A Testimonial from My female sub

  • July 14, 2020

Mistress let me in, told me to get ready, vac bed first.. she knows it’s one of my favourites! ‘I’m going to clean it whilst you’re in.’ Rushing to get in she zips it up & turns it on. My  whole body felt cool hands run all over my body, heaven!! Twists to my nipples, soft caresses & strokes.. even teasing my wet pussy with her fingers, then slap, slap, slap.. harder in intensity before I cum not once but twice as she squeezes my neck, a fucking wonderful surprise  that I’m keen to explore more.

Coming down from orgasm she unzips me, upstairs on your knees whilst she readies herself. Up, arms behind your back. Roping my arms into a dragon sleeve. Arms throughly encased.. get in the cage. Before she locks it, a new gas mask comes over my head. Yay! Being sensory deprived in any way, gagged, blindfolded, deafened.. this all helps me get deep into subspace & she knows it. ‘Click’ I hear a slight rattle of chains before feeling them draped across my chest. Bliss! Not knowing what was coming next.. She made me wait before she played with my nipples, constantly, scratching, clamping, teasing.

On the edge of cumming again she notices & tells me to spread my legs wide open & she smashes her vibe hard against my clit straight away, 60 seconds later.. I feel the cum rush down my leg, not satisfied, she carries on before I squirt, breathless she takes me out of the cage & bondage & straps me down to her bench giving me some light to hard impact play along with sensual stroking & scratching. Fuck, I start bucking, humping the bench, noticing she gets her leather gloves on, smashing her hand into my cheeks before using them to squeeze my nose & cover my mouth. Fuck. I came again.

5 orgasms, breath play, bondage, sensory deprivation, sensuality, nipple play… I want to go back already for more.

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