Weaving My Web

  • September 2, 2021

My new client arrived once at the top step I order him to his knees, worship my shoes then we can have our chat.

Pre-session chat over I order it to strip and douche I then begin my rope bondage weaving my web around his torso, over my bench slave once he’s laid down on the medical bench I use my bungee rope restricting him even more, I laugh as I ask him to try and move,he can’t just how I like it. I begin my art work with my needles using different sizes in his nipple Making pretty patterns on both nipples before I start on his balls I love needleplay the whole process excites me, happy with my work I insert a sound the smallest to start with and make my way up to quite a large size he absolutely loved the sounds even more when I added the e-stim cock loops to his cock, I’m going to untie you soon strap you down to my fucking bench and give your arse a good seeing to his eyes lit up.

Strapped down to the bench I insert a well lubed finger before I use my toys 😈 I have many toys for you slave and you are going to take them all, fucking his arse with my strapon he’s loving every thrust,I fuck him until he can take no more,unstrapping him I order him to his knees, relieve yourself then clean it up with your mouth, he made a right meal of it. Sending him on his way, he will be back for more anal training 😈😈

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