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Huddersfield Mistress

Buy My Personal Items

Panties (worn) £15
Thongs (worn) £15
Bra (worn) £30
Socks (worn) £15
Stockings (worn) £15
Tights (worn) £15
Shoes (worn) £75
Boots (worn) £100
Trainers (worn) £75
Bath towels (used by me and unwashed) £40
Pillow cases (used by me and unwashed) £30
Lipstick (used) £15
Bath water £30
Bottle of my champagne £60
Fingernail clippings £15
Skin rubbed from my feet with pumice stone £15

Prices include p&p within the UK mainland. Contact me for details


Buy My Sweaty Trainers

These trainers are very well worn, having been used for My regular long distance runs.
You’ll love their strong aroma

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