Mistress V is truly back! – a testimonial

  • July 28, 2023

My first visit to Mistress V since Her unfortunate accident. i had been concerned that Mistress should be fully recovered and didn’t want to jeopardise Her convalescence from the horrible injury. Having been fortunate enough to have sessioned with Mistress only a week before the accident, it seemed only considerate to ensure Mistress felt fully recovered before arranging to see Her once again.

In our pre-session chat Mistress assured me that She was well on the way to recovery and that i should relax and enjoy our session together, as that was Her intention.

And so, standing naked in front of Mistress in Her short black, low-cut slinky dress, the session started with Mistress securely binding my hands to my sides with a soft red rope, making sure the crown jewels were stretched out and upwards, before tightly binding them with another soft black cord. Placing a black hood over my head, Mistress applied a ‘gentle’ pair of nipple clamps. Mistress then started using Her doxy to stimulate nipples and crown jewels before removing the clamps and ordering me over to Her bench. Assuming the position (muscle memory is sometimes a wonderful thing), Mistress proceeded to redden my rump, starting with a hand-spanking before running through a range of Her toys – paddle, flogger, single-tail whip, broad belt and concluding with 25 strokes of Her new horse whip. On our last session, Mistress had left me with a fine set of stripes but relented this time due to the long interval since we last met.

Muscle memory was working overtime by now, throbbing with the effects of the horse whip, which Mistress assuaged somewhat with some gentle anal play. Eventually, it was time to move over to the medical bench where i was instructed to lie back and relax, Mistress with that mischievous grin and glint in Her eyes that said this was going to be anything but relaxing. Correct!! Mistress then produced those spiky nipple clamps that I’ve found hard to accept in the past. Mistress was determined i was going to wear them for Her and so i did, in a cold sweat as the points dug into my flesh and then harder as Mistress tugged on the chain joining them, producing at the same time a multi- wheeled pin wheel which was applied to the jewels, saying ‘this’ll take your mind off the nipple clamps’. How perceptive – i didn’t know whether i was in ecstasy or agony. By now i was trembling as the adrenaline and endorphins were coursing through my body, trembling with the triple points of sensation. Mistress relented and removed the clamps before massaging the nipples to restore the feeling – that was even more invigorating than the clamps themselves!

Ordered onto the floor, Mistress placed a funnel in my mouth and pronounced that i was to be the grateful recipient of Her Grand Cru and that i was not to waste any of it. This was a difficult task as my hands were still tightly strapped to my side and so it was through clenched teeth that i received Her blessing without spilling a drop.

Back onto the medical bench and Mistress lashed my feet to the bottom of the table, leaving me free to wriggle my upper body but not able to flail about. Producing a blindfold, Mistress cut me off from the outside world and i knew something was about to happen. It did, a needle through each of my already oversensitive nipples had me writhing and trembling; without my ankles being bound i think i’d have been up and out without bothering to collect my clothes on the way!

Mistress was kind enough to take my mind off the needles by attaching the loops of an estim unit around the jewels and gradually increasing the power to an exacting but pleasantly stimulating level. As Mistress went to remove the loops, Mistress had one last parting grin as the knob on the unit was cranked up, having me thrashing about for a few seconds of pure unadulterated terror as Mistress flashed Her eyes, grinned and switched the unit off.

What can i say! A superb session planned and orchestrated by Mistress, pressing all my buttons and without any sense of Her injury impacting on the quality of Her work. The scintillating, witty, mischievous Force of Nature that is Mistress V is truly back!!!

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