A Fabulous Session

  • April 10, 2019

On arrival Mistress V greeted me looking absolutely fabulous.

As this was to be my first ever two hour session, we had a chat regarding the sort of activities that might be included. In our previous two sessions Mistress had introduced me to needle play and I was very keen to try more. I had seen several creative ways of using needles on various Tweets that Mistress had posted. Some of these fascinated me, but I was not brave enough to tell Mistress what specifically was on my mind. Luckily Mistress seems capable of reading my mind!

The session started with some whip play. My experience with this sort of play is fairly limited and I found the bullwhip quite challenging. However it did leave some lovely marks. Among her collection Mistress also has a blue whip, which she used next. This was so enjoyable that I was disappointed when she put it down.

Next up was a lovely long period secured to the whipping bench whilst Mistress enthusiastically applied a variety of her implements to my back and buttocks. Mistress is very skilled at challenging my limits, continually increasing the intensity until she can see that I am starting to struggle with the pain, backing off for a few strokes, only to up the intensity again etc.

Following the impact play it was off to the medical room, where Mistress put a hood with blindfold over my head and proceeded to secure me to her medical bench with cling film. When she had finished I could only move my fingers, toes and head.

As I was drifting into subspace during the impact play, mistress had told me that she was going to give me a crown of thorns in my cock with the needles. This was quite already a scary prospect, but now, secured immobile the fear factor was escalating! I was only comfortable to continue because I trust Mistress one hundred percent not to let me come to any real harm.

Expecting the needle play to start at this point, it was with some relief to myself that Mistress instead proceeded to use a selection of sounds. This sort of play is quite intense and really interesting to experience, but not actually painful.

I then heard Mistress putting the sounds away and opening packets of needles. Time to take a deep breath and try and relax. Needles were then placed around the end my cock in a crown of thorns pattern. I was expecting this to be painful. No surprise there – it was! However once a couple of needles were in place I would have been terribly disappointed if Mistress had not completed the job. As part of this process a couple of needles were placed right in the tip of my cock. This was particularly painful and certainly stretched my limits. However, for reasons that I am unable to properly explain in a few words, it was also a really magical moment.

At one point when Mistress was placing the needles I thought ‘well that’s one ticked off my bucket list’ not to be repeated.

However when she had finished and removed my blindfold my first thoughts were:

OMG that’s amazing!

Is that really MY cock with all those needles in it?

Hope Mistress enjoyed doing that and will want to do it again in a future session.

At the start I had some reservations booking a longer two hour session, but I enjoyed every minute of it and think that it is likely to become my session length of choice.

If you think that you might be interested in any of the BDSM activities that Mistress V enjoys do not hesitate to visit her and let her turn you darkest desires in magical reality.

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