Double Domme

A fantastic Session Dominating a couple

  • June 22, 2020

today I had my couple coming for a severe whip thrashing!! I’d chatted briefly to the gent on the phone previous to our meet, on his likes and dislikes, and more to the point his partners likes.
on arrival they both looked nervous stood on the door step shaking lol come inside we can go upstairs where we can have a little chat leave your nerves at the door!!

Upstairs we started chatting, his partner joined in now and again with what she’d like to watch, she explained that, that was all she would like to do today, watch her partner take the thrashing of his life!!

fantastic, now I know we can make a start, you take yourself in the bathroom and shower, your wife can sit on my bench, while he was in the shower his wife told me that they play a lot at home and have also played in a dungeon before but never included a dom in their sessions.

fantastic I was so excited by the thought of being watched by his wife, it some how made me feel more superior.

after showering, it came into the play room, wide eyed and excited

your wife tells me, when she tries to kick you in the balls you wriggle a lot, not today i’m going to tie you up and strap you to my cross, once strapped securely you will take your lashes with dignity, if I hear you make a sound i’ll gag you!!

looking over at his partner, she too was getting excited

after the first strike she yelled yes!!! this is what I want, I want to watch you hurt him more mistress.

after giving him a good hard thrashing, I take him from the cross and strap him to my bench time for the cane.

20 strokes with 3 different canes from mild to hard, I love total power control, but never like this!

wife’s fancy treating your partner for some kinky fun, book a session I enjoy controlling both 😈😈

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