A Testimonial – much needed discipline

  • July 31, 2020

As someone who needs regular discipline, the covid lockdown has been disastrous for me so I was delighted to learn Mistress V had managed to create a Covid safe environment and was available for sessions again. I contacted her by e-mail and agreed a date and then called her, the day before the session, to confirm.

On arrival, I was greeted at the door by Mistress V wearing a facemask which was unusual but focused my attention on her beautiful eyes. After handing me a mask and instructing me to put it on, she let me into the building and directed me upstairs. There the discussion about my prolonged lack of discipline left me in no doubt that I needed and was in for severe punishment. Mistress V knows my disciplinary needs better than me so only wanted to know of any issues I had. Having none and with punishment never discussed until I am in the punishment room, I was directed to the undressing room and then into the bathroom to complete my preparation.

On my return, Mistress V was waiting, wearing a black rubber dress that clung tightly to her amazing figure! Still masked, I was led into the room where the punishment bench was prepared and waiting. Mistress V ordered me onto it and after strapping me down tightly changed into high platform shoes that she said “raised her to the right height for hitting the target!”.

Knowing I was to be severely punished, there were no surprises. Starting with a hard hand-spanking, a whole range of implements, from a heavy thuddy rubber flogger through to a variety of wooden and leather implements, rained down heavily on both my cheeks. This lady may be petite but she has a powerful swing and delivers from both sides. Mistress V showed me each implement, before putting it to use explaining her reason for choosing it and its unique pain-giving qualities. Every so often she stopped to take a photograph on my phone so that I could see the ever-reddening glow gradually spread across every part of both cheeks.

A couple of times I struggled and wondered whether I could cope but the professional that she is, Mistress V knew I could and would cope and that all I needed was a little help and encouragement. This is one of many unique qualities that I particularly like in Mistress V. Unlike many disciplinarians, who will ease off or even stop the punishment in these situations, Mistress V continues with the punishment as intended but works and helps her submissive through it. I particularly like this because being ‘let off lightly, would leave me seriously demoralised and with a profound sense of failure. Advised that my punishment was about to end with a severe hard strapping from her favourite strap, I braced myself and was right to do so because Mistress V and her favourite strap is a formidable team!

Released from the bench and instructed to inspect my buttocks in the tall mirror I was then I led to another room where Mistress V sat in a chair and had me kneel before her to massage her feet. I have not experienced this before in a discipline session but having had many glimpses of her feet during the punishment and seeing how her toes must have been crushed into her shoes, it was reasonable that I should be expected to administer the after-care and so with gratitude and pleasure I stretched each of her toes gently and massaged her feet.

Finally dressed but not allowed to remove the mask until I was outside the building, I left feeling understandably sore but delighted that the black cloud, Whish had been hanging over me for weeks, had finally lifted. Thank you Mistress V.

Mistress V is a true professional and an expert in her field. I simply cannot recommend too highly. I need her to be hard with me but she is so experienced, caring, understanding and trustworthy that she caters for needs of everyone from novice to serious player. Her dungeon is one the best equipped I have seen, well maintained and spotlessly clean. She is a genuinely lovely person out of scene so take the leap and make the call. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Instead and like me, you will return time and time again. My next session is already in her diary!

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