A Life Enhancing Experience

  • February 24, 2020

Every session with Mistress V is perfect, yet each session is somehow better than the last. I awoke with a beaming smile on my face today; absolutely glowing with a warm feeling inside as a result of a session with Mistress V yesterday. I’m still smiling now.

The session took place in Mistress V’s medical room. Mistress told me that she was going to wax my chest and my groin area. I’d never experienced this before and I knew it was going to hurt but looking at Mistress V’s inimitably beautiful face as she tightened the straps securing me to the medical couch relaxed me. I wanted to suffer for her. And suffer I did, yet it was incredibly enjoyable and satisfying, especially as Mistress V laughed as she tore off the wax with my hairs stuck to it.

In between tearing off the strips, Mistress V smothered me with her latex clad bottom, at times rendering me unable to breathe, yet always feeling safe. She would also spit into my mouth in between tearing off the wax and she also peed directly into my mouth. And that’s one of the wonderful things about Mistress V’s sessions. They are exciting; eventful; variable. Yet harmonised and thoughtful.

The next session I have with Mistress V will be completely different to yesterday’s session. It will take place in a different room, with different equipment. And the session will be even better than the last one. Regular sessions with Mistress V are an unbeatably wonderful work in progress; a journey of mutual discovery, trust and understanding. And more pleasure than you can imagine.

Mistress V’s mantra of ‘become better. Become Mine’ is an unavoidable truth. The memories of a session with Mistress V last forever. A session with Mistress V is a life enhancing experience. So much so that, having experienced the exhilarating spontaneity and potency of Mistress V, you never want to session with anyone else. Because Mistress V dominates with the highest level of emotional intelligence that I’ve ever experienced.

You can see the full session videos on https://onlyfans.com/yorksmistressv

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