An awesome restraint session!

  • December 3, 2018

My bondage Slave and his love for ropes and anything that can restrain.

After a brief phone call and the usual arrangements my Slave arrived (same day booking).

“Come in and keep your head bowed, I want you to go in the sissy room and get undressed fully, I will call you when I’m ready.”

After 10 minutes I called him into my play room, ropes all laid out, bondage board ready. Tying him, arms behind his back I ordered him to sit down with his knees up to his chest I tie his legs, tormenting him with what I’m going to do to him next.

I put the hood on him.


He nodded

“Sniff as much as you can, I want to abuse you while you’re here, obeying my every command. Open your mouth!! My cock gag’s ready for you. Ever been in a vacbed?”

He shook his head. I turned on my heel and get the vacbed, laying it out on the floor and I then began to untie him.

“More oppers?”

He nodded.

I unzipped the vacbed. “Get inside!!”

Once he was inside and all the air was out, I pulled his cock through the opening! Time for fun! He couldn’t move. I attached the e-stim electrics.

Wish you were him? Follow the same procedures as him and it could be you!!

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