His second visit to Me

  • August 9, 2020

Second visit today with my bum whore.

Once through the door it was ordered upstairs. Face mask on slave now let’s have a chat.

Once we’d had our pre session chat I locked it up, cock encased in the steel cage ready and more than willing to take what was waiting for it once over the bench.

I stick 2 fingers inside it’s arse, wow your more than ready for the bigger sized strapons , Ill just slip one on, lube it up and get to work on stretching that arse of yours.

The positioning on the bench was awkward for it to get the full benefit of my pounding.

Get off the bench I want you in the medical room at the end of the medical bench with your arse in the air!

Now that was the perfect angle. Spread those cheeks whore I want to go deeper; so deep you can taste it.

After giving its arse a good seeing to, my whore was thirsty, it had never drunk pee before. I was very impressed with its efforts to which I gave it a reward, sitting on its face. Wriggling my sweaty arse all over it.

Medical room for some sounds whore it’s time to stretch your cock!

Using the various size sounds, my whore loved watching them slide in and out of its little peep hole 😂

I find it amazing that a pathetic cock can take so much, it was loving every second of it getting harder and harder.

I’ll sort that cock out for you, attaching the estim cock hoops I turn it on. Wow mistress it feels amazing, is it throbbing? yes mistress.

Sitting on its face I give my whore another reward. Turning the power up on the estim, just enough for his cock to dance. I ride its face, its cock is now ready for exploding but instead of letting it I make it get on its knees and kneel in front of me, time to worship Mistress properly, come closer slave. Let’s leave the rest to your imagination.

It has already got its next session booked for October

Wish you were my bum whore? You know what to do

My sissy – hard sports, forced bi and much more!

  • August 4, 2020

My filthy slut arrived in full slut attire for her breakfast today, and my what fun we had.

She brought along with her some new needles for me to try, nice long thick ones. I will put this box in the medical room until it’s needed. Time to warm your cheeks with some spanking before I use my new whip!

Once over the bench I strap her down, she does like to wriggle and be quite verbal at times, I soon sort that out!

Your cheeks are glowing slut, swishing through the air down came my whip.

When I was happy with the results I move on to my favourite implement, the cane, giving it 10 or more hard strokes, letting her no who’s the boss!

My surprise was soon ringing the bell 🛎

Letting it in I send it upstairs mask on.

I have a new outfit for you to wear it’s on the bed, get it on and join us

The outfit it was wearing had a zip that goes underneath the crouch making it easy to get its cock out for sucking.

Stand in front of it and get your cock out, this greedy whore wants your cock in her mouth!

When the two whores had finished I made one stay in the tall standing cage, while the other went into the medical room for some needleplay

Using the new needles just 3 in the nipple and one in its balls

I’m needing the toilet now potty breath get in the bathroom and lie down, I don’t need to tell you again you know what’s coming next!!!

The filthy slut ate every single bit.

Do you wish you were as greedy as her? 😈😈

Enforced Hard Sports

  • July 27, 2020

My human toilet arrived early this morning after travelling for 4 hours to have breakfast, served directly from myself.

We discussed how he’d like the session to go, as we chatted it soon became quite clear that this potty mouth wanted me to force him to eat it.

I do love a new toilet boy, makes it more fun when they’re new to it.

Once toilet was stripped I told it to go and kneel in the playroom head bowed and wait!

Telling him you will taste my shit today, you will also clean my arse after I’ve finished, no chickening out!

Tying my toilet up I tease it, bending over so it can just see my arse, you want to lick it don’t you slave?

You’ll not get the pleasure of that until you’ve had a taste. Grouching over its face, I fart 💨 taste that shit breath!

After quite a few loud ripply farts I can feel my toilet’s breakfast working its way down.

Open wide! And catch it with your teeth!

Once it had landed perfectly into its mouth, I sat on its chest and held its mouth shut 🤐.

You are going to keep that held in your mouth for the next 10 minutes, don’t worry I’ll help you 😈

10 minutes later I stood up above it, spreading my arse cheeks. there’s another truffle on its way, Open!

You look thirsty! This time I get right down so my pussy is an inch away from his dry mouth, I relieve its thirst, swallowing all my pee, good toilet.

Now clean my arse!!

Scat / Hard Sports videos can be seen on My account

Double Sissy Session

  • July 26, 2020

Just finished an amazing double sissy session, both have sessioned with me on several occasions.

Organising this session wasn’t hard as they both wanted the same thing, to feel a real cock in their mouths and sissy cunts.

I’d asked paula to come an hour after I’d started my session.

I want to give my sissy a really good seeing too before she arrived, lots of sucking on my strapon preparing my slut for what’s about to occur.

strapping my slut down to the bench, I lube the anal hook and insert it, then attaching my pulley I pull on it , sluts moaning encouraging me to pull harder.

I’m going to stretch your sissy hole for my slut to slip her cock inside you and you are going to except it, I’m in control now, I say who sucks and who fucks, while your here I’m the boss!!

I hear the car pull onto the drive.

paula’s arrived, I’m going to take you from the bench and put you in the cage until she’s dressed and ready.

Once inside the cage I tease and torment my slut. Running my hands across my breasts, rub your clit slut! I want that cock of yours hard!

paula then enters the room.

Releasing my slut form the cage. Get on your knees paula and suck! It wasn’t long before my slut was exploding into paula’s mouth.

Your turn now, return the favour lol.

Into the sissy room and get on the bed.

My oh my they were having fun.

Suck paula’s balls.

paula you wank your cock and when you’re ready, give my slut a facial.

No chance of that; paula grabbed my slut’s head and filled her mouth spunk exploding everywhere.

Carry on sucking those balls bitch!

You are both my whores to do with as I please, now clean up your mess sluts!!

Looking forward to when we can do this again, it won’t be long before they’re back 😈😈😈

Total Power Exchange

  • July 18, 2020

My slave made a request when booking his session, that I have total control from the minute he comes through the door
power exchange, I just love it!!
On his arrival after the covid precautions I ordered my slave down on his knees to worship my boots, while his doing so, I remind him of his requests
so today you want to eat my shit, slave?
I do miss but I’m very nervous about it.
well I can guarantee you this slave, by the time I’ve done with you, you’ll do anything I ask and more
in its frilly panties, suspenders and stockings I order my pain slut over my bench!
let me warm that blank canvas for you.
using various implements I proceed to warm my sluts cheeks before introducing the cane!
my sluts not really into the cane, so I remind it again of who is in CONTROL! certainly not it!!
squealing like a bitch I give 5 hard strokes, I love to watch the welts rise to the surface of the skin, it does excite me 😈
another request from it, was to be branded,!
lighting a cigarette 🚬 I start to burn the letter v on to its arse cheek, going over it repeatedly so it blisters as I like to leave my mark 😈 one it’s going to have for a long time I think 😂
moving from the bench we go into the medical room for some needleplay
using 26 needles I made a pretty design across its nipple and chest, allowing it to drink some pee in between, such a kind mistress
reminding it that it’s now time to taste my shit!!
oh mistress I’m not too sure I want to do this
shut up slave!!
placing my self over its mouth, OPEN
it moves its head, you’re not getting away with it I pick it up and pop it straight into its mouth and shut it with a clasped gloved hand
it didn’t like the taste, but made a very good effort
well done shit breath for your amazing efforts
see you very soon to finish of where we left off 😈😈

Fantastic session with My female sub

  • July 13, 2020

had a fantastic two hour session with my female sub
she loves bondage, so best place for her is in my vacbed, fully restricted and encased in rubber
once she’d settled in I applied some latex shine into my hands and slowly massaged it into her body
all the while she’s inside moaning, it was obviously turning my slut on 😈😈
teasing her with each grasp of her very voluptuous breasts she gasps!!
with my other hand I rub her swollen pussy sliding a finger in now and then to get her juices flowing
are you coming for your mistress?
by the sounds coming from inside the vacbed she certainly was, she certainly knows how to squirt!!
moving my hands up to her neck I grip it tight!
then down to her very wet pussy, slapping it softly before I increase each one to a stinging slap! ahhh
back to her breasts and her very large nipples, twisting and pulling

ahh more mistress she begs

time for some rope play up the stairs girl and wait on bended knees.

upstairs I tie her arms behind her back into the dragon sleeve minimal movement, opening the tall standing cage, get in side.. she loves sensory deprivation you can put my new mask on before I start with the chains
chaining her inside the cage
more nipple torture, using a clamp I grip it onto her nipple and twist and pull
another organism all over the cage floor, you’ll enjoy cleaning that up once I’ve put you over my bench!
spanking her lightly before moving into the riding crop I crop her pussy in between her buttocks and the inside of her thighs
finishing her of one more time with a vibrator.
she leaves with eyes bright and rosy red cheeks, see you soon slut!

A Fantastic Session

  • July 3, 2020

had a fantastic session this morning with a sub I’ve not seen for over a year, I do love when they revisit.
locking his cock into his cage, you are going to wear this throughout the session you are mine now slave, putting the keys inside my bra, I tell him to get over the bench
strapping him down, I lightly scratch his back moving down his body to his balls, cupping his tight balls in my hand I twist them! this is what balls are made for slave, abusing!!
i then thrust my hips against his arse as if I were fucking him, oh yes mistress
moving around to the front of the bench I put his head in between my thighs and proceed to spanking him, not hard but enough for the colour to rush to his cheeks
you like your head between my legs don’t you slave?
teasing him with my movements, I go back behind him, gloves on and lube applied
i going to tickle your butt hole slave, he seems to like this! inserting one finger I penetrate his anus.
wish it was a real cock don’t you.? yes mistress, another time slave.
using the pinwheel on his balls, lightly at first 😈
unstrapping him from the bench I put him in the toilet box
I’m going to sit on my toilet while I watch you relieve yourself, then you must clean yourself up!! didn’t take him long before he was exposing
hardly surprising with the view above him.

Triple Domination!

  • July 1, 2020

time for my greedy cock sucking slut to arrive, upon opening the door, there it’s stood all glammed up, blonde wig white summer dress stockings and high heels
get your slutty arse up them stairs, i’ve got a couple of surprises for you!!
once it applied more red lipstick she was ready!
come in here you filthy cock sucker!
i’m going to put you in the cage while i prepare for your surprise!
i hear the gate slam, here’s a light beverage for you to drink while i let your surprise in, lovely refreshing piss!
once it’s drunk, i go downstairs and let my female sub in
Are you ready?
my f sub joins us in the playroom
over the bench you go! i’m going to warm your cheeks with a good hard hand spanking, my slut over there can watch!
once her cheeks were glowing i released this hungry eager slut out
get between her legs and kiss her arse after each stroke of the strap, if it’s not to my liking you’ll suffer
nestling it’s greedy head in between her thighs he begins to kiss her glowing cheeks, i then make it lick her pussy, which she seems to be enjoying, to much lol
slow down bitch it’s not a race, with that i give my slut a very hard stroke with the strap not once but several times
now get up and sort yourself out!
taking my f sub from the bench, i order my slut to lie down
my sub is going to sit on your face
you aren’t going to do anything except smell her anus, nice deep sniffs
once i’m satisfied my sub can get dressed, you can get back in the cage and wait!!!

once my sub had left, my second surprise was now on his way
today you are going to meet paula tall leggy brunette
who also likes to suck cock
my god once paula arrived my slut was so excited, cock cock mistress i want cock!
all in good time slut!
paula enter…

A fantastic Session Dominating a couple

  • June 22, 2020

today I had my couple coming for a severe whip thrashing!! I’d chatted briefly to the gent on the phone previous to our meet, on his likes and dislikes, and more to the point his partners likes.
on arrival they both looked nervous stood on the door step shaking lol come inside we can go upstairs where we can have a little chat leave your nerves at the door!!

Upstairs we started chatting, his partner joined in now and again with what she’d like to watch, she explained that, that was all she would like to do today, watch her partner take the thrashing of his life!!

fantastic, now I know we can make a start, you take yourself in the bathroom and shower, your wife can sit on my bench, while he was in the shower his wife told me that they play a lot at home and have also played in a dungeon before but never included a dom in their sessions.

fantastic I was so excited by the thought of being watched by his wife, it some how made me feel more superior.

after showering, it came into the play room, wide eyed and excited

your wife tells me, when she tries to kick you in the balls you wriggle a lot, not today i’m going to tie you up and strap you to my cross, once strapped securely you will take your lashes with dignity, if I hear you make a sound i’ll gag you!!

looking over at his partner, she too was getting excited

after the first strike she yelled yes!!! this is what I want, I want to watch you hurt him more mistress.

after giving him a good hard thrashing, I take him from the cross and strap him to my bench time for the cane.

20 strokes with 3 different canes from mild to hard, I love total power control, but never like this!

wife’s fancy treating your partner for some kinky fun, book a session I enjoy controlling both 😈😈

Enforced Hard Sports

  • June 14, 2020

Toilet boy arrived this morning, early morning breakfast with light beverage
We had a discussion previous to the session, how my toilet wanted to push its limits with the Scat play
Usually having my shit smeared all over his body, today he wanted to be forced to eat it
Remembering the last time it tried, it wasn’t successful, it wasn’t tied tight enough, well today he’s not getting a choice, enforced consumption is a privilege, one I will bestow upon my shit eater today
I’m going to use ropes today potty mouth and my bondage board, you’ll not be able to move your body, if you move your head in the toilet box I will simply pick it up and make you eat it ,
Tying its wrists and thumbs before it lies on the bondage board
Securely bound, I ask it to try and move, I can’t miss 😂😂 I love it when my plans come together
Head in box
I walk around him while I smoke a cigarette, telling it
There’s no escape now,
I might start with your beverage, but we will see what comes first
Crouching over its face, I feel a piss coming, open potty mouth
Swallow my piss
Moving it’s head in the box the piss is spilling over its face
Are you ready for breakfast shitty mouth? Open wide breakfast shall be served
Looking down into the box
Your moving your head again,
Pushing my bottom further down over its mouth, I lean forward and squeeze its nipples as I’m doing this it opens its mouth, another piece of shit lands on its lips open,
He’s refusing, I can’t miss, I can’t
I’ll have to encourage you lighting a cigarette I lightly touch his nipple with it and with the other hand I get a piece of shit albeit the tiniest piece and push it into this shit eaters mouth ,, Eat it ,, Swallow it, It’s only the size of a Malteser
Placing my hand over its mouth he swallows it
Now I want you to shit yourself

Double Session

  • June 9, 2020

Opening the door to my sissy all geared up to meet my female sub for a double session,she’s excited to say the least, up you go slut! my f sub is on her way, I’d like you dressed and ready before she arrives

10 minutes later, I was back downstairs letting my f sub in

You wanted me to surprise you today, get undressed your surprise is upstairs waiting for you

Reminding her of things we’d discussed previously to this session

Starting with my slut, she’s dressed in her thong and stockings drooling at the thought of my f sub
Get in there and over my bench you filthy whore!
As I’m strapping her down, in comes my f sub, big grin on her face
Once I’ve strapped this bitch down I’m going to spank her and I want you to join in, do you think you can manage that! Yes mistress
Spanking my slut in turn was great fun, I then get my slut from the bench and strapped her to the cross
Turning to my f sub I order her over the bench pushing it over to the cross she gets over and I strap her down
I want you to tickle my sluts tiny balls while I spank you, if you don’t tickle them how she likes it you will receive a good caning, now get tickling
My slut wasn’t wriggling and giggling and much as she usually does
Not good enough, I did warn you what would happen
She took 50 hard strokes of my favourite cane, lovely red bottom, she deserved her stripes today
I unstrap my slut from the cross
Get around here slut, her Pussy as dripped all over my floor, get on your knees and lick it up!
Hungry greedy sluts soon on her knees licking and slurping it up
Now clean her arse!
Giving my slut a stroke from the paddle
I said clean it, pushing her head deeper into her arse
She wants your tongue deep inside so you can taste her shit!!
I won’t go into detail of what happened next as I’d like you to use your imagination 😈😈 fancy a session with my female sub! Book a session

Foot Worship Session

  • June 4, 2020

Foot worship slave arrived eager to lick my feet

Handing it the face mask I tell him to put it on and strip off right where it’s stood, doing so I go upstairs to prepare myself

Slipping on my very expensive Louboutins shoes I order it to worship! Make sure you pay extra attention to my spikes, foot licker

It started at Sucking on my heel as if it were a cock, take my shoe off and start sucking my toes, once you’ve sucked them you then will move onto my soles

Cleaning my feet, I tell it to lie on the floor mouth wide open

Let me slide my sexy size 5s in to your hungry mouth.

Greedy boy managed to get both feet into its mouth, impressed!!

Now massage the balls of my feet slave, I’ll then allow you the privilege of reliving yourself over my feet, but you will be made to clean up all your mess

Once he shot his waste over my feet, I grabbed it by the hair and made it lick every last drop up from the floor, clean feet clean floor, happy Mistress happy foot licker

The Letter

  • May 12, 2020

My Naughty boy has arrived, letter in hand from his mummy, come inside boy!
Pass me the letter I want to see what your mother has written
Reading the letter his mother explains why she’s sent her naughty son to my office for his punishment

Looking on the internet at porn and playing with his penis, she then begins to tell me how she would like him to return home with a very sore bottom, also to hurt his small penis, so he won’t want to play with it again.

Once he’d undressed I couldn’t help but laugh at the sight before me!
I have never seen anything like it!
The tiniest penis ever!
How on earth do you manage to play with something you can’t see?
Shrugging his shoulders he doesn’t answer
Over my bench boy! I’ll ensure you this, by the time I’ve finished with you you’ll never look at porn again
Spanking him until his bottom was a lovely pink I move on to my straps, starting with my soft leather one before moving onto the more heavier ones

All the while while I’m inflicting his punishment his protesting his innocence
“If I’d have known what my mummy had put in that letter I would have never come “
Laughing I tell him, “I’m just warming up boy “ you will take your punishment “
Swishing the cane in the air, crashing down onto his now very red bottom 10 of the best should do the trick before I use my new riding crop, I do love the sound as it makes on contact

When he can take no more I unstrap him
Get of the bench, it’s time for you to meet jaws!! My fantastic spiked wooden cbt device

Clamping his balls into the device and screwing it down, he gasps as I tighten it, ouch! It hurts.
It’s meant to hurt, how are you meant to learn if it doesn’t?

Shall I put you over my bench again? “No miss I’ve learned my lesson “
Then my job is done, get dressed, when you get home I want you to show mummy your bottom and if she thinks you’ve not learned your lesson you will have to return, for a more severe punishment

He will be back as like the rest before him he can’t resist!

Adult Baby Play

  • May 12, 2020
My adult baby (twiddle) will soon be arriving, he will bring his milk, juice and nappies with him
Once he arrives he goes straight to the bathroom to get changed
Nappy on,dummy in his mouth he’s ready for mummy to feed him
As I pour the milk into the baby bottle 🍼 twiddle starts to rub his pathetic tiny cock
What are you doing?
Leave your tiny cock alone until I tell you otherwise, now sit on mummy’s lap with your head back and drink your feed
Stopping after he’d drunk an ounce, I check his nappy to see if he’s had any accidents
Yes just what I thought, you’ve pissed your nappy you naughty boy, turn over with your bottom in the air, doing as he’s told I rip the nappy of, and slap his arse, wriggling, are you!! , I’ll soon sort that out my dear boy
With one of my legs I wrap it over my baby’s legs, you won’t be able to move now twiddle slap slap slap
After 10 hard slaps, I put his wet nappy back on, you can suffer in your dirty nappy while you eat your din dins
Opening a jar of his favourite mushy food, I spoon feed him
After you’ve had your dinner you can have a nap
Do not poo in your nappy or I’ll make you eat it
That isn’t a threat he knows what the consequences are if he does, he will eat his own waste as I’m his mummy and mummy knows best..
He did make a mess with it all in his teeth, pissing in his baby bottle I pass it to him, drink this and get that shit of your teeth, it’s time you went home, get in the shower once you’ve drunk all mummy’s nice warm pee
Then I’ll put you a clean nappy on to go home in That’s a good baby 👶

A hour session with My female sub

  • April 16, 2020

3 hours of total power exchange with my female sub, she arrives on time as usual, never late this one, bell rings, I’ve a lot of plans for her today.

Opening the door I order her in, on your knees bitch while I collar you!

Taking her straight in the downstairs dungeon, I set up the vac bed while she gets undressed, thought I’d start with some bondage first, she loved the vacbed while inside I tease her clit with the vibrator, building her up to orgasim, and boy does she squirt!!

Her juices flowing, I carry on until she’s spent, time for you to come out, I’ve not finished with you yet. You know I love to give your arse a good thrashing don’t you? Up you go, straight over the bench!

I’m going to give you a judicial caning, you’ve not had one yet and I’ve decided it’s now time! You’ve got to earn those stripes!!

Starting with the thinnest of my canes I proceed to give her, her first strokes.

After the 20th I move on to a more thicker cane, the sound on impact is music to my ears another 20 before moving on to my more severe canes, in total she takes 120, I show no mercy to my bitch, because she’s exactly that my bitch

Sliding my strapon inside her now soaking wet pussy I fuck her like I’ve never fucked her before hard and fast, moaning beneath me for more

When she can no longer give any more of her juices I unstrap her

Time for your whipping!

Once strapped to the cross I lightly flick the whip across her back, she gasps, straightening her back, ready for the next strike, I encourage her to take more for me, clasping one hand on her breast

I whisper in her ear, you are my pain slut, you will take more for your mistress, until I decide when you’ve had enough

Stepping back with the whip, I crack it hard across her back and again and and again, sweating I take her down to the Medical room

She’s well in sub space at this point

I finish her of with needle play, and electrics

A fantastic time was had, she emerged from the bathroom glowing , beaming smile

She thanked me for an amazing session

You’re very welcome my dear bitch xx

Phone and Webcam sessions

  • March 20, 2020

I provide very enjoyable phone and webcam sessions for anyone who is unable to visit Me in person. I will satisfy your craving for pain, humiliation and fetish from a distance, using very inventive, innovative means.

My phone and webcam sessions are unique. Our synergy will be inspiring and and dynamic, depending on our disposition and the intimate connection that emanates from the mind’s powerful energy.

The cost is £1.50 a minute. Minimum chat length is 20 minutes. The full session length is payable in advance.

Contact me by email initially, to set up our webcam or phone chat session. We will then arrange a set time and I will advise you of the payment method.

Become better. Become Mine

My toilet slave

  • March 11, 2020

My Toilet boy arrived on time for his second visit, his first visit didn’t go to plan so it was down to me to make sure this session never leaves his memory.

“Up you go potty boy, once you’re changed go and kneel at the toilet box.”

Entering the room, I told him to stand up.

“Look at me slave, today I’m going to give you a face mask, homemade with my own shit! But before I must amuse myself with your cock and nipples for a while.”

Attaching the nipple clamps and then the new spiked cock ring, I sat myself on my spanking bench and teased my slave, the nipple clamps were attached to my bench so while I teased it with my gorgeous panties I slowly pushed back on the bench which then pulled on the clamps, slave on tiptoes, cock swelling as the spikes dug deep into its flesh

Removing the clamps I ordered my slave to worship my arse before it delivers your package, I have to say his efforts were shit lol.

“Go and get yourself acquainted with the toilet box once you’re in I will cuff you to it, also cuffing his ankles to the chain leg spreader, I do love it when my plans come together.

Slave’s wish wasn’t to eat my shit but to have it smeared on him.

“Time for your face mask, one you won’t be forgetting!”

Lowering myself I released my waste, it fell off his face into the bowl. I then straddled his chest hoping I my clean the rest of my waste on his body, picking up a piece I began to cover the whole of his face so only his eyes and teeth were visible

“You can stay there for 10 minutes while I go and clean myself up, once I’m done I will release your wrist cuffs and give you the privilege of masturbating yourself.”

He finished himself off, had a shower and ready for planning his next visit 💩💩💩

Waxing Lyrical – A Fantastic Day With My Slave

  • February 24, 2020

What a fantastic day I had yesterday with my slave.

I started the session with hot wax play, I don’t mean candle wax, I mean hot melted wax for waxing the body!

“Lie down on the medical bed slave, I’m going to strap you down to the bed and apply hot wax to your chest and genital area 😈😈 I’m then going to rip it off your skin to get rid of those horrid hairs, it’s going to hurt a little lol for you not for me” 😂

Once I’d applied enough wax to the chest I had to wait for it to cool before I could start removing the hairs, even though my slave didn’t scream I could tell it was painful by the curling of his toes, good job you’re securely bound to that bench boy!

When I was satisfied with his smooth chest, I began applying wax to all his pubic area, wincing as the wax as I smeared in

Get ready slave! Rip!! Eyes watering are they? 😂😂 after several applications and lots of oows and ahs I was happy with the finished results.

Thirsty work isn’t it dear. Open your mouth wide! Spitting to the back of his throat, I got up and walked around the bed to the top of his head lowering my latex clad bottom directly on his face, smell the latex!

Standing up I lifted my dress up enough so I could piss straight into his mouth not wasting a drop, impressed with his efforts I decided I was going to give my slave hand relief with a twist! 😈😈😈 applying a dollop of deep heat onto my gloved palm I rubbed it into his balls first, getting warm down there is it, turning to my slave I spit into his mouth once again rubbing his cock harder as it was going redder and redder, struggling to explode 😂😂

Which he eventually does, I laughed passing him a wipe, get that wiped of your very sore cock slave then shower, he was tripping over himself to get to the cold tap. I do love my sessions with my slaves each and every session is different from the last, book a session and find out 😈😈

You can see the full session videos on

A special double session for my female sub’s birthday

  • February 9, 2020

So today’s my female sub’s birthday, I really want to make this a memorable session for her. My brain’s bursting with ideas. As she likes quite a wide range of bdsm activities, bondage being one of her favourites.

Once she arrived I told her I had a birthday surprise which I would tell her about as we continue our session.

Cuffing her ankles at least 2 feet apart, I then insert an anal hook inside her pussy before I attach it to the hoist, pulling on the rope once it’s fully inside making sure it hasn’t slipped down, I then put her arms behind her back and put her arms inside the arm binders.

Exciting isn’t it slave, yes mistress was her reply before I apply the blindfold.

Teasing her nipples with my nails softly at first 😈 warming them up before I attach the crocodile clips, which she loves.
Once she’s fully aroused I whisper in her ear, my pain slut is on his way, once it arrives it will be going straight into the cell.

Ah, I’m going to whip your pussy before he gets here. Using the cat ‘o’ nine I begin whipping her cunt, with each wriggle she makes it pulls on the hook, making her wetter and wetter
Once she’d entertained me I took her down uncuffing her and releasing her arms from the binders I take her into the medical room, where I order her over my knee for her birthday spanking 30 hard ones 😈

I hear the side gate slam! My pain slut has arrived.

Get on your feet while I let it in.

Once my slut’s inside I tell him to go straight into the downstairs dungeon, following it in. Get stripped I’m going to put you in the cell while I get my female sub ready in the upstairs room, leaving him chained and cuffed I go back upstairs and prepare my female sub for the sjambok, once she’s tightly restrained I go and let my slut out!

Upstairs bitch you are going to be chained to the wall and you’re going to watch my sub take a good thrashing and then she’s going to watch you!

I chain my slut to the wall it tells me it feels embarrassed 😂😂 really! Well I want you to sing happy birthday to my sub, once you start singing I’ll start the punishment

It starts to sing, one stroke two strokes.
Are you paying attention slut!
Yes mistress

I give my sub 30 hard strokes of the sjambok which she takes really well, I’m impressed with her because she can take a hard punishment it’s your turn next!!

I swap around putting my female sub onto the cross and putting my pain slut over my bench she’s going to watch you, I hope you can take it like she did, yes mistress

Warming his arse cheeks, telling my female sub to watch at the same time

She’s grinning at his efforts as they’re pathetic!

Time to take the sjambok

I gave my slut 30 strokes too as I thought it was only fair they take the same, I’m very generous with my fairness 😂

We then go into the medical my female sub in the body bag with gas mask on and my slut in the chair with gas mask on ready for some needle play, inserting my thickest needles 20 in one nipple and 5 in the other, I know this bitch likes pain, getting a needle i scratch the letters MV on his chest and on the other side I do a x

All the while my female sub’s in subspace as she can hear but not see what was going on all added to the excitement, I can honestly say the session was fantastic, they both absolutely loved it, the fact that they both were in session taking the same as each other made it that little bit more special.

A session with my new sub

  • February 1, 2020

What an awesome two hours, spent with a lovely new sub who had traveled up from Birmingham. Bondage, tie and tease with electrics.

Once we’d had our pre session chat I showed my slave where to get changed.

Calling my sub into the main play room, I tied him with my long red rope, paying attention to his nipples as I tied him, once he’s secure with the rope I move him over to the cross and tie him with black rope to it , he can’t move a muscle, fantastic I thought as I applied the nipple clamps before putting the gas mask on him filled with a cotton wool ball and poppers.

Twisting the nipple clamps every now and then, some times hard and at others nice and gentle, my sub was deep in subspace, taking the mask from him I continue with the nipple torture before concentrating on his stiff cock.

Using my soft leather whip, I whipped his cock, likes that doesn’t it Slave? I can tell as it’s swelling more and more.  Moaning in sheer ecstasy as my finger nails dug deep into his flesh deep into his balls.

I then used my flogger lightly flogging him all over his body, telling him that when his punishment is over in here we will be going across the landing to the medical room for some electric fun hehe.

I wrapped my slave nice and tight in cling wrap making sure his cock and genitals have access for my cruel cbt.

Once laid on the medical bench I inserted a sound, slowly building him up to the bigger sizes before using the electric sound, I have to say I do prefer this one to the rest, it’s a lot more enjoyable to watch my sub try and wriggle once I turn it on, impossible you can’t move when you’re bound and going nowhere.

Before I released him from the bed I peed into a clear plastic cup and held it while my sub drank the lot, thirsty work being tortured lol.

We then went downstairs where I put him in the vacbed for more genital torture and breathplay.

Time flies when your having fun 😈😈😈

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