Hard Sports

My kaviar Eating slave

  • July 5, 2018

My Swedish kaviar eating Slave!!

I couldn’t wait to meet My new toilet. On arrival he told me he’d like Me to spoon feed him My waste. I immediately obliged, as I couldn’t think of any better way to spend My morning.

Collared, I led him into the playroom. I sat him down

“Put your arms behind your back!”

With that, I tied him with My rope as tight as I could, a plate underneath My bottom containing My poo.

“Open your fucking mouth!”

“Yes Mistress.”

The first spoon did take a while to get down but once he swallowed the first bit I was already scooping his second spoonful.

“Open Shit breath!!”

I allowed him some of My nectar to wash and swill it down with.


Looking at the plate with anticipation he did as instructed.

“I want more Mistress.”

Unknown to him I’m already pushing another one out! Straight onto the plate, his seconds are ready!!

“Have a little rest you pathetic boy.”

I gave him 5 minutes rest as I didn’t want him to get too comfortable.

“You know this lot needs eating up don’t you!! Now feed the rest to yourself as you’re making Me want to vomit!!”

Spoon in hand he did as he was told, with a little persuasion from my lit cigarette which was now touching his balls!

“I’ll get you a bigger spoon; the one you’re using can’t get enough shit on it. A Dessert spoon will do the lot in one go, now get your mouth wide open and get it in!”

Taking over, I grabbed the spoon from him and start pushing it all in his mouth.

“Swallow it!!”

With My cigarette, I burned his nipples, which worked a treat as the next time I looked at him he’d eaten every bit. No point in enforced hard sports if you’re not being forced!!

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