Putting my new sub into subspace!

  • October 12, 2017

My new sub Peter arrived on time, with a note in his hand informing me of his likes and dislikes. Once I’d read it, I made him go into the chambers and get undressed. Once he was naked, I attached two pegs to his nipples and tied his cock and balls as tight as I could, then I ordered him to get over my bench. Once I’d strapped him in, the fun began.

I started with the strap, lightly at first, and once I could see he was warming to this I increased the impact. I gave him 30 of the strap and 100 strokes of the cane. I could hear from the tone of voice that he was drifting into subspace. As I changed to the single tail whip he slipped deeply into subspace.

I could hardly him him count as he had my worn knickers in his mouth. I gave him 30 of the single tail , then I moved onto hot wax play.  With my knickers still stuffed in his mouth, I began to drip the hot wax on his nipples. His cries were more a whimper at this point, and I moved onto his testicles and cock, building up more and more wax play; he was totally under my spell.

I slowly knelt and sat on his face, still dripping the wax on his cock for added effect. We then went into the lounge were I made him lie down and relieve himself while I teased him; all in all a fantastic session!

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