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My latest human toilet

  • December 8, 2021

Tapping the lid on my Costa cup I call my new human toilet up the stairs , sit at my feet slave you can tell me all about your toilet (scat) fantasy’s while I finish my coffee , you do know once i’ve had one of these it’s toilet time ? strip !

Laughing at him now as the realisation is settling in , you have read my blogs haven’t you ? once your strapped down onto my bondage board and throne there’s no going back . with that I order it onto the board securely strapping him down from the chest to his feet , wrists to my throne , sitting above it I look down I do hope your hungry as i’ve got lots of breakfast for you , open your mouth !

releasing my waste and watching him struggle to chew my load , take your time I say as I pee into his mouth now that should help you swallow the rest , he didn’t need telling again swallowing the lot . Better than any full English he said has he wiped his lips

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