A session with My wrestling slave

  • October 18, 2021

After Picking my slave up from a local train station I find some where secluded for it to get undressed and into something more appropriate, a red bikini it then puts its own clothes back on ready for the journey to my chambers.

We arrive at the chambers where I have another outfit for it to wear handing it over I order it to the bathroom , it has to change into an all in one black shiny body stocking with a hood,while I slip into my wrestling outfit, ordering it out of the toilet and over to my feet we begin our wrestling match it’s quite funny as it always comes with new moves to show me and it always fails miserably you can’t beat mistress! she also has some excellent moves, for the grand finale I attach my e-stim turning it on to a very high level I get submission after submission fantastic not every day you get to wrestle with electrics attached, it can never win

Sensually Sadistic, Beautifully Cruel

  • September 30, 2021

My sub arrived excited as usual for his 2 hours of sensually cruel domination, naked I order him to my bench, get your arse over there and spread those legs, leather mittens on each hand, fastened onto the bench I begin to strap him down,tight!

Lightly spanking his arse cheeks warming him up, his skin changes to a light pink before I begin with his flogging swishing it in the air before it makes contact after a while I move on to my single tail bull whip as my sub loves to feel each thrash crashing down on his buttocks, moaning in ecstasy with every stroke. Now and again id pause rubbing my hands over his skin feeling the heat from his flesh gently cupping his balls in the palm of my hand and gently squeezing them before continuing with the whip. Happy with the delightful patterns criss crossed over his naked body pleased me immensely.

Time for the cane my favourite implement 50 hard strokes and he was deep into subspace keeping him there I begin to lube his man pussy getting it nice and wet for my dildo to penetrate his hole stretching it so I could pop my electro anal egg inside him switching it on “Mmm that’s nice” glad you like it because it’s going to stay inside you now through out the rest of the session, we then move over to the medical bench, Lay down , it’s time for some electrics and sounds, i’m going to enjoy watching you squirm when I switch them on attaching my e-stim to his cock I use an electro sound inserting it I I turn all the electrics on, Wow he’s never had anything like it before, all those electrical sensations up the bum and in and around his cock, setting them to levels he could handle I pierce a nipple and turn the estim up a notch, before I could insert another needle he’d cum everywhere, I do love a happy ending 😈

It’s only good for chastity

  • September 22, 2021

With my bitch boys arrival we have our pre-session chat ordering it to strip before I give it a through examination all over its pathetic naked body.

What is that? teeny tiny thing you call a cock, laughing as I get my tweezers using them to pinch its piece of skin lifting it to get a better view, what are you meant to do with that? Showing my bitch the chastity cage I unlock it, Get your pathetic cock in there it deserves to be locked away until I decide to release it 😈 it’s of no use to anybody, I couldn’t help but giggle as I locked the padlock then placing the key inside my bra I order it to its knees lick my shoes before I put you over my knee you better make them shine ✨ licking every inch of my shoes I tease it’s caged cock with my vibrator get over my bench bitch-boy, once strapped down I carry on with the vibrator, moaning like a bitch I threaten it with my black strapon, control your cock bitch-boy if you cum I’m going to whip you I love to whip a bitch into shape haha.

Using my flogger I lightly flog its arse before moving onto the whip, you need something else to concentrate on bitch, swish swish my whip comes down crack lovely red markings begin to appear before releasing it I stroke its balls then squeezing them tight I tell it to get on the floor, uncaging it’s tiny cock I order it to relieve itself, It didn’t take long before it was exploding into its hand as I stood over its face pantieless 😈😈 Clean yourself up bitch-boy 😈

My sissy trainee

  • September 15, 2021

My cock sucking trainee arrived very nervous, avoiding eye contact I order it to sit, “Tell me slut are you are anal virgin?” replying with a nod. Not for long.Passing my new slut her outfit I order her to strip.

She looks sexy with her long legs encased in some fishnet tights red basque, wig and high heels, finishing her off with bright red lipstick, Perfect now put your shoes on and show me how gracious you can look while walking in them.

Teaching her how to walk like a slut was easy she soon pulled it off, walking around my chambers curtsying every now and then. Lining all my cocks on the floor I tell her to lie on her stomach and crawl to the first cock she’d like to be fucked with, Crawling over to the smallest she begins to suck it without touching it with her hands I then tell her to move onto the next size doing as she’s told she picks the black cock, Suck it slut!!

She’s soon over my bench taking the cock she first picked enjoying every motion taking it deeper and deeper, You’ll be in front of that fuck machine soon begging for it to fuck you.

I unstrap her leading her to the machine, Look at that cock your going to get on your knees and take that cock before I allow you any kind of worship be it shoe foot or arse, I want to watch you being fucked 😈😈 having never experienced any of these delights she was in ecstasy riding it what ever speed I set it to, I was impressed!! Clean yourself up slut it’s time for some cbt fun up you get! I want you over there on that bench pointing to the medical bench, using the bungee ropes I bind her down then attaching the e-stim setting it to throb and my did it’s cock dance until it could hold it no more he was soon cumming, he will soon be cumming again for more training

New Client – Total Power Exchange

  • September 10, 2021

My new client requested total power exchange for his extended session he wanted to test his pain levels, fantastic! I absolutely love to be in total control.

Blindfolding him I then put the ear defenders on him, clicking my fingers he didn’t flinch, guiding him over the spanking bench I warm him up with a light flogging swishing the thin leather strips across his bare bottom before I use the cat-o-nine tail whip increasing the level of pain, he can’t hear or see he doesn’t know what to expect next.

With the bull whip I create some nice patterns across his back and bottom, now deep in subspace I use my thin cane 25 strokes in total, perfect stripes deep red lines accurately applied I know his arse hurts. Moving an ear defender I tell him you’re going to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before, sliding my black cock inside him he begins to push his arse back onto my cock fuck me harder please I begin to thrust harder much harder, take it slave every bit of it I’m going to use all my cock on you, fucking him until he can take no more I release him from the bench, stand where you are.

I begin to use my rope on him from the chest down he can’t move gagging him I pull the clamp up on the penis pillory pulling his cock and balls through and begin to screw it down watching his cock and balls go purple as I tighten the clamp flogging his cock bottom and back while clamped was great fun, I then take him from the pillory over to the medical bench for some cock and ball torture using my estim I set it to squeeze on a low level before increasing it he can’t help but cum he was happy with his efforts, especially the impact play feeling his welted bottom before cleaning himself up, he’s rebooked his next session already, see you in 3 weeks slave

My new sissy

  • September 3, 2021

My new sissy arrived full of excitement for her two hour session,after our chat I tell her to change into the outfit that she had brought a long with her, red fishnet body stocking red waist clincher red high heels finishing it off with red gloves she looked perfect for cock sucking. I tease her telling her how she could make me lots of money in the red light district, she seems to like the thought of it, but first I want to test your sucking skills, putting on my biggest strapon I tell her to crawl over to me and suck my cock!! she’s soon on her knees cock in mouth.

It’s been a while she whispers haha keep sucking its rude to speak with your mouth full 😂 She loved having me fuck her mouth, soon she was over the fucking bench strapped down tightly,I tell her if her mouth can take that big black cock so can her arse, giggling she raises her arse in the air begging me to slide my cock inside her, nice and slow to begin with building a rhythm together she’s in her glory as I pound her until she can take no more, Your arse needs a rest so put it back in your mouth until I tell you to stop! sucking and licking, I was very impressed with her efforts, I then order her over to the medical bench time for some cock torture attaching the estim around her cock she’s never had electrics before and absolutely loves it, nearing the end of the session I let her have a reward for her efforts she could to worship my body from head to toe before finishing herself off. Another fantastic session

Weaving My Web

  • September 2, 2021

My new client arrived once at the top step I order him to his knees, worship my shoes then we can have our chat.

Pre-session chat over I order it to strip and douche I then begin my rope bondage weaving my web around his torso, over my bench slave once he’s laid down on the medical bench I use my bungee rope restricting him even more, I laugh as I ask him to try and move,he can’t just how I like it. I begin my art work with my needles using different sizes in his nipple Making pretty patterns on both nipples before I start on his balls I love needleplay the whole process excites me, happy with my work I insert a sound the smallest to start with and make my way up to quite a large size he absolutely loved the sounds even more when I added the e-stim cock loops to his cock, I’m going to untie you soon strap you down to my fucking bench and give your arse a good seeing to his eyes lit up.

Strapped down to the bench I insert a well lubed finger before I use my toys 😈 I have many toys for you slave and you are going to take them all, fucking his arse with my strapon he’s loving every thrust,I fuck him until he can take no more,unstrapping him I order him to his knees, relieve yourself then clean it up with your mouth, he made a right meal of it. Sending him on his way, he will be back for more anal training 😈😈

My sissy slave

  • August 27, 2021

Once my sissy slut arrived we have a little chat before I give it it’s outfit sissy dress and pink shoes with pink wig she looks perfect for fucking I order her over my bench strapping it down tightly
Gagging for it aren’t you slut? I put my vampire gloves on and caress its arse cheeks before grabbing its balls and twisting them I have to laugh at its wriggling your going nowhere slut!
Your going to take my cock before I make you gag on it. Sliding my cock inside its tight arse I begin to fuck it. You love my cocks don’t you that’s why you keep coming back for them, taking my cock out of its arse I unstrap it and order it on his knees suck my cock slut!

Happy with its cock sucking its back over the bench for a good flogging before going into the vac bed restricting its movement even more so, I pull it’s tied cock and balls through the hole leaving it exposed for my pleasure cbt with my riding crop, from the vac bed and onto my bondage board for a refreshing drink of my pee before I begin its nipple torture with needles and my estim to finish it off

My medical with Nurse V – a testimonial

  • August 24, 2021

Nurse V awaited me at the top of the stairs, dressed in Her dark blue mini skirted uniform and black tights. ‘Today, we’re going to conduct a full medical examination, with particular emphasis on pain response’. ‘Yes, Mistress, thank You Nurse’.

‘Sit in the chair – let’s see how acute your sight, sound and sense of smell are’. Sitting down, with C&B tidilyconstrained by a purple cord with a neat bow in the end, Nurse placed earmuffs and a blindfold on. Trembling with trepidation, my arms were bound to the arms of the chair with tape. I could sense Nurse moving about, shoulders stroked, sensuous feather brushes across torso, nipples tweaked, C&Bslapped – a clicking noise, nipple pain as clamps applied, nose pinched and mouth covered by a warm gloved hand, breathing strained, sharp pain as nipple clamps tugged and twisted,gasping for air as endorphins flowed – release of nose and mouth, breath flows again, more nipple pain as clamps twisted and tugged, dragged down and out, stretching the flesh, C&Bflogged, gently at first, increasing in pressure and tempo, pulsing with the sensation, gasping for air as the burning sensation courses throughout my body. Silence, rasping breath as i recover, trembling from the intensity, arms cut free, blindfold and muffs removed, blinking in the light, Nurse standing over me, grinning.

‘On the bench – time to test flesh resistance.’ Strapped down by yellow bungee cords, firm smacks from Nurse ‘Turning pink nicely’. Buttocks tensing and relaxing – this isn’t too bad; then the paddle ‘Slap! Slap! Slap!’, starting to squirm, no place to go. Flogger next – ‘Swish! Swish! Crack! Swish!’, on and on, staccato rhythm building as Nurse varies the strength and direction of the strokes – jumping as low blows come up between my straddled legs, striking my C&B. ‘Click, Clack’ as Mistress walks away – big breaths, ‘is it over?’ Watching in the mirror as Mistress walks back – ‘Crack’ as Her blue whip strikes my right cheek; ‘Crack’ on the left cheek; ‘Crack’ on the C&B, scrotum tingling. Mistress wields the whip – front hand flick, cross body strike, back-hand volley, Wimbledon next year, the strokes keep coming. Respite, but not for long. Watch Nurse draw a thin cane from Her umbrella stand (novel use LOL), flexing it. Never been caned before – first stroke, sharp intake of breath, clench of muscles, heat and sting persists into the second stroke. Counted to 15 spaced and considered strokes before Mistress stops. ‘How do people take 100’, i question. ‘Practice’, grins the Nurse, ‘as you will one day – now it’s time for your internal exam’

Nurse prepares me with plenty lube, gently probing and stretching before placing the instrument between my cheeks. Pushing slightly, it slides easily into the cavity, and Nurse works it backwards and forwards, more and more vigorously, testing the depth and suppleness of the canal. Satisfied, Nurse returns with a larger instrument, well-lubed, but unfortunately too large for me to accommodate. ‘We’ll need to do some further stretching so i can carry out a proper examination next time’, intoned Nurse, giggling. ‘In the meantime, I’ll complete my examination using my fingers’.

‘Now lie on that board while i, stress test your abdominal and neck muscles’, ordered Nurse. Lying on what looked like a bondage board laid out on the floor, Nurse used the bungee cords to tightly bind me to the floor, trapping my C&B neatly between the criss-crossed cords. Being immobile, Nurse proceeded to use a flogger all about my person, testing skin tone, particularly around my C&B, before positioning Herself over me and, while remorselessly twisting my nipples, urged me to lift my head and attempt to worship the perfumed derriere poised just beyond my reach … sublime psychological teasing coupled with physical torment – Mistress V’s speciality!

Having ascertained my neck muscles had a modicum of strength, Nurse unfastened the bungee straps and ordered me onto the bench for my urological exam. First one, then a slightly thicker, then larger yet and then an even larger before a knobbly sound was inserted and manipulated in my urethra. Sliding the full length of each instrument in and out produces, quite simply, an indescribable experience – totally painless under Nurse’s careful attention, but somehow deeply stimulating. Pronouncing Herself satisfied with the internal condition of my peephole, the next test was to determine the electrical conductivity of the flesh around my scrotum and cock. i can assure you that Nurse V certainly tested that, increasing the e-stim to an intensity and frequency I’ve never quite experienced before. Reducing the frequency to a pleasurable, yet invigorating rate, Nurse said something about needles.

Well, I’m not keen on needles of any sort, and i laughed saying ‘we haven’t done needles in over a year’. Nurse just gave one of Her quiet, secretive smiles, and leaned over me,Her perfumed uniform brushing my forehead. Straightening up, i saw a wipe in one hand, a needle in the other and before i knew it, it was through my left nipple … Gnnnnnnrg! Overall body muscles all work, as everything tensed. Another needle followed – again a teeth-clenching movement, but proud i didn’t scream. The treatment was applied to my right nipple and then my scrotum. Nurse proceeded to test my reflexes by alternately squeezing the needles apart and pulling them together where they crossed in my nipples, and manipulating the needle down below, causing the e-stim to kick into a higher gear. The feeling was intense – i couldn’t honestly say whether it was pleasure or pain – a heady mixture of both as my nipples would attest to, even now.

Pulling the needles out was almost as intense as putting them in, but Nurse eased the feeling by gently massaging them before a final sharp twist with Her manicured nails left them tingling and throbbing.

Did i pass the medical – i think so – I’m still here writing this. How was it? Certainly, the most thorough internal examinations I’ve ever experienced and as for the external – all i can say is that my pain and pleasure censors are in tip-top shape. Top marks to the NHS for training such an articulate, talented, multi-skilled, stunning Nurse practioner. My follow-up is all arranged.

Thank You Mistress V

Another wonderful session

  • August 16, 2021

Dressed in a fishnet body suit thigh length boots rubber bra and belt with cuffs attached to it I was ready for my slave to arrive.
A knock at the door he’s here, Lock it behind you slave, standing at the top of the stairs hands on hips, Up you come boy Mistress is ready.
Once at the top of the stairs I order him to his knees, worship slave starting at the heel then work you way up I’ll tell you when to stop.
Happy with his efforts I order him to strip I then begin to tie him with my ropes from the neck down teasing him and taunting him as I tie, I do love sensual sessions to.Stroking his cock with my gloves on he loves it! Now get on the medical bench I insert a sound I can tell he’s getting excited as his cock is telling me rock hard and purple veins I’m going to attach my e-stim slave you’ll thank me after, moving on to a larger size sound With plenty of lube it soon disappears inside cock,setting the e-stim on a low level to start with before increasing it as when I see fit, my slaves deep in subspace, relaxed I sit on his face for a few seconds inhale my beautiful scent slave
Time for refreshments and I’m peeing down my slaves throat before I order him into the vac bed, Zipping him in I pull his cock through the cock hole and attach the e-stim once again after 15 minutes I release him, I want you to eat your own cum slave I will catch it and feed it to you with that I order him to wank into my gloved hands open your mouth slave as it drips down his throat.

My new human toilet

  • August 16, 2021

My new human toilet arrived a little earlier than we had planned id been holding onto my shit for over an hour and was bursting to go to the loo 🚽
After our pre-session chat I order it to strip naked and lie on the floor, it told me during our chat that it hasn’t consumed shit for a while so I suggested a slow introduction hehe
I stand over its chest and release my shit all over it, using my feet to smear it before putting my foot in its mouth, bending down I pick the firmest piece and tell it to open its mouth to which I rub my turd over its mouth, it knows it must impress me so starts to lick it as if we’re a lolly pop, I need to use your mouth as my toilet paper, clean me up before I transform you into a cock sucking slut (paula) and fuck you with all my cocks, it does as it’s told and gets to work with its tongue cleaning my arse.
I’m not happy with your efforts it’s time to turn you into paula. Putting a long blonde wig on, bright red lipstick and some cerise pink shoes along with a maids outfit now she’s ready to suck my cock, get it in your mouth cock sucker and worship my cock! After giving my cock a good seeing to I introduce paula to my soft leather flogger before moving onto the whip, I finish the session with tight worship and arse smothering the perfect end to a perfect session. See you soon paula

Fantastic 2 hour session

  • August 14, 2021

My slave arrived full of excitement it’s been over two years since his last visit. After our pre session chat, he strips off.Get over my bench slave, strapping him down I begin to spank his bottom before moving onto the strap! He’d never experienced the strap before and my did he love it, making all the right noises as my strap makes contact, I’m going to fuck you when i’ve finished beating you, you only get what you deserve in my presence, bottom glowing I move onto his man pussy sliding a finger in first his hole is very tight so I take my time before inserting two fingers lubing and stretching it. You like that don’t you slave it must be thirsty work, unstrapping him I order him to get on the floor face up mouth open your going to drink every drop without spilling any if you do there are consequences I might just shit in your mouth that’ll teach you how to drink from me.

Over to the medical bench bitch it’s going to be electrifying! Attaching my estim I set it on thrust while my estim gets to work I insert my fingers once again finger fucking its arse he can’t get enough of it.

Lighting a candle I wait for the wax to melt dripping it over its nipples then over its stomach making a wax letter v. Turning up the heat lol I change the setting on the estim to pulse, he’s cock can’t take much more before he explodes, making him clean himself up but not until I piss all over him to cool him down. Fantastic two hour session. See you soon slave

My new slave

  • August 4, 2021

My new slave arrived full of excitement, after our presession chat I send it to the toilet, if you’re having my cock inside you you’ll need this douche ball! Coming from the toilet I tell it it’s time for it’s arse to be stretched, but not until I’ve flogged him and whipped his arse strapping it down tight to the bench, cuffing it’s wrists it’s ready for me to begin I lightly flog it, once his cheeks were nice and red I use the bull whip, happy with the results I slide my gloved fingers into its hole. Mmm it likes that,open your mouth slave and bite down onto the gag time to get fucked lubing one of my many dildos starting with the smallest, he has been told he needs to practice at home, with that I unstrap it, get over to the vac bed it’s waiting for you, once inside I zip it in I then pull his cock through the cock hole and attach my estim, the noises coming from inside were definitely the sound of enjoyment, before it got carried away with the electrics I release it from the vac bed and begin to cling wrap it before going into the body bag for more electric ⚡️ fun it soon explodes into my hand I then pour it down the back of its throat. Enjoy your waste slave

I love a good no-limits session

  • July 22, 2021

My shit muncher arrived bringing with him a medical stapler, staple cutter, white latex hood and a pair of vampire gloves once it’s bag was empty, I order it to strip, once naked I pass it the hood put it on I want you over my bench but not until you’ve greeted me in the correct manner. On your knees and worship my feet! On its knees polishing my shoes I pull on the vampire gloves, It’s time for the bench, Get over it!

I start at the nape of its neck and run my gloved hand all the way down it’s back, loving the effect I continue over its buttocks, blood begins to rise to the surface shit muncher loves extreme no limits sessions, all the better for me because I love nothing better than tpe.

Swishing the bull whip in the air I give it a thrashing,

It also brought a large lucozade bottle a quarter full with its own piss, in between the strokes I’d piss in the bottle telling it how he’s going to take it on the train and drink it.

Over to the medical bench now you piece of shit I’m going to decorate your front with my initials once it had laid down I press the first staple into his soft flesh he yelps, be quiet! I continue until I create MV. Still whining I stick a stapler into its lips stapling them shut! it knows who’s boss, no noise coming from it now lol

I soon free its mouth as I want to use it shame to waste my piss in the bottle.Open wide and drink!

Before our session came to an end I locked his cock in chastity locking the key into a device it now has to contact me for the pass code if it needs some relief paying me £100 to be released. Fantastic session, Do you think he’ll last a month before contacting me? I very much doubt it! Kerching

My latest Human Toilet

  • July 13, 2021

Upon entering my chambers I stand at the top hand on hips watching this new toilet take his time as he climbed the stairs, Up you come no dithering .
Having had the pre-session chat I order this piece of shit to strip. Walking around it taunting it of how I’m going to force my shit down its throat, Now get on my bondage board and get that disgusting mouth of yours in the toilet box ,closing the lid I laugh as it winces and thanks me
I crouch down down to his face, “Are you ready? My shits ready Open wide!
Looking down at this shitty mess I pick a piece up and run it over it’s lips. shitstick lol
It wasn’t here for consumption so I allowed him to pleasure himself clean himself up and leave, Until he returns again to my diner 😈😈😈

My pain slut is on a diet

  • July 3, 2021

My pain slut arrived looking a lot slimmer than he was on his last visit, He’s lost a whopping 8lbs in 6 weeks, Threatening him with enforced hardsports has really worked haha
Beginning the session attaching new nipple clamps and a mouth gag, I then order it over the bench for some impact play I do love to use an array of implements the cane and the bullwhip are my favourite however I mainly use my whips cracking them hard against his bare buttocks. Gasping with each stroke.
His pale butt cheeks are now turning a lovely shade of pink, I keep reminding my slave that I’m going to fuck him and have him on the fuck machine, what I didn’t realise was this bitch of mine was gagging for some cock and boy did it’s man pussy get a good seeing to.
15 minutes later he was inside the vacbed I have to say watching him inside and have all the air sucked out was exciting it very much , Walking around my prey lol
I tickle all down the sides of his waist.
From the vacbed he was encased in the body bag before I allow it to drink my golden champagne directly from me, Finishing the session of with needles in the nipples and balls, See you soon pin cushio

All sewn up

  • June 20, 2021

Once my human toilet was at the top of the stairs I click my fingers, Strip and heel.

Undressing down to its stockings suspenders and frilly baby satin panties I order it to clean my expensive shoes. Red soles. Lick them clean you filthy toilet. I find this quite amusing and begin to rub my sole all over its face.

Happy with myself I pull it over to the bench by its ears, Over you go I’m going to strap you down and cuff you. Starting with a light flogging before the bull whipping.
The crack of the whip echoes around the playroom it does leave leave a beautiful welt across his back watching it redden pleases me so I carry on until his upper back and arse cheeks are glowing, taunting it as I walk around the bench.

Unstrapping this piece of shit I order it to stand at the bottom end of the bench with legs stretched. Using one of my many toys I lube it and slide it in. It can’t believe it’s gone all the way 😜 Leaving it there I pull on my strapon and begin to fuck it. Take my cock shit eater I do hope you’re hungry 😋 I’ve saved you your breakfast it’ll be piping hot once I have you over my medical bench.

I prepare the bench while it cleans it self up.

Come over here and get on that bench with your mouth wide open, releasing my log straight into its mouth I make it chew, Not all of it though, I thought sewing its cock up was a good enough punishment for not consuming it all then sent it on its way. Fantastic session

You can’t beat a bit of cling film!

  • June 8, 2021

Slave wrapped in cling wrap from the neck down, I begin to weave my web with the rope I bind him tighter there is no escape, I leave a hole in the cling wrap in line with his cock and balls, Pulling them through the hole I attach my bucket weights to his balls. I love cbt I get a great sense of satisfaction as I bring my riding crop down slapping the buckets and down on his cock, laughing at his attempts to keep still without falling over.Ear defenders and blindfold on I allow my slave a sniff of poppers before leading him to my bench.

Cutting him free from the wrap I dress it in a cute maids outfit once dressed I order it into the body bag zipping it inside I then I pull my rope through the loops pulling it hard so the rope is tightening from the feet to the neck.restrictive bondage haha

Leaving it’s head free to use as my seat.

I put my doxy on full and place it between the rope just under its balls.

I can tell my slave loves being in this predicament by the muffled noises it’s making under my arse.

I will deny you the privilege of cumming slave but I will piss in your mouth and you will drink it all up,Open your mouth and swallow!!! Happy with his piss drinking I release him and send him on his way.

2 hour Humiliation & Degradation session

  • June 4, 2021

Naked. Trembling at my feet I order this piece of shit to clean my designer 7 inch heels.

Make them shine shit eater they are very expensive they deserve a through cleaning. Hold my heel so I’m comfortable! With his instruction he begins to lick around the edge of my shoe quite quickly,STOP! Take your time enjoy the taste sticking my heel inside his greedy mouth sliding in and out in a sexy erotic motion, Laughing at this wreck I order it to its feet,Putting on its collar and lead. Back on all fours dog, Get your tongue out and lick where I walk!

Walking it around the play space I constantly remind it of why it’s here. To eat my shit of course! Pulling it by the lead I nuzzle it’s face right up to my arse and let out an almighty rip!! Now fucking swallow that. This really amused me I will totally degrade and humiliate you the whole time you are here you mean nothing to me except to please me, You being forced to eat my shit will please me but only if you consume it all, with that a whip his arse, Once I left a couple of stripes across it I order it to stand and go to the toilet get on your knees and clean the toilet pushing it’s head inside I make it lick the inside of the basin happy with its work I order it to clean the toilet seat and lid. Make a good job or you’ll be very sorry with that I give arse a hard slap across both cheeks. Hurry up it’s time to mummify you jumping to it’s feet arms tucked in neatly I Start with the cling wrap I begin to wrap it from the neck down to his ankles. You will be restrained for the rest of the session,You won’t be able to wriggle your way out of it,Now hop over to my bench, I give an evil laugh telling it to sit down and swing it’s legs across. Once in place I cut an opening for the estim to be attached to its cock and balls, This toilet is going to be hooked up while it eats its breakfast, Standing over its open mouth I squat and push my wet warm shit into its mouth, I want to see you chew it shit breath! Chewing and swallowing it all or so it thought 💭 Ive not finished yet I push out another large mouthful, Turning up the e-stim making sure it doesn’t spit any out. I watch it as it struggles. You won’t be leaving here until it’s all gone. Pushing my gloved shitty fingers up it’s nose. Finish it! Which of course it did. Happy mistress Happy toilet

Another Human Toilet

  • May 17, 2021

What a fantastic morning spent with my human toilet he’s so brave for eating every morsel.
Once it’s strapped down to my bench I begin to warm his arse cheeks with my cat-o-nine tails before giving him some beautiful welted stripes, Attached to his cock was my stainless steel egg topper!! Every now and then I’d give it a squeeze just to hear his gasps excited me.
Bottom a glowing red I tell my toilet what’s next on my list. You my dear are going to be served a delicious meal And you are not going to leave any not a bit or you will be back over my bench in a flash!
Lie on the rug head in my box. Attaching the e-stim to his cock I turn it on and play with his nipples.In his element laying there with a perfect view above him, Turning up the electrics he moans. “More please mistress “
Get your mouth open I’m about to deliver!
catching it in his mouth I pinch his nipples really hard Chew it!! Having no choice it does as it’s told savouring every bite.
Removing the e-stim I allow it to play with its cock. I want you to come into your hand shit breath and clean yourself up I’ll then wash it down with my piss.
Perfect way to start a Monday morning.
See you next month greedy chops 😈😈

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