A Testimonial

  • March 14, 2020

normal friendly greeting, we sat and chatted for a brief time before I was told me to undress and enter the Chamber’s main activities room. This is painted overall grey, with red drapes over the windows, casting an subdued red light. Various tools of Mistress’ trade adorn the walls, ledges and benches in the room, promising who knows what terrors and delights in Her highly skilful and capable hands. The spotlessly clean laminate floor makes no sound as you enter, naked and ready to receive Mistress’ blessing. For me, this was a very special day, as Mistress honoured me by presenting a collar and tag proclaiming that I was now owned by Mistress. As previously, I had left the nature of my punishment to Mistress to decide; when such a beautiful, talented and ingenious Domme adopts you, why would one be specific?

To start, Mistress had me standing and then shackled me to the floor, placing a blindfold around my eyes and earmuffs on my ears; sensorarily deprived, I could only stand there, not knowing what was happening as Mistress, having on previous occasions bound me with soft rope, surprised me this time by binding my arms to my chest and waist with what I subsequently discovered was chains – a totally different feel. Left standing while Mistress left to change, I could only try to compose myself for what might come next. ‘Next’ was an ominous click-clacking on the floor as Mistress re-entered,Her heels slowly and menacingly approaching me from behind. Lifting my blindfold briefly, Mistress revealed herself to be dressed in a tight, black, shiny body that accentuated Her gorgeous figure, fishnet tights and black, high-heeled leather boots – every man’s vision of a Dominatrix gloriously deified in my Goddess. Down came the blindfold again, leaving only that gorgeous vision imprinted in the back of my retinas.

A sudden tightness between my legs was accentuated by a feeling of weight and a growing, aching pain caused by I knew not what. The body chains were linked together by more chain, and suddenly, my by now rigid, member was being jerked around mercilessly, the pressure and ache growing all the time from what I subsequently discovered was a spiked, metal collar padlocked around it. Continuing to taunt me with the chain and the sense of Her intoxicating physical presence moving around me, with a slow click-clack of Her heels on the hard floor, Mistress started to first tease my nipples, something we had discovered in previous sessions I was particularly partial to. The teasing swiftly intensified into twisting and pulling with Her strong, pink nailed fingers digging into my flesh, before substituting a pair of nipple clamps, which She used to mercilessly stretch and twist my little buds before pulling them off sharply, leaving me gasping. As Mistress removed the chains and blindfold, I could only stand there quaking and trembling from the intensity of the encounter.

But there’s said to be no rest for the wicked, so I must have been a very bad slave, as Mistress strapped me to Her bench and re-applied the blindfold and earmuffs, before the dull clack of Mistress’s departing heels, followed by a resounding silence left me there, helplessly tied down, trembling, trying to recover my composure, whilst at the same time considering what might happen when Mistress returned.

Mistress returned, having pulled a soft black leather skirt around Her magnificent waist and derrier, allowing me a peek before darkness once again descended. Her soft hands started caressing me before the caress started to change, first into soft smacks, then firmer and firmer as a tingle started to spread across my buttocks. Changing to a multi tailed flogger, Mistress alternated between soft caresses and firm strokes, each firmer stroke becoming harder and stronger, surpassing the level reached in previous sessions, as they become more and more stinging, reaching deeper and deeper into the muscle. Eventually, Mistress decided I had received sufficient chastisement, and removing the blindfold, left me strapped to the bench while She went to prepare the Medical Room for the next stage of our little foray into my unknown.

Finally released and with the blindfold removed, I made my way to the Medical Room, where, lying on the couch with Mistress sitting beside me, we discussed my previous experience at Her hands with electrics. Producing Her Sound set, Mistress skilfully set about preparing me for the intra-urethral electric probe – a 20cm long, flexible, nobbly sound that acts as one contact of a battery powered circuit, and generates a mild electrical stimulus – at least that’s what it does when inserted, but, when switched on before insertion, delivers a sharp shock to the most sensitive part of your anatomy. Unfortunately for me, Mistress in setting the apparatus up, had accidentally left it switched on (at least I think it was ‘accidental’) – I yelped! Watching Mistress manipulate the device was fascinating and the sensation quite indescribable, as I slowly slid back into subspace. Mistress had applied additional pads around my abdomen attached to a separate control box, which produced a different set of electrical sensations. Between the two, the sensation was unbelievable, stimulating the entire area. Just to liven things up Mistress occasionally increased the power, which produced a real shock causing me to yell and violently jerk, before the power was decreased and I sank back into a happy state. After two or three cycles of blissful sensation followed by sharp shocks, Mistress eased off the power and I slowly came back to reality.

So finished another fantastic session with Mistress. Each session has been different and skilfully managed, building on previous experiences, exploring and challenging my limits, becoming more intense as I gain in experience and my trust in Mistress V grows. Mistress V ’s incomparable repertoire and skill in listening to what is not being said, reading body language and responding to visual and auditory signals is almost supernatural. Coupled with Her personal charm, stunning appearance and pure magnetism, a visit to Mistress V is a life enhancing experience. If you are contemplating visiting a ProDomme, I believe you would not be disappointed with Mistress V.

My journey with Mistress V continues, enhanced by Her strength, emboldened by Her presence, enriched by Her intelligence and comforted by the knowledge of Her presence in my life. ‘Kneel Before Me’, ‘Be Better, Be Mine’ are Mistress’s Mantras … I have knelt before Mistress and I have become Hers.

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