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A Session with one of My many Human Toilet slaves

  • December 3, 2021

Straddling over my human toilet I place my naked bottom onto my toilet throne and instruct it to open its dirty mouth, you are going to chew and swallow everything that is dispensed from me, the last time you were in this predicament you only managed a malteser sized turd, today however you’re going to eat everything! watching it through the rim of my throne I could see it mouth open eyes shut tight, hahaha catch that! Releasing my poo straight into its mouth, chew! I don’t want to see any left apart from what’s around your teeth peeing into its mouth instructing it to use my liquid as a mouth wash, gargle slave, happy once it had eaten and drunk everything I order it to wank itself off catching its cum and swallowing it, what a lovely breakfast slave, near enough a 3 course meal 💩💩

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