loves being my piece of furniture , he can be a table next time and have a taste of breakfast 😈😈

Role Playing dominating Superman

  • February 11, 2022

My slave flew in from Sweden on Monday , we met and had a lovely meal , discussing how the 4 hour session would go the following evening . Superman decided he would like to be fucked with my black strapon .

On his arrival (Tuesday evening ) I waited at the top of the stairs with the superman theme music playing in the back ground , I do love roleplay . Handing him his outfit with matching red boots , once he had changed I set the scene , he was brought to me on false pretences, thinking he was meeting a celebrity, 🤣🤣 I thought it was quite fitting as he is meant to be a superhero ! Wrong. Once i’d changed into my black pvc and red latex bodice it was time to show superman who has the most power !

Tying my victim with rope securely from the neck down he soon realises his efforts to take control are over . Capturing him and forcing him to clean my dirty boots and bottom , taunting with my black cock , you want this don’t you ? Taking him over to the fuck bench I strap him down and unzip the bottom half of his outfit making sure there is enough room for my cock to slide in and out with no effort .

Lubing my gloved fingers and inserting them , finger fucking before the cocks are inserted . Superman is now my super bitch ! Take my cock bitch , you will take cock for me every time you fly over to visit me and i’ll soon be introducing you to the real thing , after a good fucking I order him to strip ! I’m going to punish you , my boots are still dirty , with that I began to whip his arse lovely stripes zig zagging across his now very red cheeks , I then make him tie his cock and balls he has a unique way of doing this . Smothering him with my pvc clad arse as I order him to finish himself off . Fantastic time spent with superman , looking forward to our next meet in may 🦸‍♂️

Cruel Nun Role Play

  • January 5, 2022

Fantastic session with a sub I’ve not seen for over two years. Roleplay I absolutely love it no matter what character I’m playing, today I was to be a cruel nun who inflicts strict punishment!
Kneeling in front of me quivering as it places it’s costume in front of my feet I look down at it, look at me boy! I want you to put your clothes on, do you have the electric hair clippers ? with a nod of its head I order it to pass them to me.

Getting itself dressed in white frilly satin pants and a satin cami top before finishing off with a white over sized mans night gown.

Standing with my hands on my hips I inspect it from head to toe, time for a hair cut! I shave his whole head then order it over my bench, strapping it down tightly I move to the front of the bench and order it to kiss my brown leather strap, kiss it from the handle down boy before it kisses your butt cheeks, laughing out loud as I walk slowly around him, blank canvas now boy but not for long, before he can blink my strap makes contact with its skin, it jumps! “Count each and every stroke boy “!! 30 in total pulling its pants back over its now very red bottom, it’s time for you to put your frilly pink bonnet on and play with your pathetic cock, make sure you clean yourself up without the use of tissue! Pointing at its tongue, it was soon cumming into its white satin pants. Fantastic end to the session

My medical with Nurse V – a testimonial

  • August 24, 2021

Nurse V awaited me at the top of the stairs, dressed in Her dark blue mini skirted uniform and black tights. ‘Today, we’re going to conduct a full medical examination, with particular emphasis on pain response’. ‘Yes, Mistress, thank You Nurse’.

‘Sit in the chair – let’s see how acute your sight, sound and sense of smell are’. Sitting down, with C&B tidilyconstrained by a purple cord with a neat bow in the end, Nurse placed earmuffs and a blindfold on. Trembling with trepidation, my arms were bound to the arms of the chair with tape. I could sense Nurse moving about, shoulders stroked, sensuous feather brushes across torso, nipples tweaked, C&Bslapped – a clicking noise, nipple pain as clamps applied, nose pinched and mouth covered by a warm gloved hand, breathing strained, sharp pain as nipple clamps tugged and twisted,gasping for air as endorphins flowed – release of nose and mouth, breath flows again, more nipple pain as clamps twisted and tugged, dragged down and out, stretching the flesh, C&Bflogged, gently at first, increasing in pressure and tempo, pulsing with the sensation, gasping for air as the burning sensation courses throughout my body. Silence, rasping breath as i recover, trembling from the intensity, arms cut free, blindfold and muffs removed, blinking in the light, Nurse standing over me, grinning.

‘On the bench – time to test flesh resistance.’ Strapped down by yellow bungee cords, firm smacks from Nurse ‘Turning pink nicely’. Buttocks tensing and relaxing – this isn’t too bad; then the paddle ‘Slap! Slap! Slap!’, starting to squirm, no place to go. Flogger next – ‘Swish! Swish! Crack! Swish!’, on and on, staccato rhythm building as Nurse varies the strength and direction of the strokes – jumping as low blows come up between my straddled legs, striking my C&B. ‘Click, Clack’ as Mistress walks away – big breaths, ‘is it over?’ Watching in the mirror as Mistress walks back – ‘Crack’ as Her blue whip strikes my right cheek; ‘Crack’ on the left cheek; ‘Crack’ on the C&B, scrotum tingling. Mistress wields the whip – front hand flick, cross body strike, back-hand volley, Wimbledon next year, the strokes keep coming. Respite, but not for long. Watch Nurse draw a thin cane from Her umbrella stand (novel use LOL), flexing it. Never been caned before – first stroke, sharp intake of breath, clench of muscles, heat and sting persists into the second stroke. Counted to 15 spaced and considered strokes before Mistress stops. ‘How do people take 100’, i question. ‘Practice’, grins the Nurse, ‘as you will one day – now it’s time for your internal exam’

Nurse prepares me with plenty lube, gently probing and stretching before placing the instrument between my cheeks. Pushing slightly, it slides easily into the cavity, and Nurse works it backwards and forwards, more and more vigorously, testing the depth and suppleness of the canal. Satisfied, Nurse returns with a larger instrument, well-lubed, but unfortunately too large for me to accommodate. ‘We’ll need to do some further stretching so i can carry out a proper examination next time’, intoned Nurse, giggling. ‘In the meantime, I’ll complete my examination using my fingers’.

‘Now lie on that board while i, stress test your abdominal and neck muscles’, ordered Nurse. Lying on what looked like a bondage board laid out on the floor, Nurse used the bungee cords to tightly bind me to the floor, trapping my C&B neatly between the criss-crossed cords. Being immobile, Nurse proceeded to use a flogger all about my person, testing skin tone, particularly around my C&B, before positioning Herself over me and, while remorselessly twisting my nipples, urged me to lift my head and attempt to worship the perfumed derriere poised just beyond my reach … sublime psychological teasing coupled with physical torment – Mistress V’s speciality!

Having ascertained my neck muscles had a modicum of strength, Nurse unfastened the bungee straps and ordered me onto the bench for my urological exam. First one, then a slightly thicker, then larger yet and then an even larger before a knobbly sound was inserted and manipulated in my urethra. Sliding the full length of each instrument in and out produces, quite simply, an indescribable experience – totally painless under Nurse’s careful attention, but somehow deeply stimulating. Pronouncing Herself satisfied with the internal condition of my peephole, the next test was to determine the electrical conductivity of the flesh around my scrotum and cock. i can assure you that Nurse V certainly tested that, increasing the e-stim to an intensity and frequency I’ve never quite experienced before. Reducing the frequency to a pleasurable, yet invigorating rate, Nurse said something about needles.

Well, I’m not keen on needles of any sort, and i laughed saying ‘we haven’t done needles in over a year’. Nurse just gave one of Her quiet, secretive smiles, and leaned over me,Her perfumed uniform brushing my forehead. Straightening up, i saw a wipe in one hand, a needle in the other and before i knew it, it was through my left nipple … Gnnnnnnrg! Overall body muscles all work, as everything tensed. Another needle followed – again a teeth-clenching movement, but proud i didn’t scream. The treatment was applied to my right nipple and then my scrotum. Nurse proceeded to test my reflexes by alternately squeezing the needles apart and pulling them together where they crossed in my nipples, and manipulating the needle down below, causing the e-stim to kick into a higher gear. The feeling was intense – i couldn’t honestly say whether it was pleasure or pain – a heady mixture of both as my nipples would attest to, even now.

Pulling the needles out was almost as intense as putting them in, but Nurse eased the feeling by gently massaging them before a final sharp twist with Her manicured nails left them tingling and throbbing.

Did i pass the medical – i think so – I’m still here writing this. How was it? Certainly, the most thorough internal examinations I’ve ever experienced and as for the external – all i can say is that my pain and pleasure censors are in tip-top shape. Top marks to the NHS for training such an articulate, talented, multi-skilled, stunning Nurse practioner. My follow-up is all arranged.

Thank You Mistress V

Awesome 2 hours of Role Play!

  • October 29, 2020

My new client arrived at the agreed time for 2 hours of role-play .
After a brief chat i order him to strip naked , cuffing his wrists behind his back .

You do know why your here don’t you ?
“No mistress , i was sent here to do some diy “

Laughing “you’ve been sent under false pretences, your my toy for the next two hours” .
Pinching his ear i take him to the bondage board , Lie down , tying him down unable to move .
You are mine now , i blindfold him .
I begin to pinch and pull his nipples .

Teasing his cock i begin to massage it pulling and twisting , stretching then wanking every now and then just to bring him to the edge .

His cock and balls are blue ready to burst !
Not yet i’ve not had enough fun with you , untying him , i take him to the tall standing cage , i tie his whole body arms and legs to the frame of the cage .

Lighting a cigarette i blow smoke over his face ,open your mouth you can have the ash . Flick !! Straight into his mouth , swallow it !


Needing a pee i pull my pants down and make him watch me piss into the toilet box , i taunt him . Your going in here soon and your going to drink my piss .

Going bk to the cage i proceed to edge his pathetic cock .
“ I’m going to cum”
I don’t think so !
It’s now time to be my toilet , ive left the last lot of piss inside the box , get acquainted to it .
Releasing him from the cage , head inside the box , i cuff his wrists to the box and tie his legs feet and toes attaching the rope to his cock and balls .

Pulling my knickers down , i look down at him .
Open wide!
Once he’d drunk it all i lower myself down over his face , i begin to edge him more he can no longer hold it .
Giving him permission to cum , Groaning with pleasure i release him .

Your free to go now slave . Go and do your diy ..

4 Hour TPE Role Play Session

  • October 21, 2020

My new client arrived this morning for total power exchange , one of my favourite sessions .

Looking a little nervous he hands me a letter from the courts summoning him to my chambers to be punished and taught a very hard lesson .

It began with , dear corrections officer ..
having read it i order my prisoner from the toilet , cuffing him i take him to the bondage board , i begin to tie his legs feet and hands tight .

You’ll not escape under my control slave , today you will take what ever punishment i deem fit .
I then tie his cock and balls , then i tie them to the board nothing is allowed to move .

Bringing my riding crop from behind my back i start to whip his cock and balls , this prisoner needs to feel each stroke he needs to feel pain .

Once his cock is nicely bruised i begin to burn his testicals then i proceed to burn his cock , mainly concentrateing on his bell end , lovely little blisters appearing .

Stop wriggling slave , i’m in control now.
Inserting a needle in one of his nipples he screams , i soon muffle his cry’s with my ball gag , “that’ll shut you up “

Blindfolding my prisoner i insert another needle straight through the balls , more wimpering from this fools mouth , stop being such a pussy , you’ve got a long way to go yet slave! i’ve not even started with my implements of mass destruction hahaha

Taking my prisoner from the bondage board i tell him to lie down in the bathroom .

Tilt your head i don’t want you missing any of my piss !
Open wide and swallow , i lower myself down an inch from its mouth , All of it !!

“Once you’ve drunk it all . it’s time for the real punishment to commence “.

Get over my punishment bench , time to feel the sting of my whip , after a few lashes i move onto the cane my favourite
6 of the best and he’s practically crying .
What a little bitch you are ! unstrapping him , back on the bondage board i have something that’ll sort your wimpering .

Tying him to the board once again secured bound , i attach the estim setting it to a low pulsing sensation .
out of nowhere he screams ! “Fucking hurt me bitch , “i twist the button onto full power !
Who’s the bitch now slave !!
Take it !! you only get what you deserve in my chambers !

After leaving him writhing around for a few minutes i release the cock loops and massage his bruised cock and balls .
Not in a nice way might i had 😈😈
This slave is now going to be trained to be my painslvt to take my cane more than 6 lousy strokes , he will become better , he will become mine . See you soon

Superman Role Play

  • October 16, 2020
What an amazing week i’ve had so far .

Superman flew in from sweden on monday , we met and had a meal and also discussed how the 4 hour session the next day was going to go .
I do love fantasy roleplay .
With the superman theme music playing , he comes up the stairs ,once he’s at the top he tells me he’s come to rescue me from the deadly virus 
“I’ve come to capture the beautiful mistress v “ you are no longer safe in this country “ 
“That’s what you think “ your not strong enough  to take me “ i refuse to go with you “ 
we have a little struggle with each other as he tries to restrain me .
Unbeknown to this superhero my kryptonite necklace is under my top and i also have my magical red thigh lengths boots on ,he has no idea of what my boots can do .
Still struggling with each other i pull the necklace out shoving the kryptonite in this losers face .
Where did you say you were taking me ? haha .
I tie his hands and cock and balls together  “,you are no longer a superhero you are now my slave and i am going to keep you in my chambers until i’m ready to release you , all your powers have disappeared”
You are no longer Superman ! 
I am your mistress you will what i want when i want and how i want . 
“Get on your knees and worship my boots”
As he licks the soles,  i flog his back  
beautiful marks appearing , he’s loving having my heel in his mouth , suck it ! 
I tighten the rope around his balls , which are now bulging bright red !
Now lie on your back , i need a face stool 
 Sitting comfortably on my stool i flog his balls , wriggling and jolting  beneath my arse .
I’m going to release your cock and balls , you will not touch your cock until i give you permission .
After making him wait 10 minutes i allow him to relieve himself .
You are going no where slave , you can sleep now until  tomorrow , then the real fun will begin 

A Testimonial – cruel nun role play

  • November 24, 2019

Wakefield Mistress


Yet another utterly amazing session with the Elite, A-List Mistress V of Wakefield.

I asked Mistress V to role play as a strict and severe nun, and I was gobmacked when I saw her in her nun’s uniform. The sexiest nun ever!

After a thorough pre-session chat, I was tied to her spanking bench and warmed up to get me into subspace before receiving a caning. Subspace is a wonderful phenomenon and Mistress V is an expert in getting you into subspace and keeping you there.

After the caning, Mistress V – still in the nun’s uniform – donned her strapon and gave me a long hard fvcking in front of a full length mirror, which she really enjoyed. I loved seeing the obvious delight in her beautiful face in the mirror as she used her strapon on me.

For some time, I have been discussing the possibility of doing enforced Hard Sports with Mistress V. I’d never done it before and never wanted to do it with anyone else, but I wanted Mistress V to have more power and control over me. We knew that I would need to be forced to do it, so Mistress V made me lay on the medical bench, wrapped me firmly from head to toe in cling film and cut an opening to allow my cock and balls to be exposed. I was totally helpless. Mistress V then shit straight into my mouth and burned my balls with a cigarette to force me to consume her scat. Beware! If you request enforced HS, Mistress V will enforce it. There is no escape.

This was a fantastic session, with Total Power Exchange. I got exactly what I asked for.

If you haven’t had a session with Mistress V, you haven’t lived.

Fantastic Roleplay Session!

  • September 20, 2019

What a fantastic roleplay session I’ve had this morning. Perfect weather for it too.
I’d spoken to my new sub in the week requesting some outdoor fun.
On his arrival I opened the door, there he stood beads of sweat rolling down his cheeks as he’d just popped to the diy store not to far from the chambers to pick up two pieces of wood when I say pieces of wood I should change it to planks.
Over his shoulder he had a little backpack. Wonder what’s in that lol, I soon found out!
Our roleplay scenario was a crucifix carrying Slave, something similar to what you will have seen on an old movie
Getting back to the session.
My Slave was sent to me by order of some elders who’d decided his fate, to be flogged on my cross before being dressed in a white robe, and a real crown of thorns placed on his head and taken outside in the garden, I flog him, as he carries the hand made cross around on his shoulder, after giving him 20 lashes I tell him to put the cross on the floor and lie on it, I’m going to nail you to the cross and then let the people who have gathered here decide what’s next for you!
They have decided I take you down from your cross and give you another 20 lashes on my cross inside, go and assume your position, back inside I strap him to the cross for a final flogging this time I concentrate on his chest, cock and balls lightly flicking the flogger over him,once he’d suffered enough for me I gave him the pleasure of giving himself a hand job, kind of me I know 😈😈

superman role play

  • May 29, 2019

So today I have a superman aficionado coming to capture me, little does he know how prepared I am for his arrival hehe. With my kryptonite necklace, he will soon be powerless, mine to do as I please!

He’s flown over from Sweden, let’s make it one to remember!!

Once the door bell rang, I added some special effects with superman the song playing on the stereo. He noticed and smiled a big happy smile.

“Upstairs and get changed.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when he appeared in full superman outfit wow!

“I’ve come to capture you and take you to jail mistress V.”

“Hahaha you’re not strong enough to capture me!!”

We wrestled for a while. Getting the better of him, I cuffed him.

“I have more power than you superman! Taking my necklace and showing him the kryptonite he slowly lost his powers, I then dressed him in his own shiny red pvc boots.

“I’m going to turn you into superman’s bitch; my bitch!”

Changing into my thigh length boots which also gave me super powers I tell him to undress

“I’m going to fuck you, but I want to have fun with you first.”

I tied him in a rope body harness, for easy access to the nipples hehe then took him over to the leather cuffs. Once on, his arms were above his head, and whip in hand I began his punishment.

“How wrong you were superbitch. I have you, and now you are here nobody can help you.”

As I flogged his cock and balls, he whimpered “mistress I love you I want to be the perfect slave”

You know I love needle play, so having uncuffed him, we went into the medical room.

“Get inside the body bag.”

Once inside I allowed him to have a sniff of poppers.

He was very noisy when the first couple of needles went in.

“I need to gag you bitch. I hope you’re not going to be so noisy when I’ve got your legs tied in the air when I’m fucking you!!”

I inserted my smallest butt plug as his hole was very tight and worked my way up to my black dildo soft enough for it to slide straight in.

“I love it mistress. I’m having multiple orgasms like a woman mistress.”

Hahaha I can’t wait to attach my e-stim to your saggy balls hehe.”

He’s never experienced the e-stim before hmm this is going to be fun 😈😈😈

It wasn’t long before he was begging to worship my breasts, so I allowed one kiss on each breast (clothed) before I turned the e-stim up haha!

“I’m to kind to my slaves aren’t I bitch!”

E-stim off, time for some hot candle wax!! Covering his cock and balls in wax he was moaning in ecstasy and at this point totally at my mercy, his balls were purple they were tied so tight.

“Play with your cock bitch! Obviously this is instant haha!”

After a while I allowed him to untie his pathetic cock and relieve himself.

5 hours of fun from start to finish. Excellent roleplay session.

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