My very new client

  • May 2, 2024

Had a really good session with a new client today , when I say new he’s completely new to the world of BDSM , never has he visited a professional Mistress .

On his arrival we have a brief chat before showing him to the bathroom , once back in the play room I start the session . 
Get on your back with your fucking mouth open , before I could blink he’s in position mouth open tongue out , my he was eager he absolutely drunk the lot without spilling any , I was impressed ! 
Ordering him over the bench I strap him down tight ! Spanking his bottom until it was a rosey red , then I begin with the tawse mild to start with before moving onto my straps , to say he’s never visited a Dom before shocked me his pain levels were quite high , I think even he was shocked as to how much he could take .
Moving the medical room pointing at the bench “get on it “!  attaching my cock loops around his cock I turn it on . 
Wow the noises he was making were very loud placing my hands over his mouth his cock gets stiffer , he’s absolutely loving all the different levels , inserting a very slim sound down his cock he really starts to get into it so ,so much so I thought he was going to orgasim , switching the e-stim off , pointing down at the floor , get in position slave it’s time for your reward , you may kiss my body and worship it , soon in position starting at the soles of my feet , it distracts him from getting hard . Focus on me slave i’ll allow you to relieve yourself once you have finished . Brilliant session , hope to see you soon 

2 fantastic sessions

  • April 3, 2024

2 fantastic sessions today , my first being a full sissy makeover, i’ve had a previous session with her but today I wanted to push her limits .

Finishing off her make up I start on her strawberry blonde shoulder length hair (No wig needed ) , dressed in pink satin maids outfit once her pig tails were done I add a pretty white ribbon .

Looking so good I order her to do a catwalk show for me before ordering her over my fuck bench .

When she was last here she didn’t really open up properly but today I made sure she got a proper fucking using 3 different sized strap-ons she was in her element pushing her man cunt deeper on my cocks as I fuck her good and hard . Once she could take no more we move over to the medical bench for some sounds and the estim .

She can certainly take a lot more cock than previously thought, all in all a fantastic session , she will be back for more

A Fantastic Session!

  • August 16, 2023

My new sub arrived at the agreed time , he had been to see me a couple of days before , mentioning things he’d like to try , I was really looking forward to this mornings meet with lots of ideas racing around my Brian .

Once he was naked I begin with the bandages starting at the top of his head and working my way down his body once he was covered I then begin with the cling wrap making sure it was pulled right for added effect . Finishing of with him chained to the bondage board .

Shifting into a clear plastic bag , I blindfold my sub before putting the bag over his head smearing the contents all over him , pushing a tiny bit of my waste 💩 into his mouth , I leave him like this for about 10 minutes before removing it . Once it was removed I piss straight into his mouth to wash it down , he loved it so much he’s now booked in for this Friday . I can’t wait to push his limits further fantastic session had by all x

Fantastic session with my new sub

  • July 13, 2023

My new sub arrived on time , opening the door I could tell he was quite nervous but once we started chatting I could tell his nerves were disappearing. Ordering it to get changed and present himself on all fours naked .

Once I was dressed and ready I order it through , come on you piece of shit I’m waiting , collar and leash in hand it’s soon collared and ordered over my bench , strapped down I begin to fingers it’s hole , it told me it had ,had 3 fingers up his arse before , I laugh out loud replying , if you can take 3 finger’s you can take this ,waving my dildo in its face . Suck it before I fuck you with it , it was soon sucking and licking my cock .

Pulling my cock from its mouth I go behind the it , inserting my very well lubed cock , I start of real slow and increase my thrusting as I go deeper , it’s moaning adds to the thrill . You like that don’t you . It mutters “yes miss’ time to move a size then . It wasn’t long before it could take no more , happy with its efforts I unstrap it and order it to lay down on the floor mouth open , standing above it I begin to pee lowering myself so it doesn’t spill a drop , I was very impressed .Now clean me up !

I then order it over to my bench attaching the estim to its cock , it had never experienced electrics before but certainly loves them now . Fantastic session

Fantastic day!

  • June 21, 2023

What a fantastic day had with my slaves and subs some regulars and a newbie .

My newbie has never had experience with a Dominatrix before but said he has had some experience at home . I remind it that it’s experience today will be nothing like his bedroom antics lol .
Ordering it to the bathroom to get changed and present itself to me in my main room the play room .

All I could say was Wow when it entered into the room . Standing at least 6”5 in high thigh boots . Tight black pvc skirt and bodice . On your knees slut ! You need a wig to go with your perfect choice of outfit . It replies “I’ve never worn a wig before “ Really ? Well today you will be experiencing lots of things you’ve never experienced before , with that I point to my bench and order it over , strapping it down .

I begin to warm this bitches bottom with a spa long before moving onto the strap tawse finishing of with a 10 strokes lightly applied with my horse whip . I I unstrap him from the bench , back on your knees , with a little giggle I attach the nipple clamps the ones I know will cause the most pain haha because it’s taken them so well I attach some weights to it’s cock cage , you can now worship my arse I bend over allowing it to kiss my panties clad bottom all over . Finishing the session with a few more lashes before sending him on his way . He will be back !

Birthday Bash Session

  • June 11, 2023

Meet Mistress V outside with her coffee she asks did I bring her a shopping list I said yes so walk to the fun house had pre-catch up b4 ordering to empty my shopping bag she has my treats and 2 fresh creams. cakes candles and tens cock shocker then instruct to slip into my sissy dress without underwear when mistress got ready then mistress slip in my pink cock gag locked in place then point to the bench. i bend over and strap myself in nice and tired and started by clamping tens clamps to my balls then crack it up to stinging mode then started to warm my arse checks to nice rose red with paddle and strap before moving onto the blue handle whip and flogger and finishing off with red handle whip and wooden paddle extra hard to remember who’s in charge and untied me and shrink wrap me up exposing my nipples and cock/balls order to lye down on bench and slip on nipple and cock and ball tens clamps mistress then crank pain up more to test my pain then mistress V but candles in cake and light it and had n out then the mistress took candles out and walked behind me giggling and smashed the cake into my face and twisted around my face to make sure as coved in cake looking mess then the mistress lowed the headrest down to let me taste my birthday coffee pee drink straight my mouth from Mistress V then washing cake off my face with rest of the pee then cranked the ten machine up my 2 more notches and made my messy chested into birthday cake by putting needles and lighted candles into my nipples and cock make me blow them out as a birthday wish. Then Mistress V put one of my sissy nappies on filling it with fresh pee and then making me put it on and cloth tape to my waist and making me put on my plastic pink nappy and cloth tapping as well making walk home. I had to sent mistress a photo when home before I was allowed to remove it.

A fantastic session of humiliation and anal play

  • April 8, 2023

My sub arrived at the agreed time. I always know what he likes; he likes me to humiliate him. As soon as I open the door, I order him on all fours to crawl to the other room to get changed. Wriggling across the floor like a worm, I humiliated him by calling him all kind of names before I ordered him across the bench for a very hard spanking.

Once I’d finished spanking him I stuck my fingers up his arse, something he craves so much. 3 fingers in and before I know it he’s playing with his pathetic little cock, exploding everywhere.

He’ll be back. He always comes back, for more humiliation and anal play

Broken arm – but taking amazing sessions!

  • April 5, 2023

Although My arm is in plaster due to breaking it in 2 places, I am taking sessions.  My (adult) niece is assisting Me during this time, helping Me to get dressed and with activities that are not extreme.  I am still doing extreme activities as and when required.  Nothing has changed negatively in terms of My ability and desire to share a first class session with you. For example, I can – when required – cane hard and accurately using My other arm.

Book a session with Me in the knowledge that we will have the most wonderful session.

Wakefield Mistress V


Fantastic session with sissy Danni

  • March 4, 2023

My sissy arrived at the time given , she always arrives with a full wardrobe for herself and lots of new bdsm gadgets. Today she brought some metal stocks a long with her , you can extend it in length ankles cuffed , wrists cuffed and collar also attached to the frame , once my bitch was in the right position all adjustments made it was time for the cock to go inside her arse , spreading her cheeks apart I order her to push her arse hole onto the cock. Telling her I don’t want to see any of the cock because I want it all inside you , she does has she’s told moaning and groaning as the cock slides deep inside her , now this is what I call predicament bondage there was no escaping the cock she just had to take it . She was definitely going nowhere . Having her in this position really amused me , so I decided she should turn around once released and suck the cock clean , something she’s never done before .

Once you’ve cleaned it I want you on your back I want you to deep throat that cock , as she laid down I noticed her pink silky panties were very damp with lots of pre-cum inside them , pulling them off I stick them straight into her mouth and order to suck the juice from them I then concentrate on her caged cock and balls with my small strap I lightly tap on the cage getting a little harder every now and then .

Happy with her , I take the panties from her mouth and point over to my fucking bench , get over that bench cock sucker , time to fill your hole again . She certainly enjoyed herself as my cock slid in and out of its hole , stretching it with each thrust . Fucking her for a good while before I order her over to the bondage board . Chaining her down so her heads free over the bench . Open your mouth I’m going to fuck you it ! spitting into her mouth before my cock slides in . Fantastic session doing what I love . see you next month Danni xx

My new body worship slave

  • February 15, 2023

My new slave arrived at the time given , excitement written all over his face . Can’t say I was surprised as I stood there stockings high heels and a leather look dress revealing my beautiful cleavage . Get yourself undressed boy , I have work for you to do . Today is all about me! you will worship my body from head to toe , slowly and I mean slowly kissing and caressing my legs working your way up but let me make it quite clear slave if your lips wander anywhere they shouldn’t you’ll be punished! hehe

Get behind me and begin your worship , once at my bottom I want to hear your lips smacking against my soft skin both cheeks need the same attention, Get to it !!

Running his tongue up the centre of my calf as if it were a seam , his tongue and lips are soon all over my bottom making each lick last until the next . Now slave I want your attention on my outer leg ! before I allow you to rim my sweaty arse , his licking rhythm speeding up . Slow down slave , I like the feel of your tongue as it’s runs over my flesh .Satisfied with my leg worship I order him to now lick my arsehole . One very happy slave , he’s already booked himself another appointment for the following week 😈

My sissy pin

  • February 13, 2023

My session today was with my sub pin cushion but after this mornings antics I have now renamed her as my sissy pin . As time as gone on we have tried lots of different things in a session but after the last time we met sissy pin did say it would order a baby powder pink pvc locked dress Padlocks all down the front even the cuffs had the lock and keys it exceeded my expectations by going the whole lot , stockings wig shoes the outfit was fantastic , now time to dress her.

Having the dress custom made it was easy to zip once that was done there was nothing much else to do except trim the ends of her wig so it was all the length , she was ready . Not practicing in her new pink high heels as she struggles to curtsy in them however she managed to do the cat walk a couple of time before she was over my bench taking my flogger warming up my sissy’s arse before I give it a good filling with my glass dildo , I left the dildo in for a little while just to stretch my sissy’s hole , I want it to take the anal hook , I love nothing more than putting my finger through the hoop at the top and pulling on it hehe after the fun with the hook it was over to the medical bench for some needle play before finishing of the session. with watersports , always a good session with my sissy pin 📌

My potty mouth toilet slave

  • February 11, 2023

My potty mouth toilet slave arrived on the agreed time , he has been before but only once . On its first visit it managed to have its lips spread with my 💩 but today he wanted it’s limits pushing to full consumption. He was extremely nervous as you can imagine. Attaching the estim , I set it to a pulse setting not to high but just enough for him to feel it . Once he was tied and cuffed I was ready to deliver its delicious delights.
I begin to pee first telling him , refreshments first before the main course lol .
I’m now ready to push my turd 💩 out . Open wide potty mouth , one last push and it landed on its mouth , bending down I turn up the estim . Now chew ! I won’t be happy until it’s all gone , with that I squeeze it’s nipple as hard as I possibly can , before I know it it’s eaten it all , Untying it I order it on its knees to clean my arse hole using its tongue for my tissue , while he’s doing this I tell him it’s time to play with its pathetic cock which it does before cumming , he shoots its load into its hand , Lick it up potty mouth , that’s what your mouths for . What a session

Fantastic impact play session

  • February 1, 2023

Fantastic session today with a regular sub of mine . Impact play !
When my sub first came to me he was only into spanking and the strap but as the years have progressed he has since moved onto the more harder implements such as the cane and the bull whip . I ordered a new dressage whip which came last week and was so excited to use it today in our session .
Once naked he was bound to my bench , starting with spanking his cheeks medium to hard as I really needed to warm them as today was all about the impact play .
Bottom warmed I begin to use a small slim black leather strap before moving onto the larger brown leather strap and tawse .
He was deep into subspace at this point which meant he was now ready for the new whip , lightly tapping the skin before pulling my arm back for the hard strokes , the sound it makes as it whistles through the air is fantastic then the crack onto the skin , Wow I loved it as did my sub , telling me yes more mistress more , Stopping every now and then to massage the now very hot cheeks , I was so impressed with his efforts and how much he was now taking for me . I decide to switch it up as I really wanted him to stay in this zone , Next up the cane , 20 strokes of medium to hard before returning back to the whip , I wanted to finish with this 20 strokes of the dressage whip , giving him a good rub down with oil after , his bottom was the perfect picture , rosie red with lots of welts . Happy mistress Happy sub . See you once you’ve healed x

Parts of the session can be seen at

2 hour pet play session

  • January 5, 2023

I was looking forward to my session this morning , 2 hours of pet play , I was just getting some doggy toys ready
when the phone pinged , “i’m here mistress” . Texting straight back my doggy with panting at the door , letting him inside my chambers he was looking very excited indeed . Once he was naked I gave my doggy whistle a blow and he was soon at my feet , tribute in its mouth, looking all doey eyed . I pat him on his head , “such a sweet pet “ Now fetch your ball ! I throw it to the other side of the room and he’s soon back with it in his mouth . Good boy . Attaching its collar and lead I give my dog a walk , pulling on the lead every time it tries to get ahead of me ,. After teaching it to beg sit and lay down I was happy with its puppy training , I now wanted to test other limits , using my rope I begin to weave my web , once it was all tied I apply some nipple clamps with fish weights flicking them every now and then . Opening my tall standing cage I put my dog inside and lock the gate , ordering it to bow it’s head while I take a pee in a bowl on the floor .You must be a thirsty doggie after all your puppy training ? It welps twice for yes , I laugh as I open the cage , get down on the floor and drink your pee , it struggles a bit with its doggy hood so I make it drink with a straw . Once all the pee was drunk , I untie it and point over to the bondage board , get your arse over there 👉 doing as it was told I was again weaving a web with it on the bondage board , it did tell me he could handle its feet being tickled , my reply “I will soon change that ! “ cuffing it’s ankles together making sure there was minimal movement , starting on the soles lightly tickling , it tries to struggle but it’s impossible , be a good doggy and let me have fun with your feet . My nails are quite sharp as I slowly run my fingers down the centre , it can’t stand it anymore , so I now concentrate on his cock and balls , running my pin wheel all over its exposed flesh , it excites my puppy . Sitting on its face I repeatedly run the pinwheel over its balls it’s not long before it explodes from the sensations wow you certainly liked that didn’t you ? Going back to being a shy little puppy I ask it if it’s had fun with its training , relying with 2 welps I pat it on the head and send him home , see you soon

My Latest Hard Sports Client

  • December 29, 2022

Of all the things that I do, hard sports is my favourite and I love welcoming a new hard sports slave into my chambers. It makes me feel good that people are honoured to eat my poo. My latest human toilet arrived; slightly nervous but I like that!

During our pre session chat it transpired that my new poo eater had experience but hadn’t done it for a while. He also expressed an interest in painful trampling. I told him he’d better be hungry because I’d eaten a big breakfast in readiness for him! Thankfully, he was indeed hungry and he gleefully swallowed my waste, washed down with copious amounts of my pee. I then made him lick my shitty arse clean. I’d already told him he would be punished if he didn’t completely clean me up. When he’d finished cleaning me with his tongue I wiped myself with toilet paper.  Oh dear! He hadn’t done a perfect job of cleaning me!

“Over my punishment bench!”

Having tied him securely to the bench I gave him 50 very hard strokes of the sjambok. If you are going to clean me after hard sports, I require absolute perfection, otherwise the punishment is real.

I untied him and made him lie on the floor face down, trampling his back, legs and arse with my sharpest heels while I sat next to him on a chair , leaving heel indentations and scratches all over him. Then I made him lie face up and I trampled his chest, belly, cock and balls, once again marking him as he had requested.

A fantastic session; he has booked to come back in 2 weeks!

Wakefield Mistress V

No limits sessions – a testimonial

  • November 30, 2022

I’ve been visiting Mistress V for quite a few years. I have got complete trust in her so all the sessions are ‘no limits’.

However, this time my nerves were getting the better of me travelling on the train to Wakefield as she had told me in advance that I was going to become one of her full toilet slaves.

As usual Mistress was waiting for me at the train station. She then gave me a bottle of her special drink – a piss and shit smoothie and made me drink it all before I was allowed to get in the car.

On arriving at her chambers I gave her my gifts, two industrial sized rolls of cling wrap, a bag of sterile needles and a pair of waddle pants (look them up on the net!)

So the session started. I was made to strip and then Mistress completely encased me very tightly in cling wrap. She had to help me to move to the armchair in the backroom as I couldn’t walk so could only flop into the chair.

Mistress decided I was to become her ashtray and forced smoking slave. She exhaled into my mouth and made me chew and swallow the butt. An ashtray was taped to my chin and I was forced to smoke two cigarettes then lick the ashtray clean and eat my own butts, they were still lit so I had to extinguish them with my saliva.

Needles were inserted though my nipples.

Mistress disappeared into the bathroom and proceeded to prepare my lunch – fresh shit on the plate then fed it me and made sure I consumed it all. Mistress very kindly produced a glass of her golden champagne to help wash it down.

Then slide onto the floor. Mistress had received a new pair of stilettos that day so I had to worship the heels.

The end of another brilliant session with a dominant caring Mistress who then cut me out of my cocoon. Removing the needles I bled a little which dripped onto the floor and was made to lick the floor clean of all the blood

shit Muncher

Total submission – a testimonial

  • November 5, 2022

I was shaking as I opened the door to Mistress dungeon although have done it many times before was still nervous but first time in about 5 years . I entered to find such a beautiful sexy lady standing there , well Mistress soon had me chatting away relaxing me , we talked about 10 mins or so . I was then told to get undress which I did Mistress asked me to get over to the bench and legs apart and chest resting on the top Mistress soon had me secured some spanking soon started on my backside bum could feel it getting warm and hot the cane soon followed ouch it hurt Mistress put a gag on me I had asked for this before hand it’s part of of it I wanted the power exchange to feel submissive to Mistress anyway Mistress decided was time to play with my bum Mistress used plenty of lubricant and Mistress went to work on my bum don’t know how many fingers it hurt to start of with then become enjoyable then came the strap on yes it hurt at first then it became enjoyable after a time I was really feeling submissive but liking this feeling . Mistress decided to undo from this and ordered me over to bondage couch when day ordered Mistress never shouted but always dominant, I was soon bound in place gagged blindfolded ear muffs on to increase my other senses next came some nipple clamps I found them painful but enjoyable Mistress put a electric on my cock wow that was nice followed by some breathe play which I liked anyway my cock was alive I was alive Mistress took the blindfold of and ear muffs as I looked at Mistress wow felt the submission to this Mistress I played with my cock and soon exploded Mistress untied me so ended 1 st visit but we talked for a little while not only this wonderful Mistress has a good personality to chat to out of session so pleased to have found my Mistress xxx

Joining Mistress V’s Hard Sports club

  • November 3, 2022

Today I joined mistress V club of toilet subs .session started with morning coffee and catch up then .inserted to strip Place my head in the bowel when mistress stood over my head and insulted to open my mouth to receive big fat chocolate log into my mouth. Mistress instructed hold the log in my mouth when a rained gallon of fresh golden nectar then mistress reached in and smeared the log all my face and hair and eat chunk of it to show respect. Then got fresh up made but on my sissy slut outfit .Mistress V then shackled my hand’s and legs to together then slipped collar and then put heavy chain all the way all hoops and lock them with leg spreader them blindfolded me then but my sissy hood on .made me walk around dungeon as MV sat giggling as bumping into bondage bench and cage.then bend over then bench still locked up my dress slipped up and knickers slipped down my pink arese ready to get roasted with a paddle and blue whip and slut strap.

Once I was released from bench I crawled to my mistress medical bench to worship her toes and feet then told to climb on the bench mistress cuffed my hands and legs to the medical bench then mistress came over my head and taped my mouth shut with four big strips of dunk tape then are blindfold me and my sissy hood and extra fun but noise cancelling ear defenders as well my dress pulled up and knickers pulled down started to punishment on my cock and balls with a heavy strap Then mistress slip a very long sound down my eye and used vibrator to made slid sound dance down my cock then came sounds clamped my ball sack and around my cock mistress then removed the tape and offered me some fresh spit then retaped my mouth shut as she zap my sack and cock. Then mistress tilled to headboard down removed my blindfold hood and tape then mistress stood above and let me drink her nutty flavour golden amber with nice drink.

Thank you
Mistress V

Everything I’d hoped for and more

  • October 19, 2022

It’s fair to say I was a little bit nervous when meeting mistress v for the first time despite having served a few mistress’s before but she very quickly put me at ease. We started with a short chat to guage my likes and limits and it was good to see her enthusiasm for my likes as well.

I started by getting undressed and presenting myself to mistress v and she proceeded to bind my cock and balls with my arms behind my back every now and then giving them a playful slap. She enjoyed trying out a variety of clamps on my nipples as well which brought me closer to sub space.

From there she led me to her caning bench to which I was bound with my ass presented to mistress. She enjoyed pushing my impact play limits working up from her hands to the cane. There were more moments where I felt I might not be able to take it but she always brought me back to sub space at the right moment. After my ass was spanked to its limit, mistress delighted in stretching my hole and fucking me with a variety of toys. She brought me right to the edge of having a sissygasm but kept me holding on.

By this point mistress needed to pee so I was ordered to lie down with my mouth open as she stood over and unleashed her delicious stream into my mouth for which I happily drank every drop.

Next I was chained to her table with her doxy chained against my cock and I was allowed to lick her beautiful ass as she sat on my face. It tasted amazing and I wish she had needed to fart at that moment as I would have inhaled it with pleasure too, hopefully next time. I was in luck though as she needed to pee again and I was only too happy to drink it up once again.

As I had served mistress v well I was fortunate enough to be allowed to then worship her wonderful body. Starting with her feet and working all the way up to her armpits I enjoyed every scent and taste of her gorgeous body.

To finish the session I was once again laid on the table and was this time introduced to e-stim of which I am a complete novice. I was surprised at the feeling and am glad that I had an experienced mistress to guide me through it to make it such and enjoyable experience.

My time with mistress v was everything I had hoped for and more and I certainly hope to return as soon as I can.

My regular human toilet

  • October 6, 2022

My human toilet arrived eagerly wanting to consume my waste . Once he’d undressed I order him through . Lie on the floor on your back , Ive been saving my waste for you , ive got at least 3 days loads ready to deliver directly into your disgusting potty mouth . Open its ready ! Once my poop 💩 was out he caught it in his hands and began to devour it , sucking and chewing every bit , it was very impressive to witness this hungry pile of shit on the floor forcing my 💩 down it’s throat . Playing with it as if it were putty , smearing and covering it self from the head down with what shit there was left . Ordering it shower before we move on to the bull whip and the cane , it did say it wanted his stripes to last at least a week so it could show of at club quest in leeds , it was very happy with the end result . Not as happy as me obviously .

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