Another Perfect Session

  • June 11, 2021

Yet another perfect session with Mistress V. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it really does. As well as providing and enjoying the most accomplished, remarkable sessions, Mistress V is scintillating company. She also has the most beautiful face ever, a perfect figure and legs that seem to go on forever.

The session started with a gentle flogging that rapidly and inexorably guided me into deep subspace, moving onto a paddle followed by the cane. Mistress V is the consummate expert in combining and intermingling pain with pleasure. There’s no-one better and probably no-one as good. Mistress V gets into your head and stays there for the entire session.

We then moved on to rope bondage, CBT, nipple clamps and flogging my back, accompanied by plenty of spit, spat directly into my mouth. I really love Mistress V’s spit. She knows it and gives me plenty of it to drink.

Time to be taken to the medical couch for needle play. My nipples were treated to six needles each.

Next up was watersports delivered via a funnel. Mistress V had deliberately drunk plenty of water so she could give me plenty of her delicious pee to drink. I thought the flow would never stop and I loved every drop.

I was then attached to the sling and Mistress V took me with a large, thick strapon. Being able to look at Mistress V’s stunningly beautiful face while being taken with a strapon is a truly magical experience.

Last but not least I was strapped to the inverter and inverted for more watersports, more spit then the most explosive orgasm.

Mistress V somehow manages to squeeze the maximum amount of sheer pleasure into every session. This is the very pinnacle of BDSM expertise and enjoyment; the most elite experience possible.

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