A Testimonial from a Sissy TV

  • March 26, 2019

Mistress V is a delight. Straightforward, perceptive, friendly, she had me sussed out by the time I got up her stairs: a sissy TV. Brief chat, chose my black velvet dress in a flash. Told me to piss into a glass which she kept for me. Made me up, discreetly, put on her strap on, told me to drink my piss, which I did with pleasure and got me sucking, nibbling deep throating the dildo to its roots. I had to tell her that a real cock is much better, and several in a morning are better still and that it is deliciously thrilling to tease out the spunk, swirl it around the mouth then swallow it.
As a real slut I was then treated as such, a long pegging, first the small teaser dildo, then the bigger, then her fist. We agreed that I need a yet bigger dildo.
That was followed by a slapping, a paddling, a leather strap and then a cane. Finally, my Lady branded my bum, four marks. I am glad to say that she marked me with good stripes which are still tingling and raised A FULL DAY LATER. Hurray.

Then the final test! On my back, mouth wide open and a rich flow of semi soft, easy chew, swallow scat. I ate it all and the bits that got away I smeared all over my face, chest, cock. Then she washed It down with a good long piss, most of it drunk.

My cock remained a proper little clit and wouldn’t come, even when bound in a blue satin ribbon.

That was my first time with scat other than my own. I had trained myself on my own shit and piss for near to two years and had tried to get a walk up prostitute to shit me, but she couldn’t so I searched on line and found My Lady. So good. I would love to be her sissy slut anal maid and suck and be fucked by all her clients: several in a day. Maybe My Lady will hold some small private parties but we would need a couple of fem scat whores: wicked wives best. Being girly I don’t like or do hairy bodies so, guys, cream and wax it all off before you get my attention

I took a lot of poppers which heightened the wicked sensations .

Try it all. Wonderful

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