Hard Sports

A Fantastic Session!

  • August 16, 2023

My new sub arrived at the agreed time , he had been to see me a couple of days before , mentioning things he’d like to try , I was really looking forward to this mornings meet with lots of ideas racing around my Brian .

Once he was naked I begin with the bandages starting at the top of his head and working my way down his body once he was covered I then begin with the cling wrap making sure it was pulled right for added effect . Finishing of with him chained to the bondage board .

Shifting into a clear plastic bag , I blindfold my sub before putting the bag over his head smearing the contents all over him , pushing a tiny bit of my waste 💩 into his mouth , I leave him like this for about 10 minutes before removing it . Once it was removed I piss straight into his mouth to wash it down , he loved it so much he’s now booked in for this Friday . I can’t wait to push his limits further fantastic session had by all x

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