An unusual place to keep chocolate eggs

  • February 17, 2022

getting a text of mistress V don’t forget my coffee and bring a box of cream eggs as well .arrival at the dungeon waling up the stairs seeing 80’s rock chick mistress v black PVC trousers and the boss tee-shirt killer red and black high heel shoes I give mistress the coffee and the cream eggs ordered to strip and worship her feet and shoes when mistress finished her cig then once finished ordered to lie over the bench to warm my cheeks up. mistress strap me down nice and tight then mistress placed to blue clamps to by ball sack then started on spanking my arse with her and then lifted my head to show off her new cat’0’nines Whip then walk around the back and started to whip my arse and back softer the up the level to stinging on cheeks then the deadly giggle behind me .then heard the snap of gloves the heels walking behind me the cold gel finger up my arse mistress say going stretch my hole ready for cream egg to shoved up. mistress slipped a dildo up me the fucked me then came the cream egg mistress lube the egg and slipped up the bum checks then started to whip my arse with long tile then untied me to squat over the toilet box bowel to pop out the egg expect it was stuck up there I could not pop it out even when mistress pumped more lube up my bum to pop it except its well stuck up there even standing over the heater so mistress slipped 2nd egg up bum just made pop it out and eat it.

then instructed to the medical bench were strapped to bench for pain with sounds and the tens machine with more nipple pain as mistress giggling her head off thinking I still got egg stuck bum.
once released off the bench told back spanking bench. were mistress slipped a finger up me to feal the egg no sign of it so instructed to lie on the floor open my mouth to drink fresh hot drink straight from mistress then once drank up mistress tied rope around my balls and cock then flogged them with the whip then granted worship the arse of mistress v

the egg came back just as got to the train station lol

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