4 Hour TPE Role Play Session

  • October 21, 2020

My new client arrived this morning for total power exchange , one of my favourite sessions .

Looking a little nervous he hands me a letter from the courts summoning him to my chambers to be punished and taught a very hard lesson .

It began with , dear corrections officer ..
having read it i order my prisoner from the toilet , cuffing him i take him to the bondage board , i begin to tie his legs feet and hands tight .

You’ll not escape under my control slave , today you will take what ever punishment i deem fit .
I then tie his cock and balls , then i tie them to the board nothing is allowed to move .

Bringing my riding crop from behind my back i start to whip his cock and balls , this prisoner needs to feel each stroke he needs to feel pain .

Once his cock is nicely bruised i begin to burn his testicals then i proceed to burn his cock , mainly concentrateing on his bell end , lovely little blisters appearing .

Stop wriggling slave , i’m in control now.
Inserting a needle in one of his nipples he screams , i soon muffle his cry’s with my ball gag , “that’ll shut you up “

Blindfolding my prisoner i insert another needle straight through the balls , more wimpering from this fools mouth , stop being such a pussy , you’ve got a long way to go yet slave! i’ve not even started with my implements of mass destruction hahaha

Taking my prisoner from the bondage board i tell him to lie down in the bathroom .

Tilt your head i don’t want you missing any of my piss !
Open wide and swallow , i lower myself down an inch from its mouth , All of it !!

“Once you’ve drunk it all . it’s time for the real punishment to commence “.

Get over my punishment bench , time to feel the sting of my whip , after a few lashes i move onto the cane my favourite
6 of the best and he’s practically crying .
What a little bitch you are ! unstrapping him , back on the bondage board i have something that’ll sort your wimpering .

Tying him to the board once again secured bound , i attach the estim setting it to a low pulsing sensation .
out of nowhere he screams ! “Fucking hurt me bitch , “i twist the button onto full power !
Who’s the bitch now slave !!
Take it !! you only get what you deserve in my chambers !

After leaving him writhing around for a few minutes i release the cock loops and massage his bruised cock and balls .
Not in a nice way might i had 😈😈
This slave is now going to be trained to be my painslvt to take my cane more than 6 lousy strokes , he will become better , he will become mine . See you soon

Superman Role Play

  • October 16, 2020
What an amazing week i’ve had so far .

Superman flew in from sweden on monday , we met and had a meal and also discussed how the 4 hour session the next day was going to go .
I do love fantasy roleplay .
With the superman theme music playing , he comes up the stairs ,once he’s at the top he tells me he’s come to rescue me from the deadly virus 
“I’ve come to capture the beautiful mistress v “ you are no longer safe in this country “ 
“That’s what you think “ your not strong enough  to take me “ i refuse to go with you “ 
we have a little struggle with each other as he tries to restrain me .
Unbeknown to this superhero my kryptonite necklace is under my top and i also have my magical red thigh lengths boots on ,he has no idea of what my boots can do .
Still struggling with each other i pull the necklace out shoving the kryptonite in this losers face .
Where did you say you were taking me ? haha .
I tie his hands and cock and balls together  “,you are no longer a superhero you are now my slave and i am going to keep you in my chambers until i’m ready to release you , all your powers have disappeared”
You are no longer Superman ! 
I am your mistress you will what i want when i want and how i want . 
“Get on your knees and worship my boots”
As he licks the soles,  i flog his back  
beautiful marks appearing , he’s loving having my heel in his mouth , suck it ! 
I tighten the rope around his balls , which are now bulging bright red !
Now lie on your back , i need a face stool 
 Sitting comfortably on my stool i flog his balls , wriggling and jolting  beneath my arse .
I’m going to release your cock and balls , you will not touch your cock until i give you permission .
After making him wait 10 minutes i allow him to relieve himself .
You are going no where slave , you can sleep now until  tomorrow , then the real fun will begin 

Fantastic Session with My human toilet

  • October 13, 2020
Fantastic session with my human toilet this morning .

Having met this shit eater before there was no need for a presession chat .
Get your self undressed slave then present yourself to me .
emerging from the bathroom naked , On your knees slave and crawl over here .
Get your collar on .
I’m going to parade you around my playroom before i have my wicked way with you .
After i’d walked him around i stop at my bench , over you go shit eater 
Strapping him down tightly , You’ll not be able to wriggle around this time slave !
Your  going to except your spanking and thank me for it . 
Once his cheeks were a light pink , i surprise my slave with the vibrator massaging deep into  his cock and balls .
His little cock dribbling i begin to massage his butt hole with gloved fingers , when we’re you last fucked ? 
A while ago mistress .
Today’s your lucky day birthday boy , i have been eating lots since you booked your session , saving my shit just for you .
Before you have the honour and privilege i’m going to fuck your arse slowly so you can feel every ripple of my cock deep inside you then you can clean it with your filthy potty mouth .
The noises coming from this horny fucks mouth .
Your breakfast has brewed up nicely .
Taking it from the bench i open the toilet box, in you go .
Cuffed and inside , i piss straight into its mouth , crouching down a little more i deliver its breakfast it doesn’t land on target , i pick it up quite a firm shit so i make him bite it . Chew !
My hands over its mouth so it can’t spit any out , Swallow !
Have another bite , it wimpers  i can’t eat anymore . 
Open your mouth and bite it ! 
Once again i cover its mouth , now fucking swallow it !  
Happy with its efforts , Go and clean yourself up then get on the medical bench .
Electro play to finish the session off .. See you soon shit breath !

My new sub

  • October 6, 2020

I do love meeting new subs , putting there total trust in me as i take them on there new journey .
2 fantastic hours of total power exchange .
I left the dungeon door open once my sub had given me the call to say he’d parked up .

As he came up the stairs , i was looking down on him over the banister , when he’d reached the top of the stairs i was behind him , stop!
Giving him his mask to put on he’s then sent to the bathroom to get washed and changed .
I made myself comfortable while he undressed , a few minutes later and it was in front of me.
Sit down on the floor slave i want you to tell me your previous experiences .
Having had our presession chat , i tell him to go and stand on the bondage board and wait .
Cuffing his ankles to the board i then cuff his wrists behind his back , blindfolded and ear muffs on .
I begin with nipple torture pinching and pulling them before i attach the nipple clamps .
I then grab his balls , he didn’t expect that lol teasing his cock with my leather gloved hands .

Thanking me as i run the pinwheel over his cock and balls .
Good slave , nice and sharp isn’t it ?
I then put my hands over his mouth breathplay , he’s shaking as i’m up close to him , i’ll remove my hands when i’m good and ready slave , counting down from 10 to 6 then bk up to ten .
Breath slave .
Taking him from the board we move onto the bench , over you go , i’m going to have some foreplay with your butt! Before i introduce you to my cock .
Sliding a well lubed finger in , i tell him , i’m going to fuck you nice and slow with my cock but not until you’ve sucked it
Moving to the front of the bench , suck it !!
He was loving my little cock in his eager mouth , right slave it’s now time for your fucking !
When i’ve finished with you , your going in my body bag and i’m going to use your face as my seat , more breathplay slave .
“Thank you Mistress“ , he couldn’t thank me enough throughout the session .
He’ll soon be back for more ..

Fantastic session with My female sub

  • October 1, 2020
What an awesome 90 minutes i’ve just had with my female sub .

Having sessioned with her on many occasions there was no need for a presession chat .

Naked on her knees awaiting her next instruction . 

 Once i’ve cuffed her 
 to my frame , i blindfold her . 
Teasing her nipples with my sharp finger nails until they are nice and pert before i use the pinwheel on them .
I then attach my bucket nipple clamps with a couple of fish weights inside .
I’m going to fuck you with lots of different strapons , starting with my smallest then work my way up to the larger ones .
She loves me sliding my cocks in and out of her , moaning each time i thrust against her arse cheeks .
While she’s over the bench enjoying my rhythmic motions i clasp my hands over her nose and mouth .
Good bitch , are you squirting for your mistress ? Taking my cock out i slap it a couple of times she’s gushing all over the bench ,after her multiple organisms i concentrate on her tits biting her nipples .
Your a horny bitch aren’t you slut !
They’ll be no more organisms now your going inside the body bag and i’m going to chain you up once  inside it , No escape !
Climbing inside , i zip her in , and put her hood on , more breast torture and breath play , she loves bondage the feeling of being encased tightly . 
Sitting on her face she thanks me .
one last organism slut and i’ll release you ..

A Session with pantiegirdle

  • September 27, 2020

My new client had contacted me through twitter , we agreed the time and date , telling him to contact me once he’d parked he’s car on the due date .
Arriving all geared up for his punishment.
Get upstairs and get your self prepared slave.
He’s called pantiegirdle on twitter , i soon realised why when he came from the bathroom

Stood in pantie-girdle and bra .
I love your underwear set slave .
Cuffing him to my frame i begin to slap his face light taps at first , enough to warm my hands before the first hard crack !
Compose yourself girdle . Crack ! slap slap
I then begin to cane his nipples , as it was mentioned earlier in our chat .
Taking him down from the frame we move to the bench .
I’d placed all the implements on the bench , slave girdle had to take them off to lie over it . Id done this on purpose , so he could see what he was going to get .
Once he was strapped down tightly , i begin .
Caning him with his girdle on at first for the warm up .
I’ll be removing theses panties very soon slave .
Pulling the panties down below his arse cheeks he’d already got some lovely welts .
Using two of my favourite dragon canes and my riding crop i begin the punishment .
my slave had told me previously that he didn’t want to count each stroke , but to cane him until i’d had enough
I’m guessing he took around a 100 strokes in total.
He wanted marking , stripes that last for weeks , He certainly got his wish .
All finished of with water sports , He’d never been in a toilet box before .
I do love giving my slaves and subs first time experiences..

A Fantastic Session with a novice

  • September 27, 2020

What a fantastic day it has been two new clients , soon to be regulars of my play space .
My first victim arrived looking very nervous , once offering its gift to me he’s ordered upstairs .
After he’d washed and stripped i call him !
Out you come slave!
stood in my leather boots and latex
i order him over. On your knees boot licker ,and worship my boots.
He was enjoying sucking my heel so much i want to watch him suck my cock .
Stop what your doing slave , i’m going to introduce you to my virgin cock , it’s not to big and will fit into your mouth nicely without you gagging .
sitting on my bench now with my legs astride , come closer slave and suck it !
To say he’d never sucked a cock before, he had fantastic rhythm.
Time for you to experience my cock in your other hole , get over the bench .
With lots of lube and anal foreplay i begin to fuck him .
Wow he was enjoying every second of it .
I’m going to stretch your arse every-time you visit me and i’m going to fuck you when i want , how i want , where i want .
Your my fuck hole now .
Taking him from the bench and into my toilet box , i close the lid .
Open wide.
After drinking all my piss i lower myself down ,Clean it.
Finishing the session my slave has already got another session planned .
I always welcome a novice , lots more things to unravel with this one ..

My new human toilet

  • September 23, 2020

Fantastic session this morning with my human toilet .
Entering , i order it up the stairs .
once undressed and naked i tell it to crawl to my toilet box .
“Get your head inside the box pissy mouth”
Once it was secured and cuffed there was no escape .
standing straddled across the box i can see my toilets eager mouth opening .
“I’m not ready yet “!
“I will give you your instructions.”

“Open “
Opening its mouth wide , i begin .
“Drink every last drop “ pissy mouth , you can thank me for the privilege once you’ve drunk it all , now be a good boy and swallow.

Once i’d finished i lowered myself down unto its face .
Now clean it up !
pinching its nipples while it did so .

Get up out of the box . Time for some nipple torture .
Attaching my bucket nipple clamps i begin to tease its cock with my bare feet rubbing them all over its cock and balls .
You want to cum don’t you ?
Beg !
I’m going to take one of those clamps of your nipple and you are going to spunk in it , i’m then going to pour it down your throat , here goes .
Drink every bit ..

My toilet has now realised he’ll swallow anything for me .

3 hours of total power exchange

  • September 20, 2020

3 whole hours of total power exchange.
My slave arrived at the time agreed, with his usual gifts in hand, poppers and leather bondage trousers.
Dressing it up in a silky white and pink sissy dress, it was ready now to take what ever I decide.
Over the bench for a light spanking before we begin the needleplay, lots of poppers in between each needle inserted.
I do love needleplay I find it quite therapeutic, not sure my slave finds it that way lol
once I was happy with my art work, I surprise my slave as I cover its face with gloved hands, I decide when you breath slave.
He’d never had sounds before today, I was impressed with how well he did with them I used 3 different sized sounds starting with the thinnest, working my way up, his hole opened up nicely and took all 3.
I was saving the best for last!
I’m going to turn you into my toilet, my potty, you will eat my shit today, there will be No getting out of it.
Once it was in position lied on the floor, mouth wide open.
I kindly give it some champagne drink it all up before your breakfast.
My bottom in position directly over it’s mouth.
Before he could move it was out and in his mouth, I quickly clasped its mouth shut.
Eat it potty mouth every bit, more pee helped him swallow it all, another limit pushed.
Want your limits pushing like my slaves?
You know what to do..

Don’t you just love a novice!

  • September 18, 2020

Don’t you just love a novice ?
My new sub had contacted me through email telling me his likes and dislikes we agreed a date and a time .
It was now his time to arrive at my chambers .
Calling me to notify me he was just around the corner .
I left the door open for him so once he enters there i’m stood , soft leather boots , figure hugging wet look dress .
At the top of the stairs (very powerful) looking down on him .

The door opens and in comes a very excited boy , Upstairs now boy .
showing him where to get undressed , i wait for him to present himself to me ,. giving him the once over , Get over my bench !

Strapping him down onto the bench i gently tease him with my nails , nothing to hard .
Then a light spanking followed by the strap !
His cheeks were glowing.
Lets turn it up a notch , increasing the level of strokes .
He’s a wriggler , glad i tightened him down now .
Every now and then id stop to stroke his balls , Making all the right noises i move onto my next implement , The cane .

He’d never had the cane before , i’d already got a figure in my head as to how many strokes he could take , i have to say i was very pleased with his efforts 15 medium strokes , taken well .

moving over to the medical area my sub lies down , once he’s comfortable , without warning i pinch his nostrils and clamp his mouth shut with my hand (breathplay ) i absolutely love having the control over you , i say when you breath ..

Reaching for my needle box , i remind my sub i’m in charge you will except the gift of needles deep inside your skin , without another word i stick a needle through his nipple . Wow “is it in?”
compose yourself slave before i start on your balls .
I then stick two through his testicals before i insert my thinest sound , oh he likes this , cock throbbing in my hand , i masterbate him with it !
Not long before he’s shooting his mess all over himself .
Not bad for a novice .
After having a glass of water and a little chat , he will be returning to mistresses chambers for more training not quite got to grips with the watersports yet .
He’ll learn , the hard way 😈😈

An awesome 2 hour session of impact play

  • September 8, 2020

My what an awesome 2 hour session of impact play and needleplay.
Ive been sessioning with my sub for quite some time now, his usual session consists of the strap, paddle and single tail whip, as well as needleplay.
But today i’m going to introduce the cane and riding crop for added effect!
Once my sub was showered masked and naked in front of me it was time for the fun to begin 😈
Lightly warming my subs bottom with a spanking along with tickling his balls to get him in the right frame of mind. (subspace)
Moving onto the soft black leather paddle, teasing him every so often with my nails across his buttocks and up his back.
The sounds coming from my subs mouth were an indication that he was slowly going into subspace.
Onto the wooden paddle , a favourite of mine, I love the sound it’s makes on connection.
“Thank you my mistress” A mere whisper.
The cane!!
Well what can I say?
Absolutely fantastic efforts from sub he took 20-25 strokes all with a thank you after each one.
Letting him recover for a few minutes we move into the medical room.
Needleplay another favourite of mine, I love the feel of the needle in my fingers as it pierces the skin.
Making a pretty pattern down the front of his thigh.
Then a few in his balls 😈😈
Once I was happy with my handy work, I remove all the needles before attaching the estim.
All those build up endorphines escape…

A Fantastic 2 hour Session with My pain slut

  • September 6, 2020

What a fantastic 2 hour session I’ve had with my property, my sub.
Davina is quite the pain slut, she enjoys most painful activities, needles and impact play along with lots of poppers and breath play.
But today I wanted to start the session a little different.
On it’s arrival I gave it, it’s clothes, red frilly skirt with red fishnet stockings
we’re starting in the medical room today, get on the bench and wait.
returning with a gas mask cotton wool and three bottles of poppers 😈
your going to need this, sniff!
I start on its nipples using the largest and thickest needles first then filling in the gaps with shorter and thinner ones
Once I was happy with the results I move down to its cock
The crown of thorns!
More poppers!
My sub has had the crown of thorns on many occasions but always with a thin needle, not today it will take the thick ones mixed with the thin.
Intoxicated with the poppers I proceed
Every now and then I would put my leather gloved hands over its mouth, whispering in its ear, you will suffer for your mistress, won’t you slave.
From the medical room we go into the main playroom
Over my bench it’s now time to take your punishment, you will thank me after each stroke
A cold caning, no warm up, straight to it.
35 hard strokes
Thanking me after each and everyone.
Today you have taken a harsh session, it was what it needed.
Davina took her punishment very well, Could you 😈😈

Corporal Punishment Session

  • August 26, 2020

This afternoon’s 2 hour corporal punishment session with my experienced sub.

I love a sub who can take a hard thrashing putting total trust in me and my implements.

Having sessioned with him before I know his limits his body language, the noises of muffled moans.

On presenting himself naked on his knees, he knows what’s about to occur. but he doesn’t know at what level and what implements I decide I’m going to use.

Over the bench slave, after strapping him down tightly I place each instrument down on the floor in front of his face, all in the order of severity.

Look at my choice of implements slave as you’re going to be feeling each and every one one of them, I expect you to thank me after every stroke as I’m now in control, brace yourself slave!

I begin with a spanking hard enough for the blood to rise swapping and changing the level of each slap.

Once his cheeks are a ripe red I gently run my nails over his balls whispering, you’ll take anything for me won’t you slave, you do know you are mine now? Slap! Slap! Slap.

Take each one slave take the pain and the pleasure of such a beautiful mistress inflicting such a cruel punishment, become better, become mine.

The leather strap next, I do love the sound as it echoes around the room, whack whack whack, there’s know point in half measures slave your here to be punished.

Mistress knows what you want and more importantly what you NEED 😈 see you in October

Session with My new sissy

  • August 17, 2020

Had a fantastic session with a new sissy this afternoon.
Once It was dressed I locked its tiny sissy cock into the chastity device.
Time for me to tie you up before I punish you, I start the rope bondage making it turn as I weave my web around its torso, Are you feeling helpless slut?
while you are here you are mine.
Get over the bench.
I secure it with the straps before I proceed with a light spanking before I move on to my new tawse, thanking me after each stroke,that’s a good slut, impressed with its efforts I move around the front of the bench and pull its hair as I Instruct it to worship my PVC clad arse, lick it slut.
I’m going to take your arse and give you the fucking you deserve. I use several toys on this eager slut finishing it off with my strapon. Take my cock bitch all of it, I’m going to make you ride my fuck machine once your nicely stretched.

on all fours now In front of the fuck machine I line up the cock and start the machine. How does that feel whore?
standing in front of it while my machine pounds its arse I tease it wiggling my bottom in front of its face.

I want you in the medical room on the bench face In the air, I’ll unlock your cock once I’m smothering you with my arse.
rubbing my tight pvc bottom all over Its face I tell it to finish its self off.

His second visit to Me

  • August 9, 2020

Second visit today with my bum whore.

Once through the door it was ordered upstairs. Face mask on slave now let’s have a chat.

Once we’d had our pre session chat I locked it up, cock encased in the steel cage ready and more than willing to take what was waiting for it once over the bench.

I stick 2 fingers inside it’s arse, wow your more than ready for the bigger sized strapons , Ill just slip one on, lube it up and get to work on stretching that arse of yours.

The positioning on the bench was awkward for it to get the full benefit of my pounding.

Get off the bench I want you in the medical room at the end of the medical bench with your arse in the air!

Now that was the perfect angle. Spread those cheeks whore I want to go deeper; so deep you can taste it.

After giving its arse a good seeing to, my whore was thirsty, it had never drunk pee before. I was very impressed with its efforts to which I gave it a reward, sitting on its face. Wriggling my sweaty arse all over it.

Medical room for some sounds whore it’s time to stretch your cock!

Using the various size sounds, my whore loved watching them slide in and out of its little peep hole 😂

I find it amazing that a pathetic cock can take so much, it was loving every second of it getting harder and harder.

I’ll sort that cock out for you, attaching the estim cock hoops I turn it on. Wow mistress it feels amazing, is it throbbing? yes mistress.

Sitting on its face I give my whore another reward. Turning the power up on the estim, just enough for his cock to dance. I ride its face, its cock is now ready for exploding but instead of letting it I make it get on its knees and kneel in front of me, time to worship Mistress properly, come closer slave. Let’s leave the rest to your imagination.

It has already got its next session booked for October

Wish you were my bum whore? You know what to do

My sissy – hard sports, forced bi and much more!

  • August 4, 2020

My filthy slut arrived in full slut attire for her breakfast today, and my what fun we had.

She brought along with her some new needles for me to try, nice long thick ones. I will put this box in the medical room until it’s needed. Time to warm your cheeks with some spanking before I use my new whip!

Once over the bench I strap her down, she does like to wriggle and be quite verbal at times, I soon sort that out!

Your cheeks are glowing slut, swishing through the air down came my whip.

When I was happy with the results I move on to my favourite implement, the cane, giving it 10 or more hard strokes, letting her no who’s the boss!

My surprise was soon ringing the bell 🛎

Letting it in I send it upstairs mask on.

I have a new outfit for you to wear it’s on the bed, get it on and join us

The outfit it was wearing had a zip that goes underneath the crouch making it easy to get its cock out for sucking.

Stand in front of it and get your cock out, this greedy whore wants your cock in her mouth!

When the two whores had finished I made one stay in the tall standing cage, while the other went into the medical room for some needleplay

Using the new needles just 3 in the nipple and one in its balls

I’m needing the toilet now potty breath get in the bathroom and lie down, I don’t need to tell you again you know what’s coming next!!!

The filthy slut ate every single bit.

Do you wish you were as greedy as her? 😈😈

Enforced Hard Sports

  • July 27, 2020

My human toilet arrived early this morning after travelling for 4 hours to have breakfast, served directly from myself.

We discussed how he’d like the session to go, as we chatted it soon became quite clear that this potty mouth wanted me to force him to eat it.

I do love a new toilet boy, makes it more fun when they’re new to it.

Once toilet was stripped I told it to go and kneel in the playroom head bowed and wait!

Telling him you will taste my shit today, you will also clean my arse after I’ve finished, no chickening out!

Tying my toilet up I tease it, bending over so it can just see my arse, you want to lick it don’t you slave?

You’ll not get the pleasure of that until you’ve had a taste. Grouching over its face, I fart 💨 taste that shit breath!

After quite a few loud ripply farts I can feel my toilet’s breakfast working its way down.

Open wide! And catch it with your teeth!

Once it had landed perfectly into its mouth, I sat on its chest and held its mouth shut 🤐.

You are going to keep that held in your mouth for the next 10 minutes, don’t worry I’ll help you 😈

10 minutes later I stood up above it, spreading my arse cheeks. there’s another truffle on its way, Open!

You look thirsty! This time I get right down so my pussy is an inch away from his dry mouth, I relieve its thirst, swallowing all my pee, good toilet.

Now clean my arse!!

Scat / Hard Sports videos can be seen on My account

Double Sissy Session

  • July 26, 2020

Just finished an amazing double sissy session, both have sessioned with me on several occasions.

Organising this session wasn’t hard as they both wanted the same thing, to feel a real cock in their mouths and sissy cunts.

I’d asked paula to come an hour after I’d started my session.

I want to give my sissy a really good seeing too before she arrived, lots of sucking on my strapon preparing my slut for what’s about to occur.

strapping my slut down to the bench, I lube the anal hook and insert it, then attaching my pulley I pull on it , sluts moaning encouraging me to pull harder.

I’m going to stretch your sissy hole for my slut to slip her cock inside you and you are going to except it, I’m in control now, I say who sucks and who fucks, while your here I’m the boss!!

I hear the car pull onto the drive.

paula’s arrived, I’m going to take you from the bench and put you in the cage until she’s dressed and ready.

Once inside the cage I tease and torment my slut. Running my hands across my breasts, rub your clit slut! I want that cock of yours hard!

paula then enters the room.

Releasing my slut form the cage. Get on your knees paula and suck! It wasn’t long before my slut was exploding into paula’s mouth.

Your turn now, return the favour lol.

Into the sissy room and get on the bed.

My oh my they were having fun.

Suck paula’s balls.

paula you wank your cock and when you’re ready, give my slut a facial.

No chance of that; paula grabbed my slut’s head and filled her mouth spunk exploding everywhere.

Carry on sucking those balls bitch!

You are both my whores to do with as I please, now clean up your mess sluts!!

Looking forward to when we can do this again, it won’t be long before they’re back 😈😈😈

Total Power Exchange

  • July 18, 2020

My slave made a request when booking his session, that I have total control from the minute he comes through the door
power exchange, I just love it!!
On his arrival after the covid precautions I ordered my slave down on his knees to worship my boots, while his doing so, I remind him of his requests
so today you want to eat my shit, slave?
I do miss but I’m very nervous about it.
well I can guarantee you this slave, by the time I’ve done with you, you’ll do anything I ask and more
in its frilly panties, suspenders and stockings I order my pain slut over my bench!
let me warm that blank canvas for you.
using various implements I proceed to warm my sluts cheeks before introducing the cane!
my sluts not really into the cane, so I remind it again of who is in CONTROL! certainly not it!!
squealing like a bitch I give 5 hard strokes, I love to watch the welts rise to the surface of the skin, it does excite me 😈
another request from it, was to be branded,!
lighting a cigarette 🚬 I start to burn the letter v on to its arse cheek, going over it repeatedly so it blisters as I like to leave my mark 😈 one it’s going to have for a long time I think 😂
moving from the bench we go into the medical room for some needleplay
using 26 needles I made a pretty design across its nipple and chest, allowing it to drink some pee in between, such a kind mistress
reminding it that it’s now time to taste my shit!!
oh mistress I’m not too sure I want to do this
shut up slave!!
placing my self over its mouth, OPEN
it moves its head, you’re not getting away with it I pick it up and pop it straight into its mouth and shut it with a clasped gloved hand
it didn’t like the taste, but made a very good effort
well done shit breath for your amazing efforts
see you very soon to finish of where we left off 😈😈

Fantastic session with My female sub

  • July 13, 2020

had a fantastic two hour session with my female sub
she loves bondage, so best place for her is in my vacbed, fully restricted and encased in rubber
once she’d settled in I applied some latex shine into my hands and slowly massaged it into her body
all the while she’s inside moaning, it was obviously turning my slut on 😈😈
teasing her with each grasp of her very voluptuous breasts she gasps!!
with my other hand I rub her swollen pussy sliding a finger in now and then to get her juices flowing
are you coming for your mistress?
by the sounds coming from inside the vacbed she certainly was, she certainly knows how to squirt!!
moving my hands up to her neck I grip it tight!
then down to her very wet pussy, slapping it softly before I increase each one to a stinging slap! ahhh
back to her breasts and her very large nipples, twisting and pulling

ahh more mistress she begs

time for some rope play up the stairs girl and wait on bended knees.

upstairs I tie her arms behind her back into the dragon sleeve minimal movement, opening the tall standing cage, get in side.. she loves sensory deprivation you can put my new mask on before I start with the chains
chaining her inside the cage
more nipple torture, using a clamp I grip it onto her nipple and twist and pull
another organism all over the cage floor, you’ll enjoy cleaning that up once I’ve put you over my bench!
spanking her lightly before moving into the riding crop I crop her pussy in between her buttocks and the inside of her thighs
finishing her of one more time with a vibrator.
she leaves with eyes bright and rosy red cheeks, see you soon slut!

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