2 hour session with my human toilet

  • May 9, 2022

What a fantastic two hour session spent with my toilet slvt 😈
I arrived at potty mouth house at the agreed time , it’s been a toilet slave of mine for a couple of years so I know exactly what it’s likes and dislikes are . Calling it once I arrived , I saw the door slightly ajar, stepping out of the car I see my toilet slvt hovering in the porch , pushing the door open there she’s stood in her stockings nipple clamps and thong finished of with a pair of shiny black pumps . It’s eager to get started towels and bin liners laid out all over the floor, this bitch really did want everything I had saved for her today , pulling the nipple clamps I order it onto the floor ,standing over her I begin to let me piss flow , wriggling beneath me it begs for my poo lots of it 💩💩 I was shocked when I looked at this now completely covered turd that’s exactly what it looked like , stepping away from it , suck on that piece of poo as if it were an ice-lolly it does has it’s told , while it’s covered in my waste I push the dildo deep into its gaping hole fvcking it hard and fierce once it could take no more I order it to freshen its self up and come back into the study where I will be waiting with my cane , I finished the session of with a good ball whipping and 5 strokes of my thin cane , we then had breakfast with english tea and a very good chat , I was then back on the rd home smiling like a cheshire cat knowing i’ve made this toilet slave happy

Role play session with new client

  • April 15, 2022

Brilliant session this morning , one of my favourites roleplay . Having exchanged emails my new client explains his fantasties likes and dislikes , once he arrived I order him to lock the door behind him .

Standing at the top of the stairs in a black tight see through dress and high heels I have my rope in one hand and my wrist cuffs in the other.
Up here boy now! when he reaches the top step I grab him by the collar of his shirt dragging him into position in front of me , I begin to tie him with my rope from the neck down to his waist ,I then cuff his wrists and sit him down in a chair , blindfold on . Running my fingers through his chest I unfasten each button teasing his nipples pulling and pinching . When all the buttons are undone I use my sharp heels and press them hard against his skin , watching him wince makes me giggle , taking the shoe of I wiggle my toes under his nose , You want to suck what’s coming next don’t you slave , with a nod my toes go straight in his mouth pushing my foot deeper and deeper into his mouth , let me see if I can get my whole foot in shall we hehe , I could t believe how much he got in , moving him from the chair removing the blindfold I point over to the rug on the floor , Get on it and kneel for your mistress .
Still tied and cuffed I help him down onto his back , I’m going to use your face as my chair and play with your nipples , he loves being my piece of furniture , he can be a table next time and have a taste of breakfast 😈😈

My sissy daisy’s second session with Me

  • April 9, 2022

Daisy my sissy slut arrived for her second session , she was full of excitement as I gave her , her outfit to put on , she was already wearing stockings under her clothing when she arrived , daisy loved to be fucked with my big black strapon but she can only take it all when she’s in the swing . Once her ankles are cuffed she’s all mine plenty of lube and my cocks inside her fucking her hard and fast she loves it moaning for more .

From the swing we go to the fucking bench she had told me in the week to whip her harder , strapping her down I begin with the bull whip swish swashy marks all over her bottom lovely patterns she will be proud to wear .

I then order her to the medical area for sounds and the estim but not until Ive used her mouth as my potty , to say it’s her 2nd time she was even more willing to push her limits for me .
I allow her to relieve herself then she was made to clean her mess up , my did she make a mess . see you soon my cock sucking arse fucking whore 😈😈😈

A session with My new sissy daisy

  • April 2, 2022

My new sissy daisy arrived, she looked a little nervous to start with but as the conversation flowed she soon relaxed and began to tell me a little bit about her likes and dislikes, she tells me she’s been looking for a Dominatrix locally for 12 years.

After our chat I point at the outfit that I had laid out for her, put those on, shoes wig leopard print panties and a black figure hugging camisole.” How do you feel now slut all done up “? Because she’s never walked on high heels before I tell her to walk around the studio, once she gets back to me she has to do a curtsy if she toppled over she will get a good spanking, doing as she’s told she walks around trying to be as elegant as possible 🤣.

Patting the fucking bench with my hand I order her over it, spanking her before I flog and whip her she absolutely loves the flogging begging for more. I like a nice red bottom to look at as I fuck it, it pleases mistress.

Moving onto my toys, strapon on I go around to the front and order her to open her mouth, pushing my cock into her eager mouth she sucks and licks every inch, “I can’t wait to fuck you daisy, I want to stretch that hole of yours so you can take my monster black cock “ Moving her from the bench over to the fuck machine, she enjoys being fucked hard and fast while she’s on all fours I put my black monster on making sure the straps are tight I want to give this slut the fuck of her life. Up you get ! Time to go on the swing, slapping her face with my cock as she gets up 🤣
Inside the swing ankles cuffed she’s ready. My cock has no problem sliding in her dark hole, liking cbt I attach my estim and begin to give her a good hard fucking, she absolutely loved her time spend with me and has already made arrangements for her next session 😈😈

Brilliant 2 hour session with My new sub

  • March 29, 2022

Brilliant 2 hour session with a new sub today,once inside the building I order him up, walking around in my high heels to the staircase opening we meet, Hello slave pointing to the rug, over there on your knees while we have our little chat 😈 once the chat was over I order him to strip, pushing my latex shiner in his hand, polish my dress everywhere pushing my bottom out, especially here

👉 spraying every part of the dress he sets to work rubbing it everywhere, I turn around to face him, don’t forget my front!

All shiny I now point at my shoes i’d like the same treatment on my shoes, get on your knees and lick them. Happy with the results it’s over to the fucking bench strapping him down I begin his arse stretching until I say he’s ready for a cock.

Using 2 different sized dildos and my doxy teasing his balls.

I unstrap my sub and begin to tie my wicked web of rope around my victim, then gagging him I start to tease and edge his cock, making him lie on the medical bench I sit on his face with my latex clad bottom and rub it all over his face before I carry on with more edging, telling my sub I own his cock and arse, I control when you can and can’t cum laughing as I go back to more edging he wishes he could cum right now but he has to control himself if he wants to please me.

We swap places and it’s now my turn as I lay down on my back I order my sub to lick my dress and worship my beautiful body while encased in latex, asking who is in control he answers, “you’re in control mistress ‘

I finish off the session with a very harsh edging one that’s explosive to say the least 😈😈😈

My new Female sub

  • March 24, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session spent with my new fem-sub, arriving at the agreed time, she was very nervous as we had our pre-session chat but during the conversation I could see she was beginning to relax.

Time to strip for mistress I want you totally naked! once she was fully stripped I order her over my spanking bench, strapping her down, cuffing her wrists she was ready and eager for what to come next. Lightly flogging her bottom and pussy she moans with pleasure increasing the intensity of each stroke then back down to milder strokes I can tell just by her body language that she’d like more of this so I introduce my bull whip nothing to harsh just enough so I get the same response as the flogging, teasing her pussy now and again she whispers “fuck me mistress”

I insert a smallish dildo first and begin slowly fucking her with her moans excite me, she did mention my anal hook in our chat so while I’m fucking her I insert the anal hook, accepting it as I slide inside her dark hole, her pleasure is increasing moaning a lot louder now, pulling my strapon on. It’s time to be fucked you are my fuck toy for the whole session I’ll fuck you with each and everyone of my cocks, spitting down on my cock, fucking her hard she climaxes all over my cock I see it glistening as I pump her hole. Teasing her of what else I have in mind for her, my fuck machine is waiting for you but first I’m going to tie you up I want to torture your nipples, twisting her nipple as I speak,

Using my finger tips at first before I use the nipple suction cups, she’s never experienced anything like this before, but I can tell she’s up for more, untying her now I order her on all fours in front of my fuck machine, this machine(pointing at the f machine) is going to give you a fucking like no other, I turn it on at a low setting before turning up full speed, Begging for more and more, once she can take no more I lie on my medical bench. Come over here and worship my beautiful body, she crawls over and begins to worship my feet, instructing her to work her way up to my arm pits, Lick them clean bitch! finishing her off with one final orgasm she is broken. I am really looking forward to seeing her again to push her limits further, see you soon x

Fantastic session with my new sub!

  • March 18, 2022

Fantastic session today with a new sub, it was his first time to ever meet a dominatrix, asking him of his likes and dislikes during our presession chat watching him relax a little, I order him to strip. Once your naked slave i’d like you over there 👉 pointing to my fucking bench.

I strap him down, leaning in his ear I whisper “don’t worry i’ll take good care of you” and lightly slap his bottom, cheeks a light pink I begin to flog his cheeks until they were quite red before I move onto my bull whip, I love the sound it makes on contact, my sub jumps at first but soon he’s in subspace keeping him there I increase the intensity. Every now and then i’d stand in front of the bench and rub my pvc clad bottom all over his face ordering him to shine me up! unstrapping him I begin to weave my web around his torso, pinching his nipples before attaching the nipple clamps, I blindfold him now whispering it’s time to fuck you up, I can’t help but laugh at his pathetic reply. leading him over to the medical bench, I remove the blindfold only so he can see the estim and sounds, once laid down I replace the blindfold and begin with the electrics and sounding, catching his cum in my gloved hand I order him to open his mouth, pouring every drop down his throat, He’ll will be back for more waste down his throat next time it will be my Scat!!

Pink Cock Sucking Lips

  • February 20, 2022

Fantastic 2 hour session spent with my pain slut Davina.

On her arrival we had a brief chat she tells me she has 3 bottles of poppers and wants to be forced to get high (intoxicated) I love the thought of getting her high with the gas mask on. Once the chatting is offer I pass her some fishnet stockings a red and black thong, finishing it off with a black and white maids outfit with red wig. Going through my make up bag I find a nice shaded pink lipstick, applying it thickly I tell her to smack her lips together and pout! “look at your cock sucking lips slut. She goes up to the mirror she loves the way she looks, transformed into my slut, my property, I own this bitches arse.

I attach nipple clamps to her nipples pulling them now and then, laughing at her wincing face, take it slut! Like your going to take all my cocks that i’ve set out for you, pointing at the fuck bench I order her over it, strapping her down, I pull the dress over her bottom and begin to spank it not to hard to start with I like to gradually increase the intensity before moving onto my whips, she doesn’t normally like the whip but today she seems to be taking a lot more than usual. I finish her punishment of with a good caning before I move her to the medical bench.

She loves needle play especially in the nipples I insert two in each nipple then attaching nipple clamps over the top of the needles this drives her wild and she begs for my estim, once attached I increase the level of the estim and play with her tortured nipples it’s not long before she’s exploding, I make her clean up the mess and send her on her way. Threatening her with a crown of thorns on her next visit 😈😈😈

An Eggcellent Session

  • February 17, 2022

Fantastic session with my sub pin today. I’d text him previous to the session telling him to bring me coffee and a box of cadbury’s cream eggs, with a knock at the door I call him up. We have a brief chat, asking him for the goodies he passes me the box of eggs I take one out and ask “How do you eat yours “? not giving him a chance to answer I order him over to the spanking bench, strapping him down I tease him about where the egg is going to go 🤣 But before any type of anal activities I attach the nipple clamps to his balls and proceed to flog his arse until his cheeks are red before I move on to my new cat-o-9tails finishing off with my bull whip.

Time for some bum fun with a twist, I can’t help but laugh at my sub as I enter a very well lubed finger inside his arse “ your hole needs stretching “ I then use a small dildo, “once your stretched i’m going to push an egg up inside you, then your going to lay it and eat it all for my amusement “ 🤣 reaching for the toilet bowl I place it on the floor and order him, Lay the egg! at this point I cannot help my hilarious laughter has he tried his hardest but the egg isn’t budging.

unstrapping him and pointing to the medical bench, assume your position slave. Attaching the e-stim I use my sounds and pin wheel for added effect, every now and again i’d stop and ask has the egg moved at all? No mistress. You need to get on the floor slave and open your mouth before I stick another egg up your arse. Hes soon on his back with his mouth open,” drink every bit “ once i’d finished I order him to his feet, and tie his cock and balls tight before flogging them. Still no sign of the cadbury’s cream egg I send him on his way, joking I say “ you’ll probably lay the egg on the train. True to my word he text me to say the egg has hatched into the toilet on platform 8 🤣🤣 see you next month. Bring a crunchie next time 🤣🤣

An unusual place to keep chocolate eggs

  • February 17, 2022

getting a text of mistress V don’t forget my coffee and bring a box of cream eggs as well .arrival at the dungeon waling up the stairs seeing 80’s rock chick mistress v black PVC trousers and the boss tee-shirt killer red and black high heel shoes I give mistress the coffee and the cream eggs ordered to strip and worship her feet and shoes when mistress finished her cig then once finished ordered to lie over the bench to warm my cheeks up. mistress strap me down nice and tight then mistress placed to blue clamps to by ball sack then started on spanking my arse with her and then lifted my head to show off her new cat’0’nines Whip then walk around the back and started to whip my arse and back softer the up the level to stinging on cheeks then the deadly giggle behind me .then heard the snap of gloves the heels walking behind me the cold gel finger up my arse mistress say going stretch my hole ready for cream egg to shoved up. mistress slipped a dildo up me the fucked me then came the cream egg mistress lube the egg and slipped up the bum checks then started to whip my arse with long tile then untied me to squat over the toilet box bowel to pop out the egg expect it was stuck up there I could not pop it out even when mistress pumped more lube up my bum to pop it except its well stuck up there even standing over the heater so mistress slipped 2nd egg up bum just made pop it out and eat it.

then instructed to the medical bench were strapped to bench for pain with sounds and the tens machine with more nipple pain as mistress giggling her head off thinking I still got egg stuck bum.
once released off the bench told back spanking bench. were mistress slipped a finger up me to feal the egg no sign of it so instructed to lie on the floor open my mouth to drink fresh hot drink straight from mistress then once drank up mistress tied rope around my balls and cock then flogged them with the whip then granted worship the arse of mistress v

the egg came back just as got to the train station lol

Role Playing dominating Superman

  • February 11, 2022

My slave flew in from Sweden on Monday , we met and had a lovely meal , discussing how the 4 hour session would go the following evening . Superman decided he would like to be fucked with my black strapon .

On his arrival (Tuesday evening ) I waited at the top of the stairs with the superman theme music playing in the back ground , I do love roleplay . Handing him his outfit with matching red boots , once he had changed I set the scene , he was brought to me on false pretences, thinking he was meeting a celebrity, 🤣🤣 I thought it was quite fitting as he is meant to be a superhero ! Wrong. Once i’d changed into my black pvc and red latex bodice it was time to show superman who has the most power !

Tying my victim with rope securely from the neck down he soon realises his efforts to take control are over . Capturing him and forcing him to clean my dirty boots and bottom , taunting with my black cock , you want this don’t you ? Taking him over to the fuck bench I strap him down and unzip the bottom half of his outfit making sure there is enough room for my cock to slide in and out with no effort .

Lubing my gloved fingers and inserting them , finger fucking before the cocks are inserted . Superman is now my super bitch ! Take my cock bitch , you will take cock for me every time you fly over to visit me and i’ll soon be introducing you to the real thing , after a good fucking I order him to strip ! I’m going to punish you , my boots are still dirty , with that I began to whip his arse lovely stripes zig zagging across his now very red cheeks , I then make him tie his cock and balls he has a unique way of doing this . Smothering him with my pvc clad arse as I order him to finish himself off . Fantastic time spent with superman , looking forward to our next meet in may 🦸‍♂️

My new toilet victim

  • February 11, 2022

My new toilet victim arrived at the agreed time , looking very nervous on his arrival , we had a brief chat of likes and dislikes , He had , had scat before but usually has it spread over his body . while listening to him I was already planning his fate !

Putting him in my cage I begin to tie his body to the cage , his cock and balls tied tightly then tying them to the bars on the cage so I have access to edge his pathetic cock , every time he asked me to stop I would attach a peg to his face and ears and pull his hair , once he got to 15 stops I then took him from the cage still tied and feet in a leg spreader , over to the medical bench , edging him more and more , I pull over my toilet throne and sit on it . Look over here slave ! what ever lands in my hand you are going to smell , I push two rolled up pieces of and stuff them up his nostrils using another piece to rub across his lips , he hates it as I laugh and tell him be careful what you wish for , I then swing a used condom over his face . You wanted fresh spunk didn’t slave , looking up at me pathetically with open mouth gag on I snip the condom with the scissors and pour the spunk down his throat as he struggles I cover his mouth and order him to swallow , I then allow him to get dressed and leave smelling of my poo and tasting salty spunk all the way home 🤣🤣🤣

I foresee further stretching in my future – a testimonial

  • February 3, 2022

I had booked a two hour session with Mistress for mid morning. It was my first time visiting Mistress V though I am not inexperienced in such matters.
I was greeted at the door by a cheeky smile and a glint in her eyes, that made me feel excited and slightly nervous at the same time. The first order of the day was to have a chat to make sure that Mistress knew what I was looking for and to give her some sort of wicked ideas. I think my suggestions were standard submissive fare and so within a few minutes I found myself naked at her feet, worshipping her toes whilst being told that I would be sucking on bigger things than her big toe shortly.

Then it was over to her spanking bench to be strapped down, blindfolded and then have my ass generally abused, from spanking, flogging and then some more intimate anal play. She thinks I have a tight hole and that it needed stretched. This seemed to last for ever and all I could do was moan and gasp as she did various things to me. I still don’t know what they were.

I was then made to suck on another cock that she pushed into my mouth and told me to imagine being spit-roasted like a little bitch… It wasn’t hard to imagine any of that.

She then took pity on me and decided to abuse some other parts of my body. Some rope-work followed to bind me tight and then my nipples were abused by weighted clamps and then by her nails. Mistress asked me at one point how I felt. “Fine” was taken as a challenge to up the ante.

Then into another position to offer some intimate body worship to Mistress. This was absolutely heavenly and I was amazed at how intimate it became. Mistress seemed happy with my efforts and allowed me to cum all over her foot. Obviously I had to clean it all up with my tongue.

It was a brilliant session. I know it is cliched, but Mistress does look incredible in the flesh and was warm and considerate, whilst always being totally in charge. It was so easy to drop into a submissive state and I can see why she is so popular.

I foresee further stretching in my future.

A Fantastic Session with Mistress V

  • January 30, 2022

Had a fantastic session with Mistress V last week.
Plenty of on street parking nearby and no problem for Mistress that I was a bit early. She invited me up for a chat before she got changed.

Good chat about my likes and you could tell that Mistress was into the ideas and I was already feeling quite turned on in her spacious well equipped play space.
Mistress made me undress and go and wait on my knees in front of a large mirror, while she got changed.
Within a short time she is stood in front of me in exactly the type of outfit requested – high heels, black latex pants, and a lovely figure hugging red latex top with her gorgeous boobs bursting out.

On with a poppers filled gas mask and I’m drifting into heaven.

Straight into it and my cock and balls are expertly bondaged and she is now after my nipples with a range of instruments while biting, grabbing and scratching and slapping.
I am then bent over her bench, and she lubes me up before building up to a crescendo of amazing pegging.
I’m well away now and she moves onto some lovely impact play.
She asked if I could be marked and let out a very contented sexual moan when I said yes.
Her expert and accurate whacks with the cane left me with some delicious welts.

Finally onto the mat on my back with her sat on my face, alternating between my cock and nipples, and before long I am exploding.
An amazing hour of fun and looking forward to the next.

Fantastic session today!

  • January 25, 2022

Fantastic session today with a new sub, pre-session chat over and straight into session.

Strip off and get on your knees and face the mirror, my sub wanted lots of poppers throughout the session, pouring some onto a cotton wool ball I place it inside the gas mask, you’ll need this, handing over the mask he does as instructed.

I begin to tie his cock and balls very tight with a long leather lace making sure I separate his balls, tapping the tip of his cock with my hand, I then attach some new plastic nipple clamps onto his nipples, moaning I tell him to stand up straight, twisting and turning the clamps for my amusement.

Moving onto the anal play I begin by using my fingers before using two different sized dildos, my sub did mention that he would like to push his limits with the cane, using my thin whippy cane I give him 20 strokes, back to the nipple torture before allowing my sub to worship my beautiful derrière

A Session with My Sissy

  • January 6, 2022

My sissy davina arrived for her 2 hour session. I love it when she comes, always with a big bag full of outfits, I get to choose what I’d like her to wear.

Once sissy was dressed in a black and purple waist clincher, black stockings and black thong, finished off with a shoulder length blonde wig and high heels, she looks the perfect sissy! getting her to pose and show off her slender long legs, loving the attention, I slap her bottom, today sweetie your in for a treat, I’m going to fuck you on my swing then your going to get on all fours in front of my fuck machine, tapping the swing with the palm of my hand, “come over here and hop on! She’s soon in a good position for my cocks to be able to slide inside her with out any awkward moving around, so now she’s in ankle cuffs legs spread wide I begin to fuck her nice and slow to start with before building up a rhythm of short sharp thrusts, take it slut!! “she’s moaning in ecstasy, more mistress more “ taking my cock out I replace it with a long slender dildo fuck yourself with that! I’m going to set up the machine.

From the swing to the fuck machine she’s on all fours loving every second of it, slide your pussy onto my cock slut, doing so I set my machine at a medium pace until she can take no more, come on slut I want you on your back now with your mouth wide open, I want you to catch my pee, pee flowing she’s gulping the lot, once my bladder was empty it was over to the bench for some impact play before sending her home with a spring in her step

Making My personal slave do Hard Sports

  • January 5, 2022

Having discussed hard sports with my slave many times today was the day he really was going to eat my shit!! but first things first I must punish my slave for not losing the weight I’d asked him to lose I told him he was to get a 100 strokes of my cane but before that I needed to warm him up with a spanking before moving onto my flogger then my bull whip.
securing my slave to my bench I begin his punishment, swishing my flogger across his cheeks they start to redden, moving on with the bull whip lovely patterns, I lightly whip I don’t want to break skin I need to make sure there’s room for his stripes!!

Gagging my slave with a pair of sweaty socks into his mouth the strokes begin. Happy with my work I un-strap him, medical bench for you time for some nipple torture, I insert 4 in each nipple , once I’d removed the needles my slave must have forgotten about the hard sports and began to put his underpants on, What are you doing slave? I thought we’d finished mistress, not at all slave get over there, pointing to the bondage board and toilet box, cuffing his wrists to the board I begin weaving my rope making sure it’s nice and tight so he can’t move a muscle,I attach the estim an light a cigarette I hope your ready slave I can feel my poo making its way down Open wide! turning up the e-stim to high I let my poo fall into his mouth I’m going to feed you slave bite it.!!! He did has he was told with a struggle I burn his balls he opens his mouth wider to eat the rest.

My slave now knows that I will shit and make him eat every time we meet from now on, what better way to show your slave who’s boss 🤣🤣

Humiliating My slave

  • January 5, 2022

My slave arrives looking rather nervous I pat my chair encouraging him to sit down, let’s have a chat about the session.

After our pre-session chat my slave starts to relax, I order him to strip naked, my shoes need a good shine and you’re tongue is going to do the job licking my shoes heels and soles I’m a happy mistress with his efforts, on your feet slave I want you over my bench it’s time to stretch your arse using my fingers first to loosen him up, putting my smallest strap-on on, I walk to the front of the bench and order him to suck it, teasing him, this is going straight inside you once you’ve given it a good suck!! Laughing as I fuck his mouth. Back round to his hole I slide my cock in as he gasps I tell him the next size is ready, taking my strap-on out I insert the next one a long slim dildo he can’t quite take so I take him from the bench over to the fuck swing, hop on!

Cuffing his ankles once he’s inside the swing, my my slave you’ve stretched enough to take this pushing my long slender cock deep inside him he’s loving as I pump his hole swinging back and fourth until he can take no more, I release his ankles and order him on the floor, open your mouth slave I need a piss he does what he’s told and drinks every last drop without and spilling, you can stay there and pleasure yourself you will then swallow your own waste, sound as he’s told he swallows everything absolutely nothing wasted, well done you see you next month

Cruel Nun Role Play

  • January 5, 2022

Fantastic session with a sub I’ve not seen for over two years. Roleplay I absolutely love it no matter what character I’m playing, today I was to be a cruel nun who inflicts strict punishment!
Kneeling in front of me quivering as it places it’s costume in front of my feet I look down at it, look at me boy! I want you to put your clothes on, do you have the electric hair clippers ? with a nod of its head I order it to pass them to me.

Getting itself dressed in white frilly satin pants and a satin cami top before finishing off with a white over sized mans night gown.

Standing with my hands on my hips I inspect it from head to toe, time for a hair cut! I shave his whole head then order it over my bench, strapping it down tightly I move to the front of the bench and order it to kiss my brown leather strap, kiss it from the handle down boy before it kisses your butt cheeks, laughing out loud as I walk slowly around him, blank canvas now boy but not for long, before he can blink my strap makes contact with its skin, it jumps! “Count each and every stroke boy “!! 30 in total pulling its pants back over its now very red bottom, it’s time for you to put your frilly pink bonnet on and play with your pathetic cock, make sure you clean yourself up without the use of tissue! Pointing at its tongue, it was soon cumming into its white satin pants. Fantastic end to the session

Fantastic session with enforced hard sports included

  • January 1, 2022

Hard Sports Mistress

I’ve had many sessions with Mistress V. On several occasions I’ve discussed the idea of enforced hard sports with her and I asked her to spring it on me when I least expected it, and not to be allowed to back out. Scary stuff, for me anyway. Today was the day!

The session started with impact play, using a flogger to get me into subspace, something Mistress V excels at. Moving into the cane then the sjambok. Impact play with Mistress V is a wonderful experience. I used to hate caning but with Mistress V, I love it.

Then I was treated to foot worship and bottom worship. Mistress V has the most delectable derrière.

We then moved onto needle play, with needles being pushed through my nipples and into my cock. Being able to look at Mistress V’s exquisitely beautiful face while she sticks pins into me is one of life’s best possible experiences. By prior arrangement, Mistress V also scratched her initials onto my chest with a needle. Such an honour!

I’d booked a 2 hour session, and the 2 hours was up, so when Mistress V released me from the medical bench I assumed the session was over. Nope! Mistress ordered me to lay on the bodyboard next to the toilet box. I was scared. I knew what was going to happen but when Mistress V gives me an order, I’m totally powerless to resist. I was VERY firmly attached to the bodyboard with rope then Mistress V used me as her toilet, using a lighted cigarette on my balls to make me consume. It was a very difficult experience but I’d requested it. Bear in mind that if you ask Mistress V for enforced hard sports, it will be enforced! In fairness, she does make that crystal clear to you in advance. I now realise that being able to consume anything that has been inside Mistress V is an honour and a privilege. I feel genuinely owned now and I love it.

It will be obvious to you that with Mistress V, there’s no clock watching. You get what you pay for and more. You get a positively life enhancing experience. There’s no-one like her.

Needle Play Mistress

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