Onlyfans Account

  • December 8, 2018

I now have an Onlyfans account where you can see videos of Myself and My slaves in various types of session:

What a fantastic day!

  • December 3, 2018

Yorkshire Mistress

Well what a fantastic day I’ve had. Filming and doing lots of photos!

My new cock and ball shocker was put to good use; as soon as my Slave arrived I made him put it on! Starting of at a very low level I soon got the gist of it. It was hilarious watching him jumping about like a rabbit hahaha very effective!

I decided to give him a cold caning.  Well he’s my collared slave, so I can do anything I want to him!

Feeling quite peckish after the caning, I shared my chicken salad sandwich with him, chewing it slowly making sure I had plenty of saliva on it I spat it onto the plate! Eat it Slave! Looking straight at me, chewing it, savouring the taste of my saliva and my breath all in one! He eagerly swallowed it all and thanked me for it!!

“Thirsty now aren’t you! Lie down on the floor and open your mouth as wide as you can.”

I pissed directly into his mouth, stopping now and again so he could swallow without choking; we wouldn’t want that now would we?

“Stand up and go and get me a needle Slave!!”

I used the needle to carve my initials into his chest, then stuck the needle through his left nipple.

“Time for the vacbed! Get in!” When he was tucked into my vacbed I sucked all the air out then gave him CBT with my electrics

The full session video and many more can be seen on my account

Filming slave required for severe caning

  • January 3, 2018

I require a filming slave for a severe caning video.  The successful applicant will have to be able to take a very severe caning with no safewords and will have to sign a model release form. You can wear a mask if you want to.

My male slave will be operating the video camera, although he can leave the room while the caning takes place.

There is a fee of £50. If you can take the full caning, I will give you a one hour session after the caning at no extra cost.

This is not for the light hearted.  It is only suitable for an extreme caning enthusiast.

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