An Eggcellent Session

  • February 17, 2022

Fantastic session with my sub pin today. I’d text him previous to the session telling him to bring me coffee and a box of cadbury’s cream eggs, with a knock at the door I call him up. We have a brief chat, asking him for the goodies he passes me the box of eggs I take one out and ask “How do you eat yours “? not giving him a chance to answer I order him over to the spanking bench, strapping him down I tease him about where the egg is going to go 🤣 But before any type of anal activities I attach the nipple clamps to his balls and proceed to flog his arse until his cheeks are red before I move on to my new cat-o-9tails finishing off with my bull whip.

Time for some bum fun with a twist, I can’t help but laugh at my sub as I enter a very well lubed finger inside his arse “ your hole needs stretching “ I then use a small dildo, “once your stretched i’m going to push an egg up inside you, then your going to lay it and eat it all for my amusement “ 🤣 reaching for the toilet bowl I place it on the floor and order him, Lay the egg! at this point I cannot help my hilarious laughter has he tried his hardest but the egg isn’t budging.

unstrapping him and pointing to the medical bench, assume your position slave. Attaching the e-stim I use my sounds and pin wheel for added effect, every now and again i’d stop and ask has the egg moved at all? No mistress. You need to get on the floor slave and open your mouth before I stick another egg up your arse. Hes soon on his back with his mouth open,” drink every bit “ once i’d finished I order him to his feet, and tie his cock and balls tight before flogging them. Still no sign of the cadbury’s cream egg I send him on his way, joking I say “ you’ll probably lay the egg on the train. True to my word he text me to say the egg has hatched into the toilet on platform 8 🤣🤣 see you next month. Bring a crunchie next time 🤣🤣

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