A Testimonial from slave p

  • November 6, 2017

It takes me 2 hours to drive from my home to Mistress V’s place. And 2 hours to drive back. Therefore, a session with Mistress V takes up about half a day. Yet, I only session with Mistress V now because she is such an expert Mistress.

Mistress V works very quickly, to try to cram as much pleasure into a session as possible. During this session, we did caning, needle play, foot worship and body worship.

Mistress V clearly really enjoys every aspect of BDSM, and our sessions get better and better. It is worth sticking to one Mistress and developing a strong bond with Her, and I intend to stick with Mistress V even though every session takes up half a day.

I enjoy our pre and after session chats too, because BDSM sessions are a learning curve for both Mistress and submissive.

Thank you for yet another amazing session Mistress V. I am still on a high

slave p

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