First visit to Mistress V

  • July 22, 2020

Upon arrival of my first ever visit to Mistress V i was greeted with a warm welcome. Mistress V then told me to sit on the floor and explain what made me want to be her slave. After this she then ordered me to strip and go into her playroom and kneel with my head on the floor and ass up and await further instructions. She then came into the room and put a hood on my head before making me worship her beautiful feet and legs. After this she made me remove the hood before tying me up. Including my cock and balls. Once tied she began to whip me and play with my nipples. After that she ordered me into another room and untied my cock and balls but replaced the rope with a electrical device sending sharp pulses through my cock and balls. After this she took my anal virginity by fingering my arse. After this she sat on my face, making me sniff her beautiful arse and started to tease me, before finally letting me release and then make me clean up my mess. Mistress V is a beautiful professional mistress and i loved the session. Will definitely be making a return hopefully in the not too distant future.

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