Double Session

  • June 9, 2020

Opening the door to my sissy all geared up to meet my female sub for a double session,she’s excited to say the least, up you go slut! my f sub is on her way, I’d like you dressed and ready before she arrives

10 minutes later, I was back downstairs letting my f sub in

You wanted me to surprise you today, get undressed your surprise is upstairs waiting for you

Reminding her of things we’d discussed previously to this session

Starting with my slut, she’s dressed in her thong and stockings drooling at the thought of my f sub
Get in there and over my bench you filthy whore!
As I’m strapping her down, in comes my f sub, big grin on her face
Once I’ve strapped this bitch down I’m going to spank her and I want you to join in, do you think you can manage that! Yes mistress
Spanking my slut in turn was great fun, I then get my slut from the bench and strapped her to the cross
Turning to my f sub I order her over the bench pushing it over to the cross she gets over and I strap her down
I want you to tickle my sluts tiny balls while I spank you, if you don’t tickle them how she likes it you will receive a good caning, now get tickling
My slut wasn’t wriggling and giggling and much as she usually does
Not good enough, I did warn you what would happen
She took 50 hard strokes of my favourite cane, lovely red bottom, she deserved her stripes today
I unstrap my slut from the cross
Get around here slut, her Pussy as dripped all over my floor, get on your knees and lick it up!
Hungry greedy sluts soon on her knees licking and slurping it up
Now clean her arse!
Giving my slut a stroke from the paddle
I said clean it, pushing her head deeper into her arse
She wants your tongue deep inside so you can taste her shit!!
I won’t go into detail of what happened next as I’d like you to use your imagination 😈😈 fancy a session with my female sub! Book a session

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