Testimonial from J

  • April 5, 2019

Hello Mistress Victoria. I am so happy that I chose to see you on Tuesday. My visit to you was on my mind for several days beforehand. It was very easy to find your address and I arrived quicker than expected.

My first impressions were good, a well appointed play area that was perfect. Meeting you in person made me realise that the pictures on the internet do not do you justice. Your eyes drew me further in to your web. I feel that you have been reeling me in for quite some time. Your website is excellent, with all necessary information readily to hand.

The cup of tea was just what I needed after quite a long journey in busy traffic. After establishing likes / dislikes and limits we were off to a flying start.

The gas mask with poppers was amazing. The rope bondage was brilliant. Your E-Stim box kept my attention beautifully.

Moving from room to room kept me guessing as to what was coming next. The Vac Bed was amazing; it was been something that I wished to try for a long time. The feeling as it finally enclosed my body in a fantastic body hug was quite the most exciting feeling that I had experienced in a long time.

Then you secured me to your spanking bench, where your use of the Tawse was exhilarating, wow !!

Laid on Mistress’ massage table I was treated to some more electric cbt, followed by some face sitting. Mistress then required some body worship, she laid on her massage table whereupon I was instructed to kiss and caress her, all over, clothed of course. Back to the bench for some anal fun, and it was !!

Then there was rustling sound, in a flash Mistress flipped a plastic bag over my head and secured it around my neck, thus sealing my head inside.

It was scary and exciting all at the same time. Soon I had used up the air in the bag; it stuck to my face. Mistress held it there for a little while longer and then released it.

At no time did I feel unsafe, Mistress is exceptionally good at her art. We finished by talking about the session. I was in seventh heaven at that moment.

It was a brilliant first meeting with Mistress-V. She really enjoys what she does and it shows. Although I think that next time Mistress might not be so gentle with me. 😉 I left wishing that I lived a little nearer…..

Thank you so much for everything. 😍😍

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